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[Ion. Samuel Livermore. 
United States Senator. 



OF d. 











BOSTON, 1902 




In presenting this work to interested readers it might be well to 
inform them that it is the result of nearly twenty years of patient 
research, under very great obstacles, by one who is himself a direct 
descendant from John Livermore, the emigrant. As far as it lay in 
in his power all available means have been utilized to obtain infor- 
mation. All public records within his reach have been searched, 
including National, State, County, City and Town books, Family 
Bibles and Genealogies. Many members of the family have helped 
as far as possible, not only willingly but eagerly, and to them the 
author would extend his grateful thanks. There are many families 
of whom it has been impossible to obtain information, and this will 
account for many omissions in these records. Some may ask why no 
attempt has been made to carry the family back beyond John, the 
emigrant. It is because it would require a personal search in En- 
gland, which the author was unable to make, and also because of the 
incompleteness of their records. 

Many of the name and descent have a national reputation, among 
tliem being Hon. Samuel Livermore, a representative in the first 
Continental Congress, and representative and senator in the first 
Congress of the United States, who was also a leader of the New 
JJampshire bar, in whose footsteps followed his two sons, Edward 
St. Loe and Arthur, Judge Fidus Livermore, of the Michigan bar, 
Capt. Daniel Livermore, a soldier of the Revolution, Col. Thomas L. 
Livermore. a soldier of the Civil war, and Hon. Hannibal Hamlin, 
Vice-President of the United States, whose mother was a Livermore. 

4 Introduction 

In desi^ating the births in the third and fourth generations 
especially, it may be well to remember that in the earliest years of its 
settlement, Watertown exteiuleci from the Cambridge line to that of 
the town of Sudbury, Weston was set off from Watertown in 1712, 
Waltham in 1737, and Belmont in 1859, In many cases it seems as 
if the father was born in Watertown. and the son in either Weston 
or Waltham, but in reality on the same farm, or close to it. There 
are now in the United States several families not descended from 
John Livermore, the emigrant, but who have come to this country 
since iSoo. 

The following towns were named for different memb-rs of the 
family: Livermore, Me.; Livermore, N. H. ; Livermore, Penn. ; Liv- 
ermore, Ky. ; Livermore, lo, ; Livermore, Cal., and Livermore, Col. 

With regard to the matter of arranging the order and descent of 
generations and families, the plan adopted in this work comprises a 
. full list of the children of each head of a family directly under a 
sketch of his or her life. Where the information concerning these 
children is small, and their posterity not numerous, the whole record 
is generally given at once ; where otherwise, the name is designated 
by a number, and this number carried forward and placed on a sub- 
sequent page in a line by itself, marks the starting point of a new 
family. The names enclosed in parentheses at the beginning; of each 
new family, and printed in italics, carry the line back to the original 
ancestor, in genealogical order, as designated by the figures at the 
right of each name and above the line. These small figures at the 
right of family names should be carefully noted in tracing out each 
record. In a few instances the author has received conflicting 
records from different sources, and has used those which were sent 
by the person evidently more acquainted \\iLh the facts. 

Where the name of the State in which a town is situated is not 
given, Massachusetts is to be understood, except where a town in 
some other State is mentioned more than once in the same para- 
graph, in which case the Stale is not repe.ited. 




John' Livermore, the ancestor of nearly all the Livermores 
in the United States, embarked at Ipswich, England, for New 
England, the last of April, 1634, then aged 28 years, in the 
" Francis," John Cutting, master, a large portion of the passen- 
gers settling in Watertown, Mass. In the list of passengers 
his name was spelt John Lyucrmore. He had previously mar- 
ried, in England, Grace Sherman, a daughter of Edmond Sher- 
man* and Grace Makin, who had lived both in Dcdham and 
Colchester, County Essex. Her father came to New England 
in 1634, and died in New Haven, Ct., about 1641. There is a 
tradition that he came over without his wife, and that afterwards 
she came with one or more children about 1637. 

He was admitted freeman May 6, 1635 ; ori the list his 
name is written Leathermore. It is on a list of very early 
proprietors of Watertown ; this is not dated, but contains the 
names of many of those who went to Wethersfield, Ct., and 
Dedham, Mass., in 1635 and 1636. In 1635 he removed to 
\\ ethersfield, with other Watertown people, and in 1638 or '39 
he removed to Ouinnipiac, now New Haven, being one of the 
onginal settlers, where he was June 4, 1639. 

* Genealogical Notes of New York aad New England Faiiiilic-b, by S. V. 
Talcott, page 6S.(, under No. 25. Waters' Cleanings in England. 

6 Live rm ore Family 

The first notice of him in Connecticut was in 1639, when he, 
then of New Haven, signed the fundamenlal agreement of the 
New Haven Co]r)ny. In the first "seating the meeting house" 
in 1642, scats were assigned to John Livermore and to "sister 
Livcrmorc." From the rule for assessing in New Haven, it 
appears that John Livermore liad a wife and two children when 
he went there or soon after, as he was rated for four jjcrsons 
(not including servants) and £\oo estate. His home lot, which 
has been identified, was on the west side of Fleet street, next 
but one to the harbor. He was by trade a potter, and was 
repeatedly a selectman, and held other offices of trust. 

His autograph maybe seen in vol. i: page i, of the Colonial 
Records of New Haven. He was admitted a member of the 
Court of Elections (made a freeman of the colony) Oct. 29, 
1640, and took the oath of allegiance July i, 1644. He had 
liberty to cut wood on "the neck " in 1645. On June 1 1, 1645, 
it was proposed that another "ordinary" might "be set ujj 
towards the waterside " and it was "left with John Livermore 
to consider it."* About May 25, 1646, he was there and was 
called corporal. On I\Lay 4, 1647, he resigned his position a.s 

His wife was present at a meeting of the General Court held 
Mar. 10, 1646. On May 16, 16.^7, Joseph Nash was chosen 
corporal " in room of John Livermore who e.vpects to '^o to 
England." His name does not appear in the records again 
until January, 1649, after an interval of about twenty months, 
and it is probable that he was in l^ngland. 

On May 7, 1650, John Livermore hath sould and passeth to 
Theophilus Kigginson, his house and house lot \ acre and 10 
perches; 8 acres ], 15 rods on this side the West River, next the 
land of Richard Beach; 6^ acres 25 rods, on the other side tlie West 
River, next Milford highway, by the meadow side ; 28 acres of the 
2d division, betwi.xt the lands of Edward Banister and Richard 
Osborn ; 5 acres of meadow in the West Meadow, next meadow of 
Henr}' Gibbons ; 3 acres of mcadov/ in Solitar}- Cove, v.'ith the work 

* Col. Rec. of New Ilaveu, i : page IC3. 

First Gcucration 7 

houses with the land belonging to thciii ; bounded with stump of a 
tree next the sea, running along the creek to the end of the house — 
being in breadth so wide as the house is. [Col. Rec, New Haven, 
ii : page 18.J 

lie probably left New Haven about the date of this sale. He 
was r. juror in Watertown in Jtily, 1653. According to a "Map 
of the Original Allotments of land in Watertown proper, com- 
piled and drawn by Henry I>ond, M. I).," John Livermorc owned 
a lot of 2 acres on the easterly side of Fresh Pond, and, at a 
short distance west of the pond, two other lots, one of 18 acres 
and one of 13 acres, which he had bought of William Paine. He 
also owned lot 1 1 of the P'irst Great Dividend, containing 70 
acres, which he bought of William Paine and bequeathed it to 
his sun Nathaniel. He also owned lot 11 of the Fourth Great 
Du-idend, containing 25 acres, afterwards sold to Miles Nutt ; 
also one acre of meadow land at Beavcrbrook. He was chosen 
constable, Nov. 6, 1654, and held that office for several years. 
In 1655 he was fined two shillings because he owned two dis- 
orderly hogs. In 1666 he made a complaint against the town 
for rating him for his trade, and a committee of the selectmen 
was appointed to tender him a hearing before any indifferent 
man or men of his own choosing ; but he refused and would not 
attend it. He was a selectman of Watertown in 1665, '66, '6"/, 
'68 aid '69, and one of the prudential committee in 166S. He 
died A_pril 14, 16S4, in Watertown, aged 78. His will, proved 
June TO, 16S4, is as follows: — 

Thi; Last will and Testament of Jotin Livermore of Water- 
town AGED Seventy Seaven or Eight Years. 

In ilt name of 0titi amen I John Livermore being \\'eak in Body 
and under the Infirmeties of old age, yet throu the goodnes of god 
of perfert memor}' and of a disposing mind doe make and ordain 
this my Last Will and Testament as Followeth 

And in the First place I doe commit my pore Immortal Soule 10 
god that gave it and my Body to the Earth from whence it was taken ; 
to a Decent Burial! at the discretion of my friends and Dear Rela- 

S Live 71)1 ore Family 

tions ; and as for that small portion of the good things of this Life ; 
that god hath gratiosly biased nie with; I will and dispose of in 
manner as folowcth. 

Item In the first place I doe will that all my just debts be paid 
with the charges of my Funerall. 

Item 1 doe give to my eldest son John Livermore and to the 
heiers Lawfully begotten of his P>ody or either of them, the housing 
Lands and medows thereunto pertaining where the said John now 
dwelleth, the lands which I purchased of the Town coniinly called 
the Cov.per Farm, the said John paying out of it Twenty pounds 
after my deceas in manner as Followeth : viz ten pounds to my son in 
law John Coollidge to be Improved by him for his three yongest 
children by my Daughter deceased. Five pounds to Daniel and fifty 
shillings to Elizabeth and ^ity shillings to Sarah ; and in case eyther 
of them decease before they come of age to receive it, then there part 
to be equally devided to the surviving of them : the other ten pounds 
to be paid to my daughter Martha. Also the said John shall pay to 
my Beloved Wife and his said mother twenty shillings per annum in 
money or thirty in other pay while she remains my widdow; but in 
case she shall Recover the thirds of this Land then this annual alow- 
ance to be void and a null. 

Item I give to my son Samuell besids what I have given him by 
a deede of gift the which deede the conditions being performed I doe 
confirm by my will. I doe also give him Five akers of land Lying 
on tlie Rocks that I Bought of Goodman Flemman ; and an al:er of 
marsh in Cambridge joyning to his own: and as' for those Legasis 
that my son Samuell by Indenter hath covenanted to pay : I doe 
will and hearby order that he pay to me son Nathaniel Leverinore 
after my deceas thirty pounds : twenty in money and ten in other pay : 
And as for the thirteen pounds that is due to me from my Son Sam- 
uell by Bond under his hand : 1 give three pounds of it to his two 
daughters Hannah and Grace my grandchildren : thirty shillings to 
each of them when they com of age : and the other ten povmds I 
give to himselfe after my wives deceas provided that my wife be not 
nesesctated to make use of it during her Life and five pound he is to 
pay to my daughter Martha within a year after his mothers deceas in 
common pay 

Item I give to my Son Nathanel and to his heiers Lawfully begot- 
ten of his body fifty akers of land Lying in the 2d devition that I 
bought of Mr. Pain ; taking it next his ov.n Bilding : and two akers 
of meadow called patch meadow and after his mothers deceas foure 

First GeruratioH 9 

akers of marsh lyin<^ in Cambridge : thai I Bought of Goodman Bridge : 
also fouro akers of meadow lying in pigsgusset meadow that I Bought 
of John Grout of Sudbnr)- allso I give to him twenty pounds in mony 
and ten pounds in other pay which I have ordered my Son Samuell 
to j)ay him after my doceas 

Item I give to my Beloved and only daughter now living Marth 
besids what she hath allredy had twenty pounds that is to say ten 
pounds that is to be paid by my Son John her Brother : and five 
pounds by my Son Samuell after my wi\es deccas : and five pounds 
by my wife my executrix 

Item Jeams Townson my Son in Law being Indetted to me by 
bill five pounds sterling in money : I doe give it to his son Jeams, my 
Grandchild and to be Improved by his father until the said Jeams 
Cometh of age Also my will is that if any of my cliilldren shall dje 
before mariage that then they shall have power to will and dispose of 
what I have given them to eyther of theire Brethren or sisters Also 
I doe will that if any of my Grand children shall dye before they 
com of age that then what I have given them shall fall to those that 
doe survive and I doe acouut twenty on years for the sons ond eightene 
for the daughters to be the age spoken of 

Item Lastly I doe give to Grace I^evermore my beloved wife as 
foUoweth viz. to her I give my Livery cubbard in the parlor as it 
stands and all that is in it : and not to be brought or put into the In- 
ventor)- of my estate : and all that I have given in revertion to any 
of my. children togetlier with the Annuall Rents and privilidges due 
by Indenter from my Son Samuell and twenty shillings Annualy by 
my Son John Levermore in mony and five akers of \\'^ood Land Lying 
on the Roks to find her Wood during her Life time I doe give all 
to my wife during her nateral Life: that is to say the use and Im- 
provement thearof : but to have no power to Sell or Alianate except 
for her own Releife and nesesetjes And in case n\y wife should 
after my deceas mary again then that security be taken for all such 
estate as she shall take with her, that it be not Kmbesled or Impaired 
but returned agaui at the death of her husband: and to my children 
at the death of my wife in case she dyeth first to be disposed of to 
tliem as she shall will and dispose of and order at her death : or in 
case she shall neglect to make a will : then to be disposed of equally 
amongst all my chilldren that shall at that time sur\ive. 

Allso I doe constatute and apoint my Deare and Beloved wife 
Grace Livcrmore aforesaide : to be sole executrix of this my Last 
Will and Testament 

lO Livennorc Family 

And my Son John Lc\crmoi c : and my Son in Law John Cool- 
lidgc Trustees in trust, whome I Inlreate and Impower by all Lawfull 
means to sec that this my last Will and Testament be pcifornicd 

In Testimony that tliis is my Last Will and Testament 1 have 
affixed my hand and Seal this tenth of January in the Year of our 
Lord God on thousand Six hundieth and eighty two and in the thirty- 
fourth yeare of the Reigne of our Soverain Lord King Charls the 

John Livermork 

In the presence of us 
John CooUidge Jun' 
William Shattuck 


This is an Inventory of the estate of John Livermore Senior: both of houses 
and Lands and moveables: apprized by us the Subscriljers this 2d of May 16S4. 

£ s. d. 

his \seanng cloatlis both linin and woollin shoes and 

boots 010 00 00 

In cash 006 00 00 

In the lodgeing room : a fether bed a fether bolster two 
fether pillows and a flock bed under the fether bed a 
green Rugg two lankets curtains and valiants and bed- 
stead alltogether as it stands 010 00 00 

: a cubljard a small table three chairs and three joyned 

stools and a chest 001 16 00 

five paire of sheets five table cloaths three and twentie 

napkins six pillow beers two towells .... 005 oc 00 

aboute thirtee yards of linin cloath and alxjute twelve 
pound of cotnc and linin yarne six pound of slieeps 
wooll six qushons and other lumber . . . . 005 00 00 

ten small pewter platters six poringers thre small drink- 
ing pots; a silver wine cup ..... 002 00 00 

In the fire room : a parcell of books .... 001 10 00 

three iron pots three iron kitles: a pair of cob irons 
two trammells a pair of tongs a fire shovell an iron 
spit two frieing pans a peel an iron skillet three 
.smoothing irons 002 00 00 

an old copper as it hangs fewer brass, kitles a warm- 
ing pan a morter and pesioU a paire of brass scaals 
an iron beame 004 00 00 

two tables fowre chairs two guns a peece of haire cloth 

erthcn ware and other lumber C04 00 co 

In the chamber a fether bed a fether lx)lster a coverled 
a paire of blankets a paire of sheets curtains and 
valiants and bedstead all as it stands . . . 005 00 co 

First Generation II 

a flock bed two old coverleds a blanket a small j)ilIow . oo3 oo oo 
a meall trough a chest with a little yarne a parcell of 

cotne wooll a parccU of eailhiu ware with sum lumber ooi 05 00 

In the Ciller 001 00 00 

a mare a cow a paire of iron fetters .... 005 00 00 

the cow per. farme containeing fortee acres of upland 

and twenfee acres of meaddow 060 00 00 

of fiftee acres of Devident l^nd ..... 0.40 00 00 

two acies of meaddow in patch meaddow . . . 004 00 00 
fower acres of meaddow in jjeeksqusset .... 025 00 00 

six acres of salt marsh ....... 025 00 00 

an acre of meaddow at chesters brooke .... 002 05 00 

Debts Due to the Estate 053 00 00 

five acres of upland on the Rocks ..... 005 00 00 

a parcell of bees 002 00 00 

John Cooixidge Senior 
Tho-mas Hastings 
William Bond Senior 
T. D. D. G. 
Before Dan'l Gookin Esq. 
Cambr. 16. 4. 84. 
Grace Livermore widow being sworn do say that this is a true Inventory of the 
estate of her late husband deced. the cubbard & contents bequeathed to lier selfi 
only excepted : & if any more appear she will discover the same. T. D. R. 

Grace Livermore, his wife, was an ol^stctrician, and was some- 
times summoned to court as a witness in cases where she had 
acted professionally. She died Jan. 14, 1690, in Chehii.sford, 
Mass., aged 75 years, according to the headstone at her grave in 
cemetery, near the gate. Her will, dated Dec. 19, 1690, proved 
June 16, 1 69 1, mentions her son and daughter, Abraham and 
Martha Parker of Chelmsford, where she died ; also son John 
Coolidgc ; grandson James Townsend ; her sons John, Nathaniel 
and Samuel, but not Daniel. 

Children : 

2. i. Hannah,^ b. 1633, in England. 

3. ii. Elizabeth, b. ; mentioned in her lather's will but 

not in lier mother's. 

iii. i?arah,*' b. ; m. James, son of William and Hannah 

(Penn) Townsend of Charlestown, b. 15-11-1646; 
she died before her parents leaving one son Jantes.} 
bap. 2-5-167 I ; m. Jan. 22. 1694, Rebecca Moselcy. 

• A dan. of John Livermore, bap. June i, 1645, in New Haven, was prob. Sarah. 

12 Liver mere Family 

4. iv. John, b. about 1^)38. 

V. Nathaniel, b. ; cl. Feb. 13, 1736, without issue, 

leaving to his grand-nephew, Samuel (45) Livermore, 
his real estate now known as Lyman Farm. He 
received one shilling for killing destructive animals 
and birds in 1674. 

5. vi. Samuel, b. May n, 1C40,* in New Haven. 

vii. Daniel, bap. Oct. 7, 1643, in NewFIaven; prob. died 
without issue; he was living at the date of his 
father's will, then aged 40 years; not mentioned in 
his mother's will. 

viii. Mary.t bap. Sept. 12, 1647, in New Haven. 
ix. Edmund, b. Mar. 8, 1659, >" Watertown ; d. there May 
24, 1659 ; only child on Watertown birth records. 

6. X. Martha, b. . 



Hannah" Livermore {Jo/in') was born in 1633 in England; 
died Dec. 23, 1678, in Watertown; married there P^eb. 14, 
165 5/6, t John, son of John and Mary Coolidge ; he was prob- 
ably born in England; died about 1691. 

Children (Coolidge), born in Watertown : 

7. i. Hannah,3 b. Feb. 29, 1656/7. 

ii. Mary, b. Sept. 12, 1658 ; d. in a few days. 
iii. Sarah, twin to Mar)' ; d. in a few days. 
iv. John, b. Sept. 22, 1660; d. soon after. 
V. Jonathan, twin to John ; d. socn after. 
. vi. John, b. Feb. 19, 1662. A soldier in King Philip's 
war. Res., Sherborn. 

8. vii, Grace, b. Feb. 25, 1664. 

9. viii. Richard, b. April 13, 1666. 

ix. Abigail, b. Feb. 5, 1669. 
X. Elizabeth, b. 1671. 

» Letter of Josiah (161) Livermore. 

t A daii. of John Livermore d. 1674-10-26, in Watertown. 
J Bond gives, this date in text under Livermore, and Nov. 14, 1O55, under 
Coolidge; Savage gives it as May 14, 1655. 

Second Generation 1 3 

\i. Elizabeth, b. Nov. i, 1673. 
xii. Daniel, b. April 24, 1676; d. 1684. 
10. xiii. Sarah, b. 167S. 


Elizabeth' Livermore {Jo/ui'), born possibly in New Haven, 
Ct. ; died July 6, 16S9; married March 29, 1683, Joseph, son 
of John and Sarali Leonard, born May 20, 1644, in Springfield, 
and died in 17 16. They lived in Springlicld. 

Children (Leonard) : 

i. Mercy ,3 b. Nov. 6, 1683 ; d. Nov. 13, 1683. 
ii. Elizur, b. Mar. 15, 1685 ; d. ^L1r. 2,0, 16SS. 
iii. Mehetable, b. Sept. 5, 1686; d. July 8, 1689. 
iv. Elizabelli, b. Jan. 14, 1C89; m. Jan. 11, 171 1, James 
Phipps or Philips. 


John* Livermore {Jo/in^), was born about 1638, probably in 
Wethersfield, Ct. ; he died Feb. 9, 1719, in Weston, aged So 
years; he married (i) Hannah , the mother of all his chil- 
dren; married (2) Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. John and Sarah 
(Kusby) Grout of Sudbury, and widow of Samuel Allen by whom 
she had had hve children ; she was born m Sudbury about 1666, 
and died May 30, 1732. John was made a freeman April 18, 
1690. He lived on the Cowpen farm 'mentioned in the inven- 
tory of his father's estate) in that part of Watertown called 
Watertown Farms, now Weston, and near the Sudbury line. The 
Cowpen farm was bounded N. by land of Robert Jennison and 
John Sawin ; W. by that of Robert Jennison ; E. by that of 
R. Jennison and Nathaniel Greene (son and heir of Rev. Henry 
Greene) ; S. by that of Capt. Hugh Mason. » The twenty acres 
of meadow belonging to it were near Nonesuch Meadow. 

He was a tythingman in 1679 ; he was a selectman of Water- 
town in 1692 and collector of rates in 1692 and 1693 ; assessor 
in 1695. Oct. 22, 1695, John Grout, Sr., of Sudbury, con- 
veyed to his son-in-law, John Livermore of Watertown Inarms, a 
tract of land situated between Dedham line, Watertown line 

I^ '' Livcrmore Fa wily 

and Sudbury line, adjoininj^ parlly 
Gcncral Court to William Jennisou of Watcrtown, bounded S. 
by Dcdham line ; N. by Sudbury line ; E. by Watertown line ; 
W. by the 200 acres aliove mentioned, now (i86o) in the pos- 
session of Matthew Rice. Nov. 21, 17 12, John Livermorc con- 
veyed thi.s tract of land to his four daughters, Hannah Rice, 
Sarah I'ulham, Martha Gleason and Mary Bigelow. 

He was a soldier in the Mt. Hope campaign in King Phillip's 
war, for which service he was paid j[,2. 08. 06 on Aug. 27, 1675. 
He was called a lieutenant and also ensign. His will, dated 
Oct. 20, 17 14, proved Feb. 25, 17 19. 

Children, born in Watcrtown : 

i. John,3 b. Mar. 21, 166S; d. Oct. 2, 16S3, in Water- 
ii. Hannah, b. Sept, 27, 1670; m. Feb. 22, 1689, Ephraiin 

Rice of Sudbury, and had 13 children. 
iii. Sarah, b. Feb. 18, 1673 ; ni. Francis Fulhani (FuUarn). 
XI. iv. Joseph, b. Jan. 27, 1675. 
12 V. Daniel, b. June 8, 1678. 

vi. James, b. Feb. 13, 16S0 ; d. Aug. 20, 1720, in Wesion ; 
m. Oct. 5, 1 7 18, Rebecca, dau. cf John and Eliza- 
beth (Trowbridge) Myrick of Newton, b. April 2c, 
1687 ; he was executor and residuary legatee of his 
father's will. His son, Isaac* Lhrrmo/e, b. Sept. 2, 
1 7 19, in Weston; d. Sept. 7, 1719. 
vii. Martha, b. April 11, 16S4 ; ni. Isaac Gleason of Sud- 
13. viii. Mary, twin to Martha. 
ix. John, b. July 8, 1690. 

S.\MUEL' LiVEUMORE {Jo/iu') was bom May 11, 1640, in New 
Haven, Ct. ; died Dec. 5, 1690, in Watertow^n, (epitaphs say 
Jan. 14, 1690); married June 4, 1668, in Watertown, Anna 
(in the Watertown records often written Hannah), daughter of 
Matthew and Anna (Danforth) Bridge of Cambridge ; she was 
born about 1646-7; died Aug. 28, 1727, in VVatertov/n, aged 
81 years, having married (2) Oliver Wellington. Samuel was 

Second Generation 15 

about ten years old when the family moved to Watertovvn ; he 
was by trade a maltster in Watertown, and had a grist mill on 
Chester Brook, on some land granted to his father by the Ply- 
mouth Company; he was made a freeman May 31, 1671. He 
was chosen survc)or in 1677, tythingman in 1679, and was a 
selectman in 1684 and 1690. He received money from the 
town several times for killing destructive birds and animals. 
Inventory, Jan. 14, 1691, ^256. 
Children, born in Watertown : 

i. Anna, 5 b. Mar. 29, 1669. 

14. ii. Grace, b. Sept. 28, 1671. • - 

15. iii. Samuel, b. April 27, 1673. 

16. iv. Daniel, b. Feb. 3, 1675. ' • ' 

17. v. Thomas, b. Jan. 5, 1676. 

18. vi. Jonathan, b. April 19, 1678. 
vii. Matthew, b. Jan. 12, 1680. 

viii. John, b. Feb. 24, 1681 ; d. April 18, 1717, in Watertown. 

19. i.x. Abigail, b. Oct. 9, 1683. 

X. Nathaniel, b. Dec. 29, 1685 ; he was killed Feb. 26, 
1712, in Waltham, by the fall of a tree; m. Jan. 11, 
17 1 1, in Watertown, Sarah, dau. of Daniel and Sarah 
(Whitney) Harrington, b. Oct. 28, 1693. He left 
one child, Sarah,* b. Oct. 22, 171 1, in Watertown; 
m. June 30, 1732, in Boston, Richard Hobbs. 

20. xi. I,ydia, b. July 26, 16S7. . , ■ . . • 

21. xii. Anna, b. 1690. 


Martha* Livkrmoke {Jo/in') was probably bom in New 
Haven, Ct., thf-ugh no record has as yet been found ; died Oct. 
26, 1740, in Bradford; married July 15, 16S2, in Chelmsford, 
Abraham, son of Abraham and Rose (Whitlock) Parker, and 
at her house her mother died. He was born Aug., 1652, in 
Woburn ; they afterwards mo\ed to Bradford, and he died there 
Oct. 13, 1732. 

Children (Parker), born in Chelmsford: .. ■ ', < ■ ; . 

i. Daniel,^ b. July 15, 1683; d. Feb. 11, 1740. 
ii. Mary, b. July 3, 1687 ; m. her cousin, James Parker: he 
was killed July 27, 1694, in Groton, by the Indians. 

l6 Liver VI orr Faviily 

iii. Lydia, b. July ii, 1691 ; d. Dec. 8, 1715, in Bradford. 

iv. Grace, b. May 27, 1693; d. Oct. 16, 1755; in. June 3, 
1714, Abel, son of Benjamin and Susannali (Merrill) 
Morse, b. Oct. 5, 1692. They moved to Chester, 
N. II., and had ten children. 

V. Samuel, b. April 3, 1700; d. young. 



Hank.\h3 CooLiDGE {Hanua/i,' Jo/ni') was born Feb. 29, 
1656/7,111 Watertown ; died there in 1698; married Aug. 6, 
1679, ^i^ Watertown, John, son of William and Sarah (Biscoc) 
Bond, born Dec, 1652; died Mar. r, 1691, in Watertown. 

Children (Bond), born in Watertown : 

i. John,-* b. April 12, 1680. 

ii. William, b. Nov. 11, 1681 ; d. April 12, 1C91, in Water- 

iii. Hannah, b. July i, 16S3; d. Mar. 14, 1690, in Wa^-cr- 

iv. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 20, 1685 ; d. in 1736. 

V. Abigail, b. Nov. 6, 16S6 ; d. April 8, 1691, in Water- 

vi. Sarah, b. Aug. 25, 1688; d. May 11, 1754. 
vii. Daniel, b. June 21, 1690. 


Grace^ Coolidge {Hamia/i,^ Jo/in') was born Feb. 25, 1664, 
in Watertown; died there April 11, 1699; married Jan. 29, 
1689, in Watertown, Col. Jonas, son of William and Sarah 
(Biscoc) Bond, born July 13, 1664; died April 21, 1727, in 

Children (Bond), born in Watcrtov.-n : 

i. Sarah,-* b. I^Tay 7,0. 1690; d. June 10, 1777. 

ii. Jonas, b. Dec. 10, 1691 ; d. Sept. 176S. 
iii. Henry, b. about 1694; d. about 1745. 
iv. Josiah, b, Jan. 20, 1696. 

^^- TJiird Gineration 



Richard' Cooi.idge {Hannah,'' John') wr-.s born April 13, 
1666, in Watcrlown ; died there Oct. 25, 1732; married (i) 
June 21, 1693, in Watcrtown, Mary, daughter of William and 

Sarah (Woodward) Bond; married (2) in 1701, Susanna , 

who died Oct. 20, 1736, aged (ij. 

Children (Coolidge), born in Watcrtown : 

i. Williain,^ b. Mar., 1694; died April, 1695. 

ii. John, b. Oct. 22, 1697. 

i-ii. Richard, bap. April 30, 1C99; d. Aug. 13, 1755, '" New- 
iv. Nathutiiel, b. Mar., 1702; d. 1766. 

V. Samuel, b. Aug. 16, 1703. 
vi. Jonas, b. Oct., 1704. 
vii. Daniel, b. Dec, 1707 ; d. 1708. 
viii. Thaddeus, b. Oct. 6, 1710; d. Aug. 3, 1744. 
be. Elizabeth, b. July 20, 17 12. 


Sarah' Cooliuge {Hannah,'' JoJin^) w^as born in 1678; died 
Nov. 27, 1723; married Oct. 14, 1696, in Watertown, Deacon 
Nathan, son of Nathan and Elizabeth Fiske, born Jan. 3, 1673 ; 
died in 1741. 

Children (Fiske), bom in Watertown : 

i. Sarah,-* bap. Dec. 4, 1698; d. 1721. 

ii. Nathan, b. Feb. 25, 1702. 
iii. Josiah, b. Oct. 10, 1704. 
iv. Henry, b. Jan. 24, 1707. 

V. Daniel, b. Aug. 19, 1709. 
vi. Samuel, b. Feb. 16, 1712. 
vii. Grace, b. May 9, 17 14. 
viii. Hannah, b. May 19, 17 19. 


JoSEi'H' LiVERMOKE {Joku,* Joku^) was bom Jan. 27, 1675, in 
Watertown; died there Nov. 20, 1770; married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Deacon Daniel and Mar}' (Ward) Stone of Fram- 
inghani, born Nov. 9, 1678, in Framingham ; died Nov. 5, 1764, 

1 8 Livcniiorc Family 

ill Weston. He was a representative to the General Court from 
Weston in 1738, '39, '40, '42, '43, '48 and '49. 

Cliildren, born iti Weston : 

22. i. Josiah,'* b. Dec. 23, 1699. 

22,. ii. Joseph, b. Mar. 26, 1702. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. July 9, 1706; m, Dec, 1730, Moses, son 

of Jonathan and Anna Kullard of Weston, b. May 

27, 1706. 

24. iv. John, b. April 2, 1709. 

25. V. Nathaniel, b. Mar. 25, 17 12. 


DaniklJ Livermoke {John," John') was born June 8, 1678, 
in Watertown; died March 16, 1727, in Weston; married 
Mehitable, daughter of Nathaniel and Mehitable (Hagar) Nor- 
cross, born Feb. 4, 1691, in Watertown. He was an ensign in 
the militia ; was one of the original proprietors of the town of 
Leicester, as in 17 19 he received four hundred acres of land in 
the " Country Gore," laid out to him on a special grant, on which 
he built a house. This was Lot No. 29, lying at the foot of 
Livermore Hill, in the south part of the town, on both sides of 
the road. In 1721 he was a fence viewer in Leicester. 

Children, born in Weston : 

26. i. Daniel,* b. Jan. 16, 1708. 

ii. Joseph, twin to Daniel; m. May 14, 1747, in East Sud- 
bury, Ilepzibah Fisk. 

27. iii. Jonas, b. May 13, 17 10. 

iv. Mehitable, b. Mar. 15, 17 13; m. in Weston, May 14, 

1730, Eliakim Rice of Sudbury, 
V. Isaac, bap. Nov. 13, 1715; d. in infancy, 
vi. Sarah, b. Mar. 7, 17 17; m. Ephraim Maynard of Marl- 

28. vii. Isaac, b. May 11, 1720, 
viii. Hannah, b. April 16, 1723. 

ix. Abraham, b. Nov. 9, 1724; d. Sept. 3, 1742. 

X. Nathan, b. Mar. 22, 1727; m. July 19, 1755, in East 
Sudbury, Lucy, dau. of Thomas and Mary (Stone) 
Bent, b. Jan. 13, 1736, in Sudbury. They moved to 

Third Generation 1 9 


Maky' Liverm ore (/c'/';// y< '//;/') was born April 11, 1684, 
in Watertown ; died Aug. 14, 1753, in Walt ham ; married July 
12, 1705, in Watertown, Thomas, son of Samuel and Mary 
(Flagg) Bigelow ol Marlboro, born Oct. 24, 1683, in Watertown; 
died Oct. 6, 1756, in Waltham. They moved to Marlboro, and 
about 1720 to Waltham. 

Cliildren (Bigclow), except youngest, born in Marlboro : 

29. i. Thomas/ b. April 26, 1706, 

ii. Mary, b. Sept. 2, 1707 ; m. Oct. 15, 1730, Josiah, son of 
Josiah and Rachel (Davis) Goddard of Newton, b. 
July 12, 1701. No children. 

30. iii. Grace, b. Feb. 7, 1709. 

iv. Uriah, b. July 15, 1711; killed Oct. 6, 1734, in Marl- 
boro, unm. 

31. V. AbralKiin, b. Mar. 5, 1713. 

vi. Isaac, b. Sept. i, 171C; d. Sept. 16, 1736, unm. 

32. vii. Jacob, b. Sept. i, 17 17. 

viii. Sarah, b. May 15, 1720; m. Elisha, son of Thomas and 
Mary (Bright) Livermore. 

33. ix. Josiah, b, July 30, 1730, in Waltham. 


Grace' Livermore {Samuel,^ John^) was born Sept. 28, 1671, 
in Watertown ; died Nov. 4, 1703; married Oct. 6, 1691, in 
Watertown, Samuel, son of Robert and Susanna (George) Har- 
rington, born Dec. 18, 1666, in Watertown. 

Children (Harrington) : 

i. Anna,-* b. in 1692 ; d. Nov, 15, 1 7 1 1 . 

ii. Grace, b. Aug. 26. 1694. 

jii. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 6, 1696. 

- iv. Abigail, b. July 24, 169S ; d. Nov. 5, 172S. 

V. Prudence, b. July 24, 1701. 


Samuel' Livermore {Samuel,^ John') was born April 27, 
1673, in Watertov.-n ; died there May 22, 1719; married (i) 
Hannah , who died in Watertown, Nov. 12, 1698, aged 19 ; 

20 Livcnnore Fcnnily 

married (2) Elizabeth , who died in Watcrtown, March 3, 

1716, aged 37; married (3) April 29, 1718, in Watertowji, 
Sarah, widow of Nathaniel Stearns and daughter of John and 
Elizabeth Nevinson, born July 22, 1672 ; died in 1741. He was 
a lieutenant of militia, and a maltster by trade. 
Children, born in Watcrtown : 

i. Samuel,' b. Dec. 17, 1697 ; d. there Feb. 3, 1698. 

ii. Samuel, b. Oct. 30, 1700; d. there Jan. 7, 1701. 

iii. Nathaniel, b. Jan. 7, 1702 ; d. there Sept. 30, 17 12. 

34. iv. Matthew, b. Jan. 14, 1703. 

V. Josiah, b. April 8, 1705 ; living in 1729. 

35. vi. Edmund, b. Dec. 16, 1707. 
vii. Elizabeth, b. June 6, 1710. 

viii. Hannah, b. Oct. 30, 17 13. 


Daniel* Livermore {Samuel,^ JoJin^) was born Feb. 3, 1675, 
in Watcrtown ; died there Nov. 16, 1720; married (i) May 28, 
1697, in Watertown, Mary, the only child of John and Mary 
(Welhngton-Maddock) Coolidge, born June 27, 16S0; died in 
child-bed Dec. 10, 1702, in Watertown; he married (2) Maiy 

, died Oct. 7, 1745, in Watertown, aged 66, having mar- 

ri-^d as her second husband John Goodenow of Sudbury. Daniel 
was a potter by trade. 

Children, born in Watertown : 

36. i. Oliver,'' b. Mar. 11, 1698. 
ii. Mar)-, b. Jan. 26, 1700. 

37. iii. Mary, b. Dec. 6, 1702. 

38. iv. Anna, b. Jan. 18, 1704. 

V. Daniel, b. Mar. 18, 1705 ; d. there Sept. 3, 17 13. 

vi. Jonas, who was in his 15th year in 1724. 

vii. Mercy, b. — ; d. Mar. i, 17S9, aged 77. 

39. viii. David, b. Mar. i, 17 15. 

ix. Susanna, b. about 17 16; m. Jan. 21, 1740, in Water- 
town, Joseph, son of Joseph and Mary (Williams) 
Hyde of Newton, b. Nov. 16, 17 14. 
X. Prudence, b. June 30, 17 iS; d. there Aug. 12, 17 iS. 

Third Generation 21 


Thomas' Ltvermore {Snimui,^ Jo/m') was born June 5, 1676, 
in Watortown ; died May 8, 1761 ; married Dec. 14, 1704, in 
Watcrtown, Mary, daughter of Nathaniel and Maiy (Coohuge) 
Bright, born Oct. 7, 1682; died Sept. 29, 1765, in Waltham. 
He hved in the West Precinct (Waltham) with the exception of 
a few years in Cambridge, and wa.s a yeoman ; his signature is 
on page 56 of Nelson's History of Waltham. Deacon Jonathan 
Sanderson, Deacon Thomas Livermore and Deacon Joseph 
Mi.xer gave the name of Piety Corner to a portion of Worcester 
Ave., Waltham. They were members of Rev. Mr. Angler's 
church. He held the office of deacon from Oct. 3, 17 18, until 
his death, and for a long time had an important share of the 
municipal business of the West Precinct and of the town. He 
was a selectman of Watertown in 17 19, '20, '22 to '26, '28, '32 
and '33. He was moderator of the first preliminary town meet- 
ing in Waltham, held Jan. 18, 1738, when he was chosen one 
of the selectmen. At the first regular town meeting in Wal- 
tham, held March 26, 1738, he was also moderator and one of 
the assessors. 

Children, all except ii and iii, born in Watertown : 

i. Benjamin,4 b. Nov. 4, 1705 ; d. there Jan. 26, 1724. 
ii. Ebenezer, b. May 18, 170S, in Cambridge; d. Jan. 2, 
1724, in Watertown, 
Tabitha, b. Oct. 11, 17 11, in Cambridge. 
Nathaniel, b. April 13, 17 13. 

Abijah, b. May 21, 17 15; d. there Jan. 14, 1724. 
Elisha, b. Jan. g, 1720. 
vii. Huldah, b. Aug. 7, 1722. 
viii. Kcnjaniiti, b. Nov, 3, 1726; d. there Jan. 4, 1748, unm. 


Jonathan^ Livermore {Samuel,'' John') was born April 19, 
1678, in Watertown; died there Nov. 8, 1705; married Nov. 
23. 1^99. ■'" Watertown, Rebecca Barns; she died there a 
widow, Dec. 9, 1765, aged 85 years. He was a tanner in 










23 Livennorc Family 

Children, bcin in W'atcrlown : 

44. i. Jonathan, •< b. Au^. 16, 1700. 

45. ii. Samuel, b. Mar. 14, 1702. 

46. iii. Rebecca, b. Dec. 8, 1703. 

iv. (irace, b. Mar. 15, 1706 ; ni. Hastings and settled in 



Abigail' Livermore {Saviucl,^ John^)wsi% born Oct. 9, 1683, 
in Watertown ; died Oct. 31, 1743; married Jinie 2, 1 70S, in 
W'atcrlown, John, son of John and Mary (Brown) Warren, born 
March 15, 1685; died March 25, 1745. 

Children (Warren), born in Watertown : 

i. Mary ,4 bap. 17 10; m. Joseph, son of Joseph and Eliza- 
beth (Stone) Livermore. 

ii. Ann, b. Feb. 3, 17 12. 

iii. John, b. Mar. 2, 17 13. 

iv. Josiah, bap. Feb. 17, 1715. 

V. Isaac, b. Jan. i, 17 17. 

vi. Elisha, bap. April 13, 171S. 
vii. F.benezer, b. June 23, 17 19. 
viii. Abigail, b. Sept. 5, 1720. 

ix. Abljah, b. Nov. 17, 1721. 

X. Prudence, b. Aug. 22, 1724. 

xi. Beulah, b. Aug. 23, 1726. 
xii. Lydia, b. Aug. 7, 1728. 


Lydia^ I^ivermore {Samuel,^ Jo/iii') was born Jidy 26, 16S7, 
in Watertown; married Joshua Eaton. They moved to Wor- 
cester, bur she was a member of Weston Church in 171 8. 

Children (Eaton), born in Watertown : 

i. Lydia,' b. Mar. 9, 171 1. 
ii. Rebecca, bap. Feb. S, 17 13. 
iii. Joshua, b. Dec. 15, 17 14. The first lawyer who settled 

in Worcester, 
iv. Samuel, bap. Dec. 16, 17 16; d. Mar. 30, 1720. 

Fourth Gau-ration 2$ 


Annas Livfrmore {Savim/,^ J(</ni') was born in 1690, in 
Watertown ; married (i) April 2, 17 13, in Walcrtown, John, son 
of John and Mary (Harrington) ]5cmis, born there Oct. 2, 1686; 
she married (2) IJcr. 5, 1759, Jonas, son of Jonathan and Jane 
(Pcabody) Smitli, born Jan. 7, 1693; died in 1765. 
Children (Bemis) : 

i. Anna,'* b. April 29, 1714; d. Jan. 9, 1793, in Waltham, 
a widow; m. (i) Feb. 26, 1735, Samuel Fiske, d. Mar. 
29, 1761 ; rn. (2) Ilopcstill Bent of Kasl Sudbury. 
ii. Josiah, b. Feb. 29, 17 16. 
iii. Abraham, b. Dec. 27, 1717. 
iv. Grace, b. Nov. 5, 17 19 ; m. April 30, 1741, Joshua Child, 

her cousin. 
V. Lydia, b. April 5, 1721 ; m. May 9, 1746, Jonas Dix. 
vi. Abijah, b. Mar. 16, 1723; m. Jan. 29, 1751, Dinah 

lia<;ar of Weston ; settled in Paxton. 
vii. Elisha, b. Mar. 20, 1726; m. Feb. 15, 1749, Lucy Elton 

of Lexington, 
viii. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 23. 1728. - " 

ix. Nathaniel, b. May 6, 1730. 
X. Susanna, b. April 3, 1732; m. Nov. 15, 1753, Elisha 

xi. Phinehas, b. Mar. 24, 1734. 



JosiAu^ LivLRMuRc {Josif/:,^JoIiii,^ JoJiii') was born Dec. 23, 
1699, i^ V/eston ; died there March 19, 1761 ; married March 27, 
1723, in Weston, Thankful, daugliter of Benjamin and Abigail 
(Bigclow) Harrington, born Sept. 29, 1701, in Watertown; died 
in Weston, Nov. 6, 1759. He was called lieutenant, and was 
town clerk, and held other municipal offices. 

Children, born in Weston : 

47. i. James,5 b. July 25, 1724. . '. 

4S. ii. Josiah, b. Aug. i, 1725. 

49. iii. Jason, b. Dec. i, 1726. 

50. iv. Moses, b. July 14, 1729. 

24 Livinno7c Fumi/y 

51. V. EHzahclh, b. Sept. 4, 1733. 
vi. Lois, b. April 22, 1736. 

52. vii. Abijah, b. Dec. 12, 1737. 

53. viii. Joseph, b. July 11, 1740. 


Joseph'' Livkkmoke {Joseph,^ John,^ Jolni') was born March 
26, 1702, in Weston; died i\w^. i, 1788; married March 10, 
1731, in Weston, Mary, daughter of John and Abigail (Liver- 
more) Warren, baptized in 17 10; died April 26, 1746, in East 
Sudbur}'. They settled in Sudbury and Framingham. 

Children, born in Sudbury : 

i. Lydia.s b. Dec. 31, 1731 ; m. Nov. 2, 1752, in Sudbury, 
Samuel Garfield of Waltham. 

54. ii. Samuel, b. Aug. 22, 1733; a document iti Brimfield 

says, "bom May 17, 1733, ^d died Feb. 12, 1819, 

aged 86, only son." 
iii. Mary, b. May 26, 1737 ; d. there Oct. 17, 1743. 
iv, Eunice, b. Jan. 24, 1740; d. there Oct. 15, 1743, 
V. Anna, b. Aug. 14, 1743 ; d. there Oct. 10, 1743. 
vi. Abigail, b. Sept. 10, 1744. 


John-" LT\-i:RMORE {Joseph,'^ JoJni^ JoJin') was born April 2, 
1709, in Weston; married June 23, 173 1, in Framingham, 
Abigail Stone, born there April 3, 1712. After his death she 
"married Samuel Gleason. John lived at first in Weston, but 
afterwards removed to Framingham. 

Children, the oldest born in Weston, the others in Fram- 
ingham : 

i. Abigail, 3 b. Dec. S, 1731. 
ii. Mary, b. Oct. 21, 1733. 

55. iii. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 7, 1735. 

iv. John, b. Nov. 7, 173S. lie is thought to have been the 

John Liverniore who settled in Paxton. 
V. Susanna, b. May 3, 1743: m, Lieut. Nathan Smith of 
.56. vi. Mary, b. July 23, 1745. 

vii. Submi., b. Mar. 19, 17 48, 

Fourth Generation 25 


Nathaniel^ Livkkmore {Josc/^h,^ JoJin,^ John') was born 
March 25, 1712, in Weston; died there Aug. 11, 1760; married 
July I, 1736, in Weston, Martha, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Lydia Allen; born Feb. 22, 17 17, in Weston; died there Sept. 
23, 1758. He was called captain. 

Children, born in Weston : 

i. Elisha,s b. Dec. 5, 1737 ; d. there Au^^ 13, 1742. 

ii. Nathaniel, b. June 19, 1739; d. in 1766; m. Dec. 9, 
1762, in Weston, Annie, dau. of Daniel and Mary 
(Soull)gate) Livermore, b. there Oct. 25, 1744. Their 
only child, Bctsc}^ Livermore, b. Feb. 24, 1765. 

iii. Martha, b. May 2, 1741 ; m. Jan. 27, 1766, in Weston, 
James, son of Daniel and Naomy Hubbard of PitLs- 
field, Mass., b. in 1744 ; they had a dau. Mehitabel.^ 

iv. Lucy, b. July 11, 1743- 

V. Elizabeth, b. in 1753; d. young. 


Daniel'' Livek.more (^Danicl,^ John,'- John') was born Jan. 
i6, 1708, in Weston; married in 1732, Mary, daughter of 
Richard and Elizabeth (Steward) Southgatc, born in England 
in 1 7 12. He was one of eight signers of a request dated Nov. 
19, 1746, or thereabouts, to Edm"^. Trowbridge, Esq., one of his 
Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Middlesex, to 
issue "a Warrant for Calling the first precinct meeting in the 
first precinct in Weston ; to choose Precinct Officers as the Law 
Directs." He was one of the constables of Weston for several 
years until 1755. - . 

Children, born in Weston : 
57. i. Daniel,5 b. N'ov. 24, 1734. 

ii. Ma:y, b. Nov. 13, 1737; m. May 28, 1755, in Sudbury, 

Ebenozer King of Sudbury, 
iii. Hayne;, b. Feb. 23, 1740; d. there Sept. 9, 1742. 
iv. Sarali, b. Sept. 13, 1742 ; m. Oct. 26, 1769, in Weston, 
Abijah, son of Jonas and Elizabeth (Bond) Harring- 
ton, b. there Dec. i, 1743; d. May 27, 1821, in 

26 Livcnnorc Fa^nily 

V, Anne, h, Oct. 25, 1744; m. N; haniel, son of Nathaniel 
and Martha (Allen) Liverinore. 

58. vi, Abraliani, b. Aug. 13, 17 19. 


JoN.xs^ LiVF.K.MOJa-: {Daniel,^ JoIdi^ JoJtn') was born May 
13, 1710, in Weston; married Nov. 28, 1735, in East Sr.d- 
biiry, Elizabeth Rice of Sudbury, died March 29, 1799, in 
Leicester, They moved from Weston to Leicester, where he 
settled, near Livermorc Hill, on the east side of the road. His 
will, dated April 2, 1773, mentions wife Elizabeth and the 
children named below. He served as hog reeve two years, 
juryman one year, sur\'eyor of highway one year, and as con- 
stable one year. 

Children, born in Leicester : 

59. i. JonaSjS b. Feb. 28, 1736. 

ii. Micah, b. May 2, 1738; d. Nov. 28, 1813, in Leicester, 
unin. He bought land in Oxford, April 3, 1766, and 
sold it to Elisha Livermore, April i, 1773. He 
marched from Leicester to Cambridge in Cape. Thos. 
Newhall's company, as a private, on the alarm, April 
■ ^9> '775 5 he was a private in Capt. Loring Lincoln's 
company of Leicester, which marched on an alarm at 
Bennington in 1777, under command of Lieut. Col. 
Flagg ; time of service, 5 days ; received his pay 
about Nov. I, 1785 ; he was chosen constable in Leices- 
ter in 1778, and a surveyor in 1779. 

iii. Mary, b. Mar. 4, 1743; m. Jan. 3, 1766, in Leicester, 
Thomas Scott. 

60. iv. David, b. June 10. 1745. 

61. V. Elizabeth, twin to David. 

62. vi. Elisha, b. May 20, 1751. 

vii. Ikulah, b. Mar. 19, 1753; m. May 26, 17S4, in Leices- 
ter, Levi Dunton of Soulhboro. 

63. vlii. Lydia, b. June 5, 1755. 

Is.\AC< LiviiRMORE {Dauicl,^ Jo/ui,^ John') was born May 1 1, 
1720, in Weston; married Feb. 17, 1746, in East Sudbury, 
Dorothy Walker of Sudbuiy, and moved to Leicester, where he 

Fourth Generation 27 

had a house 0])positc that of his bn)thcr Jf las, at the foot of 
Livermorc Hill. He served as hog reeve, sui-\^eyor of highway, 
constable and as warden at town meeting. 
Childrer, boi n in Leicester : 

64. i. Isaac, 5 b. Dec. 20, 1746. 

ii. Abner, b. April 15, 1749; was taxed in Oxford, Mass., 
in 1771. He was a private in Capt. W'ashlnirn's 
comjiany, Col. Ward's regiment, together with his 
brother Isaac; he reenlisted May 10, 1773, and served 
in the battle of Bunker Hill and afterwards, 2 months, 
26 days, in all. He enlisted again, Sept. 27, 1777, 
as a private in Capt. David Prouty's company, of 
Col. Samuel Denny's regiment, and served until dis- 
charged Oct. 18, 1777, eight days' travel included ; he 
enlisted Aug. 13, 1779 (residence Leominster) in 
Capt. Wilder's company, Col. Rand's regiment, " 5 
ft. 6 in. in height ; complexion light. Term of enlist- 
ment, 9 months." 

iii. Dorothy, b. Oct. 16, 1751 ; m. May 23, 17S0, in 
Leicester, George Rogers. 

iv. Abraham, b. Mar. 22, 1753. 

65. V. Elijah, b. June 10, 1755. 
vi. Lucy, b. Aug. 19, 175S. 

Thomas'* Bigelow {iMaiy,^ JoJin,^ John^) was born April 26, 
1706, in Marlboro; married (i) Elizabeth, daughter of John and 
Elizabeth (Gale) Nurse, born Nov. 26, 1708, in Framingham ; 
died Jan. i, 1770, in Marlboro; married (2) Oct. i, 1770, 
Ik'thiah, daughter of Gideon and Hannah (Lawrence) Newton, 
born Aug. 2, 1745, in Southboro. [See Bigelow Genealogy.] 
Children (Bigelow), born in Marlboro : 

i. Elizabeth.s b. May 14, 1731 ; d. June 28, 1731. 
ii. Mehitable, b. Aug. 15, 1733. 
iii. Betsey, b. Nov. 23, 1735 5 ^^- there Sept. 3, iSoi. 
iv. l^far}', b. Mar. 21, 1739. 
V. Sarah, b. Nov. 12, 1741. 
vi. Thomas, b. Dec. 6, 1743; d. Sept. 11, 1748. 
vii. Uriah, b. Mar. 4, 1746; d. Aug. 8, 1748. 
viii. Thankful, b. Jan. 17, 1749; d. Nov. 3, 1775. 

28 Livennorc Family 


Grace< Bigelow {Marj\^ Jo/m,^ John') was born Feb. 7, 
1709, in Marlboro; married Jan. i, 1730, Joseph, son of William 
and Sarah (Benjamin) lia^ar, of VValUiam, born Jan. i, 1702, 
in Watcrtown. [See Bigelow Genealogy.] 

Children (1 lagar), born in Waltham : 

i. JosephjS b. Dec. 31, 1736. 

ii. Uriah, b. Jan. i, 1739. 

iii. William, b. Oct. 25, 1741. 

iv. Isaac, b. Sept. 6, 1742. 

V. Grace, b. May 7, 1744. 

vi. Lydia, b. Nov. 6, 1746. 

vii. Benjamin, b. Jan. 26, 1750. 

viii. Jonathan, b. Aug. 31, 1751. 


Abraham* Bigelow {AJarj,^ Jo/ui' John') was born March 
5, 1713, in Marlboro; died about 1774; married (i) Jan. 2, 
1736, Abigail Bullard, died May 23, 175 1, in Weston; mar- 
ried (2) Oct. 24, 175 1, Anna Fiske. [See liigclow Genealogy.] 

Children (Bigelow), born in Weston : 

i. IsaaCjS b. Nov. 30, 1736; d. Jan. i, 1749. 

ii. Joseph, b. Sept. 30, 1738; d. Dec 25, 1748. 

iii. Abigail, b. Oct. j. 1740; d. Jan. 7, 1749. 
•■■ iv. Abraham, b. Feb 26, 1743; d. July 20, 1753. 

V. Jesse, b. Mar. 17, 1745 ; d. July 8, 1745- 

vi. Jesse, b. June 30, 1747 ; d. Jan. 12, 1749. 
vii. Isaac, b. May 2, J750; d. April iS, 1777. 
viii. Abigail, b. Aug. ic, 1752 ; d. Nov. 2, 1786. 

ix. Anna, b. Nov. 4, J 754. 

X. Abraham, b. June 13, 175S; d. young. 

xi. Amos, b. Sept. 30, 1760; d. about 1795. 
xii. Abraham, b. Sept. 18, 1762 ; d. July 6, 1832. 
xiii. John, b. April 14, 1765. 
xiv. Samuel, b. Sept. 4, 1773; d. Oct., 1S17. 


Jacob* Bigelow {Mary,^ 7^'^'^^," John') was born Sept. i, 
17 17, in Marlboro; married Dec. 14, 173S, Susanna, dau^.hter 

Fourth Generation 29 

of David and Hannah (Smith) Mead, born Aug. i, 1719, in 
Lcxin[;lon. [Sec ]5igelow Genenlog;/.] 
Childicn (Bigelow), born in Wahham : 

i. Mary,5 b. Dec. g, 1739. 

ii. Jacob, b. Feb. 19, 1743; d. Sept. 12, 1816. 
iii. Susanna, b. Feb. 2, 1745; d. May i, 1807. 
iv. Hannah, b. i\fay 27, 1747 ; d. Sept. 22, 1756. 

V. Ivydia, b. June 28, 1749; d. Jan. 22, 1756. 

vi. Tliomas, b. Nov. 26, 1751 ; d. about 1777. 

vii. Samuel, b. April 9, 1754; d. Feb. 7, 1836. 

viii. Abijah. b. April 16, 1756; d. Oct. 22, 1848. 

ix. Sarah, b. April 12, 175S. 

X. Abigail, b. July 31, 1760. 
xi. Rhoda, bnp. May 29, 1763; d. Mar. 28, 1787. 


JosiAH-* BiGELOw {Mary,^ Jo/ui,^ Jo/in') was born July 30, 
1730, in Waltham; died there July 15, 1810; married July 27, 
1749, Mary, daughter of Jonas and Abigail (Stearns) Harring- 
ton, born March 8, 1730. [See Bigelow Genealogy.] 

Children (Bigelow), born in Waltham : 

i. William,5 b. Oct. 11, 1749; d. Mar. 25, 1813. 

ii. Anna, b. Aug. 23, 175T. 
iii. Uriah, b. Nov. 30, 1753; d. young, 
iv. Converse, b. Jan. 20, 1755 ; d. April 23, 1829. 

V. Mary, b. Mar. 3, 1756. 
vi. Alpheus, b. Nov. 4, 1757. 

vii. Eunice, b. . 

viii. Uriah, b. ATar. 15, 1766; d. Aug. lo, 1842. 
ix. Thomas, b. Aug. xi, 176S; d. Jan. 23, 1856. 

X. Sarah, b. July 31, 1773. 

Matthevv-* Livermore {Samuel,'^ Samuel,'' John^) was born 
Jan. 14, 1703, in Watcrtown ; died Feb. 14, 1776, in Ports- 
mouth. N. H.; mariicd Aug. 2, 1733, in Portsmouth, Mary, 
daughter of Rev. Nathaniel and Sarah (Purkiss) Rogers. He 
graduated from Harvard College in 1722, and taught school in 
Waltham until 1726, as he was paid lor his services as school- 

3© Livcrfnore Faviily 

master £\2 in 1722, ^22 in 1724, ,{^59, in full, in 1726. 
About this time he moved to Portsmouth, where he kept 
the grammar school seven years. He was admitted to the bar 
in 1 73 1, at which time there was no regularly educated lawyer 
in Portsmouth. He practiced extensively in Maine and New 
Hampshire. He was Attorney Genera] of the Province and 
King's Advocate in the Admiralty Court ; the latter office and 
probably the former also, he appears to have retained for about 
twenty-nine years. He was afterwards Judge of the Su])erior 
Court of New Hampshire. He built, about 1730, a house on 
Pleasant Street, having an open yard in front. More than fifty 
years later Livermore Street, named after this family, was 
opened, and the house mo\-ed to a position on this street. Within 
a few years it has been moved again across the street. In 1752 
he became a member of the Legislature, and was chosen clerk 
thereof, and so continued until 1755. 
Children, born in Portsmouth : 

i. Elizabeth,s b. Mar. 14, 1735 '•> ^- there April 2, 1735. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. Oct. iS, 1736; d. there Feb, 4, 1737. 
iii. Mary, b. Nov. ?.\, 1737 ; m, Greenwood and occu- 
pied her father's house after his death. 


Edmund" Livermore {Savinch^ Sainncl,- John') v.-as born 
Dec. 16, :I707, in Watertown ; died June 30, 1750, in Stur- 
bridge; married Jan. 29, 1734, in Watertown, Rebecca, daughter 
of Abel and Abigail Benjamin, born there June 11, 170S; she 
afterwards married Thomas Ellenwood. 

Children : 


i. Elizabeth,s b, Nov. 12, 1734, in Watertown; ni. Feb. 3, 
1753, in Sturbridge, Eliphalet Allen. 

ii. Samuel, b. June, 1736; d. Sept. S, 1755, in Sturbridge. 
iii. Josiah, b. Dec. 31, 1738; d, young. 
iv. Josiah, b. April 6, 1740; d. May 5, 1757, in Sturbridge. 

66. V. Hannah, b. May 4, 1743, in Sturbridge. 

67. vi. IXaniel, b. Jan. 26, 1746, in Sturbridge. 

vii. Rhoda, b. April 23, 1750, in Sturbridge: d. there Sept. 
9. 1754. 

Foi'.rth Gencyation 31 


Oliver^ I.nEKMORii; {Daniel,^ Sennit.-/,- John') was born 
March 11, 1698, in Watertown ; died there Nov. 18, 1754; mar- 
ried (i) Feb. 5, 1724, in Watertown, Kuth, daughter of Samuel 
and l^hebe Stearns of^ton, born May 25, 1704, in Le.xing- 
ton ; died Feb. 8, 1725, in Watertown; married (?) Aug. 4, 
1726, in Watertown, Ruth, widow of Nathaniel Bowman, Jr., of 
Cambridge; she died April 2, 1776, aged y6. He was the 
principal heir of Oliver Wellington, who married his grand- 
mother, Anna Li\crniore. He was a selectman of Watertown 
in 1738, '41, '43, '46, '48, '49. 

Children, born in Watertown : 

i. Daniel, 5 b. Jan. 2S, 1725; drowned Aug. 6, 1744. 

68. ii. Ruth, b. May 23, 1727. 

iii. Rachel, b. Aug. iS, 1729; d. there Oct. 11, 1730. 

69. iv. Mary, b. Sept. 5, 1731. 

70. V. Rachel, b. Aug. 12, 1733. 

71. vi. Oliver, b. July 15, 1735. 

72. vii. Ainos, b. July 28, 1737. 

73. viii. Anna, b. May 8, 1739. 

be. Abigail, b. April 12, 1741. 

74. X. Jonathan, b. Mar. 25, 1743. 

xi. Nathaniel, b. Jan. 6, 1746; d. there Sept. 17, 1749. 


M.\KY^ I^ivERMORE {Danicl,^ Samuel,^ Jo/m') was born Dec. 
6, 1702, in Watertown; married there March 31, 1726, Nathan- 
iel, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Winship) Sherman, born there 
Sept. 19, 1696. They removed to Grafton. 

Children (Sherman) : 

i. Mary,5 b. Dec. 9, 1726; in. Dea. John Cooper of 

Hard wick. 
ii. Betsey, b. April 14, 17 28; m. Capt. James Minott. 
iii. Martha, b. Feb. 16, 1730. 
iv. Nathaniel; b. Mar. 4, 1732. 
V. Millesent, b. April 10, 1734. 
vi. Asaph, b. Aug. 22, 1736; d. young. 
vii. Sarah, b. Oct. 3, 1738. 

$2 Livcrinorf: Family 

viii. Asaph, b. Mar. 6, 1741, ancestor of Hon. Socrates 
N. Sherman of New York, 
ix. Prudence, b. June- 22, 1745; m. Joseph Perry. 


Anna-* Livekmoke {Daniel,^ Samnc/,'' John') was born Jan. 
18, 1704, in Watertown; married Jonathan, son of John and 
Mary (Harrington) Bemis, born Nov. 17, 1701, in Watertown. 

Children (Bemis), born in Watertown : 

i. Mary,5 b. Mar. 10. 1723; d. Au^'. 16, 1801. 

ii. Jonathan, b. Jan. 24, 1725 ; m. Huldah, dau. of Thomas 

and Mary (Bright) Livermore. 
iii. David, b. Jan, 25, 1727 ; d. tliere Feb. 8, 1790, 
iv. Anna, b. July 4, 1730. 

V. Esther,'^b. Nov. 3, 1733. 
vi. Sarah, b. Mar. 8, 1740. 


David" Livermore {Daniel,^ Samuel,' John') was born March 
I, 17 1 5, in Watertown; died there, 1756; married Feb. 21, 
1743, in Bradford, Abigail, daughter of Benjamin and Priscilla 
(Hazcn) Kimball, born Dec. 2, 1725, in Bradford; died in 1771, 
in Watertown, as her son Daniel Livermore of Concord, N. II., 
was on Dec. 24, 1771, appointed administrator of her estate. 
David lived all his life in Watertown, and was by trade a black- 

Children, born in Watertown : 

i. David,5 b. ; d. , unm. 

ii. Abigail, b. Feb. 27, 1745; m. a Scotchman and lived 

"very handsomely at Halifax, N. H." They had one 

daughter, who married Joseph Day of Bradford, and 

lived in Frederickton, N. Y. 
iii. Priscilla, b. Jan. 11, 1747; d. Jan. 17, 1S06; m. May 7, 

1772, Joseph Day of Bradford, b. April 16, 1742 ; d. 

Feb. 5, 1806. No children. 

75. iv. Daniel, b. April 7, 1749. 

76. V. Fydia. b. Jan. 8, 1751. 

vi. Hannah, b. Mar. 23, 1754: m. \V. Parker of Bradford. 
They had a daughter, Mary/' 

Fourth Generation 33 


TArriTiiA-* LiVEKMORE {Tliomas,^ Snm/tcl,^ Jo/ni') was born 
Oct. II, 1711, in Cambridge; died Oct. 20, 1769; married Jan. 
17, 1738, in Waltham, John, son of Jonathan and Lydia (Cooper) 
Gore of Weston, born Nov. 2, 1707. 
Children (Gore) : 

i. Mar)\5 b. June 24, 1739 5 ^- Oct. 3, 1740. 
ii. Sarah, b. Aug. 15, 1741. 
iii. John, b. Jan. 15, 1743. 
iv. Jonathan, b. Aug. 22, 1746. 
V. Nathaniel, b. April 30, 1749; d. Mar. 11, 181 1. 
vi. Mary, b. Dec. 11, 1751. 


Nathaniel-* Livermore {T/u>vias,^ Smnucl,^ Jo/in') was born 
April 13, 1713, in Watertown ; died Oct. 2, 1783, on Grove 
street, in Waltham; married April 11, 175 1, in Watertown, 
Martha, daughter of Andrew and Jane (Dix) White, born May 
27, 1830; died March 9, 1823, in Cambridgeport. He lived in 
what is now known as the Smith house, on Worcester Ave., 
Piety Corner, Waltham. He was a selectman, 1760-63. On 
the famous day that the British marched to Lexington the cry 
was raised through Waltham that the J^ritish were coming ; so 
Madam Martha White Livermore took her youngest child, 
Nathaniel, in her arms, and the next youngest, David, wrapped 
in a red cloak, by the hand, and fled into the woods of Prospect 

Children, born in Waltham : 

i. Thomas,s b. Jan, 19, 1752 ; d. July 23, 1755. 

77. ii. Eunice, b. Oct. 22, 1753. 

78. iii. Martha, b. Aug. 31, 1755. 

79. iv. Tabitha, b. June 22, 1757. - 

80. v. Moses, b. Mar. 31, 1759. 

81. vi. John, b. May 4, 1761. 

82. vii. l.ydia, b. Mar. 26, 1763. 

viii. Ainos, b. June 3, 1765; d. Sept. 15, 1826; removed to 
Livermore, Me. 
ix. Ruth, b. May 27, 1767; d. Sept. 27, 1867, in lioston : 
m, April 6, 1790, Nathaniel Goodwm of Waltham, 

34 Livcrrnorc Faviily 

d. Sept. 5, 1790, aged 20 years; she afterwards lived 
. in Boston. 
83. X. David, b. Nov. 26, 1769. 

54. xi. Nathaniel, b. Sept. 20, 1772. 


Elisiia'* Livermore [T/iomas,^ Sanuicl,^ Jolin'') was born Jan. 
9, 1720, in Watertown ; died Feb. 13, 1795, in Waltham ; mar- 
ried Jan. 3, 1744, in Waltham, Sarah, daughter of Thomas and 
Mary (Livermore) Bigelow, born May 15, 1720; died Aug. 12, 
17S3, in Waltham. He was a maltster of Waltham, and was 
called lieutenant ; he was a selectman 1766 to 1773, e.xcept 
176S and 1771 ; 

Children, born in Waltham : . 

i. Mary,s b. Nov. 9, 1744; d. Nov. 20, 1744. 

55. ii. Abijah, b. Dec. 26, 1745. 

56. iii. Mar)-, b. Oct. 27, 1747. 

iv. Benjamin, b. April 25, 1749; d. July 24, 1802. 

57. V. Sarah, b. Sept. 3, 175 1. 

vi. Elisha, b. in 1754; d. July 3, 1754. 

vii. Elisha, b. Aug. 21, 1755 ; d. Sept. 3, 1790, in Waltham; 
m. July I. 17S4, in Watertown, Abigail, dau. of Samuel 
and Sybil (Stone) White, b. July 19, 1761 ; d. Mar. 
20, 1 82 7. No children, 
viii. Elizabeth, b. May 5, 175S; d. April 25, 1S02, unm. 
ix, Thomas, b. July u, 1760; d. Nov. 20, 1791, in Wal- 
tham; m. May 29, 1783, Lois, dau. of Josiah and 
Mar)' (Garfield) Mixer, b. Sept. 12, 1762. 


HuLOAH^ Livermore {Thomas,^ Samuel,- John') was born 
-^"g- 7. 1722, in Watertown; died in 1S03, in Lunenburg; 
married Ma)- 4, 1748, in Waltham, Capt. Jonathan, son of 
Jonathan arid Anna (Livermore) Bemis, born Jan. 24, 1725, in 
Watertown; died after Jan. i, 1771. 

Children (Bemis) born in Watertown : 

i. Hannah, 5 b. June 22, 17.^9. 
^ ii. Esther, b. May 2, 1751. 

-.'. Fourth Cfi'ucration 35 

iii. Thnnkful, b. June 17, 1754. 
iv. Calharino, b. Oct. 4, 1756. 
V. Jonathan, bap. July 23, 175S; d. young. 
vi. Jonatiian, b. Oct. 19, 1760; d. unni. 
vii. John, b. May 4, 176'. 

viu.Kli„l,b.]ulyj,.;;o. X'62:i{^\{) Z ;. 

Jonathan-' Livkioiore {Jouaf/ian,^ Samuel,- John') was born 
Aus^. 16, 1700, in Watertown ; died April 21, 1801, in North- 
boro, havinf^ lived to the extraordinary age of 100 years, 8 
months and 5 days, thus living in three centuries. He married 
(1) June 23, 1723, Abigail, daughter of James and Elizabeth 
(Fiske) Ball, born June 5, 1702. He married (2) Nov. 16, 1775, 
Jane Dunlap. About 1727 he moved to Northboro, and settled 
on the Brown farm, so called. He was dismissed from Water- 
town, April 8, 1729. He possessed uncommon learning for 
his time, was an accurate surveyor and an excellent penman, 
owing to which circumstance the early records of the town 
a[)pcar in a remarkably fine slate. He was the first parish or 
town clerk, which office he held many years ; one of the first 
deacons of the Congregational church, resigning Oct. 2, 17S2; 
he was much employed in public business, in sur\'eying, laying 
out townships, etc., and was selectman in 1750, '55, '58 and '64. 
He was moderator in Westboro in 1758 and '64. A short time 
after he was 100 years old he rode on horseback from his house 
to a military review, near the middle of the town, a distance of 
three rniles, and returned without fatigue. 

Children, the first three born in Watertown, the others in 
Northboro : 

SS. i. Abigail, 5 b. April 10, 1724. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. May 26, .1725; d. in Feb., 1775; m. Asa, 
son of Thomas and Mar)' (Oakes) Rice, b. Aug. S, 
1726. They lived in Northboro, Children (Rice) : 

1. Katharine^ b. Dec. 13, 1749. 

2. Liit/u-r, b. . 

3. Asciiat/i, b. . 

4. Cah'iu, b. . 

5. Israel, b. . . ' . 


$6 Livennorc Favtily 

iii. Lydia, b. Oct. 24, 1726; d. May 5, 1799; m. Saw. 

yer of Bolton. No children, 
iv. Rebecca, b. Sept. 10, 1728; d. Nov. 10, 17 28. 
89. V. Jonathan, b. Dec. 7, 1729. 

vi. Silas, b. Dec. i, 1731 ; d. Jan. 3, 1756. 
vii. Rebecca, b. June i, 1733; d. Feb. 15, 1806; m. (pub.) 

Aug. 26, 1761, Henry Switcher of "Western." 
viii. NiUhon, b. June 19, 1736; d. May 22, 1761, unm. 
ix. Thomas, b. Mar. 6, 1738; d. Oct. 27, 1740. 
X. Susan, b. June 2, 1740; m. Joshua Townsend of Bolton, 
xi. Grace, b, Feb. 16, 1742 ; m. Jacob Adams of Wilton, and 
had Lydia^ and Nathan. 


Samuel^ Livermore {Jonathan,^ Samuel,' Jo/ni')' \\3.s born 
March r.], 1702, in Watertown ; died Aug. 7, 1773, in Waltham. 
He married (i) Nov. 10, 1726, in Watertown, Hannah, daughter 
of William and Hannah (Pease) Brown, born Jan. 22, 1707; died 
Nov. 2, 1762, in Waltham. She was the mother of all his chil- 
dren. ITe married (2) Jan. 22, 1765, in Waltham, Hannah, 
widow of Daniel Harrington ; died Dec. 31, 1765, aged 44 years ; 
he married (3) May 7, 1767, in Waltham, widow Joanna 
Felton of Watertown, died Sept. 5, 1767, aged 46 years; he 
married (4) March 15, 1770, in Waltham, Thankful, widow of 
Richard Cutting, daughter of George and Abiel (Parker) Har- 
rington, born Jan. 25, 1720; died Nov. 4, 1772. He inherited 
by will the estate of his great uncle Nathaniel Livermore, which 
has since been well known as "the J-.yman farm" in Waltham. 
The old Livermore house stood northeast of the mansion house 
of Theodore Lyman ; it was occupied by Mark Vose, in the 
employ of Mr. Lyman, and was valued at $560. This house 
was afterwards removed to Main street. The land of the Ly- 
man place is supposed to have been the fifty acres of land in the 
First Great Dividend granted to William Paine, and bought of 
him by John Livermore. 

At the first town meeting in Waltham, held on Wednesday, 
Jan. iS, 1738, he was chosen town clerk and treasurer; and at 
the first regular meeting, held March 26, 1738, he was chosen 

Fourth GcKc ration 37 

town clerk and treasurer and also assessor. At this meeting 
it was voted, that Samuel Livermore should have the use of 
the first pew cast of the pulpit as long as the meeting-house 
stood upon his land, in full satisfaction for the same. At a 
meeting held Sept. 25, 1738, he was chosen sexton and granted 
three pounds for his annual services. He had for a long time 
the greatest share of the municipal business of the town ; was 
selectman 22 years, 1743-64; representative, 1745-63, with the 
exception of 1748 ; assessor, 1738-56; town clerk and treasurer 
26 years, 173S-63; moderator of town meetings 24 years, 
1740-64; was also a deacon of the church. March 2, 1744, 
Capt. Samuel Livermore represented to the selectmen of Wal- 
tham that there were under his command ninety men, and that 
the State law required them to have a stock of ammunition, 
amounting to 150 pounds of powder, 300 pounds of bullets, and 
450 flints. Sept. 9, 1745, the town voted that Capt. Livermore 
<' should address the Great and General Court in the name and 
behalfe of the Town of Waltham that the millers might have 
liberty to keep up their mill Dams as formerly." The salaries 
of the town officers for the year 1750 seem, from the appropria- 
tion, to have amounted to 13J. 4^., and this sum was wholly 
awarded to Capt. Livermore, — %s. as town clerk, and 5^. 4^. as 
treasurer. His signature is on page 74 of Nelson's History of 

Children, all born in Waltham : 

i. Hannah, 5 b. April 27, 172S ; m. (i) Nov. 24, 1755, in 
Waltham, Rev. Nathaniel Potter of Brookline, d. in 
176S, leaving a dau., Sarah,^ who d. Sept. 7, 1773, 
aged 15 yrs. ; m. (2) Sept. 6, 1775, Robert Pierpont 
of Roxbury ; no children, 
ii. Samuel, b. Sept. 6, 1729 ; d. there April 14, 1731. 

90. iii. Elijah, b. Mar. 4, 1731. 

91. iv. Samuel, b. May 15. 1732. 

v. Isaac, b. Jan. 28, 1735 ; d. Sept. 6, 1763, in New Jer- 
sey, unm. He graduated at Nassau Hall, Princeton, 
N. J., in 1756; was schoolmaster in Waltham from 
^o^'-.. i75<^. to Aug., 1757, and continued in that posi- 
tion during a portion of 175S. 

38 , •' ^ Livennorc Family 

! > vi. Willinin, b. Oct. 9, 1737 ; d. Auj.^ 10, 1761, in Falmouth, 

'. (Portland), Me., unni. ; graduated at Nassau Hall in 

vii. Sarah, b. Mar, 30, 1741 ; d. Oct. 9, 1761, in Waltham, 

viii. Anna, b. Tan. 16, 1743; 'n. Rev. Mr. Ker, 
ix. Jonathan, b. Jan. 2\, 17.16; d. June 22, 1 751, in Wal- 


Rebecca^ Livermoke {JonatJiaii,^ Samuel,'' John') was born 
Dec. 8, 1703, in Watcrtown ; died Dec. 29, 17S0, in Worcester ; 
m. Oct. 29, 1719, in Watcrtown, John, son of Theophilus and 
Mary (Bennet) Phillips, born Dec. 10, 1692; died July 20, 17S0, 
in Worcester. They moved to Worcester. 
Children (Phillips), born in Watcrtown : 
i. John,5 b. Jan. 23, 172 1. 
ii. Rebecca, b. Nov. 8, 1722. 
iii. Priscilla, bap. Nov. 26, 1724. 
iv. Mar)', bap. June 4, 1726. 



James' Livermore {Josiali* Josi-ph^, John,* JoJni') was burn 
July 25, 1724, in Weston; died April 30, 1801, in Spencer; 
married July 5, 1750, in Weston, Elizabeth, daughter of John 
and Mercy (Ward) Hasting;, born there Nov. 3, 1728; died 
Aug. 7, 1798, in Spencer. He was a yeoman and frequently 
held public office. Pic was a sur\'eyor of highways and collec- 
'tor in 1755 ; a preserver of deer in 1756, '60, '6"], '72, '73 ; fence 
viewer in 1758 ; warden in 1763 and '69; one of the committee 
on schools in 1769, and constable in 1770. He was paid two 
shillings for " Preamblating the Town line" with Sudbury in 
1768. He was one of the committee of correspondence, in- 
spection and safety in 1779 and in 1784. About this time, or 
a little later, he moved to Spencer, where he owned a farm. 

Children, born in Weston : 

92. i. Eunice,*^ b. Mar. 6, 1752. 

ii. John, b. Mar. 12, 1754. 

Fifth Generation 39 

93. iii. Anna, b. April 5, 1757. 

94. iv. James, b. Jan, 30, 1760. 

95. V. Elisha, b. Dec. 26, 1761. ' . 


Josiahs LivERMOKu {Josia/i* Joscfk,'^ Jo/iti,^ Jo/iu') was born 
Au^^ I, 1725, in Weston; married (pub. April 29), 17/19, in 
Weston, Anna, daughter of Thomas and Mercy (Bigelow) Gar- 
field, born there June i, 1724. They settled in that part of 
Leicester now Paxton, in Spencer and I^rookfield. He was a 
Children : 

i. Anna,^ b. Nov. 5, 1750, in Leicester. 
9C. ii. Elisha, b. April 14, 1753, in Leicester, 
iii. Mary, b. Jan. 20, 1755, in Spencer. 
iv. Luc)-, b. Sept. 11, 1756, in Spencer; ni. Jan. 11, 1781, 

in Brookfield, Rufus Hardy. 
V. Levi, b. May 11, 1758, in Brookfield; m. there June 22, 

1806, Levina Adams. 
vi. Thankful, b. Mar. 28, 1760, in Brookfield. 


Jason5 Livermore {/osiah* Joseph,'^ John,^ Jo/ui') was born 
Dec. I, 1726, in Weston ; died Oct. 14, 1797, in Paxton ; married 
in Weston, March 30, 1749, Abigail, daughter of William and 
Mary (Flagg) Hagar, born Aug. 11, 1725, in Weston; died Jan. 
17, 1S24, in Paxton. In 1748 he and his brother Josiah 
bought a tract of land in the westerly part of Leicester, near 
and in part upon Moose Hill ; they divided these lands, and 
Jason, having built a small house on his portion, took his bride 
to his new home, and in this house they lived the rest of their 

He was twice chosen as a surveyor of highways in Leicester. 
The town furnished five men, in 1756, as her quota in a call for 
one thousand men from Worcester and Hampshire counties. 
Their names were Ezekiel Bellows, Jacob Wicker, Jason I^iver- 
more, David Wicker and John Wicker. These men were in the 

40 Live Ignore Faynily 

command of Gen. Ru<:ci:,"i«-'s, nnd saw service at Crown Point, 
P'ort Edward and Ticondcror^a. Inscription on his powder-horn 
says: "Jason IJvemiore his horn made at fort Edward August 
y' 29. 1759." On his return from that unsuccessful and unfor- 
tunate expedition, he came by land through the wilderness, with 
two or three companions, and suffered hardships and privrlions 
from cold and hunger. 

In 1765 that part of Leicester in which he lived, with a part 
of Rutland, was incorporated as a district by the name of Pax- 
ton. The first town meeting of Paxton was held March 11, 
1765, at the house of Mr. John Snow, when Jason Livermore 
was chosen constable. He was an active and prominent man 
in Paxton, having aided in procuring the act of incorporation, 
and assisted in building the first meeting-house. He was one of 
the members of the first Congregational church organized in the 

When the news reached Paxton that the " regulars " had 
attacked Concord and Lexington, Jason Livermore and his three 
sons, Jason, William, and Josiah, were plowing in the field, and 
learning that the company of minute men (Capt. Willard Moore's), 
of which they were members, would march forthwith, the father 
said, "Boys, unyoke the cattle and let us be off." No sooner 
said than done, and they at once made ready, with the house- 
hold pewter dishes melted into bullets, and marched to Cam- 
bridge, and there joined the Continental army, being attached 
to Col. Doolittle's regiment. On June 17, 1775, under com- 
mand of Major Willard Moore, then in charge of the regiment, 
they took part in the battle of Bunker Hill, where Major Moore 
was killed. The wife and mother, left at home with a son only 
twelve years of age, continued the farm work, besides excavat- 
ing the earth under the barn and other buildings, and from it 
obtaining more than one hundred pounds of nitre or saltpetre, 
for the purp'.>se of making gunpowder, of which there was greit 
need in the army. 

Jason Livermore and Samuel Brewer of Sutton raised a com- 
pany of volunteers in Paxton and Sutton, of which he was the 
second in command, and marched on the 9th of August, 1776, 

FiftJi Generation 4 1 

from Paxton to Charlcstown No. 4, in New Hampshire, thence 
to Ticondero^a and Mount Hope, where they were stationed for 
some time. After the close of the war he retired to his farm, 
where he passed the rest of his life. 
Children (Paxton), born in Leicester : 

97. i. Jason,^ b. April 17, 1750. 

98. ii. William, b. Jan. 12, 1752. 

iii. Abigail, b. lune 16, 1754; d. there Oct. 2, 1756. 
iv. Abigail, b. Jan. 21, 1758; d. May, 1S33; m. her cousin 
Silas Livcrmore, and removed to or near Hartland,Vt. 

99. V. Josiah, b. May 12, 1761. 
100. vi. Braddyl, b. Oct. 4, 1763. 

vii. Lydia, b. Oct. 14, 1765; d. Jan. 23, 1849. in Paxton, 
unm. She lived with her parents until their deaths, 
and then with her brother Braddyl. 
viii. Grizel, b. Feb. 2, 1768; d. Nov. 23, 1799, in Paxton; 
m. July 9, 1793, her cousin John, son of Abijah 
Bemis, by whom she had one dau., Celicia,'' b. Sept. 4, 
* 1794) in Paxton; d. Jan. 23, 1876, in Brookfield ; m. 

in Warren, Michael Walsh ; she was brought up by 
her aunt Lydia. 


MosES5 LiVERMORE {Josiah,* JoscpJi,^ John, "^ John') was born 
July 14, 1729, in Weston; died Oct. 18, 1797, in Spencer; mar- 
ried Jan. 31, 1750, in Weston, Hannah, daughter of Isaac and 
Elizabeth Allen, born there July 28, 1731. She survived him 
and moved to Lisle, N. Y., with her son Moses, in 18 17, where 
she died. After the birth of his first child he moved to Spen- 
cer, and settled on lot yj. In a list of 6Z landholders in Spencer 
in 1 77 1, he is rated as the ninth in valuation of property; he 
was one of the majority of grand jurors at the Supreme Judicial 
Court holden at Worcester in April, 1774, who signed a decla- 
ration and presented it to the Court, stating that they should 
not proceed to business if Chief Justice Oliver, who was a tory, 
should sit on the bench and preside. Judge Oliver, however, did 
not appear, and the jury discharged their duty. He was one of 
the committee of correspondence, inspection and safety, in 1775. 

42 Livcrviorc Family 

He was a selectman of Spencer in 1767, '68, '69, '^2, '73. '74> 
'75 and 76. 

Children, tlie eldesl born in Weston, the others in Spencer : 

i. Elizabeth,'^ b. Feb. 3, 1751. 
loi, ii. Isaac, b. June 11, 1752. 

iii. Sarah, b. July 21, 1754; d. Mar., 1847, '" North Brook- 
field; m. April iS, 17S7, in Spencer, Jonathan Peirks 
(now Parks). 

102. iv. Moses, b. April 2, 1758. 

V. Hannah, b. Nov. 21, 1760; removed to New York State. 

103. vi. Amos, b. June 5, 1763. 


Elizabeths Livermore {Josia/t* Joseph,^ John,'' John') was 
born Sept. 4, 1733, in Weston ; married March 6, 1755, in Wes- 
ton, Francis, son of Samuel and Tabitha (Hobbs) Jones, born 
there Sept. 10, 1731. 

Children (Jones) born in Weston : 

i. Jesse,<^b. Dec. 4, 1755. 
ii. Mary, b. July 22, 1757. 
■ '•• iii. Jacob, b. Sept. 25, 1759. 

iv. Thankful, b. May 26, 1761. 

Abijahs Livermore {Josiah* Joseph,^ Jo/in,^ Johi') was born 
Dec. 12, 1737, in Weston; died Jan. 18, 1817, in Spencer; 
married there (i) Nov. 4, 1760, Anna Graves of Sudbury, died 
Oct. 14, 1793, in Spencer, aged 53; he married (2) Nov. 24, 
1795, in Rutland, Vt., widow Sarah Howe, died Jan. i, 181 5, in 
Spencer. In 1761 he settled in Spencer on lot No. 76. In a 
list of sixty-eight landholders in Spencer in 1771, he is rated 
No. 46 in valuation of property. He was a lieutenant under 
Capt. Ebenezer Mason, in Col. Jonathan Warner's regiment of 
minute men, who marched from Spencer to Cambridge, April 19, 
1775; length of service, fourteen days. He, with six others, 
took possession of the entire stock of powder, balls, etc., in 
Spencer during the excitement of Shays' rebellion in 1786. He 

Fifth Generation 43 

purchased three lots of land on West Hill, in Jamaica, Vt., in 
1787, and during the following year his sons Ezra and Abijah 
went to Jamaica and began to clear the same. 
Children, born in Spencer : 

104. i. Ezra,^ b. Feb. 13, 1762. 

ii. Anna, b. Nov. 17, 1763 ; d. in Oswego, N. Y., unm. 

105. iii. Abijah, b. Feb. 22, 1766. 

iv. Lot, b. June 6, 1768; d. Mar. 23, 1835, in Jamaica; m. 

(i) Nov. 5, 1801, in Jamaica, Ruth Daniels; m. (2) 

Lucy Higgins. No children. 
V. Martha, b. Nov. 11, 1772; m. in Jamaica, Adam Wel- 

man, and left descendants. 

106. vi. I'hineas, b. Mar. 28, 1775. 

vii. Phebe, b. Oct. 20, 1777; d. Aug. 25, 1846, in Jamaica; 

m. there Oct. 15, 1801, Isaac Underwood, 
viii. Jesse, b. Feb. 9, 17S0; d. there Jan. i, 1784. 


Josephs Livek>50RE {Jcsint;,* Joseph,^ Jo/in,'^ Jo/ui') was born 
July I r, 1740, in Weston; died Dec. 13, 1823. in East Sudbury; 
married there (i) Nov. 10, 1763, Anna, daughter of Isaac and 
Anna (Mixer) Rice, born there, May 30, 1745 ; married (2) 
June 15, 1786, in East Sudbury, widow Martha Maynard. He 
settled in the westerly part of lot yy, in Spencer, in 1762. In 
a list of landholders iji Spencer, in 1771, he is rated as No. 49 
in valuation of property. He was an ensign in Capt. Ebenezer 
Mason's company of minute men, belonging to Col. Jonathan 
Warner's regiment, who marched from Spencer on the 19th of 
April, 1775 ; he was afterwards a lieutenant in Capt. Scth 
W'ashburne's company of Leicester, and his company was one 
of three of the regiment which fired on the British, after the 
retreat began from the redoubt in the battle of Bunker Hill ; he 
was afterwards a captain. He subsequently moved from Spen- 
cer to East Sudbury. 

Children : 

i. Anna,^ b. Sept. 10, 1764, in Spencer; m. Mar. i, 17S1, 
Joshua Rich. 

44 Livennore Family 

ii. Molly, b. April 20, 1766, in East Sudbury; m. Dec. 20, 
17S7, in Spencer, Joel Owen of Halifax. 

107. iii. Reuben, b. May 9, 1768, in Spencer. 

108. iv. Joseph, b. Aug. 20, 1775, in Spencer. 


Samuel^ ^AW)iR'SiO'^K{Joscpl!,* Josi/^/:,^ Jo/m,^ Jo/ui') was born 

Aug. 22, 1733, in Sudbury; died l-'eb. 12, 1S19; married March 

4, 1756, in Weston, Lois, daughter of Josiah and Thankful 

(Harrington) Livcrmore, burn there April 22, 1736; died Aug. 

II. 1811. 

Children, born in East Sudbury : 

109. i. Silas,^ b. > 1756. 

ii. Tabitha, b. Jan. 20, 1758. 
iii. Loib, b. June 26, 1760. 
no. iv. David, b. May 29, 1762. 

V. Joseph, b. Mar. 28, 1764; d. in Weston probably, as the 
administrator of his estate was appointed there, Dec. 
4, 1822. 
III. vi. Samuel, b. July 23, 1766. 
vii. Mar}', b. Feb. 12, 17 68. 
viii. Lydia, b. July 17, 1769. 
ix. Silens, b. Mar. 27, 1771. 
X. Submit, b. Sept. 13, 1772. 


Elizabeth^ Livermore {John,'' Joseph,^ JoJm,^ John') was 
"born Jan. 7, 1735, in Framingham ; m. Jesse, son of Hezekiah 
and Ruth (How) Stone, born Sept. 28, 1737, in Framingham. 

Children (Stone) : 

i. William,^ b. May 3, 1760, in Framingham. 

ii. John, b. May 15, 1763, in Oxford. 

iii. Jesse, b. Nov. n, 1765, in Oxford ; d. Feb. 28, 1S57, 
r in Livermore, Me., whither he removed. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 176S; d. 1768, in Oxford. 

V. Isaac, b. Sept. 8, 1769, in Oxford. 
vi. Elizabeth, b. April 20, 1772, in Oxford, 
vii. Jeremy, b. Sept. 10, 1776, in Oxford. 

Fifth Generation 45 


Marys Livf.kmore {John,*' Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born 
July 23, 1745, in Framingham ; died July 31, 1827, in Oxford; 
married Dec. 15, 1763, in Oxford, Josc]-)h, son of Peter and 
Sarah (Eddy) Hurd, born there June 19, 1738; died there Jan. 
3, 1820. 

Children (Hurd), born in Oxford: 

i. Mary,*^ b. Sept. 16, 1765; d. Jan. 14, 1863, in Liver- 
more, Me. ; m. David, son of Gen. Ebenezer Learned. 
ii. William, b. May 13, 1767. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. May 6, 1770; d. April 16, 1802, unm. 
iv. Joseph, b. Mar. 26, 1773; d. there Nov. 2, 1787. 
V. Abigail, b. Feb, 8, 1777; m. Capt. Jonathan Morse of 

vi. John, b. May 20, 1779. 

vii. Patty, b. July 23, 17S1 ; m. David Brackett of Dudley. 
viii. Samuel, b. July 24, 1785 ; d. Jan. 14, 1796. 


Daniel^ Livermore {Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Johti,'' John') was 
born Nov. 24, 1734, in Weston ; died there Oct. 19, 1787 ; mar- 
ried Nov. 25, 1756, in Weston, Lucy, daughter of Jonathan and 
Dinah (Bemis) Stratton, baptized in 1739. He held various 
town offices, having been chosen a fence-viewer in 1758, sur- 
veyor of highways in 1763, preserver of Dear [deer] in 1770, 
constable in 1776. and one of the wardejis in ijyS, being at 
that time no longer constable. 

Children, born in Weston : 

i. Daniel,^ b. May 28, 1758; m. Oct. 4, 1787, in Weston, 

Sarah Tilton of East Sudbury, 
ii. Lucy, b. Feb. 24, 1760. 

112. iii. Ephraim, b. Oct. 22, 1762. 
iv. Mar)', bap. Mar. 17, 1765. 

V. Anna, bap. July 12, 1767. 

113. vi. Aaron, b. Aug. 3, 1769. 

vii. Sarah, bap. Dec. 22. 1771 ; m. Tilton of Conway. 

viii. Elizabeth, bap. Aug. 29, 1773. 

114. ix. William, bap. Oct. 22, 1774. 

46 Livcrmore Faviily 

X. Eunice, bap. Nov. 16, 1777. 
xi. Miranda, bap. Sept, 12, 1779. 


Ar.RAiiAMS LivhKMORE {Daiiicl,* /\7?n'f/,i Jolin,^ JuJii:') was 
bora Aug". 13, 1749, in Weston; died March 11, 1826, in Ger- 
man, N. Y; married April 9, 1772, in Weston, Hephzibcth Wil- 
liams, born Jan. 6, 1754; died Jan. .?8, 1850, in Paris Hill, N. 
Y. He lived for many years in Pelharn, and was a town offi- 
cer there in 177S. In the winter of 1775-76 he was a private 
in the company of militia under the command of Elijah Dwight 
of Belchertown, doing camp duty in Roxbury and vicinity. The 
records of Pelham .say that he carried provisions to the army in 
Cambridge, in 1777. After the close of the Revolution he lost 
his property by the depreciation of the Continental currency, 
and in 1795 left Pelham and emigrated to New York State, 
taking with him his family, which consisted of his wife and nine 
children. He halted for a few months in Paris, N. Y., where he 
left his family while, in the spring of 1796, v.ith an a.xe, he made 
his way, through the forest, by means of marked trees, to what 
was then the township of Brackel, but afterwards renamed Ger- 
man, where he took up the whole of lot No. 92, containing 153 
acres and 36 perches. He received a deed for this farm from 
the pr(.)prif tors (Dutchmen), who were then living in Amster- 
dam, Holland, dated Jan. 13, 18 16, the con.sideration being 
$383.00; Feb. 20, 1S26, only a short time before he died, he 
sold this farm to his son Martin. He was one of the first set- 
tlers in the town, and his family joined him as soon as he built 
his house. That part of the town was afterwards known as 
Livermore's Corners, on the old State road, nnich travelled by 
emigrants to western New York. From their isolated position 
in the wilderness, remote from any settlement, the Cleveland and 
Livermore families suffered great privation and hardships during 
the first years of their settlement. He kept the first inn in 
German, and by industry and economy accumulated a respect- 
able property and reared a large family. 

Fifth Generation 47 

Children, born in Pclham : 

i. Rebecca,' b. Aug. 18, 1774; d. Jan. 12, 1S54, in In- ^ 

115. ii. Abraham, b. July 21, 1776. 

iii, Mary, b. Scpl. 12, 1778; d. Jan. 31, 1S41, in AureHus, 
K. Y. 

116. iv. Hepsibeth, b. Oct. 11, 1780. 

V. Daniel, b. Sept. 23, 1782 ; removed to Ohio in 1836. 

117. vi. Abel, b. Aug. 10, 17S4. 

vii. Sally, b. Aug. 30, 17S6; d. Oct. 22, 1808, in Madison 
Co., N. Y. ; m. Roe. 

118. viii. Cyrus, b. May 28, 1790. 

ix. Martin, b. April 3, 1793; d. June 4, 18S7, in Farley, 
Iowa, unm. 

JoxAs5 LivERMORE {Joiias* Dauicly^ John,^ Johtt'-) was born 
Feb. 28, 1736, in Leicester; died there Jan. 31, 1825; mar- 
ried there Nov. 12, 1761, Sarah, daughter of Hezekiah and 
Sarah (Green) Ward, born Oct. 7, 1738; died Sept. 27, 1S32, 
in Leicester. He Hved in the south part of the town, now 
known as Greenville ; he was a carpenter as wJl as a farmer, 
and was originally a Baptist — one of the pillars of the old 
Greenville church. He was chosen sur\'eyor several times, and 
warden at town meetings, and constable. 
Children, born in Leicester : 

i. Hannah,^ b. May 13, 1762 ; d. there Aug. 24, 1767. 
ii. Jonas, b, April 13, 1764; d. there April 20, 1790, unm. 
iii. Sally, b. June 28, 1766; d. there Feb. 18, 1833, unm. 

119. iv. Martha, b. Oct. 22, 176S. 

120. V. Salem, b. Sept. 26, 1770. 

vi. Bathsheba, b. July 23, 1772 ; m. John Page, and settled 

in Cambridge, Vt. 
vii. Louisa, b. April 27, 1774; d. Dec, i8oo; m. about 

1797, Rufus, son of Nehemiah and Ruth (Marsh) 
Gale, b. July 5, 1773. Child: FJwond^ b, about 

1798, who m. at Madison, Iowa, and had a family. 

121. viii. Daniel, b. June 10, 1776. 

ix. Rebecca, b. Nov. 13, 1778; m. Lebbeus Turner from 
Bennington, Vt. ; they had four children. 

48 Livertnorc Family 


David5 LiVEKMORE {Jouas,* Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born 
June 10, 1745, in Leicester; died Dec. 13, 1818, in Spencer; 
married (i) March 14, 1771, Anna Howard of Holden, probably 
born in Maiden ; died June 12, 1794, in Spencer; married (2) 
Nov. 17, 1796, in Spencer, Mrs. Mary Osborn of Holden, sister 
to his former wife, died there Jan 5, 1842. He removed from 
Leicester and settled in Spencer, on the southerly part of lot 59, 
about 1770. He was a yeoman. He was a member of Capt. 
Ebenczer Mason's company of minute men, who marched from 
Spencer on the 19th of April, 1775, and saw fourteen days' 

Children, born in Spencer : 

122. i. Abigail,^ b. Oct. 27, 1772, 

123. ii. David, b. April 14, 1774. 

iii, Anna, b. Jan. 8, 1776; d. there Oct. 3, 1778. 

124. iv. Mary, b. Feb. 20, 17 78. 

V. John, b. May 19, 1780; d. Mar. 25, 1810, in Sturbridge. 

125. vi. A\'illiani, b. Aug. 19, 1783. 

126. vii. Walton, b. June 15, 1786. 

127. viii. Anna, b. Aug. 3, 1789. 

ix. Eliza, b. Jan. 19, 179S ; m. Smith of Leicester ; she 

died early in life and left a son Rufu57 Smith. 

X. Melissa, b. Feb. 6, 1800; m. (i) May i, 1823, in Spen- 
cer, Isaac Baxter, b. there Jan. 13, 1796 ; d. in Charl- 
ton from the effects of a fall from a meeting house ; 

m. (2) Lamb. 

xi. Melinda, b. 1802; d. in Lockport, N. Y. ; m. Oct. 18, 
1823, in Spencer, Benjamin Howard Brewer, b. there 
Dec. 14, 1796. 

1 28. xii. Lorenzo Osborne, b. April 29, 1804. 


Elizabeth^ Livermore {Joms,* Daniel,^ JoJiii", Johu') was 
born June 10, 1745, in Leicester; married July 2, 1767, Samuel, 
son of Samuel and Hannah (Sylvester) Tucker, born there Jan. 
8, 1743- 

FiftJi GcucratioH ' 49 

Children (Tucker), bcirn in Oxford : 

i. Anna,*^ b. June 28, 1769. 
ii. Samuel, b. Oct. 26, 1770. 


Elisha* Livermore (Joias* Daniel,^ John,^ Jo/m') was born 
May 20, 175 1, in Leicester; died Sept., 1836, in Auburn; 
married March 50, 1775, in Leicester, Ruth, daughter of Ebcn- 
ezer and Ruth (Ward) Eddy, born April 17, 1755, in Oxford; 
died Jan. 30, 1S38, in Auburn. He enlisted as a private in 
Capt. Scth Washburn's company, in Colonel W\ard's regiment, 
May 10, 1775. He was li\nng at that time in Brookfield. He 
served two months and twenty-six days, taking part with his 
company in the battle of Bunker Hill, and was the last sur- 
viving member of the company. He bought land of his brother 
Micah in Oxford, April i, 1773, but evidently did not build a 
house upon it until after his return from the Revolutionary war ; 
later on he lived in Ward, now Auburn. 

Children, b')rn in Auburn : 

i. Ruth,^ b. May 12, 1776; m. Jan. 8, 1S39, in Leicester, 
when she was 62 years old, her cousin, Saleni, son of 
Jonas and Sarah (Ward) Livermore. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 23, 1778; m. April 11, 1802, in Ox- 
ford, Levens, son of Abel S'bley of Sutton. Children 
(Sibley), b. in Oxford : 

1. Eliza,'' b. Nov. 17, 1S04 ; m. Olney Bolster. 

2. Lei'etis, twin to Eliza, d. young. 

129. iii. Silas, b. ^L1r. 28, 1781. 

130. iv. Paul, b. June 28, 1783. 

131. v. Lydia, b. Feb. 2. 1786. 

vi. Elisha, b. July 26, 17SS ; d. Feb. 8, 1814, in Auburn, 

vii. Levina, b. about 1790; m. Moses Putnam of Sutton; 
removed to Hermon, N. Y. ; left children. 

viii. Paris, b. Mar. 10, 1794; m. April 18, 1819, Elijah Put- 
nam of Auburn ; removed to Hermon ; they had 
four children. 

50 Livermorc Family 

ix, Sylvanus, b. Sept. 16. 1796; d. about 1845, in Norwich, 
Conn.; m. Dec. iS, 1S16, Maria Rice of Millbury. 
They lived in O.xford, Worcester and Norwich ; his 
widow went out West. Children : 

1. Aui^Hsta^ b. March 2, 1S17. 

2. Eliza, b. . 

X. Elsie, d. inf. 
132. xi. Lucy, b. Sept. 16, 1802. 


Lvdia5 Livermore {Jouas,"^ Daiiic/,^ Jo/ni,^ Jo/ni') was born 
June 5, 1755, in Leicester; died Oct. 19, 17S4, in Spencer; 
married May 18, 1775, in Leicester, Asa, son of David and 
Elizabeth Prouty, born Feb. 22, 1751, in Leicester; died March 
10, 1S26, in Spencer. 

Children (Prouty), born iii Spencer : 
i. Aaron,^ b. April ii, 1776. 
ii. Asa, b. Dec. 14, 1777. 
• ' ' iii. Persis, b. Oct. 22, 1779; "tarried April 4, 1805, in 

Spencer, Eli Muzzy. 
iv. Jonas, b. Aug. 28, 1781. 
. .J , V. Joel, b. Feb. 5, 1784; married Aug. 10, 1806, in Spen- 
j ^ cer, Elizabeth Gates. 

IsA.'vcs Livermore {Isaac,^ Daniel,^ JoJin,'' John') was born 
Dec. 20, 1746, in Leicester; died there Jan. 19, 1S36; married 
Dec. 24, 1776, in Leicester, Hannah Bulin, died there Jan. 26, 
1836. He marched from Leicester to Cambridge, in Capt. 
Thomas Newhall's company, on the alarm of April 19, 1775, 
and soon after his arrival in Cambridge left this company and 
joined that of Capt. Scth Washburn, in Col. Ward's regiment. 
He was with the latter compan}-^ when it took part in the battle 
of Bunker Hill. It came upon the hill at the close of the fight, 
and helped cover the retreat from the redoubt. He had pro- 
vided himself, among other creature comforts, with a small 
quantity of rum, which he carried in a canteen at his side, and 
perceived while on his retreat that a ball from the enemy had 
cut the string by which it hung ; looking for the canteen he 

FiftJi Generation 5 1 

di'-covcrcil il in rapid i)i()<.; towanl the enemy, who were 
it})jir()achin!4 by a (]ank ni(j\'cnicnt. Willi a desperate determin- 
ation that " he wuuhl be darned if the regulars should have his 
rum," he coolly turned and followed his canteen until he over- 
took it, and brought it off amidst a shower of bullets that 
\vhistled around hiui. 
Child : 

i. Abraham,^ b. abdut 1790; d. Feb, 15, 1S44, in Paxton. 
aged 53; ni. there July 2, 1S12, Lavinia, dau. of 
Jonah and Sarah (Newton) Howe of Rutland, b. there 
June 7, 1791 ; d. Nov. 16, 1S6S, in Paxton; he was a 
card maker. Children, b. in Paxton : 

1. Lucrciia,^ b. Nov. 20, 1S13; d. tiiere April 2S, 1818. 

2. Cyrus C/!c->iery, b. Feb., iSiC; d. there April 30, 1S18. 

3. Lucretia, b. Nov. 28, 1S18. 

4. Lavinia, L. 1821. 


Elijah^ Livf.rmore {Isaac,* Daniel,^ John^ John^) w\as born 
June 10, 175s, in Leicester; died Oct., 1S37, in Shutesbury ; 
married about 17S6, in New Salem, Sarah Evans, a widow, born 
there June 10, 1767; died June 10, 1S48, in Hinsdale. While 
young, he lived in Leicester ; he was of fine, commanding 
presence, strict integrity of character, a man of wealth, who 
lost his property through the worthlessness of the Continental 
money at the close of the Revolutionary war. He removed to 
Shutesbury, where he settled down to farming and the manufac- 
turing of wooden ware. 

Children, born in Shutesbury : 

i. Willard,^ born about 1790; d. 1794. 

133. ii. Isaac, b. June 16, 1792. 

iii, Sally, b. 1794; d. Jan. 25, 1825. 

134. iv. Henry, b. April 24, 1796. 

135. v, Lyman, b. July 26, 1799. 

vi. Rachel, b. 1.S02 ; d. Feb. 23, 1825, in Amherst; m. 
Elisha, son of Waitstill and Elsy (Shaw) Hastings of 
Amherst, b. about 1780; after her death he married 
again and moved to Salem, N. Y. Child (Hastings) :' 
Miriam,'' b. Mar., 1S24, in Amherst. 

52 Livcnnorc Family 

136. vii. Martin, b. April to, 1804. 

137. viii. Chester, b. April 25, 1808. 


Hannah^ Livermoke {Edniimd,*' Sauuic/,^ Sniniul,'^ Jo/ui') 
was born May 4, 1743, in Slurbridge; died June 16, 1S15; 
married Dec. 2, 1762, in Brimficld, Joseph, son of Joseph and 
Abigail (King) Hitchcock, born there Ai)ril 28, 1742 ; died Dec. 

2, 181I. 

Children (Hitchcock), born in Brimficld: 

i. Ezra,*^ b. Sept. 27, 1763; d. Feb. 8, 1816 ; m. Nov. 7, 
1793, Sally Winslow, d. July 2, 1S23. Child (Hitch- 
cock) ; Afarsena,'' b. Jan. 23, 1795. 
ii. Rebecca, b. Nov. 9, 1764. 
iii. Marsena, b. Jan. 20, 1766; d. Sept. 20, 1793; m. April 

23, 17S9, Polly Miller, 
iv. Abigail King, b. Aug. 14, 1767. 
V. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 18, 1769. 
vi. Persis, b. Nov., 1770 ; died June 30, 1775. 
vii. Gaius, b. Sept. 11, 1772. 
viii. Joseph, b. Mar. 2, 1775. 
ix. Hannah, b. April 16, 1777. 
X. Abel, b. April 3, 1779. 
xi. Seth, b. April 5, 1781. 
xii. James Bowdoin, b. Jan. 24, 17S7. 


Daniels Livermore {Edmund,^ Saiii:icl,^ Samnc!,' John^) 
was born Jan. 26, 1746, in Sturbridge ; died Dec. 14, 1S04, in 
Sangerficld, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; married Nov. 17, 176S, in Brim- 
field, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Bethiah (Burt) Hitchcock, 
born there June 16, 1745 ; died April 5, 1803, in Sangerfield. He 
marched from Brimficld in Capt. Thompson's company, in Col. 
Daniclson's regiment, on the Lexington alarm, April 19, 1775, 
and was a corporal in Capt. May's company, in Col. Leonard's 
regiment, in May, 1779. There was £g due him for military 
ser\'ice in 1779. The family, except Edmund, the eldest child, 
moved to Wilmington, Vt., and later to Sangerfield. 

FiftJt Coicration 53 

Children, the younger three born in Wihnington, Vt., the 
others in Brimfield : 

13S. i. Edmund,^ b. Aug. 16, 1769. 

139. ii. Daniel, b. Jan. 23, 1771. 

ill. Elizabeth, b. April 2, 1773; d. there Nov. 17, 1775. 

140. iv. Samuel, b. Sept. iS, 1774. 

V. Josiah, b. May 16, 1776. 

141. vi. Abner, b. Dec. 15, 1777. 
vii. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 3, 1779. 

viii. Rhoda, b. Feb. 20, 1781. 

ix. John, b. Nov. 2, 1782. 

X. Polly, b. Aug. 26, 17S4. 

142. xi. James, b. Nov. 27, 17S6. 
xii. Benjamin, b. Jan. 27, 1789. 


RuTiis LiVERMORE {OHvcr,* Daniel,^ Samuel,^ John') was born 
May 23, 1727, in Watertown ; married there May 21, 1747, 
Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Hannah (Jennison) Stone, born 
Nov. 17, 1725. 

Children (Stone) : 

i. Ruth,^ b. July 23, 1748. 
ii. Jonathan, b, Nov. 27, 1750, 


Marys Livermore {Oliver,^ Daniel,^ Samuel,'' JoJui') was born 
Sept. 5, 1 73 1, in Watertown ; married April 25, 1753, in Water- 
town, Abraham, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Simonds) Erown, 
born Nov. 23, 1726. 

Children (Brown), born in Watertown : 

i. Abraham,^ b. Mar. 8, 1754; d. July 14, 1837. 
ii. Nathaniel, b. Oct. 7, 1755. 
iii. Mary, b. Oct. 22, 1757 ; d. Sept. 20, 1843. 
iv. Ruth, b. Sept. 16, 1759. 
V. Anna, b. Sept. 19, 1761. 
vi. Sarah, b. June 29, 1763. 
vii. Elizabeth, b. July 27, 1765; d. Sept. 17, 1767. 

54 ' Livcrmore Family 

viii. Samuel, b. June 30, 1767. 
ix. Oliver, b. Sept. 21, 1769. 
X. Elizabeth, b. Jan. vj, 1773; d. Jan. 26, 1786. 


Rachels Lukkmore {OUvli;^ Daniel,'^ Samuel,^ John') was 
born Aug. 12, 1733, in Watcitown; died Aug. 2, 1S06; mar- 
ried July 21, 1757, in Watcrtown, Josiah, son of Joseph and 
Elizabeth Bright, born there Oct. 19, 1731. 

Children (l^right) : 

i. Jonatlian,^ b. Sept. 7, 175S; d. Dec. 14, 1779. 

ii. Josiah, twin to Jonathan ; d. in a few days, 
iii. Joseph, b. Aug. 23, 1760; d. Sept. 12, 1S16. 
iv. Josiah, b. April 2S, 1762; d. May, 1S21. 

V. Moses, b. Aug. 22, 1764; d. May 5, 1843. 
vi. Francis, b. Sept. 3, 1766; d. Jan. 15, 1828. 
vii. Nancy, b. Feb. 8, 1768 ; d, April 7, 1S2S. 
viii. Lucretia, b. iMay 5, 1769; d. Dec. 1S33, unm. 
ix. Sarah, b. Nov. 20, 1770; d. Dec. 2, iSoo, unni. 

X. Abigail, b. April 25, 1772 ; living in 1852. 
xi. Elizabeth, b. 1774; d. Aug. 1S15. 


Olivers Livekmore {Oliver,^ Daniel,''' Samuel,^ John') was 
born July 1$, 1735, in Watertown ; died June 16, 1782, in Shir- 
ley; married June 22, 1758, in Watertown, Catherine, daughter 
of Jonas and Hannah (Bright) Bond, born there March 22. 1737 ; 
died June 11, 1800, in Shirley. They settled first in Water- 
town ; about 1767 they moved to Shirley, and bought the farm 
recently owned by Sidney Benjamin, where he lived until he 
died. He had a higher intellectual standing than the average 
man of his time. In the midst of active life, during the Amer- 
ican Revolution, he lent his aid on the side of the patriots. He, 
however, manifested greater prudence than wannth, and thus 
in a measure incurred the suspicion of his fellow-citizens ; never- 
theless, they intrusted him with important official dutie>. In 
1778 and 1779 he was one of the selectmen; for eight years 
he was the treasurer of the town, and died while in that office. 

FiftJi Gc Hi ration 55 

Children, the first four born in Watcrtown, the others in 
Shirley : 

i. Catherine,' b. Aug. 25, 1759; d. in 17S1, unm. 
ii. Oliver, b. Sept. iS, 1761 ; d. in 17S2, unm. 

iii. Daniel, b. Jan. iS, 1764; d. July 27, 182J, in Shirley; 
ni. (pub. Jan. 19, 1793) Lucy, dau. of John and Eliza- 
beth (Patterson) Longley, b. April 2, 1766, in ShirJey ; 
d. in 1794. No children. He was a selectman in iSoo 
and iSoi. 

iv. Nathaniel, b. Jan. 24, 1766 ; d. Jan. 20, 1830, in Shirley ; 
m. in I Si 2, Abigail, dau. of William Jones of Lunen- 
burg. No children. He was an infant when the 
family moved to Shirley, and never left the paternal 
homestead, supporting his parents during their latter 
years, being a farmer and stone-mason; he was a 
selectman from 1807 to 1822, with the exception of 
one year. 

143. V. Jonas, b. Feb. 27, 1768. 

144. vi. William, b. June 23, 1770. 

vii. John, b. Sept. 22. 1772; d. in 1784. 

viii. Lucy, b. Mar. 24, 1776; m. (1) Enoch Huse; m. (2) 
Jeremiah Dyer, both of Grafton. No children. 

145. ix. David, b. Dec. 19, 1778. 

146. X. Jonathan, b. Jan. 10, 1781. 


Amos5 LiVERMOKE {Oliirr,^ Danisl,^ Sanuicl,"- John') was 
born July 28, 1737, in Watcrtown ; died there Oct. 27, 1821 ; 
married there Dec. i, 1763, Hepzibah, daughter of David and 
Mary (Mixer) Coolidgc, born there Sept. 8, 1746; died there 
Nov. 25, 1824. He was a selectman of Watertown in 1779, 
'81, '83, '84, '85, '87, '89, '91, '92, '93, '94, and was a proprietor 
of Number Four in Paris, Me. 

Children, born in Watertown : 

147. i. Amos,' b. Sept. 30, 1764. 

ii. Lucy, b. Dec. 31, 1767 ; d. there April 15, 1790. 

1 48. iii. Hepzibah, b. April 5, 1771. 

149. iv. Elisha, b. Oct. 22, 1773. 

56 Livcnnore Family 


Anna5 Livhrmork {Oliver,* Daniel,^ Samuel,' JoJiu') was 
born May 8, 1739, in W'alcrtown ; died Sept. 10, 18 19, in Cam- 
bridge; married June 21, 1757, in Watcrtown, Josiah, son of 
Joseph and Mary (Monk) Mason, born there Oct. 3, 1734; died 
Sept. 9, 1814, in Cambridge. 

Children (Mason) : 

i. Thomas,^ b. Jan. 28, 1758. 
ii. Lucy, b. Sept. 21, 1759; ^' J""^ 9, 1849; "">• J"'}' 8, 

1779, Samuel Childs of Cauibridge. 
iii, Josiah, b. Sept. n, 1761, 
iv. James, b. Jan. 13, 1764; d. Oct. 8, 1765. 
V. Anna, b. July 21, 1766; d. Sept. 2, 1767. 
vi. John, b. Aug. 3, 1769. 

vii, Joseph, b. Afay 21, 177 1 ; d. Dec. 31, 177 1. 
viii. Susanna, b. Sept. 25, 1775; ^' Mar. 19, 1856, in Cam- 
, bridge, unm. 

, ' ,. ix, Samuel, b. Sept. 4, 1777. 

X. William Frederic, b. July 31, 1779; ^^'^^ killed Dec. 13, 
1798, by a fall from the masthead at sea; unm, 


Jonathans Livermore {Oliver,*' Daniel,^ Savuiel,' John') was 
born March 25, 1743, in Watcrtown ; died there April 29, 1822 ; 
married Jan. 25, 1786, in Newton, Martha Robbins, born there 
June 25, 1760; died there Sept. 21, 1840. He was tall and 
erect, and after the fashion of the times, wore knee breeches, 
silk stockings and low-cut shoes with silver buckles. He was a 
tanner, in that part of Newton now Brighton ; he was a select- 
man when Brighton was incorporated, March 9, 1S07, and served 
until 181 3. 

Children, born in J^righton : 

150. i. Jonathan,^ b. April 12, 1787. 

151. ii. Sarah, b. Sept. 7, 178S. 

152. iii. Oliver, b. May 22, 1790. 

153. iv. Lucy, b. Sept. 29, 1792. 

154. V. Martha, b. Sept. 7, 1794. 

Fiflh Generation 57 

vi. Mary, b. June 17, 1796; d. Feb. 17, 1S22. 

155. vii. Ccorge, b. Sept. 21, 179S. 
1 :;6. viii. Kliy.nbctli, b. Oct. 30, iSoo. 


Daxif-L? Livermoke {JJai'id,^ Daniel,'' Sauinei,^ John') was 
born April 7, 1749, in Watcrtown ; died June 22, 1798, in 
Concord, N. 1).; married either in Dec, 1785 or Jan., 1786, 
in Concord, N.ll., Sarah, eldest daughter of Hon. Timothy 
Walker, born there Jan. 21, 1764; died Oct. 17, 1S43, in 
Canibridge. After the death of his father he lived some years 
with his uncle, Dea. Obadiah Kimball of Bradford. About 1763 
he became an apprentice to his uncle, Dea. John Kimball, a car- 
penter of Concord, N. H. At the beginning of the Revolution 
(in 1775) he entered the army as an ensign, serving in that 
capacity in the battle of Bunker Hill, in Capt. Gordon Hulchins' 
company, in Col. John Stark's regiment, known as the 5th com- 
pany in the 3d regiment of foot. In Jan., 1776, he was first 
lieutenant in Capt. Woodbury's compan)', in Col. Stark's regi- 
ment. He was appointed captain in the 3d N. H. regiment, 
June 16, 1779, taking rank as such from Nov. 8, 1776, and was 
in command of the regiment (though with the rank of captain) 
at West Point, May 10, 17S0. 

The first white men to visit Owego, N. Y., of whom we have 
any account, were a portion of Gen. Sullivan's army, in 1779. 
On Aug. 17, in that year, Capt. Daniel Livermore of the 3d 
N. H. regiment of Gen. Poor's brigade, with a detachment of 
900 men from Gen. Sullivan's army, marched up the Susque- 
haima River from Tioga Point (Athens, Pa.), to meet Gen. 
Clinton's expedition of 1500 men, which was coming down 
from Otsego Lake. At Owc^go, Capt. Livermore destroyed the 
Indian village which was on the river's bank, at and below 
William Street, and which consisted of about twenty wigwams, 
the natives having fled on the approach of the troops. Two 
days afterward they effected a union with Clinton's army at 
Charamuk (Choconut, about one and one-half miles above Union), 
and the entire body then marched to Owego, arri\-ing Aug. 19, 

58 Livcrvwre Faviily 

and remaininf;; encamped there two days on account of rainy 
weather. This was the expedition sent to chastise the British, 
Indians, and Tories, for the horrible massacre and barbaiuus 
atrocities committed at Wyoming and Cherry Valley. 

Capt. Livermore kept a diary from May 17 to Dec. 7, 1779, 
which has been published in the sixth volume of the Collections 
of the N. II. Hist. Society, and which is herewith given : 


Monday, May 17, 1779. This day at eight o'clock the remaining part of 
Poor's brigade leave Soldier's Fortune and march on the Western Expedition. 
At three o'clock, P. M., hall at Kishkill, where we dine, twelve miles from our old 
quarters. At five P. M., march for the Ferrj-, which we make about sunset ; five 
miles from town. Col. Read's regiment cross the North River this evening. 
Col. Dearborn's take quarters for the night on the east side. Nothing remarkabie 
happens during the day. Seventeen miles. 

'Juesday, May 18. This morning, the weather being fair, we proceed to con- 
veying our baggage and stores over the river, to Newburg Landing, which was 
completed at about twelve o'clock. Here the troops refresh. At two o'clock 
P. M., are ready to march, near which time Gen. Poor arrives from New Hamp- 
shire. The troops now proceed on their march by the way of New- Windsor, 
three miles ; thence to Betlilehem, nine miles. Put up at Maj. Deboyse's. This 
place is in the State of New- York, and County of Orange. The country is no' 
very good in general, although some of the farms are very fine. Nothing material 
has happened this day. Twelve miles. 

IVedfu-sday, May 19. This morning the troops march, at seven o'clock, through 
a very fertile part of the country, and make a short halt at Bloomsgrove Church, 
five miles. P'rom thence proceed on our march five miles, to a small \ illage 
called Chester. Here we halt an hour. The weather jiroves rainy, but we pro- 
ceed on the march three miles, and are then obliged to put up for the night, "d/ 
reason of the bad weather, in very disagreeable quarters. The countrj- during 
this day's march is exceedingly good, but the inhabitants are not filLr.dly. 
Nothing remarkable happens this day. Thirteen miles. 

Thursday, May 20. This morning the weather still continues rainy ; ncotssity 
obliges us to continue the march. The travelling is e.xccedingly bad. At nine 
o'clock make a halt at a small village called Warwick, six miles. Here we take 
breakfast at Beard's tavern, from whence we proceed on the march to Hardiston, 
seven miles. During this day's march we went past but few farms of any conse- 
quence. The land is not fertile, but on both sides of the valley very mountainous 
and broken. At about four, P. M., we arrived at the aforementiont-d place. 
The weather continues rainy. Put up at Hinksman's, formerly a tavern, but now 
a torified house. Nothing remarkable happens during this day. Tiiirteen miles. 

Friday, May 21. The weather continues rainy. The troops lie by in their 
disagreeable quarters. Nothing remarkable happens during this day. 

Saturday, May 22. This day the troops lie by for want of provisions, .-»:id are 
employed in washing and drying their clothes. Nothing remarkable happens this 

Fifth Generation 59 

day, except a dispute which arose b-'tweeu the landlord and some of the ofTiccr.N, 
on account of ihc uncivil treatment they received from him, wliicli was carried to 
no small height. N. B. — A Tory. 

Sunday, May 23. This morning the troops march at five o'clock. Proceed on 
their march seven miles, to the sign of the Lall. Here make a short halt. This 
is alnjut two miles from New- York line, in the Stale of New-Jersey. We soon 
march on a few miles farther, and halt four hours in the heat of the day. At two 
o'clock proceed on the march through a mountainous, poor country, having but 
few inhabitants. At six o'clock arrive at Sussex State House where we put up 
for the night. This is a small village consisting of about ten decent houses, with 
a large State House, built of stone. In the north-east part of the town the people 
arc chietiy of the English descent, but the greater part are not friendly to our cause. 
We put up at Prentice's tavern, and had very good treatment. I passed the eve- 
ning very agreeably with our own corps of oliicers, and Mr. Abial I'rye. Nothing 
remarkable happens during this day. So ends the twenty-four hours. Twenty- 
two miles. 

Monday, May 24. This morning, at about seven o'clock, the troops proceed 
on their march for Easton. We make but very few halts during this day's march. 
At al>out five Y. M., we arrive at a small village called Moravian Mills, or Oxford. 
This place is pleasantly situated, lying on a small river, on which stands the most 
curious corn mill I ever saw. The inhabitants are of that denomination of people 
called Moravians. They are of a kind and bene\oIent disposition. The curiosi- 
ties of this place are v%orihy of notice; their waterworks in particular form a 
large fountain opposite the town, on a hill. The water is carried under ground 
down the hill and through the bottom of the river, to a considerable of an emi- 
nence on the opposite side. During the preceding day's march we travelled 
through an indifferent country. The people were chiefly of the Dutch descent. 
Nothing remarkable happens during this day's march. Sixteen miles. 

Tuesday, May 25. This morning the troops march early. Make a short halt 
at Carr's Tavern, five miles ; from whence we proceed on the march and make 
but few stops till we halt for the night. The troops encamp on the edge of a 
wood, on the left hand, near Col. Bond's. This night we lie on the ground in 
the open air. Sometime in the night it rains and makes it very uncomfortable. 
During the preceding day's march the weather was very hot. The country on 
the right hand is fenile. Some exceeding fine farms between the road and the 
river Delaware, which is from live to two miles distant. During the day's march 
nothing remarkable happens. Seventeen miles. 

Wednesday, May 26. This morning the troops march early. At eight o'clock 
arrive at Easton Ferry, five miles. We then proceed to conveying the troops and 
baggage over the Delaware, which is completed at about ten o'clock. This day 
the troops are supplied with tents, and encamp on the south-east side of the town, 
on the banks of the river Lehigh, which empties itself at this place into the 
Delaware. The town of Easton is pleasantly situated, on a level plat of ground, 
on a point made by the Delaware and I^high. The buildings in this place are 
plain, and built of stone. Their State House is built in the centre of the town, 
where four roads meet. It is built of stone and lime, and makes an elegant ap- 
pearance. They have one house of worship, near the State House. It is built of 
hewn stone ; large and elegant, with a large organ. The inhabitants are chiefly 
Low-Dutch, and they worship wholly in that way. There are some few Jews 
living here, who are the principal merchants of the place. 

6o Livcrniorc Fainily 

Thursday, May 27 ; Friday, :S ; S.iturday, 29, and Sunday, 30. Nothing ma- 
teiial happei\s. We lie by, having Utile to do; spend our time in lisliing and 
other sou of diversions. 

Monday, May 31. This day I set out on a parly of ple:isure to Bethltli'.in, in 
company ^\•ith a number of gentlemen, ofticers of the brigade. Had an elegant 
<linncr, after which we walked out and look a survey of the tov,-n and ili curiosi- 
ties. The town of Hethlehem is a small, compact town, lying on the river Lehigh, 
about twelve miles from Easton. It licS on a small descent towards tiie south- 
east, and is pleasni-.tly situated. The inhabitants are all Ixjw-Dutch, and of that 
denomination called Moravians. They are much bi;;oled in their ways of wor- 
ship, as also in their method of living. Their buildings are not elegant, though 
decent, and built wholly of stone and lime. They have but one place of public 
worship, and perform in the Dutch language, and one house of entertainment, 
•which is supplied out of the public fuaJ. Nothing extraordinary happen> thi^ day. 

Tttcsday, June \. Nothing remarlcable happens this day. We lay in camp, 
having little exercise. 

Wednesday, June 2 ; Thursday, 3 ; Friday, 4 ; Saturday, 5 ; Sunday, ft, and 
Monday, 7. Nothing remarkable happens. 

Tuesday, June S. This day the troops are reviewed by Gen. Sullivan'. They 
parade on the banks of the river Lehigh, about one mile from the town, on very 
disagreeable ground. Nothing remaikable happens during this day. 

Wednesday, Ju>ie 9. This day the two remaining regiments of Gen. Poor's 
brigade decamp and move up the river about one mile. There encamp on the 
banks, on good ground. Nothing remarkable happens during this day. 

Thursday, June 10. This day the troops parade at four, P. M., for exercise; 
march to town and go through various manoeuvres, in forming and displaying 
<olumns, crossing defiles, &c. Nothiag remarkable happens this day. 

Friday, June 11. This day, at four o'clock, the troops march to town for 
-exercise, and perform several manoeuvres of displaying columns and reducing 
platoons to rank entire, and formin;.; \.\\c same. Nothing remarkable happens this 
■day. So ends the twenty-four Lours. 

Saturday, June 12. This day, at four, P. ^L, the troops parade to attend the 
execution of three criminals, inhabitants of this State, convicted of murder and 
highway robbery. They were tried before the civil authority, and have been 
under sentence eleven months. Nothing more worthy of notice this day. 

Sunday, June 13. This day, one of tlie criminals executed yesterday was dug 
up and dissected, of which I was a spectator. Nothing further worthy of notice 
this day. 

Monday, June 14; Tuesday, if, ; JVednesday, 16, diud Thursday, 17. Nothing 
worthy of notice happens. We follow our diversions while we stay at this place. 

Friday, June iS. This morning, at four o'clock, the troops strike their tents 
and load their baggage, in order for marching at seven o'clock. With much regret 
•we take our leave of that pleasant town, and pursue our intended fcxpcdition. 
We march on seven miles, through an indifferent part of the country. Here the 
troops halt and take breakfast. We t!)< n pursue our march, and travel through 
the poorest country I ever saw — so bad that even bushes can't grow thereon. 
About five P. M., we encamp near Hill's tavern, in Hillstown. Nothing remark- 
able during tills day's march. Twelve miles. 

Saturday, June 19. This morning the troops march early, and pass the Wind- 
^ap, so called, for its being the only piiss for a number of miles through tlie long 

Fifth Generation 6 1 

chain of mountains that extend to the southernmost i>art of the Continent, called 
the mountains. We continue our march through a very barren and moun- 
tainous part of the couiur)-, and make a halt at liiinker's Mills, seven miles. Here 
we breakfast, fiuiii whence we jMui-eed on the march and make few halts till we 
halt for the niglii at Leonard's tavern, in Poconoj^o, nine miles, and the last house 
on that road till we came within seven miles of Susquehanna. Notliing remark- 
able happens during this day's march. Sixteen miles. 

Sunday, June 20. This morning the troops march at eight o'clock ; leave 
Poconogo, and proceed to Chowder Camp, where we encamp for the night, five 
miles. This day we march through a barren, mountainous country, and unin- 
habited. Nothing remarkable during this day's march. Five miles. 

Monday, June 21. This morning 1 mount guard. The troops march at sun- 
rise, and soon enter the Great Swamp. Proceed seven miles, and lake breakfast. 
Here we cross the small river called Tunkhannunk, which empties itself into the 
Delaware at Kaston. We now proceed on our march through the swamp, which 
is a dark and dismal place, being covered with a growth of large pines and hem- 
lock, and small brush so thick that a man can't be seen a rod from the road. 
This swamp is not level, but has some considerable hills and ledgy mountains in 
it ; and by accounts it extends between forty and fifty miles, north and south, 
and from twelve to twenty in width. In about seven miles we cross another small 
river, called the Tobahanna, much smaller than the former. We still proceed on 
the march, making few halts. About two came to Locust Hill, but, there being 
no water, obliged us to continue the march ; the travelling very bad and the 
troops much fatigued. At about four, P. M., we cross considerable of a river, 
which is the princii)al branch of the river Lehigh. At about si-v, P. M., arrive at 
Barren Hill, alias Purnt Plain, much fatigued with our day's march. Here we 
encamp for the night. Nothing remaikable happens during this day's march. 
Nineteen miles. 

Tuesday, June 22. This day the troops lie by till twelve o'clock, at which time 
we move off the ground, myself in the rear guard. The troops were scarcely 
gone when two savages were seen by our friendly Indians, and the first that had 
been discovered by our party during the march. At about five we arrive at Billock 
House, where we encamp for the night. Nothing extraordinary this day. Five 

Wednesday, June 23. This morning the troops march at seven o'clock, and 
pass the Bear Swamp, and a place called the Shades of Death, by its being a 
dark, lonesome place. The sun is scarcely to be seen for the trees and bushes. 
Not far from this jilace is where Capt. Davis and Lieut. Jones, from Pennsylvania, 
were inhumanly murdered, April iSlh, 1779, by the savages. During the whole of 
our march from Ka^^ton we travelled through the most barren part of the country 
I ever saw for so far together. Rocky mountains, sunken swamps and burning 
plains the whole of the way. At about two P. M., we arrive at Wyoming, which 
lies on the east branch of the Susquehanna river. Here is a fertile country, but 
the town wholly destroyed by the savages; and, if I mistake not, about this time, 
twelve months ago, their settlements were very extensive both up and down the 
river. There are two hundred and fifty widows in this place, whose husbands 
were slain in Col. l>utler's battle, about the time the town was destroyed. The 
principal town was on the east side of the river. This wa.s a County town, in the 
County of Westmoreland. The inhabitants are wholly from the State of Connec- 
ticut, and hold their land by its grant. The troops march about half a mile down 
the river and encamp. Nothing remarkable happens this day. Seven miles. 

62 Ia 

Thursday, June 24. Nothing remarkable happens tliis day. We lie by in our 
tents, having little or no duty to do. So ends the twenty-four hours. 

Friday, June 25, and Saturday, 26. Nothing worthy of notice happens. .Ml 
peace and quietness. So ends the forty-eight hours. 

Sunday, Jaut: 27. This day two regiments of (itn. Poor's brigade, 2nd and 
3rd, cross the river, and move about three nules up stream and encamp on its 
banks, near a large picket fort, known by the name of Forty Fort. This fort 
derives its nane from its being built by forty persons, original proprietors of the 
tract of land lying on that side the Su.squehanna, and containing forty rights. 
The land here is very fertile, and the intervale or meadow extends near four miles 
from the banks of the river. Nothing extraordinary happens during this day. 
Three miles. 

Monday, June 2S ; Tuesday, 29 ; Wednesday, 30 ; Thursday, July i ; Friday, 2, 
and Saturday, 3. Nothing remarkable happens. Scarcity of provisions, which 
makes uneasiness among the troops. 

Sunday, Jtdy 4. This day, being the anniversary or the Independence of 
America, and being Sunday, the celebration was put off till tomorrow. This day 
we are joined by the other — 2nd regiment — belonging to the brigade Col. 
Cilley, New-Ilr.nipsliire troops; Col. Courtland, New- York troops. Nothing re- 
markable happens during this day. 

Monday, July 5. This day Gen. Poor makes an elegant entertainment for all 
the officers of his brigade, with a number of gentlemen from other brigades, and 
from the town. Gen. Hand and his retinue were present. The dining room was 
a large booth, about eighty feet in length, with a marquee pitched at each end. 
The day was spent in civil mirth and jollity. The company consisted of upwards 
of one hundred, who graced the least with a number of good songs. After dinner 
the following toasts were drank, to ^\-it : 

ist. The United States. 
2nd. ''"he Fourth of July, '76: The memorable era of American 

3rd. The Grand Council of America. 
4th. Gen. Washington and the Army. 
5th. The King and Queen of France. 
6th. Gen. Sullivan and the Western Expedition. 
7th. May the Counsellors of America be wise, and her Soldiers 

8th. A successful and decisive campaign. 
9th. Civilization, or death to all savages. 
loth. To the immortal memory of those heroes who have fallen in 

defence of American I-iberty. 
nth. May the husbandman's cottage be blessed with peace, and 

his fields. with plenty. 
I2th. and virtue to the sons and daughters of America. 
13th. M?y the New World be the last asylum of freedom and the 

Tuesday, July G. This day nothing worthy of notice happens. 
Wednesday, July 7. This day I sat on a court martial. Nothing remarkable 
happens this d.iy. So ends the twenty-four hours. 

Thursday, July 8, and Friday, 9. Nothing worthy of notice happens. 

FiftJt Generation 63 

Saturday, July 10. This day 1 ride to town for recreation. Towards evening 
ride down the river about four miles, to a place called Shawney. The land is 
exceedingly good and pleasant. I return home late. Visit the guards at twelve 
o'clock at night. This day Capt. Frye and Capt. Lllis set out on their command 
to Brinker's Mills. 

Sum/ay, July 11, and Monday, 12. Nothing happens worthy of notice. 

Tuesday, Jidy 1 3. This day a number of gentlemen and ladies from town 
ride up to take a survey of our encampment : Col. I>utler, Capt. Spalding and 
others, with their ladies. 

Widitisday, July 14, and Thursday, 15. Nothing worthy of note happens. 

Friday, July 16. This day I dine with Gen. Poor, in company \vith the Hon. 
Major General Sullivan and his suite. The day was spent very agreeably. Noth- 
ing remarkable happens during the day. 

Saturday, July 17. Nothing worthy of notice happens this day. 

Sunday, July iS. This day, at ten, A. M., the brigade attend divine ser\-ice. 
This afternoon considerable of a cannonade is heard down the river, the reason 
of which is not yet known. Nothing extraordinary. 

Monday, July \^. Nothing happens worthy of notice this day. So ends the 
twenty-four hours. 

Tuesday, July 20. Nothing this day to be mentioned. 

W^ednesday, July 21. This evening, by order of Gen. Poor, I sat out from camp 
for Kaston, in company with Lieut. Hoite. At ten, P. M., leave Col. Butler's and 
enter the Shady Grove. At daybreak we arrive at Locust Hill, from whence we 
proceed, and at eleven o'clock join Col. Read at Brinker's Mills ; halt two hours, 
and then proceed to Easton. Nothing remarkable happens during Wednesday 
night and Thursday. So ends the thirty-six hours. 

Friday, July 23. This moming I feel the effects of my late journey ; am em- 
ployed in preparing for returning to camp. Notliing material during this day. 

Saturday, July 24. Thi« day I set out for Easton. Nothing remarkable hap- 
pens this day. 

Sunday, July 25. This day, after sending the party on, I stop, in company 
with Dr. Barnet and other gentlemen, and take breakfast ; from whence we pro- 
ceed on the journey and make a halt at Hiller's tavern, Plainfield, twelve miles 
from Easton. Here we halt for the night. Nothing remarkable happens this 
twenty-four hours. 

Monday, July 26. This moming the weather still proves rainy, but we pro- 
ceed on the journey to Brinker's mill ; there dine ; move on to Leonard's tavern 
and put up for the night. A dispute arises between Capt. Peatt and myself. So 
end? the twenty-four hours. 

Tuesday, July 27. This day we move on the march through the woods and 
swamp. This evening, at seven o'clock, come up with Col. Read's party at Bul- 
lock's house, and tlicre stay during the night with Capt. P'rye. No more this 

fVednesday, July zS. This morning I march early in, and leave Col. Read on 
the ground. At nine I arrive at Wyoming, and find the brigade have moved on 
to the east side of the river. 

Thursday, July 29. Nothing remarkable during this day. 

Friday, July 30. This day I am busy in preparing for the march. 

Saturday, July ■^i. This day the troops march from Wyoming. They march 
on the east side of the river. At about sunset arrive at I^kawaonunk, ten miles. 

64 Livcrmorc Faviily 

This was a nevf settlement, but destroyed by the savages. The land is very fertile, 
and bids fair to have made a ver)- fine town. The river here takes a turn to about 
a M-est ])oint. Nothing remarkable happens during this day's march. Ten 

SiinJxw Aii;;ust \. This d.iy the troops march at twelve o'clock. The road 
here soon haves the ui>land and takes the beach; the mountains here shutting 
close down on the river till we come to Quilulimuiik, seven miles. Here encamp 
for the night on the intervale, the finest 1 ever saw. Nothing remarkable this 
day. Seven miles. 

Monday., Augtist 2. This day I improve in fishing with the seine, and catch 
some bass and other fine fisli. So ends thu twenty-four hours. 

Tuesday, August 3. This morning, at seven o'clock, the troops leave Quiluti- 
munk; proceed on the march up river, which we soon leave and take the ujjland. 
The countr)- is very mountainous for near ten miles. Here we encamp for the 
night at a small settlement called the Tunkhannunk. Ten miles. 

Wednesday, August 4. This morning the troops march early through a barren 

country. March ten miles to a small river called ; make a short halt and 

refresh, and then proceed five miles to Vanderlap's Ford. Here encamp for the 
night. The finest black walnut timber grows on the intervale that I ever saw. 
This place is desolated and the owner gone to the enemy. Nothing remarkable 
this day. Fifteen miles. 

Thursday, August 5. This day the troops leave Vanderlap's desolated farms. 
I march on the flank guard, over the most mountainous country I ever travelled. 
Here the mountains shut down close on the river for seven or eight miles. .\x 6 
o'clock we arrive at Wyeluting. Nothing remarkable happens this day. Ten 

Friday, August 6. This day the troops lie by for washing their clothes. Noth- 
ing remarkable happens during the day. This place is remarkable for its fertility. 
It is a considerable spot of intervale, extending up the river about two miles, but 
not exceeding half a mile back from the river. This place was settled by a 
denomination of people called Moravian Indians, by the Moravians having mis- 
sionaries among them. They are all gone back at present, and are with the 

Saturday, August 7. This day the weather proves rainy. The troops lie by. 

Sunday, August 8. This morning the troops proceed on their march up the 
river ; the country not e.xtraordinary, and the mountains shutting in on the river 
on both sides most of this day's march. At i o'clock halt at the Standing Stone, 
so called by there being a large rock on the side of the river standing on one end. 
Here we encamp for the night on the intervale, there being considerable of a 
tract of good land at this place. Nothing remarkable during this day. Eleven 

Monday, August 9. This morning the troops proceed on the march and make 
a short halt al four miles. Here is considerable of a body of intervale, the finest 
I ever saw; the wild grass and wild beans higher than a man's head. Here are 
the finest buttonwood trees that I have seen in my travels, growing as tall and 
straight as any pine trees that I ever saw, and equally as large. We now proceed 
on the march, leaving the river and taking the upland, and travel ihroUf.'h a very 
indifferent country. At 6 o'clock arrive at Sullivan's Farms, formerly Shegeka- 
nunk Flats. Here encamp on the fiats, twelve miles. Nothing remarkable dur- 
ing this day. Sixteen miles. 

FiftJi Coicration 65 

Tuesday, Aui^ust lo. Tins day the troops lie by on the flats. Nothing remark- 
able happens this day. 

Wetiy.esday, August 11. This morning the troops march up the river one mile, 

and there ford the braiich, and march up on the south side of the river; and 

in marchiiig about two niiks come to where Queenchester jialace was destroyed. 
It is a fine, open, level country. Here we cross tlie south branch of the river, into 
the old Indian town called 'riej^o, which lies in tiie arms of the two rivers. Their 
wigwams were all destroyed by tl.emselves about a year ago, when they left the 

Thursday, August 12. The troops lie by this day. At six P. M., orders come 
for marching to Chemung. At nine, this evening, set out on the expedition. The 
niglU is very dark and the road very indifferent; nothing more than a foot path, 
and in many places none at all. At daybreak we come to the town of Chemung, 
which consists of about seventeen Indian houses, or w^g^vams, deserted by the 
enemy. The land on the east side is but indifferent. On the west the intervale 
appears to be considerably extensive. At this jjlace there are some fine fields of 
Indian corn, which we destroyed by fire. Gen. Hand, who marched in front, 
six men on the field, and Col. Cilley one. Major Franklin, from Wyoming, is 
badly wounded. 

FriJc.y, August 13. AVe still lie on the ground till twelve o'clock, when we 
begin to move for our old quarters, Tiego. Col. Shrewler's regiment, of Jersey, 
and Col. IJearborn's, of New-Hampshire, form the left flank on our march back. 
At nine o'clock in the evening we arrive at Tiego, where our tents and baggage 
were left, much fatigued with our march. So ends the twenty-four hours. 

Saturday, August 14. This morning I ft-el much fatigued with my late com- 
mand, but, noihing of notice turning up, we lie by and rest. 

Su7!d,iy, August 15. Nothing remarkable happens during this day. 

Monday, August 16. This day a detacliment of 900 men is sent up the east 

branch to join Gen. Clinton, who is expected to be on his march from lake , 

the head of this river. The country during this day's march is poor, being chiefly 
pine plain, with some considerable hills. At sunset we encamp on the banks of 
the river, on the west side. Nothing remaikable this day. Thirteen miles. 

Tuesday, August 17. This day the troops march early. I march on the flank 
^uard. The countr)- is very mountainous, witli some fertile valleys. At 4, P. M., 
we arrive at a considerable Indian town, called Owago, fourteen miles. Here is 
a very good tract of land on both sides of the river. The town consisted of about 
twenty houses, which we destroyed, together with considerable Indian corn, which 
is in the milk, just fit to roast. The town appears to have been evacuated but a 
little time. Fourteen miles. 

lVed)ttsday, August 18. This morning we march early. During this day's 
march we travel through a broken, barren country, having no path of conse- 
quence, but picking our way over mountains and through sunken swamps ; the 
most disagreeable travelling I have seen. At 4, P. M., arrive at Churamuk, a 

considerable Indian town on the east side of the river, consisting of about 

houses, which we destroyed. Here we found corn and cucumbers in abundance. 
The land here is exceeding fine; a large flat of 400 or 500 acres, clear run over 
to English grass, so thick and high it was with difiicuUy a man could travel 
through. Here we encamp for the night. At sunset we hear a cannon up tlie 
river, which we suppose to be at Gen. Clinton's encampment. Two men are sent 
off this evening as spies. I- ighteen miles. 

06 Livoinorc Fajnily 

Thursday, Attest 1 9. This morning we hoar another gun up the river, but, 
no inteliigcn<:e aniving, the troops are ordered to march, and proceed about one 
mile, whtii our spies, sent off last evening, meet us with int .ijigence of Gcii. Clin- 
ton's being near. We then return to the place of our last encampment. At 10, 
A. M., Gen. C:iinton arrives with about boats and 1500 men. We immedi- 
ately prtxvcd on the march for Tiego. At sun.stt arrive at the old encampment 
at Owago, and encamp. Nothing material happens thi.s day. Fourteen miles. 

Friday, August 20. This day it proves rainy. We suffer much by reason of 
the weather and want of tents. 

Saturday, August 21. This moniing the troops march early. Make but few 
halts during the day. At 5, P. M., encamp on the banks of the river opposite 

farm, about seventeen miles from Owago. Nothing remarkable this day. 

Kinetoen miles. 

Sunday, August 22. This morning the troops march early for the old encamp- 
ment at Tiego, which we make at about 11, A. M. Nothing remarkable during 
thib day. Eight miles. 

Monday, August 23. This day a very melancholy accident happened. A sol- 
dier, in snapping his gun. insensible of its being loaded, it went off -and shot 
Capt. Benjamin Kimball through the heart. The same shot went through two 
more tents, where were a number of soldiers, with no further hurt than slightly 
■wounding a man in the leg. 

Tuesday, August 24. This morning the remains of Capt. Kimball were interred 
with the honors of war. The troops are paraded and all the baggage loaded. 
Everything is made ready for the excursion into the Indian country. At sunset 
all unloaded, and tents pitched on the old ground. The morning gun to be the 
signal for marching to-morrow morning. 

Tiegi', Jl'fd/iesday, August 25. The day is very rainy, which prevents the troops 
.marching. They lie by on the ground. Nothing remarkable this day. 

Tiego, Thursday, August 26. This morning at li, A. M., the troops march 
■from Tiego, making our course about north-west, over a thick pine plain, clearing 
the road before us, and follo\s-ing the Allegana branch. Encamp at 3, V. M., near 
the river, by a large plat of intervale. Nothing remarkable this day. Four miles. 

Friday, August z-j. This morning at S o'clock the army proceed on the march 
in two columns, about half a mile in aistance and about a west course. The 
artillery dclcrs our march this day, having the road to clear before us through an 
■uncultivated wildeniess. The ditficulties of this day prevent the troops from 
encamping till 12 o'clock at night, at which time we encamp on a large flat of 
intervale, called Old Chemung. Here is a vast quantity of com and vegetables, 
which we destroy. There are no buildings at this place, the town being built 
about three miles up the river. Six miles. 

Saturday, August 28. Having despatched the business here, at 11, A. M., 
march forward, and at sunset encamp at Chemung town, near the banks of the 
Tiver. This evening several smokes and fires are discovered at some distance 
tefore us, supposed to be the enemy. Six miles. 

Chevtuug, Sunday, August 29. At ID o'clock this morning the troops proceed 
on the march in the usual order. At about 12 o'clk. our vanguard come in 
sight of tl.e enemy's lines, thrown up by our left from the river, half a mile in 
extent, on a very advantageous piece of ground ; the infantry beginning a slow 
attack on their flanks and advance parties, while Gen. I'oor's brigade is sent 
xound their left flank, to gain the enemy's rear, which he neariy completed, falling 

Fiflh Gcntratioii 6/ 

in with their flank, or rather llieir main body, lying off in the; woods in order to 
cut off our rear. A veiy warm action ensued between about 600 chosen savages, 
commanded by I^rant and Ca[)t. Hutler, of the Queen's ran';;er6, and Poor's bri- 
gade, commanded by himself in person. The brif,ade marched on with coohiess, 
with charged bayonets, not a gun being fired till within a short distance, when 
the enemy weie obliged to give back, leaving their dead on the ground, amounting 
to about twenty. We took three prisoners. At sunset, after a complete victory, 
encamp near the field of actioi\, cariying off our dead and wounded. Among the 
latter was Major Titcomb, Cai)t. Cloycs, and Ll. McCawley, and about thirty 
others. The killed amounted to but four or five. During the whole of the action 
Col. Reed's and Col. Dearborn's regiment fared the hardest. Six miles. 

Near JVewion, Monday, Ai<t::ust 30. This day Lieut. McCawley dies of his 
wounds. The whole army lie by and are employed in destroying the corn and 
vegetables at this place, which are very plenty. The wounded are sent down the 
river this evening to Chemung, and the remains of the dead buried. Tliis even- 
ing the whole of the army by their voluntary consent are reduced to half allow- 
ance : half a pound of beef and flour. 

Newton, Tuesday, August 31. This day the army j^roceed on the march in the 
usual manner. At 2, P. M., arrive at the forks of the river; the Allegana branch 
keeping its former course, and the 1 iego branch turning near a north-west course. 
Here are the principal improvements in Newton, and some good buildings of the 
English constriiciion, some very large flats of intervale, and great quantities of 
corn, which were destroyed yesterday, Here the troops take dinner and burn the 
town. At 4, P. M., proceed on the march. At sunset encamp on a beautiful plain. 
We keep about a north-west course, following the Tiego branch. Twelve miles. 

Pleasant Plain, Wednesday, Se/>t. I. This morning at 9, A. M., the troops pro- 
ceed on the march, the travelling continuing good, about four miles; then, crossing 
a mountain ; from thence into a swamp, about eight miles through, very thick 
with bushes, and e.\ccedlngly bad travelling. Not finding an agreeable spot to 
encamp on, travelled till 12 o'clock at night, over the most disagreeable road I 
ever travelled. At 12 o'clock we arrived at an Indian town called French Cath- 
erines, deriving its name from a rrench lady debauched by an Indian chief; 
aftenvards marrying him, and made queen of the place. It is a small town, con- 
sisting of thirty houses and large tields of corn — the inhabitants leaving the town 
at oui approach, in the greatest confusion. We take two squaws at this place, 
who inform us that the Indians are in the greatest confusion, not knowing what 
to do ; that the old Indians and squaws are for making peace on any terms, but 
that Hutler and Brant would not let them, telling them they would all be scalped 
if they attempted anything of that nature. Here is a small river that runs due 
north and empties itself into Seneca Lake, the head of which comes within four 
miles of Tiego branch, which empiies itself into the Susquehanna. Fourteen 

French Catherines, Thursday, Sept. 2. This morning a small scout is sent out 
to reconnoitre the woods. They discover Butler and his party about eight miles 
off, on the opposite side of the Lake of Seneca. The troops lie by on the ground, 
and are employed in destroying the crops. We leave the squaws taken prisoners 
yesterday, they being old and unable to do us any harm — leaving with them a 
sufficiency of food till we thould return. 

French Catlir'rines, Fri./ay, Se/t. 3. This morning the troops march early. 
In marching about three miles we come to the Seneca Lake, which we follow on 

(58 Live nf I ore Family 

the east side. This lake is very pleasant, being from three to five miles in width. 
The land ascends gradually, and appears to be of the best quality. At night the 
troops encami) in the woods neat the lake, having travelled about twelve miles. 
Nothing remarkable during this day. 

SatiirJav, St-pt. 4. This day we jjioceed on the march down the lake, passing 
by a small Indian town called Apple-town. During the day's march we travel 
over a very fine It.vel tract of land, and at night encamp near the lake. Nothing 
remarkable this day, having travelled about twelve miles. 

Sutidav, Sc/t. 5. This day we continue the march as usual, the country con- 
tinuing very good. At 3, P. M., come to an Indian town called Conday. Here 
the troops encamp for the night. This is considerable of a village, consisting of 
about twenty houses, which were l)urnt, and appears to be an ancient settlement 
by the number and bigness of the fruit trees. Nothing remarkable during our 
stay here, e.xcepl taking a soldier that had left the enemy. Four miles. 

Ttusday, Sc/>t. 7. This morning the troops march eariy, following the lake 
eleven miles, whore we come to the outlet, which empties itself into Cayuga ],ake. 
We cross this outlet and march along on the beach on the lower end of the lake, 
which is very pleasant, having a prospect of the whole length, which is forty-two 
miles. Near tlie end of this lake is the famous town of Kanadagago, the metrop- 
olis of the Seneca Nations. It is an old settlement, consisting of about ninety 
houses, very irregularly built, the land being much run over to bushes. Their 
com fields are planted' in bye places in the woods, at considerable distance from 
town, and very extensive. At this place was found in one of their househ an 
image which I think might be worshipped without any breach of the second 
comniandment — not having its likeness in the heavens above or in the earth 
beneath, &c. Here we find a young boy the savages had left, and in the evening 
his mother comes in, having deserted the enemy this day. She was an inhabitant 
of Wyoming, taken about a year ago at the capitulation of the fort at that place 
her husband being killed at the battle of Wyoming. Here is a large burying 
place, with several large monuments raised over some of their chiefs. The 
enemy left this place the morning of our arrival. This town lies near three miles 
from the lake. Fourteen miles. 

Kanadagaso, IVcJftesday, Scft. 8. This day the army lie by, and a deiachrient 

is sent up the lake seven miles on the west side, to a large town called , 

where they find vast quantities of corn, beans, peas, and other vegetables, the 
town consisting of about twenty houses, which are destroyed togetlicr with the 

A'anadagago, Thursday, Sept. 9. At ten o'clock the army decamp and pursue 
the march for Genesee river, steering our course about south-west through an 
open country, hundreds of acres together with scarcely a tree on it, and the grass 
as high as a man's head. We march nine miles and encamp. Nothing remark- 
able this day. 

Friday, Sept. 10. At ten o'clock the troops march. We travel over a fine tract 
of land, supposed to be an old Indian town, the grass being higher than our heads 
and but few trees to be seen. At four, P. M., come on a large pond or lake, having 
but one outlet, which empties into Lake Ontario. We cross the outlet, near 
which is a fine Indian town called Canandaigua. Their improvements are two 
miles from the town. The town consists of between thirty and forty buildings, 
some of them the best I have seen on the march, which were destroyed by fire, 
together with the crops. Nothing remarkable during the stay here. Eight miles. 

' ' Fifth Generation 69 

Canatidai^ia, Saturday, Se/i. II. This morning the troops march early, about 
a south-west point, over a country as heretofore, t-xotj)! being badly watt-red. At 
four, 1'. M., encamp at an Indian town called Anagangaw. It is an old settlement, 
almost evacuated, having but al.iout twenty houses left in the place, and the ap- 
pearance but indifferent. Fourteen miles. 

Catiafuiaigua, Sunday, Sept. 12. The preceding night the weather proves 
rainy, and there is very severe thunder and lightning. At one, P. M., the troops 
march, leaving a small garrison of one hundred men and two pieces of small 
artiller)-, the chief of the ordnance stores, with tlie whole of our flour for the 
army, except four days' half rations, which we take on with us. We travel over 
a fnie tract of land this afternoon. At sunset encamp near a small town called 
Vorkjough. Eleven miles. 

Monday, Sept. 13. This morning the army march early and soon pass by 
Yorkjough, a small Indian town, con.sisting of about tliirty buildings, evacuated 
this morning by the enemy. Considerable crops are growing at this place. The 
troops halt and refresh ; likewise to repair a bridge the enemy had destroyed at 
their going off. Last evening Lt. Boyd of the Pennsylvania line was ordered 
forward to make discoveries. This morning, in attempting to return to the main 
body, he is attacked by the savages and a severe engagement ensues. The 
savage party being much superior, surrounded Boyd and his party. Three only of 
twenty-seven escaped. Boyd and the rest of the party were either killed or made 
prisoners — the latter of whom were afterwards barbarously murdered, two of 
whom I ^aw myself — Boyd, and one Parker, a sergeant in the rifle corps. 
Boyd's head was cut off, his ears cut off, his tongue plucked out, his right eye 
likewise put out, and himself stabbed in twenty places, and Parker used in the 
same manner. The next day thirteen more were found mangled in the same 
manner — the most horrid sight I ever saw. At twelve o'clock the troops get 
under way and march over a fine tract of land, and at sunset arrive at New 
Genesee, a small town pleasantly situated on the north branch of Genesee 
river. Here the enemy stay until our approach in sight gives us reason to expect 
a battle, but on our near approach they disperse without making any resistance. 
Here we encamp for the night. Eight miles. 

Tuesday, Sept. 14. This morning the troops cross the east branch, coming on 
to the flats called Genesee Flats, — the most beiutiful flats I ever saw, being not 
less than four miles in width, and extending from right to left as far as can be seen ; 
supposed to be fifteen thousand acres in one clear body. On the opposite side 
of this flat is the main branch of the Genesee. The two make a junction about 
four miles down the river, near which is the old town of Genesee, which is the 
best town I have seen. It consists of upwards of one hundred houses. The 
fields of corn are beyond account, there being not less than seven hundred acres 
in the place. The river that runs here empties into I^ke Ontario, and good 
bottoming almost any time of year, and does not exceed twenty-five miles to 
the lake. Six miles. 

Genesee, Sept. 13. This day the troops are tniployeil in destropng the crops 
and buildings at this place. At two, P. M., orders are issued for the march back 
to Tiego, and to our great joy at three get underway — returning by the same 
route we came — having fully accomplished the end of the expedition, and en- 
camp at New Genesee. 

Xciif Genesee, Sept. 16. This morning the troops get under way, after destroy- 
ing one hundred acres of corn, not found on the march up. March alwut five 
miles and encamp at Vorkjough. 

70 Live } more Family 

Yorkjctii^h, Sfpt. 17. This day the troops make a rapid march. At two, I'. M., 
encamp at Annagaugaw. 

Saturday, Si-ft. iS. This day, at eleven, A. M., the troops march, and at 
sunset encamp near New Canandaigua. Nothing remarkable this day. 

Sunday, Sept. 19. This morning at nine the troops march. At sunset encamp 
on the old ground at Canandaigua. 

MoniAiy, Si-pt. 20. This day a detachment is sent up to Fort Stanwix, under 
the command of Col. Van Chort. Another detachment is sent oft this day to 
Tiego Lake, commanded by Col. llutler, to make e.\cur>ions into that part of tlie 
countr}-. The troops march kite in the day, cross the outlet of Seneca l^ke, and 
encamp near its banks. 

Tuesday, Sept. 21. This day Col. Dearborn takes the command of a detach- 
ment sent to Tiego I^ke to follow the west side, while Col. Butler and his party 
scour the east side. The troops proceed on their march as usual, travel alwut 
twelve miles, and encamp. Nothing remarkable this day. 

Weduesddy, Sept. 22. This day the troops march about fourteen miles and 
encamp. Nothing remarkable this day. 

Thursday, Sept. 23. This day the troops march early, nothing remarkable 
happening during the day. At twelve make a short halt at French Catherines, 
then move on about four miles, and encamp in the edge of the swamp. 

Friday, Sept. 24. This day the troops make a rapid march through the swamp. 
At four, 1'. M., arrive at Fort Reed. 

Saturdr.y, Sept. 25. This day the troops lie on the ground, and a feu de joie is 
fired on the news of the declaration of war by His Catholic Majesty the King of 
Spain. Thirteen pieces of artillery are fired, with a running fire from right to left 
of the line. Each brigade has a present of a fat ox. The day is closed with 
civil mirth. So ends the twenty-four hours. 

Suuday, Sept. 26. The troops continue on the ground this day. Nothing 
remarkable happens. 

Mouday. Sept. 27. This morning a detachment of five hundred men is sent 
up the Allcgana branch, and thirty boats, myself commanding the latter. The 
difficulty of getting the boats up so rapid and shoal a river prevented the party 
by land proceeding more than five miles. Where the boats landed we find some 
large fields of com, with a few houses — the mountains closing nearly to the river 
on both sides. Here the boats are loaded with com, beans, pumpkins, and other 
vegetables. At sunset I set out with my whole fleet, and at nine arrive at Fort 
Reed, fatigued with my day's march. 

Tuesday, Sept. 28. The troops continue on the ground, and at eleven o'clock 
the detachment under Col. Butler, sent out on the 20th inst., arrives. Orders 
are issued for marching to-morrow morning. 

Wednesday, Sept. 29. This morning at twelve o'clock the troops march from 
Fort Reed, passing over the field of action, and at twelve (.;/<:) arrive at Chemung, 
and make a short halt; from whence we march to Old Chemung, about three 
miles below, and encamp, having marched about eleven miles. Nothing remark- 
able happens this day. 

Thursday, Sept. 30. This morning at eight o'clock the troops march. At tw elve 
arrive at Tiego, in sight of Fort Sullivan. After making a short halt, the troops 
march in, displaying all the honors of war and glories of victory. The fort 
saluted us with thirteen pieces of cannon, and the compliment was returned by 
our corps of artiller)-. An elegant dinner is cooked by those left in the fort for 

FiftJi Gotcration yi 

our reception. All marks of joy appealed in the face of every soldier, liaving 
his brother messmate by ti»e hand, appealing as happy as a prince. The day 
closed with civil mirth. 

7i>j^, /ViV/jy, Oct. I, and Saturday, Oct. 2. The troops lie by and nothing 
remarkable hai>pens. 

Sundnv, Oct. 3. This day a fatigue party is employed in destroying Fort 
Sullivan and other fortilications at this place, and preparing the boats. A sermon 
is preached this day by the Rev. Dr. Evans, chaplain to the brigade, and suitable 
to the time. 

Moftday, Oct. 4. This day at nine the troops leave Tiego, having demolished 
all the fortifications at that place, and cross the river, marching alxjut fifteen 
miles, and encamp. Nothing remarkable ha[)pens this d-iy. 

Tuesd.iy, Oct. 5. This morning the troops chiefly go on board the boats, 
myself going by land. I keep in front of the Ixiats the whole of the day. At 
night encamp near Vandalajj's desolated farms in front of the boats. 

Wednesday, Oct. 6. This morning at daybreak I move on my journey, keep- 
ing in .sight of the boats the chief of the day. I travel about thirty miles and 
encamp near I^ckawannuk. 

Thursday, Oct. 7. This day I pursue my journey. At eight, A. M., I arriye 
at l^ckawannuk, where the boats lie by for the rear to come up. My.^elf and 
company go on to Wyomi.ig, where we arrive at twelve o'clock. The boat> soon 
heave in sight, and aie saluted from the fort with thirteen pieces of cannon, and 
the compliment returned by our fleet. 

Friday, Oct. 8, and Saturday, Oct. 9. The troops lie by at this place, cleaning 
their arms, washing their clothes, and preparing for marching to-morrow. 

Sunday, Oct. 10. This day at twelve o'clock the troops get under way for 
Easton. Late in the evening we arrive at Bullock's desolated farm, where we 
encamp for the night. 

Monday, Oct. 11. This day the troops march early, and move but slow, by 
reason of the bad roads. At four. P. M., encamp near Locust Hill, having 
marched about eleven miles. 

Tuesday, Oct. 12. This morning the troops proceed on the march through the 
Swamp. The latter part of the day proves rainy, and makes the travelling ex- 
ceedingly bad. At night ( ncanip at Chowder Camp. 

Wednesday, Oct. 13. This morning the troojs pursue their march. At four, 
P. M., encamp at Brincoup's Mills. 

Thursday, Oct. 14. This morning the troops march at about eleven, A. M., 
and encamp at 3, P. M. at Hiller's Tavern. 

Friday, Oct. 15. This mo:ning the troops march early from Hiller's Tavern. 
At one, P. M., arrive at Easton. From this day to the 23d the troops lie at this 
place, where nothing remarkable happens. 

Saturday, Oct. 23. This day the troops cross the ferry in Jersey, march about 
four miles, and encamp near Col. Bond's. 

Sunday, Oct. 24. The troops lie by on the ground. Nothing remarkable. 

Monday, Oct. 25. This day the troops lie by. 

Tuesday, Oct. 26. This day the troops lie by, and a brigade court martial is 
called, of winch Major Titcomb is President, for the trial of Capt. Isaac Frye, 
of the third battalion of New-Hampshire forces, of which I was a member. The 
charge brought against Capt. Fr)e was ungentlemanlike behavior, and defrauding 
the officers of the regiment of public stores. The charge was not supported, and 
Capt. Fr)'e is acquitted. 

72 Livcrmorc Family 

IVeunesJiiy, Oct. 2-j. This day the troops march towards Sussex. We proceed 
about ei^:;ht miles and encamp. Nothing; r<inarkable hai)peus during tliis day. 

ThursJay, Oct. 28. This day the troops pursue the march, mostly through 
Moraviantown, where we make a .short hah and refre :h ; from whence we proceed 
to a place called lx>g Goal, and here encamp for the night. 

Friday, Oct. 39. This day the troop,- pursue the march for Sussex, where we 
arrive at two, V. M., and encamp for the night. 

Saturday, Oct. 30. This morning the troops leave Sussex alx>nt nine o'clock, 
and march on towards Warwick, about fourteen miles, and encamp at Flags - 
borough. Nothing remarkable this day. 

Sunday, Oct. 31. This day the troops proceed on the march, and at night 
encamp near Warwick church. Nothing remarkable this day. 

Monday, Nov. I. This day for want of wagons the march is deferred till 
twelve o'clock, when we proceed on the march. Being ordered to alter the 
route for I'umpton, we proceed over the mountains towards that place — the 
travelling very bad. At night encamp at Stirling, a place noted for making the 
best pig iron on the continent. Here is a fine furnace for casting cannon balls, &c. 
Tuesday, A'cnf. 2. This day we get through the mountains, and at three, P. M., 

arrive at , where we encamp for the night. Nothing remarkable happens 

this day. 

ll'cdiicsday, A'oz'. 3. This day the troops lie by on the ground. Nothing 
remarkable this day. 

• Thursday, A'av. 4. This day the troops lie by. Myself, in company with Maj. 
Whiting, Capls. Reed, Ellis and Dennet, ride out to Smith's tavern, and stay over 
night. Nothing remarkable during the twenty-four hours. 

Friday, Not'. 5. This day in the afternoon we return to camp. Receive orders 
for marching to-morrow morning at nine o'clock. Nothing remarkable this 

Saturday, A'cz'. 6. This day Gen. Hand's brigade and the artillery march off 
the ground. The other two — Poor's and Clinton's — stay for want of wagons. 
Gen. Sullivan likewise sets out for Pumi)ton this afternoon. 

Sunday, A^cv. 7. This day Gen. Clinton's brigade march for Pumplon. Gen. 
Poor's lie by for want of wagons. 

Monday, A^'oz'. S. This day Gen. Poor's brigade march for Pumpton, where we 
arrive at four, P. M., and encamp near the fort. 

Tuesday, A'oi'. 9. This day the troops lie by. His E.\cellency pays us a visit 
from head quarters — this being the first .since our arrival from the Indian 
country. The weather is exceedingly uncomfortable and cold about this time. 

Wednesday, A'ov. 10, and Thursday, A'oz\ ii. The troops lie by. Nothing 
worthy of notice. 

Friday, A\-r.i. 12. This day the troops shift their quarters. March about two 
miles south-east in a thick wood, on the east side of the river. 
Saturday, A'o-j. 13. This day we lie by. Nothing remarkable. 
Sunday, A'o^.\ 14. This day the officers of Gen'ls Clinton's and Poor's brigades 
meet at Gen. Poor's quarters on business of a public nature. 

Monday, A'crv. 15. From this time to the 24th, the troops lie by, and nothing 
remarkable happens. 

Wednesday, A'ov. 24. This morning the troops march from Pumpton on the 

way to King's ferr)'. At night encamp at , near Smith's tavern, travelling 

about sixteen miles. 

FiftJi Gcncratio)i 73 

Thursday, No-j. 25. This morning the troops march early. At two, P. M., 
arrive at King's ferry, and imiiiLdiatL-ly proceed to conveying the men and baggage 
of the regiment over llie ferry, which is accomplished about sunset. The troops 
march about two miles, and encamp in the woods. 

Friday, A'<n>. 26. The preceding night proves stormy, and the first snow that 
has fallen this winter prevents the troops from marching this day. 

Saturday, Nov. 27. This day at four, P. M., the troops get under way, and 
march about six miles towards Danbury, and encamp in the woods. The snow 
here is about eight inches in dcptn. 

Su)iday, Nov. 28. This day v,e proceed on the march, the travelling b-.iiig 
very bad. At night encamp near Salem, travelling about twelve mile.s. 

Monday, Nov. 29. This morning we proceed on the march. At four, P. M., 
take quarters in houses three miles from Danbury, by reason of Gen. Stark's 
brigade lying in the town of Danbury. 

Tuesday, iVoz'. 30. The troops lie by at Muddy Brook, by reason of the 

IVcdtic-sday, Ddc. I. This day the troops lie by and nothing remarkable hap- 

Thursday, Dc^c. 2. This day the troops proceed on the march, and go on to- 
the ground laid out for hutting, which is in the vicinity of Danbury, towards 

Friday, Dec. 3, Saturday, 4, and Sunday, 5. Tiiese three days the troops are 
busy in cleaiing and fi.ving for laying the foundations of the huts. 

Monday, Dec. 6. This day the huts go on rapidly, and in the evening the 
officers of the brigade attend at the Hon. Gen. Poor's quarters, to wait on the 
committee from New-Hampshire and choose a committee to send to New-Hamp- 
shire, to settle the depreciation of the continental currency. 

Tuesday, Dec. 7. This day I lay the foundation of my hut, twenty-two feet in 
length and twelve in width. 

(No further entries were made by Capt. Livennore in his Journal 
until April 6, 17S0, when he commences anew, with the following 
entry) : 

April 6, 17S0. After spending a very disagreeable winter in the outskirts of 
Danbury, bordering on Nev,-ton, at a place called Wild-Cat, and going through 
many disagreeable scenes, which circumstances have prevented my keeping a 
minute of, this day Gen. Poor's leave their winter quarters, and march for 
West Point, on the North River. 

On Oct. 10, 1783, he was promoted by Congres.s to the rank 
of major by brevet in the army of the United States. On Dec. 
I9» 17S3, he was at his own request dismissed from the service, 
and returned to Concord, N. H., where he continued to live until 
his death, cn2:aged principrlly in agricultural pursuits. He built 
in 1785, the house (cut of it on page 517 of History of Concord, 
N. H.), formerly owned by Rev. Nathaniel Bouton. He was 

74 Livcrmorc Faviily 

chosen representative, March 3, 1795, and surveyor of hi^-^hways, 
March i, 1796. He was tall and slender in person, and highly 
respected by the people of Concord. No children. 


LvDi.\5 LivERMORE {David* Daiiiil,^ Samuel,^ Jo/ni') was 
born Jan. 8, 175 1, in Watertown ; died Jan. 18, 1829, in Hop- 
kinton, N. H. ; married Jan. 27, 1774, in Bradford, Nathaniel, 
son of Aaron and Su.sanna (Smith) Kimball of Hopkinton. They 
lived in Hopkinton, where he was born, and where he died in 

Children (Kimball), born in Hopkinton : 

i. Hannah,"^ b. Aug. 26, 1775. 
ii. Abigail, b. Sept. 9, 1777 ; m. Ebenezer Stocker. 

iii. Lydia, b. Sept. 27, 1779; married Trussell. 

iv. David Livermore, b. March 21, 1782; d. 1818; m. May 

27, 181 1, Sarah Hildreth, in Hopkinton, wliere she 

was born. Children (Kimball) : 

1. Catherine,'' h. May i6, 1812. 

2. Lydia, b. . 

3. Mary, b. . 

V. Nathaniel, b. July 23, 17S6; d. Nov. 27, 1S69: m. 
March 7, 1815, Mary Titcomb. Child (Kiiaba!Ij : 
I. Moses' Titcomb, b. 1S19; d. April 14, 1S74. 
vi. Clarissa, b. June 3, 1790; m. Eaton. 


Eunice^ Livermore {Nat/iunicl,* Thomas,^ Samuel,^ John') 
was born Oct. 22, 1753, in Waltham ; died Sept. 23, 1840; mar- 
ried April 6, 1774, in Waltham, Josiah, son of Josiah and Mary 
(Garfield) Mixer, born there April 8, 1745; died Dec. 2, 1S15, 
in Lincoln. 

Children (Mixer) : 

i. Eunice,^ bap. Dec. 3, 1775. 

ii. Polly, twin to Eunice, bap. Dec. 3, 1775 ; d. Aug., 1S22. 
iii. Josiah, bap. Oct. 19, 1777 ; d. Aug. 24, 1S25. 
iv. John, bap. May 4, 1783. 

V. Lois, bap. Dec. 31, 1786. 
vi. Nathaniel, bap. Sept. 4, 1791 ; d. June 28, 1S50, unm. 

Fiftli Generation 75 


Makthas Livermore {Xa/l'aniel,* 'f/unnns,^ Sainne/,^ John') 
was born Aug. 31, 175S, in Wallham ; died Dec. i, 1837; mar- 
ried (i) Nov. 17, 1776, in Wallham, Eli.sha Brewer; married (2) 
April II, 1786, in Waterlown, Samuel Myrick. 

Ciiiidren (Brewer) : 

i. Martha,'' b. Dec. 4, 1777. 
ii. Frances, b. Oct, 4, 1779. 
iii, Nathaniel, b. July -9, 1781. 


Tabithas Livermore [Nailmniel* Thovtas,'^ Saviiccl,^ John^) 
was born June 22, 1757, in Waltham ; died June 20, 1837, in 
Livermore, Me.; married Jan. 16, 17S2, in Waltham, Lieut. 
Samuel, son of Abel and Elizabeth (Nutting) Benjamin, born 
Feb. 5, 1753, in Watertown ; died April 14, 1824, in Liver- 
more, Me. 

Children (Benjamin), born in Livermore, Me. : 

i. Billy,^ b. Mar. 13, 1785; d. Mar. 31, 1849; "^- i'hebe 
Wellington, whose family came from Lincoln. He 
was the second male child born in Livermore ; a man 
of military bearing and tastes, and was a colonel in 
the State militia. 
ii. Samuel, b. Sept. 1786; d. April 27, 1871 ; m, Olivia 
Mctcalf, by whom he had twelve children, of whom 
eight were living in 1S74. He was a cabinet maker 
in Winthrop, Me. 

iii. Nathaniel, b. May 16, 1788; d. Dec. 19, 1S67; m. 
Betsey Chase, by. whom he had seven children, of 
whom six were living in 1874. 

iv. Betsey, b. Dec. 29, 1790; d. Dec. 9, 1S60; m. Samuel 
Morrison of I/ivermore, b. in Falmouth, Me., May, 
1788; d. Sept. 1867. Five children. 

v. Polly, b. Oct. 2, 1792; d. Mar. 6, 1S65 ; m. Samuel 
Ames of Livermore, b. May 11, 1789; d. April 7, 
1862, in Hermon, Me. Six children. 

vi. Martha, twin to Polly; d. May 6, 1861 ; m. Mar. 30, 
1812, Lsrael Washburn, b. Nov. 18, 1784, in Rayn- 
ham. Eleven children. 

J^ Liver more Faviily 

vii. I);nid, b. June 3, 1794 ; in. Catherine Stanwood, of 

IJrunswick, Me. Five children, 
viii. Charles, b. Aug. 2, 1795; d. May 10, 1834; m. Lucy 
Chase. He was a cabinet maker in Liverniore. 
ix. Elisha, b. Oct. 10, 1797; went to New Orleans, where 

he died Dec, 1852. 
X. Ruth, b. May 20, 1799; d. Feb. 3, 1869; m. Jonathan 
Lovejoy. Five cliildren. 


MosES5 LiVERMOKE {A\u/ia>iiel,* T/iojims,^ SaviiicI,' John,') 
was born March 31, 1759, in Waltham ; died there April 14, 
1831 ; married Sept. 17, 1783, in Shrewsbury, Lydia, daughter 
of Jonatlian and Grace (Ilagar) Harrington, born March 20, 
1767, in Watertown ; died Nov. 23, 1803, in Waltham. He 
lived on Grove street, Waltham. 

Children born in Waltham : 

157. i. Grace,^ b. May 5, 1785. 

ii. Moses, b. Aug. 23, 1787 ; d. there Mar. 11, 1797. 
iii. Polly, b. Nov. 2, 1790. 

158. iv. Thomas, b. Nov. 5, 1792. 
V. Lydia, b. Mar. 11, 1794. 

vi, Henr)-, b. Sept. 23, 1796. 


John' Livermore [A'tzf/ianie// Thomas,^ Samuel,^ Jo/m,') was 
born May 4, 1761, in Waltham ; died Sept. 14, 1S07, in Rox- 
bury ; married July 30, 1786, in Waltham, Rachel, daughter of 
Nathan and Mary (Jackson) Morse, born June 2, 1763, in New- 
ton ; died Jan. 18, 1817, in Ro.xbury. 

Children born in Waltham : 

i, Hannah, b. Feb. 7, 1787; d. Feb. i, 1855, in Boston; 

m. Barnard Howard. Three children, 
ii. John, b. Feb. 29, 1788; d. in 1S67, in Ro.xbury; m. 
Hannah Godding. One child. 
I . iii. Nathaniel, b. July 24, 1789; d. Sept. 10, 1S64, in Rox- 

bury; m. Rebeckah Richardson. Two children. 
: ^ iv. Nancy, b. April 3, 1791 ; d. Sept. 21, 1828, in Brighton ; 

m. Abel Harwood. Two children, Otis and Nancy. 

Fifth Gouration yy 

159. V. Mclinda. b. Sept. 15, 1793. 

vi. Fanny, b. May 20, 1795; d. Oct. 29, 1S7S, in Roxbury, 

vii. Mary, b. Mar. 8, 1797; m. Charles Ruiiirill, and had 
four children. 
I Co. viii. Leonard, b. Mar. 20, 1799. 

ix. William, b. Oct. 15, 1804, in Roxbury; m. Esther Maria 
15arnard, and liad two children. 


Lvdia5 LivERMOKii [A'at/mnicl;^ Thovias,^ Samuel,^ John') 
was born March 26, 1763, in Waltham ; died Oct., 1803; mar- 
ried Nov. 6, 1787, in Waltham, Ephraim, son of Abijah and 
Beulah (Harrington) Child, born there July 26, 1760; died 1S25. 
They moved to Livcrmore, Me., about 1794. 
Children (Child) boni in Waltham : 
i. Polly.^b. April 20, 1785. 
ii. Lydia, b. x\.pril 14, 17SS. 
iii. William, b. July 7, 1790. 
iv. Ephraim, b. March 22, 1792. 
v. Amos, b. May 16, 1794. 


David5 Livermoke {Xathanifl,* Thomas,'^ Sai/iuel,^ Jo/nt') 
was born Nov. 26, 1769, in Waltham; died Oct. 21, 1827, in 
Belmont; married May 7, 1798, in Watertown, Sibyl, daughter 
(f Samuel and Sibyl (Stone) White, born July 11, 1772, in 
Watertown; died March 8, 1837, in Belmont. In 18 15 he 
moved to Cambridge, where he was engaged for eight years in 
the soap business with his brother, Nathaniel Livermore. In 
1 82 1 he purchased the old White place in Watertown, now a 
part of Belmont, and built a new house, in which he died. The 
mansion of the late General Palfrey afterwards occupied the spot. 

Children, born in Watertown : 

i. David,'' b. Feb. 24, 1799; d. Feb. 26, 1S50, in Bangor, 

Me., unm. 
ii. Sibyl, b. Mar. 9, iSoo; d. April 15, 1S73, in Wal- 
tham, unm. 
iii. Sanuiel While, b. Feb. 22, 1802 ; d. Oct. 30, 1S3S, unm. 

yS Liverjiiorc Family 

i6i, iv. Josiah, h. Jan. 29, 1S05. 

162. V. Hannah Sanderson, b. Oct. 30, 1807, 

vi. Charles, b. May 14, 1812 ; d. April 2, 1S76, in Waliliain, 

vii. Martha White, b. Sept. iS, 1S14; d. April 16, 1900, at 
Piety Corner, Waltliain, unm. 


Nath.\xikl5 LivERMOKii {NiitJuiiiicl* 77/o})ias,^ Sa)niicl,' 
John') was born Sept. 20, 1772, in Waltham ; died Aug. 7, 1862, 
in Cambridgcport ; married May 11, 1797, in Waltham, Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Clarke) Glcason, born 
there Feb. 8, 1777; died Aug. 9, 1856, in Cambridgeport. He 
removed to Cambridge in 1S04, where' he e.stablished himself in 
the soap business, in which his brother, David Eivermore, was 
interested with him for eight years. He was connected with the 
Unitarian Society in Cambridgeport from its organization, in the 
old Brick Church, under the pastorate of Rev. Thomas B. Gan- 
nett, and afterwards in Austin street, under Mr. Muzzey and Mr. 
Ware, raid was a deacon of the church from its formation. 

Children, the first three born in Waltham, the others in Cam- 
bridge : 

163. i, Isaac,^ b. Nov\ 21, 1797. 

ii. Marshall, b. April i, 1799; removed to Cincinnati, O., 

where he died in 1S7S, unm. 
iii. Sarah Glcason, b. July 2, 180 1 ; d. Aug. i, 1065, in 

Cambridge, unm. 
iv. Elizabeth Clarke, b. Oct. 26, 1S04 ; d. Dec. 9, 1S06, in 


164. V. Elizabeth Clarke, b. Aug. 26, 1S06. 

165. \i. George, b. July 10, 1809. 

vii. Nathaniel Clarke, b. Oct. 3, iSii ; d. Jan. 14, 1840, in 
New Orleans, unm. 

166. viii. John, b. Oct. 9, 1813. 


Abijaip Livermoke [Elisha,* Thomas,^ Samuel,^ John') was 
born Dec. 26, 1745, in Waltham; died there Aug. 8, 1S02; 
married Jan. 20, 1774, in Waltham, Mar)', daughter of Jonas 

Fiftli Gcticration 79 

and l.ydia (Bemis) Dix, born there Sept. 16, 175 1, and died 
there May 2, 1S35. He was a private in Capt. Abraham Peirce's 
C()m])any, called out by Col. Thos. Gardner, on the alarm of 
April 19, 1775, and which marched from Waltham to Concord 
and Lexington. Thi.s company served as guards until Saturday, 
the fourth day after the Concord fight. 
Children, born in ^Valtham : 

167. i. Lydia,'' b. Nov. 5, 1774. 

ii. Mar)-, b. Nov. 15, 1776 ; d. there Sept. 27, 1778. 
iii. Mary, b. Sept. 30, 177S; d. there Jan. 24, 1S57. 

168. iv. Sarah, b. Jan. i, 17S1. 

169. V. Jonas, b. Aug. 16, 1783. 

170. vi. Elisha, h. July 26, 17S5. 

171. vii. Harriet, b. Sept. 25, 1787. 

viii. Abigail," b. June 26, 1790; m. Oct. 28, 1810, in Wal- 
tham, Henry Bryant, son of Joel and Martha (Wel- 
lington) Dix, b. Mar. ^, 17S5. 
be. Thomas, b. Oct. 4, 1792; d. Feb. 16, 1876, in Boston; 
m. Nov. 2, 1S26, in Boston, widow Polly (Terry) 
Glover of Harvard, b. in Lebanon. Conn., d. May 27, 
1S69, ^" Boston, aged 77 years. 


M.\Rv5 LiVERMORE {EHs/ui,* Thovuis,^ Samuel,^ John^) was 
born Oct. 27, 1747, in Waltham ; died 1775, in Newton; mar- 
ried April 18, 1770, in Waltham, Capt. William, son of Joshua 
and Elizabeth (Prentice) Hammond, born July 15, 1740, in 
Newton, died May 30, 18 14, in Bangor, Me. 

Children (Hammond), born in Newton : 

i. Elizabeth,^ b. Sept. 29, 1770; m. Joshua Ivloreau. 
ii. William, b. Jan. 27, 1772 ; settled in Bangor. 
iii. Joshua, b. Nov. 2, 1773; m. Elizabeth Kendrick of 



Sar.vhs Liver more {Elisha,'^ Thomas,^ Samuel' Jo/ni^) was 
born Sept. 3, 175 i, in Waltham ; died about 178 1 ; married Aug. 
23, 1773, in Waltham, John Coburn. They moved to Weston. 
He married again in 1782. 

8o Liver mo re Family 

Children (Coburn), the first born in Waltham, the others in 

i. Jonas,^ b. Nov, 8, 1773. 
ii. John, b. Oct. 3, 1775. 
iii. Elisha, b. May 22, 1778. 
iv, Thomas, b. July 5, 1780. 


Abigail^ Livekmore {Jo'dat/iaii,^ Jouiit/um,^ Samuel,^ Jo/ni') 
was born April 10, 1724, in Watertown ; died May 20, 1801, 
in Wilton, N. H. ; married (i) Nov. 25, 1741, in Northboro, 
John, son of John and Sarah Keyes, born in 17 16 ; married (2) 
after 1775, Timothy Gray of Wilton, born July 19, 17 19, in An- 
dover ; died Nov. 17, 1793, in Wilton. (See the History of 
Wilton, N. H.) 

Children (Keyes), the two eldest born in Northboro, the others 
in Wilton : 

i. Simon,^ b. Oct. 6, 1742 ; d. Oct. 29, 1802. 

ii. Abigail, b. Dec. 26, 1743 ; d. in 1813, in Reading, ^'t. 

iii. rhebc, b. Mar. 17, 1745 ; d. Jan. 11, 1S16. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. April 7, 1746; d. July 14, 1817. 

V. Submit, b. Sept. 2, 1747- 

vi. Lydia, b. May 6, 1749 ; d. Aug. 2, 1801. 
vii. Sarah, b. June 20, 1751. 
viii. John, b. Aug. 2, 1753; d. in Princeton. 

ix. Thomas, b. July 8, 1755. 

X. Silas, b. Aug. 7, 1757. 

xi. Rhoda, b. Mar. 30, 1759. 
xii. Ephraim, b. Mar. 14, 176 1. 

Jonathans J^ivermore {Jonatlian,'^ JonatJian,^ Savini/,^John^) 
was born Dec. 7, 1729, in Northboro; died July 20, 1809, 
in Wilton, N. H.; married Sept. 14, 1769, Elizabeth Kidder, 
born in Billcrica ; died Dec. 12, 1822, aged 79 years. He lived 
in Northboro the first part of his life, and was graduated 
from Har\'ard College in 1760; he studied for the ministry, and 
was ordained the first pastor of the Congregational Church in 


— i**" 

__.--i«^'-.J.-i-i^ - • 


■ Til*- 


^' ""« », i.,!^' "J i*^: '^; f^jsis^' 


.!■.■■ r:*i'Mi '.: r 

'1 :^- 

^ Fifth Generation 8 1 

Wilton, Dec. 14, 1763, bal resigned in I'-cb., 1777, on account 
of political differences, lie built a sawmill on Gambol Brook 
about the time of the Revolution, and also a h(Aise and barn 
which arc still standing. 
Children, born in Wilton : 

172. i. Jonathan,'^ b. July 10, 1770. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. June 11, 1772 ; cl. April 15, 1842. 
iii, Mary, b. July 26, 1774; d. June 19, 1797. 
iv. Nathan, b. Oct. 7, 1776; d. Feb. 23, 1S52. He carried 
on the milling business in \\'i]ton for many years. 

173. V. Solomon Kidder, b. Mar. 2, 1779. 

174. vi. Anna, b. Aug. 20, 17S1. 

vii. Samuel, b. April 14, 1784; d. Dec, 1786. 
viii. Samuel, b. Dec. 12, 1786; d. July, 1788. 
ix. Sarah White, b. July 20, 1789; d. July 3, 1874, unm. 

She was a teacher for m;.ny years, and wrote many 

fugitive pieces of poetry and prose. 

175. X. Lydia, b. May 20, 1792. 


Elij.\ii5 I^ivermore {Samuel,^ Jo7uiti:an,^ Savutel,' John^) was 
born March 4, 173 1, in Waltham ; died Aug. 5, 180S, in Liver- 
more, Me. ; married (i), published Jan. 2, 1756, in Boston, Dinah, 
daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Barrett) Whitney, born July 
12, 1727, in Marlboro; died Sept. 30, 1759, in Waltham ; mar- 
ried (2) April 6, 1762, in Waltham, Hannah, daughter of John 
and Hannah (Cutting) Clarke, born Jan. 15, 1740, in Newton; 
died March 17, 1827, in Livermore. He inherited his father's 
homestead and was a lieutenant in the Massachusetts militia. 
He was chosen a deacon of the Congregational Church in Wal- 
tham uj)on the death of his father. 

In 1779 he moved to Maine and was the founder, first settler 
and principal proprietor of the town of I^ivermore, Me., which was 
at first settled chiefly by emigrants from Watertown, Waltham 
and the adjoining towns. He erected as early as 1783, the first 
mills in Livermore, which were a saw-mill and grist-mill, near 
the outlet of I^ong Pond ; also mills at the Falls on the east side 
of the river, two years after, and built mills at the outlet of 

82 Livcnnorc Faviily 

Ihetlun's Pond. Shortly after first moving; there he was obliged 
to withdraw from the settlement for some time, on account of 
danger from the Indians. lie was one of the principal assessors 
in Pcnnacook, now Rumford, Me., in 1798. About 1795, Dea- 
con Livermore and his wife joined the Methodist Church and 
remained members of it until their deaths. He was elected to 
the Great and General Court in 1799 as a representative from 

Children, born in Waltham : 

176. i. Abigail,'' b. Nov. 20, 1758. 

177. ii. William, b. Jan. 9, 1763. 

iii. Hannah, b. Nov. 22, 1764; d. Jan., 17S5. 

1 78. iv. Isaac, b. May 7, 1768. 

179. V. Sarah, b. Dec. 18, 1770. 

180. vi. Anna (or Nancy), b. April 6, 1775. 

181. vii. Samuel, b. April 21, 1778. 

■ . viii. Betsey, twin to Samuel; d. Sept. 24, 1779. 


Samuel^ Livermore {So jniicl,^ Jonathan,^ Samuel,^ John') was 
born May 15, 1732, in Waltham; died May 18, 1803, in New 
Holderness, N. IL; married Sept. 22, 1759, ^^^ Portsmouth, N. 
H., Jane, daughter of Rev. Arthur and Mary (Co.x) Browne, 
born in 1734, in Providence, R. I. ; died Feb. 2, 1802, in New 
Holderness, aged 6/ years. He began his education in Wal- 
tham, and in March, 1748, was appointed to keep the school in 
the westerly, centre and northerly parts of the town, an agree- 
ment being entered into between his father and the selectmen 
to that effect. In 1 750-1 he taught school in Chelsea. He 
sailed from Boston Sept. 10, 175 1, in the sloop " Lydia," Capt. 
J. Van Wagener, master, bound to New York, on his way to 
college in Princeton, N.J. There is an extract from his diary, 
•written on the eve of his journey to college, published in Put- 
nam's Magazine for June, 1S57. For this voyage he laid in, 
according to this diary, •' 5 quarts of West Ind. rum jQi. 17. 6 ; 
i lb. of tea at 48^, I2.r; canister 6s; i dozen fowls £2. 10; 2 
pounds loaf sugar at Si-, \6s \ i doz. and 8 lemons /^i.()\ 3 

' Fifth. Ccneratiou 83 

pounds butter 12^; box 5J-." His stock of clotbcs mi;,'ht well 
.suil a collegian of the present day ; it consisted of two close 
coats, one great-coat, two jackets, thirteen shirts, seven pairs of 
stockings, six caps, four cravats, three handkerchiefs, one pair 
of breeches. 

His library was not as complete as his wardrobe; his books 
wore : Bible, Latin and Greek Testaments and Grammar, Latin 
Dictionary and Lexicon, Ward's Introduction to Mathematics, 
Gordon's Geography, Virgil and Tully. The vessel stopped at 
Newport, R. L, where he bought a penknife, a corkscrew, and a 
buckle-brush. He carried letters of introduction to Governor 
l^clcher and President liurr, which gave him the highest char- 
acter for sobriety and studiousncss. He arrived in New York 
Sept. 24, 175 1, and paid the captain J~,\. Zs. in full for his 
lassage. All such facts arc valuable, when we consider the 
eminence to which he afterwards attained. He was graduated 
from Nassau Hall, Princeton, N. J., in Sept., 1752, and returned 
home on horseback through Connecticut and Rhode Island to 

In Dec, 1752, the selectmen of Waltham engaged him to 
teach the school for three months, at a salary of ;^45, old tenor. 
In b'eb., 1753, and again in 1754, he was re-engaged as teacher. 
He was a witness to the signatures appended to a treaty with 
the Penobscot Indians, which was "done and concluded " at l-'al- 
mouth (now Portland), Me., July 6, 1754. 

He began the study of the law with Hon. Edward Trow- 
bridge, and was admitted to practice at the Supreme Judicial 
Court of Middlesex Count}', Mass., (Court of Common Pleas, 
according to "The Bench and Bar of New Hampshire," by 
Charles II. Bell) in June, 175C. Beginning practice in Waltham, 
he removed to Portsmouth, N. H., in 1757, and soon became a 
distinguished member of the bar. He removed to London- 
derry, N. H., in 1764, which town he represented in the Legis- 
lature in 176S. He was for several years Judge Advocate of 
the Admiralty Court, one of the most honorable and lucrative 
oiTices in the Province, and in 1769 was commissioned as King's 
Attorney General for New Hampshire by Governor Wentworth, 

84 Livcnnorc Family 

then recorded as a taxpayer residing; north of Market Square, 

It was in 1765 tliat he bcg-an the settlement of the town of 
New Holdcrness (lioldcrness since 18 16) in Grafion County, 
N. 11. Of this place (granted in i;Gi), he was one of the 
original grantees, and eventually became, by purchase, the actual 
proprietor of about one-half of the township, owning some ten 
or twelve thousand acres in Holdcrness, Campton and Tly mouth. 
His farm was upon the bank of the remigewasset river, opposite 
Plymouth village. Here he fixed his permanent residence, about 
the beginning of the Revolution, and, it is said, possessed little 
less than absolute power over the inhabitants, his superiority of 
character adding to the influence he could naturally command 
from the extent of his possessions. He erected a flouring mill, 
and for two years or more (about 1775-6) he tended the mill 
with his own hands. 

High in favor as he was with the royal government, he, 
nevertheless, at the beginning of the troubles with Great 
Britain, threw the whole w^eight of his power and influence into 
the popular scale. He was several years a representative in the 
State Legislature from the town of New Holdcrness, after the 
assumption of government by the people. Before the Revolu- 
tion he had been appointed Attorney-General, as successor to 
Hon. Wyseman Clagett, and on Feb. 19, 1776, he was again 
chosen by the Legislature to the same office as successor to the 
same gentleman. Dec. 23, 1776, his appointment w\as renewed, 
as the vote expresses it, "for the year ensuing." It was at this 
period that a dispute arose in relation to the jurisdiction of the 
(so called) New Hampshire Grants, the territory v.hich now con- 
stitutes the State of Vermont. This territory, either in whole 
or in part, was, like another Poland, claimed by three States, — 
New York, New Hampshire and Masiachusetts ; while the in- 
habitants, acknowledging no authority but their own will, 
declared it a free and independent State, and exercised all the 
prerogatives of government. 

It was then proposed by Congress, and assented to by the 
parties, that the whole affair should be heard and decided by 

Fiflh Generation 85 

Congress. Accordingly the Legislature of New Hampshire, 
thinking it necessary to have some gentleman of known legal 
abilities to act in their behalf, appointed Samuel Livermore, 
on Nov. 4, 1779, commissioner to support, in conjunction with 
the delegates in Congress, the claim of New Hampshire to 
the territory in dispute. But to place him more fully on an 
equality with the agents of the other States, it was voted, on 
Dec. 31, "that he be authorized and fully empowered to ap- 
pear in Congress, as a delegate of this State, and there act in 
all and every matter relative to the boundary line between the 
States of Massachusetts Bay, New York and this State, and the 
claims of the inhabitants settled on the Grants, as fully, to all 
intents and purposes, as any or either of the delegates of the 
States of New York or Massachusetts Bay, being agents in said 
affair, are authorized to do." 

By a subsequent vote, his term of office was limited to April 
I, 17S0. He was, however, again appointed June i. He took 
his seat in the Continental Congress Feb. 7, 1780, and remained 
in tliat body about two years in succession, being re-elected in 
1 78 1, on Jan. 19, Sept. i and Dec. 29, the last time to remain 
till the November following. 

In 1782, on June 21, before the e.vpiration of his last term as 
a member of Congress, he was appointed to the high and re- 
sponsible office of Chief Justice of the State of New Hampshire. 
The Chief Justice at that period was expected to attend every 
session of the court, and being usually the only lawyer upon the 
bench, was, of course, called upon to decide all questions of law. 
On March i, 17S3, he was paid ^^45 for services as Chief Justice. 
In June, 1784, Chief Justice Livermore was appointed, with 
Messrs. Josiah Bartlett and John Sullivan, a committee to revise 
the statutes then in force, and report bills necessary to be en- 
acted at that session of the General Court. Nov. 3 of the same 
year he was once more chosen a delegate to the Continental 
Congress, and attended the session of that body in 1785. He 
did not, however, resign his seat upon the bench. 

In 1 788 a Convention was called in New Hampshire to con- 
sider the proposed Constitution, submitted to the people by the 


g5 Livcrmorc Family 

great and memorable Convention at Philadelphia. It was com 
posed almost entirely of men of a<;e, experience and trust ; it 
deliberations weie watched with the greatest anxiety, and their 
final result was considered of the highest importance to the 
safety of the country. The proposed form of government had 
already been assented to by eight States, and one more was 
sufficient to ensure its adoption. Of this body Chief Justice 
Livermore was a prominent member, and strenuous in favor of 
the proposed Constitution ; and he was appointed on a commit- 
tee, at the commencement of business, to draft rules for the 
government of the Convention. 

It was thought neces.sary by nearly all the members that cer- 
tain amendments, providing for a Bill of Rights, and for the 
greater security of individual States against the encroachments 
of the general government, should be incorporated as a part of 
the instrument. Chief Justice Livermore was one of a large 
committee to prepare these amendments and submit them to 
the Convention. Mr. Atherton of Amherst, the principal leader 
of those opposed to the Constitution, moved that New Hamp- 
shire should not be bound by the compact, unless the proposed 
amendments were adopted. But after a motion and speech 
from Chief Justice Livermore, it was resolved, "that the 
amendments should be merely submitted to Congress for its 
consideration." Chief Justice Livermore then moved the main 
question, which was decided in the affirmative, a decision 
which settled the fate of the proposed measure, and which 
gave us that well balanced system of government under which 
we live. 

Under this Constitution, which he had taken so prominent a 
part in establishing. Chief Justice Livermore was chosen a mem- 
ber of the first Congress, taking his scat in the House of Rep- 
resentatives, Friday, May i, 1789, in New York, and accordingly 
resigned (in 1790) his office of Chief Justice of the State of New 
Hampshire, in which he was succeeded by his compatriot, Josiah 
Bartlett. He also took his seat at the sessions of the House, 
Jan. 4, 1790, in New York, and Dec. 6, 1790, Oct. 24, 1791, 
and Nov. 1;, 179.'^, in I'hiladelphia. 

Fifth Generation 8/ 

Durinc,'- the time that Contjrcss assembled in New York, he 
resided at 37 Inroad Street. He made his journeys to and from 
Con^^ with his own horse and carriage, Major \Vm. Shcpard 
of Iloldcrncss, his servant, driving him and his family on such 

In 1 791 he was returned a member of the Convention to re- 
vise the State Constitution of New Hampshire, and was chosen 
its President. In that capacity he presided over the delibera- 
tions of that body which formed the present State Constitution. 
He received the honorary degree of LL. D. from Dartmouth 
College in 1792. 

In 1793 he was elected as successor to Paine Wingate, to 
the Senate of the United States, and took his seat on Monday, 
Dec. 2, 1793, in Philadelphia. Of the manner in which he per- 
formed the duties of this e.xalted station, it is only necessary to 
say that so well satisfied were those most immediately interested, 
his constituents, with his conduct, that at the expiration of a full 
term of six years, in 1799, he was re-elected to the same imi:)or- 
tant office. 

On Dec. 19, 1799, President Adams submitted to the Senate 
and House a letter dated Mount Vernon, Dec. 15, signed by 
Tobias Lear, announcing the death of General Washington. 
The Senate having resolved to wait on the President to condole 
with him on the distressing event, went to his house (in Phila- 
delphia) and presented the address which had been previously 
agreed upon. The address is signed by Samuel Livermore, 
President pro tempore of the Senate, and is as follows : 

The PrcsiJcnt of the United States : 

The Senate of the United Stales respectfully t;ike leave, Sir, to 
express to you tlicir deep regret for the loss their Country sustains in 
the death of General (icorge \N'ashington. This event, so distressing 
to all our fellow citizens, must be peculiarly heavy to you, who have 
long been associated with him in deeds of patriotism. Permit us, sir, 
to mingh* our tears with yours ; on this occasion it is manly to weep. 
To lose such a man at such a crisis, is no common calamity to the 
world. Our country mourns her Father. The Almighty Disposer of 

86 Livcrmorc Family 

human events has taken from us our greatest benefactor and orna- 
ment. It becomes us to submit with reverence to him who " makelh 
darkness His pavilion." 

With patriotic pride, we review the life of our Washington", and 
compare him with those of other countries, who ha\e been pre-emi!>ent 
in fame. Ancient and modern names are diminished before him. 
Greatness and guilt have too often been allied ; but his fame is v.'hiter 
than it is brilliant. The destroyers of nations stood abashed at the 
majesty of his virtue. It reproved the intemperance of their ambi- 
tion, and darkened the splendor of victory. The scene is closed, and 
we are no longer anxious lest misfortune should sully his glory ; he 
has travelled on to the end of his journey and carried with him an 
increasing weight of honor : he has deposited it safely, where mis- 
fortune cannot tarnish it, where malice cannot blast it. Favored of 
Heaven, he departed without exhibiting the weakness of humanity. 
Magnanimous in death, the darkness of the grave could not obscure 
his brightness. Such was the man whom we deplore. Thanks to 
God! his glory is consummated; Washington yet lives — on earth 
in his spotless example — his spirit is in heaven. Let his country- 
men consecrate the memory of the heroic General, the patriotic 
Statesman, and the virtuous Sage ; let them teach their children 
never to forget that the fruit of his labors and his example are their 

Dec. 33, 1799. 

lie resigned his scat in the Senate, June 12, iSoi, owing 
to the impaired condition of his health, after having been Presi- 
dent //v tcviporc of that body during two sessions in 1797 and 

Children, the first two born in Portsmouth, N. H., the others 
in Londonderry, N. H. : 

i. George Williamson,'^ b. June 28, 1760; d. in 1763, in 
182. ii. Edward St. Loe, b. April 5, 1762. 

iii. George Williamson, b. April 7, 1764 : d. in 1S05, in Con- 
cord, N. H., and was buried near his father. He was 
Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas in Grafton County, 
N. IL 
I S3. iv. Arthur, b. July 29, 1766. 
1S4. ^ V. Elizabeth, b. Sept., 176S. 

Sixth Gcucration 89 



Eunice* Livkrmore {Javics,^ Josiah* Josef /i,^ John,^ Jo/ui') 

was born March 6, 1752, in Weston; died July 17, 1790, in 

Sj)eiiccr; married Nov. 2, 1773, in Weston, Rtjuben Underwood, 

died Nov. 20, 1850, in Spencer. 

Children (Underwcod), born in Si)encer : 

i. Susan,7 b, Sept. i, 177^. 
ii. Sally, b. Mar. 19, 177S. 
iii. Reuben, b. Ych. 16, 17S4. 


Ann.v'' Livermore {Jaincs,^ Josiah,'^ Josi-pJt,^ JoJin,'' JoJui') was 
born April 5, 1757, in Weston; married April 5, 1774, in Spen- 
cer, Johnson Prouty, born there Jan. 8, 1754. 
Children (Prouty), born in Spencer : 
i. Betsey,7 b. Oct. 19, 1774. 
ii. Nabby, b. June 9, 17 78. 
iii. Reuben, b. June 9, 17S3. 
iv. Sally, b. April 15, 17S5. 
V. Asaliel, b. May 15, 17S7. 
vi. Patty, b. Sept. 29, 1790. 
vii. Willard, b. Mar. 16, 1793. 
viii. Eunice, b. Mar. 20, 1795. 
ix. Charles, b. Mar. 20, 1796. 

James^ LiVERMOiiE {Javics,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ Jo/in,^ John') 
was born June 30, 1760, in Weston ; married May 29, 17S1, in 
Spencer, Molly Barton; she died Jan. 5, 1842, in Spencer, aged 
80 )-ears. He lived in that part of Spencer once the lower \'il- 
lage and which contained only three houses, all taverns, of which 
his was one. 

Children, born in Spencer : 
1S5. i, Aaron, 7 b. Mar. 31, 17S2. 
ii. Sally, b. June 6, 17S5. 
iii. James, b. Nov. 7, 17S9. 
iv. John, b. Nov. 17, 1793 ; d. there June 29, 1S13. 

90 LivcfDivrc Family 


Ei.iSHA* LiVEKMOKE {Javics,^ JosiaJi* Joseph,^ Jo/ni,^ John') 
was born Dec. 26, 1761, in Weston; died Aug. 10, 17SS, in 
Spencer; married there June 15, 1786, Rebecca Hammond. 
She afterwards married Abijah, son of Abijah and Anna (Graves) 

Children, born in Spencer : 

i.,7 b. iMa)- 2, 17S7 : m. Cook, and d. in Jamaica, 

VI. , ., 

186. ii. EHsha, b. Oct. 20, 1788. 


Elisha^ LiviiRMOKE {Josia/i,^ Josia/i,* Joscpl:,'^ John,'' John') 
Avas born April 14, 1753, in Leicester; married in 1780, Lucy 
Maynard of Westboro. They Hved in Shrewsbury. 

Children, born in Shrewsbury : 

187. i. Levi,? b. Dec. 15, 1781. 

1 88. ii. Emery, b. Oct. 10, 1783. 
iii. Lucy, bap. Nov. 6, 17S5. 

iv. Anna, bap. Nov, 6, 1785; d. imm. 
V. Martha, bap. Aug. 3, 178S; d. young. 
■ vi. Solomon, bap. May 5, 1790. 

vii. Harvey, bap. Oct. 7, 1792. 
viii. Jubal, bap. June 14, 1795. 
ix. Martha, bap. Feb. 4, 1798. 

189. X. Thankful, b. Mar. 4, 1804. 


Jason'' Livermore {Jason,^ Josiah,-* Joseph, ^ JoJin,- John') 
was born April 17, 1750,111 Leicester; died April i, 1816, in 
Cumberland, R. L ; married Mary, daughter of Daniel and ]\L"iry 
Jackson of Rutland, born in 1755; died March 7, 1S15, in 
Tiverton, R. L She was a sister of Matthew Jackson, a soldier 
of the Revolution from Leicester. He was a member of Capt. 
Willard Moore's company of minute men of Paxton, and marched 
on the alarm of April 19, 1775, together with his father and 
two brothers, who were members of the same company. He 

Six!/i Geiicidiioii 91 

left this coini).in)' shortly after their arrival in Cambridge, and 
joined that of Capt. Setli Washburn, in Col. Ward's regiment, 
lie left that company and enlisted in Capt. Samuel Gridley's 
company, June 12, 1775, as bombardier. He was a private in 
Capt. John Howard's company, Col. Samuel Bullard's regiment, 
in Saratoga in 1777 ; he was a private in Capt. Loring Lincoln's 
company, Lt. Col. Flagg's regiment, in service five days on the 
Bennington alarm in 1777; he afterwards went out as a pri- 
vateersman, and while in that service was taken prisoner, carried 
into Charleston, S. C, where he was detained some time, but 
fmally made his escape, and on one of His Britannic Majesty's 
cavalry horses, borrowed for the purpose, rode back to Massa- 
chusetts. After the close of the Revolution (about 1787), he 
removed with his family to Maine, and settled on the Kennebec 
River. There he lived several years, employed as a builder. 
He was a member of the Ecclesiastical Council convened at 
Belfast, Dec. 28, 1796. In July, 1810, he moved to Frankfort, 
on the Penobscot. Afterwards, being a zealous Christian, and 
endowed with fluency of speech, he became a Baptist clerg}-- 
man, preached some years in Maine, then in Tiverton, R. I., and 
Maiden, where he was moderator in 181 1. He was in Tiverton 
in 1S14. 
Children : 

i. Daniel,' b. Aug. 19, 1773, in Leicester, 
ii. Mary, b. Aug. 4. 1775, in Leicester; m. John Hartford 

of Augusta, Me. 
iii. Jason, b. June 24, 1778, in Leicester; lost at sea. 
190. iv. Alice, b. April 21, 17 So, in Spencer. 

v. Martha, b. Sept. 8, 1782, in Shrewsbury; ni. Bow- 
man ; lived in Sidney, Me. 
vi. Abigail Hagar, b. 17S5; lived in Farmington, Me. 
vii. Alpheus, b. ; d. in his sister Abigail's house, unm. 

' 98 

William^ Livermore {Jason,^ Josia/i,^ Joscp/i,^ Joku,^ Joint') 
was born Jan. 12, 1752, in Leicester; died April 23, 1S06, in 
Hartland, Vl.; married Nov. 24, 1774 (Thanksgivijig Day), in 

92 Livcnnorc Family 

Paxton, Mary, daughter of Samuel and Phebc (Rand) Bigclow, 
born there April 13, 1757; died Dec. 15, 1838, in Hartland. 
He was a member of Capt. Willard Moore's company of minute 
men of Paxton, and marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775, 
together with his father and two brothers, who were members 
of the same company, and was slightly wounded in the battle of 
Bunker Hill, lie enlisted as a private in Capt. Josiah White's 
company, in Col. Cushing's regiment, on Sept. 5, 1777, to re- 
inforce the Northern army under Gen. Gates. He was wounded 
in the battle of ]^ennington, from which he never fully recovered ; 
he was discharged Nov. 29, 1777. He emigrated to Hartland 
after the birth of his first child. 

Children, the eldest born in Spencer, the others in Hartland : 

i. Phebe,7 b. Sept, 12, 1775 ; ^- Oct. 23, 1791, in Hartland. 
ii. Polly, b. Jan. 26, 1778; d. there Dec. 6, 1800. 
iii. Ann, b. May 26, 1782 ; d. tliere Nov. 10. iSoo. 

191. iv. Charles, b. Oct. 25, 1784. 

V. Betsey, b. Dec. 21, 1786; m. Clark of Iluntinglon, 

Vt,, and had five children ; she emigrated to Royal- 
ton, Ohio, about 1840. 

192. vi. Joseph, b. July 29, 17S9. 

vii. Jason, b. Sept. i, 1793; d. Oct, 16, 1872. 


Josiah^ Livermore {Jason,^ Josiah,'' Joseph,^ John,'' John') 
was born May 12, 1761, in Leicester; died Jan. 29, 1840, in 
Northumberland, N. Y. ; married July 26, 1787, in Paxton, 
Rebecca Worcester, born about 1763, in Worcester; died Feb. 
1 1, 1828, in Fort Miller, N. Y. He was five feet nine inches in 
height, and had a dark complexion. He was a member of Capt. 
Willard Moore's company of minute men of Paxton, and marched 
on the alarm of April 19, 1775, together with his father and 
two brothers, who were members of the same company, and 
took part in the battle of Bunker Hill. He was a member of 
Capt. Pritchard's division of 150 men who were drafted under 
an act of the General Court, June 5, 1780, which was for the 
reinforcement of the Continental army for six months, to ren- 



^ ^ 




Sixth Generation 93 

dczvous at Springfield July 13, 17S0. He travelled 160 miles, 
and was paid £11. He served five months and fifteen days. 
Having sympathized somewhat in Shays's rebellion in 1786-7, 
and, like many others, being dissatisfied with the government, 
he emigTated to Saratoga County, where he passed the rest of 
his life. 

Children, born in Fort Miller, N. Y. : 

193, i. Rebecca, 7 b. Jan. 23, 1789. 

194. ii. Lydia, b. Nov. 11, 1790. 

iii. Abigail, b. Oct. 26, 1792 ; d. Jan. 19, 1889, unm. 
; 195. iv. Elizabeth, b. May 19, 1795. 

196. V. John Worcester, b. Nov., 1796. 

197. vi. Jason, b. Jan. S, 1799. 

vii. Sarah, b. Aug. 13, iSoi ; d. Nov. 14, 1834, in Northum- 
berland, N. Y. ; m. Aug. 19, 1825, Edmond Raymond 
(a son of her sister Rebecca's husband by his first 
wife). No children. 

198. viii. Ksther, b. June 19, 1S04. 

ix. Josiah. b. ; d. about 1833, in Fort Miller, unm. 

Braddyl^ Livermore {Jason,^ Josia/i,* Joseph,^ Jolin,^ JoJui') 
was born Oct. 4, 1763, in Leicester (now Paxton) ; died there 
Sept. 24, 1S45 ; married May 5, 1785, in Concord, Mary, 
daughter of John and Mary Flint, born Oct. 16, 1766; died 
July 5, 1840, in Pa.xton. She was educated in that part of 
Concord then called "the North Quarter," and witnessed, April 
I9> I775> the conflict at the North Bridge, which was but a 
short distance from her mother's house. Braddyl was a man of 
medium size, but possessed unusual physical and mental powers ; 
his muscular strength was immense. On one occasion he is 
said to have lifted from the ground a church bell which weighed 
over 700 pounds, with a man standing on the bell ; and one of 
his sons has seen him toss with one hand and one foot, a barrel 
of cider from the ground into a common ox-cart, with apparent 
ease. In his twelfth year he was his mother's princijxd assistant 
in carrying on the farm, during his father's and elder brothers' 

"94 Livcrniorc I'a-ifiily 

tinned to do successfully durinpc the Revolutionary war, with 
the exception of about three nioulhs. After the surrender of 
Burgoyne in Oct., 1777, a part of the captured army was can- 
toned in barracks erected in the town of Rutland, Mass., for 
that purpose. These prisoners of war were guarded mostly by 
elderly men and youths, whose ages prevented them from 
taking part in the more fatiguing service in the field. He 
volunteered and performed garrison duty at those barracks for 
three months. The musket which he carried in that service is 
• now in the possession of his grandson, Hon. E. O. Grosvenor of 
Jonesville, Mich. After the close of the war he continued to 
live and work on the farm with his parents, and a portion of the 
time was employed as a mason, laboring at his trade in different 
parts of Massachusetts and in some of the adjoining States. 
He built an addition of two rooms and a back kitchen to the old 
homestead, and made an arrangement with his parents for a 
permanent residence with them, for the farm and for their 
future maintenance. He filled many municipal offices in his 
native town ; represented it in the State Legislature ; was for 
many years justice of tlie peace for his county, and well knowii 
outside the town. 

Children, born in Paxton : 

i. John Flint/ b. July 21, 17S6; d. April 14, iSi2,in York, 
Pa., unm. He was of medium size; was graduated 
at Dartmouth College in iSio, standing very liigli in 
his class; soon after, he went to Carlisle, Pa., as a 
teacher, and afterwards was principal of York County 
Academy, at York, Pa. 

199. ii. Braddyl, b. April 26, 17SS. 

200. iii. Almira, b. April 14, 1790. 

201. iv. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 13, 1792. 

202. V. George Whitefield, b. Oct. 15, 1794. 

vi. Silence, b. Nov. 21, 1797 ; d. at her birth. 

vii. Charles, b. Mar. 28, 1799; *^- ^'o^'- S, 1S25, in Baltimore, 
unm. ; he was graduated at Har\-ard College in 1S25 ; 
he went to Baltimore as a private tutor, and the d.ny 
after his arrival was taken sick and died in 35 days. 

203. viii. Hepzibah, b. June 19, iSoi, 

Sixth GoicratipH 95 

ix. Adaliiie, b. Mar. 20, 1S04 ; d. about i860, in llanulioii, 
Mich., iinni. 

204. X. Jason ^^'illiam, b. Mar, 13, 1806. 

xi. Abigail Selene, b. Mar. 27, iSii ; d. Mar. 17, 1879, ''^ 
Decatur, Mich. ; m. Thompson Riddle, in Chittenango, 
N. Y. Child (Riddle) : Robert Thompson^ b. Jan. 31, 
1846, in Rridgeport, N. Y. ; he is a telegraph operator 
in Lapeer, I^Iich., unni. 


ISAAC*^ LlVKR.MORE {MoSCS,'^ Josid/l,^ JoSlp/l,^ Jo/i'l,^ JoJlu') 

was born June 11, 1752, in Spencer; died in 1838, in Barker, 

N. v.; married Hannah , who died in 1827 in Smithville, 

N. Y. Me was a soldier in Nov., 1776, as he was allowed 
travelling expenses from Brookfield to Dorchester and return, 
and was a private in Capt. Ezekiel Knowlton's company, Col. 
Dike's regiment, from Dec. i, 1776, to March i, 1777; resi- 
dence, Brookfield. He lived in Spencer imtil quite advanced in 
hfc, when he emigrated to New York State. 

Children, the youngest born in Ware, the others in Bclchcr- 
town : 

i. Allen,'' b. May 15, 1777, unni. 
ii. Diana, b. Mar. 4, 1779 ; m. William Bryant. 
iii. Parmelia, b. April S, 17S1 ; m, Peter Barker of Chenango 
Forks, N.Y. 

205. iv. Larnard, b. May 21, 1783. 

V. Dyanthia, b. April 29, 17S5 ; m. Fisk of Boston. 

vi. Violet, b. June i, 1788; m. Dugald Black. 

206. vii. Mehetablc, b. Sept. 28, 1791. 

viii. Sarah, b. Feb. 20, 179.-1; m. Ebenezer Russel of Che- 
naniro Forks. 


Moses'' Linermore (^Mcscs,^ Josiah,^ Joseph,^ Jo/iu,^ John') 
was born April 2, 1758, in Spencer; died March 25, 1830, in 
Lisle, N. Y. ; married Nov. 22, 1781, in Spencer, Mary Wilson, 
born there June 19, 1762; died March 8, 1858, in Lisle. He 
and his family (except his sons Warner and Charles) removed 

96 Livcnnorc Fajni/y 

to Caldwell settlement, town of Lisle, in 1817, making the 
jtourney, by the aid of four teams, in twelve days. 
Childrcii, born in Spencer : 

i. Gardner,' b. July 10, 1782; 111. there Feb. 23, 1804, 
Sally Lamb, b, there Mar. 10, 1783. They moved to 
207. ii. Ivoswell, b. Dee. 2, 1784. 
20S. iii. Moses, b. Feb, 27, 1787. 

209. iv. Warner, b. Mar. 23, 1789. 

V. Polly, b. Dec. 12, 1793 ; m. Levi Caldwell. No children. 

vi. Clara, b. Mar, 15, 1795; m. Joseph Cook. No children. 

vii. Charles, b. July 22, 1797; d. there July 3, 1858; m. 

there April 16, 1823, Betsey Marsh, b. there Aug. 4, 

1800; d. there July 18, 1851. No children. 

210. viii. Russell, b. Sept, 28, 1799. 

211. ix. Lrigham, b. Oct. 3, 1806. 


Amos* Livermore {jVoscs,^ Josiah,'- Joseph,^ Jo/in,^ John') 
was born June 5, 1763, in Spencer; died there Oct. i, 1827; 
married June 3, 1790, in Leicester, Catherine, daughter of Jon- 
athan and Mary (Earle) Sargent, born May 18, 1771 ; died 
March 30, 1840, in Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children, born in Spencer : 

212. i. Lucinda,7 b. Mar. i, 1791. 

ii. Betsey, b. Nov. 15, 1792; m, Feb. 12, 1817, in Spencer, 

Ezra Curtis of Charlton, 
iii. Simeon, b. May 5, 1794; m. Mar, 19, 1S17, in Rutland, 

Hannah Cogswell, 

213. iv, Obadiah Lamb, b. Mar. 8, 1796. 

V, Harriet, b, April 21, 1798; d, there Feb. 16, iSoS, 
vi. Eunice, b. May iS, 1800; m. (before her father's death) 
Edmund Watkins of Ithaca. They had a son (Wat- 
kins), J^ol>erL^ 
vii. Jonathan Sargent, b. June 2, 1S02. 
viii. Catherine, b. Aug. 7, 1805; d, unm. 
ix. Harriet, b. July 15, 1807 ; m. Boynes. 

214. X. Hannah Allen, b. Feb. 4, 181 1. 

xi. Morris, b. May 4, 1813; d. there Feb. 10, 1874; m. 
there May 19, 1834, Lavinia Wilson. 

Sixth Generation 97 

- ' 104 

Ezra* Livermore {AbijaJi,^ Josia/i,* Joseph,^ John,' John') 
was born Feb. 13, 1762, in Spencer; died Dec. 29, 1834, in 
Jamaica, Vl. : married Feb. 4, 17S9, in Spencer, MilJey Gage, 
died March 15, 1849, ii^ Hanover, N. Y. When fourteen years 
old he had charge of hi.s father's family while the latter went to 
the war. Having reached his majority, he emigrated with his 
brother Abijah to the uncultivated wilds of Vermont, having 
only hemlock boughs for shelter and bed while clearing a place 
to erect a rude cabin, — bears and wolves being their nearest 
neighbors. He became a faiTner, and was a regular attendant 
at church and town meetings. He was clerk of the town of 
Jamaica forty-three years, 1790 to 1833, — during which time he 
married ninety couples, — and clerk and deacon of the Congrega- 
tional church, justice of the peace thirty-eight years, recorder of 
deeds forty-four years or more ; also assessor and selectman. 
He was elected to the Vermont Legislature in 1793, '95, '96, 
•98, '99, 18 14, '15 and '16. 

Children, born in Jamaica: 

i. Candace,' b. Sept. 15, 1790; d. July 13, 1865, in Smith's 
Mills, N. Y. ; HI. Henry Smith of Smith's Mills, b. 
Oct. 21, 1792, in Silver Creek, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 25, 
1S64, in Smith's Mills. No children. 

215. ii. Jesse, b. June 9, 1792. 

iii. Anna, b. Mar. 31, 1794; d. Apr. 11, 1885, in Wester- 
ville, O., unm. 

iv. Milley, b. April 9, 1796 ; d. Dec. 21, 1863, in Jamaica ; 
m. Oct. 4, 1836, in Jamaica, Benjamin Felton, b. Oct., 
1770; d. Oct. iS, 185S. No children. 

216. V. Fydia, b. April 20, 17 98. 

217. vi. Kzra, b. June 16, 1800. 
21S. vii. Asa, b. Dec. 7, 1S02. 


Abijaii^ Liver.more {Abijah,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,' John') 
was born Feb. 22, 1766, in Spencer; died Aug. 12, 1830, in 
Jamaica, Vt.; married Feb. i, 1791, in Spencer, Rebecca (Ham- 
mond), widow of Elisha, son of James arjd Elizabeth (Hastings) 

9^ IJ-'cniiorc Family 

Livermorc ; she was born in Spencer (probably) ; died May 5, 
1832, in Jamaica, aged (>(> years. 
Children, burn in Jamaica : 

i. Abijah7 b. Dec. 27, 1791; d. there Feb. 14, iS6o; m. 
Sophia Lowell. He was a farmer. They had a son 
Clark^ b. June 28, 1832, in Jamaica, who m. there 
Jan. 21, 1 87 7, Mary L. Livin^'ston and had a daughter 
(still born), 
ii. Rebecca, b. Nov. 3, 1793; d. there Dec. 5, 1S77 ; m, 
there Jan. i, 1816, James Muzzy. 

219. iii. Justus Lot, b. Aug. 27, 1795. 

iv. Phila Hammond, b. Aug. 7, 1799; d. there Dec. 15, 
18S6 ; m. there Mar. 27, 1S21, Benjamin Muzzy. 

220. V. Hammond, b. Jan. 11, 1802. [Records say in May.] 


Phineas^ Livermore {Abij'ah,^ Josiah,'* Joscp//,^ Jcy/in,^ John') 
was born March 28, 1775, in Spencer; married Jan. 4, 179S, 
Polly Lackey, born there Jan. 2, 1778. The family moved to 
near Silver Creek, N. Y. 

Children, born in Spencer : 

i. Cynthia, 7 b. 1798. 

ii. Rufus, b. Nov. 29, 1800. 

, . iii. Cephas, b. Mar. 2, 1S03; d. there Aug. 6, 1803. 

iv, Lucretia, b. Aug. i, 1S05. 

V. Polly, b. Sept. 12, 1808. 

vi. Josephus, b. Nov. 18, 181 1. 

vii. Elmira, b. Nov. 4, 1813. 

221. viii. James Madison, b. Nov. 29, 1S15. 


Reuben^ Livermore {Joseph,^ Josiah* JoscpJi,^ JoJm,^ John') 
was born May 9, 1768, in Spencer; lost at sea; married Jmie 
28, 1790, in Spencer, Sally Gould of Sutton, born there Dec. 10, 
1767 ; died Feb. 11, 1S41. He was a sea captain. 
Children : 

i. Daughter,? b, Oct. 29, 1791 ; d. same day. 
ii. Lewis, b. Sept. 24, 1792, in Petersham; d. Aug. 21, 
182 1. 

Si.xl/i Generation 99 

222. iii. Stephen Gould, b. Sept. 30, 1794, in Sudbury. 

223. iv. Harriet, b. Mar. 12, 179S, in Weston. 

224. V. Daniel Gould, b. Sept. 16, 1801, in Worcester. 

225. vi. Joseph Smith, b. July 16, 1804, i" Worcester. 


JOSKPIl^ I^IVEKMORE {/oscpll,'-' JoSta/l,^ JoSCpJl,^ Jo/cil,- JoJui') 

■was born Aug. 20, 1775, in Spencer; died May, iSii ; married 
Lydia, daughter of Samuel and Lydia Tutlle of Eastporl, Me. ; 
died Sept. 25, 1805, aged 28. He was master of a vessel and 
was lost at sea bound from Portsmouth, N. H., to the south 
with troops. 
Children : 

226. i. Joseph, 7 b. Mar. 20, 1798, in Perry, Me. 

227. ii. Oliver Shead, b. Mar. 5, 1800, in Eastport, Me. 

iii. Susan, b. June 6, 1S02, in Eastport ; d. April 12, 1825 ; 

m. (1) Leighton of Perry; m. (2) Capt. Rish- 

worth Mason of New York. She left two daughters. 


SiLAS^ LiVERMORE {Saiii?!cl,^ JoscpJi,'' JoscpJi,^ JoJin,^ JoJin') 
was born in 1756, in East Sudbury ; married probably in ]\a.xton, 
but date unknown, Abigail, daughter of Jason and Abigail 
(Hagar) Livermore, born Jan. 21, 1758, in Leicester; died 
May, 1S33, near Hartland, Vt. They first lived in Paxton, 
where their children were born, and afterwards moved to Leb- 
anon, Grafton County, N. H., and from there probably into Ver- 

Children, born in Paxton : 

i. Vashli,7 b. Dec. 13, 17S1. 

ii. Absalom, b. July 19, 1786 ; d. there Oct. 5, 1791. 

iii. Grizel, b. Sept. 3, 178S. 

iv. Absalom, b. April 9, 1792. 

David^ Livermore {Savmcl,^ Joseph,'^ Joseph,^ Joh)!,^ John') 
was born May 29, 1762, in East Sudbury; died March 22, 1S41 ; 
married Sally Til ton, born June 15, 1767; died July 3, 1S53. 

lOO Livcnncrc Family 

He moved from Weston when a young man and settled in the 
western part of Ilillsboro, N. H. He lived in a lo<j house for 
many years, where all of his children were born, but was among 
the first who built frame houses there. 
Children, born in Hillsboro: 

i. l)avid,7 b. April 30, 17SS; d. Mar. 5, 1S65 ; m. Lydia 
Preston of Wiridsor, N. H. No children. 

ii. Sally, b. Mar. 6, 1790; d. Mar. 30, 1837 ; m. Mar. 19, 
181 1, James, son of Otis and Lucy (Goodale) Howe of 
Hillsboro, b. Oct. 6, 17S2; d. Sept. 2, 1859, in Kast 
Washington, N. H. No children. 

228. iii. Fannie, b. Feb. 17, 1794. 

229. iv. William, b. Mar. 15, 1795. 

230. V. Joseph, b. June 18, iSoo. 


Samuel^ Livermoke {SavincI,^ Joseph,* JoscpJi,^ Jo/ui,^ JoJui') 
was born July 23, 1766, in East Sudbury; died July 3, 1S45, in 
Milo, Me.; married (i) Silence (from whom he was di- 
vorced); died Dec. i, 1814, in Jamaica, Vt. ; married (2) in 
Maine, Betsey Sands, born in 1775 ; died in 1852. He was one 
of the earliest settlers in Jamaica, and the first of the name to 
settle in the County. He removed to Maine, and lived at No. 
3, Seventh Range, in Penobscot County, where he was a yeoman. 

Children, first three by his first wife, born in Jamaica, next 
seven in Augusta, Me., last two in Milo : 

231. i. Samuel,7 b. Sept. 25, 1790. 
ii. Rachel Foster, b. Nov., 1792. 

iii. Lois, b. . 

iv. Comfort, b. Nov. 13, 1S02 ; d, Jan. i, 1863, in Dover, 
Me. ; m. Capt. Joseph Chase ; seven children. 

V. Mercy, b. ; m. Ezekiel Chase. 

vi. Louise, b. 1806; m. James Spearin ; five children. 

232. vii. David, b. Oct. 9, 1809. 

233. viii. Betsey, b. Jan. 18, 1S12. 

234. ix. Joshua, b. May 21, 1813. 

X. Jessie, twin to Joshua. 

235. xi. John Wells, b. Feb. 29, 1816, in Milo. 

236. xii. George, b. Sept., 1818, in Milo. 

Six/// Gcncratiofi 



Ephraim^ Livekmore {Daniel,^ Daniel,*' Daniel,'^ John, ^ John') 
was born Oct. 22, 1762, in Weston ; died there May 14, 1833 ; 
married May 25, 1788, in East Sudbury, lCli/,al;eth Tillon, born 
March 6, 1769; died Nov. 11, 180S. His house was one of 
those permitted to be occupied for inoculating with the small-pox 
in 1792; he was chosen a tythingman in 1794, field driver and 
sur\c)'or of hemp in 1795, fence viewer and surveyor of hemp 
in 1797, surveyor of hemp in 1799, surve)'or of highways in 
iSoo, and was also paid 3S2.96 for mason work for the town in 
iSoo, field driver in 1801, fence viewer and surveyor of hemp 
in 1802, a tythingman in 1803, one of the school committee, 
West Centre District, in 1S06. Five of his children were at- 
tending school in 18 1 3. 

Children, born in Weston : 

i. Nancy/ b. Aug. 19, 1789; lived in Newton, but d. Sept. 
12, 1855, in Needham, unin. 

ii. Sophia, b. July 7, 1791 : d. April 3, 1S53; m. April 2, 
1815, John Sanderson. 

iii. Lucy, b. Aug. 27, 1793; d. June 4, 1883; m. May 21, 
1815, Isaac Sanderson. 
237. iv. Daniel, b. Oct. 27, 1795. 

v. Marshall, b. Jan. 29, 1798; d. July 24, 1848, in the 
West. He was chosen surveyor of highways for West 
Centre District in 1822 and in 1826, 

vi. EHzabeth, b. Jan. 23, 1800; d. April 19, 18S5 ; ni. June 
■ . I, 1820, John Mansfield, of Needham, They had a 

son (Mansfield) : /. Hairy^ and a dau., Martha J/., 
b. Mar. 25, 1834, in Wellesley, who m, July 29, i860, 
William Perkins, son of Abraham and Louisa (Train) 
Bigelow, b, July 29, 1S34, in Natick. Five children, 

vii. Mary, b. Mar. 24, 1S02 ; d. Jan. 3, 1855; m. April 24. 
1825, in Weston, Marshall Spring Rice of Dorchester. 
Her daughter (Rice) : Augusta Maria^ m. Sept. 24, 
1852, in Newton Centre, Alvah Hovey, b. Mar. 5, 
1820, in Greene, N. Y. Five children, 
viii. Sarah, b. July 11, 1804 ; d. there Nov. 7, 1806. 

L\. Josiah Tilton, b. Sept. 28, 1806; m. and removed to 
Michigan, where he d. Jan., 1881, 

102 Livcnnorc Family 

X. Sally, b. Ocl. 31, iSoS; d. Sept. 17, 1841 ; ni. May 30, 
1831, in Weston, Natlian Rice; she attended school 
^ • in the West Centre District from 18 13 to 1826. 


Aaron* Livermore {Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,* John') 
was born Auf^. 3, 1769, in Weston ; died April 11, 1S42, in Al- 
stcad, N. H.; married Feb. 12, 1794, in Princeton, Catharine 
Hoyt, born June 24, 1770, in Hubbardston ; died April 21, 
185 1, in Alstead ; they moved from Princeton to Alstead about 

Children, the eldest born in Princeton, the others in Alstead : 

23S. i. Fanny,7 b. j\Iay 17, 1795. 

239. ii. Katharine, b. April 17, 1797. 

iii. Mary, b. July 17, 1799; m. Joseph, son of David and 
Sally (Tilton) Livermore. 

240. iv. John, b. July 11, 1801. 

241. V. Charles Grandison, b. July 17, 1803. 

242. vi. Ezra, b. Aug. 28, 1805. 

243. vii. Aaron Ru^^^JcM, b. Oct. 28, iSio. 

viii. Paschal, b. Dec. 19, 181 2 ; d. there Mar. 13, 1S40. 


William* Livermore {Daniel,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ John, ^ John') 
was bap. Oct. 22, 1774, in Weston ; died Aug. 20, 1S32, in Al- 
stead, N. H. ; married Jan. 30, iSoo, in Sudbury^ Tabitha, daugh- 
ter of Daniel and Eunice Tilton, born there Nov. i, 1779 ; died 
Jan. 7, 1S64, in Jaffrey, N. H. 

Children, born in Alstead : 

i. Elmira,7 b. Oct. 29, 1800; m. Rufus Sawyer, and lived 

in Jadrey. 
ii. Harriet, b. Oct. 20, 1802 ; d. there Nov. 3, 1804. 
iii. Harriet, b. Nov. 16, 1804 ; m. William, .son of William 
and Betsey Buckley (Ames) Livermore. 

244. iv. Sarah, b. Mar. 20, 1807. 

v. Daniel, b. Aug. 20, 1809 ; m. ^Lary Kittredge. in Nelson ; 

lived in Alstead. One daughter, 
vi. Lucy Bogle, b. Jan. 11, 18 12; m. Woodward, and 

lived in Nev.ton. 

Sixf/i Gouratiofi IO3 

245. vii. Mary Catherine, b. Mar. 12, 1815. 
viii. Elizabeth Pamelia, b. May 6, 1S18. 

246. ix. Josiah, b. May 14, 1821. 

247. X. Kiinice 'J'ilton, twin to Josiuh. 


Aukaham'^ LiviiKMORE {Abia/iaiii,^ Daniel,* Daniil,^ Jo/in,^ 
Jo/iu') \\3LS horn July 21, 1776, in Pelham ; died Dec. 9, 1846, 
in German, N. Y. ; married April 27, 1803, in Pelham, Betsey 
Comstock, born there Aug. 25, 1783; died March 27, 1S71, in 
Dubuque, la. He had a farm on the .south side of his father's, 
in German, settling there in 1796, 

Children, born in German : 

i. Mary,7 b. Mar. 22, 1804. 

ii. Caroline, b. June 11, 1805; d. Jan. 25, 1874; m. Aug. 
10, 1842, Piatt Smith; they lived in Dubuque, la. 

248. iii. Abigail, b. Dec. 26, 1807. 

iv. Oliver, b. May 5, 1810; d. Aug. 6, 1840. 

V. Betsey Maria, b. Nov. 18, 1812; m. Harvey Benton, and 

her son, O. D. Benion^ lives in HoUon, Jackson 

County, Kansas, 
vi. Charles Comstock, b. Dec. 27, 1815; d. Aug. 31, 1878, 

in Oto, la. ; a son, Albert^ is living in Cascade, Du- 
buque County, la. 
vii. Hepsey, Nov. 27, 1818; m. Thorit Smith; res., Smith- 

ville, N. Y. 
viii. Adaline, b. Oct. 31, 182 1, m. David Cormick. Her 

children live in Steamburgh, Pa. 
ix. George H. C, b. June 14, 1826; d. Dec. 5, 1S60. 
X. Benjamin, b. Aug. 16, 1S29; d. a few years ago in Cin- 

cinnatus, N. Y. 

\.' - ' ^..■- •, 

116'' Livekmoke {Abraham,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ John,- 

John') was born Oct. 11, 1780, in Pelham ; died March 7, 1862, 

in Paris Hill, N. Y. ; married P^eb. 3, 1799, in German, N. Y. 

(the first marriage in the town), Jonathan, son of Jonathan and 

Ruth (Pittle) Head, born April 28, 1775, in Little Compton, 

R. I.; died Feb. 10, 1866, in Paris Hill. 

104 Livcnnorc Family 

Children (Head), born in Paris Hill : 

249. i. l\.nl{)h,' b. May 17, iSoo. 

250. ii. Miranda, b. April 13, 1S02. 

iii. Cyrus, b. Mar. 2, 1804; d. July 23, r888, in New Ha- 
ven, Oswego county, N. ^'. 

iv. Harvey, b. Sept. 14, 1S06; d. Feb. 27, 1SS3, in Paris 

251. V. Orren William, b. May 13, iSoS. 
vi. I.ysandcr, b. Jan. 11, iSii. 

252. vii. Daniel, b. April 25, 1813. 

253. viii. George Washington, b. May 21, 1S15. 

254. ix. CUyon Sherman, b. Oct. 9, 1817. 

255. X. Savali Maria, b. Mar. 22, 1820. 

xi. Jonathan Edwards, b. July 28, 1822 ; d. Feb. 7, 1858, in 
Paris Hill, unm. 


Abel^ Livkumore {Abmhavi,^ Daniel,* Datiicl,^ Jo/iii,^ Jclni') 
was born Aug. 10, 1784, in IVlham ; died Sept. 5, 1849, ^^ Ger- 
man, N. Y. ; married May 11, 1806, in Cincinnatus, N. Y., Deb- 
orah Sali-sbury, born July 4, 1790, in Saratoga, N. Y. ; died 
March 24, 185S, in Earlville, N. Y, He was a man of extraor- 
dinary good looks, of great strength and energy ; his brow was 
high ; his eye was blue, bright and piercing ; his nose aquiline 
and prominent, cheeks broad, mouth determined but pleasant, 
chin short and dimpled, skin very light and clear, hair nearly 
black, neck short, shoulders broad, figure straight, his muscular 
system extraordinarily developed; his weight was 196 to 200 
pounds. His chief amusement was in foot racing and in leaping 
over a string stretched in the air ; the greatest height to which 
he could leap was the width of two fingers higher than his own 
head (six feet). In July, 1S06, he bought a lot of land on the 
west side of his father's, in German, N. Y., being part of Lot 
No. 91, containing 23 acres, i rod, 36 perches, and gave S4.00 
per acre. His house was small, made of logs, and closely sur- 
rounded with forest trees. The furniture was almost nothing ; 
blocks for chairs, an old chest for a table, and cooking utensils 
accordingly. The door was a bcd-quilt. The rest of his capital 

Sixth Generation 1 05 

consisted of one cow, a yoke of two-year-old steers, one axe and 
a \y\g. Not many years elapsed before the land was cleared, the 
wolves thai were wont to howl at the door exterminated, and 
competence securetl. He was a noted hunter as well as a 
farmer. Bears, deer and wolves were abundant. He captured 
or killed many of these with the trap and rifle. He was one 
of the many backwoodsmen who sought their fortune on the 
western frontier of the colonies, and became the pioneers of 
western civilization. A large white house nov/ stands on the 
site of his home. 

Children, born in German, N. Y. : 

256. i. Elias,7 b. April 15, 1807. 

ii. Cyrus, b. Nov. 10, iSoS; m. Nov. 15, 1S3S, in Clarkes- 
field, Ohio. His son F. F.^ Li~cnno>-c lived in iJcloit, 

257. iii. Burr, b. Oct. 28, 1810. 

258. iv. Mary, b. July 14, 1S12. 

V. Nancy, b. June 9, 1814 ; d. Dec. 10, 184S, unm,, in 
German, after an illness of ten years of spinal com- 
vi. Lucette, b. Mar. 28, 1816; ni. Mar. 4, 1835, '" German, 
Christopher Leach. 

259. vii. Sally, b. Jan. 27, 1818. 

260. viii. Lark Southgate, b. Oct. 12, 1819. 

261. ix. foamier Kolland, b. July 31, 1822. 

262. X. Samuel Truesdale, b. Mar. 16, 1824. 

xi. Marictte Rougene, b. Mar. 29, 1826; m. Sept. i, 1S57, 

in Earlville, N. Y., Walden A. Pickett, 
xii. Valette A., b. Aug. 4, 1828; d. ^Lly 31, i860, in Earl- 
ville; ni. there Sept. 24, 1849, ^^"^- l^hodes. 
xiii. Elsa Ann, b. Feb. 3, 1832; d. there Jan. 29, 1850; m. 
Sept. 24, 1S49, Franklin S. Barnes, b. in ^Lacdonough, 
N. v.; d. in Pawtucket, R. I. 


CvRUS^ LiVERMORE {Abra/iaiii,^ Daniel,'^ Daniel,^ JoJin,^ John^) 
was born May 28, 1790, in Pelham ; died Oct. 3, 1S54; married 
Sept. 10, 1S12, Anabella Rockv»ell, born May iS, 1792, in 
Lenox; died May 18, 1S40, in Clarkesficld, Ohio. He had a 

I06 Live rni ore Faviily 

farm in German, N. Y., on the noith side of his father's, and 
moved to Ohio in 1S36. 

Children, born in German : > 

i. Louisa,7 b. Sept. i, 18 13; d. July 35, 1S77, in Na.'^hua, 
Iowa, unni. 

263. ii. Ezra, b. Aug. 5, 1S15. 
iii. Emily, b. Mar. 6, iSiS. 

iv. Laura C, b. July 28, 182 1 ; d. Oct. 8, 1S67, unm. 

264. V. Arractt, b. July 8, 1823. 

265. vi. Orson Head, b. Jan. 28, 1826. 

vii. Jackson, b. Feb. 8, 1829; d. Aug. 27, 1893, in Sheridan, 
Oklahorna, unm. 

266. viii. Enieline Percilla, b. Oct. 6, 1832. 

ix. George Ehot, b. Mar. 10, 1834; d. Sept. 13, 1874. 


Martha^ Livermore {Jonas,^ Jonas* Daniel,^ Jofn:,^ John^) 
was born Oct. 23, 176S, in Leicester; married there Feb. 10, 

1790, Samuel, son of Samuel and Martha ( ) Upham of 

Montpelicr, Vt. He died May 12, 1848, in Randolph, Vt., 
aged 87. 

Children (Upham) : 

i. William,^ b. Aug. 5, 1791, in Leicester; d. in Washing- 
ton, D. C, while a Senator in Congress from Vermont. 

ii. Samuel, b. Mar. 26, 1793, in Leicester. 
iii. Patty, b. in 1797. 
iv. Horace, b. in. 1799. 


Salem^ Livermore {Jo/ias,^ Jonas* Daniel,^ John,^ John') 
was born Sept. 26, 1770, in Leicester; died there April 29, 
1858; married there (1) Nov., 1793, Nancy Walker, died there 
March 2, 1838, agjd 62 years; married (2) Jan. 8, 1S39. Ruth, 
daughter of Elisha and Ruth (Eddy) Livermore, born May 12, 
1776, in Auburn; died Nov. 2, 1866, in Oxford. He lived on 
his father's estate in the south part of Leicester, near Auburn, 
and was a carpenter as well as a farmer, and a member of the 

•»J->;; '■ *^* ■ ^>i ••'1 »■ -• 

■ vs.-'-. 











'n Sixth Generation 1 07 

Univcrsalist Church. He was a surveyor of highways in Leices- 
ter in 1S27. 

Children, born in Leicester : _ -i ; , 

267. i. Mary,7b. Aug. 25. 1795. 

ii. Sarah, b. Aug. 31, 1797 ; d. May i, 1827 ; 111. Aug. 10, 
1823, Samuel Boltomly. Child (Boltonily) : Sarah 

Livcrmorc^ b. Jan. 28, 1S27, in Leicester; m. 

Nancy, b. Oct. 13, iSoo. 
Hannah, b. May 21, 1804. 
Thomas, b. Sept. 7, 1805; d, young. 
vi. Seraph, b. April 23, 1809; d. April 4, 1832; m. April 
27, 1828, in I^eicester, James Hollingsworth. 
Salem, twin to Seraph. 

Tamason, b. May 28, 1812; d. Feb. 8, 1840; m. May 
30, 1830, in Leicester, Liberty Beers. Children 
(Beers) : 
.. • I. Tamason,^ d. Dec. 16, 1S37. 

2. Liberty, d. Aug. 4, 1S4S, aged 15 years. 

ix. Jemima, b. Feb. S, 1814; d. there Feb. 25, 1S14. 

X. Moses, b. Mar. 11, 1815; d. there June 20, 1854; m. 
Silence Thompson of East Douglas. Child : Betsey^ 
m. Hall in East Douglas ; he lived on his grand- 
father's place. 

- '. - 121 ". 

Daniel^ Livi^rmore {Jonas,^ Jonas,^ Daniel,^ Jo/in,^ John^) 
was born June lO, 1776, in Leicester; died there Aug. 31, 
1869; married May 28, 1801, in Leicester, Betsey Parker, born 
there Feb. 3, 1777; died there Nov. 2, 1846. He lived on the 
estate of his grandfather Jonas Livermore, near the foot of and 
on the south side of what is known as Livermore Hill ; part of 
the house is still standing. He was a farmer and a Universalis! . 

Children, born in Leicester : 

271. i. Jonas/ b. April 21, 1802. 

ii. Scmantha, b. Jan. 12, 1S04; d. there Nov. 9, iSio. 
iii. Lewis, b. June 2, 1806; d. there Jan. 7, 1807. 
iv. Horace, twin to Lewis; d. there April 29, 1822. 
v. Eliza, b. Mar. 24, 1809. 

272. vi. iNL'ir}-, b. April 26, 181 1. ' 

I08 Live nn ore Faviily 

273. vii. Dionlha, b. Mar, 30, 1S13. ' 

274. viii. Lewis, b. July 31, 1815. 

275. ix. Daniel Parker, b. June 17, 1S18, 


AmGAiL*^ LiVERMORE {David,^ Jouas,^ Daniel,^ John,'' John') 
was born Oct. 27, 1772, in Spencer; died there March 16, 
1842; married there Oct. 16, 1795, Paul Sibley; died there 
March 14, 185 i, aged 82. 

Children (Sibley), born in Spencer : 

276. i. Walter,? b. Jan. 2S, 1797, 

277. ii, Russell, b. Dec. 26, 1798. 

278. iii. Paul, b. Sept. 6, 1S04. 

279. iv. Brigham, b. June 3, 1S07. 


David^ Lt\ekmore {David,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ John,' John') 
was born April 14, 1774, in Spencer; died there Oct. 15, 1852 ; 
married there June 13, 1801, Betsey, daughter of James and 
Lucy (Browning) Watson, born there Aug. 20, 1779 ; died there 
Oct. 28, 1852. He was a selectman of Spencer in 18 12 and 
1 8 19. He was a farmer and was called captain. 

Children, born in Spencer: 

i. Eliiiira,7 b. Oct. 15, 1802 ; d. there July 12, 1803. 
2S0. ii. Winthrop, b. July 21, 1S04. 

281. iii. Lorenzo, b. Oct. i, 1806. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. June 18, 1809 ; ni. IMay 13, 1835, in Spen 
cer, Freeman Uphani. Child (Upham) : Ro^cr,^ lives 
in Worcester. 

282. V. David Dexter, b. Aug. 6, 1S12. 

283. vi. Calista, b. June 25, 1814. 

vii. Elmira, b. Mar, 11, 1820; m. Oct. 27, 1847, in Spencer, 

Daniel, son of Benoni and Lucy ( ) Smith. No 


viii. John, b, in 1824: d. there Sept. 24, 1827, aged 3 years. 

Mary* Livermore {David,^ Joms,* Daniel,^ John,^ John') was 
born Feb. 20, 1778, in Spencer; married April 20, 1797, in 
Spencer, William, son of Asa and Rebecca (Richardson) Bige- 

Sixth Generation 109 

low, born Jan. 15, 1773, in B rook fi eld ; died Feb., 1854, in East 
Boston. (See Bigelow Genealogy.) 

Children (Bigelow), born in Brookfield : • ._ 

i. Lauiinda,7 b, Nov, 23, 179S; m. Lieut, Tilly Muzzy of 

ii, Wiiithrop, b. Oct. 10, 1800; d. Mar. 15, i860, in Paxton. 


Willi.vm'" LivERMoi^E {Diivid,'^ Jouas,^ Daniel,^ Jo/tn,^ John') 
was born Aug. 19, 1783, in Spencer; died there April 6, 1864 ; 
married there (i) Jan. 3, 18 10, Sally, daughter of Nathaniel 
Thomas and Sarah (Wat.son) Loring, born there June 15, 1784; 
died there Oct. 16, 1816; married (2) Aug. 18, 1839, Ruth 
Aldridgc of Uxbridge. He was a colonel in the militia. 

Children, born in Spencer : 

i. Lydia Ann Loring,? b. Sept. 11, 181 1 ; d. there Sept. 7, 
284, ii. ^L'^ria, b, June 14, 1813. 


Walton*^ Livekmore {David,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ John,^ John') 
was born June 15, 1786, in Spencer; died there July 13, 1S35 ; 
married there June 7, 181 3, Mary White, born there June 7, 
1787 ; died there Nov. 28, i860. He was a merchant; justice 
of the peace in 1835; representative to the General Court in 
1S31 ; town treasurer 1822-25 ; selectman in 1826-28, and '31 ; 
assessor in Spencer in 1S29. 

Children, born in Spencer : 

2S5. i. William White,7 b, Sept. 16, 1814. 

ii. John Wahon, b. June 22, 1817; d. there June 11, 1S43. 

286. iii. George Henry, b. July 28, 1819. 

iv. Edward, b. Sept. 18, 1821 ; m. Feb. iS, 185S, Anne Post, 
widow of his brother, William White Livermore. 

287. V. Charles Prcderick, b. July 4, 1824. 

vi. Mar)- Eliza, b. Mar. 3, 1826; m. there Feb. 22, 1S53, 
George Frederick, son of Jeremiah and Hannah (Xyc) 
Grout, b. there Aug. 25, 1S25. Child (Grout), b. in 
Spencer: Edward Livermore^ \>. Nov. 14, 1S55. 

J 10 Livcrmore Family 

vii. Esther While, b. April i6, 1.S2S ; d. there April 2, 1843. 
viii. Sarah Annette, b. Dec. 28, 1S31. 


Anna*^ Livermore {IMvid,^ Jonas,* Da7iicl\-^JoJm,^John')\\^% 
born Aug. 3, 17S9, in Si)cnccr ; died there Jan. 24, 1S29; mar- 
ried there July 3, TS25, James Green, born there April 28, 1791, 
died there July 3, 182S. 

Children (Green), boin in Spencer : 

i. John,7 b. June 5, 1S26 ; lives in Worcester, 
ii. Ann Eliza, b. . 


Lorenzo Osborne^ Livermore {David,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ 
John, ^ John') was born April 29, 1804, in Spencer; died there 
Aug. 30, i860; married there May 6, 1840, Chloe Dunbar, 
daughter of Joshua and Mrs. Lydia (Hatch-Prouty, widow of 
William Prouty) Pemis, born there April i, 1820, and is still 
living there ; she is a second cousin of Elias Howe, the inventor 
of the sewing machine. Lorenzo was a house builder and mill 
owner in Spencer. 

Children, born in Spencer : 

288. i. Walton,? b. Feb. 28, 1 84 1. 

2S9. ii. Albert, b. Sept. 3, 1843. 

iii. Frances, b. July 24, 1846; m. July 25, 1S71, in Cam- 
bridge, William Augustine Stone of Worcester ; she 
lives with her mother. 


SlL.\s^ Livermore {ElisJia,'^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ Johu,^ John') was 
"born March 28, 17S1, in Auburn; died Jan. 31, 1S20, in Lisle, 
N. Y. ; married Dec. 21, 1805, in Worcester, Martha, daughter 
•of Amos and Sarah (Swift) Putnam, born Oct. 25, 178 1, in Sut- 
ton ; died Oct. 3, 1852, in Worcester. He was a farmer and 
card maker and lived in several towns, finally emigrating from 
Spencer to Lisle. 

Children : 

i. Elsie,7 b. Oct. 25, 1S06, in Leicester; d. Oct., iSSi, in 

Sixth G cue ration 1 1 1 

ii, Julia, b. May lo, 1809, in Greenwich; m. (i) in 1832, 
George C. Whipple of Providence, l-l. I., d. 1852 ; nu 
(2) June 20, 1S57, Elisha Doublcday; she lived in 
North Dana. 

290. iii. Silas, b. Mar. 15, 1S12, in Oxford. 

iv. Sarah, b. Sept. 9, 1815, in Leicester; in. William Camp- 
bell of Worcester. 'JVo children. 

291. V. Elisha Swift, b. July 1, 1820, in Lisle. 

130 ■ ■ '" : . 

Paul^ Livermoke {Elisha,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ John, '^ Johti') was 
born June 28, 17S3, in Auburn; died May 9, 1869, in Provi- 
dence, R. I. ; married March 16, 1808, in Leicester, Sally, daugh- 
ter of James Snow, died Dec. 6, 1875, in Millbury, aged 84 
years. He first settled on the homestead in O.xford, where he 
built a new house in 18 12. He emigrated to IJsle, N. Y., re- 
turning later to Millbury and then to Providence. 

Children : 

292. i. Louisa,7 b. Oct. 10, 1808, in Oxford. 

ii. Addison, b. Dec. 9, iSio, in Oxford; m. Susan Part- 
ridge, who d. May 14, 1869, in Providence, aged 55 
iii. Edwin, b. Jan. 21, 1813, in Oxford; d. Jan. 5, 1871, in 
Millbury ; m. Mercy, dau. of Josiah and Betsey (Davis) 
Hume of Millbur)-, b. May 26, 1813, in New Salem; 
d. Feb. 20, 1879. 
iv. Persis, b. Jan. 8, 181 5, in Oxford; m. in 1837, Hiram 
Kenncy, b. Dec. 30, 18 14, in Millbury. No children. 
V. Roxana, b. Nov. 16, 1S16, in Oxford. 

vi. Mar}- Amanda, b. . 

vii. Chauncey, b. in 1S22 ; m. Jan. 6, 1S46, in Worcester, 

Catherine, dau. of William Wesson, b. in 18 12. 

J^VDiA^' LiVERMORE {E/is/ui,^ Jonas* Daniel,^ John,'' John') was 
born l^^eb. 2, 1786, in Auburn; died before i860, in Champion, 
N. Y. ; married Jan. 17, 1807, in Auburn, Daniel, son of Daniel 
and Cliloe (White) Fitts, born Jan. 6, 1785, in Oxford; died 
Dec, 1879, in Champion. They moved to Champion after hav- 
ing lived in CharU«ni, Oxford and Auburn. 

112 Livctmorc Fcnuily 

Children (Fitts) : 

i. Tirzah,? b. Mny ii, iSo8; m. Price Stoddard. 

ii. Emeline, b. April 9, iSio; n\. Orson Merrill. 

iii. Dianlha, b. Mar. 24, 1813; m. Waite. 

iv. Lorinda, b. April ii, 1816 ; in. Mcrriani. 

V. Elisha Livcnnore, b. Jan. iG, 1819; d. April 11, 1S19. 


Lucy'' Liver more {Elishu,^ Jonas,'' Daniel,^ John,- John') was 
born Sept. 16, 1802, in Auburn; died Oct. 9, 1S.S2 ; married 
Sept. 17, 1820, in O.xford, Calvin, son of Nathaniel and Susanna 
(Greenwood) Stockwell, born in 1797, in Sutton, died April i, 
1841. They settled at the Livermore place, near the Gore and 
Auburn line in Oxford. 

Children (Stockwell) ; 

i. Tirzah,? b. Mar. 9, 1822 ; m. 1845, Marcus Bond. d. 

April 28, 1879. No children, 
ii. Albert, b. Jan, 24, 1827; m. June 13, 1847, Olivia .A., 

dau. of Smith Bruce, settled in Providence, R. I. 

Child: ^//,:,^ b. Oct., 1 85 1. 
iii. Lucian, b. Feb. 2, 1829; d. in 1888; m. (ij in 1S45, 

Ruth Comstock of Charlton; m. (2) Abby Williams 

of Sutton. Children (Stockwell) : 

1. it/t-Z/j-w,* b. Sept., 1845 , m. Spencer Jenks ; settled at Wor- 

cester, where she died. 

2. Mary Livermore, h. in 1S47 ; m. in 18S2, Hall, and 

settled in Boston. 

3. Fred Livermore, b. ; d. young. 

iv. Lucy Ann, b. April 23, 1830; m. George Rich. 

Isaac* Livermore {ElijaJi,^ Isaac,* Datiicl,'^ John,'' Jo/i;t') was 
born June 16, 1792, in Shutcsbury- ; died March 10, 1S69, in 
Peru; married Dec. 20, 1S23, in Cummington, Betsey Bates, 
born there Jan. 20, 1797. He was a tanner, then a coop.r and 
afterwards a farmer. 
Children : 

i. Rachel Bates,? b. July 26, 1S25, in Northampton; d. 
there Dec. 25, 1825. 

Sixth Generation 


ii, Jane Amelia, b. April 10, 1827, in Northampton; m. 

May, 1S65, Rodney Beniibs of Ohio. No children, 
iii. Calvin Willard, b. Sept. 1, 1829, in l^evtrcU; d. there 

Mar. 4, 1832. 
iv. Sarah Aurelia, b. Jan. 28, 1S32, in Leverctt. 
V. Elijah Mdvin, b. Mar. 28, 1S34, in Shutesbury ; m. Mar. 

18, 1S72, Mattie Haskell of Peru. No children, 
vi. Isaac Bemiss, b. May 28, 1836, in Shutesbury; d. there 

July 3, 1836. 
vii. Russell Tinker, b. April 28, 1839, in Hinsdale; d. there 

Mar. 10, 1850. 

293. viii. Mary Elizabeth, b. July 24, 1S42, in Hinsdale. 


Henry^ Livekmore {ElijaJi,'' Isaac,'- Daniel,^ John,^ John') was 
born April 24, 1796, in Shutesbury; died Nov. 14, 1841, in 
Pittsfield ; married July 4, 1S22, in Cummington, Electa Bates, 
born there about 1802 ; died in 1844, in Walerbury, Conn. 

Children : 

i. Betsey Aurelia,' b, April, 1823, in Chester; d. in 1S45, 
in Waterbury. 

294. ii. Chester Watson, b. Mar., 1828, in Cunmiington. 

iii. Rachel Cordelia, b. in 1831, in Cummington ; d. in 1853, 
in New York; m. Paul Dwight Reed, of Cummington. 
Child (Reed): Fhra Cordelia^ b. in 1851, in Spring- 

iv. Lyman Strong, b. Aug.. 1834, in Cummington; d. Oct., 


Lyman^ Livermore {Elijah,^ Isaac,* Daniel,^ John,'' John^) 
was boin July 26, 1799, ^^ Shutesbury; died in 1S83, in Charle- 
mont ; married in 1S23, Elizabeth Eveleth, born June, 1796. 

Children : 

295. i. Henr)' Martin,? b, Jan. 17, 1S24, in Amherst. 

ii. Abigail Frances, b. Oct., 1825, in Northampton; m. 

Nov. 29, 1877, Mi^rshnll Phipps, a widower, and lived 

in Charlemont. No children, 
iii. Charles Lyman, b. June, 1828, in Cummington; m. twice, 

and lived in Vermont. 

114 Livcrviorc Family . , 

iv. Adeline Cooley, b. 1S30, in Cuinmington ; d. llieie in 

V. Sumner Willard, b. Dec, 1833, in Cummin^lon; d. there 
Aug. 30, 1850; he was a farmer, and unm. 

vi. Cooley Newton, b. Jan., 183.S, in Hawley ; d. Oct. 8, 
1883, in Charlemont. 

vii. William Russell, b. Feb., 1840, in Hawley; hij widow 
lived in Charlemont. 


M.\KT1N^ LiVERMORE {Elijah,^ Isaac* Daniel,^ John,^ John) 
was born April 10, 1804, in Shutcsbury ; died Feb. 25, 1S70, in 
Hinsdale; married in 1S27, in Cummington, Mehitable, daugh- 
ter of Luther and Hetty Bates, born Nov. 3, 1807. in Cumming- 
ton ; died Aug. 2S, 18S4, in Windsor. He was a carpenter. 

Children : 

i. William Edwin, 7 b. April, 1831, in .Shutesbury ; d. Oct. 

1, 1853, in Hinsdale. 

ii. Mary Evans, b. Feb., 1S33, in Shutesbuiy ; m. June 24, 
1857, William Miller, of Washington. Xo children. 
They lived in Windsor. 
iii. Martin Willard, b. Jan., 1838, in Shutesbury; d. Dec. 9, 
1852, in Hinsdale. 
296. iv. Martha Jane, b. Aug., 1843, in Plainfield. 

V. Rachel Emma, b. Dec. 22, 1845, in Plainfield ; m. Jan. 

2, 1869, Perr)', son of Nicholas and Mary (Bidwell) 
Hogoboom, of Hin-.dale, b. in 1S35, ^^ Oneonta, N. Y. 
They lived in Dalton. Child (Hogoboom) : 

1, Helen,' b. April, 1S75. 
vi. Charles Henry, b. Feb. 9, 1849, i" Plainfield; d. there 
Aug. I, 1849. 

^ ' 137 
CHnsTER*^ LiVERMORE (Elija)i,^ Isaac* Daniel,'^ Jo/ui,' John') 
was born April 25, 1808, in Shutesbury; died Jan. 6, 1S67, in 
Northampton; married Nov. 17, 1836, in Shutesbury, J^etsey 
Stevenson, daughter of David and Margaret Pratt, born there 
July 7, 1809; died June 15, 1S76, in Northampton. She was a 
granddaughter of Eunice Garfield, one of three women captured 

Sixth Generation 115 

by Indians, of which history gives account. He learned the car- 
penter's trade while young", and after removing to Hinsdale, 
carried on that business for fourteen years, and then for several 
years changed his occupation to farming, in the towns of Worth- 
ington and Peru. 
Children : 
297. i. Orrln Elijah.^ b. Nov. 28, 1837, in liinsdale. 

ii. David Emmons, b. April 4, 1839, in Washington, unm. ; 
he was a public school teacher, and afterwards book- 
keeper in Northampton. 
29S. iii. Miriani Adaline, b. Jan. 4, 1841, in Hawley. 

iv, Frances Lucinda, b. May 7, 1S43, in Hinsdale; m. 
Edward Skillings of East Bridgewater, and lived in 
V. Sarah Marinda, b. July 31, 1848, in Hinsdale; d. there 
Feb. 5, 1S49. 


Edmund^ Livermore {Daniel,^ Edmund,^ Samuel,^ Savvtel,'^ 
Jo/ui') was born Aug. 16, 1769, in Brimfield ; died June 30, 
1834, in Wilmington, Vt. ; married Dec. i, 1795, in Brookfield, 
Dorothy Foster, born there March 22, 1776 ; died June 2, 1842, 
in Wilmington, where he kept a tavern for a time and also 
a farmer. 

Children, born in Wilmington : 

i. Semantha,7 b. ^^ay 28, 179S; d. there Sept. 9, 179S. 

299. ii. Daniel, b. June 30, 1799. 

iii. Susan, b. Mar. 27, 1801 ; d. m 1878, in Toledo, Ohio; 
m. April 18, 1824, Joel Nye of Toledo, Ohio, b. Feb. 
II, 1799, in Brookfield, N. Y. They had two sons 
(Nye) : David"^ and Du'ight. 

300. iv. Alonzo, b. Feb. 25, 1803. 

v. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 20, 1S05; m. Dec. 7, 1826, in Wil- 
mington, Ira Adams, b. Feb. 3, 1S03; d. Sept. 19, 
1852. Their dau. (Adams) Cynthia,^ m. Daniel Cush- 
man. whose dau.9 is the wife of Frank Walker of 
Champaign, 111. 
vi. Semaniha, b. June 2, 1807; m. Mar. 5, 1854. James, 
son of Medad and Elizabeth (Hale) Smith of Wil- 
mington, b. there Oct. 19, 1796. No children. 

Il6 Livcrmorc Family 

vii. Edmund Randolph, b. May 28, 1S08; d. Nov. 11, 1S31, 
'^ while a student in Dartmouth College. 

viii. Pamelia Foster, b. Mar. 21, 1811; m. May 14, 1S50, 
Reuben, son of Joseph and Iluldah Spencer of Wil- 
mington, b. there Dec. 26, 1S21. No children, 
ix. Cynthia, b. Mar. 23, 1813; d. Oct. iS, 1S30. 

301. X. Jairus, b. Feb. 7, 1S15. 

xi. Harriet Newell, b. May 10, 1817 ; d. Aug. 31, 1838. 

302. xii. Henry Dwight, b. Mch. 7, 1820, 


Daniel^ Livekmore {Daniel,^ Edvinnd,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ 
John^) was born Jan. 23, 1771, in Brimfiekl ; died April 9, 18 13, 
in Sangerficld, N. Y. ; married Dec. 24, 1795, in Wilmington, 
Vt., Sally, daughter of Jonathan Bassett, born there July 10, 
1776; died March 19, 1S48, in Sangerfield, to which place 
they moved soon after marriage. 

Children, born in Sangerficld : 

\ i. Almira,7 b, Oct. 6, 1796; d. there May 3, 1865. 

303. ii. ^^elinda, b. 179S. 

304. iii. Daniel, b. June 19, 1801. 

305. iv. Aranus, b. Aug. 30, 1803. 

306. V. Oraniel, b. Sept. 20, 1806. 

307. vi. James, b. Oct. 2, iSio. 

vii. Sally, b. Oct. 3, 1S12; died there Mar. 23, 1S29. 


Samuel^ Livekmore {Daniel,^ Edmund,^ Samuel,'^ Savtucl,^ 
Join:') was born Sept. 18, 1774, in Brirafield ; died April 5, 1831, 
in Independence, N. Y. ; married Dec. i, 1796, in Wilmington, 
Vt., Hannah Bassett, born May 21, 177S, in Hardwick ; died 
March 24, 1838, in Independence. 

Children : 

308. i. John Pierce,? b. Feb. 11, 1798, in Wilmington. 

309. ii. Samuel, b. Mar. 21, 1800, in Wilmington. 

310. iii. Sally, b. July 20, 1S02, in Sangertield. N. Y. 
iv. Adaline, b. Nov. 3, 1S04, in Sangerfield. 

311. V. Edmund, b. April 9, 1806, in Sangerfield. 

Sixth Couration wj 

vi. Slocum, b. May 17, iSoS, in IJrookfield, N. Y. ; 
ni. Jan. 14, 1830, Amanda Clarke. He was a fanner, 
and settled in Independence. He was a deacon and a 
prominent member of the Seventli Day Baptist Church. 
No children. 
312. vii. Manin, b. Sept. iS, iSjo, in Brookfield. 

•in girls, b. Nov. 7, 1S12, in Brookfield. 

viii. ) ,,, 
\ Iwi 

IX. ) 

313. X. Brig<2;s Bassett, b. Feb. 19, 18 15, in Brookfield. 

314. xi. Barbara, b. June 2, 1S17, in Brookfield. 

315. xii. Theodore, b. Feb. 9, 1819, in Brookfield. 

xiii. Maxson Green, b. Mar. 14, 1823, in Brookfield; d. Nov. 
29, 1846, in Andover, N. Y. ; m. April 5, 1845, ^'^^^ 
issa Crandall Clarke. No children. 


Abxek* Livekmore {Daniel,^ Edmund,'^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ 
John') was born I3cc. 15, 1777, in Brimfield ; died Jan. 26, 1857, 
in Jackson, Mich., buried with Masonic honors; married (i) Jan. 
I, iSoo, in Wilmington, Vt., Melinda Bassett, born there Feb. 
28, 1781 ; died April 5, 1816, in Sangerfield, N. Y. ; married 
(2) Nov. 27, 1 8 16, in Springfield, N. Y., Sarah Smith, born 
July 13, 1781, in Hebron, N. Y. ; died Aug. 19, 1835, in 
Rochester, Mich. Soon after his first marriage he moved from 
Wilmington to Waterville, N. Y., where he became a man of 
local prominence as teacher, merchant and pension agent under 
the general government. He was a soldier in the War of 1S12. 
In 1829 he lived in Hornell.'^ville, N. Y. 

Children, born in Sangerfield, N. Y. : 

316. i. John SafFord,7 b. Jan. 17, 1801. 

ii. Lucinda, b. Feb. iS, 1S03; d. there Nov. 28, 1809. 
iii. Samantha, b. Sept. 3, 1804; d. there Sept. 15, 18 19. 
iv. James Clinton, b. April i6, 1807 ; d. in Beardstown, 111. 

V. Melinda Bunce, b. Jan. 7, 1809; m. May i, 1823, in 
Hornellsville, N. Y., ^lovey Thatcher. Six children. 
vi. Clarinda, twin to Melinda; d. Mar. 3, iSio. 

317. vii. Fidus, b. July 21, iSii. 
viii. Lucinda, b. Feb. i, 1S14. 

ix. Abner Bassett, b. Mar. 31, 1S16; d. Sept. 24, 1S47, in 
Rochester, Mich. 

Il8 Live mw re Favii/y 

: ^ \ X. Eliza C, b. Mar. S, iSiS; d. Oct. 27, 18S0, in Orange- 
ville, Mich. 

318. xi. llariict Khoda, b. July 17, 1S21. 


James*^ LlVERMOKE {Datitcl,^ Echnund* Savincl,^ Samuel,^ 
John^) was born Nov. 27, 1786, in Wilmington, \'t. ; died Dec. 
18, 1843, in Sangerfield, N. Y. ; married (i) Nov. 2, 1S07, 
Polly Tiffany, born Dec. 15, 178S, in Black River, N. Y. ; died 
Feb. 26, 1825, in Sangerfield; married (2) Nov. 20, 1825, in 
Sangcrfield, Eunice Wood Stafford, born May 20, 1796, in Mass- 
achusetts ; died Aug. 15, 1S70, in Butler, N. Y. He was a 
Methodist class leader, and the meetings were held in his house ; 
he was also a farmer. PI is death was the result of a cold caught 
by not having his overcoat on, while taking a load of coal (found 
on his farm) into Utica, N. Y. 

Children, born in Sangerfield : 

i. Abner,7 b. Sept. 24, 180S; d. Xov. 3, 1847, '^ Sanger- 
•- field; m. Kelsey Riley. Child: Mary} 

ii. John Tiffany, b. Jan. 23, 18 10; d. there Mar. 2^, 1S31, 

iii. Alpha, b. April 9, 1S13; d. Oct. 7, 18S6, in Madison, 
N. Y. ; m. (i) Nancy Brown, of Madison; m. (2) 
Nancy McHard. Children : Belinda Francis^ Caroline, 
"' ■ Adelaide, Ella. 

319. iv. James, b. Aug. 25, 1814. 

v. Wesley, b. April 20, 1820; d. May 17, 1S25. 

320. vi. Eunice Stafford, b. Sept. 20, 1S22. 

321. vii. Joseph Wesley, b. Dec. 21, 1S28. 

322. viii. Polly, b. Nov. 14, 1831. 

323. ix. Ruth, b. Jan. 28, 1S35. 

X. George Wood, b. Dec. 21, 1836; d. Sept. 17, 1S39. 

Jonas* Livermoke {Olircr,^ Olive?;* Daniel,^ Saviucl,^ JoJui') 
was born Feb. 27, 176S, in Shirley; died Oct., 1822, in 
Marietta, Ohio; married March 29, 1796, in Shirley, Mary, 
daughter of Capt. John and Mary (Park) Kelsey. born there 
April 14, 1776; died July 22, 1823, in Marietta. He was a 
selectman in Shirley, during the five years preceding his re- 

Sixth Gcncratio)i JI9 

nioval to the West. On Wednesday evening, Oct. 26, 1814, 
he and Mr. Warner, with their families, set out for Ohio, and 
went as far as his wife's father's that night. The next day, they 
proceeded on their journey to Marietta, where he and his wife 
passed the rest of their lives, and after their deaths the chil- 
dren moved to Illinois. 

Children, the youngest born in Marietta, the others in Shirley : 

324. i. Jonas/ b. Jan. i, 1797. 

325. ii. Oliver, b. June 27, 1798. 

iii. John, b. June 24, iSoo; d. there Feb. 6, iSio. 

326. iv. Andrew Park, b. June 10, 1S06. 

V. Walter, b. Aug. 23, 1810; d. there Dec., 18 10. 
vi. Mary, b. Sept. 8, 1816; m. Oct., 1S38, Derrick Fuller. 

She lived in Koseville, 111., in 1S78. Child (Fuller):. 

A son^ b. Nov. 6, 1839. 

William^ Ljvermore {Oliver,^ Oliver,"- Daniel,^ Samuel,'' 
John'') was born June 23, 1770, in Shirley ; died March 2, 1846, 
in Groton ; married April 21, 1799, Betsey Buckley, daughter of 
Amos and Abigail (Buckley) Ames of Groton, born Dec. 10, 
1776 ; died July 26, 1861. In the earlier part of his life he was 
a carpenter and builder, but afterwards devoted himself to agri- 
culture; he represented Groton in the State Legislature in 1829 
and 1830. 

Children, born in Groton : 

i. C?therine,7 b. June 15, iSoo; d. there April 9, 1877, 

ii. Daniel, b. May 18, 1S02 ; d. there Aug. 28, 1S02. 

327. iii. William, b. July 9, 1S03. 

328. iv. Daniel, b. Mar. 26, 1S05. 

329. V. Nathaniel, b. Mar. 8, 1S07. 

vi. Luther, b. Feb. 17, 1809; d. May 24, 1834. 

330. vii. Betsey, b. Aug. 29, 1811. 

David^ Livermoke {Oliver,^ Oliver,'' Daniel,^ Savutel,^ John') 
was born Dec. ro, 1778, in Shirley; died Nov. 21, 1866, in Ayer; 
married Feb. 28, 1800, in Shirley, Lucinda, daughter of Capt. 

I20 Livcnnorc Family 

John and Mary (Park) Kelscy, born there Aug. 21, 1780; died 
there Oct. 4, 1847. He was a farmer and a selectman of vShir- 
ley in 1812, and town treasurer in 1S33. In 1834 he was the 
candidate of the Masonic i)arty for rei)resentative to the Slate 
Legislature, but was defeated and would not allow his name to 
be used the second time. 
Children, born in Shirley : 

i. Sally,7 b. Dec. 16, iSoo; d. there Sept. 24, 1S43, uiim. 

331. ii. Lucinda, b. Sept. 19, 1802. 

332. iii. Catherine, b. Nov. 1 1, 1806. 

iv. David Bond, b. Aug. 2, 1S08 ; d. Feb. 27, 1892, in Wor- 
cester; m. June 15, 1850, Pcrsis \V. P>ans, of Rock- 
ingham, Vt. ; he was for several years a merchant and 
postmaster of Townsend. Child, born in Rockingham : 
I. Charles Bond,^ b. April 8, 1S52 ; d. June 6, 1S66. 

ZZZ' ^'' J'^'^G Park, b. Dec. 2, iSii. 

334. vi. Charles, b. I\Iar. 24, 1814. 

335. vii, Margaret, b. Oct. 25, 1819. 

viii. Lucy Huse, b. Oct. 2, 1822 ; d. there Dec. 26, 1846 ; she 
was a braider of palm leaf. 

Jonathan^ Livermore {Oliver,^ Oliver^'' Daniel,^ Samuel,'^ 
Johii") was born Jan. lo, 17S1, in Shirley; died Jan. 24, 1S45, 
in Boston ; married June 2, 18 16, in Boston, Susan Platts, died 
there Jan. 12, 1S31, aged 49 years. He was a carpenter. 

Children, born in Boston : 
■;'. • i. Jonathan,^ b. May 2, 1817 ; d. there April 13, 1878. 

ii. Susan Platts, b. April 28, 1820; d. there May 20, 1840. 
iii. Lucy, b. June i8, 1822 ; d. there April 2, 1840. 


Amos*' Livermore {Amos,^ Oliver,'^ Daniel,^ Samuel,'' John') 
was born Sept. 30, 1764, in Watertown ; died there Nov. 17, 
1 841 ; married June 4, 1795, in VValthara, Hannah, daughter of 
John and Lydia (Hagar) Sanderson, born May 22, 177 1, in 
Waltham; died July 11, 1S40, in Watertown. He was a car- 
penter, tanner and farmer, and a selectman of Watertown in 
1806. .. ..j,-^, : V. 

•' Sixt/t Generation 12 1 

Children, born in Wateriown : 
335a. i. Lucy,7 b. June 14, 1796. 

336. ii. Thomas, b. May 30, 1798. 

iii. Hannah, b. July 29, 1800; d. there July 30, 1888. 

iv. Eliza, b. May 27, 1S03 ; d, Aug. 6, 18S7, in Andover. 

V. Amos Henry, b. Feb. 6, 1806; d. Nov. 2, 1839, in 
Natchitoches, near New Orleans, La. He was a yeo- 
man of Watertown, and held the office of ensign in 
the State militia in 182S; by frequent promotions he 
became lieut.-colonel in 1833; he became a member 
of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 
182S, and was fourth sergeant in 1831 ; he was hon- 
orably discharged from the Artillery company, April 
22, 1S33. 

337. vi. Grace Sanderson, b. Mar. 29, 1S09. 

338. vii. Mar}' Anna Dana, b. July 4, iSii. 

viii. Adeline Maria, b. May 21, 1S15; d. Jan. 5, 1S45, ^^ 
Boston; m. Mar. 6, 1S44, in Watertown, William H. 
Pratt, of Boston. Child (Pratt), born in Boston: 
I. Addic Maria,^ b. Dec. 30, 1S44 ; m. Eben Dunbar, of Cam- 

ix. Harriet, b. Mar. 2, 1817 ; d. there July 21, 1820. 


Hepzibaii'' Livermore {Ainos,^ Oliver,'^ Daniel,^ Savme/,'- 
JoJni') was born April 5, 1771, in Watertown; married there 

Dec. 31, 1795, Joshua, son of Christopher and Sarah ( ) 

Grant, born there Nov. 17, 1763 ; died there May 23, 1802. 
Children (Grant), born in Watertown : 

i. Joshua/ b. Nov. 25, 1796; d. Feb. 15, 1844, unm. 
ii. Hepzibah, b. Oct, 24, 1798; m. April 12, i8i8, Timothy 
Cotting of West Cambridge, b. Nov. 10, 1793; d. 
April 26, 1872. No children, 
iii. Charles, b. Sept. 20, iSoo; d. there Oct. i, 1S02. 
iv. Sarah Clark, b. Jan. 6, 1803; m. Thomas, son of Amos 
and Hannah (Sanderson) Livermore. 


Elisha* Livermore {Ainos,'^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ Samuel,'' Jolui') 
was born Oct. 22, 1773, in Watertown ; died there Jan. 6, 1862 ; 
married Nov. 25, 1S02, in Watertown, Hannah, daughter of 

122 Livcrmarc Family 

Joseph and Hannah (Smitli) IJright, born there Aug. 29, 17S3. 
He was a farmer. 

Children, born in Watcrtown : 

339. i. Elisha,7 b. June 17, 1804. 

ii. Samuel Bright, b. July 25, iSg6. 
iii. Jane Ann, b. Dec. 22, 1808. 


Jonathan'' Livkkmore {Joiiat/iaji,^ Oliver,'^ Dauicl,^ Saviucl,'- 
John^) was born April 12, 1787, in l^righton ; died there March 
29, 1829; married there May 5, iSoS, Eunice, daughter of 
Samson and Lois (Parker) Claflin, born Sept. 25, 17S3, in 
Hopkinton ; died June i, 1866, in }?righton. He was a tanner 
and a member of the school committee there in 1821, '25 and '28. 

Children, born in Brighton : 

340. i. Charles,? b. Jan. 26, 1809. 

341. ii. Jonathan, b. Nov. i, iSio. 

iii. Elijah, b. April 7, 1812; d. May 13, 1865, in Boston; 
m. April i, 1838, in Boston, Ann Olivia, dau. of John 
and Olivia Kennedy, b. there June, 1814; d. there 
May 3, 1880. No children, 

342. iv. Aaron, b. Nov. 5, 1813. 

V. Isaac, b. Aug. 8, 1S15 ; d. Jan. i, 1S66, in Boston. 

343. vi. Eunice, b. Feb. 1, 1817. 

344. vii. William, b. July 2, 1S19. 

viii. Walter, b. Mar. 28, 1S22 ; d. there July 26, 1823. 
ix. Walter, b. Sept. 19, 1834; d. there Oct. 8, 1826. 

Saraji^ LlVERMORE {Jonathan,^ Oliver,'^ Daniel,^ SaviKcI,' 
Jo/in') was born Sept. 7, 17S8, in Brighton ; died Sept. 20, 1854, 
in Cambridge; married May 13, 18 19, in Cambridge, Jabez 
Fisher, born May 7, 1780; died there Nov. 30, 1S45. 
Children (Fisher), born in Cambridge : 

345. i. George,' born Feb. 15, 1S20. 

ii. Sarah, b. Dec. 1, 1821 ; d. there Aug. 5, 1823. 

346. iii. Jabez, b. April 20, 1S24. 

iv. Sarah Livermore, b. May 26, 1S26 ; d. there Sept. 26, 

Sixth Generation 123 

V. Oliver, b. Dec. 19, 1S29; d. there Aug. 9, 1S30. 
vi. Benjamin Franklin, b, Feb. 33, 1832; d. there Oct. 18, 


Oliver^ Livermore {Jonat/ian,^ Oliver,* Daniel,''' Samuel* 
Jvlin') was burn May 22, 1790, in Brighton; died there Jan. 23, 
1865; married there May 7, 1S18, Lois, daughter of Samson 
and Lois (Parker) ClaHin, born Oct. 30, 1794, in Hopkinton ; 
died April 29, 18S1, in Cambridge. 

Children, born in Brighton : 

347. i. Oliver Willard,^ b. April 2, 1819. 

348. ii. Lois, b. Sept. 23, 1820. 

iii. Francis Henry, b. June 3, 1S24; d. there Oct. 13. 1827; 
iv. George Albert, b. Sept. 27, 1S26; d. there May 12, 1828. 

349. V. George Francis, b. June 21, 1830. 


Lucv^ Livermore {Jonathan,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ Samuel,'' 
John') wdii^ born Sept. 29, 1792, in Brighton; died there Jan. 
20, 1867; married there April 11, 1S16, Cephas Brackett, born 
there Sept. 21, 1789; died there June 6, 1863. 

Children (Brackett), born in Brighton : 

i. Lucy ,7 b. April 24, 1S17 ; d. unm. 
ii. Martha Ann, b. Dec. 14, iSig; d, Dec. 7, 1875; m. 

George S. Dowse. 
iii. Mary Livermore, b. Mar. 2, 1823; m. l^enj. Fernald 

iv. Cephas Henry, b. Jan. 19, 1826; m. Louisa Thwing 

Pierce. (See Thwing Genealog)'.) 
V. Albert, b. April 20, 1S28; m. Mary Adaline Stone. 

Martha^ Livermore {Jonathan,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ Samuel,' 
John') was born Sept. 7, 1794, in Brighton; died Oct. 10, 1877, 
in East Cambridge; married May 29, 1S23, Thomas, son of 
Maj. Samuel and Lydia (Nelson) Hastings, born I\Lay 22, 1787, 
in Lincoln; died Aug. 14, 1S66, in East Cambridge. 

124 Livcrmorc Family 

Children (Hastings) : 

350. i. Martha RobI)ins/ b. Aug. 31, 1824. 

351. ii. Thomas Nelson, b. Dec, 9, 1825. 

iii. Mary Frances, b. Dec. 20, 1827 ; d. Aug. 30, 1829. 

iv. Mar)' Frances, b. July 23, 1S30; m. July 18, 1854, 

Mason G., son of Ebenezer Parker of East Cambridge. 

No children. 
V. Francina Augusta, b. May 23, 1832 ; ni. Henry Whitney, 

who had previously married her sister Martha. 
vi. Lcander Newtun, b. Aug. 2, 1834; d. April 20, 1853, 

on the passage of the ship Robert C. W'inthrop from 

Calcutta to IJoston. 
vii. Alphonzo \\'inthrop, b. Mar. i, 1S36; d. Jan. 17, 1SS6; 

m. Mar. 19. 1863, Arabella L., dau. of William H. 

Lunt of East Cambridge ; he was a merchant in 



George^ Livermore {JonatJian,^ Oliver,'^ Daniel,'^ Savnicl,^ 
John') was born Sept. 21, 179S, in Brighton; died there Oct. 17, 
1S67; married there April 30, 1833, Sarah Fisher, daughter of 
Willard and Abigail Brigliam, born May 5, 1809, in Marlboro; 
died May 6, 18S5, in Brighton. He resided in Brighton, having 
bought his father's homestead ; he was a member of the Legis- 
lature in 1833-35, and a selectman of Ikighton in 1837. 

Children, born in Brighton : 

352. i. Sarah Fisher, 7 b. April 23, 183^. 

353. ii. George Urigham, b. May 11, 1S36. 

354. iii. Henry Munroc, b. Jan. 5, 1S41. 


Elizabeth^ Livermore {Joiiatha>i,> Oliver,* Daniel,^ Sam- 
Kcl,^ John') W2is born Oct. 30, 1800, in Brighton; died there 
Jan. II, 1S90; married Nov. 29, 1827, in Brighton, Stephen 
Hastings, son of Elias and Sarah (Hastings) Bennett, born Feb. 
3, 1800, in East Boylston ; died April 21, 1868, in Brighton. 
Children (Bennett), born in Brighton : 

i. Eliza Althina.- b. Sept. 11, 1S29; d. there Aug. 18, 
1853, unm. ,. 

Sixth Generation 1 25 

ii, Sarah Amanda, b. Mar. 27, 1833 ; m. Oct. 30, 1854, in 
Brighton, William Frederic, son of William Perkins 
and Catherine (Plunmicr) Matchctt, b. July 17, 1832, 
in Lrighton. 

355. iii. Stephen Dexter, b. July 15, 1838. 


Grace^ LiVEKMOKE {Moscs,^ NiitJiaiiiel,'' TJioinas,^ Samuel,* 
JoJtn') was born May 5, 1785, in Waltham ; died March 16, 
1879, in Ashby; married Feb. 17, 1803, in Waltham, Asa 
Wood, born in 1775, in Fitchburg ; died there in Feb., 18 15. 
Children (Wood), born in iMtchburg : 

i. Henry,7 b. ; d. aged 6 months. 

356. ii. Martha Maria, b. Jan. 12, 1S05. 

iii. Lydia Livermore, b. May 24, 1S08; m. Addison Davis. 

357. iv. Mary Ann, b. May 30, 1810. 


Thomas^ Liver.more {Moses,^ Nathaniel*' Thomas,^ Samuel,'' 
John') was born Nov. 5, 1792, in Waltham ; died Jan. 28, 1S78, 
in Fitchburg; married (i) Sylvia Hale of Leominster, died 
March 14, 1841, in Fitchburg; married (2) Feb. 16, 1843, in 
Fitchburg, Lucy, daughter of James and Rachel Whitney, born 
in 1803, in Harvard; died Nov. 18, 1865, in Fitchburg. He 
was a carpenter and lived in Fitchburg the greater part of his 

Children, the eldest born in Boston, the others in Fitchburg : 

i. Abigail Hale,' b. May 23, 1818. 
ii. Henry, b. Jan. 28, 1820; lived with his sister Maria in 

South Boston. 
iii. Martha White, b. June 15, 1822; m. Sept. 4, 1845, 
in Fitchburg, Ephraim W., son of Peter and Sylvia 

iv. Elizabeth Hale, b. Sept. 13, 1S24 ; m. Whitney. 

35S. v. Marshall, b. April 3, 1826. 

vi, Maria Wood, b. July 28, 1829; m. Nov. 29, 1849, in 
Fitchburg, George S., son of David and Rebecca 
359. vii. Joel Wheeler, b. Jan. 21, 1S32. 

126 Livcrmorc Faviily 

360. viii. Thomas, b. Nov. 4, 1834. 

ix. Sylvia Hale, twin to Thomas. 

X. George Whitney, b. Mar. 6, 18.55; c'- young. 

Melinda^ Livekmore {Jo/in,^ Nathnnicl,^ Tliovias,^ SaviucI,^ 
John') was born Sept. 15, 1793, in Walt ham ; died May 5, 1876; 
married in Sept., 18 12, Joseph Hastings, born March 14, 1785, 
in Methucn ; died Dec. 20, 1826. 
Children (Hastings) : 

i. Charles,7 b. 1813; d. Sept. 18, 1S79, in Boston, 
ii. Joseph, b. May 9, 1S15, 

361. iii. Nathaniel Webster, b. Jan. 3, 181 7. 

362. iv. George Washington, b. July 29, 1820. 

363. V. Fanny Livermore, b. Oct. 29, 1S22, in Roxbury. 
vi. William Newman, b. Feb. i, 1S25. 


Leonard^ Livermore {Jo/ih,^ N'atlianiel* Thomas,'^ Samuel,^ 

John') was born March 20, 1799, i" Waltham ; died Nov. 15, 

1833, in Brunswick, Me. ; married there June, 18 19, Ann Ward, 

born May 17, iSoo, in Frceport, Me.; died June 30, 1875, in 


Children, born in Brunswick : 

364. i. Rachel Morsc,^ b. May 27, 1820. 

ii. Mar)- Jane, b. Nov. 2, 1822 ; d. there April 19, 1825. 

iii. Frances Ann, b. Mar. 21, 1825 ; d. there Oct. 20, i860. 

iv. Leonard Hastings, b. May 16, 1827 ; m. in Augusta, 
Me., Sibyl Angle Colby. Two children. Member of 
the 3d Maine regiment in the Civil war. 

365. V. Mary Jane, b. June 26, 1830. 

vi. John Howard, b. Jan. 5, 1833 ; d. in 1SS8, in New 


JosiAH^ Livermore {David,^ Xallianicl,'' T/uvnas,^ Savnu-i,^ 
John') was born Jan. 29, 1805, in Watertown ; died April 24, 
1S87, in Belmont; married July 8, 1841, in Boston, Elizabeth 
Harrington, daughter of John Rufus and Thebe (Harrington) 

Sixth Goicratiofi 


Bradford, born April i8, 1819, in Ikxston ; died there July 12, 
1 87 1. He was city weigher at the hay scales in Haymarket 
Square, and was a member of the 13oston Lancers. 
Children, born in Boston ; 

i. Charles Frederick,^ b. Dec. 4, 1842; d. July 27, 1S83, 

in Belmont, unni. 
ii. Arthur Bradford, b, Dec, 3, 1847 ; d. there Aug. 18, 
366. iii. Emma Gertrude, b. Nov. 13, 1849. 

iv. Elizabeth Bradford, b. May 11, 1857; m. Oct. 31, 18S3, 
in Belmont, Timothy Davis, son of Amos and Mar- 
garet ( ) Hill, b. there Mar., 1863. No children. 


Hannah Sanderson^ Livermore {David,^ Nathaniel,*' Tho- 
viasy^ Samuei,' John') was born Oct. 30, 1807, in Watertown ; 
died Feb. 21, 18S9, in Waltham ; married Oct. 21, 1S30, in 
Watertown, Lewis, son of Jonas and Tabitha (Gove) Bcmis, 
born Dec. 18, 1802, in Lincoln; died March 11, 1848, in Wal- 

Child {15emis), born in Waltham : 

i. Ellen,7 b. May 14, 1832 ; living (1902), unm. 

~ " 163 

IsAAC^ LiVERMORE {NatJuxniel,^ Nathaniel*' Thomas,^ Samuel,^ 
John') w^s born Nov. 21, 1797, in Waltham ; died Nov. 9, 1879, 
in Pittsfield; married Nov. 21, 1822, in Cambridge, Eunice, 
daughter of Phineas B. Hovey, born May 31, 1797, in Water- 
town; died June 11, 1871, in Cambridge. 

He attended the common schools in Waltham and in Cam- 
bridge (whence his father removed in 1804). At the age of 
fourteen he left school to go into a store in Cambridge, where 
he began his training for his business life, and while still young 
began the dry-goods business on his own account, being en- 
gaged in it from 18 16 to 1826. He was a wool merchant from 
1826 to 1846 ; treasurer of Manchester Print Works from 1S46 
to 1852, and treasurer of the Michigan Central Railroad Com- 

128 Livcn/jore Family 

pany over twenty-one years. lie was for many years a partner 
with the late city treasurer of lioston, Mr. James C. Dunn ; sub- 
sequently with Mr. Hugh R. Kendall in the purchase and sale 
of wool. On the dissolution of the firm of Livcrmore & Ken- 
dall he associated with him his brother George. 

He was prominent in public life ; he was a representative to 
the General Court of Massachusetts from the town and city of 
Cambridge in 1836, '38, '41, '42 and '49; senator from the 
County of Middlese.x in 1844 and '45 ; he was president of the 
first Common Council of the city of Cambridge, 1S46; presi- 
dential elector in 1 848, on the Whig ticket ; a member of the 
Convention to revise the Constitution of Massachusetts, from 
Cambridge in 1853, and a justice of the peace since 1846. For 
over thirty years he was a director of the Runker Hill Monu- 
ment Association ; a director of the City Bank, l^oston, nearly 
eighteen years ; of the National Insurance Company, l^oston, 
over twenty years ; a trustee of Mount Auburn Cemetery for 
eight years ; president of the Hancock Free Bridge Corporation, 
and under his administration the funds were accumulated to 
purchase both the Cambridge bridges. He was also an active 
member of the Masonic fraternity; on Sept. 18, 1820, he was 
admitted to Amicable Lodge, and several times filled the highest 
position in Cambridge Royal Arch Chapter, Cambridgeport. He 
was a prominent member of the Austin Street Unitarian Church 
since 1854. He became a member of the New England His- 
toric Genealogical Society, Feb. 12, 1S72, and was a life mem- 
ber at the time of his death. 

Children, born in Cambridge : 

367. i. Edward Marshall,? b. Oct. 5, 1S23. 

36S. ii. Jane Cornelia, b. Aug. 23, 1S25. ^ 

369. iii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Oct. 31, 1S27. 

370. iv. Charles Frederick, b. Mar. 13, 1S30. 

■ 164 

Elizabeth Clark^ Livermore {Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel* 
Thomas,^ Saviucl,^ John^) was born Aug. 26, 1806, in Cam- 
bridge; died Feb. 7, 1S9S, in West Somerville ; married Sept. 

Sixth Generation 1 29 

II, 1837, in Cambridge, Rev. Rufus Phincas, D, D., son of 

Luther and Lucinda ( ) Stcbbins of South Wilbraham, born 

March 3, iSio; died Aug. 13, iSS$, in Wilbraham. 
Child, born in Mcadville, Pa. : 

371. i. Nathaniel Livermore,? b. Jan. 9, 1S47. 


George* Livermore {Natlia}ncl,^ Nathaniel,-* Thomas,^ Saw- 
uely^ John^) was born July 10, 1S09, in Cambridge; died there 
Aug. 30, 1865 ; married there Oct. i, 1839, P^lizabeth Cunning- 
ham, daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah Parrett (Cunningham) 
Odiorne, born P"eb. 7, 1815, in Maiden; died June 10, 1893, in 

He was educated in public and private schools in Cambridge 
and at Decrficld Academy. His health being poor he was 
obliged to give up the idea of a college education and follow 
some active occupation. F'or several years he was employed 
by his brothers, Isaac and Marshall, who were merchants in 
Cambridge. From an early age his leisure hours were spent in 
reading and study, and all the money he could earn was saved 
for the purchase of books. When quite a young man, he be- 
came much interested in the character and history of the mer- 
chant scholar, William Roscoe, the first account of whom he 
read in Irving's Sketch Book. In 1834 he established himself 
in Boston, in the shoe and leather business. His love for books 
increased with the increase of his means. His poetic faculty 
was large, and showed itself not only in a love for the best poets, 
but in the composition of some e.xquisite verses. Within a few 
years of the period of which we are now speaking, he wrote two 
dedication hymns, and a number of hymns for the use of Sunday 
school children. In the year 183S, he and his older brother 
Isaac formed a co-partnership in business as wool merchants. 
His interest in the parish, in the Sunday school, in the lyceum, 
in the political meetings of his ward, etc., never flagged. He 
was a constant attendant at church. He was always interested 
in the study of the Scriptures, and in the great themes which 
they suggest, and his duties as a Sunday school teacher natu- 

130 Livertnorc Family 

rally offered a constant inducement to the pursuit of these 
studies. Wc find him (Nov. 21, 1838) buying a copy of Cov- 
erdale's Bible, probably a reprint by \\. lligster, issued that year. 
From 185 1 to 1859 he was one of the trustees of the Boston 
Athenaeum, chairman of its library committee and later its vice- 
president, and regarded as one of its most efficient and influen- 
tial managers. 

In November, 1843, the Biblical library of the Rev. Dr. 
Homer of Newton was placed on sale at Messrs. Little & 
Brown's, and he bought from it a tiumber of copies of rare edi- 
tions of the Bible. Among them was one of the Genevan version, 
presented by Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin to Dr. Homer, and sup- 
posed by its former owners to have been the identical volume 
presented by the printer to Queen Elizabeth ; also the Bible 
which formerly belonged to Adam Winthrop, the father of the 
first Governor Winthrop. The ne.vt year the library of the 
Duke of Sussex was sold; this was also rich in rare editions of 
the Bible, some of which were purchased by him. Further 
rarities were subsequently added to his collection from the 
library of the late Dr. Hawtrey, Provor.t of Eton, among which 
may be noticed an Evangelistarium, for the use of the Church, 
written on parchment, and supposed to be of a date as early as 
the eighth century. From these sources he laid the foundation 
of that large collection of Biblical works which his library con- 
tained ; but his time was not wholly spent, as it often is with 
book collectors, in amassing booKS ; he was a careful student of 

In 1845 l"!*^ visited Europe with his friend Mr. James Brown, 
sailing on the first of April, but did not follow the beaten track 
of the tourist. He made the acquaintance of man)- eminent 
men, and visited many famous libraries, inspecting, as time per- 
mitted, the curious books and manuscripts which they contained. 
He was absent from home about three months. 

He was deeply interested in the cause of learning ; and the 
college in his neighborhood was as dear to him as though he had 
passed the four years as an undergraduate within her walls, and 
could call her Alma Mater. He was chosen in 1843 by the Board 

Six til Generation 13 1 

of Overseers a niembor of the library committee, and continued to 
hold that position by annual election until his death ; being most 
of the time the secretary of the committee. While a member 
of the school committee he contributed to the " Cambridj^e 
Chronicle " an interesting article on the " Public Schools in 
Cambridge," going back to " Master Eaton's Flogging School," 
and citing the early colonial laws on the subject of schools in 
Massachusetts. In November, 1S49, he was elected a member 
of the Massachusetts Historical Society ; and a most valuable 
member did he prove, laboring for its welfare, in season and out 
of season to the last. The " Christian Examiner " for Novem- 
ber, 1 849, contained an article by him, written at the request of 
I^r. Ellis, one of the editors of that journal, on the "Publication 
and Circulation of the Scriptures," being a review of the Rev. 
\V. P. Strickland's " History of the American Bible Society." 
This paper gave abundant evidence of his large information on 
the subject of the translation and circulation of the Bible. 

The American Antiquarian Society enrolled him among its 
members in October, 1849. Hansard College conferred upon 
him the honorary degree of Master of Arts in 1850, and the 
same year he was elected a member of the Phi Beta Kappa 
society and a trustee of the State library. 

His library at this time had become a most valuable one, and 
his thorough habits of investigation had made him an authority 
on those subjects which especially engaged his thoughts. A 
jxiper on "Libraries in Boston and its vicinity" in the "Biblio- 
thcca Sacra" for January, 1850, contains a notice of his collec- 
tion, and mentions many of its rare works. In the "North 
American Re\'icw " for July, 1850, he contributed an article on 
" Public Libraries," containing a large amount of curious and 
valuable information on the subject both as regards this country 
and Europe. In an article in the " Cambridge Chronicle " of 
June 20, 1S54, relating to Cromwell's "Soldier's Pocket Bible," 
he showed that if Cromwell's soldiers carried the Bible in their 
knapsacks, it was not the whole Bible ; that the " Pocket Bible " 
consisted of apj)ropriate selections from the Scriptures, printed 
in pamphlet form, and was generally buttoned between the coat 

132 Livcrmorc Faviily 

and waistcoat, next lo the heart, proving sometimes, perhaps, 
a defence from the weapons of the enemies of their bodies as 
well as from the Wicked One who sought to subdue their souls. 
He remarked that but few copies of this little book had been 
preserved, and that probably the copy he possessed was the only 
one in the country. lie then gives a brief description of it. He 
had had it for some years, having received it from his friend Mr. 
Crowninshield. The book was afterwards reprinted by Mr. 

A short description of a portion of his libraiy will be of inter- 
est to those engciged in historical pursuits. Nearly a quarter 
part of the entire collection consisted of Bibles and Biblical 
works, in various languages, versions and forms, from the an- 
cient Hebrew manuscript roll to the most modern translation. 
Among the manuscripts of interest was the Pentateuch, care- 
fully written on thirty-six skins of parchment, measuring fifty- 
eight feet in length and one in breadth. This fine apograph 
was rolled upon a pair of handles and enclosed in an embroid- 
ered silk cover. Two copies of the Bible entire, in the Latin 
Vulgate version, written by monks upon the most delicate vel- 
lum, were elaborately illuminated with beautiful initials, letters, 
figures and miniatures ; they were of the twelfth and thirteenth 
centuries. An Evangclistarium, or selections from the Gospels, 
written on parchment in the eighth century, seven hundred years 
before the invention of printing, one of the oldest books, if not 
the oldest in this country. The Book of Job, a metrical version 
by George Sandys, is supposed to be the original autograph copy 
of the author. Of early printed editions he owned Biblia Pau- 
perum, a block-book or series of wood-cuts, representing Scrip- 
ture subjects, with a few lines of text coarsely engraved upon 
the same page ; the precise date is not known, but it probably 
was printed as early as 1440: a fragment of the celebrated 
Mazarin Bible, the first book ever printed : New Testament 
printed by P'aust in 1462, being the first in which the date is 
given: Servetus's Bible published in Lyons, 1542: examples of 
both editions of Eliot's Indian Bible, the first containing the 
rare dedication to King Charles H, of which only twenty were 

Sixth Generation 1 33 

printed : a perfect copy of the Conitncntary of Nicholas dc Lyra, 
beautifully ])rinted in black-letter in 1483, being the first work 
of the kind ever pnblishod : the Venice edition of the Latin 
Vulgate, 1478, once the jjroperty of the unfortunate Pope Pius 
VI, having his arms stamped upon the covers : Mclanchthon's 
own copy of the Bible with numerous notes on the margins in 
the handwriting of the reformer. 

There were besides a manuscript Koran, brought many years 
ago from Turkey by Edward Wortley Montagu, and the Jiook 
of Mormon with the autograi)h of Joseph Smith ; in a large 
portfolio the Lord's Prayer in more than eight hundred lan- 
guages and dialects. The greater part of his library was sold 
at auction shortly after his death. 

His brother Isaac retired from the business and for the five 
following )'ears George continued it in company with a nephew. 
After remaining alone about a year he was, in 1852, invited to 
a partnersliip in the Boston branch of the extensive wool busi- 
ness of Aaron Erickson of Rochester, N. Y., which subsisted 
until 1857, when the firm of Livermore & Morse was formed, 
which was dissolved only by his death. He took pride in his 
calling as a merchant, and for many years devoted his best en- 
ergies during the hours of business to its demands. 

In 1855 he was elected a member of the "American Academy 
of Arts and Sciences " and ^vas treasurer of that institution at 
the time of his death. In 1859 he was elected a member of the 
executive committee of the "American Unitarian Association " 
and almost invariably attended its monthly meetings. In 1864 
he was elected vice-president of the Association, a position 
which he held at his death. 

On the breaking out of the Ci\al War in 1 861, he threw 
himself into the cause of the Union with all his characteristic 
energy and zeal. As his means enabled him he gave freely, and 
throughout the war he poured out his money like water for the 
cause. When the discussion arose whether the government 
should accept colored troops, and there were strong doubts, 
even among the most loyal, as to its expediency, he prepared 
with great labor, and published at great expense, a work of over 

134 Livcrviorc Fainily 

two humlrcd pages, which he entitled "An Historical Research " 
respecting the opinions of the founders of the Republic on ne- 
groes as slaves, as citizens and as soldiers. His purpose was to 
show that the patriots of the Revolution regarded tlic negro as 
a man, capable of bearing arms and of being a citizen, and he 
saw no reason why he should not be allowed to do his part, side 
by side with his white brother, in upholding the fiag of his coun- 
try. While declining all official positions he was in frequent 
correspondence with leading politicians and statesmen, and with 
some of them maintained the most intimate confidential rela- 

Children, born in Cambridge : 

372. i. Frank, 7 b. April 11, 1841. 

373. ii. William Roscoe, b. Jan. 11, 1S43. 

374. iii. Charles Cunningham, b. April 11, 1S4S. 

JOHN^ LiVER.MORE {Nathaniel,^ Xathauic/y^ TJionuis,^ Samitcl,^ 
Jo/in') was born Oct. 9, 1S13, in Cambridge; died there May 
16, 1898; married there Oct. 4, 183S, Caroline Hovey, daugh- 
ter of Timothy and Elizabeth (Smith) Stone, born June i, 18 17, 
in Newton. He was born in a house which was standing in 
1S93 on the north side of Main street, between Douglass and 
Columbia streets, where he lived for more than fifty years, nexer 
being away from Cambridge more than six weeks at a time. 
He received his education in the public schools, and at an early 
age went into the soap manufacturing business with his father, 
who was the pioneer in that industry in Cambridge, under the 
title of N. Livermore & Son, and continued in the business 
for nearly fifty years. In his days of business activity he was 
always at the head and front of all public movements which 
were for the good of his beloved city. He was the first presi- 
dent of the Cambridge City Bank, now the National City Bank, 
one of the original directors of the Cambridge Railroad and the 
Cambridge Gas Light Company, and jiresident of the Cambridge 
Water Works. In politics he was a strong Whig and Republi- 
can and voted in sixty-two State elections, never having missed 

Sixth Gcucratioii 135 

one after he became of age. lie was four limes elected to the 
State Legislature, serving in 1S52 and '53, and 1867 and '68. 
He always took, a deep interest in municipal affairs and served 
in the Common Council for two, and in the Board of Aldermen 
for three years ; he was several times chosen on the School 
Committee, and was regarded as an authority on Cambridge 
municipal history and contributed largely to the Cambridge 
papers. In the days of the hand engines and volunteer fire 
companies he used to "run with Hydrant No. 4." He always 
attended the Austin Street Unitarian Church, and was one of 
its most prominent members, holding for years the positions of 
chairman of the Parish Committee and superintendent of the 
Sunday school. 

Children, born in Cambridge : 

375. i, John Marshall^ b. May 28, 1839. 

376. ii. Emma Caroline, b. April 21, 1S41. 

iii. Mary Cordelia, b. April 23, 1S46; unm. 


Lydia^ Livermore {Abijah,^ Elisha,* T/iovias,^ Savnccl,'' 
John^) w^s born Nov. 5, 1774, in Waltham ; married there Sept. 
8, 1 793, Elijah, son of Samuel and Abigail (White) Fiske, born 
there Sept. 26, 1765 ; he was a grandchild of Anna^ Bemis, 
daughter of Anna^ Livermore (21). 

Child (Fiske) : 

i. Luke,7 bap. Feb. 9, 1794. 


S.AKAH^ Livermore {AbijaJi,^ EHs/ia* Thojiias,^ Sannul,^ 
John') was born Jan. i, 17S1, in Waltham; married there Oct. 
21, 179S, Francis Fiske, brother of her sister Lydia's husband, 
born there Aug. 24, 1772. They lived in Saugus. 
Children (Fiske) : 

i. Lydia,7 b. April 12, 1799. 
ii. Samuel, b. April 17, 1801. 
iii. Abijah Livermore, b. Dec. 11, 1S03. 
iv. Anna Maria, b. Mar. 17, 1S07. 
v. Sarah Jane, b. April 27, 18 14. * 

136 Livcr))iore Family 


JoNAS^ LiVERMORE {Abija//,^ Elis/ta,* T/iovias,^ Samwl,^ 

John') was born Aug. 16, I/83, in Wallham ; died there April 

27, 1S43; married there Feb. 16, 1809, Louisa, daughter of 

Jonathan and Mary (Bigelow) Stearns, born there Nov. 19, 


Children, born in Waltham : 

377. i, William/ b. Nov. 12, 1809. 

ii. Abijah, b. Aug. 28, 1812 ; m. Nov. 24, 1S44, Laura Ann, 

dau. of Silas and Mar)- ( ) Holnian, of Sali.sbury, 

Vt., b. Mar. 13, 1818, in Sterling; they lived in Wa- 
tertown. Child: Lauractta^ b. May 31, 1S46, in 

iii. Louisa, b. Aug. 17, 1814; ni. James E., son of Jacob 
and Betsey Peasley, a slater, of Plaistow, N. II. 

378. iv. Jonas Dix, b. July 16, 1816. 

V. Thomas, b. July 28, 18 18 ; unm, 

379. vi. Sarah, b. Mar. i, 1820. 

vii. Mary A., b. April 11, 1823; m. July 16, 1843, James 
McGee, b. Mar. 6, 1823 ; he was a tallow chandler of 
Toledo, Ohio. 

viii. Martha, b. in 1S24; m. Nov. 8, 1846, John Bond, of 
ix. Catherine, b. Jan. 22, 1826; m. Daniel Webster, an en- 
graver, of Somerville; their dau. is Dr. Hckn Lh<er- 
mort? Webster, Professor of Comparative Philolog)", 
Wellesley College, Wellesley. 


Elisha* LiVERMORE {Abijah,^ Elisha* Thomas,^ Saimi^l,^ 
John') was born July 26, 17S5, in Waltham ; died there Oct. 25, 
1836; married in 1808, Elizabeth Gove, of Lincoln, died April 
16, 1 8 19, in Waltham. 

Children, born in Waltham : 

i. Mary Dix,' b. Feb. 21, 1809. 

ii. Lydia, b. Dec. 12, 18 10. 

iii. Caroline, b. Nov. 11, 1S12. 

iv. Susan Fisk, b. Jan. 10, 1815. 

v. Eleanor Augusta, b. Nov. 3, 1817. 




• /■ 


5^ ^'^ 

Jonathan Livermohk. 

Sixth Gowration 


Harriet* Livermore {Abija/i,^ Elis/m,* Thomas,^ Saviuci,^ 
Joh)i') was born Sept. 25, 1787, in Wallham ; married there 
April 21, 181 1, Prentice Childs. 
Child (Chikb), born in Wallham : 

i. William Prentice, 7 b. Nov. 11, 1817; d. there Sept, 7, 
1S77 ; m. there Dec. 15, 1840, Kunice Morse, dau. of 
Abijah and Eunice (Morse) Fuller, b. April 29, 182 1 ; 
d. Mar. 11, 1846, in Walthain. 


Jonathan^ Livekmore {/onat/ian,^ Jonatha?!,* Jojiaf/ian,^ 
Samuel,'' John') was born July 10, 1770, in Wilton, N. H. ; died 
there Dec. 24, 1845; married there May 19, 1808, Abigail, 
daughter of Abiel and Dorcas (Abbot) Abbot, born there July 
13, 1779; died there June 5, 1S12. He was a farmer occupy- 
ing his family homestead. He took great interest in the politi- 
cal history of the country, and was prominent in the old State 
militia in which he served as a lieutenant. He was a Federalist 
and Whig, and an active member of the Congregational Church. 

Children, born in Wilton : 

380. i. Jonathan,7 b. April 24, 1S09. 

38 1. ii. Abiel Abbot, b, Oct. 30, 181 1. 

Solomon Kidder^ Livermore {Jonathan,^ Jo^iatJian,*' Jona- 
ihan,^ Sauiucl,' John') was born March 2, 1779, in Wilton, N. 
H. ; died July 10, 1859, ""» Milford, N. H.; married July 6, 
1 8 10, in Boston, Abigail Adkins, daughter of Nathaniel Jarxis, 
of Cambridge. In his early years he was taught at home where 
in summer he helped in the fields and in winter in the woods. 
He was fitted for college at Mr. Peraberton's academy in Biller- 
ica, entering the sophomore class of Har\'ard College in 1799 ; 
he was graduated in 1802 with a high reputation for scholarship 
in a class famed for eminent men, among them Pres. Allen, 
of Bowdoin College, Prof. Frisbie, of Harvard, Hon. Levi 
Lincoln, Governor of Massachusetts, Hon. Samuel PI oar and 

138 Livcn)iore Family 

Hon. Leverett Saltonstall. After leaving college he taught 
the Grammar school in Cambridge for one season. 

He chose the profession of law and pursued his preparatory 
studies in the office of Oliver Crosby, of Dover, N. H. (H. C, 
1795). On his admission to the bar he opened an oflicc in 
Dover, where he practiced a short lime, but in 1S07 removed 
to Milford, where he lived for the rest of his life, engaged in his 
profession until he attained the age of 70 years, when he re- 
linquished it, though he continued to transact business relat- 
ing to tlie settlement of estates for his neighbors until near the 
close of his life. He was a member of the First Congregational 
Church in Milford for nearly twenty-five )cars ; then a member 
of the First Unitarian Church in Wilton. Except when the 
merited confidence of his townsmen selected him to represent 
them in the State Legislature in 1S29, '30, '31 and '38, he uni- 
formly declined to become a candidate for office. 

Children, born in Milford : 

i. Leonard Jarvis,? b. April 15, iSii ; d. Nov. 28, 1822. 

ii. Henr)' Lee, b. Aug. 3, 1S12; d. Dec. 7, 1847, •" Balti- 
more, Md. ; m. Mary Middleton Hobby, who d. within 
a year after her marriage. He was a merchant in 

352. iii. Thomas Adkins, b. P'eb. 7, 1S14. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 22, 1S15; d. June 13, 1817. 
v. Elizabeth Abigail, b. Mar. 28, 1818; lives in Milford. 

353. vi. Rebecca Parkman Jarvis. b. Dec. 31, 1819. 

354. vii. Leonard Jarvis, b. Dec. 8, 1S22. 

viii. Mar}-, b. Sept. iS, 1825; d. Nov. 16, 1S50; m. there 
Sept. 4, 1849, Frederick Fish, of Fairhaven. 


Anna^ Livek.moke {Jonaihan,^ Joiinthan,^ Jonathan,^ Saviutl,^ 
John') was born Aug. 20, 1781, in Wilton, N. H. ; died there 
June 5, 1824; married there April 11, 1816, John, son of Isaac 
and Abigail (Raymond) Kimball, born March S, 1767, in Wen- 
ham ; died Dec. 13, 1853, in Wilton. 

Children (Kimball), born in Wilton : 

385. i. Samuel Livermore,' b. Jan. 10, 1817. 





Solomon Kii^dkr Livkkmu 

• •♦ Sixi/i Gt'iitiatioii 139 

ii. Abigail, b. Mar. 14, 1819; d, Ucc. 29, 1SS6. 

356. iii. Jonathan Bowers, b. May 16, 1S21. 

iv. ^rar)^ b. Feb. 3. 1823; d. Al!f,^ 17, 1S25. 


Lydia^ Livermore {Jonall/aii,^ JomxtJian,* Jonathan,'^ Savi- 
u I- 1, ^ John') was born May 20, 1792, in Wilton, N. H. ; died 
there March 4, 1871 ; married there Jan. 27, 1820, Samuel, son 
of ]3enning and Abigail (Morgan) King, born Aug. 26, 1795 ; 
died June 20, 1862, in Wilton. 

Children (King), born in Wilton : 

357. i. Elizabeth,? b. April iS, 1S21. 

ii. Maiy, b. Sept. 23, 1824; d. Dec. 13, 1824. 
iii. John, b. Jan. 7, 1S26; lived in Charlestown. 
iv. George, b. Oct. 6, 1S29; lived in Charlestown. 
V. Mary, b. June 5, 1831 ; d. July 26, 1832. 
vi. Josephine, b. Feb. 21, 1833; m. Henry B. Hunter, and 

has lived in Lancaster, Ohio, and in Dakota, 
vii. Henry Lee, b. Dec. 20, 1834; is a farmer in Petersham. 
38S. viii. Mary Wilson, b. Feb. 4, 1S38. 


Atugail^ Livermore {Elijah,^ Samuel,'^ Jouathau,^ Sauntcl,' 
JoJui') was born Nov. 20, 1758, in Waltham ; died July, 18 17; 
married Aug. 30, 1780, Rev. Elisha Scott, son of Rev. Elipha- 
let and Mary (Williams) Williams, born Oct. 7, 1757 ; died Feb. 
3, 1845, iri Cambridge. He was an aide-de-camp on General 
Washington's staff. 

Children (Williams) : 

i. Sarah Potter,? b. i^hir. 28, 17S2 ; d. Jan. 16, 1S09 ; m. J. 

W. Appleton. 
ii. Nancy, b. Sept. 24, 17S3, in Stockbridge ; m. July 26, 

1804, Capt. Benjamin, son of Capt. Eleazer and Sarah 

(Ellenwood) Giles, b. Feb. 23, 1779; d. Sept. 2, 1849. 

in Beverly ; they had five children, 
iii. Sophia, b. Aug. 14, 1786; m. J. W. Appleton. 
iv. Hannah, b. Sept. 11, 178S; m. Samuel Ober. 
V. Samuel, b. July 11, 1790; d. June 16, 1S20. 
vi. Edward, b. Aug. 4, 1792 ; m. ^Llry Snow. 

140 Livcnnorc FiDnily 

vii. Charles, b. Aug. i8, 179.}. 
viii. Frances, b. Jan. 12, 1797 ; ni. K. B. Jones. 

ix. Abi'o^ail, b. Feb. 26, 1799; '"• Rust. 

X. Mary, b. April 22, iSoi ; in. J. H. Taylor, 
xi. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 23, 1S05; d. June u, 180C. 

William^ Livermore {Elija/i,^ Saynucl,'' Jonathan,^ Samuel* 
Jo/iu') was born Jan. 9, 1763, in Waltham ; died in 1832, in 
Louisiana; married Sept. 10, 1793, in Turner, Me., Mr.s. Sarah 
Jones, widow of Jeremiah Jones, by whom she had had one son, 
and daughter of Elias and Mary Taylor, born Feb. 26, 1757 ; 
died Sept. 3, 1838, in Hallowell, Me. He lived in Waltham 
until the age of fourteen, when he was bound a.s an apprentice 
to Josiah Brown, of Boston, merchant, with whom he continued 
until the age of twenty-one, after which he remained in Boston 
four years. He then removed to a plantation called Phipps, Can- 
ada, afterwards incorporated as Jay, in Oxford County, Me., 
since renamed Canton. He was a justice of the peace, and was 
one of the assistant assessors in Ilumford, Me., in 1798 ; in 1802 
he had the rank of major at a muster of the militia of the county, 
in Norway, Me. He moved to Hallowell in Sept., 1806. 
Children, born in Jay : 

i. William, 7 b. in 1794; d. in 1815, in New Orleans, I.a. 
ii. Sarah Phipps, b. Nov. 13, 1799; m. in Nov., 1821, in 
Hallowell, Andrew Masters, son of Dr. John and Eliz- 
abeth Marstes, of New Market, N. H. (name changed 
by the son), b. May 17, 1793. 
3S9. ill. Danforth Phipps, b. Dec. 20, 1804. 


IsA.AC^ LiVERMORE (EUjaJi^^ Samuel,*' JonatJian,^ Samuel,^ 
John') was born May 7, 1768, in Waltham; died Oct., 1820; 
married in Hallowell, Me., Elizabeth Kinney, of Boston, died 
June, 1823, aged 48. In his early manhood he was a merchant 
in Boston, removing to Hallowell, and finally settling in Liver- 
more, Me., as a farmer and justice of the peace. He received 
one vote for county register, Aug. 12, 1S05. 

Sixth Goicratioti 


Children, born in Liverniorc : ^ 

i. Hannah," b. July 19, 1797 ; d. Jan., 1836, in Boston. 

390. ii. Granville I'utnam, b. Nov. 10, 1798. 

iii, Eliza, b. Nov. 30, 1800 ; d. about 1S60, in Missouri, unm. 
iv. Elijah, b. April 10, 1804; lived in St. Joseph, Mo.; d. 
about 1870, in San Erancisco. 

391. v. Horatio Gates, b. Mar. 16, 1807. 

vi. Abigail Williams, b. about 1810; lived in San Bernar- 
dino, Cal., unm. 
vii. Alnra Louisa, b. Dec, 1812; d. in 1841, in Boston, 
viii. Julia Snow, b. Nov. 30, 1820; m. Benj. Rush Martin, of 
St. Joseph ; lived in San Bernardino. 


Sarah^ Livermore {Elijah,^ Snvwel* Jonathan,^ Samuel,'' 
John') was born Dec. 18, 1770; died Feb. 19, 1847; married 
March 30, 1797, Robert Pierpont, of Roxbury, an adopted son 
of her aunt, Mrs. Hannah (Livermore) Pierpont ; his original 
name was John Murdock, of Newton; died Dec. 9, 181 1, aged 
42, in Livermore, Me. 

Children (Pierpont), born in Livermore : 

i. Hannah,7 b. in 1797 ; d. in 1S19. 

ii. Robert, b. in 1798; lived in Livermore. 

iii. George Washington, b. Jan. 17, 1800; lived in Liver- 
more Falls. 

iv. Elijah, b. in 1803 ; d. in 18 18. 

V. Charles Henr}% b. in 1S05 ; d. very suddenly Oct. 6, 
1850, in Memphis, Tenn. 

vi. John Murdock, b. in 1808; d. in 1818. 


Anna^ I^ivekmore {Elijah,^ Savnicl,* Joiiathan,^ Samuel,'' 
Johfi') was born April 6, 1775, in Waltharn ; died Aug. 25, 
1852, in Paris Hill, Me.; married Dec. 14, 1797, in Waltharn, 
Dr. Cyrus, son of Eleazcr and Lydia (Bonney) Hamlin, of Har- 
vard, born July 21, 1769, in Pembroke; died Feb. 3, 1S29, in 
Paris Hill. They first moved to Livermore, Me., and about 
1805 to Paris Hill. 

142 Livciinorc Fainily 

Children (Hamlin), Ihe fust five born in Livcrmorc, the olliers 
in Paris Hill : 

i. Elijah Livcimorc,^ b. Dec. ^o, 179S; d. there April 6, 

392. ii. Klijnh Liverniore, b. Mar, 29, 1800. 

iii. Cyrus, b. July 16, 1S02 ; d. Jan. i, 1839, in Galveston, 

'J'exas, unni, 
iv. Eliza, b. April 4, 1804; d. Dec. 16, 1859, in Paris Hill, 

V. Anna, b. July 11, 1805 ; d. AFay 13, 1S90, in ]'aris Hill; 

m. June 29, 185 1, Hon, Daniel lirown, of \Vaterford, 

Me. No children. 
vi. Vesta, b. June 6, 1807 ; m, Jan. i, 1833, ^r- J"'' Holmes. 

393. vii. Hannibal, b. Aug, 27, 1809. 

viii. Hannah Liverniore, b. Oct, 10, 1814; d, Dec. 16, 1S59, 
in Machias; m. April 14, 1842, Dr. Thomas Barnes 
Townsend, b. Aug. 2, 18 10; d. May i, 1S42. No 


Samuel^ Livermore {EHJa/i,^ Savincl,'^ JonatJian,'^ Savnul,^ 
Jofi 11') \\2iS born April 21, 177S, in Waltham ; died Nov. 26, 
1823, in Livermore, Me.; married there April r6, iSoi, Lura, 
daughter of Thomas and Desire (Luce) Chase, born March ri, 
1784, in Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard. While young he removed 
to Livermore, where he was frecuentl)' a town officer and sev- 
eral times represented the town in the Massachusetts Legisla- 
ture. His widow married John Fuller, of Livermore. 

Children, born in Livermore : 

i. Betsey,7 b. Oct. 4, 1803 ; d. there July 23, 1822. 

ii. Emery, b. Feb. 18, 1809 ; d. Mar. 27, 1891, in Carthage, 
Mo,; m. Oct. 25, 1S36, Elizalieth Douglass, b. in 
1808, in Portland, Me. ; he was living in Norway, Me., 
in 1833, having built a brick store there near the cen- 
tre of the village ; after living in Bangor, Me., for 
several years, they moved to St. Joseph, Mo. 

iii, Lura Chase, b, Oct, 25, 1815; m. Mar. 3, 1834, Levi 
Bean Young, b. May 31, 1S05, in East Livermore. 

Edward St. Lok Livkrmore. 

Sixth Geucration 143 


KuwARD St. Loe'^ LivrmtORH {Saimic/,^ Samuel,*' Jonathan,^ 
Savincl,^ Jolin') was born April 5, 1762, in Portsmouth, N. II.; 
died Sept. 15, 1S32, in Tcwksbury ; married (i) Aug. 7, 1784, 
in Boston, Mehitable, daughter of Robert and Mehitable (Rogers) 
Harris, of Concord, N. II., born there Dec. 30, 1764 ; died Jan. 
30, 1793, in Portsmouth ; married (2) May 2, 1799, Sarah Creese 
Stackpole, of Boston, born there Sept. 11, 1778; died Oct. 4, 
1S59, "^ Lowell. lie lived in Portsmouth until he was thirteen, 
and a part of the time in Londonderry, N. H. In the winter of 
1775 he was taken by his father to Holderness, N. H., where 
his instruction was superintended by his father, assisted prob. 
ably by Dr. John Porter, a graduate of Harvard College and 
afterwards a lawyer in Plymouth, N. H. He is not known to 
have attended any academy or college. He studied law at 
Ncwburyport, under that eminent jurist, the late Chief Justice 
Parsons, and began practice in Concord, N. H., in 17S3. He 
removed to Portsmouth and was solicitor for Rockingham 
County from 1791 to 1793. Pie was a member of the Conven- 
tion, of which his father was president, chosen to revise the 
Constitution of the State of New Hampshire, which assembled 
in Concord, Sept. 7, 1791. He was U. S. District Attorney to 
the Circuit Court for the District of New Hampshire, from Feb., 
1794 to 1797. He was Justice of the Superior Court of New 
Hampshire, from 1797 to 1799, quitting the bench a little more 
than a year after, upon the ground of the inadequacy of the 
salary, which was then no more than eight hundred dollars, and 
removed to Newbury port. 

President Adams, Sept. 20, 179S, appointed him naval officer 
for the port of Portsmouth, a place from which he was removed 
by President Jefferson in 1S02. He was representative in Con- 
gress from Essex County, from 1807 to 181 1, then living in 
Newbury port, and was a zealous and leading Federalist in the 
State in the party contests which preceded and attended the 
war with England in 1S12. 

He was a resident of Boston after his return from Congress 
from 181 1 to 1S16, and delivered the P^ourth of July oration in 

14-4 Livcrmorc Faviily 

that city in 1S13. lie removed to Zanesville, Ohio, about 18 16, 
then in the " Far West." Not satisfied with his frontier life 
he returned to Massachusetts and bought a home in that por- 
tion of the town of Tewksbury which is now a part of Lowell. 
He is buried in the Granary burying ground, in Boston. 
Children : 

i. Caroline,^ b. June 22, 17S5, in Concord; d. Jan. 29, 
1803, in Ne\vbur}'port. 

394. ii. Samuel, b. Aug. 26, 1786, in Concord. 

395. ill, Harriet, b. April 14, 1788, in Concord. 

iv, Robert Harris, b. Oct. 1, 1790, in Concord ; d. Sept. 17, 
181 1, in Guadaloupe. 

396. V. Mehitable Jane, b. July 20, 1792, in Portsmouth. 

397. vi. Edward St. Loe, b. Feb. 12, 1800, in Portsmouth. 

vii. Elizabeth Bro^\^le, b. Jan. 2, 1804, in Boston; d. Aug. 

16, 1888, in Lawrence, unm. 
viii. William Stackpole, b. June 24, 1805, in Boston; d. Feb. 

2, 1822, in Tewksbury. 
be. George Williamson, b. Jan. 17, 1807, in Newburyport : 

d. Aug. 26, 1830, in New Orleans. 
X. Grace Ann, b. June i, 1809, in Newburyport; d. Dec. 

13, 1S12, in Boston. 
xi. Arthur Browne, b. June 11, 181 1, in Boston; d. in April, 

1S25, in Tewksbur)', 
xii. Ann Grace, b. Dec. 24, 1812, in Boston ; d. June 6, 1856, 

in Lowell. 

398. xiii. Caioline, b. Oct. 5, 1814, in Boston. 

399. xiv. Henr)' Jackson, b. June 5, 18 16, in Wheeling, Va. 

XV. Sarah Stackpole, b. July 12, 1819, in Tewksbury; m, 
John Tatterson, of Southbridge; d. Mar. 18, 1S95, in 

400. xvi. Mary Jane, b. Aug. 2, 182 1, in Lowell. 

Arthur* Livermore {Samuel,^ Samuel,* Jonathan,''' Samuel,^ 
John') was born July 29, 1766, in Londonderry, N. H. ; died 
July I, 1853, in Campton ( " Craigic Burn"); married March 
27, 1 8 10, in Haverhill, N. H., Louisa, daughter of Capt. Joseph 
and Nancy (Cooke) Bliss, born there June, 1791 ; died Feb. 2Z, 
1 87 1, in St. Peter, Minn., at the house of her son Edward. 

Sixth Generation I45 

His early manhood was spent upon tlic farm where he re- 
ceived his education from his father and nKjther. His subse- 
quent career proved that ho was well tau;;ht and well informed. 
_ That he was a classical scholar appears from the Latin and 
Greek text books used by him and containing' his boyish signa- 
ture, in the iK)Ssession of one of his sons, and from his well 
remembered familiarity with classic writers. The earliest glimpse 
we have of him is, as a youth of sixteen, accompanying the Court 
to Kcene in 1782. He studied law with his brother Edward in 
Concortl, and opened an office there in 1792 ; in 1793 he moved 
to Chester where he was the second lawyer, and remained there 
until a}:)pointed judge. He was a representative from Chester to 
the General Court in 1794 and 1795. He was a shareholder in 
Concord, N. H., bridge, in 1795, and was one of the corporators 
especially named in " The New Hampshire Turnpike Road " 
Act. He was appointed solicitor for the county of Rockingham 
from ]3ec. 6, 1796, to June 20, 1798. He was associate justice 
of the Superior Court from Dec. 21, 1798, until Dec. 19, 1S09, 
when he was appointed chief justice of the same court, serving 
in that capacity until 181 3. 

Upon the reorganization of the courts in the latter year, 
he consented to serve on the Supreme Court bench as associate 
justice under his old chief, Jeremiah Smith, and held that position 
until the next reorganization in 1S16. About one year after his 
first appointment to the bench he removed from Chester to 
Holdcrness, and to the home of his parents. Soon after the 
death of his father in 1S03, he became the owner of the Liver- 
more farm, not by inheritance, but by purchase from his elder 
brother to whom it was bequeathed. It contained one thousand 
acres of field and forest, of intervale and undulations ; a broad 
expanse in front of the mansion w-as half surrounded by the 
curve in the Pemigewasset. The payment for this domain taxed 
the toil and frugality of the purchaser for many years. 

He was a Presidential elector in 1801. He received the degree 
of A.M. from Dartmouth College in 1802. He was a represent- 
ative in Congress from 1817 to 182 1, and again in 1823 to 
1825 ; State Senator in 1821 and '22. July 5, 1822, he was com- 

140 Livcnnore Family 

missioned judge of probate fur the county of Grafton, but resign- 
ed the next year. lie was Chief Justice of the Court of Common 
Pleas from Jan 27, 1825, to Dec. 29, 1832. Mis aggregate term 
of judicial service was one of the longest in our annals, covering 
about twenty-five years. At the close of his official life he sold 
his place in llolderness and removed to Campton, where he 
passed the rest of his life. He became attached to his new 
home in Campton, and gave it the name of " Craigic IJurn." 

Children, the first six born in Holderncss, the last two in 
Campton, N. II. : 

401. i. Arlhur,7 b. Jan. 7, 1811. 

ii. George, b. Aug, 10, 1812; d, June 4, 1891, in Concord, 
N. H. He was graduated at Dartmouth College in 
1832 ; studied law with Hon. Ira Parley pf New 
Hampshire, and with Mr. Lord of New York, and 
practiced law in New York until 1S43, ^^'hen he 
returned to New Hampshire by reason of ill health. 

402. iil. Edward, b. Mar. 18, 1S15. 

iv. Samuel, b. May 19, 1817 : perished at sea by the wreck 
of the steamer Pulaski, June 14, 1838; educated at 
E.\eter Academy, and served a mercantile apprentice- 
ship with J. D. Gardiner & Co., of Boston; lived two 
years at Savannah, Ga. ; unm. 

403. V. Louisa, b. Dec. 23, 1819. 

vi. Caroline, b. July 15, 1S22 ; d. Mar., 1867, in Brooklyn, 

vii. Horace, b. Mar. i, 1S29 ; d. June 25, 1838, in Campton. 

404. viii. Heber, b. April 22, 1S32. 


Elizabeth'^ Livermore {Samuel,^ Sauiiicl,'' Jonathan,^ Savi- 
ucl,^ JoJlu'), was born Sept., 1768, in Londonderr)', N. H.; died 
Nov. 20, 1795, in Boston; married there Nov. 17, 1787, Dca. 
William, son of Josiah and Hannah (Flagg) Brown, born Jan. 
22, 1749, in Waltham ; died July 2, 1S16. 

Children (Brown) : 

i. Samuel Livermore,^ b. in 17SS ; d. young. 
ii. George, b. in 1790; d. May 30, 1796. 

SeventJi Generation 147 

Samuel Livcnnore, b. Nov., 1795; m. Nov., 1S19, Phebe 
Craig. Children (Brown) : i, George Livcnnore^ b. 
Feb. 6, 1S21 ; in. Florinda II. Nye, and had Harriet 
Ella,9 b. Oct. 1, 1S46. 2. Jos'uih, b. Jan. 5, 1823 ; m. 
Aug. 5, 1844, Mary Maria Xoyes, and had Henry 
Noyes' Brown, b. July 4, 1S45. 



Aaron^ Livermore {Javies^ James,^ Josiah,^ Joseph,^ Jo/ni,^ 
/o/ifi'), wcis born March 31, 1782, in Spencer; died Feb. 19, 
1853, in IV^rk.'^hire, N. Y. ; married Jan. 15, 18 15, Content, daugh- 
ter of Seth and Sarah (Griswold) Akins, born March 29, 1793 ; 
died Feb. 6, 1S6S, in Michigan. In Dec, 1820, he was Hving in 
Berkshire, on lot 420, a few rods south of Cicero IJarker, and 
about ten rods east of the creek road at Rawson Hollow ; a few 
years later he moved farther south and lived west of the road 
on lot 3S0. After his death his wife moved to Michigan with 
her si.\ living children, and settled in Dexter or Ingham. 

Children, born in Berkshire : 

i. Lucy Ann,^ b. Nov. 21, 1S15 ; d. there in 1843. 
ii. Lyman, b. May 12, 181 7 ; d. there in 1S46. 
iii. Saliie, b. Oct. 19, i8i8; d. there Jan, 19, 1S35. 
iv. Samantha, b. Sept. 17, 1820; d. there Jan. 27, 1S35. 
V. Eliza, b. June 23, 1822 ; d. there Jan. 9, 1S35. 
vi. Aaron Riley, b. Mar. 8, 1825 ; ni. May 17, 1S55, Fadila 

vii. Sjth, b. Mar, 3, 1827; d. there Jan. 20, 182S. 
viii. Ransom, b. Oct. 14, 1S28 ; m. July 9, 1S59, Rosa Ann 
Comstock ; d. near New York, Mar, 3, 1865. Two 
ix. Robert, twin to Ransom : m, Nov, 13, 1S59. Martha Pat- 
terson. Two sons and one dau. 
X. James, b. Sept. 21, 1830; d. Mar, 25, 1895, 
xi. Betsey, b, Oct. 5, 1S32; m. Aug. i, 1S66, Edward Cort- 

right. One son. 
xii. Nancy Mary, b. Feb. 10, 1836; m. May 4, 1865, James 

148 Liver more Fa))iily 


Elisha? LivER.MORE {EUslio,^ Javus,^ Josia/i,* Josep/i,^ John,' 
John'), was born Oct. 20, 17SS, in Spencer ; died Dec. 2, 1884 ; 
married March 2, 1829, Roxana Whitcoinb of Rindge, N. H., born, 
Oct. 15, 1794; died Sept. 19, 1SS3. They moved to Jamaica 
Vt., where they lived until Oct. 13, 1848, when they moved to 
Rockingham, Vt. 

Children : 

i. Esther,* b. ; d. Aug. 3, 1853, aged 20 years. 

ii. Charles, b. ; m. Etta B. Wilder of Jamaica, and 

had Vir^'i/o and El/a. 


Levi? Livermohe {Elisha,^ Josiah,^ Josiah,^ Joseph,^ John,^ 
y<?//«') was born Dec. 15, 1781, in Shrewsbury; died Aug. 25, 
1862, in West Brookfield : married (i) Nov. 5, 1805, in Brook- 
field, Malvina Adams, born there July 7, 1782; died July 2, 
1826, in Walden, Vt. ; married (2) Oct. 11, 1827, in Walden, 
Dorothy Dov/, born Aug. 4, 1789 ; died June 20, 1S54, in Brat- 
tleboro, Vt. He first moved to Brookfield, then to Hardwick, 
Vt., in 1807, afterwards to Walden, where he kept a shop for 
making and repairing wagons, sleds, etc. After the death of 
his second wife, he lived with his daughter Lucy, and after her 
death returned to Massachusetts and lived with his son Sherlock. 

Children : 

i. Eunice,^ b. Oct. 26, 1806, in Brookfield; d. Nov. S, 
1850; ni. Willard Hewiii, in Walden. No children. 

405. ii. Lucy, b. Feb. 22, 180S, in Hardwick. 

406. iii, Sidney Augustus, b. Mar. 28, iSio, in Hardwick. 

iv. Clarissa Putnam, b. Jan. 7, 1812, in Walden; d. Jan. 9, 

1871 ; m. Jackson of Greensboro, Vt. ; they had 

a daughter. Nellie^ Jackson. 

V. Levi Whipple, b. Jan. 30, 1815, in Walden; d. April 29, 
1870, in Boston; m. June 9, 1842, in North Brook- 
field, Priscilla Norton Potter, b. there Feb. 21, 1818. 
He was a boot and shoe dealer. No children. 

407. vi. Sherlock Denny, b. April 30, 1S17, in Walden. 

vii. Lavina Adaline, b. Oct. 17, 1S20, in Walden; d. young. 

Seventh Generatiofi I49 

viii. Joel \Vhii)plc, b. Aug. 21, 1S29, in Waldeti ; d. there 
Oct. 7, 1S33. 


E.MEKV^ LiVERNLDKE {Eliska,^ Josia/i,^ Josio/i,* Joseph,^ Jo/ni' 
John') was born Oct. 10, 1783, in Shrewsbury; died March i, 
1852, in North Brookfiekl ; married March 25, 1813, in Brook- 
field, Martha Crowell, born in 1789; died Sept. 5, 1830, in 
Brook field. 

Children, the youngest born in Warren, the others in Brook- 
field : 

i. Sarah,8 b. Jan. 7, 1814. Her son is George IV.') Mills 
of Palmer. 

408. ii. Harvey, b. Jan. 14, 1816. 

iii. Sophia, b. Aug. 19, 1S17 ; in. Nov. 27, 1845, in Warren, 
Lorcn F., son of Dwight and Nancy Foskit, b. there 
in 1822. 

iv. Abigail, b. Nov. 2, 1S19; m. April 15, 1S42, in Warren, 
Samuel Perr}' of Spencer. 

409. V. Samuel S., b. May 23, 1821. 

vi. Elbridge, b. May, 1824; d. Oct. 19, 1825. 
vii. Eliza, b. Mar. 16, 1828. 

410. viii. Emery Elbridge, b. Aug. 21, 1830, in Warren. 


Thankful^ Livermore {Elisha,^ Josiah,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ 
Johii,^ Johu^) \w2iS born March 4, 1804, in Shrewsbury ; married 
Oct. 9, 1S29, Pliny Pepper. 

Children (Pepper) : 

i. Lucy^, b. ; d. aged 7 years. 

ii. Mary Ann, b. ; m. 1851, Lucius M. Prouty. 

iii. Lucy Jane, b. April 11, 1S38; m. June 7, 1S59, Benja- 
min Prouty. 
iv. Henry A., b. Oct, 27, 1842 ; m. June 15, 1869, Lydia M. 
Hopkins of Charlestown. 


Alice^ Livermore {Jason, ^ Jason, ^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,' 
John'), was born April 21, 1780, in Spencer ; died May i, 1806, 
in Hallowell, Me.; married July 10, 1796, in Hallowcll, John, 

150 Lh cj VI re Fa ni ily 

son of John and Elizabeth (Kay) Pickford, born Nov. 25, 1772, 
in Bury, Lancaster, England. 
Children (rickford) : 

i. John Kay Livermore,* b. Aug, 9, 1799, in Hallowcll ; d. 
Oct. 19, 1S75, in Worcester ; ni. Elizabeth Shcpard, 
whose mother was Goulding, Their second son ( Pick- 
ford) was Dea. Charles Jan'is,^ b. May 24, 1S33, d. 
June 7, 1895, in Prookline ; m. Sept. 28, 1864, in Lynn, 
Anna Maria, dau, of John Proad and Lydia (Mann) 
Tolnian, b. April 20, 1S3S, in Lynn. Their dau. is 
Mrs. Alice T. (Pickford) Prockway'° of Lynn, 
ii. Emily, b. Oct. 11, 1S04, in Augusta, Me.; d. June 14, 
1873, in Worcester. 

Charles' Livermoke {Wiliiam,^ Jasoii,^ Josiah,* JoscpJi,^ 
John,'' John'), was born Oct. 25, 1784, in Hartland, W. ; died 
April 4, 1S32, in Huntington, Vt. ; married March 2^ , 1S06, 
Sibyl Eggleston, born Aug. 16, 1790; died June 11, 1864, in 
Hinesburgh, Vt. He was a second lieutenant in the 31st regi- 
ment, U. S. A., on April 30, 18 13, in Vermont. He was a 
school teacher. 
Children : 

i. Charles William,^ b. April g, 1807 ; d. May 29, 1807. 
ii. John Enos, b. June 14, 1808; d. April 15, 1825. 

411. iii. Lemuel Eggleston, b. Dec. 20, iSio. 

iv. William, b. Aug. 3, 1S12 ; d. Aug. 6, 1S15. 
V. Calisla Mary Ann, b. Dec. 8, 1S14; d. Nov. 16, 1843. 
vi. James Monroe, b. Dec. 3, 1817. 
vii. Mary Maria, b. Eeb. 12, 1820; m. William Lathrop. 

He lived in Burlington, Vt. ; his wife died some time 

viii. Emery Zervia, b. Sept. 17, 1S23; m. Oct. 9, 1842, in 

Hinesburgh, Rev. Cabot M. Clark, b. there Sept. 29. 

1822. They live in Round Lake, Saratoga County, 

N. Y. No children. 
ix. Sibyl Eggleston, b. .Kw^. 13, 1S26; d. April 3. 1S27. 
X. Sibyl Emeline, b. Aug. 5, 1828; d. Sept. 4, 1S3S. 

412. xi. Charles Enos Jackson, b. Jan. 21, 1831, in Huntington, 


Seventh Generation 1 5 i 


JOSKPH' LiVKKMOKE ( Wi/Havi,^ Jason,^ Josid/i,* Jose/^/i,^ Jo/m,' 
Ji'/'in') was burn July 29, 17S9, \n Ilartland, Vt. ; died there 
Nov. 9, 18S7; married there May 10, 18 15, Jerusha Mcrritt 
Lull, born there Oct. 20, i/SS ; died there Dec. 7, 1869. In 
1793 the family moved from North Ilartland, and settled upon 
ilie farm where he lived the rest of his life, except when he went 
to the war. He enlisted at the be;,nnning of the War of 18 12, 
and served under Gen. Macabc at Platt.sburg. During the last 
six months of his service he was stationed near Stnnstead Plains, 
on the Canada line, with a squad of men detailed to guard the 
frontier, take deserters from the British army, parole them, and 
send them to Burlington, where they were each given sixteen 
dollars for their gims and became American citizens. He was 
discharged at the close of the war, and on his way home met an 
order making him captain. 
Children, born in Hartland : 

i. Joseph Almer,8 b. Feb. 22, 18 16. He had just com- 
pleted his education at Newbury Seminar}-, Vt., when 
on June 5, 1S37, he was killed in a saw-mill in Hart- 
land while making repairs. 

413. ii. Jerusha Almira, b. April 10, 1S17. 

414. iii. Benjamin, b. Aug. 6, iSiS. 

415. iv. I^orenzo Dow, b. Nov. 28, iSig. 

V. Nathan Lull, b. April 2, 1S31 ; d. there Mar. 6, 1846. 
vi. Betsey, b. Nov. 26, 1S22 ; d. Sept. 10, 1S48, in Royal- 
ton, Vt. 
vii. Jason Bigelow, b. May 4, 1S24; d. there June 31, 1S52. 

416. viii. Emily, b. Nov. 22, 1S25. 

ix. Julia Ann, b. Dec. 15, 1827 ; d. April 14, 1S47, in Clare- 
mont, N. H. 

417. X. Mary, b. Oct. 14, 1830. 


Rebecca^ Liver.more {Josia/i/' Jason,^ JosiaJi* Joseph,'^ John,' 
John'), was born Jan. 23, 1789, in Fort Miller, N. Y. ; died Sept. 
24, 1874, in Waverly, N. Y. ; married Feb. 24, iSoS, in Fort 
Miller, Isaac Royal, son of John and Rebecca (Tileston) Ray- 
mond, born in 1775 in Lexington after the battle, in which his 

152 Livennorc Family 

father was killed; died in 1854, in East Waverly, N. Y. He 
was a widower at the time of their marriage, and his daughter, 
by his first wife (Susr\n Lewis of Lansingburg, X. Y.), married 
John Worcester Livermore (Rebecca's brother), and his son by 
his first wife married Rebecca's sisters, Sarah and Esther. 
Children (Raymond) : 

418. i. Cliarlotte,^ b. iSio. 

419. ii. Jane, b. 1813. 

420. iii. Isaac Livermore, b. 1815. 

421. iv. Rebecca, b. 1S17. 

422. V. John, b. Mar, 22, 1S20. 

423. vi. Lucinda, b. 1825. 

vii. Augusta, b. 182S ; unin. 
viii. William, b. 1S31 ; d. in 1S51. 

Lydia7 Livermore {/osiah,^ Jasofi,^ Josiah* Joscpk,^ Jo/ni,* 
Joh?i'), was born Nov. 11, 1790, in Fort Miller, N. Y. ; died 
Nov. 4, 1828 ; married Jacob Pettit in Greenwich, N. Y. 
Children (Pettit) : 

i. Jacob,® b. ; went West when young. 

ii. Ann, b. ; m. George Willard. Children (Willard) : 

\. Johti,'^ b. ; m. Nettie Styles. Four children. Lived in 

2.. Mar£ar^-t,h. ; m. Roselle Vandenvarker. Three children. 

Lived in Fort Edward. 

3. Alice, b. ; m. Abrati Bristol. Two children. 

4. Mary, b. ; m. James Vander^varker. Three children. 

Lived in Fort Miller. 

5. JF:lliatii,h. ; m. . One child. Lived in Michigan. 

6. Jacob, b. ; d. unm. 

iii. Amanda, b. ; m. Potter Babcock, Lived in Jordan, 

N. Y. 

iv. Catharine, b. ; unm. 

v. Jane, b. ; d. young, unm. 

vi. John, b. ; d. unm. 

vii. Mary, b. ; m. Robert LuUer. Children (Fuller) : 

1. Elvina^ b. ; ni. Sidney Betts. One child. 

2. John Robert, b. ; m. Maggie Shepard. 

3. Annie, b. ; d. unm. 

4. Edwin, b. . Lived in Kansas, unm. 

Seventh Generation 153 


Elizabeth' Livermore {Josin/i,^ Jason,^ Josiah* Joseph,^ 

John,' Jo/in') was borji May 19, 1795, in Fort Miller, N.Y.; 

died March 7, 1850; married there May 19, 181S, Joseph Morcy 

Weaver, born March i, 1794, in Rensselaer County; died Feb., 

1879, i» Schuylerville, N. Y. 

Children (Weaver), born in Fort Miller : 

424. i. Mary Abbie,^ b. Oct. 29, 1S20. 

425. ii. Charles Livermore, b. Jan. 20. 1822. 

426. iii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Mar. 7, 1833. 

iv. Jane M., b. Nov. 27, 1834; d. in California. 


John Worcester^ Livermore {JosiaJi^ Jason,^ Josiah,* Jo- 
sefh,^ John, ^ John') was born Nov., 1796, in Fort Miller, N. Y. ; 
died there Sept. 29, 18S4; married there April, 1819, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Isaac Royal and Susan (Lewis) Raymond, born in 
iSoi ; died Aug. 29, 1S69, in Fort Miller. She was the daugh- 
ter of the husband of his sister Rebecca by his first wife. 

Children, born in Fort Miller : 

i. Edwin Ruthven,^ b. Aug. 5, 1820; d. Oct, 4, 1S91, in 
New York City; m. there Aug. 22, 1850, Harriet, 
dau. of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Mairs) Brown, b. in 
1822, in Charlton, Saratoga County, N. Y. No chil- 
ii. John \\'orcester, b. Sept. 14, 1822. Not heard from for 
years and supposed to have d. in California. 
Helen Mar, b. Jan. 30, 1S25. 
Charles Henry, b. June 17, 1827 ; d. April 25, 1S42, in 

Fort Miller. 
Esther Raymond, b. Nov. 9. 1829. 
Josiah Henry, b. May 15, 1S33. 
vii. Raymond Bellenger, b. Aug. 17, 1836. 

■ • 197 

Jason'7 Livermore {Josiah^ Jason,^ Josiah* Joseph,"^ John,* 
John'), was born Jan. 8, 1799, in Fort Miller, N. Y. ; died Dec. 
15, 1S52, in Northumberland, N. Y. ; married Jan. 11, 1S26, 










154 Live two re Family 

Louise Wallace, born March i, 1S04, in Salem, N. Y.; died Mny 
23, 1876, in Fort Miller. He was a ship carpenter and a Pres- 
Children : 

431. i. Edgar,«b. July 2S, 1828. 

ii. Daniel, b. Mar. 29, 1S30; d. Nov., 1890; nu Aug. 20, 

iii. Louisa, b. Nov. 4, 1S32 ; d. July 9. 1S50, unm. 
iv. Mary, b. April 24, 1835 ; d. Dec. 20, 1859; in. Norman 

V, Jason, b. Feb. 19, 1841 ; lived in Kentucky and had a 
family; residence unknown. 


Esther' Livermore [Josiah,^ Jasoii,^ Josiah,* Joseph,- Jo/ui,^ 
Jo/in'), \\'a.s born June 19, 1804, in Fort Miller, N.Y. ; died 
April 6, 1 878 ; married July 28, 1835, in Fort Miller, Edmond, 
son of Isaac Royal and Susan (Lewis) Raymond, born March 19, 
1803, in Greenwich, N. Y. ; was a son of her sister Rebecca's 
husband by his first wife, who was also the husband of her sister 
Sarah; died May 27, 1885, in Schuylerville, N. Y. 

Children (Raymond), born in Northumberland, near Fort 
Miller : 

432. i. Sarah Esther,^ b. Aug. 22, 1S36. 

ii. Edmond Livermore, b. Sept. 29, 1838; d. Jan. 6, 1S54. 
iii. Isaac Royal, b. July 3, 1S42 ; d. Aug. 6, 1843. 


Br.\ddyl' Livermore {Bmddyl,'' Jason,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ 
John,^ Jo/ai'), was born April 26, 17SS, in Paxton ; died June 2, 
1867, in Spencer; married Oct. 23, 1816, in Holden, Gratia 
Hey\vood, born there Dec. 11, 1796; died June iS, 1871, in 
Paxton. He was apprenticed to Samuel Watson, Jr., to learn 
the trade of a tanner and currier, but he did not follow that busi- 
ness, owing to impaired health. He worked with his father on 
the farm for some years, and also as a bricklayer. He bought 
a farm adjoining his father's, originally belonging to his great 








Seventh Generation 155 

uncle Josiuh Livcrmore, where he lived many years, and where 
his children were born. 
Children, burn in I'axton : 

i. Mary Elvira,^ b. April 2. iSiS; m. (i) Oct. 12, 1S40, in 
Paxton, Edwin W. Snow, b. there Mar. 9, 1S21; d. 
there Feb. 20, 1S47 ; ni. (2) Oct. 6, 1S49, in Worces- 
ter, Oliver C. Nelson, b. Mar. 26, 1S15, in Sterling; 
d. Nov. 14, 1SS6, in Oakdale. 
ii. Hannah Heywood, b. Jan. 21, 1S22 ; d. July 4, 1868, in 
New Salem; m. April 19, 1S42, in Pa.\ton, Arteinas 
Warren Prouty, b. in Spencer. 

iii. John Flint, b. June 27, 1S25; d. there Jan. 9, 1829. 

iv. Adeline Antoinette, b. July 3, 1S30; d. there Sept. 4, 


Almir.\' Livermore {Braddj'l,^ Jason,^ Josiak,* Joseph,^ Jo/in,^ 
John''), was born April 14, 1790, in Pa.xton ; d. May 15, 1861, in 
West Boylston ; married (i) May 5, 181 3, in Paxton, Eli Smith, 
born Dec. 31, 17S6, in Holden ; died there Nov. 2, 1830; mar- 
ried (2) Jan. 27, 1833, in West Boylston, Storrs Eldredge, born 
April 2, 17S9, in Chatham (or Brewster); died Nov. 19, 1S69, 
in Worcester. 

Children (Smith), born in Holden, except viii, who was born 
in Rutland : 

i, Almira Livermore,® b. Mar. 25, 1814; d. there Mar. 31, 

433- i'- John Flint, b. Nov. 2, 1S15. 

iii. David Clark, b. Mar. 15, 181S; d. Nov. 16, 1842, in 
West Boylston. 

iv. James, b. Jan. 13, 1S20; d. Oct. 28, 1S32. in Paxton. 

v. Jane, twin to James; d. Sept. 30, 1832, in West Boyl- 

vi. Mary Ann, b. Oct. 27, 1S22 ; d. there Mar. 9, 1S23. 
vii. Mary Jane, b. April 7, 1S25 ; d. Oct. 29, 1841, in West 

434- viii. George Eli, b. May 28, 1827, in Rutland. 

ix. Daniel, b. Feb. 4, 1829; d. Oct. 7, 1832, in West Boyl- 

I $6 Liverviore Faviily 


Marv Ann'7 Livekmoke {Bmddyl^' Jasoti,^ Josinh,* Jostf/:.^ 
/o/ui,\/o/iii'),\\-.\.s, born Sept. 13, 1792, in Paxton ; died Sept. 
24, 1849, in Albion, Mich.; mrirried Jan. 3, 1S14, in Pa.xlon, 
Ebcnezer Oliver Grosvcnor, born about 1783. They first lived in 
Paxton, then removed to Central New York, and later to Albion. 

Children (Grosvenor) : 

435. i. Ira Rufus,* b. Mar. iS, 1S15, in Paxton. 

ii. Caroline Maria, b. Aug. 13, 1S18, in Stillwater, N. Y., 
m. April i, 1837, in Chitlenango, N. Y., Dr. Horace 
May Hovey, b. Mar. 22, 1815, in Mayville, N. Y. ; d. 
Jan. 20, 1 87 7, in Albion. One child, who d. Mar. 4, 
1845. aged 5 yrs., 11 mos. 

436, ill. Ebenezer Oliver, b. Jan. 26, 1S20, in Stillwater. 

iv. Mary Ann, b. April 18,1827, in Chlttenango; m. David 

Peabody of Albion, 
V. Adeline Selene, b. Mar. 3, 1829, in Chittenango; m. 

Walter Peabody of Albion. 
vi. Daniel, b. June 8, 1831, in Chittenango. 
vii. Harriet, b. Nov. 12, 1833, in Chittenango. 
Three other children who d. young. 

George VVhitefield? Livekmoke {Braddyl,^ Jason,^ Josia/i,* 
Joscf/i,^ Jo/m,^ John^), was born Oct. 15, 1794, in Paxton; died 
Aug. 21, 1870, in Colburn, 'Ind. ; married Oct. 11, 1828, in Al- 
bany, N. Y., Sophia, daughter of Gen. Joseph and Asenath 
(Waters) P'arnsworth, born Oct. 29, 1803, in Millbury ; died 
Dec. 17, 1S5S, in Cambridge. In his eleventh year he lost the 
fuM use of his lower limbs through a fever, but could move 
around with the help of crutches or canes. He worked several 
years at mechanical business, and when about twenty-one years 
of age began fitting for college, having finished and fitted up 
a small room in the attic of his father's house as a study. Not 
having pecuniary means to defray the expenses of attending a 
preparatory school, he began his studies under the tuition of his 
father's clergyman ; making but slow progress, he resumed 
mechanical labor, earned an amount of money with which he pro- 

Seventh Gcncyatio)! 1 57 

cured better instruction, and thus continued alternately to labor 
and study for about three years, the last six months of which he 
spent ill his attic alone and without instruction from anyone; 
at the end of that time he presented himself at Harvard Col- 
lege for examination, and was admitted to the Freshman class. 
At the close of the vacation he returned to Cambridge with 
twelve dollars in his pocket as the whole pecuniary means to de- 
fray the expenses of a four years' course. Unaided and unas- 
sisted, except by his indomitable determination, untiring industry, 
and rigid economy, living much of the time litcially on bread and 
water, at a cost of twenty-one cents a week, he earned by writ- 
ing exercises for indolent students, and by services rendered the 
government of the College in various ways, sufficient to ]Day his 
bills for tuition, books, etc., and took his degree as Bachelor of 
Arts in 1S23. A few weeks before he gi'aduated he made an 
agreement to go as a private tutor into the family of Mrs. Cath- 
erine ]?ingaman, at Natchez, Miss., and, on leave of absence from 
College, started in July of that year, going by stage to New 
York, Philadelphia and Pittsburg, to Wheeling, Va. ; thence on 
a keel boat down the Ohio river to Cincinnati ; thence, in a 
small open skiff, to Louisville, Ky,, and thence, on a small steam- 
boat, down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to Natchez. While 
at Natchez he began the study of law in the office of Judge 
Turner, and after his return home completed his preparation un- 
der the instruction of Samuel M. Burnside, at Worcester, and 
was admitted to the bar. He formed a copartnership with 
Hon. Jonas L. Libby of Sutton, and subsequently opened an 
office and practiced in Millbury. In 1832 he closed his 
ness in IMillbury and removed with his wife and infant daughter 
to Westfield, N. Y., and took charge of his father-in-law's busi- 
ness. He returned to Massachusetts in 1S39, leaving his family 
in Westfield, but they joined him in 1S42, and he continued the 
practice of law. 

After the death of his wife he gave up his profession and 
amused himself in mechanical inventions, two of the most im- 
portant of which are machinery for making casks and for manu- 
facturing paper collars and wristbands. At the centennial cele- 

158 Lii'crniorc Faynily 

bration in Paxton (his birthplace), on June 14, iSGs.he delivered 
the address, which was full of interesting historical facts. He 
spent the Inst years of his life visiting his children and relatives 
in various parts of the country, having an income sufficient to 
enable him to travel as he pleased. 

Children, the eldest born in Millbury, the others in Westfield : 

437. i. Helen Sophia Farnsworth.^' b. June 15, 1S30. 

438. ii. George Braddyl, b. Mar, 16, 1832. 

439. iii. John Frank, b. Oct. 5, 1S34. 

iv. Sarah Goodell, b. June 5, 1S37 ; d. Sept. 25, 1S42, in 


Hepzibah7 Liver.moke {Braddyl^ Jasou,^ Josiah,* Joseph,"^ 
Joh::,\hdin;) was born June 19, 1801, in Paxton; died Jan. 3, 
1S52, in Newfield, Me.; married Nov. 13, 1S27, Rev. Edmund, 
son of Horace and Martha (Bliss) Burt, born Nov. 11, 1803, in 
Longmeadow; died July 14, 1864, in Gorham, N. H. 

They had three children (Burt). 


Jaso.v \Villi.-\m7 Livermore {Braddyl,^ Jason,^ JosiaJi,*' Jo- 
sep/i,^ Jo/ui,^ Jo/i>i') w:i^ born March 13, 1S06, in Paxton ; died 
March 29, 1893, in Acton; married (i) Nov. 17, 1831, Elmira, 
daughter of Joshua and Sarah Brooks of Lincoln, born Sej^t. 
II, 1805 ; died Aug. 23. 1857, in Paxton; married (2) April 7, 
1859, in Paxton, Mrs. Laura E. Prouty, daughter of Vespucian 
Randall, born in 1820 in Belchertown. He was a farmer. 

Children, born in Paxton : 

440. i. Charles Franklin,^ b. Nov. 11, 1832. 

ii. Mary Ann, b. Feb. 20, 1S35; d. there Nov. 26, 1S40. 
440^. iii. George William, b. July 27, \S2,^. 

441. iv. Hiram Brooks, b. June 18, 1840. 

V. Sarah Caroline, b. Sept. 3, 1842. 

vi. Hannah Filmira, b. July 9, 1846; married Nov. 25. 1S69, 
in Acton, Julian, son of Daniel and Emeline E. 
•r ; (Handly) Tuttle, b. there in 1S4S. 

Seventh Geueration i 59 


Laknard^ Livekmoke {Isnac,^ Moses,^ Jcsiah,^ Joseph,'^ John,'' 

John') was born May 21, 1783, in l^clchcrtown ; died March 2, 

1854, in l^arkcr, N. Y. ; married Feb. iS, 1807, at or near 

Sinithville, N. Y., Hannah Brown, born May 11, 17S7, probably 

in Canaan, Conn.; died Sept. 21, 1878, in Newark Valley, N. Y. 

Children, born in Sinithville : 

i. DiaJitha,^ b. Dec. 22, 1S07 ; d. Aug. 8, 1S37 ; m. Sept, 
15, 1836, near Peoria. 111., Henry C. Beebe. 

442. ii. Ahira Ru.sscll, b. Feb. 16, 1810. 

iii. Isaac Brown, b. Aug. 30, 1811 ; d. May 20, 1SS2 ; m. 
Nov. 4, 1S37, in Sinithville, Jane Matilda, dau. of Ly- 
inan and Abigail (Hotchkins) Dudley, b. there April 
20, 1S12 ; d. Sept. 30, 1S54. Cliildren : 

1. C/iarh-s Brown, '^h. . 

2. Josc-f'/i Henry, b. . 

443. iv. Nelson Grant, b. Aug. 9, 1813. 

v. George D., b. May 3, 181 5; d. there Feb. 7, 1S19. 
vi. Chauncey Brown, b. May 31, 18 17. 

444. vii. Seinanihii Jane, b. Mar. 16, 1819. 

viii. Caroline Milton, b. Feb. 10, 182 1 ; d. Aug. 2, 1S25. 

445. ix. Pamelia Ann, b. Mar. 20, 1824. 

X. Lucius Milton, b. Jan. 22, 1826; d. Nov. 24, 1S54; m. 

Mar. 23. 185 1, in Iowa, Ludima Stafford. Had a .son, 

b. about 1852. 
xi. Harlow Russell, b. Dec. 22, 1S28; d. Oct. 31, 18S2 ; m. 

April 21, 1870, in Binghamton, N. Y., Lovina A. 

Corby. No children. 
xii. Philander Elisha, b. Mar. 27, 1832; d. Oct. 24, 1859; 

m. Feb. 18, 1852, in Barker, Emily J. Carpenter. 

Child: Lucius,') b. about 1854; d. aged 4 months. 


Meiietable^ Livermore {Isaac,^ Moses,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ 
John,^ John') was born Sept. 28, 1791, in Belchcrtown ; died 
Aug. 2y, 1873, in Truro, 111. ; married about 180S in Chenango, 
Broome Co., N. Y., Grin Seward, born there Nov. 29, 1788; 
died Oct. 25, 1836, in Peoria Co., 111. 

i6o Livcnnore Fa))iily 

Children (Se>vard), born in Chcnanj^a) : 

i. Hannah^ b. Oct. 3, 1809; m. her cousin Ahira R., son 
of Larnard and Hannah (Drown) Liverniore. 

446, ii. Anna, b. July 9, iSii. 

iii. Larnard, b. July 3. 1S13 ; d. in infancy, 
iv. Mary, b. Sept. 23, 1S15; d. Xov. 18, 1874, in Truro; 
in. Baxter Wolf. 

447. V. Levi, b. Aug. 21, 1817. 

vi. Sanianlha, b. Mar. 25, 1820; ni. Abncr Russel. 

vii. Sophronia, b. Dec. 23, 1822 ; d. July 20, 1S4.1, in Truro; 

m. John Wolf, 

viii. Sylvester, b. Aug. 7, 1825 ; d. Oct., 1S26. 

ix. Samuel, b. Sept. 28, 1826 ; lives in Truro. 

X. Louisa, b. June 30, 1829 ; m. Abrani Wolf ; lives in Truro, 

xi. Lorinda, b. June 20, 1S32 ; m. Ilulsey Wolf, 

xii. Albert, b. Dec. 15, 1834; d. June 5, 1S61, in Truro. 


R0SWEL17 LiVERMORE {Moscs,^ Moscs,^ Josia/i,^ Josc/^/i,^ Johu,- 
Jolm') was born Dec. 2, 1784, in Spencer; died Feb. 22, 1873, 
in Lisle, N. Y. ; married (1) Sept. 10, 1S13, in Leicester, Mary 
McNall of Spencer, died Feb. 23, 1820, in Berkshire, N. Y. ; 
married (2) Feb. 23, 1826, Permelia Nichols, born Oct. 24, 
1805, in Marathon, N. Y.; died April 14, 1 866, in Lisle. He 
moved to Lisle, and lived in a log house On lot 217, on the east 
bank of the creek, north of the road where it turns to cross the 
Children : 

i. Otis W;itson,s b. Sept. 30, 1S14, in Spencer; d. Mar. 21. 
1895, in Owego, N. Y, ; m. Nov. 7, 1853, Jane Dodd ; 
b. Aug. 20, 1S15, in Goshen, N. Y. ; d. Oct. 17, 190D, 
•. in Athens, Pa. He was for many years a bridge 

builder on the Erie railroad. No children, 
ii. Joseph, b. July 30, 1816, in Spencer; d. there Jan. 31, 
44S. iii. Lorin, b. Oct. 3, 1S26, in Lisle. 

iv. Mary, b. April 19, 1830, in Lisle; d. April 8, 1S56. in 
Vestal, N. V.; m. Feb. 22, 1855, James K. Owen. 
Child (Owen), b. in Vestal: 

I. Mary AfrJviiia,'^ b. .April 3, 1S56. 

Seventh Generation i6i 


Moses' Livermoke {Moses,^ Jl/oses,^ Josiah* Joseph,^ John, ^ 
John') was born Feb. 27, 1787, in Spencer, died June 22, 1859, 
in Lisle, N. Y. ; married Jan. 11, iSio, in l-Joslon, Ikidget Rob- 
inson, born Aug. i, 1785, in Spencer; died March 13, 1855, in 
Newark Valley, N. Y. He began life as a farmer, settling on a 
farm given him by his father in the town of Lisle. He after- 
wards followed the trade of a mason for a few years, and then 
became a miller, in which trade he was engaged when old age 
compelled him to retire. He was a member of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 

Children, born in Lisle : 

449. i. Adeline,^ b, Nov. 18, iSio. 

450. ii. Charles Henr)-, b. Sept. 4, 181 2. 

iii. George Washington, b. July 12, 1814 ; d. there Dec. 23, 

451. iv, David Clark, b. Jan, 29, 1S16, 

452. V. ^lar)- Ann, b. Jan. 20, 1819. 
453- ■^'i- John Frederic, b. Feb. 6, 1821, 

454. vii. Moses, b. Nov. 26, 1824. 

viii. Warner, b. Aug. 8, 1826; d. there Oct. 3, 1S26. 

455. ix. Nathan, b. Sept. 15, 1831. 


W.\knek7 Li verm ore {Moses, ^ Moses,^Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,' 
John') was born March 23, 1789, in Spe.icer ; died there Dec. i, 
18S3 ; married there April 12, 1812, Betsey, daughter of Robert 
and Betsey Luther, born there March 5, 178S ; died there Aug. 
30, 1S6S. He was a farmer and a member of the school com- 

Children, born in S}>encer : 

i. Elizabeth,^ b. Aug. 29, 1814; d. there April 26, 1896. 
ii. Dianlha, b. April 21, 1819; m. there Oct. 10, 1866, 
Joel N. Blake, b, in 1809, in Baltimore, Md. 

456. iii. Julia, b. Sept. 16, 1822. 

iv. Mehitable, b. Mar. 14, 1S25 ; d. June 26, 1896; ni. 
Warren P. Miller. Child: Frank Warre/fi of 31 
Broad Street, New York. 

l62 Livcnnorc Fa)nily 


Russell' Livermore {Moscs,^ Moscs,^ Josia/i,* Josi-f>/i,^ JoJiu,^ 
John') was born SepL. 28, 1799, \n Spencer; died l-'eb. 25, 1881, 
in Lisle, N. Y. ; married there March 13, 1822, Polly Ayers, 
born there Aug. 6, iSoo ; died there March 27, 1871. His life 
is well described in an address made by his son George Warner 
Livermoie at a reunion of all his children in Centre Lisle, Aug. 
5, 1899. An abstract of the address is as follows : 

It is recorded in Proverbs that " The glory of children are their 
fatliers.'' Let us see if we have not somewhat to glory for. I had 
the pleasure, sometime ago, of looking over the old home in Massa- 
chusetts, which our grandfather left on coming to New York State. 
The very house where father was born, the fields he had roamed over, 
the school-house where his school days were spent, all had language 
to my mind that is not easily forgotten. They left their home there 
for one in Lisle in the fall of 1S17. The pilgrimage of this family of 
eleven persons was made in twelve days, by means of four teams : 
they drove their cattle with them. Father had his eighteenth birthdiy 
on the road. Sometime during the ne.xt five years he formed the 
acquaintance of Polly Ayers, a resident of Lisle (whom he afterwards 
maiTied), and living in a house then standing very near the big pine 
tree below the house where Isaac Howland now lives. 

In 1822 they built the house in Caldwell Settlement, still 
and owned by Almond Reed. There they made their home for twelve 
years, where five of the children were born. The farm was sold to 
Isaiah E. Reed, in 1834. After a futile attempt to go to Michigan in 
1835, they went to West Newark, moving back in the fall of 1837, and 
living in part of Henry Bunnell's house, where they stayed until ihe 
spring of 1838. Then the home which we as children knew most 
about of any place on earth was bought, price S300. The farm then 
consisted of a side hill south of Yorkshire, covered with woods. 
After cutting away the brush the larger part of the house now standing 
was built over our heads : then the scramble for life began in earnest, 
without means and with only $90 paid on the place. Two n;ore 
visitors were welcomed to the family group, making the number eight. 
Pieces of land were taken to work on shares, sometimes at long 
distances from home. At one time father had to mortgage his half of 
a growing crop, to make a payment on a store debt. Mother not only 
had the care of us all. but she spun wool and flax, and wove it into 
cloth, and made clothes for us. The burden of debt was lifted vkh 

.^ ; :^r.^ 

^' ia 




Seventh Generation 163 

money we helped to earn. Our parents made this a dear spot to us. 
Mother's pantry looks good to me yet. Here \vc parted, one by one, 
to form other homes for ourselves. Here they had a home for thirty- 
four years, where at last they enjoyed all the necessities of life and a 
good many of the luxuries. The old farm was finally sold for ten 
times its original cost. We meet to-day an unbroken family of eight 
children, on this spot made sacred by the memory of days gone by. 
We have not seen each other face to face in twenty years. 

Russell Livcrmore celebrated the forty-fifth anniversary of his 
marriage on March 13, 1867, and all his children together with 
their husbands and wives and twenty-one grandchildren were 
present. The family are Congregationalists. 

Children, born in Lisle : 

Abigail,** b. Nov. 4, 1S23. 
Emeline Frances, b. Mar. 11, 1826. 
George Warner, b. Sept. 17, 1828. 
Lewis Russell, b. Feb. 23, 1831. 
Joseph Wilson, b. June 28, 1834. 
Walton, b. Jan. 22, 1S38. 
Charles llieodore, b. Mar. 14, 1841. 
Kdmvind K., b. Dec. 16, 1845. 


Brigham7 Livermore {Afoses,^ Moscs,^ Josia/i,* Joseph,^ John,^ 
John') was born Oct. 3, 1806, in Spencer; died May 5, 1S90, in 
Lisle, N. Y. ; married (i) Feb. 9, 1832, in Lisle, Rebecca Fen- 
ncr, born Sept. 5, 1813, in Bristol, R. L; died July 28, 1855, i^i 
Lisle; married (2) Oct. 13, 1856, in Fittsfield, N. Y., Eliza 
Crawford, died Oct. 7, 1887, in Lisle. Jie moved to Lisle with 
his parents in 18 17. The father of his first wife gave her thirty 
acres of woodland of which he (Brigham) cleared a place large 
enough for a house, built it, and moved into it soon after mar- 
riage, and then cleared up the rest as fast as he was able. He 
lived on the i)lace until April, 1S89, when he sold it and lived 
the rest of his life with his son William. 

Children, born in Lisle : 

465. i. George Brigham,^ b. ^Lay 13. 1834. 

ii. Asa Ackerman, b. Sept. 20, 1836 ; d. there Aug. 3, 1S74. 

















164 Livcrniorc Family 

466. iii. William Byron, b. June 10, 1S38. 

iv. James Roswell, b. May 5, 1840; d. there July 8, 1862. 
V. Marietlc, b. May 20, 1843 '■> ^' there Sept. 15, 1874. 
vi. Wallace, b. Feb. 3, 1S52 ; d. there Feb. 8, 1862. 
vii. Lois, b. July 2, 1855 ; d. there Feb. 2, 1862. 


LuciNDA' LivERMORE {Ajiios,'' Mosts,^ Josia/t,* Josr/>/i,^ Johii,^ 
John') was born March i, 1791,111 Spencer; married there April 
23, 1808, Asa Wilson, born there July 18, 1785. 
Children (Wilson), born in Spencer : 

i. David,^ b. Sept. 24, 1809. 

ii. Amos, b. May i, iSii. 

iii. Lucinda, b. Mar. 31, 1814. 

iv. Horace, b. Mar. 4, 1816. 

V. Harriet, b. Dec. 28, 1818. 

vi. Warner, b. May 23, 1821. 
vii. Asa, b. Dec. 7, 1S23, 
viii. Luther, b. Jan. 15, 1826. 

ix. George, b. Jan. 12, 1828. 

■■■ 213 

Obadiah Lamb? Livermore {Avios,^ Moses,^ Josiah* Joseph,^ 
John,^ John') was born Mar. 8, 1796, in Spencer; died May 22, 
1858, in Ithaca, N. Y. ; married April 4, 1822, in Richford, N. 
Y., Almira, daughter of John and Sylvia (Catlin) Stcdman, born 
Dec. 25, 1 80 1, in Harrington, Conn. He was a great admirer 
of fine horses and followed the business of dealing in them 
in the New York market. After settling in Richford, he car- 
ried on the tanning and manufacturing of buckskin gloves and 
mittens. He held offices of trust in Richford for many years 
before moving to Ithaca, where he was engaged in the hotel 
business in the house known as Ithaca Exchange and pre\-iously 
called the Old Columbian Inn. 

Children, born in Richford : 

467. i. William Stedman,^ b, Jan. 28, 1S33. 

ii. John, b. Mar. 25, 1825; d. Au^. 9, 1S44. 

Seventh Generation 16$ 

iii. Obadiah, b. Oct. 14, 1S27 ; in. Jan. 13, i860, in Sonora, 
Cal., Gavina Salazar, b. Scpi. 7, 1844, in Conception, 
Ciiili, S. A. No children. 

iv, Charles Fernando, b. Aug. 6, 1S30; living unin. in 1902. 

V. Mar\- Ahnira, b. Nov. 12, 1832 ; ni. Jostj)h C. King of 
46S. vi. Sarah Maria, b. Sept. 26, 1S37. 

Hannah Allen^ Livermore {Avios,^ Moses,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ 
John, ^ John') was born ¥eh. 4, 181 1, in Spencer; died March 30, 
1S40, in Ottawa, 111. ; married there April 3, 1839, liartholoniew 
Van Valkenburgh, born July 12, 1799, in Kinderhook, N. Y. 
Child (Wan Valkenburgh), born in Ottawa : 

i. Eniily,^ b. Mar. 9, 1S40; ni. there Feb. i, 1857, Thomas 
McDermott, b. in 1S26, in County Wexford, Ireland, 
No children. 


Jesse? Livermore {Ecm,^ Abijah,^ JosiaJi,'' Joseph,^ John,' 

John^) was born June 9,^1792, in Jamaica, Vt. ; died July 10, 

1S53, Jri Hanover, N. Y. ; married Oct. 17, 1818, in Jamaica, 

Mary Brown Rawson, born Feb. 25, 1798, in Townsend, Vt. ; died 

May 15, 1S61, in Hanover. They moved to Hanover in 1836. 

Children, two younger born in Hanover, the others in Ja- 
maica : 

i. Lyman,** b. July 19, 1S19 ; d. there July 27, 1S19. 
ii. Lyman Rawson, b. Nov. 29, 1S20; d. Oct. i, 1869, in 

469. iii. ]Cmory Willard, b. May 30, 1823. 

470. iv. William Ward, b. May 31, 1825. 

v. Judson Adoniram, b. Sept. 23. 1827; d. there Aug. 10, 

471. vi. Juliett, b. April 30, 1S29. 

472. vii. Mary Ann, b. July 20, 1830. 

473. viii. Cynthia, b. Feb. 14, 1834. 

i.v. Amanda, b. April i, 1836; d. there April 6, 1S3C. 

474. X. Calista A., b. Feb. 6, 1S38. 

475. xi. Sophia Clarinda, b. May 24, 1840. 

1 66 Livcrmorc Family 

Lydia' Livermoke {Ezra,'' Abijah,^ Josia/i,* Joseph,^ John^ 
John') was boni April 20, 179S, in Jamaica, Vt. ; died there 
Sept. 14, 1S81 ; married there Mar. 16, 1826, Allen Gleas(jn, 
born there June 8, 1798 ; died there Aug. 13, 1881. 
Children (Gleason), born in Jamaica : 

476. i. Josiah,^ b. Mar. 21, 1827. 
/1 7 7. ii. \\^arren, b. Oct. i, 1830. 

iii. Mason, b. Mar. 13, 1S33; d. Oct. 5, 1S55, in Gardner. 
47S. iv. Eliza Ann, b. Nov. 3, 1835. 

V. Benjamin, b. June 21, 1S38; d. there May 14, 1S39. 
vi. Mary Adeline, b. May 5, 1841 ; d. Jan. 20, iSSo, in 
Denver, Col.; m. (i) Aug. 28, 1873, in Athol, Lyman 
Cook, d. there Aug. 19, 1S74; m. (2) in 1S75, George 
Rice, In Feb., 1S7S, they moved to Texas. In 1S79 
they lost two children. Child (Rice) : Beriravi Adam."* 


Ezra7 LiVERMOKE {Ecni,^ AbijaJi,^ JosiaJi,^ Joseph,^ Jo/ni,^ 

John^) was born June 16, iSoo, in Jamaica, Vt. ; died Dec. 24, 

1863, in Hanover, N. Y. ; married Nov. 2, 1825, in Jamaica, 

Clarissa Pierce, born there Nov. 15, 1807. He was a farmer. 

Children, first six born in Jamaica, the others in Hanover : 

479. i. Jane ]Milly,^ b. Mar. 22, 1S27. 

ii. Phebe Ursula, b. Aug. 21, 1S2S ; d. April 5, 1S53, in 

Smith's Mills, N. Y. 
iii. Henry Pierce, b. June 29, 1S30; d. Jan. S, 1S77, in 

Arkwright, N. Y. ; a farmer. 

480. iv. Mark Cook, b. Sept. 9, 1S32. 

481. v. Edson, b. Aug. 28, 1834. 

452. vi. Clarissa Susan, b. July 4, 1S36. 

vii. Squire Ezra, b. Oct. 2, 183S ; m. Sept. 26, 1S61, Mary 
Tompkins, b. Feb. 10, 1845, in Xewslead. N. Y, He 
is a farmer in Nashville, N. Y. No children. 
viii. Narcissa Melinda, b. Aug. 2, 1840; d. June 6, 1S53, in 
Smith's Mills. 
ix. Sullivan Gage, b. Aug, 11, 1S42; d. June 9, 1S71, in 

453. X, George Washington, b. May 5, 1S44. 

Sci'cutJi Goicration 167 

xi. Mary Ellen, b. Aug. 13, 1S46 ; d. there Aug. 2, 1869. 

454. xii. Carroll Coodenow, b. April 13, 1S50, 


AsA^ Livi'RMOKE {Ecra,^ AbijaJi,'^ Josin/i,'' JoscpJ:,'^ John,' 
John') wa.s born Dec. 7, 1802, in Jamaica, Vt. ; died April 15, 
1S90, in Westcrville, Ohio; married Nov. 2, 1S29, in Jamaica, 
Eliza Cobb, born June 26, 1808, in Windham, Vt. lie taught 
school in Jamaica for three years ; in Sept., 1835, they moved to 
Hanover, N. Y., travelling by canal, where ho bought 150 acres 
which he cleared, and established a home. In 1S69 they moved 
to Westcrville. Me was justice of the peace eight years, and 
during that time married twenty-six couples. He lived a short 
time in Smith'.'^ Mills, N. Y., where he held the office of assessor.- 
They celebrated their golden wedding Nov. 2, 1879. 
Children : 

i. Emily Jane,^ b. Dec. 16, 1833, in Jamaica ; m. Oct. 
25, 1853, in Smith's Mills, George Ogden, b. Oct. 26, 
1S27, in White's Corners, N. Y. Address, Westcr- 

455. ii. Laura, b. Feb. 19. 1S35, in Jamaica. 

iii. Janette, b. Oct. 4, 1840, in Elanover ; m. Sept. 13, 1S64, 
in Smith's Mills, Thomas Uurr Boughton, b. Sept. 5, 
1832, near New York City. 
486. iv. Milley Estella, b. April 23, 1S44, in Smith's Mills. 


JusTicK Lot? Liver.moke {Abija/i,'^ Abijah,^ Josiah,^ Joseph,^ 
Jo/ni,' John^) was born Aug. 27, 1795, in Jamaica, Vt. ; died 
there Jan. 3, 1842 ; married there Dec. 5, 1816, Christian Muzzy, 
died there March 28, 1847. 

Children, born in Jamaica : 

4S7. i. Rebecca Hammond,* b. May 20, 1S18. 

488. ii. Zipora Elizabeth, b. Jan. 12, 1S21. 

489. iii. Newell, b. May 11, 1S25. 

iv. Justice Newton, b. Julv 30, 1830; d. there Feb. 20, 

V. Abbie Lutheria, b. Jan. 20, 1835; m. Riley M. Merrill. 
They live in Phillips, Duval Co., Fla. 

l68 Livcrmorc Faviily 

vi. Lucy, b. Feb. ii, 183S; ni. her cousin llainuK^nd J. 


Hammond^ Livermore {Abijah,^ Abijali,^ Josiah,^ Joseph,^ 
Jo/ui,^ Jo/nr) was born Jan. 11, 1802, in Jamaica, Vt. ; died there 
May 15, 1871; married there Nov. 6, 1S22, Fanny Howard, 
born there June 22, 1803 ; died there Jan. 16, 1864. 

Children, born in Jamaica : 

i. Son,^ b. Sept. 14, 1823. 

490. ii. ]>ciijaiuin Muzzy, b. Feb. 27, 1S25. 

iii. Calista, b. Dec. 26, 1829 ; died there Feb. 28, 1S56 ; m. 
there Jan. 25, 184S, Luther B. Ewing. N() children. 

491. iv. Leverna, b. Nov. 13, 1831. 

492. V. Hammond J., b. Xow 6, 1834. 

493. vi. Mark Cook, b. Sept. 6, 183S. 


James Madiso.v^ Livermore {P/iiiieas,^ AbiJa/i,\/'osiah* Jo- 
seph,^ Jo/u:,- Jo/in') was born Nov. 29, 1815, in Spencer; mar- 
ried March 11, 1S62, in Union, Broome Co., N. Y., Maria Ann 

Children, born in Owego, N. Y. : 

i. Adelbert James,^ b. Feb, 12, 1S64, unm. 

494. ii. Fannie Alice, b. July 2, 1865. 


Stephen Gould^ Livermore {Ri-nbc?i,^ Joseph,^ JosiaJi,'' 
Joseph,^ John,'' John') was born Sept. 30, 1794, in Sudbury ; 
died Dec. 22, i S40, in Worcester ; married April 17, 1S17, in 
Auburn, Martha, daughter of Walter and Sarah (Merriam) 
Fitts, born there June 9, 1794; died Sept. 18, 1S44, in Mill- 

Children : 

i. Reuben,'' b. Mar. 12, 18 iS. in Worcester; d. April 28, 

1850, in Wells River, Vt., unm. 
ii. Sarah, b. Oct. 22, 1S19, in Worcester; d. ^L1y 3. 1S22, 

., I iu Sutton. 

Seventh Generation 1 69 

iii. Martha Maynard, b. Mays, i^^^-J, i" Worcester; died 
Nov. 23, 1852, in Dayton, Ohio; \\\. in 1842, in Mill- 
bury, Lyman Leland. 

495. iv. Stephen Gould, b. Dec. 24, 1823, in Sutton. 

V. Harriett Elizabeth, b. June 29, 1S26, in Millbury ; d. 
Mar. I, 1861, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; m. in 1S46, in 
Worcester, Lyman Marsh, 
vi. Lewis Edwin, b. April 29, 1S28, in Millbury; d. there 
Aug., 1889, unm. 

496. vii. Julia Ann, b. Oct. 11, 1830, in Millbury. 

viii. Henry Lucian, b. May 21, 1833, in Millbury; d. there 
May 14, 1858, unm. 
ix. George Washington, b. July 11, 1S36, in Millbury ; mar- 
ried June 3, 1869, in Northbridge, Laura Jane, dau. 
of Joel and Laura (Goldthwait) Bachelor, b. there 
Sept. 27, 1833. They afterwards moved to Santa 
Barbara, Cal., where she d. July 27, 1894. No chil- 
X. Frances Eveline, b. Jan. 28, 1839, in Millbury; d. there 
July 9, 1870; m. there, Henry Marble. 


H.-VRRIET? LivERMORE {Rcubcn,^ JoscpJt,^ JosiaJi,'' Joseph,^ 
John, ^ John') was born March 12, 1798, in Weston; died March 
31, 1883; married Sept. 14, 1S20, Solomon Bancroft, died Nov. 
13, 1829. 

Children (l^ancroft), born in Millbury : 

497. i. Henry Lewis,^ b. June 25, 182 1. 

ii, Sarah Eliza, b. Aug. 3, 1823; m. Dec, 1874, in Mill- 
bur}-, Benj. Brierly. 


Daniel Gould" Livermore {Reuben,^' Joseph,^ Josiah,* Jo- 
seph,^ John,^ John^) was born Sept. 16, iSoi, in Worcester; died 
Jan. 12, 1S62, in Millbury; married April 11, 1S33, in l^hillip- 
ston, Julia I'utnam, daughter of Woodis and Tamar l^ancroft, 
born Aug. i, 180S, in Millbury; died there Aug. 23, 1870. 
Early in life he was thrown upon his own resources for mainten- 
ance. He was apprenticed to Mr. Tenny of Sutton, to learn 

I/O ■ Livcrviorc Faviily 

Ihc wheelwright's trade, afterwards became a millwright, and 
later in life, settled on the farm of Cajn. Bancroft (his father-in- 
law), where he lived for several years. In his early manhood he 
became interested in Free Masonry and joined Olive Branch 
Lodge, then of Sutton, now of Millbury, and was at one time 
its Master. In his later years he united with the Methodist 
Ei)iscopal Church of Millbury, and was for several years an offi- 
cial of the Church. 

Children, born in Millbury : 

498. i, Anson Gould, ^ b, Jan. 24, 1S34. 

ii. Sarah Jane, b. April 22. 1S37 ; d. there Xov. 4, 1859. 
iii. Julia Elmyra, b. Feb. 2S, 1S43; d. there May 29, 1S62. 
iv. Daniel Austin, b. May 31, 1S47 ; d. there May 22, 1S4S. 
V. Solon Augustus, b. July 11, 1S49; d- ^here Jan. iS, 

Joseph Smith^ Livermore {Reuben,^ JoscpJi,^ Josiah* Joseph,'^ 
Jo/iH,^ John') was born July 16, 1804, in Worcester; died Feb. 
24, 1863, in Millbury; married in Sutton, Electa Slocum, 
daughter of Edmund T. and Abigail (Slocum) Hall, born there 
March 29, iSir; died there Aug. 10, 1S79. He was a shoe- 
maker, and lived in Sutton, Framingham and Millbury. 
Children : 

i. Albert Augustus,^ b. July 11, 1S30. Both he and his 
sister were noted singers. 
ii. Electa Ann, b. April 17, 1S34 ; in. N. H. White, Ych. 12, 
1833, in Putney, Vt. They at first lived in Millbury, 
but in April, 1S81, moved to a stock farm near Beloit, 
Mitchell Co., Kan. Child (White) : Bessie F.,^ b. Feb. 
7, 1S62, in Millbur)\ 


J osEiMi^ LivERMORE {Josip/i,^ Joscph,' Josi'ali,^ Joscp/i,^ Jo/:!i,^ 
Jo/in') was born March 20, 1798, in Perry, Me.; died at sea 
June 10, 1853 ; married about 1827, in New York, Lucy, daugh- 
ter of Samuel and Lucy (Balch) Perley of Newburyport, died 
Aug. II, 1859. He went to sea when a lad, his "protection " 
being dated District of Passamaquoddy, Mass. (now Maine), 

^~ SLViiith Gcncraticni 171 

Sept. 15, iSivS. At the time of his death he was in command 
of the Liveri)Ool packet ship "Nia£;ara." 
Children, born in New York : 

i. Lucy Amanda,'^ b. April 9, 182S; d. June 17, 1S51, unm. 
ii. Sarah lane, b. 1833; d, June, 1S35. 

499. iii. Caroline Eliza, b. Dec. 27, 1S34. 

500. iv. John Robert McDowell, b. June 2, 1838. 


Oliver Sukad^ Livekmoke {Josc/y//,'' Joseph,^ Josia/i,^ Joseph,^ 
Jo/ui,- John') \\o.s born March 5, 1800, in Eastport, Me. ; died 
there Sept. 27, 1873 ; married there Nov. 27, 1823, Sarah Swift, 
daughter of lulward and Mary (Jones) Johnson, born there June 
4, iSoi ; died there Oct. 12, 1863. He was a selectman of 
Eastport in 1S37, '38, '39, '40, '44, '45, '46, and '47, and was 
president of the Frontier I3ank in Eastport until his death. 

Children, born in Eastport : 

501. i. Joseph jNIason,* b. Nov. 22, 1824. 

502. ii. Oliver Shead, b. Feb. 23, 1828. 

iii. .Susan Elizabeth, b. Oct. 18, 1830; d. there April 14, 

iv. Sarah Swift, b. Feb. 4, 1833; d, there Feb. 16, 1836. 
V. Mary Richards, b. Mar. 4, 1835 ; m. July 28, 1864, in 
Eastport, Charles Henrj', son of Aaron and Sally 
~ ' (Giles) Smith, b. Nov. 1, 1S27. 

vi. Sophia Gleason, b. Mar. 9, 1S37 ; d. there June 3, 1837. 
vii. Lydia Swift, b. Jan. 24, 1840; d. there Oct. 2, 1841. 
viii. Samuel Jones, b. April 24, 1S42 ; d. there May 6, 1855. 


F.\NNIE7 LivEKMORE {Btivicf,^ SaniucI,^ Joscpk,'^ JoscpJi,^ JoJiH,'^ 
Joh?i'), was horn Feb. 17, 1794, in Hillsboro, N. H. ; died there 
Sept. 10, 1875 ; married there Oct. 12, 1817, Elias Smith, born 
Dec. 26, 1792, in South Reading. 

Children (Smith), born in Hillsboro : 

503. i. Frederick J.,^ b. April 25, 1829. 

ii. Caroline, b. Feb. 14, 1832; d. April 28, 1S77 ; m. Lu- 
ther Curtis of Antrim, X. H. Children (Curtis): 
Evuna'i and Mary. 

172 Lircnnorc Family 

William? Livekmore {David,'^ Samuel,^ Joseph,*' Joseph,-^ 
John,^ John') was born March 15, 1795, in Hillsboro, N. li.; 
died there Sept. 16, 186S ; married May 11, 1824, Susan, daugh- 
ter of James and Catharine (Chamberlain) Faxon, born April 29, 
1799, in Washington, N. II., and was still living in liradford, N. 
H., in 1875. He was a farmer. 
Children, born in Hillsboro: 

i. Catharine,* b. Sept. 6, 1825; d. there April 5, 1S66; in. 

June 6, 1S50, George E., son of Francis and Sarah 

(Fhndcrs) Hoyt of Wearc, b. Aug. 9, 1S23. No 

ii, Charlotte, b. Sept. 14, 1826 ; d. June 13, 1874. 
iii. Sarah, b. June, 1829 ; d. Mar. 11, 1S32. 
iv. Frank, b. Oct. 13, 1S32 ; d. Dec. 21, 1S61. He had 

been for several years a soldier in the United States 



Joseph? Livermore {David, ^ Savinci,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ John,^ 
John') was born June 18, 1800, in Hillsboro, N. H.; died there 
Dec. 27, 1S80; married Nov. 22, 1 821, Mary, daughter of Aaron 
and Catharine (Hoyt) Livermore, born July 17, 1799; died Feb. 
6, 1S78. He was a farmer in Hillsboro. 

Children, born in Hillsboro : 

i. Sarah,^ b. Dec. 15, 1S23 ; d. there Aug. 22, 1825. 

504. ii. Grandison David, b. Nov. 24, 1S25. 

505. iii. Marietta, b. Feb. 26, 1S2S. 

iv. Abram Thomas Jefferson, b. Mar. 4, 1830; d. May 6, 

506. V. Sarah How, b. Dec, 8, 1S33. 

Samuel? Livermore {Samuel,^ Savijicl,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ John,' 
John') was born Sept. 25, 1790, in Jamaica, Vt. ; died Aug. 29, 
1869, in Londonderry, Vt. ; married (i) Jan. i, 18 16, in War- 
wick, Mercy, daughter of Jonas and Sarah Leonard, born there 
Jan. 29, 1792; died Nov. 7, 1S56, in Londonderry; married 







Seventh Generatioyi 173 

(2) Sept. 19, 1857, in Londonderry, Betsey At the 
age of nine years he was bound out to John Alexander of Win- 
cliesier, N. H., with whom he lived until he was twenty-one 
years old. He settled in Windham, Vt., after his marriage, 
where he lived, with the e.xception of a year spent in Winches- 
ter, until Sept., 1832; he then moved to the farm now owned 
and occupied by his sons Austin and Samuel. 

Children, the youngest born in Londonderry, the others in 
Windham : 

507. i, Jonas Leonard,^ b. Jan. 11, 1S17. 

ii. Asenath, b. xVpril 24, 1819; d. Aug. 29, 1867. 
iii. A son, b. Feb. 25, 1822 ; d. young. 
Edward Alms, b. Nov. 7, 1824. 
Austin Franklin, b. Nov. 15, 1827. 
Samuel M;ison, b. Mar. 22, 1831. 
liannah Naomi, b. Nov. 17, 1835. 


David7 Livermore {Savinel,^ Sainuci,^ Joseph,* Josep/i,^ Johi,^ 
John') was born Oct. 9, 1809, in Augusta, Me.; died Aug. 20, 
1867; married Sarah Taylor. 
Children : 

i. Mar)-,^ b. Sept. 5, 1831 ; m. in 1S48, Andrew Whiting, 
ii. David, b. April iS, 1834; m. in 1858, Esther Lord, 
iii. Charles E., b. July 9, 1836; d. in 1873. 
iv. Henrietta C, b. Aug. 24, 1838; d. in 1S39. 
V. William S., b. May 28, 1840; m. Nov. 18, 1869, Alice 
Stone; was a sergeant in company B, 20th Me. Vols. 
Children, b. in Milo, Me. : 

1. A'dlU- M.? b. Sept., 1S70. 

2. Carrie B., b. in 1S73. 

3. SaJie, b. in 1876; d. in 1S76. 

4. Pc-rcy W., b. in 1S7S; d. in 1897. 

5. Alice K., b. in iSSi. 

6. Frank S., b. in 1S82. 

vi. Etta C, b. April 28, 1842; d. Nov. 25, 1S66; m. in 

1865, John F. Rollins. 
vii. Emma J., b. July i, 184.1; rn- J"'y 4. 1S6S, John Y. 

viii. Andrew W., b. May 11, 1849; m. Nov., 1SS2, Ada 


174 Lh'cnnore Faviily 


Bf.tsev^ LiVEk.MOKK {Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Joseph,'' Joseph,^ 
John,'' John') was born Jp.n. iS, i.Sr2, in Augusta, Mc. ; died 
Feb. 20, 1874. in Sebcc, Me.; marrietl Daniel Gardiner, born 
in 1801 ; died July 8, 1880, in East Vassalboro, Mc. 

Children (Gardiner) : 

i. Phcbc,^ b. ; in. Stephen Low; had three children. 

ii. Benjamin, b. ; m. Mar)- A. Gould ; had five children. 

iii. Lydia, b. ; in. Henry Low; had one child. 

iv. John, b. ; ni. Minnie Ready of Tracey, Miss. ; iiad 

three children. 
V. Lewis, b. — ; d. at Fortress Monroe ; a soldier in the 

22d Me. Vols. 
vi. George, b. — ; killed in the battle of the Wilderness; 

a soldier in the 6th Me. Vols. 
vii. Daniel, b. May 25, 1845 ! "^- ^1^0' E. Butler of Orne- 

ville ; they have eight sons. 
viii. Maiy D., b. June, 1847 ; d. aged 14 years. 
ix. Henry R., b. in 1S49; ''^'^^ ^" California. 
X, xi. Two children, d. in infancy. 


Joshua? Livermore {SnmiicI,^ Samuel,^ Joseph*' Joseph,^ 
John,^ John') was born May 21, 18 13, in Augusta, Me. ; married 
Aug. 22, 1834, Mary Taylor of Vassalboro, Me. 

Children : 

i. Betsey R.,^ b. April 14, 1S36; m. Jan. i, 1S57, in Sebec, 
Frank B. Dodge of Orland, Me. Child (Dodge) : 

I. Izettc B.? b. May 16, 1S67 ; m. May i6, 1SS2, in Bradley. 
Me., John Lyon, 
ii. Warren G., b. June 5, 1S37 ; d. Aug. 21, 1837, in Milo, Mc. 
iii. Calvin S., b. Xov. 11, 1839, in Milo; d. Dec. 24, 1S63, 

in Virginia; a member of company I, 6th Me. Vols. 
iv. Westley, b. Mar. 7, 1S41, in Milo; d. Sept. 10, 1S43, in 

V. Frank P., b. Mar. 8, 1843, •'i Sebec; killed Aug. 23. 
1882, in West Greatworks Mill ; m. (i) July 21. 1S66, 
Olive S. Fields of Lincolnville, Me. ; m. (2) Caddie 
Keene of Bradley, Me. Child : 
I. Florence O.,^ b. May 31, 1S70. 

' Seventh Gencratiou 175 

vi. Charles \V., b. Mar. 9, 1845, in Sebec ; m. (i) Aug. 11, 
1878, Mercy J. Spencer of Bradley; m. (2) Jane Miles 
of Kenduskeag, Me. Child : 

I. Edna B.,'' b. Aug. 29, 1S79; d- April 9, 189S, in Brad- 
ley; ni. Dec. 31, ij>95, Uwis E. liadeishall of Bradley. 
One child. 

vii. Perinelia K., b. Feb, 14, 1847,10 Sebc-c; in. Dec 24, 
1S70, J. Sherman Woods of liradley. Child (Woods) : 
I. I/ony C' b. Sept. 20, 1872, in Dover, Mc. 

viii. Guy llenry, b. Oct. 14, 1S49, in Sebec; m. Oct. 21, 
1871, at Oldtown, Jenny Perkins of Bradley. Chil- 
dren : 

1. Pauline,'^ b. July 17, 1S77. 

2. LillicJ., b. Mar. 9, 1S79; d. Aug. 2, iSSi. 

ix. Ora E., b. Mar. 2, 1S53, in Sebec; m. Mar. 2, 1878, 
Lizzie Olmstead of Springfield, Me. No children. 


John Wells" Livermore {Savnic/,^ Savii/c/,^ Joscp/i,* Joseph,^ 
Joh/i,- Jo/ill') was Ixtrn Feb. 29, 18 16, in Milo, Me. ; died Dec. 
2, 1880, in Campbell, Minn. ; married April 8, 1838, in Phillips, 
Me., Nancy, daughter of William and Martha (Hanaford) 
Walker, born June 9, 18 10, in Wilton, Me. ; died July 30, 1870, 
in North Vassalboro, Me. He was a soldier in company H, 3d 
Me. regiment. 

Children : 

i. Samuel,^ b. June 17, 1839, ^" Phillips; d. April 24, 
1S44, in Sebec, Me. 

510. ii. William Wells, b. July 12, 1842, in Sebec. 

iii. Martha Amelia, b. Jan. 7, 1846, in Howland, Me.; now 
lives in Brunswick, Me. 

511. iv. Nancy, b. Nov. 17, 1S50, in Gardiner, ^fe. 


Geokge' Livekmoke {Samuel,'' SajnucI,^ JoscpJi,'' Josepli,^ 
JoJin^,John') was born Sept. 29, 18 r8, in Milo, Me.; died Nov. 
8, 1893; married (i) Eliza Currier; married {2) Sibyl Priest, 
born Jan. 20, 1810; died Jan. 13, 1861; married (3) Dec. 24, 
1862, in North Vassalboro, Me., Jane Pray. 

176 Livennorc Faviily 

Children : 

i. Lucy^, b. ; d. young. 

ii. Sarah E., b. May 18, 1S43; d. ^rar. 16, 1S76, in N'orih 
Vassalboro; m. there Plvcrard Priest. Children 
(Priest) : 

1. Lydia Livennorc^ b. Aug. 23, 1S70; d. Oct. 16, \% )Z. 

2. Jennie V., b. Dec. 6, 1S72. 

3. Scrah A., b. Aug. 16, 1875. 

iii. Anna S., b. Feb. 26, 1849; "i. April 3, 1869, in North 

Vassalboro, Charles E. Cates. No children, 
iv. George Warren, b. July 4, 1S51, in North Vassalboro. 

Daniel' Livek.more {Ephyaivi,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ 
John,^ Jo/in^) was born Oct. 27, 1795, in Weston; died there 
Jan. 24, 1874; married there Dec. 5, 1822, Hannah Cutting of 
Wayland, born in 1793, in Sudbury; died Dec. 22, 185S, in 
Children : 

i. Abel Cutting,^ b. Sept. 19, 1824, in Sudbury. 
512. ii. Charles Henry, b. Nov. 10, 1825, in Princeton. 

Fanny' Livermore {Aaron,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ JoJm,^ 
JoJui^) was born May 17, 1795, in Princeton : died July 14, 1S77, 
in Alstead, N. H.; married May 2, 181 5, in Alstead, Andrew 
Adams Banks, born there Feb. 2, 1793; died about 1874. He 
was a carpenter. 

Children (Banks), born in Alstead : 

i. Pascal Prentice.^ b. Aug. 26, 1S16; d. Mar., iSSi. 
ii. Mary Pamelia, b. Dec. 19, 1818; m. Joel Mayo of Al- 
stead. Their son (Mayo) George'^ is the only living 
.' grandchild. 

iii. Susan Prentice, b. June 16, 1S21 ; ni. Edward Martin of 

Ludlow, Vt. 
iv. Martha Ann, b. Oct. 23, 1S23; m. Solon Morrison of 

V. Gardner George, b. Sept. 16, 1S27; m. (1) Julia Kid- 
der; m. (2) Ella Partridge, both of Alstead. 
vi. Eliza Rebecca, b. Mar. 16, 1830; d. unm. 
vii. Marion Ellen, b. Mar. 31, 1S36; d. June 11. 1841. 

Seventh CeuenUioii i yy 


Kathauin'M^ Livi:i;MORii {Aaron,'' JJanii/,^ Danii/,'^ Daniel,^ 
John,- Jc'in') was born April 17, 1797, in Alslcrid, N. H. ; died 
March 25, 1873, in Dubuque, Iowa; married l''eb. 4, 18 19, in 
(]il.suni, N. II., John Taylor, born there June 20, 1796; died 
Feb. 6, 1854, in St. Charles, 111. He \va.s a farmer and a tan- 
ner. After the birth of their children they moved to Illinois. 

Children (Taylor), born in Gilsum : 

513. i. Catharine Iloyl,^ 1). May i, 1820. 

514. ii. Kmeline Pamolia, b. Sept. 15, 1821. 
5115. iii. George llaiiiniond, b. May 30, 1823. 

516. iv. Diancy Rawson, b. Feb. 7, 1825. 

V. Abigail Gates, b. Feb. 9, 1S28; d. in 1851 ; m. John V. 

Farwell, the Chicago millionaire. Child (l'"ar\vell) : 

vi. Hannah Elvira, b. Jan. 28, 1831 ; m. H. II. Jackson of 

Newton, Iowa. Children (Jackson) : Jlattic'^ : Mary : 

Willk: George. 

517. vii. Eunice Ann, b. Jan. 13, 1834. 

518. viii. Jeannie Alantha, b. Dec. 31, 1836. 


JoHN^ LiVEKMORE \Aaron,^ Daniel,^ Daniel* Daniel,^ John, ^ 
John') was born July 11, 1801, in Alstead, N. H. ; died March 
12, 1872, in Gilsum, N. II.; married April 25, 1S26, in Gilsum, 
Electa Goddard, born Nov. 24, 1S05, in Marlboro; died March 
8, 1872, in Gilsum. He moved to Gilsum about 1825, where he 
lived on his farm forty-four years, moving into the village itself 
the latter part of his life. He served the town five years as 
selectman and as a representative in the Legislature in 1S54. 

Children, born in Gilsum : 

519. i. Aaron Harvey,* b. April 21, 1827. 

ii. Martha Ann Electa, b. April 6, 1830; d. there June 11, 


520. iii. Mary IClizabeth, b. Dec. i, 1832. 

521. iv. Martha Ann, b. Mar. 5, 1837. 

v. Fanny Banks, b, June 14, 1839; m. (i) June 20, 1861, 
George White; m. (2) April 29, 1871, Byron E. 
Daggett. They live in rrovidonce, R. I. 

178 Livot/ion- Family 


Charles Gkandison^ LivkivMoke {Aaron,^' Daniel,^ Daniel,'' 
Duiiicl,^ Jnh,i,\f.'li!;') was born July 17, 1803, "n Alstcad, N.II.; 
died before bis second wife as sbe was bis widow at her dcatb ; 
married (i) May 5, 1831, Adaline Duncan of Ackworlb, N. II., 
died April 24, 1S37; married (2) Feb. 21, 1839, in VValpolc, 
N. H., Eliza Emily, daugbter of William and Thcbe (l^eld) 
Jcnnison, born tbere April 11, 1S14; died Marcb i, 1896, in 
Worcester. He was a clotb manufacturer in Alstead, after- 
wards agent for Fairbanks Scales Co., and later on in life lived 
in Worcester. 

Children, born in Alstead : 

i. George Duncan,^ b. Aug. 4, 1832 ; d. , and left a 

son Charles.") He lived in Wilion, N. H. 

522. ii. Ozro Jennison, b. Jan. 6, 1840. 

iii. Adaline Eliza, b. July 29, 1S42 ; in. Fred. Fay, and 

lives in Worcester. 
iv. Chaillon Field, b. Oct. 12, 1843; ^J'^'" '-^-st iicard from 

he lived in New York. 

523. V. Enrico Edward, b. April 13, 1845. 


EzRA^ LivKRMORE {AaronJ' Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ /olni,^ 
John') was born Aug. 28, 1S05, in Alstead, N. H.; died Dec. 
28, 1884, in Kecne, N. H.; married (i) Sept. 11, 1826, in 
Alstead, Betsey Kidder, born there Nov. 25, 1805; died July 
II, 1879; married (2) Dec, 1S79, i» Dalton, N.II., Lydia 
]3ro<^)ks. He was a farmer and lived in Keene. 

Children : 

i. Emily Calista,^ b. Nov. 26, 1827, in Alstead; d. Oct. 
20, 1892, in Keene; m. Oct. 3', 1854, Zcbina K. 
Graves of Woodstock, Vt., and lived in Keene. No 

524. ii. Adaline Julia, b. May 30, 1829, in Dalton. 

525. iii. Aaron Kidder, b. June 11, 1831, in Dalton. 

iv. Charles Grandison, b. April 9, 1S33, in Dalton; d. Feb. 
14, 1S83, in New Mexico, unni. ; he was a miner. 

526. v. llani.ah Catharine, b. Nov. 30, 1S34, in Dalton. 

Seventh Generation 


537. vi. Jnincs ]\.usscll, b. Aii^. 31, 1836, in Daltoii. 

vii. I'ascal (jcrould, b. June 30, 1S38, in Alstcad ; he was 

a miner in California, and last heard from in (lie oil 


viii. Daland Arba, b. Mar. 18, 1S40, in Alslead; ni. Klla 

Kennedy, in Joplin, Mo.; they had three children. 

ix. Harlan Page, b. Feb. 21, 1842, in Alslead; d. there 

Nov. 25, 1844. 
X. Henry Martin, b. Oct. 5, 1S45, in Alslead; d. Jan. 29, 
1856, in Keene. 
52S. xi, George Kimball, b. April 12, 1848, in Alslead. 


Aaron RussiiLL^ Livermoke {Aai-on,^ Daniel,'' Daniel,'' 
Daniel,^ John,- John') was born Oct. 28, 18 10, in Alslaid, 
N. II. ; died Jan. 25, 1892, in New Haven, Conn. ; married Oct. 
6, 1840, in Windsor, Conn., Mary Gay, daughter of llcv. 
Newton and Ursula (Wolcott) Skinner, of New Britain, Conn., 
born Feb. 14, 18 18, and is still living. He was a student in 
Kimball Union Academy, 1831-33; Amherst College, 1833-36, 
belonging to the class of 1S37, but did not graduate on account 
of illness in the home family ; Lane Theological Seminary, 
^^Z^^ 'l7- ^Ic was graduated in 1839 from Hartford Theolog- 
ical Seminary, then at East Windsor Hill. He was ordained 
Aug. 30, 1S43, '^"^ settled as pastor in Mansfield, Conn., 1S43 
to 1858 ; in Lebanon, Conn., 1858 to i860; in Goshen, Conn., 
Feb. 22, i860, to 1868, and lived the rest of his life in New 

Children : 

i. Ilenr)' Newton.^b. Aug. 26, 1841, in East Windsor Hill; 

d. Mar. 31, 1S62, on Roanoke Island, N. C; he was 

a student in Kimball Union Academy in 1S59-60; 

enlisted in the Sth Conn. Vols, in 1S61. 
ii. William Russell, b. Oct. 10, 1843, '" Mansfield; d. there 

Feb. 2u, 1S44. 
iii. Catharine Hoyt, b. Jan. 27, 1S45, in Mansfield; d. there 

Aug. 7, 1850. 
iv. George Wolcott, b. Dec. 2, 1846, in Mansfield ; d. there 

March 4, 1849. 

l8o Livcrmorc Family 

V. Russell Wolcott, b. Feb. 9, 18^9, in Mansfield; ni. May 
6, 1880, Klizabeth 'I'aylor Hayes of Toledo, Ohio, b. 
June 17, K^55 ; he was gradu.Ued from Massachusetts 
Agricultural College in 1872, and from Yale Law 
School in 1875, and became a lawyer in Toledo, after- 
wards owning a plantation in Pates, Robinson Co., 
N. C. 

vi. Mary Catherine, b. July 11, 1S51, in Alstead ; lives with 
her mother. 

529. vii. Charles Herbert, b. Oct. 15, 1S56, in Mansfield. 


Sarah7 Livermore {Williavi,^ Daniel,'^ Daniel,'^ Daniel,^ 
Jo/ui,^ Jo/m') was born March 20, 1807, in Alslcad, N. II.; died 
Jan. 12, 187S, in East Jaffrey, N. H. ; married (i) Feb. 20, 
1828, in Alstcad, Herbert Kittredge, born April 17, 1800, in 
Nelson, N. H.; died there Feb. 4, 1855; married (2) Nov. 15, 
1859, in Nelson, John, son of John and Hulda (Hobart) Conant, 
born Jan. 20, 1790, in St owe ; died April 7, 1877, in Jaffrey. 

Children (Kittredge), born in Nelson : 

i. Harriet Elizabeth,^ b. Nov. 16, 1S2S; d. Dec. 27, 1851, 
in Richmond, N. H. ; m. July 4, 1850, in Nelson, 
Charles A. Dolles. 
ii, William, b. July 20, 1S30; d. April 21, 185 1, in 'J'hct- 
ford, Vt. 

530. iii. Russell Herbert, b. Oct. 25, 1835. 

iv. Helen Maria, b. Feb. i, 1838; d, there Oct. 6, 1857. 
V. Edwin Livermore, b. April 26, 1840; d. there Aug. 15, 

vi. Mary Jane, b. Feb. 12, 1844; d. there Aug. 5, 

vii. Sarah Adelaide, b. 1^)00. 15, 1847; ^- there Aug. 19, 

Mary Catherixe^ LivERMOiiE ( Wil/iavi,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,* 
Daniel,^ John,'' John') was born March 12, 1815, in Alstcad, 
N. H. ; married April 15, 1843, '" Newton Centre, John Stearns, 
born Oct. 31, 18 19, in Lunenburg. 

; - Scvotih Ctucnition 1 8 1 

Children (Stearns), born in Newton Centre : 

531. i. Ellen Augusta,** b. Dec. 3, 1844. 

532. ii. Sarah Maria, b. Dec. 9, 1847. 

533. iii, Charles Cyrus, b. Oct. 22, 1850. 

534. iv. Harriet Adelaide, b. Nov. 11, 1852. 

V. Clara ]''rances, b. May 19, 1855 ; in. there Oct. 31, 18S9, 
Ik-njamin Adry, b. Jan. 26, 1861, in Hunt Harbor, 
N. F. No children. 


JosiAiF LiVKRMORE ( William,^ Daniel,'^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ 
Jolm,^ John') was born May 14, 1821, in Alstcad, N. H. ; died 
March 25, 1S97, in Watertown : maiTicd Sept. 20, 1846, in 
Cambridge, Ann, daughter of Amos and Polly (Stearns) Carter, 
born Sept. 12, 181S, in Wayland. Early in life he opened a 
provision store in Cambridgeport ; after a few years he moved 
to Watertown, where he was employed by the firm of Ellison 
& Bond, later bnying out Mr. Bond's interest, when the firm 
became Ellison & Livermore. A few years later the firm was 
dissolved, and he started in business for himself. He retired a 
few years ago, having been in business forty-five years, and 
having lived in Watertown over thirty-six years. 

Children, born in Cambridgeport : 

i. George Henry,^ b. July 20, 1S48; num. 

535. ii. Charles Edward, b. May 9, 1850. 

iii. Anna Louisa, b. Nov. 25, 1851 ; unm. 

536. iv. William I'Vanklin, b. Dec. 14, 1853. 

537. V. Herbert Josiah, b. Oct. 23, 1855. 


Eunice Tilton^ Livermore ( William,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,'^ 
DauicI,^ Jo/:n,^ Jo/in') was born May 14, 1821, in Alstead, N. II. ; 
died Jan. 20, 1S91, in Cambridge; married there March 21, 
1844, Charles, son of Isaac and Betsey (Bailey) Stratton, born 
Aug. 3, 1 82 1, in Jaffrey, N. H. 

Children (Stratton), born in Cambridge : 

53S. i. Charles Francis,^ b. Dec. 22, 1S47. 
539. ii. Edward JJailey, b. Dec. 9, 1854. 

l82 Livcruwrc Family 


Ai5I{;ail7 Livkrmokh {Ahm/umi,'' Abmliavi,'' Daniel,'' Daniel,^ 
John,^ John') was born Dec. 2C, 1807, in Chcnanj^o Co., N. Y. ; 
died March 14, 1894, in Farley, la.; married June 12, 1831, 
Abner lienton, burn Feb. 27, 1804; died I'V-b. i, 1870, in 

Children (IJenton), born in Friendsliip, N. Y. : 

540. i. Charles Milan,^ b. Nov. 7, 1S32. 

541. ii. Caroline, b. Jan. 7, 1835. 

iii. Orlando, b. Dec. 18, 1836 ; unm. ; lives in Farley, 
iv. Harris A., b. Jan. 26, 1838; d. Mar. 2.4, 1838. 
5.12. V. Martin Liverinore, b. Mar. 22, 1840. 

543. vi. Curtis Defrancc, b. Sept. 18, 18.1 2. 

vii. Mary Ellen, b. Dec. 26, 1844; d. Mar. 20, 1849, in 

Dubuque, la. 
viii. Winfield, b. July 16, 1847; d. Mar. 23, 1848, in Du- 

544. ix. Martha Adeline, b. Feb. 3, 1850, in Dubuque. 

545. X. Alice Louisa, b. April 26, 1S54, in Bankson, la. 

RalpiI' Head {HcpsibctJi,^ Abraham,^ Daniel,'' Daniel,^ Jo Jin,'' 
JoJin^) was born May 17, 1800, in Paris Hill, N. Y. ; married 
there April 27, 1824, Eliza Head, daughter of Uri and Jedidah 
Doolitlle, born Oct. 7, 1805. 
Children (Head) : 

i. Jonathan Lorenzo,^ b. Mar. 29, 1S2S; d. April 18, 1SS5. 

546. ii. George Doolittlc, b. June 22, 1830. 

547. iii. Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 29, 1835. 

Three other children, who died young. 

Miranda' Head {HcpsibetJt,^ AbraJiavi,"> Daniel,' Daniel,^ 
John,* John') was born April 13, 1802, in Paris Hill, N.Y.; died 
May 16, i'S70, in Waterville, N. Y. ; married April 26, 1S25, in 
Paris Hill, Philip Taylor Simmons, born Dec. 10, 1799. 
Children (Simmons), born in Paris Hill : 

i. George Franklin,*" b. Jan. 21, 1827; d. in infanc)'. 
ii. Martha Amelia, b. April 27, 1S29. 

Seventh Gc lie ration 1 83 

iii. Sarah Miranda, b. Auj^. 21, 1831; in. Henry Tower of 
Waterville. Child (Tower): Frank Simmortf>\ lives 
in W'alcrville, 

iv. Mar)' Maria, b. Oct. 7, 1.S33 ; d. in inf.mcy. 

V. Mary Susanna, b. June 11, 1837 ; d. in infancy. 

vi. Henry Martyn, b, Aug. 20, 1841. 


Orrkn William' Head {Hcpsibcth^ Abraiinvi,^ Daniel* 
Dtniiel,^ John,'' John') was born May 13, 1S08, in Paris Hill, 
N. Y. ; died Oct. 2, 1882, in Munroevillc, Ohio; married (i) 
Julia Crane of Marshall, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; married (2) Oct. 2, 
1872, Annie M., daughter of licnjamin and Annie (Albert) 
Newcomer of Ashland, Ohio. She lives (1894) on the farm in 
Ridgcfield township, Huron Co., Ohio. He had three sons and 
two daughters. , 


Daniel^ Head {Hcpsibeth,^ Abraham,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ 
John,^ John') was born April 25, 18 13, in Paris Hill, N. Y. ; 
married April 4, 1846, in Antioch, 111., Amelia Elizabeth, 
dauj^hter of Louis and Betsey (Ibrncs) Munson, born Jan. 21, 
1825, in Paris, N. Y. 

Children (Head) : 

i. Son,^ b. Feb. 4, 1847, in Antioch ; d. same day. 
ii. Son, b. Oct. 25, 184S, in Patldock, Wis.; d. same day. 
iii. Adclla Maria, b. Dec. 20, 1849, '" Kenosha, Wis.; d. 

there Nov. 17, 1857. 
548. iv. Clara Amelia, b. Oct. 25, 1S52, in Kenosha. 

V. Frank Gross, b. Jan. 3, 1857, in Kenosha; m. there 

Oct. 21, 1879, Hattie Drum. Child (Head): Gludys 



George Washington' Head {Hepstbcth,^ Abra/uim,^ Daniel,* 
Daniel,^ John,' John') was born May 21, 18 15, in Paris Hill, 
N. Y. ; died April i, 1S95, in Ulica, N. Y. ; married June 15, 
1843, in Paris Hill, Sarah Clarissa, daughter of Horace and 


'M Livcnnore l^aviily 

Clarissa (Seward) J5artlctt, born Ihcrc Oct. 2, 1822; died the 
May 22, 1890. 

Children (Head), ihe fu-sl four horn in ]\iris Hill, the others 
in Utica : 

i. Helen Fran res, -'^ b. June- 8, 1S44. 
519. ii. Florence Amelia, b. Nov. 6, 1845. 

iii. John Quincy, b. Dec. 25, 1847; d- Ajuil 25, 187S, in 

iv. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Aug. 9, 1853. 

V. Kmma Grace, b. July 8, .S58 ; d. Jan. 8, 1868, in Utica. 
vi. Alice Augusta, b. Nov. 21, 1862; d. Jan. 9, 1868, in 


OiiSON Sherman^ Head {Hcpsibcth,'' Abraham,'' Daniel,^ 
Danicl^i JoJui,^ John') was born Oct. 9, 1S17, in Paris Hill, N. 
Y.; married (i) Au-. 30, 1846, Mary Jand, dau-hter of Ephraim 
and Marina (Gates) Tradcwcll, born Jan. 29, 1817 ; died I\\W\\ 8, 
1863, in Kenosha, Wis. ; married (2) June 13, 1866, Mary s! 

Children (Head) : ,. 

550. i. Mary,^b. May 31, 1847. '^ 

ii. Dot Eunice, b. Mar. 29, 1S49 ; m. Jan. 21, 1869, Amos 

Willets Wright ; they li\cd in New York City, 
iii. William Jonathan, b. Jan. 7, 1S51 ; lived in Kansas City. 

551. iv. Jenny Lind, b. Nov. 27, 1853. 

V. Medora, b. Aug. 31, 1859, in Kenosha; m. Nov. 5, 
1892, in New York City, Edward Hemphill Mullin. 

vi. Harriet, b. Nov. 8, 1861 ; m, Feb. 6, 1883, George York. 
Jr. Child (York) : William Head,") b. Dec. 28, 1883. 

Sarah Maria' Head {Hcpsilnfh,^ Abraham,^ Daniel,* Dan- 
iel,^ John,' John') was born Mnrch 22, 1S20, in Paris Hill, 
N. Y. ; married Oct. 17, i S47, in I'aris, N. Y., Porter Calkins, 
son (^f James and I.ydia (Calkins) Huntley, born March 26, 
1818, in West Winfield, N. Y. ; died Nov. 4, i8S8, in Oakland 

St'vc7it/i Crncration 185 

Child (Huntley), born in Paris, N. Y. : 

552. i. Dwi^ht Ijruncli,^ i). Jan. 17, 1S49. 


Elias^ Livi-KMOUii {Abcl,^ Abmliavi,'' Daniel,'' Daniel,'^ JoIdi," 
JoJiii') was born April 15, 1807, in German, N. Y. ; died May 
13, 1901, in Willetl, N. Y.; married (i) Sej)!. 24, 1828, in 
Mrnalhon, N. Y., Eunice P. Leach, born May 6, i8ii; died 
Jan. 9, 1S36, in German; married (2) Eeb. 5, 1837, I'oJly Cuiii- 
min.i,^s, born Nov. 30, 1809; died Oct. 16, 1SS2. They settleil 
in German, where he wa.s a merchant for a few years, and sub- 
sequently became a farmer and also a cattle dealer. 

Children, born in German : 

i. Harriet," b. May 22, 1830 ; d. June 16, 1S43. 
ii. Abel, b. Mar. 13, 1S32 ; d. Aug. 10, 1862, He was at 
first a lawyer; enlisting in the army, he died in liich- 
niond, Va., from the effects of a wound. 

553. iii. Daiius Elias, b. Nov. 25, 1833. 

iv. Lydia A., b. Dec. 30, 1835 ; d. Jan. 13, 1S36. 

V. James Henry, b. Jan. 3, 1838. 

vi. Cyrus King, b. Mar. 22, 1839 ; d. July 3, 1883. 
vii. Eunice Eliza, b. April 15, 1840; d. June 27, 1S60. 
viii. Manlcy Thomas Jefferson, b. Feb. 21, 1842. 

ix. Francis Deforest, b. May 2, 1843. 

X. Harriet Jane, b. Feb. 14, 1845. 

xi. Jackson Jerome Durphec, b. May 31, 1847 ; m. Sept. 23, 

1877, in Albany, N. Y., Mary Smith, 
xii. John Pembroke, b. Oct. 27, 1849. 

554. xiii. Polly ]*iiilenah, b. Nov. 8, 1851. 


Bukr7 Livermore {Abcl,^ Abraham,^ Danirl,^ Donic/,^ Jo/ni,^ 

Jo/ill') was born Oct. 28, 1810, in German, N. Y. ; died Sept, 5, 

1878, in Earlville, N. Y. ; married Jan. 30, 1832, in German, 

I'lliza, daughter of benjamin and Phebe (Merritt) Wilson, bom 

April 9, 1 80S ; died Nov. 29, 1S53, in Willett, N. Y. 

Children : 

555. i. Elvira Wilson,** b. April 12, 1834, in German. 

1 86 Livcrtnorc Faviily 

ii. IJcnjainin Wesley, b. Oct. 4, 1S3S, in VVilletl ; killed 
June 20, 1S68. He enlisted in the Civil war as a 
private ; was promoted to sergeant, and then to second 
lieutenant, in the i6th Indiana Artillery (Meigs' bat- 
tery). On May 11, 1866, he was appointed second 
lieutenant in the 2d Artillery, regular army, lie was 
oflicer of the day when the Jvussian flag was lowered 
and the stars and stri])cs run up at Sitka, Alaska ; he 
was still stationed in Sitka when he was killed by the 
accidental discharge of a Henry rifle. 

iii. Miles, b. Oct. 3, 1S42, in Ciiicinnatus, N. Y. ; d. Nov. 
16, 1861. 

iv. Giles, b. Oct. 3, 1842, in Cincinnatus ; d. Nov. 6, 1.S61. 
556. V. Eliza Janet, b. Nov. 7, 1844, in Cincinnatus. 

vi. William Adelbert, b. Oct. 10, 1851, in Willett ; he is 
married and lives in De Kalb, 111. 


Maky? Livrkmore {Abel,'' Ahrahavi,^ Daiiirl,^ Daniel,^ Jo/iu,^ 
John^) was born July 14, 18 12, in German, N. Y. ; died May 23, 
1880, in Rochester, Ohio; married Jan. i, 1829, in German, 
Rev. Nelson, son of William and Tacy (Tanner) Crandall, born 
June 25, 1806, in Charlotte (now Davenport), Delaware Co., 
N. Y. ; died March 30, 1S95, in Wooster, Ohio. He was a 
Baptist minister. 

Children (Crandall) : 

557. i. Delette Rosalia,^ b. Dec. 2, 1S39, in Smithville, N. Y. 

ii. Phidelia, b. Aug. 5, 1831, in Smithville. 

iii. Deborah, b. Feb. 27, 1833, in German ; d. Jan. 17, 1S53. 

iv. Walter Milan, b. Oct. 28, 1S34, in Denmark, Ohio. 
55S. V. Lysander Emerson, b. Dec. 7, 1836, in Smithville. 

vi. Mary Tacy, b. Sept. 5, 1838, in Smithville. 
vii. Imerta Amelia, b. May 27, 1840, in Smithville. 

559. viii. James Franklin, b. Feb. 28, 1844, in Smithville. 

ix. Charles Henry, b. Jan. 13, 1846, in Preston. N. Y. ; m. 
May 20, 1875, in Ithaca, Mich., Cenah Helen Pettit, 
l'). Oct. 16, 1850, in Williams Co., Ohio. No children. 

560. X. Louisa Frances, b. Jan. 19, 1848, in Preston. 

561. xi. Samuel Nelson, b. Jan. 17, 1851, in Pitcher, N. Y. 

Seventh Generation 187 

xii. Joseph Addison, b. April 13, 1854, in Soutli Hannibal, 

N. Y. 
xiii. Lulu liell, b. Mar. 10, 1857, in Ashtabula, Ohio. 


Sally7 Livermorr {Abcl,^ AbmJtavi,^ Daniel,'^ Daniel,'^ John, ^ 
John*) was born Jan. 27, rSiS, in German, N. Y. ; died I'^eb. 22, 
1874; married March 10, 1S36, in German, Thomas Gee, born 
July 18, 18 1 2, in Cincinnatus, N. Y. 
Children (Gee) : 

i. Rachel Jennelt,^ b. Oct. 8, 1837 ; m. Thomas Tillinghasl 

White of Cincinnatus. 
ii. Nancy Elizabeth, b. July 15, 1839; m. Feb. 16, 1868, in 

Port Crane, N. Y., Warren Bulfinch. 
iii. Lark Adclbert, b. Sept. 22, 1845; m. Mar. 17, 1870, in 

Chenango Forks, N. Y., Mary Ann Reynolds, 
iv. Sarah Rougene, b. Sept. 27, 1847 ; unm. 
V. Deborah Louisa, b. April i, 1849; "^^ Sept. i, 1880, in 

Virgil, N. Y., Nathan A. Gardiner. 
vi. Margaret Eliza, b. Dec, 23, 1S51 ; unm. 
vii. Charles Beecher, b. Feb. 10, 1853; m. Dec. 3, 1872, in 

Port Crane, N. Y., Jenny Baldwin, 
viii. Hiram Barclay, b. Nov. 9, 1S55; m. Nov. 3, 1878, in 
Port Crane, Ella Palmer. 


Lark Southgate^ Livermore {Abel,'' Abraham,^ Daniel,* 
Daniel,^ John,' John') was born Oct. 12, 1 819, in German, N. 
Y. ; married (i) Oct. — , 1848, Mrs. Jane (llutchins) Kimberly 
of Spafffjrd, N. Y., died Nov. 16, 1849; m''irried (2) May 12, 
1 85 1, Jane Re.xford of Sherburne, N. Y. He was chaplain of 
the i6th Wisconsin regiment, commissioned Feb. 6, 1862, and 
was then living iu Berlin, Wis. He resigned Sept. 26, 1864. 

Children : 

562. i. Charles,^ b. July 10, 1849. 

ii. Jennie, b. April 19, 1852; d. .Aug. 6, 1869. 
iii. Lou Ella, b. Oct. 20, i866. 
iv. Sadie, b. June 19, 1872. 

1 88 Livcrviorc Faviily 


I'^ARMEK Roi.LAND^ LivHKMORii {Al>c/,'' AbniJcavi,^ Diinjc/,* 
Daniel,^ Johii.,^ J oini') was born July 31, 1822, in German, N. Y. ; 
married July 8, 1852, in Andovcr, Ohio, Harriet lioardman 
Pickett, born there Dec. 22, 1S22. At the age of seventeen he 
united with the l^aptist church, and lived at home until he was 
twenty-five years of age, when he went to the academy at 
Homer, N. Y., for two years. He has been a farmer and a 
commercial traveller. In 1852 he made his home in Ik-rlin, 
Wis., where he has lived ever since. He has been for many 
years a member of the county board of supervisors of Waushara 
Co., Wis. 

Children : 

i. A daii^^hter,^ b. April 13, 1S53, in Kingsvillc. Ohio; 
d. there April 17, 1S53. 

563. ii. Ernest Newton, b. June 10, 1862, in lierlin. 

Samuel Trhusdale' Livekmoke {Abe/,'' Abraham,^ Daniel,* 
Daniel,^ Jo/iji,^ Jfl//n^) was born March 16, 1824, in German, 
N. Y. ; died Vch. 22, 1S92, in Worcester; married May 16, 
1853, in Fall River, Melvina Temple, daughter of William and 
Mehitable Harris (I'rout) Brown, born Sept. 13, 1830, in Somer- 
set ; died March 14, 1898, in Fall River. He received his 
degree at Madison University, N. Y., in 1850, and was ordained 
as a Baptist minister Oct. 28, 1852, in South Livonia, N. Y. 
He wrote a History of Block Island, having been the past(.)r of 
the llaptist church there. He made a most valuable collection 
of strange locks and keys, which he gave to the town of Bridge- 

Children : 

i. Adelaide Augusta,^ b. Jan. 25, 1S55, in South Livonia ; 
d. Oct. 22, 1858, in Cooperstown, N. Y. 
56.}. ii. William IJrown, b. Dec. 25, 1S57, in Cooperstown. 
565. iii. Waller Curtis, b. Oct. 4, 1861, in Cooperstown. 

iv. Kalpii Temple, born Aug. 10, 1S64, in Lowvillc, N. Y. ; 
ni. Sept. 2, 1897, in IJoslon, Lctitia J., dau. of Hugh 
H. and Eliza J. r.othwell, b. in 1854, in Albany, N. Y. 

ScvciitJi Generation 1S9 


Ezra' Li\i:km(jki-: {Cj'i/is,'' Abra/uivi,'> Daniel* Daniel,'^ John,- 
John') was born Aug. 5, 1S15, in German, N. Y. ; died in 
Green Ikiy, Wis. ; married Jan. 2, 1842, in Clarksfield, Oiiiu, 
Orpha D wight. 

Children : 

i. Randall Gihbs,'* b. . 

ii. Jay DwiglU, b. . 

iii. Cora, b. , 


Arkaett' Livekmore {Cynis,^' Abraliavi,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ 
Jo/in,^ Jo/iii') was born July 8, 1823, in German, N. Y. ; died 
May 16, 18S9, in Jlitlle Creek, Iowa; married Nov. 14, 1841, 
in Clarksfield, Ohio, Samuel, son of l^enjamin and widow Hannah 
(Trowbridge) Stiles, born there Nov. 13, 1818; died May 12, 
1889, in Battle Creek. 
Chiklrcn (Stiles), born in Clarksfield : 

i. Josepli' Martin, ^^ b. Aug. 11. 1S44. 
ii. Lcgrand Herrington, b. Dec. 19, 1S50; d. there April 3, 

iii. Laura belle, b. Nov. 2, 1854; m. Feb. 14, 1S78, in battle 
Creek, James Taylor, Jr., b. Mar. 18, 1855, in Wooster, 
Ohio; d. Aug. 6, 1892, in South Riverside, Cal. No 
iv. Eda May, b. Nov. 27, 1857 ; tn. Feb. 12, 18S3, in Battle 
Creek, Charles Selden Lord, b. June 24, 1S50, in 
Milo, Me. No children. 

Orson IIeaiV Livermore {Cynis,^ AbraJuiui,^ Daniel,* Da)i- 
icl,^ John,^ John') was born Jan. 28, 1826, in German, N. Y. ; 
died Nov. 2/, 1896, in Sheridan, Ok.; married Nov., 1871, 
in Nashua, Iowa, Lucinda Beck, born Nov. 20, 18^2, in Gal- 
lipolis, Ohio. 

Children, born in Nashua : 

i. Bert B.,^ b. July 24, 1S73 ; m. Oct. 24, 1896, in Sheri- 
dan, Lizzie Woodworth. 
ii. George, b. June 12, 1S84. 

190 Livcrmorc Faviily 


Emei.INI- I'l'KCiM.A^ Livi-KMOKi- {Q'nis,'' Abm/iani,^ Daniil,^ 
Dtinicl,^ John,' John') was born Oct. 6, 1S32, in Gcrnuui, N. Y. ; 
married Sept. 17, 1853, in Pensaukee, Wis., James T. Vance, 
born in Albany, N. Y. 

Children (Vance) : 

i. Arabella,^ b. Aug. 15, 185.1 ; d. Sept. 15, 1854. 
ii. Ella May, b. May 23, 1856; m. Sept. '24, 1876, in 
Nashua, Iowa, John l)cini)ster Lamber.son. Child 
(Lamberson), b. in Greene, Iowa : Raymond Vance,'* 
b. July 22, 1877. 
iii. IaiIu Jean, b. Oct. 31, i860; d. Feb. 17, 1887; m. Sept. 
20, 1878, Louis Fairbairn. Child (Fairbairn), b. in 
Fort Dodge, Iowa: GuyP b. Sept. 21, 1SS3. 


Maky^ Livekmokr {Salcin,^ Jonas,^ Jonas,'^ /A/avV/.^ John,^ 
John') was born Aug. 25, 1795, in Leicester; died there Aug. 
8, 1839; married there June 5, 1817, Jonathan, son of Jc^nathan 
and Martha (Bcmis) Warren, born there Dec. 2, 1782 ; died 
there Sept. 24, 1845. (See Warren Genealogy.) 

Children (Warren), born in Leicester : 

5G6. Jonas Liverinore,'' b. Dec. 14, 18 18. 

ii. Martlia, b. April G, 1S20; m. Ashel Spring. No chil- 
iii. Sarah, b. Sept. 12, 1823; d. April 8, 1S61, in Chicago; 
. . ni. Daniel Parker. Four children. 


Nancy' Livermore {Sa/an,^ Jonas,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ John,^ 

John') was born Oct. 13, 1800, in Leicester; died I^ec. 27, 

1875 ; married (i) Moses Rockwood of Grafton, died I'eb., 

1S35; married (2) Feb., 1837, Stephen Adams; married (3) 

Lyman Thompson. 

Children (Rockwood) : 

i. Salein,^ b. June 2, 1824; d. April 9, 1S40. 
ii. John, b. Oct. 20, 1825; m. May 19, 1S46, Melinda Ada- 
line Prouty. 

Seventh Generation 1 9 1 

iii. Ati^^eline, h. Oct. 26, 1827 ; in. James L. Mt-iiain. 

iv. David, b. June 26, 1830; d. Oct., 1846. 

V. Mary, b. Nov. 7, 1832; 111. Feb. 19, 1850, Henry Lamb, 

vi. Moses, b. July 14, 1S35 ; d. Feb., 1847. 

Children (Adams) : 

vii. Aaron, b. Dec. 10, 1837. 
viii. Dexter, b. Mar., 1S40; d. April, 1840. 
ix. Maria Catherine, b. May 14, 184 1 ; m. John W'lieelock. 
X. Jane Emily, b. ; m. George llcrkley. 

Hannah' Livekmore {Sa Ic in, ^ Jonas, ^ Jonas, ^ Daniel,^ JoJin,^ 
Jo/in') was born May 21, 1804, in Leicester; died July 29, 
183G; married Jan. 9, 1828, in Leicester, Samuel Bottomly. 
Children (Bottomly), born in Cherry Valley : 
i. Lavina,^ b. Aug. 28, 1828. 
ii. Cornelia, b. Dec. 29, 1829. 
iii. Hannah Jane, b. July 29, 1833. 
iv. Nancy Amelia, b. Nov. 19, 1835. 


Salem' Livermore (Sa/em,^ Jonas,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ Jo/in,' 
Jo/in') was born April 23, 1809, in Leicester; died March 4, 
1865, in Rochdale; married Nov. 26, 1833, in Leicester, Roxal- 

ana, daughter of Joshua and (Follctt) leading, born Oct. 

12, 1812, in Mendon ; died March 20, 1S95, in Leicester. He 
\'as a carpenter, farmer, an operator in real estate, a lieutenant 
of militia in 1833, and a member of the Episcopal Church. 

Child, born in Leicester : 

567. i. Thomas Salem,^ b. July 22, 1836. 


Jonas' Livermore {Daniel,^ Jonas,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ Jo/in,^ 
John') was born April 21, 1802, in Leicester; married (i) April 
19, 1827, in Uxbridge, Louisa Gates, born Sept. 12, 1S04, in 
Holden ; died June 19, 1854, in J^lackwood, N. J.; married (2) 
May 8, 1855, in Blackwood, Anna McElroy, born Aug. 19, 
1817, in Moorstown, N. J. ; died Aug. 5, 1890, in Blackwood. 
He left home when about sixteen years of age, and learned the 

192 Livcrvwrc I'ainily 

manufacture of woollens. In 1.S30 he moved lo lilackwnod, 
where he was one of the or^Mnizers of the Good Intent Mills 
Company, which he successfully managed for more than thirty 
years, amassing a large fortune. In early life he became asso- 
ciated with the First National Bank of Camden, N. J., and was 
the president of that institution for many years, retiring as its 
directing head at his own request. He has taken a lively 
interest in the affairs of the Presbyterian church of Blackwood 
for over half a century, contributing largely to its support, and 
assisting materially in everything pertaining to the welfare of 
the town. lie has been an elder of the church for more than 
sixty years, and, together with the Rev. Dr. F. R. Grace, who 
was pastor of the church for over thirty years, has largely 
directed its affairs. He started the first Sunday school ever 
held in the place. Notwithstanding his advanced age (one 
hundred years old April 21, 1902), he personally superintends 
his large estate, both real and personal. He attends church 
services regularly, and is an early riser. He takes great pride 
in his crops of fruits and berries, and every year makes much 
wine, possessing at the present time wines of many years* 

Children, born in Blackwood : 

i. Henry Clay,^ b. June 27, 1S33 ; m. there Mar. 17, 1S7S, 
Hannah Baseman, b. April 9, 1S40, in Cross Keys, 
N. J, No children, 
56S. ii. Mary Amanda, b. Dec. 19, 1S34. 
569. iii. vSanford, b. Jan. 9, 1S3S. 

iv. Edwin, b. Aug. 7, 1840. He was captain of an ord- 
nance train during the Civil war, and in April, 1S64, 
.' I while hastening with it to assist in a battle, where he 

was needed and had been sent for, was shot by 
.: guerrillas. 

Mary' Livermore {Daniel,^ Jonas,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ Ji'hn,- 
John') was born April 26, 181 1, in Leicester; married there 
April 9, 1833, David McFarland, born June 20, 1 S08, in Stur- 
bridge; died June 16, iSSi, in Worcester. 

Sei'cnth Generation 193 

Children (McFarland), born in Leicester : 

i. I-ewis Frederick,^ b. Dec. 16, 1835; d. there Nov. 6, 

ii. Mary Jane, b. Oct. 19, 1S39 ; d. there April 17, 1S49. 
iii. Frederick, b. April 29, 1S42 ; d. there May 25, 1842. 
iv. Maria, b. Nov. 10, 1844; d. there Jan. 20, 1845. 
V. Angie, b. Sept. 12, 1846; d. June 21, 1SS6, in Boston; 
m. May 6, 1871, in NewYork, George Frederic Staehlin. 
No children. 


DiANTHA' LiVERMORE {Daniel,^ Jotias,^ Jouas,* Daniel,'^ John,' 
John') was born March 30, 1813, in Leicester; married there 
July 23, 1834, Daniel Henshaw of Pine Plain, N. Y., born Feb. 
9, 1 8 12, in Auburn. 

Children (Henshaw), born in Eaton, N. Y. : 

i. Ann Jeanette Larue,^ b. Sept. 26, 1835 ; d. Feb. 14, 

1891, in Chicago, 111., unm. 
ii. Ethridge Golden, b. June 6, 1837, killed Aug. 7, 1867, 
in Plum Creek, Mo., in a railroad accident. 

570. iii. Adelaide Lunette, b. Mar. 11, 1839. 

iv. Mary Josephine, b. July 4, 1841 ; d. Nov. 25, 1877, in 
Galesburg, 111.; m. there Oct. 28, 1868, John B. In- 
gersoll, b. May 17, 1831, in Fairbury, 111, ; d. April 
28, 1S70, in Galesburg. No children. 

571. V. Frederick Eugene, b. July 21, 1843. 

572. vi. Helen Elizabeth, b. Nov. 17, 1846. 


L?:wis7 LiVEKMORE {Daniel,^ Jojuis,^ Jo>ias* Daniel,^ John,^ 
John') was born July 31, 1815, in Leicester; married (i) May 
23, 1839, in Berkeley, N. J., Elizabeth Dawson, born there Feb. 
12, 1817; died July 16, 1844, i" Good Intent, N. J.; married 
(2) Oct. 17, 1S44, in Woodbury, Su.sanna Middletun, born Feb. 
II, 1S26, in Blackwood, N. J. 

Children : 

573. i. William Harrison,^ b. Feb. 29, 1840, in Good Intent. 

ii. Adelaide Lunette, b. Aug. 2, 1845, ^" Good Intent; d. 
Mar. 12, 18G5, in Chicago, unm. 

194 LivcfDiore Family 

574. iii. Adrinettc, b. Nov. 11, 1852, in Blackwood. 

iv. Kate Middlcton, b. Oct. 23, 1855, in Blackwood ; d. 
there Feb. 19, 187S; m, Jan. 21, 1874, in Philadel- 
phia, John H. Fort, b. June 10, 1851, in Tottenville, 
Staten Island. N. V. Child (Fort): i. William Mid- 
dletoji,^ b. Dec. 11, 1S74, in Blackwood. 


Daniel Parker^ Livermore {Daniel,^ Joiias,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ 
John,'' John') was born June 17, j8i8, in Leicester; died July 
5, 1899, in Melrose; married May 6, 1845, in Boston, Mary 
Ashton, daughter of Timothy and Zebiah Vose Glover (Ashton) 
Rice, born Dec. 19, 1820, on Salem Street, in Boston. 

He was educated in the public school and in Leicester Acad- 
emy. He was at first a teacher and then studied for the 
ministry, in Providence, R. L, under Rev. W. S. lialch. He 
was ordained in the Universalist denomination at Georgetown, 
in 1 84 1, and preached in Georgetown and P"all River, Mass., 
Stafford, Conn., Weymouth, Duxbury and Maiden. At the time 
of his marriage he was pastor of a church in P^all River. Soon 
after they moved to Connecticut, afterwards to Auburn, N. Y., 
and in 1857, to Chicago, where in that year he conducted a 
paper called the "New Covenant," of which he was both pro- 
prietor and editor, from 1858 to 1869. This paper in those 
years was one of the leading Universalist journals, and he was a 
thoroughly furnished and well equipped theological writer, and 
with the trenchant and graceful pen of Mrs. Livermore, who was 
associated with her husband in the conduct of the paper, the 
"New Covenant" became widely known. He was pastor of 
the Second Universalist Church in Chicago, and for thirteen 
years was a missionary in the Northwest. In 1870 he returned 
to Massachusetts, and from 1S70 to 1882 preached in Hingham, 
and during that time and until his death lived in Melrose. He 
received the degree of A.M. from the Lombard University at 
Galesburg, 111. He was the author of several religious books. 
He went abroad with his wife several times on lecturing tours, 
and travelled all over the country with her. She is the cele- 

Seventh Generatiofi 195 

bratcd Mrs. Mary A. Livcnnure, and for a sketch of her life 
sec "The Women of the Century," by Charles W. Moulton of 
Duffalo, N. y. She is now (April, 1902) living in Melrose. 
Children : 

i. Mary Eliza,*' b. June 22, 184S, in Stafford, Conn. ; d. 

May 23, 1S53, in Weymouth, 
ii. Henrietta White, b. June 6, 1851, in Stafford; ni. April 
C, 1876, in Melrose, John Oscar, son of Alfred M. and 
Mary (Brown) Norris, b. in 1S44, in Chester, N. H. 
Children (Norris) : 

1. Mary Livirmore? b. . 

2. Marion, b. ; m. April 10, 1902, in Melrose, Cyrus 

Kugene Pierce of Hoston. 

3. Ethd, b. . 

4. >^«,b. . 

iii. Marcia Elizabeth, b. June 3, 1854, in Maiden, unm. 


Walter" Siblev {Abigail^' David,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ John,^ 
Jolin') was born Jan. 28, 1797, in Spencer; died there July 25, 
1842 ; married May, 1821, Ruth W\ Ryan of Charlton. 

Children (Sibley), born in Spencer : 

i. Charles,^ b. July 2, 1S26 ; lives in Pana, 111. 

ii. Eliza Jane, b. June 17, 1829. 

iii. William Evans, b. Nov. 22, 1833. 

iv. Henry, b. . 


Russell^ Siblev {Abigail,^ David,^ Jonas* Daniel,^ Jolin,^ 
Jo/iH^) was born Dec. 26, 1798, in Spencer; married there (i) 
Dec. 21, 1823, Susan Newhall, born Oct. 13, 1803; died there 
Oct. 21, 1834; married (2) in 1839, Cyrena Hall of Charlton, 
died May 15, 1S46, aged 33 years. 
Children (Sibley), born in Spencer : 

i. Elizabeth Maria,'^ b. Nov. 30, 1825. 
ii. Morris Newhall, b. Mar. 29, 1829. 

iii. Susan Newhall, b. Jan. 5, 1831 ; d. there Aug. 12, 1839. 
iv. Susan Newhall, b. July 27, 1840. 
V. Julius Russell, b. July 15, 1841. 
vi. Julia Ann, twin to Julius. 

IC)6 Live rvi ore Family 


Paul' Sibley {Abigail,^ David,^ Jouas^*' Daniel,^ Juhn,'' Joint') 
was born Sept. 6, 1804, in Spencer; married in 1838, Esther 
Stone of Charlton, died Oct. 18, 1854, in Spencer, aged 39. 
She was a sister of Amasa Stone, whose daughter is the wife of 
Secretary of Slate John Hay, formerly Ambassador to England. 

Children (Sibley), born in Spencer : 

i. Mary Ann,^ b. June 7, 1S39; ni. George Hobbs, 
ii. Lucius Addison, b. Sept. 26, 1S40. 
iii. Emily Louisa, b. July 19, 1842. 


Brigh.\m' Sibley {Abigail,^ David,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ Jof^'i* 
Jolifi') was born June 3, 1807, in Spencer; married there (i) 
June 20, 1838, Adaline Adams, born there Dec. 28, 181 3 ; died 
there Oct. 27, 1846; married there (2) May 22, 1849, Seraph 

Rice, died there ; married (3) June 11, 1854, Mrs. Sarah 

M. Crosby. 

Children (Sibley), born in Spencer : 

i. Louisa Adams,* b. Mar. 16, 1840; m. in Spencer, 

Thomas Comins. 
ii. Rufus Adams, b. Dec. 3, 1S41 ; he is one of the firm 

of Sibley, Lindsey and Kerr of Rochester, N. Y. 
iii. Maria, b. Nov. 10, 1843. 
iv. Susan Adams, b. Oct. 8, 1S46; m. George M. Morse. 

« 280 

WiNTiiKOP' LiVERMORE {Dai'id,^ David,^ Jotuts,* Daniel,'^ 
Jo/iH,^ John') \\c^5 born July 21, 1804, in Spencer; died there 
March 14, 1876; married there (i) March 20, 1830, Louisa, 
daughter of Capt. Jonas and Judith (Bemis) Bemis, born there 
Dec. 19, 1807; died there May 9, 1849; married (2) May 5, 
1852, in Ware, Eliza Townsend (a widow), daughter of Snow 
and Betsey (Collins) Sherman, born Sept. 11, 1816, in Ware; 
she still lives with her daughter Mary, in Spencer. In 1S53, he 
started the business of manufacturing boot, cloth and other boxes 
at " Howe's Mill.^," two and a half miles south from the Post 

Seventh Generation 197 

0(Ticc in Spencer, introducing machinery to do the work usually 
j>erforn"icd by hand. lie remained there until i860, when lie 
nil \cd "to town," and Ix-came owner of the i>rivilege known as 
the " Livermore l^ox Manufactory," erectin- new and suitable 
buildings for the better accommodation of his increasing busi- 
ness. The largest yearly production of his works was 100,000 
bo.xes, consuming 2,000,000 feet of lumber. lie was a select- 
man of Spencer in 1858 and 1859. 
Children : 

i. Angeline Louisa,* b. Jan. 5, 1831, in Spencer; m. there 
April 17, 1852, John A., son of John and Susan (How- 
land) Wilson, b. July 7, 1S2S. Child (Wilson): JLr- 
bcrt y]/.9 

ii. Maria ]"'., b. Dec. 26, 1832, in South Koyalston ; d. 
there Aug. 26, 1S51, unni. 

575. iii. Warren Jonas, b. Jan. 5, 1835, ^" '''O'Jth Royalston. 

576. iv, Lorenzo David, b. Dec. 3, 1836, in South Royalston. 

577. V. John Whitlemore, b. Mar. 23, 1840, in South Royalston. 
vi. Sarah Jane, b. Aug. 4, 1844, in Spencer; d. there Jan. 

26, 1S65, unm. 
vii. Louis Bemis, b. Sept. 19, 1847, '" Spencer; d. there 
June 12, 1855. 
57S. viii. ^L^ry Eliza, b. April 10, 1853, in Spencer. 
579. ix. Frederic Augustus, b. June i, 1859, in Spencer. 

Lorenzo? Livermore {David,^ David,^ Jonas,*' Daniel,'^ JoJin,^ 
JoJin') was born Oct. i, 1806, in Spencer; died there Sept. 8, 
1897 ; married in 1838, in New York City, Susan, daughter of 
Jonathan and Betsey (I^ec) Hatfield, born Nov. 10, 181 2, in 
Westfield, N. J. ; died Feb. 17, 1S80, in Spencer. He was a 


David Lorenzo,* b. Sept. 15, 1840, in New York City; 
m. Jan. 31, 1870, in Richmond, Mo., Fannie, dau. 
of Jeptha Dudley and Cornelia (Eads) Elstes, b. July 
4, 1S47, in Greenup Fork, Ky. No children. He was 
a physician in Dunlap, Iowa, but is now living in 
Phoenix, Arizona, 

198 Livctviorc Family 

ii. KImira, b. Oct. 10, 1S47, '" Spencer; m. there Feb. 11, 
1885, Albert E., son of Samuel and Eliza (Davis) 
Morse. No children. 


David I^kxter' Livekmoke {David^' JMviJ,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ 
Jo/in,^ Jolni') was born Aug. 6, i Si 2, in Spencer; died Oct. 4, 
1883, in Rochester, Minn.; married May 4, 1840, in Elizabeth- 
town, N. J., Sarah Josephine Morgan, Ix^rn April 2, 181 5, in 
Newark, N. J.; died April 30, 1854, in New York City. 

He left Spencer just after the great fire in 1837, going to 

New York City, where he lived until 1856, thence removing 

to Rochester, where he resided until i860, thence he returned 

to New York, remaining until 1869, thence to Rochester again. 

• Children, born in New York City : 

i, Frederick De.vter,^ b. Mar. 9, 1S41 ; m. Nov. 4, 18S5, in 
Rochester, Mary Catherine, dau. of Horace and Anna 
(Chauncy) Cook, b. there Aug. 16, 185S. He was 
educated in New York City and lived with his fa-.her 
until his death. He is now proprietor of the Rochester 
(Minn.) Iron Works, corner Fourth and Oak streets, 
manufacturing engines and boilers. No children, 
ii. Clifford Watson, b. July 19, 1S46; d. there May 31, 
J./ 1851. 


Calist.\7 LiVERMORE {Ddvid,^ Ddi'iii,^ Jofids,* Daincl,^ Jo/i;:,'- 
John') was born June 25, 1814, in Spencer; died March 19, 
1897, in Buffalo, N. Y. ; married there Nov. 2, 1841, Lothrop 
Upham of New York, born Jan. i, 181 5, in Belchertown ; died 
Feb. 20, 185 1, in Black Rock (now Buffalo), N. Y. She was a 
teacher in the public schools of Buffalo for more than twenty- 
five years, after the death of her husband. 

Children (Upham) : 

i. A daughter,'* b. Sept. 15, 1S42, in New York; d. there 

Feb. 20, 1843. 
ii. George Liverniore, b. Oct., 1S43, in New York; d. there 
Mar. 10, 1S44. 

Seventh Goicration 199 

iii. Elizabeth Livcrmore, b. Aug. 26, 1S45, in Black Rock; 
d. there Dec. 27, 1896; ni. there Henry Farrar. 
iv, V. Twins, b. July 29, 1S48, in Black Rock; d. there Aug. 
12, 1S48. 


Maki a7 LlVEKMOKK ( Wiiliiivt,'' Dai'iii,^ Jonas,* J)anu/,^ Jo/in,^ 
John') was born June 14, 1S13, in Spencer; died March 26, 
1901, in Owego, N. Y. ; married May 8, 1S37, in Spencer, 
LcRoy Wilson, son of John and Miriam (Isbell) Kingman, born 
Aug. 9, 1808, in Cincinnatus, N. Y. ; died March 2, 1861. in 
Owego. He was county clerk. 

Children (Kingman), the first three born in Speedsville, N. Y., 
the others in Owego : 

580. i. Le Roy Wilson,^ b. Mar. 15, 1840. 

581. ii. William Livermore, b. Feb. i, 1842. 

582. iii. Stella Maria, b. May 16, 1S45. 
iv. Emily Loring, b. July 24, 1S55. 

583. V. Helen Elizabeth, b. Nov. 13, i860. 


WiLLiA.M White? Livermore ( Walton,'' David,'^ Jonas,* 
Daniel,^ JoJin,^ John') was born Sept. 16, 18 14, in Spencer; 
died May 21, 1S55, in New York; married May 14, 1842, 
Anne I'ost of New York. 

Children, born in New York : 

584. i. William Floyd,* b. Feb. 21, 1S43. 

585. ii. Adele Walton, b. Sept. 18, 1849. 

George Henry' Livermore ( Walton,^ David,^ Jonas,* 
Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born July 28, 18 19, in Spencer; 
married there Feb. 15, 1849, ^I^rcia A., daughter of Otis and 
Harriet Watson, born there in 1822. He was town treasurer of 
Spencer 1S56 to 1S60; assessor 1855 ^'^ 1S57; selectman in 
1858; a manufacturer and a ju.stice of the peace. He now lives 
in New York City. 

200 LivcrDwre Family 

Children, b(ji n in S{)encer : 

i. George Walton,'' b. Feb. i, 1S51, a ^'raduate of New 

York University, Lives in New York, 
ii. Annie Jane, b. Aug. 22, 1852; m. Oct. 15, 1878, in 
Nyack, N. Y., Thomas Wells Robinson, b. Oct. 10, 
1843, in Kini^stoii, R. 1.; d. Dec. 19, 1893. 
iii. Arthur Allison, b. Jan. 5, 1856 ; d. there Sept. iS, 1858. 
586. iv. Frederick William, b. Sept. 10, 1858. 



Daniel,^ John, ^ Jolni') was born July 4, 1S24, in Si'Cnccr ; died 
March 25, 1889, in New York ; married (i) Oct., 1852, in New 
York, Arabella V ., dau«,diter of Wilson G. Hunt, died Dec. 30, 
i860, in New York City; married (2) June 4, 1872, Emma, 
daughter of John and Mary (Pende.xter) Riley of New York. 
Children, born in New York : 

i. Charles Frederick,'' b. 1S73; d. 1875. 
ii. John Riley, b. Feb. 21, 1876. 
iii. Philip Walton, b. Oct. 13, 1S82. 
iv. Constance Fredcrica, b. Mar. 20, 1884. 


Walton^ Livermore {Loreiiso,^ David,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ 
John,^ Jo/di') was born Feb. 28, 1841, in Spencer; married 
there Nov. 25, 1869, Jane, daughter of William and Marie L. 
Sampson, born there Nov. 13, 1844; died there Dec. 26, 1873. 
He was a soldier in the Civil war, mustered in Jul)' 31, 1S62, 
as a member of company E, 34th Mass. Vol. infantry, and dis- 
charged June 16, 1865, at the expiration of his service ; he lives 
in Spencer and was a merchant, but now is a leather cutter in 
Isaac Prouty & Sons' boot factory. 

Child, born in Spencer : 

i. Edward Walton,'* b. Dec. 6, 1873. 


Albert^ LrvERMORE {Lorenzo,^ David,'' Jonas,*- Daniel,'^ 
John,' John') was born Sept. 3, 1843, in Spencer; married Aug. 
9, 1884, in New Richmond, Wis., Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Bell, 

Scvt')ifh Generation 201 

<lauL,^hlcr of Alvah and Mary (Coolcy) Austin, burn Nov. 30, 

, in Longmeadow. 

lie was a soldier in the Civil war, having been mustered in 
July 20, 1S64, as a member of company F, 60th regiment, Mass. 
\'ols., and served one hundred days, being discharged Nov. 30, 
1864, at the expiration of his service ; he served under the U. S. 
Christian Commission in 1864-65. He was educated at Wes- 
leyan Academy, Wilbraham, and was in Amherst College 1863- 
64, and from 1865 to 1S68, when he was graduated; he studied 
one year at l^angor (Me.) Theological Seminary, and two years 
at Andover, where he was graduated in 1873 ; after his college 
graduation he was an instructor in the New York Deaf and 
Dumb Institution. He has also been an assistant in Morristown, 
N. J., academy; associate principal in White Plains (N. Y.) Mili- 
tary Instiuue; principal of the academy in Dudley. He was 
ordained as a minister of the Congregational church in Millers 
Falls, and was pastor there in 1S75 ; acting pastor of the church 
in New Richmond, from 1876 to 1879; acting pastor at St. 
Ignace, Mich., 1880 to 1882; pastor at Nashville, Mich., 1883 
to 1885 ; at Spencer, N. Y., 1885 to 1S98, and is at present 
pastor at Montour Falls, N. Y. No children. 


SiLAS' LivERMORE {Sihis,^ EUska,'^ Jonas,'' Daniel,^ John,^ 
JoJin') was born March 15, 18 12, in O.xford ; died March 31, 
1894, in Germantown, Penn. ; married (i) Aug. 9, 1855, in 
Carthage, N. Y., Eliza Maria Andres, born May 10, 1830, in 
L'Acadie, Canada East; died Sept. 2, i860, in East Bend, 
N. C; married (2) Oct. 31, 1861, in Williamsburg, N. C, 
Martha Jane Crumpler, born Oct. 24, 1835, in Wilkes Co., 
N. C. ; died July 30, 1871, in Crab Orchard, Ky. ; married (3), 
Aug. 27, T874. in Little Rock, Ark., Eliza Ann Duncan, born 
March 25, 1S36, in Snow Hill, Md. They lived in Shelbyville, 
111. He was graduated from Brown University in 1842, and 
from Newton Theological Institution in 1S43 ; ordained a Bap- 
tist minister in 1857. He was a teacher, preacher and agent in 

202 Livcrmorc Family 

Virf,nnia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Arkansas, and 
Children : 

i. Charles Frederick,*' b. Aug. 7, 185S, in Sinks Grove, 

Va. ; d. Aug. 29, i860, in East Bend. 
ii. Rufus Putnam, b. May 29, i860, in New York, 
iii. Eliza Mnrtha, b. Dec. 14, 1S62, in Philadelphia; d. 

there Oct. 7, 1864. 
iv. Mary Ann, b. Oct. 2, 1864, in Philadelphia. 
V. Arthur St. Clair, b. April i, 1866, in Newport, Ohio; d. 

Nov. 3, 1 868, in Bloomfield, Mo. 
vi. Eola Kate Duncan, b. Dec. 26, 1878, in Shelbyville. 


Elisha SwiFT^ LivERMORE {SHas^ EUsJia,^ Jo>uis,* Daniel,^ 
Jo/ill,^ Jo /m^) was born July r, 1820, in Lisle, N. Y. ; died Aug. 
16, 1S63, in Philadelphia, Penn. ; married (i) in 1843, in Graf- 
ton, Lemira Barros Daniels, born Feb. 24, 1S21, in Richmond, 
N. H.; died March 29, 1844, in Grafton; married (2) March 
19, 1 85 1, in Sutton, Lydia, widow of Emory Stockwell and 
daughter of Eber and Mary (Reed) Parsons, born July 27, 181 3, 
in Dummerston, Vt. ; died Aug. 28, 1892, in Worcester. He 
was a shoe-maker. 

He enlisted in the 15th Mass. Vols, in 1861, was taken 
prisoner at Ball's Bluff and confined in Libby Prison for several 
months ; he was then exchanged and re-entered the army ; he 
was wounded twice, but remained in the service until wounded 
at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863, and while on his way home (with 
his wife for whom he had sent) died in Philadelphia ; he is buried 
beside his first wife in Grafton. 

Child, born in Grafton : 

i. Jane Lemira,^ b. Mar. 24, 1S44; d. July i, iS;4. in 

Louis.v' LiVEKMORE {Paul,'' Elisha,^ Jouas* Daniel,^ JoJin,^ 
John') was born Oct. 10, 1808, in O.xford ; married March 11, 
1830, in Millbury, Joseph Bancroft, born there June 13, 1S04; 
died there March 20, 1870. 

Stvcnth Goicration 203 

Children (Haiicroft), born in Millbury : 

587. i. Calista Louisa,'^ b. Oct. 4, 1S30. 

58S. ii. Caroline Ei>iher, b. Mar. 7, 1S33. 

5S9. iii. Mary Jane, b. June 11, 1836. 

iv. Myron Joseph, b. Feb. 6, 1839; d. Mar. 5, 1862, in 
Millbury ; m, June 12, 1861, in Spencer, Maria Cur- 
tis Hall. His widow in. a;:;ain and went out West. 


Mary Ei.izAnETH^ LiviiKMORE {Isaac,'' Elijah,^ Isaac,* Daii- 
icl,^ JoJui,'' Jvliii') was born July 24, 1S42, in Hinsdale ; married 
June 22, 1870, in Peru, John R., son of John R. and Hannah B. 
Hall, born in 1S4S, in I'ittsfield. 

Children (Hall), all but the eldest born in Bellevue, Ohio: 
i. Mary Evelyn,'^ b. May 10, 187 i, in Peru, 
ii. Eugene Walter, b. Dec. 18, 1872. 
iii. Carrie Liverniore, b. Oct. 26, 1S77. 
iv. Sadie Belle, b. Oct. 20, 1879. 
V. Julia Russell, b. Oct. 24, 1882. 

Chester Watson^ Livermore {Hemy,^ Elijah,^ Isaac,* Dafi- 
icl,^ John, ^ John') was born in March, 1828, in Cummington ; died 
April 12, 1869, in Hinsdale; married in 1854, Sarah Holcomb. 
He was a tailor and afterwards an innkeeper. 
Children, born in Hinsdale : 

i. Flora Electa,^ b. Oct. 26, 1S56. 
ii. Emily, b. July 18, 1S59 ; d. Aug. 20, 1S63. 
iii. Grace, b. June 2, 1S64. 

iv. Frank Henry, b. Nov. 27, 1S66; m. Dec. 13, 1890, in 
Troy, N. Y., Jessie A., dau. of George A. and Martha 
Holland, b. in 1869, in North Adams. He was a 
bookkeeper. Child, b. in Pittsfield : 

I. Dorothy Holland,^ b. Jan. 9, 1S94. 

Henry Martin' Livekmore {Lyman^' Elijah,^ Isaac,* Dan- 
iel,^ Johu,^ John') was born Jan. 17, 1S24, in Amherst; died 
March 31, 1SS6, in North Adams; married Feb. 10, 1S46, in 

204 LivciDiort Family 

Charlemont, Adeline L., daughter of Eli and Mary Todd, born 
in 1820, in Charlemont. He was a farmer. 
Child, born in Charlemont : 

590. i. Charles Henry," b. April 27, 1850. 


Martha Jane^ Livekmoke {Martin,^ Elijah,^ Isaac,* Daniel,^ 
Jolm,^ Jo/ni') was born in Aug., 1843, in Plainficld ; married Jan. 
2, 1869, James Murray of Dalton. They lived in Holyoke. 

Children (Murray), born in Holyoke : 

i. Rutherford Liverniore,*' b. in C)ct., 1S7G, 
ii. Arthur Howard, b. in April, 1879. 
iii. Mary Evans, b. in April, 1883. 


Okrin Elijah^ Livermore {Chester^ Elijah,^ Isaac,* Damc/,^ 
John,'' John') was born Nov. 28, 1837, in Hinsdale; married 
April 3, 1861, in Peru, Elizabeth Waldo, daughter of Selden K. 
and Margaret (Stowell) Ferguson, born April 7, 1843, in New- 
ark, N.Y. 

He was brought up on a farm in Hinsdale ; after receiving an 
academic education he taught school one term. In 1863 he 
went to Northampton, having secured work with Moses Ruck, 
by whom he was employed nine years, after which he succeeded 
to his employer's well-established business as a contractor and 
builder. Among the public buildings erected by him in North- 
ampton are the Hampshire County Bank, McCallum's store, the 
Northampton Institution for Savings, Lilly Hall, Art Gallery, 
annex to the main building of Smith College, and the Hatfield 
and Washburn houses connected with the college ; among 
the fine residences are those of Messrs. McCallum, Crook, 
Torter, H. A. Kimball, and Professor H. M. Tyler. He has 
ser\ed in the Common Council three years, having been presi- 
dent one year, and was an alderman for two years. He is a 
Master Mason and an active member of the Indei->endent Order 
of Odd Fellows, having passed all the chairs up to and including 
that of the Canton ; is a member of the Baptist church, in which 

Seventh Generation 205 

he has served as deacon for twenty-three years, and has been 
su]:>erintcndent of the Sunday school for eighteen years. He is 
also a piominent member of the Republican party. 
Children, born in Northampton : 

i. Minnie B.,^ b. in 1862; m. there April 30, 1884, John 
W., son of Albert L. and Lavinia (Cook) ])raper, b. 
there in i860. 

ii. Ada Grace, b. Mar. 2, 1864; d. there Oct. 5, 1864. 

iii. Ernest Howard, b. Aug. 29, 1873; d. there Jan. 10, 
1893. He was a young man of great promise, a fine 
scholar, and for a year and a half a clerk in the Post 
Office there. 

iv. Bertha May, b. June 7, 1S77 ; d. there Oct. 9, 1877. 

V. Alma B,, b. ; a talented musician. 

vi. Carleton, b. in 1S94. 


Miriam Adaline^ Livermore {Chester,^ Elijah,^ Isaac,* Dan- 
iel,^ John,' John^) was born Jan. 4, 1841, in Hawley ; married 
Dec. 13, 1862, in Springfield, Andrew Swan Cook, born July 25, 
183S, in Plainfield. She was formerly a school teacher. 

Children (Cook) : 

i. Fred Ellsworth,^ b. June 5, 1S66, in Northampton, 
ii. Frank Chester, b. April 20, 1869, in Springfield, 
iii, Mabel Frances, b. Sept. 21, 1S73, in Springfield. 

Daniel' Livermoke {Edmund,^ Daniel,^ Edmund* Samuel,^ 
Safni/e/,^ John') was born June 30, 1799, i" Wilmington, Vt. ; 
died in 1875; married Jan. 21, 182S, in Delaware, Mary Ann 
Robinson. He was a civil engineer and chief engineer of the 
Delaware and Chesapeake Canal, the Erie Canal in New York, 
and the James River Canal in Virginia. She lived in Port Penn, 

Children : 

i. William l^arrach,'* b. Dec. 20, 182S ; drowned July 19, 
1854, in the Delaware River. He was an apothecary 
in Philadelphia. 

206 Livcrvicrc Faviily 

ii. Origen, b. Sept. 16, 1S30, in Blairsville, Va. ; d. April 8, 

1864. He was an apothecary in Philadelphia, 
iii. Mary E. T., b. about 1833 ; d. young. 
iv. Jarvis Stuart, b. about 1834 ; d. young. 


Alonzo^ Livermore {IlihniD'.d; Daniel,'^ Edmund,* Sajnucl,^ 
Saviiic/,^ Jo/tn') W2,s born Feb. 25, 1803, in Wilmington, Vt. ; 
died April 8, 1888, in Mcndota, 111. ; married April 30, 1826, in 
Jonestown, Pa., Eliza Brunner, born there Dec. 10, 1806; died 
March 10, 1861, in Tremont, Pa.; he was a civil engineer by 
profession; he was engaged on the Erie Canal in 1823, and in 
1824 went to Pennsylvania as chief engineer of the Union Canal. 
In 1827 he became chief engineer of the line from the Aqueduct 
across the Alleghany River to Blairsville, Pa. He moved to 
Kentucky in 1835, and had charge of the Green and Barren 
River navigation, as chief engineer. He was later engaged in 
the U. S. service, in improving the Des Moines Rapids in the 
Mississippi, at Keokuk, Iowa, and also the Rock Island Rapids. 
The towns of Livermore, Pa., and Livermore, Ky., were named 
after him. 

Children : 

i. Pamelia,® b. Feb. 17, 1827, in Jonestown, Pa.; d. May 
24, 1849, in Rumsey, Ky., unm. 

591. ii. Fidelia, b. Jan. 17, 1S29, in Blairsville, Pa. 

iii. Maria, b. April 11, 1S32, in Franklin, Pa.; d. there June 

iv. Horace Brunner, b. Aug. 23, 1833, in Franklin; d. 
May 20, 18S4, in Macomb, 111.; m. in April, 1856, 
Estelle HolTman of Baltimore, Md. ; he studied medi- 
cine in Louisville, Ky. ; he lived in Ashton, Pa., Keo- 
kuk, la., and Macomb. Child : John AIonzo,'> b. July, 

592, v. Alonzo Skiles, b. .Aug. 19, 1S40, in Rumsey. 


Jairus^ Livermore {Edmund,^ Daniel,^ Fuimnnd* Samuel,"' 
Samuel,' Jo/in') was born Feb. 7, 1S15, in Wilmington, Vt. ; 
died in 1S62, in Ononwa, Louisa Co., la.; married Oct. 5, 1S46, 

SevehtJi Gciicraticui 207 

Abby Ibbb, born Sci)L 25, 1826, in Luzerne Co., Pa. On 
SejU. 26, 1846, he was living in I£bcnsburgh, Pa. He was a 
civil engineer in Kentucky, afterwards a teacher in Ues Moines 
Co., la., and at last a farmer in Ononwa. 

Children, the first three born in Des Moines Co., the others in 
Ononwa : 

i. Susan Abby,** b. June 15, 1848; m. Mar. 7, 1864, Clark 
Moore, b. in 1844, in West Virginia; he is a farmer 
in Inland, la. Child (Moore) : Oliver E.^ 
ii. Millard Fillmore, b. Aug. 27, 1S50. 

iii. Cornelia, b. June 9, 1852 ; m. Oct. 17, 186S, William H. 
Brown, b. Aug. 2, 1846 ; he is a farmer in Ringgold 
Co., la. 
iv. Arthur, b. Aug, 8, 1S54. 
V. Mary, b. Aug. 4, 1S56. 
vi. Pamelia B., b. Aug. 15, 1858. 
vii. Stella A., b. Jan. 4, 1862. 


Henry Dwight^ Livermore {Edmund,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,'' 
Samuel,^ Samuel," Jolui') was born March 7, 1820; died July 5, 
1872, in Vermont; married P^eb. 8, 1855, Lydia Walker, daugh- 
ter of Philip and Eunice (Hix) Corbett of Wilmington, Vt., born 
July 25, 1S21, and in 1846 was living in Ebensburgh, Pa., where 
he and his sister Pamelia were then teaching school. 

Child : 

i. Cora Jane,'' b. Oct. 13, 1857. 


Melikd.\7 Livermore {Daniel^' Daniel,^ Edmund,*' Samuel,^ 
Samuel,'' John') was born in 179S, in Sangerfield, N. Y. ; mar- 
ried March 13, 1821, Elijah Conger. 

Children (Conger) : 

593. i. Mortimer Livermore,^ b. Dec. 19, i82i,in Brookfield, 

N. Y. 

594. ii. Daniel, b. Sept. 29, 182S, in Sangerfield. 

208 Livctmore Family 


Daniel' Livermoke {Daniel^ Daniel,^ Edmund,*' Scimne!,^ 
Samuel,* John') was born June 19, 1801, in Sangcrfield, N. Y.; 
died there April 23, 1889; married March 11, 1830, in Mar- 
shall, N. Y., Elmina Lambcrton, born there Nov. 6, 1808 ; died 
Dec. 29, 1889, in Sangerfield. 

Children, born in Sangerfield : 

i. Henrietta,^ b. Jan. 14, 1831 ; d. there July i, 1843. 

595. ii. Emily, b. July 10, 1S33. 

596. iii. Elmina Virginia, b. Sept. 15, 1838. 

597. iv. Daniel, b. Sept. 20, 1840. 

V. Dwight, b. June 19, 1845; <J- there Sept. 13, 1845. 


Aranus' Livermoke {Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,' JoJui") was born Aug. 30, 1803, in Sangerfield, N, Y. ; 
died there March 9, 1875 ; married there Sept. 24, 1828, Ex- 
perience Kellogg, born April 18, i8rr, in North Salem; died 
Dec. 20, 1872, in Sangerfield. 

Children, born in Sangerfield : 

598. i. Sarah,8b. Oct. 2, 1829. 

599. ii. Ellen Amelia, b. Feb. 12, 1832. 
iii. Infant. 

iv. Irving Aranus, b. May 30, 1842; m. Oct. 11, 1S70, 
Ellen Rosalia Clark, b. Dec. 19, 1842, in Brookneld, 

600. V. DeWitt Clinton, b. June i, 1845. 

601. vi. Rose Bell, b. Aug. 25, 1851. 


Okaniel' Livermoke {Daniel,'' Daniel,^ Edmujul,* Saviuel,^ 
Samuel,* JvJin') was born Sept. 20, 1806, in Sangerfield, N. Y. ;. 
died March iS, 1872, in Willow Spring, Kan. ; married Aug. 20, 
1837, in Earlville, N. Y., Betsey Ann Crain, born there Aug. 
31, 1S13 ; died Nov. 3, 1S80, in Stockwell, Ind. 

Seventh CDuration 2f>9 

Children, all but the sccuiul and third born in Dcansvillc, 
N. Y.: 

i. Riidora Molind;i,''b. Dec. 6, 1839. 

602. ii. Mortimer Conger, b. Nov. 13, 1841, in I'lnrLsville, N. Y. 

603. iii. Silas Wright, b. Mar. 2 j, 184.J, in Marsliall, N. Y. 
iv. I,eslic Seymour, b. Dec. 28, 1845. 

604. V. IIar\cy Crain, b. July 21, 1850. 

vi. Artiun Oraniel, b. Nov. 29, 1852; d. Feb. 4, 1871, in 
\Vill(j\v Spring. 


Jamks^ Livekmokk {Danic/,^ Danic/,^ R<luiititd,^ Savntcl,^ 
Savntci,- John') was born Oct. 2, iSio, in Sangerficld, N. Y. ; 
married March 16, 1835, in Manliu.^, N. Y., Mary Ann 'J'honiiJ- 
son, born May $, 1S14. in Kirkland, N. Y. ; died May 12, 1S89, 
in Madison, N. Y. 

Children : 

605. i. De Farrieit,^ b. Dec. 26, 1836, in Paris Hill, N. Y. 

ii. James Madison, b. Aug. 19, 1S39, in Kirkland; d. Oct. 
19, 1864, in Madison. 
60G. iii. Newton, b. Aug. 12, 1845, ^^ Madison. 

iv. Marian, b. July 6, 1847, in Madi.son; m. there Aug. 8, 
1867, William Haight. Child (Haight) : La Bdlc:* 


John Pierce^ Livkrmore {Samuel,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,'' Saui- 
Kcl,^ Sdiiuic/,- John') was born Feb. n, 179S, in Wilmington, 
Vt. ; died July 17, 18S9, in Independence, N. Y. ; married Oct. 
25, 1 81 8, in Brookfield, N. Y., Annis, daughter of Edward J. 
and Susannah (Crandall) Green, born March 8, 179S, in Stephen- 
town, N. Y. ; died Feb. 23, 1877, in Independence. 

lie enlisted and served as a substitute near the close of the 
"war of 18 12" with England, and was a pensioner for many 
years. lie settled in Independence about 1821, when the west- 
ern part of the State of New York was a wilderness ; he was 
justice of the peace twenty-eight years, supervisor for three 
years, and postmaster twenty years, and also a farmer. lie 
was an active member of the Seventh Day Baptist churcli. No 

2IO Livcrinotc l'\i}nily 


Samukl' Livekmork {Samiicl^' Ihuiicl,'' Edmund,'' Samuel,' 
SiDHiitl,- Joint') was bom Maich 21, 1800, in VVilininglon, Vl. ; 
died April 18, 1891, in Sluiron, I'a. ; niurried (i) Feb. 7, 1822, 
in Tully, N. Y., Elizabeth Allen, burn Au^^ 25, iSoo, in Jiroad- 
albin, N. Y. ; died March 4, 1852, in Indejiendence, N. Y. ; 
married (2) about 1856 in Hume, N. Y., Julia Couin. He set- 
tled in Independence in May, 1823, and was a farmer, an ex- 
perienced and accurate surveyor, for several years a C()mmissi(jner 
of highways, and held other positi(jns of trust in his township ; 
he was a member of the Seventh Day Baptist Church. 

Children : 

607. i. John," b. Mar. 19, 1823. in Drookfield, N. Y. • 

ii. William Slocuin, b. May 2, 1S2S, in Independence; ni. 
about 1S50, in Andovcr, N. Y., Maria Lyons. He 
lives in Lander, Pa. Children : 

1. George Sears,'* b. about 1S51. He has a son. 

2. Emily, b. ; m. Iluiiry Frazine of I'arnungtoii, Pa. 

Son (Frazine) : Floyd. '° 

60S. iii. Samuel Allen, b. Feb. 4, 1834, in IndepL-udcnce. 


Sally7 Livermoke {Samuel,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,^ Satnuil,'- 
Saviucl,^ John'') was born July 20, 1S02, in Sangerfield, N. Y. ; 
died April 7, 1868; married Dec. 26, 1819, in Brookfield, N. Y., 
William Potter, born March 6, 1795 ; died March 15, 1843. 

Children (Potter) : 

609. i. William,^ b. Oct. 30, 1820. 

610. ii, Hosea B., b. Nov. 28, 1 82 2. 

611. iii. Luther, b. Au<,'. 28, 1824. 

612. iv. Samuel, b. Dec. 21, 1826. 

V, Sally, b. Jan. 10, 1S29. 
vi. Job, b. Dec. 22, 183 1. 
vii. Edmund D., b. Feb. 12, 1833. 
viii. Hannah, b. Mar. 24, 1S36. 
ix. Ellen, b. Feb. 8, 1838. 


Seventh Gcitcratioit 211 


Edmund^ Livkrmore {Samiu//' Dain'c/,^ Edvtiind,* Samuel,^ 
SajHiu/,^ John') was born April 9, 1806, in San^^crficld, N. Y. ; 
dicil June 22, 1S99; married Sept. 14, 1.S26, in lirookfield, 
N. v., Tacy liabcock, daughter (jf Tatlen and Lois (Babcock) 
Fitch, ]>)rn there April 10, 1S07 ; died May 31, 1875, in Inde- 
pendence, N. Y. He settled there in May, 1823. He was for 
several years a school teacher and at different times held the 
offices in his town of clerk of elections, school commissioner, and 
commissioner of highways ; he was also a farmer, and a member 
of the Seventh Day Baptist Church. 

Children : 

613. i. Phihirinon Patten,** b. Nov. 13, 1827, in Independence. 

ii. Julius, b. Doc. 20, 1S30, in Brookt'ield ; d. same day. 
6i.^. iii. Loi.s Arininda, b. Jan. 6, 1832, in Brookfield. 
615. iv. Leandcr Elliott, b. Mar. 26, 1835, '" Independence. 

V. Annis Eliza, b. Feb. 5, 1839, '" Independence; d. there 

Sept. 7, 1844. 
vi. Amelia, b. Sept. 5, 1845, in Independence; d. there 
same day. 


' Manin' Livermore {Samuel,^ Daniel,'^ Edmund,^ Saviuel,^ 
Samuel,'' John') was born Sept. iS, 18 10, in Brookfield, N. Y. ; 
married Aug. 30, 1853, in Alfred Centre, N. Y., Emeline Smith, 
born Aug. 15, 1S20, in Alfred, N. Y. At the age of fourteen 
he moved to Independence, N. Y. ; as he was of small stature 
and of a not very strong constitution he began to learn the trade 
of a tailor in Hornellsville, N. Y., and finished it in Danesville, 
afterwards returning to Hornellsville ; he then went to Dresden, 
N. Y., and worked with his cousin Fidus Livermore. From 
Dresden he travelled on foot to l^uffalo and to Youngstown, 
N. Y., and thence crossed over into Canada, working at his trade 
in several towns, but not liking the severe winters he determined 
to go South ; so he took a boat at Port Stanley and crossed I^ake 
Erie, landing in Cleveland, Ohio, and while there had a very 
severe attack of yellow fever, which caused nearly all his hair to 


Livcn/iorc Fiiinily 

come out, leaving]: him very bald. lie then went to Cincinnati 
and thence by boat down the Ohio and Mississipj)! rivers to New 
Orleans. He remained in the Soulli sixteen years, tlurin- which 
he crossed over the Cumberland mountains from Geor<;ia to 
Kentucky, on foot ; owin- to the defective mail service at that 
time, his letters failed to reach home and he was f;;iven up for 
dead, but after a number of years one of his brothers chanced to 
pick up a Southern i)a]xr in which Alanin liad an advertisement 
of his business; he immediately wrote the latter, who was glad 
enough to hear from home, and slKctly after came North to 
Independence, where he settled, building himself a house and in 
a short time was married. He moved to Alfred, in 1870, where 
he was living when last heard from. He is a member of the 
Seventh Day l^aplist Church. 
Children, born in Independence: 

616. i. Joel Field,** b. Jan. 25, 1858. 

617. ii. Martha, b. Nov. 25, i860. 


Briggs Rassett? Livermore {Saviiic/,^ Daniel.'' Edmund,*' 
Samuel,'^ Samuel,- John') was born Feb. 19, 1S15, in Brookfield, 
N. Y. ; died Nov. 7, 1S80, in Independence, N. Y. ; married (i) 
July, 1840, in Independence, Mary Eaton, died there Nov. 22, 
1857; mnrried (2) June 5, 1858, in Andover, N. Y., Selucia 
Clarke, born there Aug. 11, 1826. He was a farmer and a 
member of the Seventh Day Baptist Church. 
Children, born in Independence: 

i. Devillo Eugene,*^ b. July 27, 1S59; m. Nov. 24, iSSi, 
in Wirt, N. Y., Alice Alida Frair, b. Aug. 29, 1857, in 
Clarkesville, N. Y. Child: yJ/a/v/,9 b. Sept. 2, iSSS; 
d. Oct. 7, iS.SS. 
ii. Louis Clarke, b. April 24, 1S68. 


B.\Ri5AKA' LivEK.MORE {SaiHuel,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,* Samuel,^ 
Samuel,'' John') was born June 2, 181 7, in Brooktleld, N. Y. ; 
married Aug. 4, 1839, '" Hume, N. Y., Joel Kingsley, born May 
26, 1809, in Vermont; died March 3, 18S6, in Hume. 

Scvoith Generation 2 1 3 

Children (Kingsley), burn in llunic: 

618. i. S.irah Celestia.M). July 10, iSj?. 

ii. Klhert Olisco, b. Dec. 3. 1813; d. there Feb. 19, 1.S82 ; 

m. there June 21, 1871, Clara l)od;;e. Child: Charles 

JoeI,^h. April 29, 1872. 
iii, Manin I^iverniorc, b. Aug. 16, 18.J7 ; m. Dec. 8, 1885, 

in Canaseraga, N. Y., P^inina Ilurlburl. Child: Susie 

Barbara,'* b. May 11, 1888. 
iv. Mary Adelthe, b. May 20, 1853; m. there Sept. iS, 

1872, Addison Granger. No children. 


TnE0DOKi£7 LivEU.MORE {SiDunc/,^ Daiu'tl,^ Edininid,* Savute/,^ 
Samuel,^ John') was born I"cb. 9, 1819, in lirookfield, N. Y. ; 
(lied April 10, 18S5, in Andover, N. Y. ; married Nov. 20, 1839, 
in Scio, N. Y., Rebecca Graves, born April 7, 1S20, in Ridi^e- 
burg, I'enn. He enli.stcd as a private in company E, 130th 
regiment, N. Y. Vols., Aug. 9, 1S62, at Andover, for three 
years ; was wounded and afterwards a pensioner. He was a 
farmer and a member of the M. E. Church. 

Children, the first five born in Inde}:)endence, N. Y., the others 
in Andover : 

619. i. I.ovnsa Adaline,'^ b. Sept. 17, 1842. 

620. ii. Edward Maxon, b. April i, 1847. 

iii. Fxlwin Manning, twin to Edward ; enlisted as a private 
in company C, 179th regin ent, N. Y. Vols., Feb. 16, 
1864, at Andover, for three years, and was killed in 
battle near Petersburg, Va., June 17, 1S64. 

621. iv. Theodore Corell, b. June 3, 1S50. 

622. v. Fidus Orlando, b. Oct. 24. 1S52. 

623. vi. Ina Ardell, b. May 12, 1856. 

624. vii. Izura Adelaide, b. May 29, 1859. 
viii. Isadore Elida, twin to Izora. 

John Safford? Livi-kmore {Abner^ Daniel,'^ Rdninnd,* 
Snvinel,^ Samuel,^ John') was born Jan. 17, iSoi, in Sanger- 
field, N. Y. ; died Oct. 14, 1861, in Fort Wilkins, Mich.; mar- 
ried May 6, 1S23, in Sangerficld, Orpha Ranney, born there 

214 Live nn ore luaiii/y 

Dec. 23, 1S04; when last heard from she was living in River- 
side, Cal. He was a volunteer in the War of 1S12 and was a 
physician. lie moved to Rochesler, Mich., in 1S30, andwasa 
representative fiom that place in the Michij^an Lej^islature from 
1839 to 1842. lie left there in 1S48. 

Children, all but the first four and youngest born in Rochester : 

i. Bertha Ann,* b. May 6, 1824, in Augusta, N. Y. ; d. 

Aug. 20, 1S31, in Rochester, 
ii. Asenath, b. Sept. 12, 1825, in Hornells\ille, N. Y. ; d. 

there Sept, 23, 1825. 
iii. Benjamin Rush, b. July 6, 1S26, in Hornellsville; m. 

Mar. 8, 1S55, in Fort Wilkins, Martha Ann Beed<jn, 

b. April 25, 1830, in Northville, Mich. Thc-y live in 

Houghton, Mich. No children. 
iv. Jeremiah, b. May 27, 1828, in Hornellsville; d. there 

May 28, 1828. 
V. A son, b. Mar. 5, 1831 ; d. same day. 
vi. Bertha Ann, b. Sept. 2, 1832; d. Jan. 7, 1858, in Fort 

vii. John Randolph, b. June 22, 1834; d. in Rochester, Aug. 

2, 1854. 

625. viii. Eugenia Melinda, b. Nov. 16, 1835. 

626. ix. Mary Alice, b. Nov. 27, 1837. 

627. X. Orpha Jeanette, b. Jan. 8, 1842. 

xi. John Ranney, b. Nov. 27, 1843; d. July 8, 1872, in 

xii. Caroline Lucinda, b. April 8, 1S45 ; ^- ^'o^'- 24, 1851, 

in Marquette, Mich. 
xiii. P21iza Jane, b. Jan. 19, 1S47 ; d. Jan. 10, 1849. in La 

Point, Mich, 
xiv. Richmond Abner Fidus, b. Oct. 7, 1S4S, in La I'oint ; 

d. April II, 1884, in Jackson, Mich. 


FiDUS^ LiVRKMORE {Abucr,^ Danitl,^ Edmiiud* Saviucl,^ 
Samuel,^ Jo/iii') was born July 21, 181 1, in Sangerfield. N.V. ; 
died May 28, 1880, in Jackstjn, Mich.; married (i) Feb. 24, 
183 1, in l>enton, N. Y., Caroline Sophia, daughter of Jolni L. 
Lewis, born in Iknton ; died Oct. 17, 185 1, in Jackson; she 

Sevcutli Generation 2 1 5 

was a lady of reputation as a teacher; married (2) June 24, 
1852, in Jackson, Mrs. Sarah ICliza (Lewis) Safford (sister to 
liis In si wile and widow of Dr. Horace B. Safford, to whom 
she was married in 1847, 'i"*-! ^'^'1^^* ^^^^^^ March 20, 1850), horn 
Jan. 16, 1828, in lienton. 

His school instruction ceased when he was fifteen years of age 
and lie was then apprenticed to the trade of a tailor. After two 
yeais ho went to Western New York, where for two or three 
years hr interspersed his mechanical kibr)r with study and mental 
culture. Durint( the building of the "Crooked Lake Canal " he 
carried on a shop in connection with other general business at 
Dresden, N. Y., remaining there until 1836. At this time he 
found .an opportunity to put into execution a long-cherished de- 
sign and he became a student in the law office of James L. 
Seeley, in Dundee, N. Y. 

He moved to Michigan and settled in Jackson in 1839, ^'^^ 
entered the law office of Johnson & Higby. There he com- 
pleted three years of legal study and passed the probation of 
si.\ months' residence in Michigan, at that time required. He 
was admitted to practice upon due examination before Hon. 
William A. Fletcher, then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 
of the State. 

He soon became personally known to almost every resident of 
the village, and acquired a practice which gave him prominence 
throughout the neighboring counties. From the time he fust 
began practice he had never missed attendance at a single term 
of court in his county, while his office business, involving large 
collecti»)n.s, was always marked by promjjtness, care, and strict 
integrity. In 1 840, he acted as Deputy United States Marshal 
in taking the census of the northern half of Jackson Co. In 
1 84 1, and for several years subsequently, he held the office of 
Justice of the Peace. In the fall of 1842, he was elected by the 
Democrats to the lower house of the State Legislature and was 
reelected the f(»llowing year. He made a strong record in the 
House, and at the next election he was nominated for the State 
Senate, but declined. He held the office of Prosecuting Attor- 
ney for Jackson Co. for several terms, twice by Executive ap- 

2i6 Lii>c7inorf lutiiiily 

pointmcnt (1846 and i84S)aiul sul)scqucntly by election, after 
the ofTicc became elective. In 1846, he became senior in the 
law paitnershij) of Livermore ^' Wooil, which continued without 
interruption until 1867. He twice (i86oand 1872) represented 
the Democrats of Michigan in National Convention. Me was on 
the Democratic State ticket in 1S68, for Presidential Elector; 
was the Democratic candidate for Congress in his district in 
1874, but was defeated, and again a candidate in 1876, and again 

In the early days of the war he was appointed by Gcn-ernor 
Blair, commandant of the camp at Jackson, where he devoted 
six months to raising troops, and organizing the 20th and 26th 
regiments of Michigan infantry. He was earnestly solicited to 
take a command in the field but declined, although giving his 
active support to the Government throughout the war. Me gave 
material aid toward the construction of the six railways centering 
in Jackson. He was nine years president of the school board in 
his district. In 1873, ^c formed a law partnership with Rich- 
mond Livermore, his nephew and pupil, under the firm name of 
F. & R. Livermore, which continued until his death. He was 
elected a vice-president of the Pioneer Society of the State of 
Michigan, April 32, 1874. He was a member of the Masonic 
fraternity and was the first Worshi]iful Master of Jackson Lodge, 
No. 50, and also a Knight Templar. 

Children, the eldest born in D/e.sden, the others in Jackson : 
62S. i. John Lewis,^ b. Dec. 14, 1832. 

ii. Emily, b. July 24, 1842; m. Jan. 17, 1857. in Jackson, 
Bernard Sniilii. Children (Smith) : HcIoO and Caro- 
iii. Fidus, b. July i, 1S59. 

iv. Jessie Louise, b. June 29, 1S70; m. June 5, iSSS, in 
Jackson, Lartie Murray, 


Harriet Rhoda^ Livermore {Ahncr,^ Daniel,^ EJviiou/,* 
Sa^nricl,^ Samuel,^ John') was born July 17, 1821, in Sanger- 
ficld, N. Y. ; married June 7, 1841, in Avon, Oakland Co., 
Mich., James Nightingale, born Dec. 14, 1S19, in Easton. 

Si-7>i'nf/i GciicKition 2\y 

Chiklicn (Nightin;:;alc), born in Attica, Mich.: 

i. C'liarlott(- Nina,** b. :\\)\\\ ?.?., 18.13; il. there Mar. 3, 

ii. Lewis Cass, b. July 12, 18.17 ; d. thcie June 26, 1852. 
iii. Mahahi Desire, b. Jan. 2, 1849. 

629. iv, Richard, b. Dec. 26, 1850. 

V. Sarah Mehnda, b. April 6, 1856. 
vi. Herbert Alexis, b. June 27, 1S58. 
vii. Helen Marr, b. Jan. 22, 1S61 ; d. Sept. 27, 1877. 


Jamhs^ Livermore {/nines,'' Daniel,^ Edmund,'^ Samuel,^ 
Savtiu/,^ Jfllni') was born Aug. 25, 1814, in Sangcrficld, N. Y. ; 
died there Sept. 12, 1S54; married there in Feb., 1841, Murriet,. 
daughter of James and Mary (Ross) Riley, born there Sept. 26, 
181 3 ; died April 23, 1S53, in East Hamilton, N. V. 

Children, the yoimgest born in East Hamilton, the others in 
Madison, N. Y.: 

630. i. Emma Caroline,-'^ b. Aug. 23, 1842. 
63 J. ii. Ann Elizabeth, b. Dec. 12, 1845. 
C32. iii. Harriet Eliza, b. May 6, 1848. 

iv. James Abner, b. Sept. 15, 1851; d. in 1880, in Utica, 
N. Y. ; he was a farmer and a member of the M. E. 


Eunice Stafford^ Eivermore {/c:mcs,*' Daniel,^ Edmund,^ 
Saimu'/,^ Sajiuecl,^ Jof!)i') wdi^ born Sept. 20, 1S22, in Sanger- 
field, N. Y.; died Feb. 12, 1894, in Clyde, N. Y. ; married Nov. 
28, 184S, in Sangerfield, John lirewstcr Roc, born Dec. 9, 181S, 
in Selden, N. Y. ; died May 8, 1885, in Rose, N. Y. 

Children (Roe), born in Rose : 

633. i. Alice Celina,^ b. April iS, iSri. 

634. ii. Oltie Annctt, b. July 10, 1S57. 

Joseph Wesley' Liver.more {Jamcs,^ Daniel,'^ Edmittid,* 
SiiDuic/,^ Samuel,'' Joliu') was born \)^z. 21, 1828, in Sanger, 
field, N. Y. ; died May 4, 1896, in Clyde, N. Y. ; manied (i) 

2i8 Livcrviorc Fa)!iily 

Sept. 29, 1852, Cclina Ibrrctt ; married (2) Nov. 6, 1855, 
Eleanor Johnson ; married (3) Au^;. 29, 1882, C. Anna Northrup. 
Childicn : 

i. Milton,^ b. . 

ii. Ernest Josepluis, h. . 

iii. George Wesley, b. . 

iv. Alexander Johnson, b. . 


Polly? Livermore {Jmucs,^ Dimicf,^ Edmund,* SiwiiicI,^ 
Sa7>nu/,^ Jolm') was born Nov. 14, i83[, in San.i;erfiel<l, N. Y. ; 
married Jan. 20, 1852, in North l^rookfield, N. Y., l<^la\ius Josc- 
phus, son of Thaddeus and Harriet (Shei)liertl) Collins, born 
Aug. 1 1, 1828. 

Children (Collins) : 

i. Ida Roselle,'' b. ; m. Aug. 5, 1S.S5, Rev. iJenjainin 

Winget of Huron. 
ii. Newton Morse, b. Jan. iS, j86o; m. June 16, 1SS7, in 

Rochester, N. Y., Josephine T. Osgood, 
iii. James Thaddeus, b. June 20, 1S73, in Rose, X. Y. ; unm. 


RuTii? Livermore {Jamcs,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,'' Smnucl,^ 
Samuel,'' Jo/in') was born Jan. 28, 1835, in Sangcrfield, N. Y. ; 
married June 2, i860, in Rose, N. Y., John, .son of Martin and 
Polly (Frank) Crisler, born Nov. 7, 1823, in Savannali, N. Y. ; 
died Jan. 16, 1892, in Butler, N. Y. 

Child (Crisler), born in Butler : 

635. i. Mary Elizabeth,^ b. July iS, 1S67. 


JoNWS? Livermore {Jonas,^ Oliver,^ Oliver,* Dmiicl,^ Samuel,^ 
John^) was born Jan. 1, 1797, in Shirley; died April 17, i860, 
in Eola, Ore.; married Sept. 2, 1S27, in Washington Co., Ohio, 
Sarah Wills, born May 16, 1806, in Homer, N. Y. ; died Jan. 
26, 1878, in I^ola. 

He learned the trade of a shoemaker from his father, also 
learned the trade of a cooper, and was an excellent workman. 

Sc-irui/i Gcmraticni 219 

lie was lionored by all who knew him, and while he always 
expressed himself in terms not to be misunderstood in all mat- 
ters of eoiitroversy, he never forf^ol to respeet the rights of 
others, and while maintaining his views v/ith firmness, never 
made an enemy. He lived in Marietta, Ohio, until 1836, when 
he moved t(j I'ike Co., 111., settling near Pittsfield ; in 1850 he, 
with the surviving members of his family, followed his eldest 
daughter who had" lived two years in Oregon, and established 
himself on a farni in Polk Co., Ore., where he remained until 
his death. 

Children, the lirst five born in Marietta, the others near I'itts- 
field : 

636. i. Maria,'^ b. July 31, 1S28. 

637. ii. Harriet, b. Sept. 12, 1829. 

638. iii. Naomi, b. Sept. 24, 1831. 
iv. Jonas, b. Aug. 30, 1833. 

639. V. ]-ot, b. Aug. II, 1835. 

vi. William Andrew, b. Aug. 9, 183S; m. May 14, 1890, in 
Salem, Ore., Mrs. Catherine (Bogle) Ueatly, who d. 
April 8, 1S97, in Dallas, Ore. No children. He 
enlisted in the First Oregon Cavalry Vols., Jan. 7, 
1862, and was discharged Dec. 30, 1S62, on account 
of sickness. 

vii. Ann, b. May 23, 1841 ; d. young. 

viii. Leonard Ross, b. May 20, 1842; m. (1) Serena Jane 
Alfrey ; m. (2) Mary Zumw alt. 

640. i.K. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 16, 1844. 

X. Sarah Ellen, b. May 10, 1S47 ; unm. 


OLiVEii^ LivERMORE {Jouiis,^ OIivci\^ OHvc>\* Danic/,^ Scdii- 
ncl,^ JoJiH') was born June 27, 1798, in Shirley; died Aug. 14, 
1S32; married (i) Nancy Williams of Madison Co., 111., who 
died in 1830; married (2) in 1831, Clarinda Robinson. 
■ Children : 

i. .\ son,*^ b. ; d. in infancy. 

ii. Mary, b. Jan. 26, 1S26; d. .May 19. 1.^.63. 
iii. Louisa, b. .\ov. 12, 1827; ^- '" J-^'^-' '852. 
iv. Jane, b, in 1829; d. in 1830. 

220 Livcrjuon- luunily 

V. I'"liza])CtIi, 1). Dec. 8, 1831 ; she was gradualed June 
24, 1851, al Monticcllo Seminary, in Illinois, and has 
made leacliin^^ tiie business of iier life; for more than 
seven years she was at the head of an institution num- 
bering sixty jjiipils. 


Andri-.w I'akk^ Livkrmorh {Jonas,'' Oliver,^ Oliver,^ Daiiir/,^ 
Samuel,' JoIdi') was born June 10, 1806, in Shirley; died l''eb. 
I, 18S0, in Point Pleasant, 111. ; man icd Sept. 9, 1S27, in 
Marietta, Ohio, Betsey I-^ullcr, where she was born, Scjjt. 9, 
1807. The family moved to Warren Co., 111., in 1839, and 
settled in Coldbrook. lie was a Republican and a 
list ; he was the first town clerk in l\)int Pleasant township, and 
held other town offices including road comrnissicjner. All the 
children live near the paternal home. 

Children, the first six born in Marietta, the others in CoUl- 
biook : 

i. Oliver,^ b. July i-cj, 1828; d. Aug. 28, 1S42, in Cold- 

641. ii. Derrick, b. Aug. 28, 1830. 

iii. Russell, b. April 3, 1832 ; d. Aug. 28, 1S50, in Cold- 

642. iv. Andrew Park, b. Aug, 28, 1834. 

643. V. John Kei.sey, b. Aug. 9, 1836. 

vi. Weston Thomas, b. Dec. 29, 1S38. He enlisted Aug. 
2, 1862, in company C, ^T^iS. 111. Vol. infantry, and was 
principal musician. They went into camp at Fort 
Hindman, Tenn. ; he was in the battle of Fort Don- 
elson, Feb. 3, 1863 ; thence he went to Clarksville, 
Nashville, and Florence; he was in a skirmish at ; then through parts of Alabama, and returned 
to Clarksville where he remained until mustered out 
at the of the war. 

vii. Jc)n;is Jasper, b. June 19, 1841; d. May 8, 1S62, in 
I'oint Pleasant. 

644. \iii. Socrates Stevens, b. Nov. 10, 1813. 

645. i.v. Charles Carroll, b. Oct. 24, 1847. 

646. X. William Rufus, b. Oct. 6, 1850. 

Seventh Gcjieratioti 221 


Wii.i.iAM' Livi'KMDKi: ( /r////^//;//' Oliver,'' 0/iver,* Daniel,^ 
Samuel,' Jolni') was hoin July 9, i.S'j3, in Grol(jn ; died Nov. 4, 
1894, in Ciiotoii ; manied (i) Scpl. 7, 1S30, Sarah C. Lawrence 
of Cohasset ; died Aui;-. 30, i83i,a<,^ed 22 years; married (2) 
Nov. II, 1832, in l^oston, Harriet, daui^hter of William and 
Tabitha (Tillon) Livermorc, born Nov. 16, 1804, in Alstead, N. 
II.; died May 17, 1 891, in Groton. Ilewa.sfor several year.s 
before and after iiiarriaL;e a i^rocer in IJoston, afterwards buyin;.^ 
a farm in Grotttn, \slK-re he lived the rest of his life. He was a 
successful farmer, mid sustained the office of deacon in the First 
Congregational Church of the town for many years. He was 
town treasurer in 1845, ^'"'c^ represented the town in the State 
Legislatvne in 1845, 1846, 1869. 

Children, the fust three born in Boston, the others in Groton : 
i. Infant,^ b. Aug., 1831 ; d. young. 

ii. Ellen Augusta, b. Dec. 30, 1833 ; d. there Mar. 8, 1S38. 
(i.\1. iii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Feb. 28, 1836. 

iv. William Henry, b. Sept. ir, 1S40; d. there June 24, 

V. George Stearns, b. July 12, 1S46 ; d. there Nov. 17, 


D.\\iEi,7 LivEKN!ORH {Wi lli'u i>! ,'' OHver,^ Oliver,^ Daniel,^ 
Samuel,^ Jo/iii') was born March 26, 1805, in Groton; died Jan. 
9, 1882, in Orange; married May 15, 1831, Abigail, daughter 
of William and Hannah (Porter) Tuck of Beverly, born May 30, 
1805, in Hambleton, N. Y. ; died Feb. 25, 1881, in Shirley. 
Soon after marriage they mo\-ed to Plymouth, Mich., but soon 
returned to Groton, where he was a farmer for many years ; they 
then removed to Lunenburg, and finally in 1869 to Shirley, 
where he lived the rest of his life. He was a deacon of the 
Second Congiegational Church ; while on" a visit to his daughter 
in Orange he died at her house. 

Children, the first two born in Plymouth, the others in 
Groton : 

64S. i. William, Hi. July i, 1832. 

222 Liveiinorc Family 

ii. Charles, b. April 26, 1834; d. Feb. 16, 1881, in Shir- 
ley, unin. ; he enlisted as a private in company ]{, 6th 
regiment, Mass. \'ols., and served from July 17 to Oct. 
27, 1864. 
iii. De Witt Clinton, b. July 16, 1836 ; d. aged 8 months, 
iv. I)e Wilt Clinton, b. Feb. 16, 1S3S; d. aged 10 months. 
640. v. Rufus, b. Nov. I, 1839. 

vi. Albert, b. May 20, 1842 ; d. there Oct. 27, i860. 
650. vii. Abbie M., b. June 13, 1850. 


Natiianikl? LiviiRMORE {WH/iaui,'' O/ivcr,^ O/ivcr,^ l)a)iicl,^ 
Sii in ICC l,^ Jo/ill') was born March 8, 1807, in Grolon ; died there 
Oct. 2, 1893; married (i) Aug. 18, 1832, in lioslon, Elizabeth 
W. Lawrence of Cohassct ; married (2) Jan. 16, 1850, Mrs. 
Nancy (Blood) Fitch, daughter of Thomas and Millcy Blood of 
Groton, born there June 5, 1812 ; died there Dec. 7, 1875 ; mar. 
ried (3) Sci)t. i, 1881, in Bedford, N. II., Rebecca Miller, daugh- 
ter of FVancis C. and Rebecca (Miller) Chanipncy, born Aug. 6, 
1822. No children. 


Betsey^ Livermore ( Williavi,^ Oliver,^ Oliver*' Daniel,'^ Savi- 
7icl,\/o/in') was born Aug. 29, 181 1, in Groton; died there Jan. 
I, 1871 ; married May 3, 1S35, Charles, son of Abel and Han- 
nah (Spalding) Prcscott of Groton, born there Nov. 21, 1809; 
died lliere May 31, 1875. 

Children (Prescott), born in Groton: 

i. Charles Livermore,^ b. Feb. 22, 1836; d. there Oct. 2, 
651. ii. Ellen Augusta, b. Aug. iS, 1S38. 

iii. Betsey Ames, b. Mar. 22, 1S40; d. there Mar. 24, 1S59. 
iv. Charles Cooledge, b. May 26, 1S44; he enlisted as a 
private in company B, 26th regiment, Mass. Vols., 
and was honorably discharged Aug. 26, 1S65. 


LuciM).\7 LivKRMORE {David !^ Oliver,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ Sam- 
uel,- John') was born Sept. 19, 1802, in Shirley; died Aug. 7, 

Seventh Geiuration 


1832; married in June, 1823, Almuiul Morse of Liiiicnbur<;, 
burn Dec. 31, 1799; died April 14, 1S42. 
Cliikhen (Morse), born in Shirley : 

i. Jane Liieindn,** b. July 24, 1S24 ; d. April 26, 1856; in. 
Oct. 9, 1S51, Oliver N. Wing of Shirley. Child 
(Wiuii) : 

I. Almond Morse^ b. Jan. 5, 1S53, in .Sliirlcy. 
652. ii. Mary Park, b. Aug. 11, 1S2S. 


Catiikki.m-:7 Livekmcire {DaiiJ,'' Oliver,^ Oliver,'^ Daiiie/,^ 
Sauuicl^' John^) was born Nov. 11, i S06, in Shirley; rnarri<.'d 
Dec. 17, 1835, Nathaniel Iloldcn of Shirley, born Jan. 21, 1800; 
died Oct. I, 1874, in Ayer. 

Children (llolden) : 

i. Almond Morse,^ b. Fel). 19, 1S37. 
ii. Catherine ]3ond, b. May 27, 1S39. 
iii. Oranvillc, b. Mar. 14, 1S41. 


J.\NE Park? Livermore {David,^ Oliver,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ 
Saiiiitcl,^ Jo/iii') was born Dec. 2, iSii, in Shirley; died Aul;. 
27, 1847, in Montezuma, N. Y. ; married Aug. 16, 1835, in 
Shirley, Abel, son of Abel and Hannah (King) Longlcy, born 
there March 5, iSi i ; when on a journey overland to California 
he was robbed and murdered, June 2, 1856. 

Children (Longley) : 

• i. Margaret B.,« b. May 22, 1836, in Shirley; m. April 14. 
1S59, Samuel Farnsworth ; they lived in Ayer, 
ii. Julia Clark, b. April 18, 1S39, in Montezuma; m. Nov. 
13, 1S62, Oliver N. Wing ; they were living in Chelsea 
in 18S2. Child (Wing) : 

1. Edward Lougley,'* b. Aug. 19, 1S6C., in .SJiirley. 

iii. Lillian Ella, b. April iS, 1845, >'» Montezuma; d. Mai., 
1S62, in Savannah, Waviie Co., N. V. 

224 Livermorc ]\unily 


CiiAUi.KS' LivilK.mokI': {David*- Oliirr,^ Oliver,*' Ddiiid,^ Snin- 
7icl,- /o/tn') was horn March 24, 1S14, in Shiilcy; tlicd Oct. 12, 
1867, in Tully, K. Y. ; married Dec. 2, 1847, in Fitchhur^% 
Lucy EHzahclh, dauj^^htcr of Joscphus and lielscy R. Mcrriani, 
born March 17, 1828, in Wcslport, N. Y. He hved in Shirley 
until he was twenty-one years old, when he went to Leominster, 
remaining there one year, engaged in the shoe-making trade ; 
removing to Fitchburg, he began business as a shoe dealer, at 
various times carrying on both a wholesale and retail trade, in 
which he proved quite successful. He was chorister of two 
church choirs, a Freema.son, a member of the militia and other 
organizations during his residence in l^'iLchburg. In 1856 he 
sold his store and moved to Tully. 

Children, born in Fitchburg : 

i. Ellen Frances,** b. June 3, 1849 ; m. Thomas J. E. Dunk, 
and lives in Jacksonville, Fla. For many years she 
was a school teacher in Fitchburg. 

ii. Charles William, b. Mar. 24, 1S52 ; d. Aug. 19, 1853, 
in Middlebuvy, Vt. 

iii. George Edward, b. April 4, 1S54 ; d. Sept, 4, 1S91, in 
Lowell ; a graduate of Dartmouth Medical College 
in 18S3 ; he practiced in Lowell, and was formerly 
assistant physician in Tewksbury. 

iv. Frederick Merbert, b. Mar. 5, 1856; d. Sept. 3, 1S60, 
in Tully. 


Marg.\ket7 Livermoke {David,'' Oliver,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ 
Satn/ul,- Joint') was born Oct. 25, 1819, in Shirley; married 
there Jan. 3, 1850, Robert P., son of Robert and Hannah 
Woods, born in 18 18 in Peppcrcll ; at one time they were living 
in Philadelphia. 

Children (Woods), born in Shirley : 

i. Lucy Livermore,'' b. Dec. 9, 1S50. 
ii. Alice Parker, b. Jan. 11, 1S52. 
iii. An infant. 

Seventh Ge)ieration 225 


LucY^ LiVEKMOKK {Ajhos,^ Avios,^ OHfet,^ Daniel,^ Saviue/,^ 
John') was born June 14, 1796, in Walcrlown ; died May 21, 
1873, in Belmont; married Oct. 14, 1819, in Watertown, Dan- 
iel, son of Paul and Ann (Sanger) Learned, born Aug. 31, I79i» 
in Watertown ; died March 2, 1864, in Belmont. 

Children (Learned), born in Watertown : 
i. Lucy Ann,* b. Oct. 2, 1821. 

652<r. ii. Daniel Francis, b. May 23, 1825. 

652/'. iii. Harriet Louisa, b. April 15, 1827. 

iv. Eliza Jane, b. Feb. 6, 1829; d. there May 21, 1S29. 

65 2r. V. Adeline Elizabeth, b. Oct. 5, 1831. 


Thom.\s' LiVERMORE {AiHos,^ Avios,^ Oliver,^ Daniel,^ Saiu- 
tu:/,'/ohn') was born May 30, 179S, in Watertown; died March 
28, 1873, in Belmont; married April 20, 1824, in Watertown, 
his cousin Sarah Clark, daughter of Joshua and Hepzibah (Liver- 
more) Grant, born there Jan. 6, 1803; died May 31, 188S, in 

For many generations the homestead of the family has been 
on what is now School street, in the north-eastern part of the 
old town of Watertown, and in the vicinity of Fresh Pond. 
The house in which he was born was burned in his boyhood, 
and replaced by his father with the present spacious dwelling. 
His advantages of education were limited to the district school, 
then ojjen but a few months in the year. The work and respon- 
sibility of the farm, intercourse with men, and acquaintance with 
practical affairs formed his chief means of education. Early 
in life he united with the First Congregational (Unitarian) 
Church of the town. He was chosen a deacon of this church 
in his twenty-fourth year, an office which he held for more than 
half a century. He early became a member of the Watertown 
and Waltham Artillery Company, of which he was chosen lieuten- 
ant in 1821, and rose to be captain, major of the First Regiment 
of Artillery, First Ikigade, Third Division, M. V. M., in 1825, 
lieutenant colonel in 1828, and colonel in 1829. He was elected 
first lieutenant of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Com- 

226 Lhetvion luiinily 

pany of Boston in 1834. He seems never to have lost his 
interest in military parades, and long after he had withdrawn 
from the company he used to attend the trainings and musters. 

He was deeply interested in politics; in early life an ardent 
Whig, he remained true to that party until the great struggle 
for freedom in Kansas, when he became identified with the 
Free Soil, and afterwards with the Republican party. In 1844 
he was elected on the Whig ticket to the House of Representa- 
tives of the State Legislature ; but when that party broke up, 
on the slavery issue, he took his stand on the side of freedom 
and ever after gave his vote and influence to sustain the good 
cause. He was elected on the board of selectmen in Watertown 
from 1840 to 1846 and from 1857 to 1859, ^'^'''cl for two years 
was a member of the school committee. In 1859, when Bel- 
mont was incorporated, that portion of Watertown, where he 
lived, was annexed to the new town. Here he became identified 
with a new church and a new community. He was soon chosen 
on the board of selectmen and one of the assessors. He was 
a member of Pequosette Lodge, A. F. and A. M., Watertown. 
His children, Convers Francis Livermore and Hepsie Cotting 
Livermore are still living together in the homestead on School 

Children, born in Watertown : 

i. Thomas Henry,^ b, July 3, 1825; d. June 12, 1S72, in 

Evansville, Ind,, unin. 
ii. Maria, b. Aug. 9, 1S27; d. Mar. 16, 1902, in Belmont, 

iii. Sarah, b. Sept. 9, 1829; d. Dec. 26, 1S29. 
653. iv. Sarah Jane, b. Dec. 7, 1S30. 

v. Joshua Grant, b. Feb., 1S33 ; d. Mar. 1S33. 
vi. Convers Francis, b. Mar. 10, 1834; unm. He was a ser- 
geant in the 2d battery light artilk-ry, from July 31, 
1 86 1, to Aug. 16, 1S64. 
vii. Hepsie Cotting, b. Aug. i, 1S36; unm. 
viii. Amos Henry, b. Dec. 10, 1S39; d. there June 22, 1S54. 
i.x. Abbie Ann, b. May 8. 1S43; d. Dec. 25, 1S70, in Bel- 
X. Mary Elvira, b. Sept. 7, 1S46; d. 5, 1S48. 

Scvcufh Generation 227 


Grace Sanderson'' Livermore {Avios,^ Awos,^ Oliver,'' Dan- 
iel,^ Samuel,' John') wds burn March 29, 1809, in Watertown ; 
married there Oct. 4, 1S33, Georf,% son of Alphcus and Eunice 
(Mixer) Bigelow, born Oct. 14, 1S03, in Weston. [Sec Higelow 

Children (Bigelow), the eldest and youngest born in Weston, 
the t)thers in Watertown : 

i. George Estes,^ b. June 26, 1834 ; d. May i, 1840. 

ii. Grace Maria, b. May 9, 1836. 

iii. Elijah Howard, b. Sept. 8, 1S39. 

iv. Emma Gertrude, b. Jan. 15, 1S4C. 


Mary Ann Dana^ Livermore {Avios,^ Amos,^ Oliver,'- Dan- 
iel,^ Saviucl,' JoJm') was born July 4, 181 1, in Watertown; died 
there March 21, 1900; married April 24, 1833, William Sher- 
man of Wayland ; died Jan. 22, 1890. 

Children (Sherman) : . . 

654. i. William Henry,^ b. April 14, 1835. 

655. ii. Mar}' Elizabeth, b. June 9, 1837. 

iii. George Dexter, b. Sept. 4, 1838: ni. Jan. 27, 1881, Mrs. 

Caroline A. Wright of Somerville. 
iv. Alfred Augustus, b. Mar. 14, 1840. 
V. Charles Franklin, b. Mar. 12, 1842. 
vi. Frederic, b. Felx 3, 1S44; d. Dec. 31, 1SS9. 


Elisha^ Livermore {ElisJia,^ Amos,^ Oliver,'' Daniel,^ Sam- 
uel,' John') was born June 17, 1S04, in Watertown; died Feb. 
I, 1SS9, in Wcllesley Hills; married April 16, 1835, in Newton, 
Faith Seavcrns, daughter of George Wilson and Faith (Scaverns) 
Hoogs, born April 15, 1817, in Needham ; died June 4, 1865, 
in Boston. Me was a baker. 

Children, born in Walt ham : 

i. Faith Jane.* b. May 16, 1836 ; d. there Jan. i, 1S37. 

656. ii. Oliver Cronnvell, b. July 21, 183S. 

657. iii. Albert Hoogs, b. Oct. 6, 1840. 

iv. Elizabeth Jane, b. Feb. 10, 1S47 ; unm. 

228 Livcrmore Family 


Charles' Livermore {Jonathan,'^ Jonat/uin,^ Oliver,* Danic/^^ 
Samuil,' Jo/ni') was born Jan. 26, 1809, in Brighton; died Dec. 
19, i857i i" South Windsor, Me.; married Aug. 20, 1829, in 
Cambridge, Mary Spear Mason, born there April 14, 1806; died 
Sept. 9, 1875, in Providence, R. 1. 

Children : 

658, i, Cliarles Walter,^ b. April 29, 1S30, in Harvard, 
ii, Samuel, b. ; d. young. 


Jonathan' Livermore (^Jonathan,^ Jomxthan,^ Oliver*' iPanicl,^ 
Samuel,^ Johfi') was born Nov. i, 1810, in Brighton ; died there 
July 10, 1S77; married Martha K., daughter of Samson and 
Martha Claflin, born Jan. 5, 1 812, in Hopkinton ; died Aug. 23, 
1884, in Brighton. He kept a tavern. 

Children, burn in Brighton : 

i. George Albert,^ b. Feb. 22, 1833. 

ii. Edward Everett, b. June 17, 1834; d. there Juno 13, 
1885, unm. 

iii. Amelia Ann, b. Aug. 29, 1837 ; m. there Mar. 15, 1S57, 
Daniel W., son of George and Ann Hyde, b. in 1830, 
in Newton. Child (Hyde) : Daniel.'^ 

iv. Ellen Maria, b. Sept. 24, 1S39. 


Aaron' Livermore {Joiiat/ia7i,^ Jonathan,^ Oliver* Daniel,^ 
Samuel,^ JoJin') was born Nov. 5, 1813, in Brighton; died Dec. 
31, 1872, in Boston; married there Oct. 27, 1840, Hannah 
Wyman, daughter of William and Martha (Adams) Fa.xon, born 
there May 17, 18 16; died there April 30, 1S72. He was a 
merchant in Boston. 

Children, born in Boston : 

i. Annie,^ b. June 17, 1842 ; d. there Oct. 27, 1S67. unm. 
ii. Grace, b. June 7, 1S46 ; d. Sept. 3, 18S2. unm. 

Seventh Generation 229 


Eunicf7 Livermore {Jonat/ian,^ Jonat/ian,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ 
Samuel,^ JoJin') was born Feb. i, 1817, in Brighton; died Feb. 
25, 1S80; married May 20, 1839, Samuel Smith, son of Henry 
Heath and Lydia (Trask) Learned, born Jan. 14, 181 5. 

Children (Learned) : 

i, Mary Frances,** b. Nov. 20, 1842 ; m. Jan. 23, 1867, 

George Walter Claflin of New York, 
ii. Edward Henry, b. Aug. 13, 18^4; d. April 9, 1897, 
in Jirighton ; ni. Jan. 5, 187 i, Susan Elizabeth Dear- 
born. Child (Learned) : Henry Jlcat/i,'^ b. Nov. 13, 
187 I, in Brighton, 
iii. George Smith, b. Feb. 9, 1855 ; d. June 24, 1872. 


William^ Livermore {Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ Oliver^* Dati- 
iel,^ Samuel,^ John') was born July 2, 18 19, in Brighton; died 
there Dec. 29, 188S; married Nov. 29, 1844, in Weston, Sarah 
Elizabeth, daughter of Charles and Persis (Weston) Warren, 
born there Sept. 15, 1S22; died Aug. 13, 1S90, in Brighton. 
He was a farmer. 

Child, born in l^righton : 

659. i. William Warren,^ b. July G, 1846. 

George^ Fisher {Sarah,^ Jonathan,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ Satn- 
ue/,^John') was born Feb. 15, 1820, in Cambridge; died there 
Sept. 12, 1898; married there March 16, 1840, Hannah Cor- 
delia Teele, born Oct. 19, 18 19, in Charlestown ; died in 1894, 
in Cambridge. He was a close personal friend of Elias Howe, 
the inventor of the sewing machine, and rendered him consider- 
able aid at a time when the enterprise seemed likely to fail for 
financial reasons. He accompanied Mr. Howe to Washington, 
D. C, when he went to attempt to get a patent, both wearing 
suits made on the new invention, and it was thought that in 
obtaining the patent these suits rendered very material aid. 

230 LivcnHorc Fatni/y 

Children (F'isher), burn in Cambrid^^e, and all but the first two 
died there : 

i. Sarah Cordelia,^ b. Oct. 10, 1841 ; m. Nov. 29, 1887, in 
Cambridge, Austin Clark Wellington, the widower of 
her sister Caroline. Xo children. 

ii. Caroline Louisa, b. Nov. S, 1843; d. Nov. 23, 1879, in 
Boston ; m. June 30, 1S69, in Cambridge, Austin 
Clark Wellington, b. July 17, 1840, in Lexington ; d. 
Sept. 18, J 888, in Cambridge. No children. 

iii. George, b. Oct. 10, 1845; d. Sept. 19, 1846. 

iv. Anna Josephine, b. July 26, 1S47 ; d. July 24, 185 1. 

V. Harriet Ellen, b. June 2, 1849; d. Mar. 25, 1850. 

vi, Lizzie Livermore, b. Sept. 4, 1851 ; d. Jan. 17, 1853. 

vii. Eliza Bennett, b. Oct. i, 1853; d. Sept. 4, 1875. 
viii. George, b. Mar. 26, 1856 ; d. Mar. 19. i860. 

ix. George William, b. July 6, 185S; d. July 15, 1S76. 

Jabez? Fisher {Sarah,^' Jouat/uDi,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ Samuel,^ 
Jo/iH^) was born April 20, 1824, in Cambridge; married (i) Oct. 
8, 1845, i" Cambridge, Roxanna I3etton, born there June 20, 
1824; died Dec. 15, 1S58, in Fitchburg ; married (2) Feb. 12, 
i860, in Fitchburg, Lucy Brigham Hosmer, born there March 
24, 1834. 

Children (Fisher) : 

660. i. Mary Livermore,^ b. Nov. 14, 1S46, in Cambridge. 

ii. Ellen Maria, b. July 30, 1S4S, in Waterford, Me; d. 
Aug. 22, 1849, in Cambridge. 

661. iii. Jabez Franklin, b. Aug. 30, 1S50, in Cambridge. 

iv. Sarah Louisa, b. April 20, 1S54, in Fitchburg; d. there 
Aug. 3, 1 85 5. 
. v. Anna, b. Dec. 10, 185S, in Fitchburg; d. there Jan. 14, 


Oliver Will.ard^ Liver.more {Oliver,^ Jonatluin,^ Oliver,* 
Daniel,"^ Samuel,^ Jo/in') was born April 2, 18 19, in Brighton; 
married May 25, 1845, in Groton, Elizabeth, daughter of John 

Seventh Gencratioi 231 

and Abigail Peabody, born there June 4, 1821; died April 13, 
1902, in Cambridgeporl. He was a trader and tanner, a farmer 
and ice-dealer. 

Children, born in Framingham : 

i. Kmma Elizabeth/ b. Feb. 28, 1847; d. Feb. 21, 1875, 
in Shrewsbury; m. July 22, 1867, in Newburyport, 
Lyman Codinan, son of William B. and Anna G. 
(Baker) Newton, b. in 1842, in Shrewsbur)'. 
ii, Sarah Jennie, b. Mar. 14, 1854. 
iii. Frederick Oliver, b, July 8, 1855. 


Lois^ LiVERMORE {Olivcr,^ Jonathan,^ Oliver* Daniel,^ Sam- 
uel,^ J olur) was born Sept. 23, 1820, in Brighton; died April 
13, 18S5, in Cambridge; married Nov. 30, 1843, i" Brighton, 
Edmund Smith, born Aug. 15, 1807, in Waltham. 

Children (Smith), born in Brighton : 

i. Francis Livermore,^ b. Nov. 15, 1844; m. Jan. 14, 1869, 

Martha Ann Hammond, 
ii. Lois Anna, b. Dec. 24, 1845 ; m. Robert Burton Willis. 
iii. Oliver Elliot, b. Dec. 31, 1853. 
iv. Herbert Vernon, b. Jan. 22, 1856; m. in Cambridge, 

Elizabeth Raymond Wiswell. Three children. 


George Fr.ancis' Livermore {Oliver,'' Jonathan,^ Oliver,* 
Daniel,^ Samuel,^ John') was born June 21, 1830, in Brighton; 
married Nov. 22, i860, in Newton, Mary Augusta, daughter of 
Akin and Mary De.xter, born April 3, 1S40, in Boston. He was 
with Albert Brackett, a coal dealer in Newton. 

Children, born in Newton : 

i. Mabel Augusta,^ b. Oct. 30, 1861; married there Jan. 
24, 1895, Alvah Arey, son of William H. and Ruth 
(Newcomb) Atwood, born in Chelsea in 185S. 

662. ii. Oliver Dexter, b. April 11, 1S66. 

663. iii. George Courtney, b. Mar. 6. 1871. 
iv. Wendell Brackett, b. Nov. 19, 1S76. 

'2^2 Lhrrwon- Faviily 


Martha Rohiuns' Hastings {Martha,^' Jonathan,'' Oliin,* 
Daniel,^ Samuel,^ John,') was born Aug. 31, 1824; died March 
12, 1858 ; married Nov. 29, 1852, Henry Whitney of Cambridge, 
born in April, 1820; died Feb. 9, 18S2, in Cambridgeport. 
Children (Whitney) : 

i. Walter Ha-Stings,** b. Sept. 16, 1853. 
ii. Caroline, b. July 14, 1S55; d. Nov. 13, 1856. 


Thomas Nelson^ Hastings {Martlia,'' Jonathan,'' Oliver,*' 
Daniel,^ Saniiul,'' John') was born Dec. 9, 1825 ; died Jan. 22, 
1859; married (i) in 1850, Emeline French, daughter of Jared 
and Hephzibah (Swain) CofYin of Brighton; died Jan. 3^ 1S55, 
in East Cambridge; married (2) in 1856, Harriet, daughter of 
Ephraim and Harriet (Mead) Holland of Walpole, N. H. 

Children (Hastings) : 

i. George Nelson,* b. July 25, 185 1. 

ii. William French, b. Mar. 17, 1S53. 
iii. Henry Baxter, b. Dec. 25, 1854. 
iv. Edward Holland, b. Feb. i, 1857. 

V. Thomas Nelson, b. May 23, 1858. 


Sarah Fisher^ Livermoke {jGcorgc,^ Jonathan,^ OUvci;* 
■Daniel,^ Saynnci,^ John') was born April 23, 1834, in Brighton ; 
'died there Dec. 22, 1895 ; married there Jan. 29, 186S, Henry 
judson, son of Judson and Judith Murdock. 

Children (Murdock) born in Brighton : 

4. Carrie Livermore,^ b. April 26, 1SC9. 
ii. Belle Brigham, b. Dec. 14, 1S71. 


George Brigham^ Livermore {George,'' Jo)iathan,^ Oliver,*' 
'Daniel,^ Savinel,'' John') was born May 11, 1836, in Brighton; 
married there June 18, 1S67, Betsey, daughter of Joseph and 
Betsey P. (Woodbury) Duncklee, born there Nov. 25, 1S42 ; 
•died there March 19, 1874. He was a member of the State 

Sei'cntJi Generation 233 

Legislature in 1880-81, and also of Bclhesda Lodjjc, F. and A. M. 
He li\cs in Brighton. 

Children, born in Brighton : 

i. Georgia I )uncklc:c,'^ b. Sept. 13, 1870; m. there Oct. 14, 
1S96, Herbert Alva, son of Alva J. and Helen V. 
\^'ilson of Brighton, b. there in 1870. 
ii. Harry Brigham, b. Sept. 26, 1873. 


Henry Munroe' Livermoke {George^ Jonathan,'^ Oliver,* 
Daniel,^ Samuel,^ Jo/m') was born Jan. 5, 1841, in Brighton; 
died Dec. 4, 1S91, in Brookline ; married July 30, 1868, in 
Brighton, Kate Louise, daughter of Andrew J. and Sarah J. 
Willcutt, born June 23, 1850, in J^oston. 

Children : 

i. Gertrude W'illcut,^ b. May 14, 1869, in Boston; m. Nov. 

23, 1893, in Brighton, H. Albert, son of Albert I). 

and Hannah M. Henderson. Child (Henderson) : 
I. Mildred? b. April 5, 1S95. 
ii. George, b. June 13, 1870, in Brighton; d. Dec. 4, 1901, 

in Boston. 


Stepukx Dexter7 Bennett {Elizabeth,^ Jonathan,^ Oliver,^ 
Daniel,^ Samuel,^ J oJni^) was born July 15, 1838, in Brighton; 
married there Dec. 17, 1861, Helen Frances, daughter of Albert 
aiid Caroline (Keith) Howe, born Aug. 29, 1841, in Ro.xbury. 
They live in Brookline. 

Children (Bennett), the youngest born in Brookline, the others 
in Cambridge : 

i. Henry Dexter,^ b. Sept. 6, 1S62. 
ii. Stephen Howe, b. Sept. 24, 1865. 
iii. Helen Maud, b. Oct. 23. 1S68. 
iv. Elizabeth Dexter, b. Sept. 25, 1S74. 

MARTn.\ Maria^ Wood {Grace, ^ Moses, ^ iWuhaniel,* Thomas,^ 
Samuel,^ Jo /m^) was born Jan. 12, 1805, in Fitchburg ; died 
March 17, 1S69, ""^ Gansevoort, N. Y. ; married Feb. 7, 1S30, 

234 Livenuon- Family 

in Fitchburg, Jotham Fuller, born there March 31, 1800; died 
in 1872, in Gansevourt. 

Children (Fuller), born in Ganscvoort : 

664. i. Lydia Ann,** b. Nov. 12, 1S30. 

ii. Eiumeline Coolidge, b. Jan. 23, 1833. 
ill. Thomas Scott, b. April 20, 1836. 
iv. Helen Sophia, b. Aug. 29, 1838; d. Nov. 11, 1852. 
V. John Henr)-, b. Oct. 5, 1840; d. Nov. 26, 1842. 
vi. David Addison, b. Sept. u, 1843; d. Dec. 17, 1S44. 
vii. Grace Maria, b. Sept. 22, 1845. 
viii. Samuel Austin, b. Oct. 13, 1S48. 


Mary Ann' Wood {Gracc,^ J/oscs,^ Nathaniel,^ Thomas,^ 
Samuel,^ John') was born May 30, 18 10, in Fitchburg; married 
Oct. 29, 1840, in Gansevoort, N. Y., David Welch, born there 
July 26, 1S02 ; died there July 21, 1875. 

Children (Welch), born in Gansevoort : 

i. Martha Jane,^ b. Feb. 25. 1844. 
ii. Grace Amelia, b. May 20, 1849. 


Marshall? Livermore {T/iomas,^ Moses, ^ jYathaiiicl,^ Tlioui- 
as,i Sa>K!U'/,' John') was born April 3, 1826, in Fitchburg; 
married Feb. 6, 1850, in Ashby, Clarissa, daughter of Horace 
and Hannah (Sheldon) Lawrence, born there Dec. 3, 182S. He 
was a mason. 

Children, born in Boston : 

i. Florence Estelkv' b. May 22, 1S50; m. Oct. 1, 1S6S, 
Charles Oilman, son of James Clarke and Susan A. 
P. Burgess, b. Feb. 24, 1845, in Philadelphia. Child 
(Burgess), born in Boston : 

I. Btrtha E.,'> b. Oct. 24, 1S7: ; d. there Oct. 9, iSSS. 
ii. Bertha W., b. Oct. 24, 1S55 ; d. there Feb. 5, 1S5S. 
iii. Ralph Edward, b. July 24, 1S61 ; d. there June 6, 
665. iv. Homer Fiske. b. Sept. 16, 1S64. 

Si'veuth Generation 235 


J OKI. Wheeler' Livekmoke {Thomas,'^ M^oscs,^ Nathaniel,'^ 
Thomas,^ Samuel,^ John') was born Jan. 21, 1S32, in Fitchbur<,^ ; 
married May 5, 1870, in Gcncseo, 111., Catherine Ocker, born 
Aug. 31, 1844, in Middletown, Ohio. He is a carpenter in 
Genesco ; he ser\'ed in the 112th regiment 111. Vols., for three 
years ii) the Civil war. 

Children, born in Genesee : 

i. Jennie Melissa,^ b. Feb. 6, 1871. 
ii. Etta Viola, b. Jan. 8, 1877. 


Thomas' Livermore {Thomas^ Afoscs,^ Nathaniel,* Thovias,\ 
Santhil,^ John') w^s born Nov. 4, 1834, in Fitchburg ; married 
May I, 1S69, in Marlboro, Ellen M., daughter of Edward and 
Catherine H. (Whitney) Clark, born Jan. 3, 1843, '" Weston; 
died March 15, 1878, in Marlboro. He is a shoemaker. 

Children, born in Marlboro : 

i. Edward Jolin,^ b. June 29, 1870. 

ii. William, b. Dec. 6, 1S71. 
iii. Eugene, b. Dec. 4, 1873. 
iv. George H., b. May 29, 1876 ; d. same day. 


N.\TH.\NiEL Webster' H.astings {^Iclinda^^ John,^ Xathanie/,-* 
Thomas,^ Samne/,^ John') was born Jan. 3, 1S17; married Nov. 
5, 1843, '" Ro.xbury, Susan Crosby Danforth, born Nov. 6, 1S16, 
in Billcrica ; died May 29, 18S9, i^ Taunton. 

Children (Hastings) : 

i. Francis Bernard,^ b. Feb. 8, 1S45, in Ro.xbury. 
ii. Joseph Henry, b. Mar. 18, 1847, in Roxbury. 
iii. Susan, b. Feb. 18, 1852, in Quincy. 
iv. Fanny Alniira, b. July 17, 1855, in Quincy. 
V. Lucy Ann, b. Afay 3, 1857, in Bedford; d. there Oct. 

27. 1S57. 
vi. William, b. Aug. 31, 1S59, in Milton; d. there Aug. 21, 

236 Livnmorc Fniniiy 


George Washington^ Hastings (71 A-// w/<7,^ yi?//;/,? Nathan- 
iel,^ Thomas,'^ Samuel,^ John') was born July 29, 1820; married 
in Nov., 1853, in Middle Island, N. Y., Jerusha Ann Randall, 
born there March i i, 1823. 

Children (Hastings) ; 

i. Annie Phebe,'^ b. May 23, 1855, in Middle Island. 
ii. Sarah Melinda, b. Aug. 23, 1857, in Port Jeffer.son, X. 

Y. ; m. Carmon B. Howell of Port JttTcrson. 
iii. Joseph Orlando, b. Sept. 11, i860, in Middle Island; 

m. Louisa Meyer.s of Xew Maven. 
iv. George Sylvester, b. Nov. 11, 1.S63, in Port JetTer.son; 
in. Louise H. Smith of East Patchogue. 


Fannv Livermoke^ Hastings {Melinda^ John,^ NatJianicl,^ 
T/iovias,^ Sa7nuel,' Jo/in') was born Oct. 29, 1822, in Ro.xbury ; 
married there March 30, 1845, John Langdon Stanton, born 
May 9, 1 8 19, in Brookfield, N. H. 

Children (Stanton) : 

i. William Langdon,^ b. June 23, 1850, in Roxbury ; d. 

there Nov. 27, 1853. 
ii. Mary Liverniore, b. Dec. 30, 1854, in Brunswick, Me. 


Rachel Morse" Livermoke {Leonard,^ John,'' Nathaniel,^ 
Thflmas,^ Saviiu/,^ Joh>i') was born May 27, 1820, in Bruns- 
AN-ick, Me.; died there May 28, 1852; married there Oct. i, 
1839, Joshua Philbrook Storer, horn there July 9, 181 5 ; died 
there Jan. 17, 1871. 

Children (Storer), born in Brunswick: 

i. Annie Livermore,^ b. Aug. 16, 1S40 ; d. there Sept. i, 

ii. Emily Marcy, b. May 6, 1846. 

iii. Joshua Philbrook, b. Dec. 28, 1S49; d. there Mar. 6, 

Scvciif/i Generation 237 


Mary Jaxe7 Livekmoke {Leonard,^ John,^ Nathaniel* Thovuis,^ 
Samuel,- Jolin') was born June 26, 1S30, in Brunswick, Me. ;. 
died there Jvily 4, 1857; married there in 1847, Elbridge Hig- 
gins, born Aug. 16, 1819, in Richmond, Me.; died in Mobile,. 
Ala., in 1855. 

Children (Iliggins) : 

i. Frances Helena,'* b. April 21, 1848, in Richmond ; d. in 

Mobile in 1S50. 
ii. Georgianna Morse, b. July 13, 1850,10 Mobile; m. Phil- 
brook D. Barstow. 
iii. Frank Flbridge, b. Aug. 7, 1S52, in Mobile; d. in 1853. 
iv. Mary Elbridge, b. Dec. 30, 1S54, in Mobile; m. Mar. 
30, 1875, in Roxbury, Charles Dana Barrett. 


Emma Gertrude^ Livermore {Josiah,^ David,^ NatJianicl,* 
Thomas,'^ Samuel,^ John') was born Nov. 13, 1849, i^i Boston ; 
married Nov. 18, 186S, in Boston, Henry Clay, son of William 
and Caroline (Parker) Nichols, born Feb. 5, 1844, in Westmin- 
ster; they live in Piety Corner, Waltham. 

Children (Nichols), born in Boston : 

i. Harry P'rederick,* b. Aug. 28, i86g. 
ii. Frank William, b. Aug. 15, 1876. 


Edward Marshall^ Livermore {Isaac,'' Nathaniel,^ Nathan- 
iel,* Thomas,^ Samuel,^ JoJui") was born Oct. 5, 1823, in Cam- 
bridge; married April 18, 1849, ^" ^c^^' York, Julia Cabot, 
daughter of Dr. Samuel Pomcroy White, died there Dec. 11, 
1889. He became a member of the Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Company in 1846, and was then a wool dealer at 38 
Pearl street, Boston ; he was first sergeant of the Artillery Com- 
pany in 1848, and was honorably discharged June 4, 1849 ; he 
was also quartermaster, with the rank of lieutenant, of the i6th 
Mass. Vols, from Aug. i, 1861, to July 7, 1S62. He lives in 
New York. No children. 

238 TAvermore Family 


Janl Cokkf.lia? Livekmokk {Isaac,^ Nathaniel,^ Nathaftitl,*' 
Thomas,^ Samuel,^ Jo!uC) was burn Aug. 23, 1825, in Cam- 
bridge; died Aug. 19, 1888, in Greenwich, Conn.; married 
June 3, 1847, '" Cambridge, Hon. An.son Burlingame, born 
Nov. 14, 1820, in New Berlin, N. Y. ; died Feb. 23, 1870, in 
St. Petersburg, Rus.sia. He was representative to Congress 
from Massachusetts 1S55-61 ; ambassador to China 1861-67; 
and negotiated, as special ambassador from China, treaties with 
the United States, England, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and 

Children (Burlingame) born in Cambridge : 

i. Edward Livermore,^ b. May 30, 1S48. He is editor-in- 
chief of Scribner's Magazine. 
ii. Walter Angell, b. Dec. 3. 1852. 
iii. Gertrude, b. July 13, 1S58. 


Sarah Elizabeth^ Livekmore {Isaac^ Nathaniel,^ NatJtan- 
icl,* Thomas,^ Saviuc/,^ Jo/m') was born Oct. 31, 1827, in Cam- 
bridge; married (i) June 17, 1856, Dr. Aaron Larkin Leland, 
died Nov. 14, 1858, in Detroit, Mich., aged 45 ; married (2) Oct. 
6, 1875, in Cambridge, as his second wife, George Patrick, son 
of Gov. George N. and Harriet (Hall) Briggs, born March 4, 1822, 
in South Adams; died March 26, 1882, in Pittsfield ; graduated 
with honors at Williams in 1842, and was a member of the Phi 
Beta Kappa ; he studied law at Pittsfield and at the Harvard 
Law School, where he received the degree of LL. B. in 1846; 
practiced in Boston and Lawrence until 1861, when he settled 
in Pittsfield, and engaged in farming. 

Children (Leland), born in Detroit : 

i. Sarah Shippen,^ b. May 30, 1857 ; d. May 17, 1864. 
ii. Aaron Larkin, b. Dec, 1S5S; d. same month. 


Charles Frederick' Livermore {Isaac,^ Nathaniel,^ Nathan- 
iel,'- Thomas,'^ Saviucl,^ John') was born March 13, 1830, in 
Cambridge ; married Jan. 26, 1S59, in Newport, R. L, Anna 

Sci'cnt/i Gcncratioi 239 

Winthrop, daughter of Henry and Clara (Temple) Chapman, 
born Feb. 11, 1S36, in Greenfield. He was fitted for college 
at the Boston Latin Schocil, and was graduated A. li. from Har- 
vard College in 1S53, and V>. S. from the Lawrence Scientific 
School in 1856. He enlisted April 10, 1S63, in Cambridge, 
and served as lieutenant and captain of company C, ist battalion 
Heavy Artillery. On Aug. 6, 1865, he was promoted major, 
and was in command of Fort Warren, Boston Harbor. He 
removed tt> Detroit, Mich., in 1867, and was for some time 
treasurer of the Michigan Central R. R. In 1S92 he was con- 
nected with the Detroit, Bay City & Alpena R. R., residing in 

Children, the eldest born in Cambridge, the others in Detroit : 

i. Clara Temple,^ b. April 30, 1864. 

ii. Alice Chapman, b. April 9, 1S67 ; d. there Jan. 27, iS6S. 
iii. Jane Burlingame, b. Dec. S, 1S6S. 
iv. Katharine Kinmett, b. Jan. 9, 1871. 
v. Frederick Temple, b. Dec. 5, 1873. 


Nathaniel Livermore^ Stebbixs {Elizabeth,^ NatJianicl,^ 
NatJianicl,^ Tlwvias,^ Saimicl,^ Joint') was born Jan. 9, 1847, in 
Meadville, Pa.; married March 6, 1872, in Cambridge, Hiram- 
etta, daughter of Rev. Benjamin F. Bowles, born Jan. 25, 1852, 
in Cambridge ; died in July, 1899, in Somer\'ille. 

Children (Stebbins), born in Chicago : 

i. Ellen Eliza,^ b. April 21, 1S73. 
ii. Charles Bowles, b. April 5, 1875. 
iii. Catherine Louise, b. Sept. 21, 1876. 


Frakk^ Livermore {Gcorg-c,^ Nathaniel,^ Nathaniel,*' Thomas,^ 
Samuel,^ John'-) was born April 11, 1 841, in Cambridge; mar- 
ried Aug. 30, 1870, in Paris, France, Harriet Lilla, daughter of 
Wedworth Wadsworth and Charlotte (Aldrich) Clarke, born 
Jan. 3, 1849, iri Monroe, Mich. He was a medical cadet, U. S. 
A., in 1862 and 1863 ; acting assistant surgeon, U. S. A., 1864 

240 Livennorc Family 

and 1865; physician to the American Le^^tion and Chinese 
Legation in Paris, 1869 and 1870; he practiced medicine in 
Detroit, Mich., in 1871, '72 and '73; he was connected with 
the Health department of New York City from 1874 to Oct., 

Child, born in Detroit : 

i. George Clarke,^ b. July 8, 1S71 ; d. there Nov. 5, 1871. 


William Roscoe? Livermoke {George,^ Nathaniel,^ Nathau- 
icl,* Thovias,^ Sain!ic/,\/o/in') was born Jan. ri, 1843, in Cam- 
bridge; married Jan. 18, 1S83, in Philadelphia, Pa., Augusta, 
daughter of John Foster and Sarah (Longacre) Keen, born there 
June 12, 1856. 

He was fitted for college at the Cambridge High School, en- 
tering Harvard College in i860 as a member of the class of 
' 1864. He left in June, 1861, and served as a cadet at the U. S. 
Military Academy, West Point, from July i, 1861, to June 23, 
1865, when he was graduated. He was promoted in the army 
to first lieutenant. Corps of Engineers, June 23, 1865 ; captain 
in the same Corps, Jan. 22, 1870, and major, March 12, 1884. 
He served as assistant engineer in the construction of F"ort. 
Taylor, Key West, and Fort Jefferson, Tortugas, Fla., and on 
the harbor improvements at Key West from Nov., 1865, to 
Sept., 1869; with the Engineer battalion, Willet's Point, N. Y., 
during the summer and fall of 1^66-67; at Baltimore, Md., 
part of 1868-69, on harbor and river improvements of Pennsyl- 
vania and Maryland; on leave of absence in the winter of 1868- 
69, as assistant to Sir Charles Bright, in laying a submarine 
cable from Key West to Havana, Cuba. 

He was stationed at Detroit, Mich., from Sept., 1869, to May, 
1874, and engaged on a survey of northern and northwestern 
lakes. In 1872-73 he was a member of the Board of Engineers 
to report on the advisability of bridging the Detroit river; at 
Willet's Point from June, 1874, to July, 1878, commanding com- 
pany C, Engineer battalion, and in command of the post in the 
summer and fall of 1876. P"rom July, 1878, to March, 1SS6, 

Seventh Goicratiou 24I 

he was at San Antonio, Texas, as chief cngfincer officer of the 
Department of Texas. In 1885-86 he was a member of the 
Commission to fix the boundary between the Indian Territory 
and Texas; from March, 1886, to I^'eb., 1S87, he was at Kansas 
City, Mo., in charge of the impro\-eineiil of tlie Missouri river 
from Sioux City to its mouth. In April, 1887, he was stationed 
at Newport, R. I., in charge of defensive works of the forts at 
Clark's Point, near New Bedford, Mass., Dutch Island and Fort 
Adams, R. I., and in charge of river and harbor improvements 
in southern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and eastern Connecti- 
cut. From 1888 to 1891 he was a member of the board (A 
engineer officers to define the harbor lines of the port of Boston, 
and was also a member of the Advisory Council to the Rhode 
Island State Board of Harbor Commissioners. From Dec, 
1 89 1, and until the beginning of the war with Spain he was in 
Boston as engineer of the ist and 2d light house districts. He 
served on the staff of General Wheeler, in Cuba, and since then 
has served as military attacJiim Denmark. 

He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and 
Sciences and numerous other societies. He is the author of 
**The American Kriegspiel," a game for practicing the art of 
war upon a topographical map, printed by Houghton, Miflhn & 
Co. in 1882 ; Manoeuvres for Infantry, first edition 1884, sec- 
ond edition 1888, published by Charles Scribner's Sons, and 
various official reports and papers. 

Child, born in Newport, R. I. : 

i. William Roscoe,'' b. Oct. 14, 1888; d. Feb. 5, 1S99, in 
Philadelphia. Pa. 


Charles Cunningham^ Livermore {George,'' Nathaniel,^ 
A'at/ianiel,* Thomas,^ Samuel,^ John') was born April 1 1, 1848 ; 
married Sept. 20, 1883, in Melrose, Mary Hewlett, daughter of 
Manfred Marsden and Mahala Ann (Howlett) Griswold, born 
June 17, 1856, in Delaware, Ohio. He was educated in i)ri- 

242 Livcnuorc Fatnily 

mercantile pursuits from 1S65 to 18S3, and from 1883 to 1SS6 
in oran<^^c-gro\ving in Florida. From 18S6 to 1892 he was con- 
nected with the U. S. lunginecr department, and from 1S92 to 
the present time he has been connected with the U. S. Li,L;ht- 
house service. 

Children, born in Melrose : 

i. Helen,* h. Dec. 13, 1884; d. there Dec. 27, 1884. 
ii. George Griswold, b. Oct. 7, 1886. 

iii. Constance, b. May 4, 1896; d. Mar. 25, 1897, in Cam- 


John Marsh all^ Livkrmore {John,^ Xatlianicl,'' Nathauicl,'' 
T/iovias,^ Samite/,^ John') was born May 28, 1839, in Cambridge; 
married there Dec. 16, 1874, Lucy Evelyn, daughter of Jonas 
and Celinea (Gardner) Bennett, born there Aug. 9, 1846. They 
hve in Town.-^end. 

Child, born in Lexington : 

i. Evelyn Munroe,* b. May 16, 1878. 


Emma Caroline' Li\ ermore {Jo/in,^ Xat/ianicl,^ Xal/iaiiicl,* 
TJiovias,^ Samuel,- Joh?i') was born April 21, 1841, in Cam- 
bridge ; married there June 24, 1S6S, Frederick, son of William 
Henry and Isabella (Redman) Odiorne, born there Jan. 20, 
1836 ; died there Oct. 25, 1S97. 

Children (Odiorne), born in Cambridge : 

i. John Liverinore,* b. Dec. 23, 1S69. 
ii. Walter Burlingame, b. Dec. 3, 1872. 


William' Livermore {Jouas,^ Alnj'ah,^ E/isha,* T/icinas,^ 
Samuel,^ John') was born Nov. 12, 1809, in Waltham ; married 
June 8, 1 84 1, Mary, daugliter of Solomon and Hctscy (Bemis) 
Belden, born March 13, 18 18, in Chester; died Dec. 21, 1897, 
in Waltham. He was a chair maker. 

Seventh Gcncratiou 


Child, born in Waltham : 

i. William Iklden,** b. April 4, 1842 ; d. Sejn. 23, 1870, in 
Charlcstown ; ni. Nov. 16, 1865, Susan E., dau. of 
Learned and Lucinda l-)o\\nin^', b. in 1844, in Charles- 
town ; he was a carver. Child, born in Charlestown : 
1. William Doioniu-:' h. Dec. 21, 1S66. 

Jo.VAS Dix" Lu'iiRMORE {Joiias,^ Abijalt,'' Elis/ia,* Thomas,^ 
Samuel,'' John') was born July 16, 18 16, in Waltham ; died there 
Nov. 15, 1885; married Elizabeth E., daughter of John and 
R:ichcl Galbraith, born Oct. 12, 1S24, in Waltham. He was a 

Child, born in Waltham : 

i. Walter A.,^ b. April 17, 1857, in Waltham; m. May 17, 
1877, in We.ston, Florence E., dau. of Caleb S. and 
Anne E. Packard, b. in 1859, in Readfield, Me.; he 
is a watchmaker. Child, born in Waltham : 
I. Alice, '> b. Nov. 10, 1S77. 


S.\kah7 Livekmoke {-Jojias,^' Abija/i,^ Elishn,'^ T/iouias,^ Sani- 
Hil,- Johfi') was born March i, 1S20, in Waltham; married El- 
bridge Goddard, born Sept. 6, 1819; he was a cabinet maker in 
Newton Corner. 

Children (Goddard) : 

i. Sarah Louisa,* b. Jan. 4, 1S41. 
ii. Joseph Henry, b. Mar. 10, 1843. 
iii. Charles W., b. Dec, 1846; d. in 1848. 


JoN.\Tn.A.N7 LiVERMORE {Jonathan,^ JouatJuin,'^ Jonathan,* Jou- 
ntlian,^ Saviiul,^ John') was born April 24, 1809, in Wilton. N. 
H. ; married there Aug. 15, 1833, ^^rs. Dorcas (Holt) Blodgett, 
daughter of Daniel and Dorcas (Abbot) Holt, born there May 
23, 1809; died there Feb. 13, 1887. He built a. house on the 
homestead and was engaged in farming and milling. For many 
vcar.s lie was a deacon of the Unitarian church. He was a 

244 Livenuori Family 

member of the 7th company, 22cl regiment N. H. infantry 
(militia), May 27, 1832; commissioned captain in the 3cl com- 
pany of the same regiment, April 15, 1834. and was a member 
of the Miller Gnards (same regiment), April 4, 184$. He was 
moderator at the town meetings held iJec. 26, 1859, Jan. 21, 
i860, and March 13, i860. 
Children, born in Wilton : 

i. Abigail Abbol,^ b. Jan. 7, 1S35; m. Aug. 13. 185S, 
Eliphalel Putnam, son of Calvin and Rachel (Putnam) 
Dascomb, b. Dec. 26, 1S28. No children. They 
live in Wilton, 
ii. Abiel Abbot, b. Feb. 23, 1838; d. July 3, 1S63; en- 
listed Oct. 26, j86i, and mustered in Dec. 20, 1S61, 
in company B, 8th regiment N. H.Vols. ; warranted 
• corporal Mar. 20, 1863; wounded and captured at 

Port Hudson, La., June 14, 1863, and d. there in the 
': hands of the Confederates. The Wilton Post of the 

Grand Army of the Republic is named after him. 
iii. Henry Harrison, b. Oct. 12, 1840; d. there Sept. 5, 1843. 
iv. Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 29, 1844; m, Jan. 8, 1871, 
Martin Andrew Rockwood ; res., Brookline. 
666. V. Henry Harrison, b. Feb. 8, 1848. 


Ahiel Abbot7 Livermore {JonatJuin,^ Joiatlian,'^ Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan,^ Savna/,^ Jo/m^) was born Oct. 30, 181 1, in Wilton, 
N. H.; died there Nov. 28, 1892; married (i) May 17, 1838, 
Elizabeth Dorcas, daughter of Rev. Jacob and Catharine (Thayer) 
Abbot, of Windham, N. H., born March 20, 18 10, in Hampton 
Falls, N. H.; died Sept. 13, 1879, in Boston ; married (2) June 
18, 1883, Mrs. Mary A. (Keating) Moore. 

His youth, until he was fifteen, was passed, like that of most 
country boys, in hard work on the farm in sunmier, and in the 
district school in winter. His brother Jonathan shared with 
him these toils and pleasures. In 1826 he spent si.x months in 
Chelmsford, with his uncle Rev. Abiel Abbot, D. D., after whom 
he was named, and attended the academy kept by Mr. Wallace. 
In September of the same year he entered Phillips Academy, at 




\ ' •' 

X '. i ;x. 




Abiel Abboi Livermuue. 

Seve)itli Generation 


Exeter, N. H., tlien under the care of those eminent teachers 
Henj. Abbot, LL. D., Gideon L. Soule, LL. D., and Joseph 
Hale Abbot, A. M. ; here he passed three years fitting for col- 
le.i^e, but for two winters he was absent keeping district school 
in his native town. lie was examined and admitted to the 
Freshman class in Ilarvaid College in 1829, without conditions. 
While in Cambridge at that time he heard the splendid oration 
of Orville Dewey before the Phi lieta Kai)[)a society, and caught 
some inspiration from his stirring challenge to what is best and 
highest in man. The first college year was passed in Exeter, 
pursuing the Freshman studies. This was done for the sake 
of economy. During the four years at Phillips Academy he 
boarded with the Misses Deborah and Hannah Gilnian, on 
Water street. Returning to Cambridge in 1830, and entering 
the Sophomore class unconditioned, the next three years were 
passed there. P'rancis Bowen and he roomed together, and 
boarded the first )'ear at Mrs. Nichol's on the north-east corner 
of the Common, next door cast of Dr. P^'ollen's. He was grad- 
uated in 1833, having as a part at Commencement a Disserta- 
tion on "The effect of maritime enterprise on the character of 

During college life he belonged to the Hasty Pudding Club, 
the Institute of 1770, the religious society, the temperance so- 
ciety, La Reunion Sociale, and Phi Beta Kappa. In 1833 he 
entered the Cambridge Divinity School. During the last term 
of the Junior year, through the Senior year of the undergraduate 
course, and for three years in the Divinity School, he was en- 
gaged in teaching and fitting boys for college. Graduating 
from the Divinity School in 1836, he received a call to settle 
in Keene, N. H., and was ordained over the Unitarian church 
in that town Nov. 2, 1836. 

While pastor of the Keene society he published a " Com- 
mentary " in three volumes on the Gospels and Acts of the 
Apostles; also a "Review of the Mexican War," and several 
occasional discourses, and edited a " Marriage Offering " and 
Priestley's "Corruptions of Christianity." In April, 1850, he 
received a call to become the pastor of the Unitarian Society in 

24^ Live ntt ore Faviily 

Cincinnati, Ohio, and removed to that city in May, for the ben- 
efit of a milder climate, his health having become imjjaired by a 
severe bronchial affectir.n. In the autumn of 1856 he removed 
to New York, on an invitation to become the editor of the 
Christian Inquirer, the organ of the Unitarian faith in that city. 
He became the pastor of the Unitarian church in Yonkers, on 
the Hudson, in June, 1857. The joint duties of the editorship 
?.n(\ the pastorate were fulfilled until the summer of 1863. when 
he was invited to take the Presidency of the Meadville Theolog- 
ical School. Besides the duties of the school he completed his 
" Commentary " on the remaining books of the New Testament, 
in two volumes, and printed several reviews, sketches of travels, 
syllabuses of lectures and occasional sermons. After his retire- 
ment from the Meadville Theological School, Harvard College 
conferred upon him the degree of D. D. No children. 

Thomas Adkins' Livermore {Solomon,^ Jonathan,^ Jona- 
ihau,^ Jonathan,-^ Samuel,^ John') was born Feb. 7, 1S14, in 
Milford, N. H.; died April 24, 1S62, in Burlington, Iowa; mar- 
ried (I) Sept. 23, 1 841, in Dubuque, Iowa, Harriet Elizabeth, 
daughter of James and Susan (Harpis) Smith, born May 7, 1S25, 
in Galena, 111.; died Dec. 21, 1853, i" Nevada, Cal. ; married 
(2) June 7, 1855, i" Galena, Mary Cornelia Langdon, born June 
23, 1837, in Austerlitz, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

He was educated at the schools in his native town, at Phillips 
Academy in Exeter, N. H., and Pinkerton Academy in Derry, 
N. H. In 1832 he went with the expedition of his cousin, Na- 
thaniel Wyeth, into the wild country west of the Mississippi, 
and on returning he settled in Galena, 111., then a mining town 
of about a thousand inhabitants. He there taught school, studied 
medicine and dentistry, and practiced dentistry until the spring 
of 1849, '^vhen he went with his wife and surviving children, by 
river, to St. Joseph, Mo., and there took the emigrant trail for 
California ; his daughter died on the way. He engaged in bus- 
iness and practiced dentistry in Sacramento from his arrival in 
1849 to 1S51, and in Nevada, Cal., from 1S51 to 1854. At the 

Seventh Generation 247 

latter place, with three associates, he built and owned works to 
supply the people with water fur domestic use. In 1854 he 
a<;ain went to live in Galena and there practiced dentistry until 
his death. 

Children, all but the fifth and si.xth born in Galena : 

i. Leonard Jarvis,"* b. Aug. 28, 1842 , d. there Sept. 23, 


667. ii. Thomas Leonard, b. Feb. 7, 1844. 

iii. James Kidder, b. Dec. 12, 1845: d. there Mar. 12, 

iv. Mary Delia, b. Aug. 3, 1S4S; d. May 31, 1S49, "^^ over- 
land route to California, near Fort Kearney. 

668. V. Charles Waterman, b. Sept. 24, 1850, in Sacramento, 

vi. Mary Elizabeth, b. Dec. 13, 1852, in Nevada Ciiy, Cal.; 
d. Jan. 6, 186S, in Milford, N. H. 

669. vii. Henry Lee, b. Jan. 7, 1S57. 

670. viii. Harriet Elizabeth, b. Feb. 24, 1S59. 

671. ix. Nathaniel Lyon, b. Oct. 15, 186 1. 

Rebecca P.\rkm.\n' Jarvis^ Liver more {Solomon,^ Jonat/ian,^ 
Jonathan* Jonathan,'^ Samuel,^ John') \\'2iS born Dec. 31, 18 19, 
in Milford, N. H. ; died Oct. 9, 18S6, in Milford ; married Aug. 
24, 1 84 1, Josei)h Cogswell Manning, died June 17, 1884. 
Children (Manning) : 

i. Mary Elizabeth,*' b. Aug. 25. 1S42 ; d. Feb. 19. 1S72. 
ii. Charles H., b. June 9, 1844; m. in 1S71, Fanny L. 
Bartlett, and has three sons; he is an engineer on the 
retired list U. S. navy. 
iii. Jarvis C, b. Nov. 30, 1S45; d. Oct. 2, 1846, from the 

effects of falling from a window. 
iv. Joseph Cogswell, b. July 26, 1847 : m. Jan., 1S74. Laura 
R. Darley. and has five daughter.s : he is a clerk in a 
V. Rebecca Livermore, b. July 8, 1849; d. Mar. 15, 1SS5. 
vi. Henry Livermore, b. Jan. 11, 1S52 ; d. Dec. i, 18S0. 
vii. Cleveland Pratt, b. May 28, 1854: m. June 5. 1SS8, 
Miss Russell of Baltimore; he is a confidential clerk 
and property agent. 

248 Lh'cnuvrc Faviily 

viii. Leonard Jarvis. b. May 11, 1S56; in. in 1877, in Caui- 
bridge, Mrs. Angcline T. (Clarke) Cleveland; he was 
was graduated from Harvard College in 1876; a 
teacher in the liigh school, Medford. 


Leonard J.xrn'Is^ Livkrmoke {SoIojuoh,'' Joiiat/uDi,'^ Joiici- 
t/ian,* Joiiijt/ujii,^ Saj/att-// John') was born Dec. 8, 1822, in 
Milford, X. II.; died May 30, 1SS6, in Cambridge; married 
March 18, 1847, Mary Ann Catherine, daughter of Aaron and 
Mary (Gilbert) Perkins of Groton, born March 19, 1823, in 

He was graduated from Harvard College in 1S42 ; after com- 
pleting a three years' course in llie theological school in Cam- 
bridge, graduating in 1846, he was settled over the Unitarian 
church in East Boston, being ordained March 24, 1847. The 
First Unitarian church in Clinton voted, April 7, 185 i, to invite 
■him to preach for one year, the salary to be at first Sio per Sun- 
day, then at the rate of $600 a year, and afterwards $700 a year. 
He resigned his position in East Boston and accepted their 
invitation. He was a member of the School Committee in 
Clinton in 1853, '56, '57, and a teacher in the grammar school 
for a few weeks. He was editor of the Coiu-ant from Jan. 6, 
1855, to Sept. 5, 1S57. 

Oct. I, 1857, he accepted a call to Le.xington, where he 
remained nine years ; shortly after his resignation he removed 
to Cambridge and established a home for himself on the old 
Jarvis homestead, in the shadow of the trees set out by his 
grandfather a hundred years before. In 1867 he took charge 
of the Unitarian church in Danvcrs. In 18S1 he broke down 
in health and wished to resign his charge, but so strong was 
the attachment of his people to him that they refused to accept 
his resignation, and after a year's vacation he resumed his place 
there and retained it, with some interruptions, until his death. 

For several years he was the assistant of Rev. Charles Lowe, 
the secretary of the American Unitarian Association, and was 
afterwards secretary of the Sunday School Society, at the same 

Sei'ctitJi Geueratiou 249 

time carrying on his regular work at Danvcrs. While pastor 
at Lexington, and in the first years of his ministry at Danvers, 
he ccunpiled the " Hymn Tune Hook," so extensively used in the 
Unitarian churciies. 
Chilch en : 

i. Alli'ui Mary^ b. April i, 1848, in East Boston; m. Dec. 
13, 1S76, in Danx'crs, Rev. Pitt Dillingham, d. Mar, 
23, 1S81, in Charlestown. Child (Dillingham) : 

I. Li-ouard Pitt,"* li. Feb. 10, iSSi, in Charlestown; d. there 
Oct. 15, KSS2. 

672. ii. Clara Perkins, b. May 27, 1851, in Groton. 

673. iii. Joseph Perkins, b. Feb. 19, 1855, in Clinton. 

674. iv. Hcnr)- J.irvis, b. May 27, 1865, in Lexington. 


Samuel Lr-krmoke^ Kimball [Anna,'' Jonathan,^ JoiuU/ia)i,^ 

JoiiatIia)i,'^ Saiiiur/,- Johu^) was born Jan. 10, 1S17, in Wilton, 

N. H. ; married Sept. 5, 1849, Betsey E. Graves, born Feb. 12, 

1827, in Mt. Holly, Vt. ; died Feb. 6, 1876. He lives on the 

homestead and is a prosperous farmer. 

Children (Kimball) born in Wilton ; 

i. A daughter,^ b. and d. Dec. 30, 1S51. 

675. ii. John Raymond, b. May 16, 1853. 

676. iii, Anna Livermore, b. Mar, 30, 1855. 

677. iv. Mary Ellen, b. Nov, 15, 1857. 
67S. v. Abby Isabelle, b. Nov. 26, i860. 

vi. Frank Bowers, b. Jan. 14, 1S63. 
vii. Fannie Marion, b. ^L^^. 23, 1868. ' ' 

Jonathan Bowers^ Kimball {Anna'' Jonathan,^ Jonathan,^ 
JojiatJian,^ Samuel,' Jo/in^) was born May 16, 1821, in Wilton, 
N. H.; married March 27, 1850, Augusta M. York. They live 
in Chicago. 

Children (Kimball) : 

i. Marion Augusta^ b. Dec. 7, 185 1, in Lowell, 
ii. Belle, b. July 31, 1856, in Chicago; d. there Aug. 28, 

250 Livcnuflrc Family 


Eli/.aijeth^ King {Lydia,^ Jmint/iaii,^ Joiiatlian* Jonathan,^ 
Sijuiiic/,^ Jo/nr) was born April iS, 1S21, in Wilton, N. H. ; 
married July 15, 1844, Henry C, son of Rev. Nathaniel Whit- 
man of Billerica. They have lived in Lancaster and in Cincinnati, 

Children (Whitman) : 

i. Henry Medill,** b. June 24, 1S45 ; ^- '^^^- '^' 'S69; a 

graduate of Harvard College, class of 1868. 
ii. Channing Wood, b. Aug. 24, 1846; m. (i) Mar., 1S71, 


Mary Eels, d. in 1872; ni. (2) Sept. 18, 1S75, 
Huddersfield, England, Mary ; he was a grad- 
uate of Harvard CoUoge, class of 1S68, and several 
years U. S. consul at Huddersfield. Child (Whit- 
man) : 

I. Henry, '^h. Feb. 18, 1S72. 


Mary Wilson^ King {Lydia,^ Jonathan,^ Jonathan,* Jona- 
tJuin,^ Samuel,^ John') was born P^eb. 4, 183S, in Wilton, N. H. ; 
married Jan. 29, 1S59, James Taft. They live in Greenville, 
N. H. 

Children (Taft) : 

i. Herbert.^ b. Sept. i, i860: m. Oct. 21, 1885. Ida F. 

ii. Josephine M., b. Sept. 20, 1862. 
iii. Florence, b. Sept. 29, 1866. 
iv. Winifred Livermore, b. April 28. 1S79. 

v. Beatrice King, twin to Winifred L. 


Danfokth Phipps? Livermore ( Wil/iain,^ Elijah,^ Samur/,* 

Jonathan,^ Sawnc/,' John') was born Dec. 20, 1S04, in Jay, Me. ; 

died April 19, 1S99, in Hallowell, Me.; married there Oct. 21, 

1828, Emeline, daughter of Asher and Abigail (Green) Spaul- 

ding, born Aug. 24, 1807, in Pepperell. 

lie passed the greater portion of his life in Ifallowcll. For 
furty-one. years he had charge of the Kennebec Telegraph Co. 


' ' l J. <P« B i .!W i ' ! ' ■ . 



\ i 

Dankorth Pmrrs Livf.rnkjre. 

. • Scvcuth Generation 2$ I 

office in Hallowell, later absorbed by the Western Union Tele- 
graph Co., and many of the best operators in the country 
received their first lesson from him. He retired fro.m active 
service in August, 1891, the oldest telegrapher in the country. 
He was connected with the firm of Masters & Livermore, who 
published the- Maine I'armers' Almanac, which had a large cir- 
culation throughout the country. On several occasions he 
was asked to accej^t the nomination for mayor of Hallowell, or 
for the Legislature, but he would never allow his name to be 
used, and apparently took little interest in politics. The title 
of colonel, by which he was known all over the country, was 
given him while he was in command of a comjsany of artillery in 
the State militia. It is said that a daughter of Col. Liverm«;.re 
was the first woman to read telegraphy by sound. 
Children, born in Hallowell : 

i. Emma Fiances'* b. Dec. 1, 1830; d. there Nov. 7, 1S81. 
ii. William Danforth, b. June 20, 1835; d. there Nov. 16, 

iii. Sarah Masters, b. June i, 1S37 ; d. there Nov. 10, 183S, 
679. iv. Sarah Louise, b. Oct. 16, 1839. 
6S0. V. Charles Danforth, b. May 19, 1842. 


Gk.vnville Pl'tnam^ LiVEKMORE {Iscicie,^ Elija/i,' Sainuc/,^ 
Jonathan,^ Sa^/iue// Jolin') was born . 10, 179S, in Liver- 
more, Me.; died about 18S4, in Kansas; married Marian Sorley 
McCallam, born near Perth in Scotland. They first lived in St. 
Joseph, Mo., and afterwards in Wathena, Kan. 

Children : 

i. Clarence Granville,"' b. ; lived in Riverside, Cal. 

ii. Albert Hamlin, b. in 1S60; d. P"eb. 16, 1S99: m. in 
1SS6; lived in San Bernardino. Cal. They had two 

iii. Frank, b. ; lives in Flagstaff. Arizona, and is in 

char-o of a cattle ranch. 

iv. Pierpont. b. ; lives with his mother in Kansas., 

v. Adrian Melrose, b. ; lives with his mother. 

252 Livervion Fa)nily 


Horatio Gates^ Livekmorh: {Isanc,^ Elijah,'' Savnicl,* J'via- 
tlian,^ SajuKcl,^ JoJni^) was born March 16, 1807, in Livcrrnorc, 
Me.; married Ocl. 26, 1832, in ]-5oston, Elizabeth King Slater, 
born there May 8, 1S09; died Jan. 13, 1892, in Rockrid.!:,'e, 
Oakland, Cal. He received a liberal education, and in his early 
manhood removed to Boston, where he engaged in mercantile 
business until 1850. At this latter period he made the journey 
cn-erland to California, and on arrival settled in Georgetown, 
Kl Dorado Co., whence in 1854 he was elected State senator. 
In 1856, becoming impressed with the great natural advantages 
of Folsom and the value of the property and franchises of the 
Natoma Water Compan)-, he became interested therein. In the 
course of a few years he and his associates, by successive pur- 
chases, acquired a controlling interest in the company and he 
became its president and manager. Realizing the importance 
of the water power which the American River affords at this 
place, he projected plans for its utilization, which have made 
there a manufacturing power equal to that of Lowell. 

In order to utilize the granite quarries which the locality 
possesses, he originated the idea of a branch State prison to be 
located thereon, whereby the idle convicts could be beneficially 
employed at stone quarrying and cutting ; though opposed, he 
succeeded in carrying his point. He was among the earliest to 
recognize the value of the •' Foot Hill " lands for vineyard and 
orchard purposes, and purchased for the Natoma Company a 
large portion of the Leidesdorf grant (about ten thousand acres 
of land adjoining the town of Folsom). To demonstrate their 
capability he caused orchards and vineyards to be planted to the 
extent of about five hundred acres. For the conversion of their 
products he also caused to be erected by far the largest fruit- 
drying and raisin-making establishment in the State. He also 
established a large wine manufactory in Folsom. 

Children, born in Boston : 

i. Charles Edward,^ b. April 2, 1834; now living in Oak- 
land, iinm. 




^ I 

\ s., 


Hannibal Hamlin. 

Seventh Generation • 253 

ii. Ellen, b. Oct. 7, 1835 ; d. there April 7. 1S41. 
681. iii. Horatio Putnam, b. April 7, 1837. 


Ki.ijMi LiviiKMniv'1-7 {Anna'' Elijah,^ Sainne/,* Jon- 
athan,^ Sainnc/,^ Ji'hir) was born March 29, iSoo, in Livcrmorc, 
Mc. ; died July 16, 1872, in Bangor, Me.; married Oct. 16, 
1823, Kliza Bradley, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Dyer) 
Choate of Salem, born Aug. 20, 1798 ; died Aug. 28, 1886. He 
was a graduate of I'^rown University in 1S19; received the de- 
gree of A. M. from Watcrville College (now Colby University) 
in 1823. and was one of the trustees of that institution, 1 84 1-47 ; 
he studied law and first settled in Waterford, Me., where he 
practiced until 1829. He then removed to Columbia, Me., where 
he was chosen representative to the State Legislature, 1830, '31 
and '32, and a senator in 1833. He moved to Bangor in 1835, 
and was a representative again in 1847 ^^'^ 1848, senator 1858 
and 1859. executive councillor, land agent, 18 38 to 1841, mayor 
185 1 and 1852, ond commissioner under the treaty of 1854 
between the United States and Great Britain, to define the 
fishery limits. He was elected a member of the Maine His- 
torical Society in 1859. 

Children (Hamlin), born in Columbia, Me. : 

i. Adaline, b. . 

ii. Augustus Choate, b. in Aug., 1829. 
iii. Julia, b. Feb. 2S, 1S33. 


H.\NNIB.-\L' H.-VMLIN {Aniui,^ Elijah,^ Savine// Jonathan,^ 
Samuel,^ John') was born Aug. 27, 1809, in Paris Hill, Me.; 
died July 4, 1891, in Bangor, Me.; married (i) Dec. 10, 1S33, 
in Paris Hill, Sarah Jane, daughter of Stephen and Sarah 
(Stowell) Emer}', born Nov. 2, 181 5, in Paris, Me.; died April 
17, 1855, in Hampden, Me.; married (2) Sept. 25, 1856, in 
Temple, Me., Edlen Vesta, daughter of Stephen and Jennette 
(Loring) Emery, born Sept. 14, 1835, in Paris. 

2 54 Livenuorc Fauiily 

He was thrown on his own resources at an early age, owing 
to the death of his father, and was a farmer, surveyor, school 
teacher and printer by turns, until he had qualified himself in 
1833 to practice law. He settled in Hampden in 1833, and in 
1835 was elected to the Legislature. He was re-elected three 
times in succession, serving each session as Speaker of the 
House. In 1840 he was a candidate for Congress as a Jackson 
Democrat, but was defeated by Elisha H. Allen, who was after- 
wards chief justice of the Hawaiian Government. He was 
elected to Congress in 1843, ^i^d re-elected for a second term. 
In the House he became prominent as aii anti-slavery leader. 
His first sj)cech was an attack on the "gag law," and won a 
personal compliment from Hon. John Quincy Adams. He 
made an attack on the practice of duelling, and tried to have 
the House e.xpel Clingman and Yancey for fighting a duel. He 
opposed the annexation of Te.xas as a slave State, and arraigned 
the sla\'e power for plotting to betra)- Oregon into the hands of 
the ISritish Government. He was also instrumental in present- 
ing " the Wilmot Proviso " in the House, when it came up for 
decisive action. In 1846 he was the Democratic anti-slavery 
candidate for the United States Senate. The pro-slavcry Dem- 
ocrats blocked the election for six weeks, and defeated him by 
one vote. In 1848 he defeated the pro-slavery wing of his 
party by (jne vote, and entered the Senate to succeed John 
Fairfield, who had died. In 1S51 he again defeated the slave 
part)' of Maine in the Legislature by one vote, and was re-elected 
to the Senate for a full term. He was chairman of the com- 
mittee on commerce in the Senate for nine years, but resigned 
and repudiated the Democratic party when it repealed the Mis- 
souri compromise. 

In 1856 he became one of the founders of the Republican 
party, and as the Republican candidate for Governor of Maine, 
took the State into the Republican party. In 1857 he was 
re-elected to the Senate as a Republican. In 1S60 he favored 
the nomination of Abraham Lincoln for President, and was the 
means of obtaining some votes for Lincoln from Maine in the 
convention. He himself was nominated for \''ice-President. 

Seventh Generation 255 

although he did not expect nor desire the place, lie enjoyed 
very friendly and close relations with Lincoln, — in fact, Lincoln 
showed him the Kmnncipation Proclamation before the cabinet 
even knew he had written it. Lincoln also gave him the order 
to arm the negroes, and fmall)- offered him the position of 
Secrcuiry of the Treasury. At the request of Hon. Charles 
Sumner, J^residcnt Johnson apj)()inted him collector of the port 
of Boston, but he resigned because he disapproved Johnson's 
policy of reconstruction, and led an attack on that policy. In 
, 1869 and 1875 h<-- ^^''^s again elected to the Senate. Declining 
a re-election in 1881, President Garfield appointed him United 
States minister to Spain, but he resigned the office in a year and 
retired to private lift;. His last public services were to advocate 
the abolishment of capital punishment in Maine, and to urge the ' 
nationalization of Lincoln's birthday as a holiday. 

Children (Hamlin), the youngest born in Bangor, the others 
in Hampden : 

i. George Emery,'* b. Sept. 30, 1S35 ; d. there July 14, 1844. 
ii. Charles, b. Sept. 13, 1837. 
.. ,-. iii. Cyrus, b. April 26, 1839; d. Aug. 28, 1867, in Langor. 

iv. Sarah Jane, b. Jan. 7, 1842. 

V. George Emery, b. Feb. 24, 1848; d. there Sept. 6, 1S49. 
vi. Hannibal Emery, b. Aug. 22, 1858. 
vii. Frank, b. Sept. 26, 1862. 


S.\muel7 Livermore {Eiii^'ard,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Jonat/ian,^ 
Sajnju'l,' John') was born Aug. 26, 1786, in Concord, N. H.; 
died July 11, 1833, in Florence, Ala. He was graduated from 
Harvard College in 1S04; soon afterwards he engaged in the 
. study of the law and was admitted to the bar in Essex Co., as 
he was then living in Newburyport ; he afterwards removed to 
Boston, where he practiced his profession for several years. It 
was during this period that he served as a volunteer, being an 
intimate friend of Captain Lawrence, on board of the frigate 
"Chesapeake," in her memorable engagement with the "Shan- 
non," and attempted to revenge Captain Lawrence's fall. He 
shot at Captain Broke, but missed him ; the latter made a cut at 

256 Livcnnorc Family 

his head, which Livcrmore warded off, but in so doing received n 
severe wound in the arm. 

He afterwards removed to Baltimore where he was one of the 
comj)nnions of Hanson in his resistance to the Baltimore mob, 
which at the beginnin:^ of the War of 18 12 aimed so serious a 
blow at the liberty of the press, by assaulting the (tffice of the 
Federal Republican and destroying the lives of some of its 

From Baltimore he went to New Orleans, where he obtained 
prominent rank and uncommon success as an advocate. It was 
here that he first began that course of studies in the civil law, 
the Spanish and French law, and the law of other nations of 
Continental Europe, in which he afterwards rose to so high a 
reputation. He mastered many of the higher branches of the 
jurisi)rudence of Rome, and of the modern nations, and, in pro- 
found knowledge of the early writers of the subject, had few 
rivals or equals. His arguments at the bar were not only elo- 
quent, but they abounded with recondite and accurate learning. 
He was also distinguished as an author. He published a work 
on the "Law of Agenc)'," at an early period of his professional 
life, and subsequently enlarged it, in a second edition, to two 
volumes. It is still a standard book in the profession, and at 
the time of the publication of the second edition, it was incom- 
parably superior to any other treatise on the same subject. He 
also published at New Orleans, ir 1S28, two "Preliminary Dis- 
sertations " on the " Conflict of Laws," foreign and domestic, 
which present a concise but accurate view of the various systems 
and opinions of the most distinguished jurists of Europe, and 
thus, for the first time, brought to the knowledge of the Ameri- 
can bar, the names and merits of many of these authors. 

By his will he bequeathed to Harvard College his whole library 
of foreign law, amounting to upwards of three hundred costly 
volumes. The value of this donation may be in some measure 
comprehended by the fact that it was appraised in the inventory 
of his estate at the sum of S6,ooo. He was unmarried. He 
died whiJe on a journey to visit his relatives and friends in New 

Seventh Generation 257 


IIakkiet' LiVKKMOKL {lidiounl,'-" Saniiir/,'' Sninue/^* Ju)ia- 
t/ian,^ Samue/,' John') was born April 14, 17S8, in Concord, 
N. H.; died unmarried March 30, 1868, in West Philadelphia, 
Pa. She was of medium height and unusually graceful, and had 
a fair complexion ; her hair, a glossy black, was a yard and a 
quarter in length ; her form not muscular but nervous, delicate 
and frail. In her early youth she was passionately fond of gay 
and costly attire. Though her mother died when she was only 
five years old, she fondly cherished her memory and bitterly 
lamented her death. At the age of eight she was placed in a 
boarding school in Haverhill, where, through the intimacy be- 
tween her father and Judge Minot, she entered the best society. 
She subsequently lived on Spring Street, in Newburyport, and 
attended the By field Female Seminary, and later, Atkinson 
Academy. While a student in this last institution she became 
acquainted with Moses H. Elliott, whose home was the old 
"Garrison House" in East Haverhill. Their acquaintance was 
continued after their academy days were over, and in iSii she 
began to teach school, first for one or two terms in a private 
house, and then, for .several terms, in the old brown district 
school -house in East Haverhill, which was close to young Elliott's 
home. He became a physician and began to practice at Ports- 
mouth, N. H. It was expected that marriage would follow their 
intimacy, but both families oj^posed it and the acquaintance was 
broken, and how far it affected their subsequent lives cannot be 
known. He died Sept. 22, 1822, in Pensacola, Fla., at the age 
of thirty-three, a victim to yellow fever. 

When she began to teach at East Haverhill at the age of 
twenty-three, she professed conversion, and in 18 18 joined the 
Congregational church, though she had been in the Episcopal 
communion since she was fourteen. In 1825 she was trans- 
ferred to the Baptist church, which she soon discarded. The 
very devout manner in which she taught her pupils to repeat 
the Lord's Prayer and one of the psalms in concert, was never 
forgotten by them. With closed eyes, and in a voice as soft 

258 Liverviorc Faviily 

and k)\v as that of an angel, she impressed the recitation upnn 
them. Slie taught her girl-pupils needle-work and embroidery 
of her own exquisite designs, and specimens of the work of both 
are still extant in the families of some of her scholars. 

As early as 1S24 she spoke publicly in the old schoolhousc in 
which she had taught at East Haverhill, and at Newton, N. H., 
and surrounding towns. In 1825 she abandoned teaching and 
entered upon her life work as an evangelist, assuming the name of 
" The Pilgrim Stranger." She spoke in schoolhouses, churches, 
and in any room she could obtain, or in the open air. At one 
time, in Philadelphia, she addressed a large number of sailors 
upon a wharf. She travelled by stage, pri\-ate conveyance, or 
on foot. "Twice for want of money," she wrote, "I w:ilkcd 
until my feet were festered, and my whole frame entirely ex- 
hausted." She was pleasing as a speaker, and attracted large 

When her father was in Congress she was with him in Wash- 
ington, and entered into the society to which his position admit- 
ted her. In January, 1S27, she addressed the assembled 
Congress in the Hall of Representatives on religion, the Presi- 
dent {Hon. John Ouincy Adams) and his secretary being present. 
She is said to have sung melodiously, her softest notes filling 
the vast room, which was packed with people, including the 
hall, lobby and gallery. She was attended by a friend, both 
dressed in a style so simple and neat that anyone would have 
taken them for Quakers. She ascended the platform and occu- 
pied the Speaker's chair, and her friend seated herself by her. 
She began in the usual manner by prayer and singing, and held 
the attention of her audience throughout. During Andrew 
Jackson's presidency she again addressed Congress in the Hall 
of Representatives, and produced similar effects, and again 
during Martin \:x\\ Huren's presidency in 1S38, and during John 
Tyler's presidency in 1843. 

In May, 1S32, she went to the far West, and spent a year, 
principally among the Indians at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., trav- 
elling six thousand miles, most of the distance through the 
wilderness. She wished to be of service to them, as she believed 

Seventh Generation 259 

that they were of Israel and would yel be restored to Jerusalem, 
and intended to spend lier life among them, but as the Commis- 
sioners on Indian Affairs objected, her project had to be aban- 
doned. She visited the Holy Land four times, spending in all 
sixteen )'ears of her life in that region, in Egypt, and in various 
other foreign countries, crossing the Atlantic ten times. 

She sj^ent some time among the Dunkers, and was regarded 
by them as a gifted Christian minister. Her last days were 
marked by the same traits of character that had been promi- 
nent in her earlier years, but she had grown impatient with age. 
Her virtues far exceeded her faults, and in spite (jf her eccen- 
tricities she accomplished much good in the service of her 
Master. She was indeed a singular and remarkable woman, 
more pitiable than censurable. No one knows what fierce and 
unsuccessful struggles she had, to overcome the violence of her 
peculiar disposition. After returning in 1862 from her last 
voyage to Jerusalem, she was for several years supported by 
her relatives. She died in the house of a friend in West Phila- 
delphia, and is buried in the lot of Mrs. Margaret F. Worrell, in 
the Dunkers' cemetery, and the graves of both are side by side. 


ME}UT.\r.LE J.ANE' LiVEKMOKE {EdiJcird,^ Sanuic/,^ Samuel * 
Jonathan,^ Savuicl,'^ John') was born July 20, 1792, in Ports- 
mouth, N.H.; died April 25, 1837, in Boston; married June 
25, 181 5, in New Holderness, N. H., Thomas, son of Rev. Dr. 
Samuel and Margaret (Marshall) Haven, born March 2, 1783, in 
Portsmouth; died Oct. 31, 1867, in Philadelphia. 

Children (Haven), the first eight born in Portsmouth, the last 
four in I'hiladelphia : 

i. Eliza Hall,-' b. Oct. 13. 1816; d. May 7, 1S76, in Mt. 
Arlington, X. J. 

652. ii. Caroline Livennore, b. Mar. 5, iSiS. 

653. iii. Anne Shapley, b. May 4, 1S19. 

iv. Edward St. Loe Livennore, b. April 23, 1820; killed on 

board the U. S. S. " Keystone State " while in action 

•' with a Confederate '-ram," Jan. 31, 1S63; enlisted 

26o Live tin ore Fainily 

May 30, 1S60, in Philadelphia, for four years, as a 
private in the U. S. Marine Corps ; promoted ser- 
geant May 2, 1 86 1. 

684. V. Mehitablc Jane Livermore. h. Sept. 4, 1S22. 

685. vi. Samuel Livermore, b. Oct. 3, 1823. 

vii. Frances Adelaide, b. Feb. i, 1S26; d. Oct. 12, 1897, in 

Philadelphia, unm. 
viii. Clarissa, b. June 10, 1827; living in Philadelphia, unni. 
ix. Helen Eloise, b. Nov. 11, 1828; d. there Oct. 25, 1829. 

686. X. Nathaniel Appleton, b. Feb. 7, 1830. 

xi. Helen Thomas, b. Oct. 25, 1831 ; d. there Oct. 14, 1832. 
6S7. xii. Matilda Livermore, b. Mar. 16, 1834. 


Edwaki-) St. Loe7 Livermore {Eduard,^ Scumicl,'^ Sa>Ji;f,:// 
Joiiathaii,^ Sa7)iucl,^ JoJiii"-) was born Feb. 12, 1800, in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. ; died March 24, 1842, in Lowell; married June 
21, 182S, in Methuen, Hannah Gove Brown, born March 9, 
1804, in Pittsfield, N. H. He studied law in the office of the 
Hon. Luther Lawrence of Groton, and was admitted to the Mid- 
dlese.x bar in March, 1832 ; for several years he practiced his 
profession in Lowell. 

Children, born in Lowell : 

688. i. Sarah Jane,** b. May 20, 1830. 

ii. A daughter, b. ; d. in infancy. 

iii. George William.son. b. April 7, 1833; d. Jan. 2, 1S36. 

in New York, 
iv. Elizabeth Brown, b. Jan. 6, 1839; d. July 21, 18S3. in 
Portland, Me.; m. Oct. 3, i860, in Portland, Henry 
Lewis Gregg, b. Jan. 2, 1838, in Andover, Me. No 

398' Livermore {Edward,^ Samuel,^ Samiic/,* Jujm- 
t/uin,^ Samuel,^ John^) was born Oct. 5, 18 14, in Boston; died 
Sept. 17, 1887, in Wellesiey Hills ; married July, 1838, in Low- 
ell, Josiah Gardner, son of Caleb and Mercy (Fletcher) Abbott, 
born Nov. i, 1814, in Chelmsford; died June 2, 1891, in Wel- 
lesiey Hills. 

Sevcuth Goumtion 261 

Children (Abbott) : 

i. Caroline Mercy," b. April 35, 1839; m. George Derby; 

one child. 
ii. Edward Gardner, b. Sej)!. 29, 1S40; he was a major in 
the army, and was killed in the battle of Cedar Moun- 
tain, Aug. 9, 1862. 
iii. Jienry Livermore, b. Jan. 21, 1842; brevet brigadier 
general: killed in the battle of the Wilderness, May 6, 
iv. Fletcher Morton, b. Feb. 18, 1843 '•> captain in the 2d 

Mass. regiment. 
V. William Stackpole, b. Nov. iS, 1844; d. May 6, 1846. 
6S9. vi. Samuel Appleton Browne, b. Mar. 6, 1846. 
690. vii. S.uah Livermore, b. May 14, 1850. 
viii. Franklin Pierce, b. May 6, 1852. 
ix. Arthur St. Loe Livermore, b. Nov. 6, 1853; d. Mar. 28, 

X. Grafton St. Loe, b. Nov. 14, 1856. 
xi. Holker Welch, b. Feb. 28, i8:;8. 


Henry Jackson? Livermore {Ed-ward,^ Samuel,'^ Savua-l,* 
JoiMthan,^ Samuel,^ Jo/m^) was born June 5, 18 16, in Wheeling, 
Va. ; died Feb. 2, 1874, in Weyauwega, Wis.; married Sept. r, 
1853, i" Lawrence, Susan Hurd Homer, born May 19, 1829, in 
Amesbury. When he was about a ycn.r old his parents moved 
to Lowell, where he grew up ; he was educated at Hampton 
Academy, Hampton, N. H., and at Phillips Academy, Andover. 
He was a hardware merchant in New York for a few years, and 
in 1847, ^vent to Lawrence and was engaged in the same busi- 
ness there for about six years. He was third lieutenant of the 
Lawrence Light Infantry (company I), 6th regiment M. V. M., 
in 1S50; this company is now known as company F, 9th regi- 
ment. He became a member of the Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Company in 1S51. He afterwards moved to Oshkosh 
and Milwaukee, Wis., and Chicago, III., and later kept a general 
country st()re in Fremont, Wis., where he was postmaster during 
President Johnson's administration. He was a member of Gre- 

262 LivcriHorc Faviily 

cian Lodge, A. F. and A. M., from 1S49 ^^ ^^55. ^'i^^ ^^''^^ f'-T 
some lime a member of the school board. 
Children : 

i. Isdwnrd St. Loe,^ b. Au^. 3, 1854, in Lawrence ; ni. ; 

d. in 1S90, on the west coast of the U. S. 
ii. Jiune.s Homer, b. Aug. 6, 1S55, in Milwaukee; d. there 

Sept. 12, 1S55. 
iii. Henry, b. Aug. 10, 1856, in Chicago; d. there Aug. 13, 

iv. Jame.-s Homer, b. June 29, 1S5S, in Fremont; m. April 

23, 1S83, in Portland, Ore., Agnes Rose Eoyse. b. 

Aug. iS, 1S63, in Montesano, Wash. 
V. Arthur Dorr, b. Dec. 27, 1S60. in Fremont; d. there 

Nov. 21, 1863. 
vi. Harry Abbott, b. May 29, 1863, in Fremont, 
vii. Grace Grafton, b. Aug. 3, 1S65, in Freniont ; res.. San 



Mary Jaxe? Livermore {Edivard,^ Samuel,^ Samuel* Joiia- 
thiiii,^ Saviiicl,' Jo/ill') was born Aug. 2, 1 821, in Lowell ; died 
May 3, 1898, in Lawrence; married Oct. 7, 1S46, in Lowc'l, 
Daniel Saunders, born Oct. 6, 1822, in Andover. 

Children (Saunders), born in Lawrence : 

i. Charles Gurley,'' b. Oct. 3, 1847. 

ii. Mary Livermore, b. June 19, 1S49. 
iii. Frederick Abbott, b. June 14, 1S55 ; d. there Sept. 14, 

iv. Anne Grace, b. April 7, 1857. 
V. Edith St. Loe, b. Feb. 24, 1865. 


Arthur^ Livkrmore {Arthur,'' Samuel,^ Samuel * Jonat^'.an,' 
Samuel,' Jo/ui') was born Jan. 7, iSri, in Hoiderness, N. IL; 
married June i, 1853, in Lowell, Kate, daughter of J. D. Prince, 
born April 13, 1S20, in Chester Co., Eng. 

He was graduated at Dartmouth College in 1829. He read 
law with Hon. Jonathan Smith of Bath, N. H., one year, com- 
pleted his legal studies with Hon. Jeremiah Mason of Boston, 

Seventh Generation 263 

and was adniiUcd to the bar in 1S32, in Kxctor, N. II. He 
first opened an office in Gilnianton Iron Works (now Belmont, 
N. H.), and K'ltcr in T.owcll, and practiced until 1839. Just prior 
to the death of Hon. Jonathan Smith he removed to Bath, N. H., 
where he resumed his practice. While at Bath he became largely 
interested in real estate in that and adjoining towns. He left 
Bath in 1857, •^^'^•^ lived in Washin<j;ton Co., Mo., until 1865, at 
a place now called Livermore. \\c was afterwards appointed by 
President Johnson, U. S. Ct)nsul at Londonderry, Ire., which 
office he held umlcr succes.'^ivc administrations. He now lives 
in England. 

Child, born in llath : 

691. i. Susannah Pluniridge."* b. April 5. 1855. 


Enw.ARi)^ Livermore {Art/mi;^ SaDinei,'' Samuel,* J oiaihan,^ 
Samuel,'' John') was born March iS, 1815, in Holderness, N. H. ; 
died May 28, 1S86, in Kenosha, Wis.; married (i) Dec. 12, 
1839, in New York City, Elizabeth Green, daughter of Henry 
and Mary (Chadwell) Hubbard, born Oct. 4, 181 2; died May 
22, 1851, in Waterloo, N. Y. ; married (2) Oct. 26, 1853, in 
Owego, N. Y., Mary Stuart McCormick, born there Feb. 13, 
1828. He was graduated from Dartmouth College in 1833. He 
studied divinity at the Theological Seminary in New York ; he 
took Deacon's orders Sept. 27, 1837, and Priest's orders April 
21, 1839. ^^^ officiated first at Drewsville, N. H., and after- 
wards as rector of Emmanuel Church, in Little Falls, N-. Y., 
until 1850. His pastorate in Little Falls was broken by a 
journey to Santa Cruz, or St. Croix, in the West Indies, and a 
residence thereof several months in 1847-48; in 1850 he be- 
came rector of St. Paul's Church, in Waterloo, remaining there 
until early in 1S55, when illness compelled him to resign. He 
was, in 1856, rector of Zion Church, at East Bloomfield, N. Y., 
remaining there until early in 1S59. In the spring of i860, he 
removed to Minnesota, and for twenty-three years was rector of 
the Church of the Holy Communion, in St. Peter. During part 
of his residence in Minnesota, he was a member of the Ecclesias- 

264 Ltvernioif Fa^nily 

ticaJ Court and one of the Rural Deans of the Diocese. In 
18S3, he became tlie chaplain of Kemper Hall, Kenosha, a 
school under the management of the Sisters of St. Mary. 
Children : 

i. Louise,* b. April 8, 1841, in Little Falls; d. there Oct. 
22, 1845. 
692. ii. Arthur Browne, b. Aug. 15, 1854, in Waterloo. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 10, 1856, in C)\ve<;o ; lives in Hins- 
dale, 111. 
iv. Edward St. Loe, b. June 23, 1S58, in P^ast Bloomfield ; 

d. Aug. 5, 1859, '" Whitestone, L. I. 
V. Mar)-, b. July 3, 1862, in Owego ; d. Aug. 17, 1862, in 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
vi. Samuel, b. July 13, 1S63, in St. Peter; d. there Aug. 28, 


Louisa' Liver.more {Arthur,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,* Jouai/ian,^ 
Samuel,^ John') was born L~)ec. 23, 18 19, in Holderness, N. II. ; 
died March 30, 1865, in Brooklyn, Long Island; married April 
15, 1850, at Craigic Burn in Campton, N. H., James Kingman 
Ford of Little Falls, N. Y., born June 12, 18 17, in Herkimer, 
N. Y. 

Children (Ford) : 

i. Arthur Livermore,^ b. Jan. 4, 1851, in Plymouth; d. 
May 30, 1S80, in Colon. Isthmus of Panama, where 
he was the engineer in charge of one of the divisions 
of the Panama R. R. 
ii. Edward Livermore, b. Feb. 8, 1852, in Waterloo, N. Y. ; 
d. Oct. 21, 1852, in St. Louis, Mo. 
I iii. James Lauren, b. July 25, 1854, in St. Louis. 

iv. Mary Kingman, b. Oct. 26, 1856, in Bath, N. H. 


Hebek' Livermore {Arthur,^ Scimnc/,^ Savutcl,* Jonafhau,^ 
Sainucl,^ John') was born April 22, 1832, in Campton, N. H. ; 
married Margaret Boteler of Shepherdston, Va., died in 1867 in 
Baltimore, Md. He was a merchant's clerk in Lowell in 185 i, 
and was afterwards a merchant in St. Louis, Mo. 

Eighth Gcurratioi 265 


i. A son,^ d. in infancy, 

ii. N'annie Bolder, b. Aug. 4, iS66, in New York; in. May 
5, 1897, in St. Louis, Harr)' L. Block. One child. 

They live in St. Louis. 



Lucv*^ LiVER.MOKE {Lcvi,'' E/isha,^' Josiah,^ Josiah,'- Joseph,^ 
Joh)!,^ John') was born Feb. 22, 1S08, in Hardwick, Vt. ; died 
April 22, 1S59; married Nov. 12, 1829, in Walden, Vt., William 
C. Montgomery, born there Nov. 8, 1807 ; died Oct. 6, 1864. 

Children (Montgomery), born in Walden : 

693. i. Mary Farrington,^ b. May 28, 1831. 

694. ii. Martha Adaline, b. Oct. 23, 1835. 


Sidney Augustus* Livermore {Levi,'' Elis/ia,^ Josiah,^ 
Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born March 28, 18 10, in 
Hardwick, Vt. ; died July 29, 1879, ""* West Brookfield ; mar- 
ried (i) in 1835, in Templcton, Cynthia, daughter of Anson and 
Anna (Page) Giffin, born Oct. 3, 1816, in Hardwick; died Nov. 
•^o, 1838, in North Brookfield; married (2) Dec. 3, 1840, in 
Brookfield, Lucy, daughter of Charles and Lucy (Rice) Watson 
of Spencer, born there Oct. 6, 1818 ; died Jan. 6, i860, in 
West Broukfield ; married (3) Jan. 14, 1861, in West Brook- 
field, Lucinda Sophia, daughter of William and Sophia Clark, 
born Jan. 13, 1829, in Westmoreland, N.H.; died July 5, 18SS, 
in Ware. He was a carpenter. 

Children : 

695. i. Charles Henry,' b. April 5, 1S36, in Lowell. 

ii. Augustus, b. Sept. 5, 1837, in North Brookfield; d. there 

Oct. 3, 183S. 
iii. William, b. in Aug., 183S, in North Brookfield; d. there 

Sept. 25, 1839. 

266 Livcnnorc Favuly 

696. iv. Eliza Field, b. July 11, 1S41, in West Brookticld. 

V. Albert Watson, b. May 18, 1S45, in West Bro.^kncld ; d. 
there Jan. iS, 1S63. He was a member of company 
F, 15th Mass. Vols.; enlisted July 12, 1S61. 

vi. Cynthia Gifiin, b, Dec. 2^, 1846, in West Erooktield ; d. 
there Aug. 18, 1847. 

697. vii. George Raymond, b. June 18, 1858, in West Brookneld. 
viii. Mary Lucy, b. Nov. 8, 186.1, in West Brookl'.eld ; d. there. 

July 12, 1867. 
ix. Emma Frances, b. Aug. 3, 1S63, in West Brcn-krield ; d. 

there July 30, 1866. 
X. Levi Sidney, b. Sept. 3, 1S65, in West Brookt"ield ; d. 

there Mar. 2, 1SS2. 
xi. Ella Amelia, b. Nov. 13, 1867, in West Brooktield ; d. 

Nov. 14, 1 888, in Stowe. 
xii. Frederick Merriam, b. April 27, 1870, in West Hrook- 

field ; d. Oct. 31, 18S7, in Ware. 


Sherlock Denny^ I.ivermore {Levi,-! Elisha,^ Josiah,^ Jo- 
sia/i,* Joscp/t,^ Jo/in,^ Johu') was born April 30, 181 7, in Wal- 
den, Yt. ; died Nov. 6, 1S78, in West Brookfield ; married there 
April 9, 1845, Harriet Frances Wood, born there May 7, 1S26. 
He was a cabinet-maker. 

Children, born in West Brookfield : 

698. i. Edwin Franklin, 9 b. Oct. 3, 184S. 

ii. Ella Frances, b. July 25, 1850; d. there Sept. 6, 1S51. 
iii. William Elmer, b. Aug. 20, 1S53 • ^- there Oct. 15. 1854. 
iv. Arthur Henry, b. Mar. i, 1856; m. there June 25, 1S79, 
Hattie Eliza, dau. of H. K. and Harriet R. Comstock, 
b. June iG, 1855, in Granby, N. Y. No children. 

699. V. Hattie Elizabeth, b. June 30, 1858. 

700. vi. Clara ^Label, b. Dec. 15, 1S61. 

vii. Walter Herbert, b. July 24, 1863; m. May 23. 1S8S, in 
Worcester, Emily Stella, dau. of George L. and Johanna 
(Dudley) Ward. b. there Sept. 22, 1849 • ^- there May 
1 1, 1S96. 
viii. Howard Whipple, b. Oct. 16, 1S66; d. theie Sept. 12, 

701. ix. Levi Whipple, b. Jan. 21. 1S68. 

Eighth. GcHcration 267 

X. Denny Wood, b. July 12, 1S72; m. May 10, 1893, in 
■ West Biookficld, Jennie S., dau. of Charles G. and 
Jane (Shales) Knowlion, b. in 1S72, in Penacook, N. 
H. He is a shoe-cutter. 

Harvey' Livf.rmore {Euicr\\'' Elisha,'' Josiah,^ Joaiah,* 
•Joseph,^ John,^ John^) ^vas born Jan. 14, 18 16, in Brookfield ; 
died there May 8, 1859 ; married Dec. 30, 1841, in North l^rook- 
field, Sophronia, daughter of Isaac and Miriam (Pickard) Moore, 
born April 6, 1S07, in Brookfield; died there May 14, 1865. 
He was a farmer. 

Children, born in North Brookfield : 

i. Sophia Pickard,'^ b. Dec. ri, 1S43; married (i) Dec. 31, 
1S63, Andrew F., son of William C. and Phebe P. 
Jackson of North Brookfield, b. there in 1S42 ; m. (2) 
Mar. 2S, 188S, in Warren, Marion J., son of Cyrus L, 
and Julane (Brufter) Cone, b. in Shelburne. 

ii. Kulh Eliza, b. Feb. 28, r845 ; rn. Nov. 24, 1S68, Nathan- 
iel T., son of Austin and Alctia (Jones) AbcUs of 
Hatfield, b. there in 1S40. 
iii. ll-.nnah Jane, b. June 22, 1S47 ; m. in Sept., 1S65, 
Julius T. Hooker of Sturbridge. 


Samuel S.^^ LivtRMOKE {Evicrj,'' Elish.a'^ Josiah,^ Josiah,* 
JoscpJi,^ John,' John') was born May 23, 1S21, in Brookfield; 
died May 17, iSSS, in Brimfield ; married (i) Nov. 28, 184S, in 
West Brookfield, Ro.xanna A., daughter of Robert Moulton. born 
in 1S28 in Wales; died Sept. 5, 1855, in West Brookfield; 
married (2) Oct. 19. 1858, in Warren, Caroline, daughter of 
Amasa Reed, born Nov. 30, 1823, in New York State; died 
Jan. 5, 1SS2, in Brimfield; married (3) Jan. 8, 1S83, in Warren, 
Mary, daughter of Ebenezer and Mary (Chamberlain) Holbrook, 
born there June 30, 1831 ; died Feb. 8, 1S93, in Brimfield. He 
vas a shoemaker and farmer. 

Children : 

i. Hmer}-,^ b. . 

ii. Robert, b. . 

268 Livennorc luimily 


Emekv Elbkidgk'* LiVEKMOKii {Eiiic'ty,^ Elisha,'' Josia/i,^ 
JosiaJi,'- Joseph,^ John,' John') was born Au^'. 21, 1S30, in War- 
ren ; married Feb. 15, 1S53, in Columbia, Conn., Mary Ann, 
daughter of Samuel and Mary (Demon) P.ond, b. July 8, 1832, 
in Warren. He is in the boot and shoe business. 

Child, born in Brimfield : 

i. Jennie Elizabcth,^^ b. ^[ay 4, 1863. She is a teacher in 

Lemuel Eggleston* Livermore {Charles ^ William,^ Jason,^ 
Josiali,^ Joseph,-^ John,'' John') was born Dec. 20, i8ro, in Ver- 
mont ; married (i) July 29, 1S33, in Huntington, Vt., Mary 
. Ford Firman, born there Feb. 19, 1813 ; died March 13, 1842, 
in Hinesburgh, Vt. ; married (2) Sept. 6, 1S42, in Hincsburgh, 
Rebecca Adelia Ray, born there July 21, 18 19. He passed the 
greater part of his life in Hinesburgh. 
Children, born in Jiinesburgh : 

702. i. Ray Firman, 9 b. Mar. 5, 183S. 

ii. Ralph Eggleston, b. Sept. 3. 1839; d. there Sept. 17, 

703. iii. Rollins Miles, b. July 12, 1843. 
iv. Mary Emerett, b. Feb. 24, 1845. 

V. Charles Philo, b. April 7, 1851 ; d. there Dec. 18, 1S80. 


Charles Enos Jackson* Livermore {Charles^ William!' 
Jason,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born Jan. 21, 1831, in 
Huntington, Vt. ; married (i) July 20, 1S52, in Hinesburgh, 
Vt., Rosina A. Wells, born Feb. 3, 182S, in Huntington; died 
Nov. 20, iS6i, in Hinesburgh; married (2) Nov. 4, 1862, in 
Hinesburgh, Julia Enmia Vanc^r, born Jan. 19, 1S35, in Jericho, 
Vt. ; died Aug. 30, 1887, >" Hinesburgh. 

Children, all but the sixth born in Hinesburgh: 

704. i. William Clark,' b. Oct. 31, 1853. 

ii. Freddie Emerson, b. Dec. 11, 1S55 ; d. there Jan. 13, 

Eight k Gtnerafioii 26^ 

iii. Carlton I^genc, b. June 29, 1857. 

iv. Flora Kmcroy, b. Mar. 30, 1S60; d. there Aug. 31, 1864. 
V. I'rankie Alwyn. b. Nov. 15, iSGi; d. there Mar. 11, 

vi. Rosina A., b. Oct. 35, 1863, in Colchester, Vt. ; d. Sept. 

28, 1864, in Hinesburgh. 
vii. Herbert Kup^ene, b. July i, 1S66; m. Nov. 20, 1896, in 

Hinesburgh, Lottie B. Vancor. 
viii. Charles, b. Oct. 3, 1868; d. same day. 


Jerusha Almika'* LiVERMOKE {Josiph,'' William,'' Jason,= 
Jpsia/i,* Jostf>/i,^ Johii,^ John') was born April 10, 1817, in Hart- 
land, Vt. ; died May 17, 1S45, in Lincoln, Vt. ; married there 
June 18, 1837, Amory Allen. 

ChUdren (Allen) : 

i. Orman I'Jickerson,^ b. April 28, 1S38. in Hartland ; d. 

Sept. 4, 1842. in Ripton, Vt. 
ii. Amor)' Lorenzo, b. Jan. 31, 1840, in Granville, Vt. He 
enli.sted in the Civil war, and was a color-bearer ; 
killed by Confederate sharpshooters, and buried in 
Hartford, Conn., with military honors, 
iii. Benjamin Franklin, b. Nov. 15, 1841, in Ripton, Vt. ; 
d. there Sept. 16, 1842. 


Benjamin** Livermoke {Joseph;' William,^ Jason; Josiah; 
Joseph; Joint; John') was born Aug. 6, 18 18, in Hartland, Vt. ; 
died there April 4, 1871 ; married (i) March 28, 1845, in 
Qiiechec, Vt., Almira Elizabeth Hodgman, born Aug. 22, 1822, 
in Hartland; died there Aug. 22, 1S46; married (2) Feb. 3, 
1 866, in Marlboro, N. H., Julia Ann Goodhue Winship, born 
Jan. 21, I S3 1, in Enfield, N. H. 

While studying shorthand about 1S50, he invented a type- 
writer ; the first machine he constructed resembled the standard 
typewriters ot the present day, but not being satisfied, he con- 
tinued to improve it, until at last he made a machine which 
he named Permutation Typograph or Pocket Printing Machine ; 

2/0 Livcrniorc Faviily 

one of these can be seen in a case not far from the dour by 
which one enters the main hall of the Patent Office in Wash- 
ington. The box itself was of steel, four and one-half inches 
long, two and one-half inches wide, and one and a quarttr inches 
deep. All the characters of the alphabet were formed by moans 
of six keys, used singly or in combination. The box contained 
a roll of paper twenty feet long, which received the impression 
from the keys, the letters bt;ing inked by a simple process ; this 
paper was wide enough to admit twenty letters to the line, and 
about sixty lines could be printed upon one foot. He took out 
letters patent in England and America in 1863. It was never 
in public use, as he died before introducing it. He had no 


Lorenzo Dow*> Livermore {JoscpJi^ William^' Jnso)>,^ Jo- 
sia/i,* Joseph,^ John,'' Jo/in') was born Nov. 28, 18 19, in Hart- 
land, Vt.; married there (i) May 30, 1S44, Ursula Noyes, born 
Aug. 30, 1S21, in Piermont, N. H. ; died Dec. 23, 1866, in 
Beaver Dam, Wis.; married there (2) July 23, 1867, Mrs. 
Amelia Ann (Ellis) Hood, daughter of Warren Ellis, born Dec. 
13, 1839, in Centreville, N. Y. He went to Wisconsin in 1S54, 
as a ci\-il engineer, in which capacity he occasionall)- served 
later on in life ; has been justice of the peace in Beaver Dam 
for over twenty-four years, and a member of Dodge Co. bar. 

Children : 

i. Orell Bradley) b. July 9, 1845. in Hartland; d. Aiip;. 29, 

1848, in Charlestoun, N. H. 
ii. Aldrick Clarence, b. Oct. 29, 184S, in Hartland : d. July 

29, 1862, in Beaver Dam. 

705. iii. Klgin Serine, b. May 17, 1850, in Northfield, Vt. 

iv. Adelphia Ursula, b. Oct. 23, 1853, in Montpelier. Vt. ; 
m. Dec. 24, 1S73, in Beaver Dam, George Abram 
Hawes, b. Dec. 19, 1S52, in Rubicon, Wis. Xo chil- 

706. v. Winslow Odell, b. May 17, 1S56. in Beaver Dam. 

707. vi. Benjamin Franklin, b. Jan. 30, 1S60, in Beaver Darn, 
vii. Alfrenzo. b. June 10, 1864, in Beaver Dam: d. there 

r ,. ' June 24, 1S64. 

EizhtJi Gotcration 


r\\\. I,ura Dow, b. June 27, 1S68, in Beaver Dam; at the 
aj;e of twenty years she became one of the faculty of 
Wayland University, Beaver Dam, and was a teacher 
of stenograjiliy, type-writing, mathematics, philology 
and mental sciences, and is a fine linguist. 
ix. Mertie May, b. June 22, 1871, in Beaver Dam. 
X. Fiank Joseph, b. June S, 1875, in Beaver Dam. 
xi. Roy Clarence Warren, b. Aug. i i, 1878, in Dca\er Dam. 


^ Emily'' Livekmork {Joseph,'' William'' Jason,'' Josiah,^ Jo- 
seph,^ Johu,^ John') was born Nov. 22, 1S25, in Hartland, Vt. ; 
married there Dec. 9, 1S45, Nathan Frederick English, born 
June 29, 1S22, in Norwich, Vt. She writes that when she was 
a child there were seventeen Livermore cousins in her father's 
district, and six of them were living in 1S90; in one term 
of winter's school there were fifteen .scholars by the name of 

Children (English), born in Hartland : 

i. Minette Cathlcna,'^ b. Mar. 28, 1847 ? d. there Aug. 15, 

ii. Analdo Myrtle, b. Mar. 2, 1849; m. April 22, 1877, 
in Providence, R. I., Aurabelle Gibbs Gardiner, b. 
May 3, 1S51, in Sandwich; he was an inventor, at 
one time living in Boston. 

708. iii. Inelah Mary, b. Sept. 3, 1S51. 

709. iv. \\o\-\ Julia, b. Oct. 3, 1853. 

710. V. Klvia Betsey, b. Sept. 11. 1S55. 

711. vi. Euler Frederick, b. Feb. 14, 1S5S. 

712. vii. Lena Almira, b. April 2, 1862. 

viii. Jessie Jane, b. Jan. 21, 1864; d. there May 29, 1873. 
ix. Oral Duane, b. Dec. 23, 1867 ; d. there Sept. 7, 1S68. 
X. Ernest Aimer, b. Aug. 28, 1869. 


Marv^ Livekmoi;e {Joseph^ IVilliam,^ Jason,^ Josiah,* Joseph,"^ 
John,' John') was born Oct. 14, 1S30, in Hartland, Vt. ; married 
there (i) Oct. 14, 185 i, Rev. Lucius Leslie, born July 18, 1S22, 
in Cornish, X. H. ; died July iS, 1S61, in Troy, N. H.; he was 

272 Livcrviorc Ftnuily 

a Univcrsalist minister; married (2) Feb. i, 1873, in Gardiner, 
Mc, Allen "Reuben Richardson, born Au^. 6, 1829, in Sonih 
Gardiner, Mc. ; she lives in Monmouth, Me. 
Children (Leslie) : 

i. Lizzie iMary,9 b. Oct. 30, 185.;, in Lowell; d. there July 
27, 1856. 
713. ii. SeKvin Cioodhue, b. June 26, 1859, in Lowell. 

Child (Richard.son) •. 

iii. Allen Livcrmore, b. Mar. 14, 1874, in South Gardiner. 


Ch.aklotte^ R.aymond {RcblCca^ Josia/i,'' Jascni,^ Josiali* 
Joseph,^ Jo/ni,^ Jo/ni') \\'?iS horn \n 1810; died in 1857; married 
in 1 83 1, Samuel Mills of Barton, N. Y. 
Children (Mills) : 

i. Albert,9 b. ; m. Ellen Hollenbeck. 

ii. Augusta, b. ; m. Henr)' Coryell; three children. 

iii. Edgar, b. ; m. Rose Verbee ; one child. 

iv. Rebecca, b. . 

V. Stephen, b. . 

vi. Delphine, b. . 

Jane* Raymond {RebcccaT Josiah,^ Jason,^ Josiah,^ Joseph,^ 
John,'' John^) was born in 1813 ; died in 1881 ; married in 1S40, 
William Hanna. 
Children (Hanna) : 

i. 'VVilliniii,'^ b. . 

ii. Edward, b. . 

iii. Stella, b. ; m. Thaddeus Ellis; ihey had two chil- 
dren ; res., in East VVaverley, N. Y. 

iv. George L, b. ; in. Estella Catlin of Owego, X. Y. ; 

they had two children ; res., in East Waverley. 

V. Adelbert. b. . 

vi. Erederick, b. ; ni. Mary Mills: they had three 

children ; res., Sayre, Pa. 
vii. Maud. b. ; m. Arthur Eitch ; they had three chil- 
dren ; res., Carlisle, Ark. 
'• ^ viii. Ernest, b. . 

Eight /t Generation 273 

Isaac Livekmoke* Raymoxd {Rcbeaa,'' Josiiih,^ Jasou,^ Jo- 
siixh,^ Joscpli,^ Jolui,^ John') was born in 1815 ; married in 1838, 
Eliza S\vart\vo<;td of Barton, N. Y. 
Children (Raymond) : 

i. Rebecca, 9 b. . 

ii. Charlotte, b. ; m. Charles Wilkinson ; they had six 


iii. Dell, b. ; ni. George Walker ; they had four children. 

iv. Florence, b. ; m. Morgan S. Manning. 

' ' V. Frank, b. . 

Rebecca*^ Ravmonu {Rebecca t Josiah,^ Jason, ^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ 
John,^ John') was born in 1817; died in 1854; married in 1850, 
Benjamin Folsom of Adrian, Mich. 
Children (Folsom) : 

i. Lucinda,9 b. ; m. Albert Vorhis ; they had nine 

ii. Raymond, b. ; m. Caroline Mallory ; res. in Friend- 
ship, N. Y. 


John* Raymond {Rebecca,'' Josiah,^ Jason,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ 
John,^ John') was born March 22, 1S20; died April 28, 1855, 
near Sayre, I'a. ; married in 1844, Elizabeth Crause. 

Children (Raymond) : 

i. William,? b. ; m. Nancy Goodale ; res. in Sayre. 

ii. John, b. ■ . 


LuciNDA^ Ray.mond {Rebecca,'' Josiah,'' Jason,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ 
JoJin,^ John') was born in 1825 ; married in i860, Rev. Dr. I^". 
Barnes ; residence in Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Children (Barnes) : 

i. Fianc,9 b. . « 

ii. Emma, b. ; m. Carroll S. Hartman of Grand 

Rapids, Mich. 

iii. Albert, b. ; m. Nellie M. Long)-ear. 

iv. Flora, b. . 

274 Livcrviore Fanii/y 


Mary Ahbie*^ Weaver {EIi::alicf/i,'' Josialt,^ Jason,^ Josia/t,* 
Josi-p/i,^ Jo/tii,' Jo/ih') was born Oct. 29, 1820 ; died May 4, 1SS5 ; 
married Sept. 20, i S47, Robert Stevens Moscrip, born Jan. 12, 
181 5. They lived in Saratoga, N. Y. 

Cliildren (Moscrip) : 

714. i. Cliarlcs Htmry,9 b. June 20, 1848. 

715. ii. Ferris Jacob, b. Sept. 25, 1849. 

iii. Helen Elizabeth, b. Mar. 24, 1S53; d. Nov, 17, 1S53. 

716. iv. Blanche Augusta, b. June 2, 1853. 


Charles Livermore^ Weaver {ElizabcthT JosiaJi,^ Jason,^ 
Josia/i,^ Josi-Jy/i,^ Jo/iu,^ John') was born Jan. 20, 1822 ; died Oct. 
29, 1S86; married July 7, 1S52, Elizabeth Anthony, born July 
15, 1S31. 

Children (W'eaver) : 

717. i. Helen Mar,'' b. Mar. 20, 1856. 
ii. Lillian Etta, b. Jan. 8, 1S59. 

iii. Jesse Montgomery, b. Dec. 6, 1S61 ; d. Mar. 5. 1065. 
iv. Maud Almira, b. July 26, 1865; d. Sept. 10, 186S. 
v. Fannie, b. Sept. 12, 186S. 


Sarah Elizabeth^ Weaver {ElizabcthT Josiah,^ Jason,^ Jo- 
siaJi,^ JosipJi,'^ JoJni.^ John') was born March 7, 1S33 ; died Nov. 
II, 1SS9; married March 20, 1861, William Remington, died 
Oct. 19, 1S78. 

Child (Remington) : 

71S. i. Elizabeth Livermore,'' b. Sept. 11, 1S62. 

Helen Mar^ Livekmore {JoJin,'' Josiah,^ Jason,^ Josiah* 
Josi'fh,^ John,^ John') was born Jan. 30, 1825, in Fort Miller, 
N. Y. ; died there Oct. 8, 18S7; married there July 12, 1S60, 
Piatt, son of Samuel and Mary (Ray) Baker, born Jan. 21, 1S20, 
in Pittston, N. Y. 

EiglitJi Generation 275 

Children (J^aker), born in Northumberland, N. V.: 

i. Rayiiioiui William,'' h. June 15, 1861 ; ni. May 16, 1900, 
in Fori Miller, Mary Adelaide, daughter of Lemuel 
Porter and Jane Lucrelia (Carpenter) Underwood, b. 
there Nov. 20, 1S70. 

ii. Edwin Samuel, b. Sept. 5, 1S63; d. Stpt. 12, 1SS7, in 
Fort Miller. 


Esther Raymond'^ Livermorf. {Jo/di,'' JosiaJi,^ Jason,^ Jo- 
sici/i,* Joseph,^ Johur Jo/iti^) v/as born Nov. 9, 1829, in Fort 
]\riller, N. v.; married there Sept. 24, 185 1, James Baldwin, 
born Feb. 12, 1823, in Fort Edward, N. Y. ; died there July 
23, 189S. 

Children (Baldwin), the eldest born in Greenwich, N. Y., the 
others in Fort Edward : 

i. Kdwin Livermore,? b. Aug. 14, 1852; unm. 
ii. Charles R., b. Sept. 30, 1854; d. there April 23, 1898. 
iii. Catharine A., b. Nov. 20, 1856; unm. 

719. iv. J. Henry, b. Aug. 23, 1859. 

V. Ruthven, b. April 9, 1S62 ; d. there Nov. 25, 1899. 

720. vi. Ida May, b. Oct. 13, 1865. 

vii. Helen, b. Oct. 21, 186S; d. Sept. 7, 1871. 
viii. Frank \\'., b. July 21, 1S73. 


Josi.^H Henkv^ Livermore {John,'' Josiah,^ Jason,^ Josia/i,* 
JoscpJi,^ JoJin,^ JoJin') was born May 15, 1833, in Fort Miller, 
N. Y.; married there Sept. 11, 1863, Margaret, daughter of 
James H. and Catharine (McCcJlom) Gilchrist, born there March 
7, 1S39. 

Children, born in Fort Miller: 

721. i. Catharine Gilchrist,? b. June 7, 1864. 
ii. Harriet, b. Jan. 14, 186S. 

722. iii. John, b. Aug. 5, 1S70. 
i\-. Leon, b. June 22, 1S73. 

v. May, b. Oct. 25, 1875 ; d. there July 22, 1876. 
vi. Raymond, b. Sept. 23. 1S77. 

276 Livcnnore Family 


Raymond Bkm.knof.k' Livf.rmorf. {Jo/iu,'' Josia/i,*' Jasoii,^ 
Josiah,^ Josiph,'^ Jolni,^ John') was born Aug. 17, 1836, in Fort 
Miller, N. Y. ; died Dec. 9, 18S6, in New York City; married 
Sept. II, 1S60, in Dover, N. J., Ella Wood, daughter of John 
Marshall and Maria Berry (Wood) Loscy, born there Dec. 15, 
1 84 1. lie went to school in Fort Miller and moved to New 
York in 1S54, entering the employ of his brother, E. P. Liv- 
ermore. In 1858 he became a partner in the export flour 
business, whicli afterwards included grain. He was an expert 
judge of f^our. He was one of the first members of the New 
York Produce Exchange. He was fond of art and an admirer of 
beautiful paintings. 

Children, the eldest born in Dover, the others in New York 
City : 

i. Florence,' b. June 20, iSCi ; d. Aug. 11, 1S96, in New 

ii. Edwin Ruthven, b. Jan. 19, 1871; d. there April 5, 

723. iii. Edith, b. Mar. 3, 1S72. 

iv. Helen, b. Nov. 9, 1S76; m. June 19, 1900, in New York 
City, James, son of James and Cecilia (Aiken) Staf- 
ford, b. Jan. 25, 1861, in Essex, N. Y. ; he is a 

Edg-A.r*' Livekmore {JasLVi,^ Josiah,^ Jason,^ Josiah^ Joseph,^ 
JoJin,^ Jolui') was born July 28, 1828; died Aug. 30, 1887, in 
Binghamton, N. Y. ; married Dec. 21, 1853, in Fort Miller, 
N. Y., PVances Celina, daughter of John and Cerulia (Tommis) 
Fuller ; she lives in Bay Shore, Long Island, N. Y. He was a 
ship carpenter, and attended the Methodist Church. 
Children : 

i. Arthur,9 b. Mar. 31, 1855, in Fort Edward, X. Y. ; he is 
an oysterman in Bay Shore. 

724. ii. Louise, b. Aug. 16, 1S58, in Fort Edward. 

iii. A son, b. Dec. 16, i860, in Fort Edward ; d. ne.xt day. 

725. iv. Cora Alma, b. Nov. 17, 1S61, in Fort F'.dward. 

Eighth Goicniticii 277 

V. CIkuIcs Ilaxton, l>. Aug. 30, 1S65, in Mushing, N. V. ; 

h'j is an oystenuan in Bay Shore. 
vi. Gcuige Taylor, b. July 28, 1S70, in Brooklyn, L. I.; in. 

April 30, 1886, (?) Mar)' Letitia, clau. of Alexander and 

Esther (Keller) Riddle; he is an engineer and lives 

in Bay Shore. No children. 
vii. Jessica Marcclia, b. Jan. 3, 1873, in Brooklyn; res., Bay 

viii. Alfied, b. May 2, 1S76, in Bay shore; he is an engineer. 
ix. Frank Edgar, b. Jan. 29, 187S, in Bay Shore; he is a 



Sarah Esthrk** Raymond {Esther,'' JosiaJi^ Jnsoii,^ Josiah,^ 
Joseph,'^ John,'' John') was born Aui,^ 22, 1S36, in Northumber- 
land, N. Y. ; married Oct. 20, 1S5S, in Schuylerville, N. Y., 
Samuel, son of William Harmon and Asenath (Dunham) Wells, 
born Nov. 27, 1S27, in Luzerne, N. Y. 
Children (Wells) born in Schuylerville : 

i. Eloise,9 b. Dec. 30, 1S59 ; d. there Oct. 4, iSGo. 
726. ii. Raymond S., b. Sept. i, 1861. 
iii. Jennie Esther, b. Feb. 3, 1S65. 


JoHX Fli.vt" Smith {Al/nira,'' Braddyl,^ Jasoti,'^ Josiah* 
Josif'h,^ Joh)i,~ John') was born Nov. 2, 181 5, in Holden ; mar- 
ried Jan. 25, 1S42, in West Boylston, Caroline Taft, born there 
Aug. 22, 1S22. 

Children (Smith), born in Worcester : 

i. Mary Flint,? b. Mar. 31, 1850; d. there Aug. 21, 1S52. 
ii. Eftie Caroline, b. Nov. 28, 1857 ; lives there, unm. 

George Eli^ Smith {Aluiira,'' Braddyl,^ Jason,^ Josiah,* 
Joseph,^ John,"^ John') was born May 28, 1827, in Rutland ; 
married May 19, 1853, iri West l^oylston, Sarah Jane Ilarthan, 
born there May 7, 1S29. 

Children (Smith), born in Worcester : 

i. George Arthur,9 b. Dec. 20, 1855. 
ii. Mary Alice, b. Nov. 11, 18C0. 

278 Livcrviore Family 


Ira Rurus'* Grosvexok {.U<7rj',7 Brad'lyl,^ Jasoii,^ Josia/i,* 
JoscpJi,^ Jolnt,^ JoJni') was born March iS, 181 5, in Paxton ; 
marricil (i) Sept. 21, 1837, in ^^onroc, Mich., Harriet Wood ; 
married (2) Sarah Wood, .sister to his first wife. He was a 
distinguished man ; he was colonel of the 7th Michigan Vols, 
from June 10, 1861 to July 7, 1S62 in the Civil war; represen- 
tative from l\Ionroe 1871-2; trustee Michigan Asylum for the 
Insane in 1887, and is now a lawyer in Monroe. 

Children (Grosvenor) : 

i. Irenc,9 b. ; m. Harry Wheelock. 

ii. Elliott Oliver, b. ; a lawyer with his father. 

iii. Winthrop, b. ; studying dentistry in Chicago. 


Erenezer Oliver^ Grosvexok {Mary^ Braddy/,^ Jason,^ 
Josia/i,* Joscf>/i,^ Jo/iii,^ Jo/ni') was born Jan. 26, 1820, in Still- 
water, N. Y. ; married Feb. 25, 1844, Sarah Ann, daughter of 
Hon. Elisha P. Champlin one of the first settlers of Lenawee 

He received a common school and academical education until 
he was fifteen, then for two years was a clerk in Chittenango, 
N. Y., then a clerk for his brother at Albion, Mich. He was in 
1839-40 a clerk in the State Commissioners' office at Monroe, 
Mich.; in 1840-44 a clerk at Jone.svillc, Mich., when in 1S44 
he became a merchant there. In 1854 he established the 
banking house of Grosvenor & Co., in Jonesxille, of which he 
has always been president and manager. 

He has held all important town offices. He was State Sena- 
tor in 1859 and 1862-64. In the session of 1862 he was chair- 
man of Committee on Finance. 

At breaking out of the war, 1861, he was commissioned col- 
onel on the staff of Governor Blair. He wa.s president of the 
Military Contract Board in 1S61, and afterwards president of the 
State Military Board. 

In]iS64 he was elected lieutenant governor on the ticket with 
Governor Crapo, and held that office from 1S65 to 1S67. State 

Eiglitk Ge7icration 279 

Treasurer 1867-1871. Charter member of the Lodge of Odd 
Fellows in Jonesville, in 1S40, and has passed all the chairs of 
that Order. Also a Master Mason, having joined the organiza- 
tion in 1855; member and president of the Board of State 
ISuilding Commissioners from 1S71 to 1879; a regent of the 
University of Michigan from 1S79 to 1888 ; a director in in- 
surance comjnnies and other corporations ; regular attendant at 
the Presbyterian Church. 
Child (Grosvenor) : 

i. Harriet,^ b. ; m. in 1S73 to Charles K. White of 

Jonesville. Children (White): 

i. Charles Grosvenor,'° b. . 

ii. Oliver Simeon, b. . 


Helen Sohhi.\ F.vRNSWORTII^ Liver.more {George,'' Draddyl^^ 
Jasoii,^ Josiah,* Josef>/t,^ Jo/ui,^ Jo/in') was born June 15, 1830, in 
Millbury ; married Aug. 2, 1853, in Cambridge, Paul Foster, 
son of Titus Philbrick and Martha (P^oster) Folsora, born Feb. 
29, 1S20, in East Machias, Me.; died Aug. 7, 1895, in West 
Gouldsboro, Me. She lives in Jamaica Plain. 

Children (P'olsom) : 

i. Sarah Helen,'' b. Oct. 15, 1854, in Boston. 

727. ii. Jenny Sophia, b. April 20, 1S57, in Boston. 

7 28. iii. Mary Olivia, b. Nov. iS, 1861, in Cambridge. 

iv. George Frank, b. July iS, 1S64, in Cambridge; m. Mar. 

24, 1900, in Jamaica Plain, Mrs. Florence Maclem. 
V. Paul Foster, b. Sept. 23, 1S65, in Jamaica Plain ; m. 

there July 31, 1901, Mary Macdonald Delany. 
vi. Eva Livermore, b. Jan. 30, 1S6S, in Jamaica Plain, 
vii. Grosvenor, b. Aug. 8, 1S72, in Jamaica Plain. 


George Kr.\ddyl^ Livermoke {George,'^ Braddyl,'' Jasou,^ 
Josiah* JosepJi,^ John,^ John') was born March 16, 1832, in 
Westficld, N.Y.; married Nov. i, 1865, in Charleston, Ind., 
Catherine Glion, born March 20, 1S34. in Besancon, France. 
They live in Colburn, Ind. No children. 

28o LivenNorc Faviily 


John Frank'' Livekmoke {Gi■orgc^ Draddyl^ Jasoii,^ Josiah,* 
Josrph,^ Jo/iTi,^ John') was born Oct. 5, 1834, in Wcslficld, N. Y. ; 
died Jan. 16, 1864, in Boston; married April 6, i860, in Cam- 
bridge, Mehitable Lyford, daughter of William and Sally \). 
Swain, born July 3, 1830, in Chichester, N. II. 

Child, born in Boston : 

i. Helen Sophia Farnsworth,'^ b. Feb. 2S, 1862 ; d. there 
Mar. 14, 1880. 


Ch.\kles Franklin* Livermore {Jason,'' Bmddyi,^ Jason,^ 
Josiali,^ JosepJi^ John,'' Joh)i^) was born Nov. 11, 1832, in Pa.x- 
ton; married Aug. 30, 1859, in Spencer, Lorctte G., daughter 
of Jotham and Caroline Randall, born in Belchertown. He was 
a clerk at the time of their marriage. 

Children, born in Worcester : 

i. Walter Frank,9 b. July i, 1862; m. June 2, 1S91, in 
Worcester, Flora M., daughter of Harland B. and 
Luella F. Sherwin, b. in 1874, in Warren. 
729. ii. Albert Randall, b. Feb. 13, 1873. 

George William* Livermore {Jason^ Bmddyl,^ Jason,^ 
Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,' John') was born July 27, 183S, in Pax- 
ton ; married July 3, 1862, in Cambridge, Carrie A., daughter 
of Joseph and Hannah Hartwell, born in 1S41, in Bedford. He 
has been a baker in Brighton, a glass-packer in Cambridge, and 
a farmer in Acton. 
Children : 

i. Caroline E.,9 b. June i. 1863, in Cambridge. 

ii. Joseph William, b. Mar. 21, 1866, in Acton. 

729^. iii. Ilcnr)- Laiinston, b. Jan. iS, 1871. in Acton. 

Hiram Brooks' Livermore {Jason,'' Bmddyl,^ Jason,^ Jo- 
siah,* Joseph,^ John,' John') was born June iS, 1840, in Pa.xton ; 
married May i, 1S62, in Acton, Laura Esther, daughter of Elliot 

Eighth Gtncration 281 

and Laura E. (Randall) Prouty, l)orn in 1S45, ""* Leicester. 
Mc is a farmer. 

Ciiildren, born in Acton : 

i. Mabel Loraine,^ b. Mar. 11, 1863 ; m. Nov. 25, 18S6, in 
Worcester, Arthur .\., son of Alonzo C. and Frances 
Hlethcn, b. in 1864, in l^ynn. 

730. ii. Klliot Prouty, b. Mar. 14, 1866. 


Ahira Russell* Liver.moke {Lamardp Isaac,^ Moscs,^ Jo- 
siah,* Joseph,''' Johii,^ JoJin'-) was born Feb. r6, 18 10, in Smith- 
ville, N. Y. ; died Nov. 4, 1S37, in Illinois ; married his cousin, 
Hannah, daughter of- Orin and IMehetable (Livcrmore) Seward, 
born Oct. 3, 1809, in Chenango, N. Y. ; died Jan. 2, 1849, i" 
Truro, Kno.v Co., 111. 

Children : ■ 

i. Cyrus,'> b. ; "d. young. 

731. ii. Diantha, b. Oct. 17, 1S36. 


Nelson Grant** Liver.morl {Laniard ^ Isaac, ^ Moses,'' Jo- 
sinh,* Joseph,^ John,'' John') was born Aug. 9, 181 3, in Smith- 
^^lle, N. Y. ; died Aug. 17, 1854, in McCoupin Co., 111. ; married 
May 1 1, 1832, in Barker, N. Y., Pheria, daughter of Chester and 
Polly Pease, born May 22, 18 13, in Cincinnatus, N. Y. ; died 
Dec. 25, 1886, in Hancock Co., la. 

Children, the first three born in Broome Co., N. Y., the others 
in W ashington Co., la. : 

732. i. Francis Asbur)-,9 b. Aug. 20, 1S33. 

733. ii. Sally, b. Nov. 25, 1834. 

734. iii. Diantha Fidelia, b. Oct. 23, 1836. 

735. iv. Sauianiha Jane, b. Nov. 20, 1840. 

V. Pamelia Ann, b. Sept. i, 1843. 

Se.mantra Jane' Livermore {Laniard,'^ Isaae,^ Moses,^ Jo- 
sta/:,* Joseph,^ John, ^ Johti') was born March 16, 18 19, in Smith- 
^-illc, N. Y. ; died April 25, 1885, in Newark Valley, N. Y. ; 

282 Livcniiorc Faviily 

married Oct. 13, 1836, in Barker, N. Y., Lewis Daniel l-»ishop, 
born Aug. 11, 181 5, in Castle Creek, N. Y. 
Children (Bishop), born in Castle Creek : 

i. Martin Ahira,' b. Jan. 25, 1S38; d. there Feb. 27, 1S39. 

736. ii. Francis Martin, b. Dec. 16, 1839. 

737. iii. Lucius Nelson, b. Dec. 28, 1S41. 
73S. iv. Curtis Lemont, b. Jan. 21, 1S49. 

739. V. Anna Ardell, b. July 16, 1852. 

740. vi. Emma De Ette, b. June 10, 1859. 


Pamelia Axn^ Livermore {Laniard^ Isaac,^ Moscs,^ Josin/i,* 
Joseph,^ JohUy' Joh'n^) was born March 20, 1824, in Smithville, 
N. Y. ; married Nov. 3, 1S47, in Barker, N. Y., Harry Lyon, 
born there Oct. 17, 181 8. Residence, Binghamton, N. Y. 

Children (Lyon), the first four born in Barker, the last two 
in Binghamton : 

i. Ella Euphemia,9 b. Aug. 17, 1S4S; m. Oct. 6, ]SS4, in 
Binghamton, Robert Evans Hooper, born in Hooper, 
N. Y. 
ii. George Frederic, b. July 13, 1S49; "■>• April 9, 1SS4, 
in Binghamton, Elizabeth Radcliff Mather, where she 
was born. He is a Justice of the Supreme Court of 
New^ York, and lives in Binghamton. 
iii. Pamelia Janette, b. Dec. 3, 1S50; d. there June 21. 1S54. 
iv. Jennie Delia, b. June i. 1856; m. June 29, iSSi. in 
Binghamton, Winthrop Downs Painter, born in Wey- 
mouth, O. 
V. Charles RoUo, b. Mar. 31, 1S59; d. there Aug. 4, 1S59. 
vi. Harry Frederic, b. Oct. 4, 1863; m. there Nov. 15, 
iSSS, Minnie May Lester. Child (Lyon), b. in Bing- 

i. George Harry, ^'^ b. April 2, 1S90. 

Anna* Seward i^Mehiiabk,'' Isaac,^ J/os.'s,= /osin/:,* Joseph,^ 
John,' John') was born July 9, 181 1, in Chenango, N. Y. ; mar- 
ried July 4, 1S30, Ebenczer Smead French of Chenango, born 
April 8, 1 810, in Charlem<»nt. Residence, Lisle, N. Y. 

Eighth Cciuratioit 2S3 

Children (?""rench) : 

741. i. Lucius,9 b. Feb. 2, 1S32. 

ii. Ilcpzibctli, b. Sept. 16, 1833; d. April 19, 1S85, unm. 
743. iii. Olive, b. Nov. 20, 1835, ' 

743. iv. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 9, 1838. 

744. V. Mary, b, Aug. 4, 1S41. 

vi. Orin, b. Sept. 29, 1S44; d. Oct. 23, 1844. 
vii. Kit Carson, b, Aug. 20, 1853; m. Jan. 2, 1876, in liing- 
hainlon, N. Y., Mena Eliza Keeler, b. in 1851, in 

Levi^ Seward {Mchitablc,'' Isaac,^ M'osts,^ Josiah,* Joscfh,^ 
John,- John') was born Aug. 21, 1S17, in Chenango, N. Y. ; 
married Nov. 17, 1844, in Truro, 111., Nancy Cadwell, born in 
Onondaga Co., N. Y. 

Child (Seward) born in Truro : 

745. i Addie Maria,' b. Sept. 30, 1S47. 


Lorin" I.ivermore {Roswcll,'' Moscs,^ Moscs,^ Josiah* Joseph,^ 
John,^ John') was born Oct. 3, 1826, in Lisle, N. Y. ; died there 
June 2, 1S79; married Nov. 8, 1854, Angeline Houk ; she died 
in Owego, N. Y. 

Children, born in Lisle : • 

746. i. Daniel Roswell,'' b. Jan. 26, 1856. 
ii. Fay Houk, b. Dec. 17, 1S59. 

iii. Frank Eddy, b. Mar. 2, 1S64. 


Adeline^* Liver.more {Moscs,^ Jfoscs,^ J/oscs,^ Josiah,* Jo- 
seph,^ John,' John') was born Nov. 18, 18 10, in Lisle, N. Y. ; 
died there May 17, 1845 \ married there Dec. 19, 1832, Wil- 
liam Fenner, born Sept. 19, 181 1, in Rhode Island; died Aug. 
23, 1882, in Homer, N. Y. • . 

Children (Feimer), born in Lisle : 

i. George Livermore,^ b. May 9, 1S36; d. April 8, 1S62, 

unm. . .•. n. . 

284 Live rvi ore Faviily 

ii. Anil Eliza, b. Feb. iS, 1S38; m. George Brighani, son 

of Brighain and Rebecca (Fenner) Liverniore. 
iii. I.eander, b. Feb. 3, 1.^40; d. Dec. 24, iS6i,unni. 
iv. Charles, b. Jan. 19, 1S42 ; d. Feb. 9, 1S62. 

747. V. Frederick, b. May 17, 1S44. 


Charles Hexkv* Livermome {A/osc's,^ J/oscs,^ Moscs,^ Jo- 
siah,^ Joseph,^ Jolm,^ John') was born Sept. 4, 1812, in l.isic, N. 
Y. ; died there Jan. 31, 18S1 ; married Nov. 2, 1836, Sarah Ma- 
linda Guernsey, born July 2, 1S12, in Greenfield, N. Y. He was 
a farmer ; he joined the Congret^ational church when about six- 
teen years old, was made a deacon about 1S47, ^'^^ ^cld that 
office until 1S6S, when he severed his connection with that 
church and joined the M. E. church of Centre Lisle. He was 
always known as Deacon l.ivermore. 
Children, born in Lisle : 

i. Rachel Ann,'' b. Aug. 11, 1838; m. Charles Ilowland ; 

lives in Lisle, 
ii. Ann Bridget, b. Oct. 17, 1840; m. George Houland; 
lives in Lisle. 

748. iii. Charles Henry, b. April 30, 1843. 

749. iv. George, b. Nov. 15, 1S45. 

V. Adeline, b. Dec. 28, 1S47; lives in Lisle; unm. 
vi. Sarah, b. Mar. 3, 1S51; m. there Jan. i, 1870, Lester 


David Clark* Livermoke {Moscs^ Moscs,^ Moscs,^ Josiah,* 

Joscp/i,^ John,^ John^) was born Jan. 29, 18 16, in Lisle, N. Y. ; 

died March 10, 1893, in Newark Valley, N. Y. ; married Feb. 

28, 1838, in Berkshire, N. Y., Wre.vaville Badger, born June 26, 

1S14, in Lisle ; died Dec. 30, 1876, in Genoa, N. Y. 

At the age of eight years he went to live with his uncle Gard- 
ner Livermore, remaining with him until he was twenty-one. He 
continued to live in Lisle for two or three years, and then moved 
to Bradford Co., Pa., being employed in a flour mill until 1844, 
returning to Lisle and after living in his native town for one 
year, he bought a grist mill and saw mill in Berkshire. He was 

liighih Generation 285 

deacon of the Conp^rcjj^ational churcli for several years, and also 
superintendent of the Sunday school. In 1874, he moved to 
Genoa, and after his wife's death went to live with his youngest 
daughter, Mrs. Inncs. He died in the house of his daughter, 
Mrs. Prentice. 
Children : 

i. Mary Ann,' b. Feb. 27, 1S39, in Lisle; res., Hinsdale, 
N. Y.; unm. 
750. ii. Cyrus Egbert, b. Aug. 17, 1841, in J^radford Co. 

iii. Amelia Adaline, b. Feb. 1, 1S44, Jn Bradford Co.; ni. 
Nov. 13, 1S67, William Goodsj)eed Prentice, b. July 
3, 1S45, in Newark Valley, where they live. No 
children of their own. 
iv. Alanianzo Bostwick, b. Feb. 3, 1847, in Berkshire; m. 
Dec. 31, 1874. Jennie Whaley, b. July 8, 1854, in 
Greene, N. Y. ; he is a bookkeeper in the employ of 
the Standard Oil Co. ; res., Auburn, N. Y. No chil- 
V. Emily Jane, b. Nov. 17, 1850, in Berkshire; d. Aug. 12, 
1880, in Genoa; m. there Nov. 6, 1878, Edson Jay Van 
Marter. He is a carpenter. She left a son, b. April 
23, iSSo, in Genoa, who was adopted by her sister, 
Mrs. Prentice, and bears the name of Rayinond Lhcr- 
more Pretiiifc.^° 
vi. Calisia Jeanctte, b. Aug. 10, 1857, in Berkshire; m. Oct. 
15, i87S,in Genoa, Francis Henry Innes, b. in 1857; 
he is a jcwoller. No children. 


Makv Ann* Livermore (J/^j-ij,? Moses, ^ Moses, ^ Josiah,^ Jo- 
seph,^ Jo/ill,^ John') was born Jan. 20, 1S19, in Lisle, N. Y. ; 
married there Jan. 10, 1S47, Noyes Palmer Chapman, born in 
18)4, in Newark Valley, where they live. 

Children (Chapman), born in Newark Valley : 

i. Wealthy McKnight,9b. Mar. 12, 1851 ; m. there Feb. 22, 
1S76, Wright Benjamin, son of Almerin and Margaret 
(Van Wormer) Williams, b. there Oct. 2, 1S43. Child 
(Williams), born in Newark Valley. 
I. Ctorge Albert, ^° b. Dec. 4, 1S76. 
ii. Frederick Henr), b. .^ug. 6, 1S52. 

286 Livcniiorc Fiiinily 


John FREUiikic' Livekmore {Moscs^ Mosrs,'' Moscs,^ Josinh,* 
Joscf/i,i John,' Jo/in') was b.-m Vch. 6, 1821, in l.isle, N. Y. ; 
died April 7, 1900, in Normal, a suburb of Bloomin^^on, 111.; 
married March 5, 1846, in Flcming\-ille, Newark Valley Town- 
ship, N. Y., Jane, daughter of Henry Smith and Nancy (Sutton) 
Granger, born July 24, 1826, in Jacksonnllc, N. Y. 

He moved fn.m Newark X'alley with his family to Madison 
City, Wis., in 1S55, and from thence to Polo, 111., in 1856; he 
led an uneventful life until the breaking out of the Civil war 
when he enlisted in May, 1861, in the 15th 111. Vols., for three 
years, and was discharged for disability in Feb., 1862. He had 
lived for twenty-eight years in Normal ; he was a carpenter. 

Children : 

751. i. William Henry,'' b. Jan. 9, 1S47, i^^ Candor, X. V. 

ii. Albert Granger, b. Sept. 10, 185 1, in Newark \'allt.y : d. 
there Jan. 3, 1S53. 

752. iii. Francis Granger, b. Oct. 3, 1S54, in Newark Valley. 

753. iv. Alice Louisa, b. Jan. 8, 1S5S, in Polo, 

V. Ida Luella, b. Sept. 9, 1 861, in Polo; d. there Dec. 20, 

vi. Harry Archie, b. Oct. 28, 1866, in Polo; d. Feb. 23, 
1 89 1, in Great Falls, Mont,, unm. He lived for some 
time in Harlem, Sargent Co., No. Dak, 


MosES^ LivERMORE, {Moscs,^ Mosfs,^ iMoses,^ Josia/i,* Josi-fli,^ 
JoJui,'- JoJin') was born Nov. 26, 1824, in Lisle, N. Y. ; married 
there Sept. 10, 1S46, Lucinda B. Cross, born Aug. 11, 1826, in 
Cherry Valley, N. Y. ; died June 24, 1889, in Yorkshire Centre, 
N. Y. Residence, Yorkshire Centre. 

Children, the first three born in Lisle, the youngest in Gro- 
ton, N. Y. : 

i, Clarissa Cook,9b, Nov. 5, 1S48 ; lives with her father, uniu. 

754. ii. Louise, b. April 4, 1S50. 

iii, George DeWitt, b, July 17, 1S52 ; d. Oct. 13. 1S54, in 

iv. Joseph Cook, b. Mar. 25, 1S54 ; d. Jan. 30, 1S56, in 


Eighth Generation 287 


Nathan* Livermore i^Mcscs,'' Moscs,^ Moscs,^ Josiah,* Jo- 
seph,^ John,^ John') was born Sept. 15, 1831, in Lisle, N. Y. ; 
married Feb. 1, 1852, in Triangle, N. Y., Lucy Fidelia Gardner, 
born Dec. 7, 1S34, in Lisle. He is a wagon-maker. Residence, 
Binghamton, N. Y. 

Children, born in Whitney Point (town of Triangle), N. Y. : 

755. i. Ida May,9 b. Nov. 4, 1S55. 

ii. Helen Collins, b. July 12, 1S58; d. there June i, 1863, 
iii. Ilattie Leona, b. Feb. 12, 1S61 ; m. there Nov. 2, 1881, 

Rudolph W. Whaley. 
iv. Lewis Garxlner, b. June 21, 1867 ; d. there Aug. 4, 1876. 
V. Mary Alice, b. Jan. 21, 1870. 
vi. John Bertcn, b. Sept. 23, 1874. 
vii. Lillian, b. Oct. 2, 1880. 
viii. Lula Mabel, b. Feb. 4, 1883. 


JuLiA^ LivEKMORE {Wivnicr,'' Moses, ^ Moscs,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ 
John,^ Joh)i') was born Sept. 16, 1S22, in Spencer; married 
there Oct. 31, 1S45, Elbridge Sibley, born in June, 1821, in 
West Brookfield ; died Dec. 13, 1S96, in the State of Wash- 

Children (Sibley), born in Spencer : 

i. Adele Joanna,^ b. Sept. 21, 1846; m. April 30, 1895, 

lieniy Blodgett of Littleton, N. H. 
ii. Frank Warner, b. Dec. 13, 1849. 
iii. Charles Herbert, b. July 7, 1S52 ; m. Grace Lackey of 

Spencer. Six children. 


AbigaiiJ Livermore {Rnsseli^ Moscs^ Moscs,^ Josiah* Jo- 
scph,'^ John, ^ John') was born Nov. 4, 1S23, in Lisle, N. Y. ; 
married there Oct. 13, 1S45, Stephen Briggs Howland, born 
there Jan. iS, 1S21 ; died May 12, iSSi, in Nanticoke, N. Y. 

Children (Howland), born in Lisle: 

756. i. George Stephen.'? b. .^pril 19. 1S47. 

2S8 Livcruioic Family 

ii. Mar)- Rebecca, b. May 15, 1S51 ; d. Sept. 27. 1S74. in 
Barker, N. Y. ; ni. Oct. 7, 1873, in Newark V;illrv, 
N. v., Charles J. Hayes, b. July 3, ,S57, in Jiarkcr. ' 
757. iii. Charles Sumner, b. Sept. 29, 1S58. 


K.MF.LiNK Francks^ Livekmoke (A'/mr//,? Mosis,^ MoSiS,^ 
Josiah* Josi'ph,-^ John,-' John') was born March 11, 1826, in 
Lisle, N. Y.; married Jan. i, 1S49, in Centre Lisle, Marshall 
Morcena, son of Morcena and Matilda (Brings) Glezen, burn 
there April 5, 1826; died there Aug. 13, 1899. 

Children (Glezen), born in Centre Lisle: 

i. Russell Livermore,9 b. Mar. i, 1850; d. there April S, 

ii. Lewis Marshall, b. Mai. 21, 1S52 ; m. Oct. 31, 1870. in 

Greene, N. Y., Emmagene (?), dau. of Ezra and Ann 

Eliza (Brockway) Olds, b. there Jan. u, 1S55. Xo 


758. iii. Frank Emerson, b. June 13, 1854. 

759. iv. Sarah Emeline, b. Oct. 30, i860. 

760. V. James Russell, b. Aug. 27, 1S63. 


George Warner^ Livermore {Russell^ Moses,'' Moscs,^ Jo- 
siah,* Joseph,^ John,' John') was born Sept. 17, 1828, in Lisle, 
N. Y. ; married (i) Oct. i, 185c, in Freetown, N. Y., Sarah 
Elizabeth, daughter of Calvin and Elizabeth (Saxton) Hammond, 
born there July 20, 1831 ; died March 30, 1863, in Lisle; mar- 
ried (2) Feb. 22, 1864, in Lisle, Julia E., daughter of Solomcjn 
Jones and Levantia (Buell) Northrup, born Sept. 4, 1S37, in 
Columbus, N. Y. ; died May 4, 1S83, in Lisle; married (3) 
March 18, 1884, in Newark Valley, N. Y., Louise, daughter *.f 
James Allen, born in Oct., 1853 ; died Feb. 24, 18S6, in Centre 
Lisle, N. Y.; married (4) Nov. 7, 1888, in Whitney's Point, 
N. Y., Clara, daughter of Royal and Margaret (Pike) Gilbert, 
born Oct. 15, 1S4S, in Cortland, N. Y. 

He left home after his eighteenth birthday, agreeing to pay 
his father i5ioo for his time. He went to Spencer, but returned 

EightJi Generation 289 

in the fall of 1848. He worked at the wagon trade for five 
years; the rest of his life has been spent as a farmer. He is 
now living in the centre of the town of Lisle. 
Children, born in Lisle : 

i. (rcorgc Warner/^ b. Sept. 10, 1854; d. there Mar. 3, 

761. ii. Creorge Calvin, b. Mar. 28, 1863. 

762. iii. Ira Warner, b. April 26, 1872. 

iv. John Eber, b. Mar. 29, 1875; he was a student in the 
law school of Buffalo University, and was graduated 
in igoi. 


Lewis Russkll'^ Livermoke {Rnssell^ Moses,^ Jl/oses,^ Jo. 
sia/t,* Joseph,^ Johv.,- John') was born Feb. 23, 183 1, in Lisle, 
N. Y. ; married Sept. 30, 1855, in Wellington, O., Matilda 
M., daughter of Lyman and Miranda (Wilson) Bonney, born 
March 22, 1S37, in Canandaigiia, N. Y. After the birth of 
his eldest child he settled in Clarksfield, O., where he still 
lives, and is a farmer. He enlisted Oct. 17, 1861, in the 
43d regiment, Ohio Vols., and was honorably discharged July 
13, 1865. 

Children, all but the eldest born in Clarksfield : 

i. Frank,9 b. Jan. 24, 1857, in Pharsalia, N. Y. 

ii. Edmond, b. Aug. 2, i86o; d. there in 1862. 

iii. lessie, b. June 24, 1S66 ; m. Jerry Clark. They have 

had three children, of whom one d. Aug. i, 1895. 
iv. Fay, b. Feb. 23, 1S68 ; d. there Nov. 5, 1874. 

763. V. Charles, b. Dec. i, 1S74. 
vi. Guy, b. Nov. 29, 1878. 


Joseph Wilson* Liver.more {Russell,'' Moscs,^ Moses,^ Jo- 
siah* Joseph,^ Jo/m' Johu') was born June 28, 1834, in Lisle, 
N. Y. ; married May 24, 1S54, in Owego, N. Y., Phoebe Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Francis and Phoebe Elizabeth (Booth) Law- 
son, born Oct. 17, 1836, in F'ishkill. N. Y. He has been a 

290 LivoiHorc Family 

carpenter nearly all his life, and has worked in Fall River, Wap- 
pinger's Falls, N. Y., Fishkill, and now lives in Lisle. 
Chilrlren : 

764.. i. Mary Alice,9 b. Nov. 12, 1S55, in Jierkshire, N. Y. 

765. ii. Russell Wilson, h. Nov. 3, i860, in Fishkill. 

766. iii. Luinan, b. Sept. g. 1S62, in Fishkill. 

iv. Carrie Elizabeth, b. Feb. 21, 1S6S, in Centre Lisle, N. 

Y. ; d. there June 12, 1872. 
V. Jay Willie, b. May 12, 1873, '" Centre Lisle; lu. June 

18, 1894, Mertie, dau, of William and Lucy Ann 

(Smith) Marks. Child, b. in Lisle : 
1. William,^- b. Sept. 24, 1S95. 


Walton^ Liver.more {Russell,-^ MoscsJ' Moses,^ Josin/i,^ Jo- 
seph? John,'' John') was born Jan. 22, 1838, in Lisle, N. Y. ; 
married July 4, 1858, Harriet, daughter of Andrew and Achsah 
(Gleason) Romans. He is a machinist in Richford, N. Y. 

Children : 

i. lda,9 b. Aug. 27, 1859; d. April 26, 1888. 
ii. Wallace, b. June 29, 1867; m. in 18S6, Hattic Stanton. 

I. Clarence,^'- b. Jan. i, 18SS. 
iii. Frederic, b. April 26, 187 i. 


Charles Theodore^ Li verm ore {R?(ssc//,7 Moses ^ Moses, ^ 
fosiah,'- Joseph,^ JoJin,"- John') was born March 14, 1841, in 
Lisle, N. Y. ; married April 7, 1864, in Triangle, N. Y., Rebecca 
Ellis, daughter of Hiram and Esther Hurlburt Pike, born May 
6, 1843, in Colesville, N. Y. At first he settled as a farmer in 
Lisle, but went to Denver, Col., in 1S79. I^c was in the lum- 
ber business when the financial crash of 1S92-93 came, and 
since that time has been engaged in the grain business in 

Child, born in Lisle : 

767. i. Esther Annie,' b. July 18, 1867. 

Eighth Generation 29 1 


Edmuxd K.** Livermore {Riissel/^ Muses,^ Moscs,^ Josiah* 
Joseph,^ John,' John') was born Dec. 16, 1S45, in Centre Lisle, 
N. v.; married Sept. 3, 1865, in Virgil, N. Y., Josephine Vir- 
ginia, daughter of Julian and INIatilda (Ladd) Simmons, born 
there June 29, 1846. 

lie lived with his parents until Sept., 1861, when he enlisted 
in company F, 27th regiment, N. Y. Vols.; in May, 1S62, he 
was taken sick at Shipman's Landing, Va., and was di.,charged 
for general disability July 2, 1862; he enlisted again, in Dec, 
1863, in company E, 137th regiment, N. Y. Vols., in which he 
served until the close of the war, reaching home in August, 
1865. He lived in Centre Lisle until March, 1874, when he 
moved to Richfurd, N. Y., returning to Lisle in Sept., 1874. 
In the fall of 1S77 he moved to Whitney Point, N. Y., and in 
Feb., 187S, to Kinghamton, N. Y., thence to Greene, N. Y., 
where his youngest child was born ; then to Syracuse, N. Y., in 
Feb., 1880; to Groton, N. Y., in Sept., 18S3, and back to Syra- 
cuse in Aug., 1884. He was a manufacturer of guns and rifle 
telescopes. Me now lives in Lisle, and is carrying on a farm. 

Children : 

i. Clinton Alarado,' b. Sept. 27, 1866, in Centre Lisle; 

m. May EHzabeth Davis, 
ii. Julian Adelbert, b. May 25. 1869, in Centre Lisle; d. 

Dec, 22, 1SS9, in Lisle; m. Jan. 16, 1S89, in Syracuse, 

Minnie May Houding, b. Jan. 6, 1S6S, in Lafayette, 

N. Y. 
iii. Miles Edmond, b. June 29, 1S72, in Centre Lisle; ni. 

Elizabeth Edminster. 
iv. Mary Dean, b. Aug. 12, 1S74, in llichford; m. Earnest 

V. Daniel Webster, b. Oct. 17, 187S, in Greene. 


George Brigham^ Livermore {Bnghavt^ Moscs,^ Moses,^ 
Josiah* Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born May 13, 1834, in Lisle, 
N. Y. ; died there July 28, 1871 ; married there Feb. i, i860. 

2Q2 Livennorc Fatnily 

Ann Eliza, daughter of William and Adeline (Livermore) Fen- 
ner, born there Feb. i8, 1838; died March 14, 1S78, in Maine, 
N. Y. 

Children, born in Maine : 

i. Calvin Ward/> b. July 25, 1S63; d. June 29, 1SS6. 
ii. Inez, b. Oct. i8, 1S69; m. Jan. 8, 1S90, Henry Ingalls. 
They live in Maine, and have two children. 


William Byron^ Livekmoke {Jhighaui,'' Moses,^ Moses,^ 
Josiali,* Joseph,^ John,'' John^) was born June 10, 1838, in Lisle, 
N. Y. ; married Dec. 26, 1871, in Watkins, N. Y., Esther Cath- 
arine, daughter of Alfred and Pcrmelia (Phelps) Allen, born July 
21, 1S42, in Willett, N. Y. He enlisted in company F, SQth 
regiment, N. Y. Vols.; lost his right arm in the battle of An- 
tietam, Sept. 17, 1862, and was discharged for disability, having 
served one year ; he attended the Grand Army National En- 
campment in Boston in Aug., 1890. He lives in Lisle, and has 
been a trustee (selectman) of that town several times. 
Child, born in Lisle : 

i. Alfred Brigham,^ b. June 25, 1S76; m. Feb. 24, 1S97, 
in Norfolk, Va., Teresa Ahern ; he is editor of the 
*' Lisle Gleaner." 


William Stedm.\n* Livermore {Obadiah,'' Avios,^ .VoscS,^ 
Josiali,^ Joseph,^ John,^ Jo/in') was born Jan. 28, 1823, in Rich- 
ford, N. Y. ; married April 11, 1848, in Unadilla, Mich., Jane 
Watson, born Dec. 9, 1827, in Richford. He is a dealer in 
general merchandise in Unadilla. 

Children, all except the second born in Unadilla : 

i. Margaret Almira,^ b. May 7, 1S50; d. July 23, 1S51, in 

ii. Edmond Watkins, b. July 9, 1852, in Ithaca. N. W. d. 
Mar. 4, 1 86 1, in Unadilla. 
7C8. iii. Lillie Jane, b. Oct. 17, 1S54. 

Eighth Generation 293 

iv, FrccU^rick Chalmers, b. Mar. 3, 1857 ; ni. Oct. 16, iSSi, 

in Unadilla, Mollio Bird, b. there Feb. 22, 1855. 
V. Marietta Gaveniui, b. May 12, 1S6S. 


Sakah Mauia^ Livekmoke {pbadiahT Amosl' Moses,^ Josiah,* 
Joseph,^ John,- John') was born Sept. 26, 1837, in Richford, 
N. Y. ; married Oct. 2, 1862, in Ithaca, N. Y., Austin Newell, 
son of Newell and Adalinc (Savage) Hungcrford, born there 
Oct. 3, 1835. 

Children (Hungerford), born in Ithaca : 

769. i. Mary Gavina,' b. Oct. 29, 1863. 

ii. Anna Candace, b. Feb. 27, 1868; m. her cousin, Joseph 
Cntlin, son of Joseph C. and Mary Alinira (Livermore) 
King of Ithaca, 
iii. Henry Roniaine, b. Aug. 26, 1869; d. there Dec. 16, 

Emokv Willard* Livermore {Jesse,'' Ezra,^ Abijali,^ Jo- 
siah,* Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born May 30, 1823, in Jamaica, 
Vt. ; married Jan. 25, 1873, in Buffalo, N. Y., Rosaltha Sophia 
Bailey, born Oct. 31, 1S35, in Brewerton, N. Y. 
Child, born in Hanover, N. Y. : 

i. Carlton Bailey ."^ b. Jan. 26, 1S74. 


William Ward^ Livermore {Jesse,'' Ezra,^ Abijah,^ Josiah,* 
Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born May 31, 1825, in Jamaica, Vt. ; 
married April 10, 185 1, in Hanover, N. Y., Miriam Waxham. 
Children, born in Hanover : 

i. Florence,' b. April 8, 1852; m. Mar. 28, 1S76, in Ar- 
cade, N. Y., Malcolm Campbell. 

770. ii. Lizzie, b. Oct. 25, 1853. 

iii. Alice, b. Oct. 6, 1S56; d. Sept. 4, 1878; m. April 3, 
1877, in Arcade, John Ward Gamble. Child (Gam- 
ble) : 

I. IVarJ,^' b. Aug. 13. 1S78; d. Sept. iS, 187S. 

iv. Ann Eliza, b. May i, 1S61. 

294 ' Livcnnorc Family 

JuLlKT^ LiVHKMOKE {Jcssc,'' Ezra,^ Abija/i,^ Josio/i,* Joscf/i,^ 
Joh?i' Jo/iii') was born April 30, 1829, in Jamaica, Vt. ; married 
Dec. 25, 1848, in Hanover, N. Y., Alexander Howard, born 

June 30, , in Jamaica. 

Children (Howard), born in Hanover : 

771. i. Newell Livermore,9 b. Dec. 25, 1849. 

ii. Amelia, b. Sept. 8, 1852; m. there Sept. 15, 1874, 

Eugene Roswell Howard, 
iii. Adelia, twin to Amelia; d, there July 20, 1856. 
iv. Wilbur Jesse, b. May 16, i860. 
77:?. V. Bertlia Rosa, b. June 5, 1862. 


Mary Ann'* Liver.more {Jcssc,'' Ezra,^ Abijah,^ Josia/:,* 
Joscp/i,i John,^ John') was born July 20, 1830, in Jamaica, Vt. ; 
married April 6, 1S5S, in Hanover, N. Y., Darius Burton Howe, 
born Nov. 19, 1832, in Newstead, N. Y. 

Children (Howe), born in Newstead: 

773. i. Anna Sophia,^ b. Dec. 30, 1861. 
ii. Edwin Judson, b. July ig, 1864. 

iii. Charles Burton, b. Oct. 6, 1870. 


Cynthia^ Livermoke {Jcssc,'' Ezra,^ AbijaJt,^ JosiaJi,* Joscpli,^ 
John,'' John') was born Feb. 14, 1S34, in Jamaica, Vt. ; married 
Nov. 5, 1857, Charles Julius Terry of Villcnova, N. Y., burn 
June 15, 1 83 1, in Portviile, N. Y. 

Children (Terry) : 

774. i. Cora Delphia,9 b. Oct. 15, 1S60, in Villenova. 

ii. Deforest Burton, b. Nov. 22, 1864, in Villenova. 
iii. Gertrude, b. Oct. 30, 1870, in Hanover, X. Y. 
iv. Henry Warren, b. ^^ar. 15, 1S75, in Hanover. 

Calista a.- Li verm ore {Jcssc,'' Ezra,^ AbijaJi,^ Josiah,* 
Joseph,^ JoJin,^ John') was born Feb. 6, 1838, in Hanover, X. 
Y. ; married Aug. 18, 1866, in Sheridan, N. Y., George Wash- 
ington F"ancher, born Sept. 3, 1S47, in Erie Co., N. Y. 

EightJi Generation 295 

Children (Fnnchcr), the eldest born in Yorkshire, N. Y., the 
others in Hanover : 

i. Leon l>iverinore,'5 b. Aug. 15, 1S67. 

ii. Jennie May, b. July 6, 1S69. 

iii. Lena IJelle, b. Dec. 22, 1S71. 

iv. Charles Elmer, b. Dec, 30, 1S73. 

V. Sophia Julia, b. Sept. 4, 1S76. 


Sophia Clarixda^ Livekmore {Jesse,'' Ezral' Abijah,^ Jo- 
siah,* JoscpJi,^ Johu,^ Jo/m') was born May 24, 1840, in Han- 
over. N. Y. ; niarried Oct. 4, 186S, in Dayton, N. Y., Clarke 
Wilson Oakes, born Dec. 11, 1S43, i" Hamburg, N. Y. 

Children (Oakes) : 

i. Clifford Verne,' b. June 28, 1S70. 

ii. Elwyn Livermore, b. April 19, 1S74. 

iii. Mabel Estelle, b. Aug. 24, 1876. 

iv. Edith Madelon, b. Mar. 8, 1886. 


JosiAH^ Gleason {Lydia,'' Ezra,^ Abija/i,^ Josia/i,* Joseph,^ 
John,' John') was born March 21, 1S27, in Jamaica, Vt. ; mar- 
ried Jan. I, 1 861, in Londonderry, Vt., Roxanna Adeline Chase. 
Residence, Townshend, Vt. 

Children (Gleason) : 

i. Carrie Lizzie,9 b. June i, 1870, in Jamaica. 
ii. Charles Warren, b. Oct. S, 


Wakren^ Glkaso.n {Lydia,'' Ezra,^ Abijah,^ Josiah,-^ Joseph,^ 
John,' John') was born Oct. i, 1830, in Jamaica, Vt. ; married 
Jan. 6, 1853, in Gardner, Adaline Ray, born there Jan. 18, 1834. 
Children (Gleason), born in Gardner : 

i. A son,9 b. Mar. 10, 1S59; d. in infancy. 
ii. A son, b. Jan. i, 1861 ; d. in infancy, 
iii. Etta Alcie, b. Nov. 11, 1866; m. there Dec. 24, 18S9, 

Winfy Sinclair. 
iv. Alta Edna, b. Aug. 17, 1S69; d. there Oct. 30, 18S0. 

296 LiveriHore Family 


Eliza An\« Gleason {Lydia^ Ezra!' Abijali,^ Josiali,^ 
Joseph,^ Jo/m,* Johtr) was born Nov. 3, 1835, in Jamaica, Vt. ; 
married Sept. i, 1859, in Brattlcboro, Vt., Simeon Stebbin.s Day, 
born Dec. 12, 18 19, in Northampton. 

Children (Day) : 

i. Albert Harland,? b. Sept. i, 1S60, in Jamaica; d. there- 
Mar. 10, 1862. 
ii. Franklin Edward, b. Dec. 14, 1862, in Preston. N. Y. ; 
m. Jan. i, 18S9, in Londonderry, Vt., Jennie May 
iii. Henry Simeon, b. June 30, 1866, in Pre.ston. 
iv. George Allen, b. July 12, 1868, in Preston. 
v.. Minnie i:iiza, b. April 27, 1872, in Jamaica ; m. June 3, 
18S8, in Westmoreland, N, PL, Frederick Sherman 
Smith. Child (Smith) : 

I. Narry Day,^'' b. Aug. 12, 1889. 
vi. Jennie Adaline, b. Sept. 27, 1874. in Jamaica. 


Jane Milly^ Livermore {Ecra,'' Ezra,^ Ahija/i,^ Josia/;,* 
JoscpJi,^ John,'' JoJin') was born March 22, 1S27, in Jamaica, 
Vt. ; married March 28, 1855, in Forestville, N. Y., Lyman 
Kendall, born Oct. 26, 1826, in Sheridan, N. Y. He is a far- 
mer. Residence, Sheridan. 

Children (Kendall), born in Sheridan: 

i. Willis Lyman,9 b. Feb. 19, 1S56; d. there Sept. 4, 1S62. 
ii. Alice Jane, b. May 28, 1S57 ; d. there July 5, 1S62. 
iii. Lee Truman, b. July 20, 1858; m. June 30, 1SS6. in 
Silver Creek, N. Y., Reca Knizer, b. Jan. 22, 1S59, 
in Aurora, N. Y. ; he is a carpenter, 
iv. Clara Priscilla, b. ^Lar. 2, 1S60; res., Sheridan. 
V. Elmer Ellsworth, b. Oct. 7, 1861 ; he is a farmer in 

vi. Albert Edson, b. Sept. 20, 1S63; he is a farmer in 

vii. Merritt Hezekiah, b. Sept. 30, 1S65 ; he is a wagon- 
maker in Sheridan. 

Eiglitli Generation 297 

viii. Wilbur Cyrenus, b. Oct. 26, 1S6S ; he is a fanner in 


Mark Cook^ Livermore f^Ezra,'' Ezm,^' Abijah,^ Josiah,* 
Josef/!, ^ Joint,'' Jolin') was born Sept. 9, 1832, in Jamaica, Vt. ; 
died Aug. 24, 1874, in Red Rock, Minn. ; married Jan. r, 1859, 
in Brownsdale, Minn., Priscilla Anderson, b. Sept. 19, 1841, in 
Green, O. Me was a farmer. 

Children, born in Red Rock : 

i. Clara Jane,'' b. Sept. 8, 1S60; d. there Nov. 27, 1S61. 

ii. Florence Kate. b. Sept. 30, 1S62 ; m. June 11, 18S6, in 
Austin, Minn., Clajton J. Smith, b. Sept. 10, 1862, 
in Novi, Mich. Child (Smith), b. in St. l^aul, Minn. : 
I. Marion Louisc,^° b. Mar. ii, 1SS9. 


Edson^ Livermore [Ezra,' Ezra,^ Abija/i,^ Josiah,'' Joseph,^ 
John,'' John') was born Aug. 28, 1834, in Jamaica, Vt. ; married 
Sept. 21, 1864, in Smith's Mills, N. Y., Eunice Gage Nevins, 
born there March 20, 1845. He is a farmer in Forest ville, N. 
Y. ; he was formerly a commercial traveller and also a school 

Children, born in Sniith's Mills, except the youngest : 

i. Alice May,9 b. Oct. i, 1865 ; m. Mar. 19, 18S4, in Sheri- 
dan, N. v., Frederick Shelly ; he is a farmer. 
. , ii. Carrie Fsthcr, b. Sept. 19, 1867 ; she is a teacher. 

iii. EfTie Orrilla, b. Jan. 19, 1S70; d. there April 19, 

iv. Clark Edson, b. May 29, 1875. 
V. Howard Garfield, b. Aug. 15, iSSo, in Forestville. 


Cl.-\ Susax** Livermore {Ezra t Ezra,'' Abijali,^ Josiah,^ 
Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born July 4, 1S36, in Jamaica, Vt. ; 
married Jan. 22, 1862, in Forestville, N. Y., Don Medbcry, born 
Dec. 18, 1830, in Nashville, N. Y. He is a farmer. Residence, 
Cassadac:a. N. Y. 

298 Liver mo re Family 

Children (Mcclbcry), the first two born in Hamlet, N. Y.. the 
others in' Cassadaga : 

i. Helen Adele,^ b. Xov. 3, 1S63. 

ii. Don Dexter, b. Aug. 15, 1S65. 

iii. Jennie May, b. July 25, 1S69. 

iv. Clara Edith, b. Aug. iS, 1S71. 


George Washington^ Livermoke {Ezra,'' Ezra,^ Abijah,^ 
Josiah* Joseph,^ JoJiii,^ John') was born May 5, 1S44, in Han- 
over, N. Y. ; married Jan. i, 1866, in Brownsdalc, Minn., Cyn- 
thia Anderson, born July 8, 1S47, ^^ Hanover. 

He passed his boyhood on a farm, going to school at Nash- 
ville, N. Y., until about eighteen years old; in the spring of 
1863 he went to Painesville, O., and worked on a farm until 
March, 1S64, when he returned home; May i, 1S65, he left 
home for Chicago, arriving there in time to take part in the 
funeral procession of President Lincoln. In June, 1S65, he 
removed to Minnesota, where he worked on a farm. After his 
marriage he bought a farm, but in Nov., 1S66, removed to Aus- 
tin, Minn., working as a carpenter. In the summer of 1868 he 
bought a farm of forty acres of prairie land near Brown sdale, 
where he lived until Dec, 1875, when he visited his mother 
and relatives in New York State. He returned to Minnesota, 
and after selling his farm moved to Minneota, Minn., where in 
1883 he was appointed agent for the L. C. Porter Milling Co. 
of Winona, Minn. He now lives on a farm of 160 acres in 
Minneota, IMinn. 

Children : 

i. Willie Creswellj-^ b. April 5, 1S67, in Austin, Minn.; d. 

Aug. 13, iSSS, in Minneota. 
ii. Myrtie Augusta, b. Dec. 11, 1S6S, in Brownsdale ; m. 
Sept. 25, iSSS, in Tacoina, Wash., Charles N. Boyd, 
iii. Clara Ellen, b. Mar. 20. 1S74, in Brownsdale. 
'■ iv. Katie May, b. Jan. 12, i8Si, in Minneota. 

/• ■- f V. Mark Bailey, b. .May 1, 1SS6, in Minneota ; d. there Oct. 

K.'.n'-., , 28, 1SS6. 

' • Eight Jl Generation 299 

Carroll Goodenow^ Livp:rmokk {Ezra,'' Ezra,^ Abijali,^ 
Josiah,^ Josef'/!,i Jo/in,^ John') was born April 15, 1850, in Han- 
over, N. Y. ; married (1) ; married (2) Feb. 16, 1887, in 

Chicago, Mrs. Alice Marinda (Rust) Hunt, daughter of John 
Ethan and Judith Sarah (Masters) Rust, born Nov. 24, 1857, in 
Battle Creek, Mich. He had two sons by his first wife. 


L.^URA** LiVERMORE {Asa^ Ezra,*' Abijah,^ Josiah* Josef>/i,^ 
John,^ John') was born Feb. 19, 1835, in Jamaica, Vt. ; married 
Feb. 3, 1S59, in Smith's Mills, N. Y., Lewis Ogden, born Jan. 
2, 1832, in Erie Co., Penn. Residence, Westerville, O. 

Children (Ogden) : 

i. Leslie Carl,9 b. Dec. i, 1859, in Smith's Mills; m. June 
4, 18S4, in Ada, O., Cora Hampton, b. Oct. 13, 1S63 ; 
res., Osceola, Neb. He is an operator and express 
agent. Child (Ogden), b. in Raymond, Neb.: 

I. Ethel May,'" b. Oct. 29, 18S9. 

ii. May Eliza, b. Nov. 22, 1862, in Smith's Mills; d. April 

II. 1SS7, in Westerville. 
iii. Maud, b. Feb. 10, 1S65, in Villenova, N. Y. 


MiLLV EsTELLA* LivEKMORE {Asa,' Ezra,'' Abijah,^ Josiah,'' 
Joseph,^ John,- John') was born April 23, 1844, in Smith's 
Mills, N. Y. ; married there Feb. 22, 1865, Lucian Sabin, born 
there Dec. 23, 1841 ; died Jan. 7, 1S73, ^" Champaign, 111. 
After the death of her husband she returned to Westerville, O. 
Children (Sabin) : 

i. Belle Eliza,' b. May 21, 1865. in Smith's Mills; d. May 

10, 1882, in Westerville. 
ii. Carl, b. June 25, 1S71, in Westerville; d. there Mar. 18, 

Reuecca Ham.mond^ Livermoke {Jnstice,'' Abijah,^ Abijah,^ 
Josiah,^ Joseph,^ Johpi,' John') was born May 20, 181 8, in 
Jamaica, Vt. ; married there Dec. i, 1S40, James Lallard Horr. 

300 Live 71 no re Family 

Children (Horr) : 

i. Ervin Justus,** b. July 29, 1S53. 
ii. Adin Joseph, b. Oct. 24, 1855. 

ZiPORA Elizabeth^ Livf.rmore {Justice,'' Abijah^ AlnjaJi,^ 
Josia/i,* Joseph,^ Johii,^ Jo/iii') was born Jan. 12, 1821, in Ja- 
maica, Vt.; married there Feb. 29, 1S44, William I^. Bunnell. 

Children (lUnmell) : 

i. Libbit;,'> b. Aug. 10, 1846 ; m. Adams. 

ii. Cora, b. Jan. 10, 1854; m. Clark; res., South Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 


Newell^ Livermore {Justice,'' Abijah^ Abijah,^ Josiah,^ 
Joseph,'^ John,'' John') was born May 11, 1825, in Jamaica, Vt. ; 
married (i) Oct. 8, 1849, i" Jamaica, Mary Chapin ; married (2) 
May 2, 1852, Francena Thayer. 

Children, the eldest born in Jamaica, the others in Ogdens- 
burg, Wis. : 

i. Harlan Newell,' b. July 26, 1850; res., Jefferson, la. 
ii. Ada Augusta, b. Aug. 28, 1857. 
iii. Frederick Morris, b. Sept. 23, 1859. 
iv, Edna, b. Jan. 7, 1862. 
V. Kittie, b. July 23, 1S68. 


Benjamin IMuzzv^ Livermore {Hdvimond^ Abijah,^ Abijah,^ 
Josia/i,* Josef ':,i JoJin,^ John') was born Feb. 27, 1S25, in Ja- 
maica, Vt. ; died Feb. 7, 1878, in New York City; married 
there April 3, 1850, Adelia Lucy Kellogg, born there May 22, 
1S26. , . 

Children : 

i. Caroline Henriclta,9 b. Feb. 13, 1S53. in Jamaica. 
ii, Fanny Adelia, b. Jan. 28, 1S65, in New York; d. Nov. 
13, 1SS5, in Chicago, 111. 
775. iii. Charles Frederick, b. Sept. 25, 186S, in New York City. 

Eighth Goioation 301 


Lkvekna" Livekmokk {Haviviond,'' Abijah,'' Abijah,^ Josiah,* 
Joseph,^ Jo/ni,' John') was born Nov. 13, 183 1, in Jamaica, Vl. ; 
married May 27, 1852, in Wardsboro, Vt., Ackims Twitchcll, 
born April 29, 1827, in Jamaica ; died Feb. i, 1892, in Orange. 

Children (Twitchell), born in Jamaica : 

776. i. Luther Haniniond,9 b. July 15, 1856. 

ii. Adams Hollis, b. April 22, 1872 ; he is in Alaska. 
iii, Franklin Lorenzo, b. April 7, 1874; d. Nov. 7, 1895, in 
Orange ; he worked in a shoe shop. 


Hammond J.** Livermore {Hammondp Abijah,^ Abijah,^ Jo- 
siah,'* Joseph,^ John,' John') was born Nov. 6, 1S34, in Jamaica,' 
Vt.; married March 3, 1858, in Genesee, 111., Lucy, daughter of 
Justice Lot and Christian (Muzzy) Livermore, born Feb. 11, 
1838, in Jamaica. In 18S9 they moved to Tacoma, Wash., and 
when last heard from were in Oregon City, Ore. 

Child, born in Dartford, Wis. : 

i. Lee Hammond.^ b. June 27, 1861. 


Mark Cook** Livermore {Hainmo?id,'' Abijah,'' AbJJah,^ Jo- 
siah,^ Joseph,^ John,^ John^) was born Sept. 6, 1838, in Jamaica, 
Vt. ; married Oct. 28, 1861, Elizabeth Marshall, born Oct. 28, 
1844, i" Shermansville, Penn. Residence, Concordia, Kan. 

Child, b(nn in Jamaica : 

i. Frank Ross,'' b. Jan. 29, 1871. 


Fannie Alice'' Livermore {James,'' Phiiicas,'' Abijah,^ Jo- 
siah* Joseph T" John,^ John') was born July 2, 1865, '^^ Owego, 
N. Y. ; married Jan. i, 1884, in Newark Valley, N. Y., Major 
Westcott Bakeman. 

Children (Bakeman), born in Owego : 
i. Leon >Lnjor.9 b. June 30, 1886. 
ii. Van Xess, b. Nov. 14, 1S92. 

302 Liver more Family 


Stephrn Gould'* Livkkmokf. {Stcplicn,'' Reuben,^ Joseph,'^ 
Josia/i,* Josip/i,^ John,^ Jo/ni') was born Y)qc. 24, 1823, in Sut- 
ton; married May i, 1S49, in Marlboro, Mary Ann, daughter of 
Barnabas and Mary ]>righani, born there in 1827. He was a 
machinist. Residence, Cedar Rapitls, la. 

Children : 

i. Ella Maria,9 b. May 10, 1850, in Springfield; d. May 8, 

1852, in Dayton, O. 
ii. Harry Edgar, b. Eeb. 3, 1S55, in Chicago, 111.; d. there 

Dec. 17, 1S55. 
iii. Ida Etta, b. Dec. 27, 1862, in Cedar Rapids, and is 

living there, unni. 
iv. Emma Mina, b. July 10, 1S64, in Cedar Rapids, and is 

living there, unin. 


Julia Axn^ Livermore {Shp/icn,'' Rcuboi,^ Joseph,^ Josiah,* 
Joscp/i,'^ Jo/ii2,^ Johji') was born Oct. 11, 1830, in Millbury ; died 
March 21, 1883, in Sutton; married April 22, 1S51, in Spring- 
field, David Hyde, son of Gilbert Searles, born Dec. 29, 1827, 
in Sutton. 

Children (Searles : 

777. i. Martha Ann.'' b. Feb. 23, 1852, in Sutton. 

778. ii. Charles Edgar, b. Mar. 10, 1854, in Sutton. 

779. iii. James Henry, b. Sept. 11, 1857, in Millbury, 


Henry Lewis^ Bancroft {Harriet,'' Rcnheu,^ Joseph,^ Josiah* 
/oscp/i,^ Jo/iJ!,' JoJin') was born June 25, 1821, in Millbury; 
married (i) April 9, 1846, Martha Ann Harris; died Jan. 20, 
1876, in Millbury; married (2) July 5, 18S0, Mary Marble 

Children (Bancroft), born in Millbury : 

i. Henry Hariis,9 b. Sept. i, 1847; "^- ^-'o^'- 23. 1S71, 
Ma'r)- F. Warfield. Child (Bancroft) : 
i' I. Ceorgie MaM,^= b. Dec. 5, 1S7S. 

Eighth Generation 303 

ii. George Frederick, b. Dec. 4, 1S51 ; d. April 24, 1S79. 
iii. Charles Lewis, b. Mar. 15. 1S54; tn. Dec. 24, 1S73, 
Matilda Davidson. Children : 

1. Frank Albert }° born in April, 1875. 

2. Martha Afaud, b. in Oct., 18S1. 

iv. Walter Morse, b. Jan, 20, 1S5S; d. June 12, 1876. 

V. Joseph Herbert, b. July 14, 1862 ; d. Jul\- 20, 18S1. 

vi. Harriet May, b. April 30. 1S65 ; d. Mar. i, 18S2. 

vii. Grace Louisa, b. I'eb, 7, 18S7, 


Ansox Gould'* Livermore {Da)iicl,'' Reuben,'' Joseph,^ Jc- 
siah* Joseph,^ John,' John') was born Jan. 24, 1S34, in Mill bury ; 
married there (i) April 2, 1S57, Sarah Maria Poland, born July 
I, 1S33, in Winchendon ; died March 17, 1S79, iri Millbury ; 
married (2) Feb. 25, 1S80, in Worcester, Mrs. Lizzie B. (Scaver) 
Taft, daughter of Leonard and Cynthia Seaver, born March 20, 
1843, in Springfield. 

Children, born in Millbury : 

i. Charles Anson, « b. April 17, 1S59 ; d. there Mar. 15, 

ii. Ida Maria, b. Feb. 2, 1S64. 


Caroline Eliza* Livermore {Jos,.ph^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Jo- 
siah,* Joseph,^ John,' John^) was born Dec. 2y, 1834, in New 
York; died there Feb. 15, 1S97; married there Oct. 11, 1854, 
Richard L. Larremore, died there Sept. 13, 1S93. He was, in 
1888, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas of the City 
of New York. 

Children (Larremore), born in New York : 

i. Wilbur," b, Aug. 8, 1S55 : he is a lawyer in Kew 

ii. Mary Filen, b. July 9, 1S59; m. there June 24, 1S96, 

Stephen Ashton McLean, 
iii. Jo>ephine Edith, b. Oct. 30, 1S66. 
iv. Mabel Olive, b. Feb. 2S, 1S71, 

304 Livcnnorc Family 

John Rohert McDowell^ I.ivkrmoke {Joseph,'' Jos.pli'' 
Josep/i,^ Josiah,* Joseph,'^ Joh)i,^ JoIdi') was burn June 2, 1S38 ; 
married Dec. 16, 1862, Ann Eliza, daughter of George C. Lugar 
of New York. He entered mercantile life in 1853, and is a 
freight broker in New York City. He served in the 71st regi- 
ment, N. Y. State National Guard, during the Civil war ; he 
was a lieutenant in r86i, acting captain in 1S62, and regimental 
adjutant in 1863. He moved to Brooklyn, L. I., in 1867, and 
to Montclair, N. J., in 1S72, where he now lives. 
Children : 

i. Stella Arnanda,9 b. Aug. 11, 1S64, in New Yo'k. 
780. ii. Richard Larremore, b. Oct. 22, 1869, in Brooklyn. 

iii, Fanny Ethel, b. Sept. 17, 1873, in Montclair; d. there 
Jan. 12. 18S0. 


Joseph Mason^ Livermore {OlivcrT Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Josiah,* 
Jostpfi,^ Jolai,^ John') was born Nov. 22, 1824, in Eastport, Me. ; 
died there Nov. 20, 187S ; married there March 7, 1847, Ellen 
Irene, daughter of Seward Bucknam, born there Nov. 26, 1S26. 
He was for many years a merchant there, and moderator at the 
town meetings from 1857 to 1869 inclusive, 1872, '74 to '7S 
inclusive. He was chosen a Republican senator in 1858, and 
was a selectman and chairman of the board from 1859 t<-* i^^9 
inclusive. He was appointed surveyor of the port of Eastport 
by President Lincoln. He afterwards practiced law until his 

Children, born in Eastport : 

i. Joseph McLellan,';' b. June 15, 1851 ; d. Sept. 19, 1S72, 

in St. Louis, Mo. 

ii. Edward Everett, b. Aug. 7, 1S53 ; d. there Mar. 23, 

•r , , 1893. He was a graduate of the Harvard Law School 

1877, a prominent lawyer in F^stport, and a select- 

' ■ man in iSSo, 'Si, '82; county attorney in Eastport 

from 1SS5 to '89; at the time of his death he was 

captain of the Frontier Guards, Maine militia. 

iii. Charles Paine, b. Mar. 23, 1S55; d. there Sept. 7. 1S56. 

Eighth Generation 30S 

iv. Ellen Irene, b. May 7, 1857; ni. there Jan. 16, 1884, 

George V. Russell ofPortland, Me. 
V. Anna I'ucknam, b. Oct. 13, 1S59; m. there Sept. 3, 18S4, 

Albert Pike of St. Louis, 
vi. Oliver Shead, b. Sept. 24, 1861 ; d. there July 16, 

vii. Seward Bucknam, b. Sept. 2, 1864; m. June 30, i8f;^o, 
in Koston, Margaret Eva, dau. of Dcnnison A. and 
Mary F. Wright, b. in Lov/ell in 1S65; he is an elec- 
trician in Brooklyn. 
viii. Sarah Preble, b. June 1, 1867. 


Oliver Shead'' Livermore {Oliver,'^ Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Josia/i,* 
Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born Feb. 23, 1S28, in Eastport, 
Me.; married Ucc. 15, 1852, in Sacramento, Cal., Lucy Amelia 
Bradbury, born May 24, 1830, in Eastport. 

He sailed for San Francisco by the way of Cape Horn, arriv- 
ing there May 2, 1850, and went to the mines, where he passed 
eiglitecn months. From there he went to Sacramento, where 
he became a clerk with Pope & Talbot, in the lumber business. 
After a time he returned to San Francisco, working for the 
same firm, and then, going back to the East, was employed as 
purser on the steamer "Admiral," running from Boston to St. 
John, N. B. In i860 he again went to San Francisco, and re- 
sumed his }X)sition as clerk for his old employers, his family 
settling in Centreville. In 1863 he went to Centre\'ille, and 
was appointed deputy sheriff of Alameda Co., which office he 
held four years. In 1S68 he moved to what is now Livermore, 
and bought a ranch. He served as justice of the peace two 
years and deputy county assessor four years. Residence, Liver- 

Children : 

781. i. Clara Coolidge,^ b. Oct. 12, 1854, in Eastport. 

ii. Sarah Swift, b. June 13, 1863, in Centreville; m. May 

17, 18S1, in Livermore, Samuel Anson Palmer, b. June 

18, 1850, in Sacramento. 

2o6 Livcrmore Family 


Frederick J." Smith {Fannie^ David,'' Samuel,^ Josif>h,* 
Josef h,^ Jolnu^ Jolin') was born April 25, 1829, in Hillsboro, 
N.H.; married there (i) Dec. 25, i8s7, Mary Jane Nichols; 
married (2) Nov. 20, 1870, Susan Mellen. 

Children (Smith), bori^ in Hillsboro : 

i. Alice Isabel!e,9 b. Dec. 3, 1863; m. April 21, 18S5, in 
Antrim, N. IL, Albert Joseph Burnham (a grandchild 
of her great-uncle, Joseph Livermore). No children. 

ii. Annie Josephine, b. Jan. 14, 1865; m. Oct. 13, 1S89, 
James Eugene Trow of Goshen, N. Y., b. Mar. 5, 
1859; he is a farmer in Hillsboro. 

Grandison David* Livermoke {Joseph,'' David^ Samuel,^ 
Joseph,* Joseph,^ John,'' John') was born Nov. 24, 1825, in Hills- 
boro, N. H.; died there Nov. 22, 185 1 ; married there ?'eb. 12, 
1847, Esther Maria, daughter of Ebenczer and Ruth (Faulkner) 
Townc. He was a farmer, residing in the western pirt of the 

Children, born in Hillsboro : 

7S2. i. George Freeman,? b. Mar. 5, 1S48. 
783. ii. Henr}' Joseph, b. May i, 1851. 


Marietta* Livermore {Joseph,-! David,^ Saviucl,^ Joseph,'' 
Joseph,^ Johi,^ John') was born Feb. 26, 1828, in Hillsboro, N. 
H.; died Feb. 5, 1875; married Sept. 5, 1849. James Wilson, 
lie is a farmer in Loda, 111. 
Children (Wilson) : 

i. Mar)- E.,9 b. Mar. 23. 1850. 
ii. Sarah Livermore, b. Jan. 27, 1852. 

iii. Frank James, b. Sept. 17, 1S55 ; m. , and has chil- 

iv. Ann Sarah, b. Nov. 5, 185S; m. Rice, and has 

children; res., Buckley, 111. 

Eighth Goicration 307 

Sarah How** Livekmoke {Joseph,'' David I' Saviuc/,^ Joseph * 
Joseph,^ Joh?!,^ Johu') was born Dec. 3, 1833, in Hillsboro, N. H. ; 
died there Dec. 3, 1887; married there Jan. 3, 1858, Henry J. 
Ikirnham, died June 21, 1871. He was a farmer, and they re- 
sided in the western part of the town, on the farm where the 
lug huu-se in which the family first lived was built. 
Children (Burnham), born in Hillsboro : 

i. Albert Joseph,' b. Nov. 12, 1858; m. April 21, 1S85, in 
Antrim, N. H,, Alice Isabelle Smith, b. Dec. 3, 1863; 
she is a granddaughter of his great-aunt, Fannie 
Liverniore ; he is a farmer. No children, 
ii. Laura Amelia, b. Dec. 29, 1864; m. June 3, 1888, in 
Antrim, Ernest Herman Saltmarsh, b. Nov. 24. 1S66, 
in VVeare, N. H. ; he is a blacksmith in Hillsboro 
Upper Village. No children. 


Jonas Leonard* Livermore {Samuel,'' Samuel^ Saviuci,^ 
Joseph,* Joseph,^ Johti,^ John') was born Jan. r i, 18 17, in Wind- 
ham, Vt. ; died Feb. 2, 1885, in Townshend, Vt. ; married 
Aurilla, daughter of Lyman and Asenath (Carroll) Walker, born 
Feb. II, 1816, in Dummerston, Vt. ; died Aug. 15, 1887, in 

Children : 

i. Marion Aurilla,'' b. May 24, 1S42, in Londonderry, Vt. ; 

d. July 27, 1855, in Townshend. 
ii. Frank Samuel, b. Sept. 7, 1849. ^" Londonderr}-. 
784. iii. William Herbert, b. Dec. 31, 1S54, in Townshend. 

Edward Alms* LIVER^roRE {Samice/,' Saviue!,^ Saviuel,^ 
Joseph,* Joseph,^ John,' Johu^) was born Nov. 7, 1824, in Wind- 
h:tm. Vt. ; died Jan. 14, 1S87, in Londonderry, Vt. ; married 
July 4, 1S47, iri Chicopee Falls, Mary Clough Gardner, born 
Feb. 10, 182S, in Springfield; died April 17, 1901, in Somer- 
vilic. , . 

30S Livctynore Family 

Children, born in Londonderry : 

i. Charles Edward,' b. Feb. 7, 1852 ; he has been twice 

married ; res., Ixindonderry. 
ii. Warren Gardner, b. Sept. i, 1854; m. June 1, 1S93, in 
f Cambridge, Emma F., daughter of Samuel and Mary 

S. (Hov.o) Fabyan, b. in 1855, in Boston; he is a 
prison official, 
iii. Mar)' Asenath, b. Nov. 29, 1866; m. Oct. 4, 1891, in 
East Cambridge, William Curtis, son of Albert and 
Annie B. Jones, b. Sept. 11, 1844, •" Sutton, Canada; 
he is an officer in the House of Correction, Cam- 

Austin Franklin* Livekmore {Samiiel,'' Saviucl,^ Sai/tur/,^ 
Joscpli,* Joscp/i,^ Ja/in,' Jo/m^) \yd.s. born Nov. 15, 1827, in Wind- 
ham, Vt.; married March 10, 1853, in Londonderry, Vt., Jane 
Barnard, born May 15, 1831, in Winhall, Vt. ; died Feb. 20, 
1885, in Londonderry. 

Children, born in Londonderry : 

i. Frederick Franklin,? b. Mar. 6, 1S54 ; m. there Jan. i, 
1872, Abbie Williams. No children. 

785. ii. Frank Samuel, b. Oct. 2, 1862. 

786. iii. John Leonard, b. Dec. i, 1864. 


William Wells^ Livermore {Jo/iu^ Samuc/,^ Saviucl,'^ Jo- 
seph,'^ Joseph,^ John,'' John'') was born July 12, 1842, in Sebec, 
Me.; married July 4, 1S64, in Portland, Me., Hattie Wedge. 
He wa.s a soldier in company H, 3d Maine Vols., and also coh^r 
sergeant, ser\-ing three years. 

Children : 

i. Hattie Ada,9 b. Aug. 13, 1865, '" East Vassalboro, Me. 

787. ii. Mary, b. June 22, 1S67, in North Vassalboro, Me. 

iii. William Arthur, b. Jan. 20, 1870, in Winslow, Me.; m. 

"^ ^' Dec. 25, 1896, in Providence, R. L, Mamie Mirden. 

iU'. ■ • iv. Fxlward Alonzo, b. Dec. i, 1875, '" Gardiner, Me.; he 

(■■ . went to school in Gardiner, and in the fall of 1896 

entered the University of Maine. He enlisted in 

battery A in May, 1898, and was stationed at Fort 

Popham and also in Cuba. 

Eighth Geucration 309 


Nancy* Livi:kmoke i^John,'' Saniurl,'' Savuwl,^ Josrph,* Jo- 
Si/'h,^ John,^ John') was born Nov. 17, 1S50, in Gardiner, Me.; 
married June 7, 1865, in I^run.swick, Me., Amos Oliver Reed. 
He was a soldier in company H, 12th Maine Vols. 

Children (Reed), born in Brunswick : 

i. George Storer,9 b. Mar. 8, 1876. 
ii. Laura B., b. Oct. iS, 1879. 


Charles Hexkv'* Livfkmoke {DiDiicl,'' Ephmivi,^ Daniel,'^ 
Daniel,*' Daniel,^ John,^ Joh)i') was born Nov. 10, 1825, in 
Princeton ; married (i) June 10, 185 i, in Weston, Almira, daugh- 
ter of Elisha and Almira (Rice) Child, born Jan. 9, 1831, in 
Lincoln; died Jan. 11, 1873, in Weston; married (2) April 19, 
1876, in Weston, Ellen Child (sister of his first wife), born there 
July 26, 1838. When he was about eight years old his father 
moved to Weston, and he went to live with his grandfather 
Cutting, in Sudbury, where he spent about four years ; his father 
then took him to his farm in Weston, where he has lived ever 
since. He is very fond of horses, being a dealer in them, and 
has trained many colts. 

Children, born in Weston : 

788. i. Charlesetta,9 b. May 22, 1853. 

789. ii. Cliarles Henry, b. May 3, i860. 

iii. May Child, b. May 26, 1869; m. Dec. 20, 1S90, in Ev- 
erett, Alfred Leslie, son of George W. and Josephine 
M. (Brown) Cutiing, b. Jan. 27, i868, in Weston. No 

Catharine Hovt- Taylor {Catharine^ Aaron,^ Daniel,^ 
Daniel,'^ Danici,^ John,^ John') was born May i, 1820, in Gilsum, 
N. H.; married June 21, 1838, in Wheaton, 111., Rev. William 
Henry Brewster, born June 16, 181 3, in Claremont, N. H. 
Children (Brewster) : 

i. Ellen Maria,' b. Jan. 28, 1841, in Haverhill; d. Nov. 
14, 185S, in Cleveland, O., unm. 

3IO Livcrviorc Faviily 

ii. Henrietta, b. Nov. 19, 1843, ''^ I-owell; she is a music 

790. iii. (Jeorge Henry, b. Sept. 30, 1846, in Providence, R. I. 

iv. Abbie Jane, b. Aug. 28, 1853, in Lowell; she is a clerk 

in the Recorder's office. 
V, Catharine Leonora, b. April 16, 1856, in West Dennis; 

d. Aug. 12, 1865, in Cleveland. 
vi. Mary Louisa, b. Mar. 4, 1859, in Cleveland; d. Jan. 23, 

187 I, in Wheaton. 


Emeline Pameua* Taylor {Catharific,'' Aarcm,^ Daniel,^ 
Daniel,"^ Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Sept. 15, 1821, in 
Gilsum, N. H.; married Dec. 17, 1840, in Rochelle, 111., Henry 
Beard Stiles, born Oct. 15, 181 5, in Nelson, 111. Residence, 

Children (Stiles), born in Rochelle : 

i. George Henry ,^ b. Jan. 26, 1S42; he enlisted in the 
army, 1861, and was never heard from after. 

ii. Albin Beard, b. May 24, 1S45 ; m. Oct. 3, 1870, Susan 
C. McFall. 

iii. La Forest, b. June 7, 1S49; m. Sept. 19, 1875, Pattie 
A. Cady. 
._.' . iv. Emma, b. May 9, 1853; d. there April 3, 1S75, unm. 

V. Abbie, b. April 6, 1859. 


George Hammond- Taylor {CatJiaHne^ Aaroii,^ Daniel,'^ 
Daniel,'^ Daniel,^ JoJin,^ John') was born May 30, 1823, in Gil- 
sum, N. H. ; married Nov. 24, 1846, Emily C. Wood, born Dec. 
8, 1S24, in Prescott, Canada. Residence, Franklin, III. 

Children (Taylor), the first four born in Nashville, 111., the 
others in Franklin Grove : 

_ i. Alice,9 b. Jan, 9, 1848; m. William B. Floyd, a grocer; 

residence, St. Charles, 111. 
ii. Leonidas C, b. June 5, 1S49; ^- there April S, 1S50. 
■ iii. Ella, b. Jan. 16, 185 1 ; m. William Hemme, a money 
'' broker in San Francisco. Cal. 

Eighth Geucratioi 3 1 1 

iv. Flora, b. Dec. 2, 1S53; m. D:tniel Timothy, a farmer in 

Lee Co., 111. 
V. Frank, b. Aug. 15, 1S59; he is a book-keeper, 
vi. Lucius, b. Sept. 12, 1S63 ; he is a professional gardener. 


DiANXY Rawscn** Tavlok {Cathariju^ Aaron,'' Daniel,^ Dan- 
iel,^ Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Feb. 7, 1825, in Gilsum, 
N. H.; married Dec. 4, 1853, Shubal Pratt Adams, born Feb. 
5, 18 1 7, in Medfield. He was formerly a lawyer in Lowell. 

Children (Adams), the eldest born in Lowell, the others in 
Dubuque, la. : 

791. i. Katie Livermore,' b. Sept. i, 1854. 

ii. \\'illiam Livermore, b. Feb. 4, 185S; d. there Aug. 5,. 

iii. Freddie, b. June 26, 1S60; d. there July 27, 1862. 
iv. Albert Francis, twin to Freddie. 
V. John Taylor, b. Dec. 22, 1862. 
vi. Nellie Brewster, b. May 16, 1865. 
vii. Susie Bell, b. Jan, 31, 1S69. 


Eunice Ann^ Taylor {Catharine,'' Aaron,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,* 
Daniel,^ John,- John') was born Jan. 13, 1834, in Gilsum, N. H. ; 
married Jan. 8, 1868, Delos Eugene Lyon, born Nov. 14, 1830, 
in Franklinviilc, N. Y. Residence, Dubuque, la. 

Children (Lyon), born in Dubuque : 

i. Abbie Farwell,^ b. Sept. 8, 1S69. 
ii. George Taylor, b. Feb. 21, 1873, 


Jeannie Alantha^ Taylor {Catharine,' Aaron,^ Daniel,^ Dan- 
iel,* Daniel,^ John,"" John') was born Dec. 31, 1836, in Gilsum, 
N. H.; married June 18, 1861, in Dubuque, la., Joseph I^ath- 
rop Dickinson, born March 25, 1831, in Walpole, N. H. Ke is 
a merchant in Dubuque. 

Children (Dickinson), born in Dubuque : 

i. Louis Ames,9 b. Feb. 24, 1863 ; d. there Oct. 28, 1866. 
ii. Carrie Livermore, b. April 2, 1867. 

312 ' Livcrynorc Family 

ill. Frank Eugene, \). Oct. 9, 1S6S. 
, iv. Ruby, b. June 5, 187 1 ; d. there Nov. 24, 1875. 

V. Willis Wood, b. Nov. 30, 1S72 ; d. there Nfjv. 7, 1875. 
vi. Mabel, b. Mar. 29, 1878. 

Aaron Hak\ kv** Livkrmore {John,'' Aaron,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,'' 
Daniel,^ Jo/ui,' John') was born April 21, 1827, in Gilsum, N. H. ; 
died Jan. 8, 1896, in Lexington; married Nov. 15, 185 i, Almira 
J., daughter of Lucius and Nancy B. Nims, born Aug. 19, 1832, 
in Sullivan, N. H. ; died April 22, 1865, in Boston. He passed 
about two years in Norwich University, and then returned to his 
father's farm and assisted in carrying it on for a few years. He 
vvas a selectman in Gilsum in 185 1, and moderator in 1S53; he 
was a member of the superintending school committee in 1848, 
'49 and '51, and adjutant in the 20th N. H. regiment. About 
1854 he removed to Boston, and having studied dentistry, estab- 
lished a successful practice. No children. 


Mary Ei.izadeth^ Livkrmore {John,'' Aaron,^ Daniel,^ Dan- 
iel,^ Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Dec. i, 1832, in Gilsum, 
N. H. ; died March 9, 1872, in Ackworth, N. H. ; married there 
Sept. 15, 1853, Joseph Elliott Smith, born there Sept. 24, 1827. 
She was a member of the Baptist (hurch. 

Children (Smith) : 

i. John Willie,9 b. Jan. i, 1S55, in Gilsum. 
ii. Charles Fremont, b. Nov. 15, 1S57, in Gardner; d. Oct. 

27, 1878, in Marlow, N. H. 
iii. Ida Mar}-, b. Sept. 3, i860, in Marlow ; d. Dec. 3, 1876, 

in Ackworth. 
iv. Henry Elliott, b. Jan i, 1S67, in Marlow. 


Martha Ann'^ Livermore {John,'' Aaron,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,* 
Daniel,^ JoJin,^ JoJin') was born March 5, 1837, in Gilsum, N. H. ; 
married June 20, 1S61, George \V. Emers(jn. 

EigJitJi Gcuciatiott 313 

Children (Emerson) : 

i. Fannie Byron,9 b. Aug. 3, 1868, in Cilsum. 
ii. George Ernest, b. June i, 1872, in Ackworth, N. H. 


OzKO Jennison^ Livkrmokk {Charles t Aaron ^ Daniel,^ Dan- 
iel,'' Daniel,^ Jolin,^ John') was born Jan. 6, 1840, in Alstead, 
N. H.; married Jan. 2, 1865, in Worcester, Angenette, daughter 
of David and Ahnira (Prince) Hall, born there May 18, 1845. 
While living in Fitchburg he was mustered into company A, 
53d regiment, Mass. Vols., Oct. 17, 1862, for serxice in the 
Civil war, and mustered out Jan. 15, 1863, on account of dis- 
ability ; he was afterwards a clerk in Worcester. They lived in 
Springfield, where he was a crocker)' dealer until 1881, when 
they moved to Holyoke, where they now reside. 

Children, born in Springfield : 

i. Charles D.,9 b. Aug, 12, 1870. 
ii. Arthur C, b. May 19, 1S74. 


Enrico Emv.ARD** Livermore {Charles^ Aaron^ Daniel,^ 
Daniel,* Daniel,^ John,'' John') was born April 13, 1845, in Al- 
stead, N. H.; married Dec. 23, 1869, in Worcester, Ida A., 
daughter of John and Marietta (Carlisle) Whitney, born there 
r^Iarch 10, 1853; died there Dec. 17, 1883. He was an organ 
and crtbinet maker. 

Children, born in Worcester : 

i. S. Ben,^ b. Dec. 14, 1871. 
ii. A daughter, twin to S. Ben, d. at birth. 
iii. Nellie, b. Oct. 31, 1873; d. same day. 


Adalike Julia"* Livermore {Ezra^ Aaron,^ Daniel,^ Daniel* 
Daniel,^ John,^ John') was horn May 30, 1829, in Dalton, N. H. ; 
married May 7, 1850, in East Alstead, N. H., Gerould E. Fay, 
born there Jan. 20, 1828; died Feb. i, 1S83. 

Children (Fay), born in East Alstead : 

792. i. Frederick H.,9 b. Aug. 19, 1852. 

314 Lh 

793. ii. Herbert Ezra, b. May 2, 1S55. 

iii. Oscar H., b. Jan. 28, 1S57; married Feb. 28, 1SS8, in 
Keene, N. H., Anna Uingliani. He is an alderman in 
Keene. No cliildrcn. 

794. iv. Laura E., b. Mar. 22, 1S59. 

V. George H., b. Jan. iS, 1S61 ; m. Dec. i, 18S5, in Keene, 
Mary Halpin. Children (Fay) : 

1. Walt(r M.r\i. . 

2. Alice M., b. . 

vi. Harvey G., b. Jan. 6, 1865; ni. Oct. 12, 1891, in Allston, 

Mae Irene Dunbar. No children, 
vii. ,\fartin K., b. Jan, 17, 1867 ; m. June 5, 1891, in Elgin, 

111., Gertrude Hinsdell. 


Aaron Kidder^ Li verm ore {Ezra,'' Aarou^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ 
Daniel,^ JoJui,^ John^) was born June 11, 1831, in Dalton, N. H.; 
died March 31, 1894, in SomervOle ; married Sept. 2^, 1854, in 
Alstead, N. H., Urania Barrett Richardson, where she was born ; 
died in March, 1883, in Somerville. They lived in Cambridge 
and Somer\'illc. He was an expressman. 

Children, born in Cambridge : 

i. Ellen A.,9 b. May 4, 1857 ; m. Dec. 30, 1890, in 
Charlestown, Luther, son of J. Elliot and Mary J. 
ii. Eve, b. ^Lay 3, 1S59. 
iii. Emma Urania, b. Nov. 6, 1865. 


Hannah Catharine^ Livermore {Ezra,'' Aarou^ Daniel,^ 
Daniel,'' Daniel,^ Jo/in,^ John') was born Nov. 30, 1834, in Dal- 
ton, N. H. ; died June 9, 1879 5 married March 23, 1854, Albert 
Hubbard of Alstead, N. H., born May 29, 1829, in Walpole, 
N. H. 

Children (Hubbard) : 

i. Charles Albert,' b. Feb. 22, 1S55, in Keene. N. H. ; m. 
Nov. 28, 1S7S, Nettie Mary Johnson, b. June 18, 
1857, in Wardsboro, Vt. Child (Hubbard) : 
' *" ' 1. iVcV(^cr/,'° b. Oct. 9, 1S79. 

Eighth Ccficratiou S'S 

ii. Addie Betsey, b. Dec. 5, 1857, in Marlboro, N. H., m. 

in 1 8 76, I'ximond Laphani. Child (Lapiiani), b, in 

Salem : 

I. Albert EdmotJ,^" b. May 4, 1S77. 
iii. Ezra l.ivcrmore, b. Oct. 23, 1859, in Marlboro. 
iv. Frank Kidder, b. Sept. 25, 1S61, in Marlboro. 


James Russell* Livermore {Ezra^^ Aaron,^ Daniel,^ Daniel* 
Daniel,^ J ohn,^ John') was born Aug. 31, 1836, in Dalton, N. 
H.; married March 26, 1857, in Alstead, N. H., Sarah, daugh- 
ter of George Washington and Elizabeth Gray (Dart) 131ake, 
born there Doc. 23, 1839. 
Children : 

i. Sarah Ariadne/^ b. Mar. 27, 1S59, in Alstead; m. Oct. 
17, 1878, in Keene, Frank Allen Barrett, b. Nov. 26, 
1856, in Stoddard, N. H. 

795. ii. Arthur Leslie, b. Dec. 6, 1862, in Alstead. 

796. iii. Lottie, b. June C, 1S72, in Keene. 

iv. Grace Belle, b. Jan. 20, 1S77, in Keene. 

George Kimball* Livermore {Ezm,'^ Aaron, ^ Daniel,^ Dan- 
iel* Daniel,^ J^hn,^ John') was born April 12, 184S, in Alstead, 
N. H. ; died March 23, 189S, in Quincy ; married Nov. 28, 1868, 
in Hanover, Mary A., daughter of Franklin and Mary Howard, 
born in 1848, in Scittiate. He was for many years a partner of 
the well-known f.rm of Caswell, Livermore & Co. of Boston. 
Children, born in Boston : 

i, Frank E.,9 b. July 22, 1870; d. there Dec. 9, 1870. 
ii. Charles H., b. Oct. 7, 187 1 ; d. there Dec. 10, 1S71. 
iii. Bessie Kidder, b. July 12, 1873; d. Oct. 27, 1875. in 

iv. Edward Trescotl, b. June 27, 1S7S; d. June 22, iSSi. 
in Quincy. 


Charles Herbert^ Livermore {Aaron ^ Aaron^ Daniel,^ 
Daniel* Daniel,'^ JoJin,^ John') was born Oct. 15, 1856, in Mans- 
field, Conn.; married Sept. 4, 1884, in New Haven, Conn., 

3l6 Livcrviorc Family 

Mcttic Norton, daughter of Capt. Horace L. and Cornelia 
^Lewis) Tuttle of New Haven and Cappahosic, York. River, Va., 
born Feb. ii, 1862, in Fair Haven, Conn. 

He received preparatory education in the schools of LebaiKjn, 
Conn., Monson Academy, H<;pkins Grammar School, New Ha- 
ven, and was graduated from Yale College in 1S79, with honors ; 
he was employed as principal of the Guilford Institute (an en- 
dowed academy and village high school combined) at Guilford, 
Conn., in Sept., 1879, and remained in that position for four 
years ; he resigned in June, 1883, in order to study history and 
politics at the Johns Hopkins University, and entered that insti- 
tution in October, 1883; he was appointed University Fellow 
in history for the year 1884-85 ; was instructor in history and 
German in the Hopkins Grammar School at New Haven, 
1885-S6, at the same time retaining connection with the Johns 
Hopkins University, from which he received the degree of Ph.D. 
in June, 1886; presented as doctor's thesis an essay on Town 
Government in New Haven, which was e.\panded into a volume 
entitled '''The Republic of New Haven: A History of Municipal 
Evolution," and was published by the University in the same 
year, 1886, as e.xtra Volume I of its series of "Studies in His- 
tory and Politics." For this work the Johns Hopkins University 
bestowed upon him its "John Marshall Prize." 

He accepted an appointment as instructor in history in the 
University of California, and remained in that position from 
Sept., 1886, until Jan., 1888, when he resigned in order to 
accept an election as assistant professor of hi.story at the Mas- 
sachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, Jan., 1888; he 
was elected professor of history in the Institute in 1889, and 
remained in that chair until Sept., 1893, being also chairman of 
the committee charged with the management of one of the 
departments of the Institute, known as Course IX ; he resigned 
his professorship in Sept., 1893, in order to accept election as 
principal of the Adelphi Academy in Brooklyn ; received in 
June, 1896, the rank and title of President of Adelphi Col- 
lege, as, owing to the reorganization of the academy in 1S94, 
the institution was raised by the regents to collegiate rank, and 

EigJith Generation 317 

cmp>">\vcrcd to maintain colle^^e courses and to grant degrees. 
While quite young he changed the spelling of his name to 
Lever more, by which he is now known. In addition to the 
works above cited, he has written and published three others, 
viz.: "Syllabus of Lectures upon Political History since 1815 ;" 
"The Academy Song-Book ; " "The Abridged Academy Song- 
Children : 

i. Myra,'' b. July 10, 1885, in Fair Haven ; d. July 14, 1885. 

ii. Charles Lewis, b. Nov. 5, 1S87, in Berkeley, Cal. 
iii. Margaret, b. Aug. 4, 18S9, in Brookline. 
iv. George Kirchwey, b. April 8, 1891, in Brookline. 

v. Lilian, b. June 11, 1892, in Brookline. 
vi. Elsa, b. Feb. 24, 1896, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Russell Herbert^ Kittredge {Sarah,'' William,^ Daniel,'^ 
Daniel, "^ Daniel,^ John,^ JoJnO) was born Oct. 25, 1835, in Nel- 
son, N. H.; married Dec. 24, 1857, in Nashua, N. H., Laura 
Frances Holmes, born March 20, 1836, in Portsmouth, N. H. 

Children (Kittredge), born in Nelson : 

i. Herbert William,? b. Nov. i8, 1858; m. July i.^, 18S5, 
in Brandon, Vt., Mabel Marion Thatcher, b. Mar. 21, 
1858. Child (Kittredge), b. in Fitchburg : 
1. Russell Dyer,^° h. Oct. 12, 18S6. 
ii. Alfred Beard, b. Mar. 28, 1861. 
iii. Charles Russell, b. April 9, 1864. 

iv. Mary Lizzie, b. Oct. 19, 1866; ni. Jan. 26, 1SS7, in East 
Jaffrey, N. H., Charles Henry Kittredge, b. Aug. 8, 
1866, in Boston. Child (Kittredge), b. in Boston: 
I. Ed-ward Holm£s,^° h. Sept. 16, 1SS8. 
v. Fanny Holmes, b. April 18, 1873. 

Ellen Augusta^^ Ste.\rns {Mary,'' William,^ Daniel,^ Dan- 
iel,* Daniel,^ Jo/ui,^ Jo/in') was born IDec. 3, 1S44, in Newton 
Centre; married there March 27, 1S72, Daniel Wilbur Eagles, 
born in Jan., 1S44, in Wolfville, N. S. 

3r8 Lheri/iorc Family 

Children (Eagles) : 

i. Florence Grace,' b. April 27, 1874. 
ii. Eva Eliza, b. June i, 1S7S. 
iii. Nettie Livermore, b. Feb. 5, 1880. 
iv. Howard Alexander, b. Oct. 16, 1882. 


Sarafi Maria** Stearns {Mary,'' William,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,'' 
Daniel,^ Jo/in,^ Jolifi') was born Dec. 9, 1847, in Newton Centre ; 
married there Feb. 4, 1869, Georo:c Edward Sanderson, born 
Aug. 9, 1847, in Charlestown, N. H. 

Children (Sanderson) : 

i. Mary Agnes.'' b. April 20, 187 i ; m. S. E. H. Ross, 
ii. John Gardiner, b. Jan. 12, 1S73. 

Charles Cyrus* Stearns {Mar}-,'' William,^ Daniel,^ Dan- 
iel,* Daniil,^ John,* John') was born Oct. 22, 1850, in Newton 
Centre; married there March 28, 1877, Mary L. Curran. 
Children : 

i. Mary Persis,'"'' b. Sept. 13, 187S. 
ii. Maud Ethel, b. Nov. 13, 1890. 


Harriet Adelaide* Stearns {Maty,' William,^ Daniel,^ 
Da7iicl,* Danit'l,^ John,^ John') was born Nov. 11, 1S52, in New- 
ton Centre; married there Jan. 29, 18S4, Sumner Herman 
Clark, born Sept. 4, 1852, in Corinth, Me. 
Children (Clark) : 

i. Gertrude Livermore,^ b. Nov. 10, 1S8S. 
ii. Raymond Stearns, b. June 9, 1894. 


Charles Edward'^ Livermore {Josiah,'' Williav:^ Daniel,'^ 
Daniel,* Daniel,^ John,* John') was bom May 9, 1S50, in Cam- 
bridgcport ; married Sept. 21, 1876, in Watertown, Carrie 
Brackett, daughter of Jeremiah and Louisa (Coolidge) Russell, 
born Sept. 16, 1S53, in Watertown ; he was a provision dealer. 

Eighth Generation 319 

Children, born in Watertown : 

i. Eihel," b. Oct. 13, 1S79; ^- ^^ct. 20, 1S79. 
ii. Louise Russell, b. Xuv. i, iSSo. 
iii. Kenneth Carter, b. Jnn. 3, 18S6. 


William Franklin^ Livekmoke {/osiah,^ William,'' Daniel,^ 
Daniel,'' Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Dec. 14, 1853, in Cam- 
bridgeport ; died March 26, 1886, in Chicago, 111. ; married Oct. 
22, 1876, in Newton, Annie Maria, daughter of Samuel and 
Eliza Ann (Stinison) Marden, born in 1855, in Milton. He was 
a butcher. 

Children, born in Newton : 

i, Alice Maud,'' b. April 19, 1877; m. July 22, 1896, John' 
Culbeck, son of Daniel and Mary (McFarlin) Mc- 
Laren, b. in 1873, i" East Boston. 

ii, Frank Henry, b. Nov. 22, 1879. 


Herbert Josiah^ Livekmore {Josiah,'' William,'' Daniel,^ 
Daniel,'' Daniel,^ John,^ Jolin') was born Oct. 23, 1855, in Cam- 
bridgeport ; married Feb. 22, 1881, in Watertown, Annie Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Henry and Mary Ann (Reville) Scotton, born 
May 4, 1S58, in Newton. He was a pro\ision dealer. 
Children, born in Watertown : 

i. Mabel Gertrude,^ b. Jan. 16, 1883. 
ii. Bertha Viola, b. July 24, 1884. 
iii. Florence Marion, b. Sept. 16, 1SS6. 
iv. George Waldo, b. Feb. 13, 1S88. 
V. Josiah Randall, b. Dec. r6, 1890. 

Charles Francis** Stkatton {Eiinice,^ William,'' Daniel,^ 
Daniel,* Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Dec. 22, 1S47, in Cam- 
bridge; married there Sept. 8, 1870, Drusilla Rand, daughter of 
James Madibon and Ruth Burnham (Bray) Chadbourne, born 
Dec. 17, 1845. i^ Amesbury. He is a member of the firm of 
Stratton, Utile & Co., of Boston, wholesale dealers in coal. 

320 Livcrttiore Fafni/y 

Children (Slratton), born in Cambridge : 
i. Alice Holman,5 b. May 13, 1S72. 
ii. Aniiic Frances, b. Sept. 11, 1874. 
iii. Bcrlha Liverniore, b. May 22, 1879, 


Edward I^.ailey'* Stkatton {Er.nicc^ William^' Daniel,^ 
Daiiiil* Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Dec. 9, 1S54, in Cam- 
bridge ; married there June 3, 1879, Sarah Lizzie, daughter of 
George Washington and Sarah (Mc)rri]l) Fifield, born there Sept. 
IS, 1853. 

Children (Stratton), born in Cambridge : 
i. Charles Edward,^ b. Jan. 25, 188 1. 
ii. George Francis, b. April 4, 1890. 


Charles Milan^ Benton {Abigail,'' Abraham,^ Abraliam,^ 
Dajiiel* Daniel,^ JoJin,'' John') was born Nov. 7, 1832, in Friend- 
ship, N. Y. ; married March 25, 1858, in Tivoli, la., Ella Medora 
Merriman, born Sept. 17, 1841, in Hartford, Conn. 

Children (Benton) : 

797. i. Adaline Lilian,^ b. Dec. 9, i860, in Tivoli. 

798. ii. Florence Abigail, b. Aug. 4, i868, in Farley, la. 

iii. Albert Leroy, b. Oct. 21, 1873, in Farley; d. there May 
9, 1892. 

Caroline'* Benton {Abigail,'' Abraham,^ Abraham,^ Daniel,* 
Daniel,^ John, ^ John') was born Jan. 7, 1835, in Friendship, N. 
Y. ; died Dec. 7, 1869, in Farley, Iowa; married Apnl 4, 1S53, 
John S. Goudy ; he died a few years after his wife. 
Children (Goudy) : 

i. Ellen Philura,^ b. ; ni. Forest Douglass. 

ii. Charles Henry, b. ; last heard from in Colorado. 

iii. Lucy Ann, b. ; whereabouts unknown. 

iv, William Curtis, b. ; last heard from in Idaho. 

V. Thomas Abner, b. ; d. in Farley, aged about 17. 

vi. Mary Alice, b. ; m. William Shipton. 

vii. Abbie Eugenia, b. ; lately in Joncb Co., Iowa. 

Eig/tth Gi'mration 321 


Martin I.ivhKMOKH" Bkntox {Abigail^ AhraJiam,^' Ahra/uini,^ 
Daniel,^ J)aiiic/,^ Jo'nt,^ Jo/in') was born March 22, 1840, in 
Fricndsliip, N. Y. ; married Nov. 29, 1866, in Dyersvillc, Iowa, 
Olive Annie Swazcy, born June 12, 1848, in Tivoli, Iowa. 

Children (Benton) : 

i. (^liarles Wesle)','> b. Sept. 27, 1867, in F.nrley. la. 
799. ii. Frederick Leroy, b. Sept. 20, 1872, in Hopkins, Mo. 
iii. Gilbert Kdinond, b. June 22, 1877, in Hopkins, 
iv. Alice Estella, b. Aug. 21, 1879, in Hopkins. 
V. Myra May, b. April 18, 1S86, in Rapid City, S. I).; d. 
there, Nov. 14, 1887. 


Curtis Defranxf.^ Benton {Abigail^ Abraham,^ Abraham,^ 
Daniel* Daniel,^ Jo/iii,^ John') was born Sept. 18, 1842, in 
FrieiKlship, N. Y. ; married Dec. 2, 1866, in Dyersville, Iowa, 
Martha Ann Thompson, born Nov. 10, 1847, in Bankson, Iowa. 

Ciiildren (Benton) : 

i. Frank Oliver,' b. Sept. 25, 1867, in Bankson. 
ii. Curtis Herbert, b. Feb. 9, 1S74, in Farley, la. 


Martha Adeline^ Benton {Abigail,'' Abraham,^ Abrahavi,^ 
Daniel,* Daniel,^ John,'' John'') was born Feb. 3, 1850, in Du- 
buque, Iowa; married Nov. 17, 1S75, in F'arley, Towa, Albert 
Thomas Garner, born June 6, 1843, in Indiana. 

Children (Garner), born in Farley : 

i. Abbie Belle,' b. May 13, 1877. 

ii. Louella Dell, b. Mar. 18, 1879. 

iii. Ethel Jane, b. June 22, 1883. 

iv. Alfred Harrison, b. Aug. 25, 1888. 

Alice Louisa'* Benton {Abigail,'' Abraham,^ Abraham,'^ Dan- 
iel,* Daniel,^ John, ^ John') was born April 26, 1854, in Bank.son, 
Iowa; married (i) May 6, 1872, in Dyersville, Iowa, Samuel 
Van Buskirk, from whom she was divorced ; married (2) F'eb. 16, 

322 Live rm ore Favnly 

1887, in Dubuque, Iowa, Otto Kolb, born Jan. 6, 1864, in 
MocckiiUKhl, Wurtcnibci^, Germany. 
ChiKlrcn (Van Buskirk) : 

i. Jesse Lynian/^ b. Jan. 21, 1S73, in l'"ailcy, la. 
ii. Lura May, b. Dec. 31, 1876, in l-'ailcy. 

Cbildien (Kolb) : 

iii. Minnie Ik-llu-;^ b. Mai. 15, iSSS, in Farley. 

iv. Carl ],c\vis, b. July 18, 1890, in Farley. 

V. Harold Orlando, b. May 9, 1895, in Marcus, la. 


George Doolitti.e'^ Head {RalpJi,'' Hcpsibctli,^ Ahrahavi,^ 
Daniel,* Dcviicl,^ John,- John') was born June 22, 1830; mar- 
ried Nov. I, 1S58, in Chicago, 111., Mary Eliza Se.xlon, born 
Feb. 16, 1839, in Ikooklyn, now a part of Cleveland, O. 

Children (Head), born in Kenosha, Wis.: 

i. Frances Maria,^ b. June 25, 1863 ; d. there Sept. 25, 1863. 

800. ii. Kittie Dot, b. Nov. 11, 1864. 

801. iii. Eugene Ralph, b. Nov. 16, 1866. 

iv. ]5erlha Eliza, b. July 12, 1869 ; d. there July 19, 1889. 
V. Ida Belle, b. May 6, 1872. 
vi. D.aniel Orin, b. Mar. 2, 1874. 
vii. Frederic Samuel, b. Sept. 20, 1877. 
viii. Henry Kli, b. Oct. 29, 1879; d. there Aug. 37, 1880. 


Mary Er izabrth^ Head {Ralphs IlcpsibciJi,^ Ahraiiavi,^ Dan- 
iel,* Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Aug. 29, 1835 ; married 
April rS, 1865, Ralph Erskine Sutherland, born June 10, 1838. 

Children (Sutherland) : 

i. Cora Eliza/^ b. Jan. 24, 1866; m. Oct. 5. 1SS7, Harry 
Skinkle, b. May 26, 1863. Child (Skinklc) : 

I. AVi//-// 5"«//i/'r/rt«</,"'b. July 2, 1894. 

ii, George Ralph, b. April 8, 1879. 

Claka Amelia'' Head {Daniel,^ Hepsibeth,^ Abraham,^ Dan- 
iel,* Daniel,^ JoIdi,^ John') was born Oct. 25, 1852, in Kenosha, 
Wis.; married there April 15, 1S73, Urban James Lewis, born 

Eii^Jitli Gcfuratioti 323 

Nov. 20, 1842, in Devonshire, Kug. ; died March 2, 1S96, in 

Chikhcii (Lewis), born in Kenosha : 

i. Daniel Mead,'' b. April 30, 1877. 
ii. Urban James, b. Nov. 10, 1878. 
iii. Frank I'.arl, b. Dec. 30, 1886. 


I-YoKi'.xcH Ameli.'X'* II)-: ad {Gcort^i-,'' Hcpsibcf/i'' AbraluDii,^ 
Daniel,'' Daniel,''' John,- Jo hn^) was born Nov. 6, 1845, in Paris 
Hill, New York; married June 4, 1868, Henry Martin Simmons. 

Children (Simmons) : 

i. George I'hillip,') b. May 24, 1869, in Ulica, N. Y. ; m. 
Oct. 31, 1898, in Herkimer, N. Y., Berllia, dan. of 
Henry and Ellen (Searles) Mungcr. 
ii. Florence Miranda, b. Feb. 17, 1872, in Kenosha, Wis. 
iii. Harry, b. May 22, 1874. in Kenosha. 


Marv^ Head {Orson,'' HepsibetJi,^ Abraham,'' Daniel,*" Dan- 
iel, ^ Joint,'' John') was born May 31, 1847 \ married (i) Oct. 29, 
1868, Richard J. Welles; married (2) Dec. 7, 1885, Frederick 
Gottfrcdsen. Residence, Kenosha, Wis. 
Child (Welles) : 

i. Richard Hodgson,^ b. Nov. 13, 1873. 
Child (Gottfrcdsen) : 

Jacob Rudolph, b. May 2, 1887. 


Jenny Lind** Head {Orson,' Hepsibeth,^ Abrahuvi,^ Daniel,* 
Daniel,^ Joh?!,^ John') was born Nov. 27, 1853 ; married Jan. i, 
1880, in Kenosha, Wis., Alfred Addison, son of Thomas Eben- 
ezer and Lydia Smith (Fisher) Thomas, born Jvily 4, 1845, in 
Hamilton, O. 

Children (Thomas) : 

, i. Thomas Head,9 b. Feb. 23, 188 1, in Dayton, O. 

I ii. Gertrude, b. Dec. 26, 1S82, in Dayton. 

:^ iii. Feli.x, b. June 19, 1888, in Edgewater, 111. 

324 Livcrtnorc Fanii/v 


DwiciiT HuuNNKr.i.^ IImnilkv {Sayah,^ Ilifsibi!/!'' Abra/invi,^ 
Daniel,* Ihiini/,^ Jo/ni,\/<'/ni') was Ix.rn Jan. \y, 1849, in Paris, 
N. Y.; nianicd April 25, 18S5, in Oakland, Cal., Mollic, daugh- 
ter of Altrcd and Louisa Anne (Ward) llarrell, born in 1S59, '" 
Merced, T'al. 

Child (lUiiitley), born in Oakland: 

i. T,oiiisa Fentou,'^ b. Feb. 4, 1S9}. 


Dakius Klias^ Livermoke {Elias,^ Ahcl,^ Abmhavi,^ Daniel,* 
Daniel,-' John,^ John') was born Nov. 25, 1833, in German, N. 
Y. ; married Oct. 28, 1S57, in Bloomingville, O., Sarah E. Car- 

During his boyhood, and until his seventeenth year, he 
worked on his father's farm, attending the district school during 
the winters, and then for one year a select school in Earlville, 
N. Y. ; at eighteen years of age he left home and engaged in 
various kinds of mercantile business until the fall of 1855, when 
he took a stock of staple and fancy dry goods to Sandusky, O., 
and, in company with D. S. Benson, began business. This 
partnership was dissolved in the winter of 1856-7, and he con- 
tinued the business alone until shortly before the beginning of 
the Civil war in 1861. He enlisted as a private in company K, 
3d Ohio Vol. Cavalry, at Monroevillc, O., Sept. 4, 1861, and 
was promoted to be first lieutenant Nov. i, 1861. He took 
part in the Ixiltlc of PiUsburg Landing, April, 1862, and in the 
battles of Corinth and Parryville during the same summer. H 
was taken prisoner Oct. 17, 1862, by Gen. John Morgan, wl 
encamped on Henry Clay's "Ashland" farm, near Le.xing- 
ton, Ky., the command being surrounded during the night ; he 
was dismcHuUed and disarmed, and taken to Gen. INTorgan, who 
ordered his horse and equipage, with side arms, to be returned 
at once, being private property. He was soon released on 
parole, and exchanged in Dec, 1862. He was then appointed 
military detective by order of Secretary Stanton, and stationed 
at Colum])us, O. ; he was relieved in I''eb., 1863, and joined his 



Eighth Generation 3^5 

regiment at Miufrcosborou^Mi. Tcnii., having been promoted 
captain of corni^ny B, Feb. i, 1S63. From this time until he mustered out, he took j)art in over ninety battles and sharp 
skirmishes, among thorn being Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, 
Farmington, Tenn., Monlton, Ala., Big Shanty, Noonday Creek, 
Kenesaw Mountain, Stone Mountain, Yellow River, Lovejoy, 
Atlanta, (lood Hope Church, Blue Mountain, Rcjme, Ga., Gads- 
den, Selma, Ala., and Columbus, Ga. At the of the At- 
lanta campaign he was promoted major, Nov. 30, 1864, and 
after the battle of Selma promoted to be lieutenant-colonel, April 
8, 1865. Soon after, in May, 1865, he was appointed president 
of the court martial and military commission of cavalry corps of 
the military division of the Mississippi, which po.sition he held 
until Aug. 4, 1865, when he was mustered out of service with 
his regiment at Edgefield, Tenn. 

He removed to Chicago, and for seven years was with h'ield. 
Palmer and Loiter, and with HoUister and I'helps, having charge 
of their curtain and upholstery department ; he then took charge 
of the same department with J. V. Farwcll & Co. for one year, 
and when that firm closed out their retail business he bought 
their stock of curtains and upholstery and began business under 
the firm name of Livermore & Crooker. In Nov., 1873, he 
bought out Mr. Crooker, and continued on his own account. 
He has a daughter. 


Polly Philen.mi** Livkrmokk {Elias^ Abel,'' Abrahavi,^ Dan- 
id,^ Daniel,'^ JoJni,^ John') was born Nov. 8, iS5i,in Gorman, 
N. Y. ; married June i, 1873, in Willctt, N. Y., Addison Rus- 
sell, son of Russell and Julia Moreau (Niles) Whitmorc, born 
June 24, 1S39, in Georgetown, N. Y. Residence, Greene, N. Y. 

Children (Whitmore) : 

i. Bertha Julia,9 b. Jan. i, 1874. 

ii. Louis Agassiz, b. July 19, 1875. 

iii. Eunice May, b. Mar, 5, 1877. 

iv. Francis Epaphroditus, b. Sept. 3, 1879. 

V. Nellie Joseplunc, b. June 13, 18S2. 

vi. Lena Maud, b. April 14, 18SS. 

326 Liverniore Faviily 


Elvira Wilson** Livkkmokk {/hin^ A/u/,'' Ahyaliam,'> Dan- 
iel,^ Datiicl,^ John, ^ John') was born April 12, 1S34, in German, 
N. Y.; married Jan. 12, 1862, in Smilhville Flats, N. Y., Joseph 
Sidney, son of Isaac and Sidney (Sin<;ley) Osmond, born Feb. 
18, 1826, in l>il)ery, Philadcl])hia Co., Pa. 

Children (Osmond), born in Norwich, N. Y. : 

i. Nettie May/^ b. May 3, 1869 ; d. there Oct. 7, 1870. 
ii. Eloise Liverniore, b. July 17, 187 i. 


Eliz.-v J.\ni:t^ Livermore {Bnn;^ Abel,'' Abraham,^ Daniel,* 
Daiiiel,^ Joint,- John') was born Nov. 7, 1844, in Cincinnatus, 
N. Y. ; died Feb. 10, 1896, in Norwich, N. Y. ; married March 
7, 1865, in Hamilton, N. Y., Robert Forcsman. 

Children (Foresman) : 

i. Nellie Maud,' b. Feb. 14, 1866; ni. Feb. 27, 1884; d. 

Mar. 28, 1SS4. 
ii. P^lvira Livermore, b. Feb. 10, 1S68 ; ni. Henry Hewitt. 

They have cue son. 
iii. Sally, b. Sept. 6, 1870; m. William McCaw. 
iv. Eddy, b. April 3, 1872. 
- .^ V. Louie Benjamin, b. June 6, 1874. 


Delette Rosalia^ Crandall {Maiy,^ Abel,'' Abrahnm,'- Dan- 
iel,* Daniel,^ John,^ John') w^s born Dec. 2, 1S29, in Smithvillc, 
N. Y. ; married July 29, 1852, in Pitcher, N. Y., Bela Addison 
Coy, born there July 8, 1824. 

Children (Coy), the eldest born in Otisco, N. Y., the others in 
Kancville, 111.: 

802. i. Debbie Imerta,'^ b. April 17, 1854. 

803. ii. Dell, b. Aug. 15, 1858. 

iii. Mary Delette, b. Feb. 22, 1861 ; d. there Oct. 20, 1S63. 

804. iv. John Franklin, b. Aug. i, 1S63. 

805. V. Charles Crandall, b. Oct. 20, 1865. 
vi. Nelson, b. ^Lly 18, 1869. 

• i Ei'if///// Gcitcraiion 327 

I.YSANDKK I'^mf-KSon'' Ck AN DAI. I. {Mary,'' Ahc/,'' Ahra/tavi,^ 
Datiiil,* /)(ni:i/,^ Jo/ni,^ Jo/iit') was born J^cc. 7, 1836, in Smilh- 
villc, N. ^^; (lied March 17, 1888, in I'orl Worth, Tc\. ; mar- 
ried Oct. 7, 1856, in Rochester, O., Marietta Ames, born there 
Sept. 19, 1835. He was a soldier in Gen. Garfield's re<^nment, 
42d Ohio Vols., serving three years. Residence, Wellington, O. 
Children (Crandall) : 

i. Frank,9 b. Dec. 10, i860, in West Andover, O. ; m. Sept. 
15, 1880, in Dctjrfield, Mich., Mamie Stoal, 1j. there 
in 18C3; res., St. Joseph, 'J'ex, Children (Crandall): 

1. Scott,^° b. iSSi, in Dundee, Mich. 
,.. 2. N<tta, b. 1SS6, in Fort Worth. 

3. Harry /"., b. 1S91, in Fort Worth. 

ii. Nellie Ames, b. June 5, 1865, in Brighton, O. 
iii. Harry Bartliug, b. May 7, 1S6S, in Rochester, 
iv. J. l''red, b. May 10, 1S70, in Chester, Mich. 

James Franklin^ Crandall {Maty,'^ Abcl^ Abrahavi,^ Dan- 
iel,^ Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Feb. 28, 1844, in Smith- 
ville, N. Y. ; married May 7, 1874, in Defiance, O., Sarah Ann, 
daughter of John P. and Mar)' Ann Partce, born there March 
29, 1854. He moved with his parents to Seville, O., in the fall 
of 1854, -'^"•'^ t^^-^" to Ashtabula, his father having been called 
there as pastor of the First Baptist Church. He was educated 
in the common and union schools, and in Dec, i860, started 
west to make his fortune, locating in Kanesvillc, Kane Co., 111., 
where he became a clerk in a general store kept by his brother- 
in-law, Bela A. Coy. He enlisted Aug. 13, 1861, in company 
A, 5 2d regiment, 111. Vols., and was appointed a sergeant. At 
the battle of Corinth, Miss., he was promoted first sergeant ; he 
took part in the battles at Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Corinth, Che- 
walla, Big Bear Creek, and the Atlanta campaign. Sept. 20, 
1864, he commissioned second lieutenant in the 8th U. S. C. 
Heavy Artillery, and ordered to Paducah, Ky., where he was 
assigned by the regimental commander to the recruiting service 

328 Liverinorc Fninify 

to recruit a company (L) for the t()mi)letion of the rcfon^cnt, 
which he did ; the re.^iment was ordered to Washinj,^on, D. C, 
in March, 18O5, ^'^^''^ ^'> City \\>\\\\, Va., then to Richmond, and 
finally to Victoria, Tex., where they were stationed until March 
20, 1866, when they were mustered out. 

After the war he settled in Defiance, and en^a^^ed with his 
brother, Lysandcr Emerson Crandall, in the dry good.s husiness 
under the firm name of Crandall Brothers. In 1892 he was 
elected a member of the city council, re-elected in 1894, and 
chosen its j)resident. At the breaking out of the war with 
Spain, he was commissioned captain in the 6th U. S. regiment, 
Ohio Vols., serving in the United States and Cuba. He is now 
in the U. S. mail service in Chicago, 111., where he lives with his 

Children (Crandall), all but the fifth born in Defiance : 

806. i. Charles Tliaddeus,'^ b. June 27, 1S75. 

ii. Edith May, b. Sept. 26, 1877; m. there Oct. 11, 1901, 

Frank Ceroid Miller, b. July 26, 187 i, in Williams 

Co., O. 
iii. John Nelson, b. Mar. 14, 1879. 

iv. Myrta Rocelia, b. Sept. 26, 18S0; d. there Nov. 24, 
. ^. 18S0. 

V. Eve, b. Aug. 29, 1885, in Leipsic, O. ; d. Feb. 6, 1897, 

in Defiance. 
vi. Helen Louise, b. Nov. 8, 1888. 

■ 560 

Louisa Fkancks- Ckandali. {Maiy,'' Abel,'' Abrahaui,^ Dan- 
iel,* JX^iiirl,^ John,- John^) was born Jan. 19, 1848, in Preston, 
N. Y.; married Dec. 29, 1874. in New Philadelphia, O., Samuel 
Winficld Rohn, born May 24, 1S50, in Defiance, O. Residence, 
Lima, O. 

Children (Rohn), born in Defiance : 

i. Earl Crandall,'^ b. July 20, 1879; he is a telegrapher in 

ii. Glenn Scott, b. Aug. 8, 18S3 ; he is a telegrapher in 

iii. Raynioiid Walter, b. July 10, 1888. .1 

Eii^Jith Gouration 329 


Samui.i. Nklson'* Ckandai.l {Afary,'' A/ul,'' Abraluim,^ Dan 
ill,* Jhjnul,^ Jo/ill,' Jo/ill') was boin Jan. 17, 1S51, in Pitcher, 
N. Y.; manied Mar. 9, 1884, in Lakeview, Mich., Elizabclli 
Bale, born SciU. i, 1861, in Chohnondcley, Kn^himl. Residence, 

Children (Crandall), the eldest born in Lakeview, tlie others 
in Amble, Mich. : 

i. Gwendoline,*^ b. Mar. 3, 18S5. 
ii. Joan, b. Jan. 22, 1887. 

iii. William, b. Oct. i, 18SS; d. there Mar. 30, 1889. 
iv. P>eth, b. Jan. 12, 1890. 
V. Samuel Nelson, b. July 15, 1892. 
vi. Margie, b. Oct. 3, 1894. 
vii. Mildred, b. June 13, 1897. 

Charlks** Livermore {Lark,'' Al'cl,'' Abraham,^ Daniel,*' Dan- 
iel,'^ John, ^ JoJin') was born July 10, 1849; married (i) Sept. 
23, 1874, Clara Stella, daughter of Cyrus and Sophronia Ade- 
laide (Anderson) Floyd, born Aug. 3, 1855 ; they were divorced, 
and she died Aug. 22, 1894, in Chariton, la.; he married (2) 
Helen Adams Colt, born Oct. 5, 1864, in Elmira, N. Y. 
Children : 

i. Burdel Temple,^ b. July 13, 1878, in Oregon, 
ii. Hazel Ray, b. July 4, 1886. 
iii. Lark Burdette, b. Sept. 3, 18S8. 


Ernest Newton^ Livermore {Farmer,'' Abcl^ Abrahavi,"^ 
Datiiel,* Daniel,^ John,' JoIuO) was born June 10, 1862, in Ber- 
lin, Wis.; married May 18, 1889, in Cheney, Wash., Hattie 
Belle Nye, born March 30, 1868, in Ellington, N. Y. ; she is a 
descendant of Marshal Ncy of France. Ernest N. Livermore 
joined the l^aptist church at fourteen years of age. He grad- 
uated from the high school in Berlin at the age of eighteen 
years, and since then has devoted part of his time to teaching, 
having in 1 886 received a life teacher's certificate in Wisconsin, 
being up to that time the youngest recipient. He became 

330 Livcniiorc luiuiily 

principal of schools in Spolcanc l\ill.s, Wash., in 18S9, and in 
1892, superintendent of school district N(j. 3, Puyalluj:), Wash. 
He was admitted to the bar in 1893. Residence, 1 ladlock, Wash. 
Child, born in Oakesdale, Wash. : 

i. Vera Irene,'> b. April 14, 1S90. 

William Brown'' Livi-k.mokk {Sauiitr/^ Abcl,^' Abrahavi,'^ 
Daniel,* Daniel,^ Jo/ui,^ Ju/in') was born Dec. 25, 1857, in 
Cooperstown, N. Y. ; married June 22, 1887, in Readinr,^ Grace 
Webster, daui^htcr of Horace L. and Abby L. Cummings, born 
in 1873, in East Boston. He is a member of the firm of Tileston 
& Livermore, wholesale paper dealers, in lioston. Residence, 

Child, born in Reading : 

i. Harold Cummings,'' b. July 9, 18S8. 

Walter Curtis^ LiverxMORe {Savmc/J Abcl,^ Abmlirim,^ 
David,*' Daniel,^ John,^ Jo/iu') was born Oct. 4, 1861, in Coopers- 
town, N.Y. ; married Dec. 10, 1S90, in llolyoke, Charlotte 
Louise, daughter of Lucius and Elizabeth (Gilmore) Ely, born 
in 1870, in Holyokc. He was a salesman and machinist. 
Children, born in Holyoke : 

i. Robert Ely ,9 born June i, 1892. 
ii. Martha Elizabeth, born May i, 1S94. 


Jonas Livermore^ Warren {Afarj',^ Sa/cvi,^ Jonas,^ Jonas,*' 
Daniel,''' John,'' John') was born Dec. 14, 18 iS, in Leicester; 
married June 12, 1841, Charlotte Phillips of Spencer. He was 
formerly railroad station agent at Ivochdale, and afterwards a 
tanner in Shirley. 
Children (Warren) : 

i. Amasa,y b. Sept. 6, 1843; res., Haverhill, 
ii. Jennie, b. May 4, 1S45; d. Nov. 17, 1866, in Leicester; 

m. there Jan. S, 1862, Marshall Euller. 
iii. Mary, b. Oct. i, 1847; m. William Graham; res., West- 
• • •• bore. 

High tit Got I ration 331 


Thomas Sai.k.m'* I.ivi-.kmokk i^SalcinJ Sa/nul' /onas,^ Jcnias,* 
Darnel,^ J olnt,^ John') was horn July 23, 1836, in Lc-icoster ; 
died Sept. 22, 1901, in Rochdale; married Sept. 26, 1871, in 
].eiccslcr, Mary, dauj;luer of John and Sarah (Scofield) Symond.s, 
born July 23. 185 i, in Rochdale ; died there Aug. 9, 1896. He 
owned and occupied the homestead erected by his father in 
Ivoclulale, nearly opposite the railroad stati(jn, and had ini])r(ived 
five hundietl acres of land in Leicester, Oxford and Auburn. 
He had officiated in a ciioir since he was fourteen years u{ age, 
and for a few years was chorister and organist of the Unitarian 
church in Leicester. No children. 


Maky Am.wda'^ Livkrmore {Jo)ias,T Daniel,^ Jo)i(7s,^ Joias,* 
Dunitl,^ Jolni,- John'-) was born Dec. 19, 1834, in lilackwood, 
N.J.; manied there Nov. 17, 1858, William Buckley Wilcox, 
born Sept. 10, 1827, in Stockbridge. 

Children (Wilcox), the youngest born in Blackwood, N. J., the 
otliers in l^)ii-hton, N. Y.: • • 

i. Ida Augusta,^ b. Oct, 15, 1859. 
ii. Edwin Livermore, b. May 2, 1862. 
. iii. Ella Louisa, b. Aug. 8, 1864; in. April 24, 1SS9, in 
Blackwood, Rudolph Bcnezet, b. Feb. 14, 1858, in 
Mullica Hill, N. J. Child (^.cnezet) : 
Harold,^" b. Nov. 4, 1S91, in Mullica Hill; d. there Dec. 9, 

iv. William, b. Dec. 22, 1872, 


Sanfokiv"' Livi-kmokk {Jonas,'' Daniel,^ Jonas,^ Jonas,* Dan- 
iel,^ Jo/in,^ John') was born Jan. 9, 1838, in Blackwood, N. J.; 
married there Nov. 28, 187S, Hester Reeves Dutton, born Oct. 
5, 1857, in Haddonfiekl, X. J. He is a clerk in the Mrst Na- 
tional Bank, Camden, N. J. 

Child, born in CanuUn : 

i. Jonas Bolton,' b. Sept. 8, 1887. 

332 Livcnnon- luiwily 

Ai)Ki,Aii)F. LuNEiTF.** IIknsiiaw {J )id)i(//a,^ Pcvn'i/,'' Jonas,'' 
Jouas,* Jhifiii/,'^ John,' John') \v;i.-, bijiii March ii, 1 839, ii^ 
Eaton, N. Y. ; married Jan. 13, 1859, in Galcsbur^h, 111., James 
Leonard Short, born Sept. 17, 1S31, in Cincinnatus, N. Y. Resi- 
dence, Chica«^o, III. 

Children (Short), the youngest born in Chicago, the others in 
Ga]csl)urgh : 

i. Belle Florence,' b. Aug. 25, i860; d. Mar. 27, 1S70, in 

ii. Charlotte Fitch, b. Feb. 26, 1S63; d. there Feb. i, 1865. 
iii. Herbert Klbridge, b. Mar. 29, 1S65 ; d. March 27, 1S70, 

in Chicago, 
iv. Jay Corwin, b. Sept. 19, 1S68 ; d. Sept. 17, 1875, in 

V. Roy Henshaw, b. Dec. 17, 1S76, in Chicago. 

Frkderick'* Hensh.xw i^Dianthn,'' Daniel^ Jonas^- 
Jonas,* Daniel,^ Joltn,^ John') was born July 21, 1843, in Eaton, 
N. Y. ; married Jan. 25, 1877, in Chicago, III., Ella M. Stevcn.s, 
born Nov. 28, 1850, in Fall River. Residence, Chicago. 

Children, the eldest born in New York City, the others in 
Chicago : 

i. Bertha Winifred,^ b. Mar. 14, 1878. 
ii. Raymond Stevens, b. Yeb. 26, 1879. 
iii. Elisc Carolyn, b. April 20, 1881. 
iv. Irina Florence, b. Sept. 5, 1884. 
V. Daniel Winthrop, b. July 20, 1888. 

672 Elizabeth^ HeiNshaw {Diant/ia,^ Daniel,^ Jonas,^ 
Jonas,* Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Nov. 17, 1S46, in ICnton, 
N. Y.; married Nov. 21, 1867, in Galcsburgh, 111., Dr. Arthur 
Eolon Matteson, born April 28, 1842. 

Children (Matteson), born in Kewance, 111. : 

i. Marcia,'^ b. July 13, 1S70. 
ii. Murray Ciordon, b. A]iril 13, 1872. 
iii. Myra, b. Jan. 22, 1S75. 

Eighth GeiicrafioH 333 


Wii.r.iAM Hakkison"'' Livekmoki-: {Lciuis,'' Ihniii-l'' Joiias,^ 
Jonas,* Ihxuicl,^ Johii,^ John') was born Feb. 29, 1840, in Good 
Iiilcnt, N. J.; married (i) Sept. 24, i S64, in ("hica^^o, 111., Han- 
nah Louisa Ward, born Nov. 25, 1843, in Chews Landing, N.J. ; 
died Sept. 13, 1877, in Woodbury, N. J. ; married (2) Nov. 12, 
1878, in Woodbury, Anna Paul, born Sept. i, 1843, in Swedcs- 
boro, N.J. 

He was educated at the Blackwood Academy, and was a 
farmer until 1863, when he moved to Iowa City, la., and soon 
after enlisted in company D, 44th regiment, Iowa Vols. (Capt. 
Charles K. Borland), going down the Mississippi and doing duty 
in Tennessee, Island No. 10, and northern Mississippi. At the 
close of the war he returned to Iowa, and in a few months re- 
turned to New Jersey and became a farmer again in Almonesson. 
In 1873 he was elected surrogate of Gloucester Co., and re- 
elected in 187S and 1883. He afterwards removed to Wood- 
bury, where he has served three terms as councilman. In 1892 
he was jjrivate secretary to Dr. George G. Green, the wealthy 
manufacturer of proprietary medicines. He is a member of 
numerous societies, including (as a charter member) General 
Howell Post, No. 31, G. A. R. ; he was also a member of com- 
pany E, 6th regiment, N. G. of New Jersey, and of the Union 
League Club of Philadelphia. Residence, Woodbury. 

Children, the eldest born in Chicago, the next four in Almon- 
esson, and the others in W^oodbury : 

i. Lewis,*^ b. July 5, 1S65; ^- J"')' 21, 1866, in Chews 

ii. William Ward, b. July 7, 1S67; m. M:\x. 17, 18S9, in 

Butte City, Men., Nettie C. VValdron, b. in Canada 

about 1S50. 
iii. Elizabeth Frances, b. Aug. 12, 1S69. 
iv. Robert ]]re\ver, b. Dec. 4, 187 1 ; d. there April 11, 1872. 
V. Adelaide Lunette, b. Aug. 5, 1873. 
vi. Eliza, b. April 6, 1876; d. there July 2.\, 1S77. 
vii. Hannah Louisa, b. Dec. 20, 1879. 
viii. Josoiihine Dawson, b. June 13, 1881. 
ix. Harrison Paul, b, Dec. 26, 1885. 

334 • ,''■ Livt'nnore Fatnily 


Adkinkttk^ LiviiRMOKK {Liicis,^ Daniel,'' Joints,^ Jonas,* 
Daniel,^ John,' John') was born Nov. j i, 1S5J, in Blackwood, 
N. J.; married ihcre April 24, 1873, Charles Heniiaii Lc I'cvri:, 
born Feb. 8, 1847, in Sondcrsburg, Pa. 
Children (Lc Fevre) : 

i. Lewis Livermorc/^ b. June 20. 187.^, in Bl.ickwood. 
ii, Susan Middleton, b. I'eb. 12, 1876, in Chester, Pa.; d. 

April 2, 187S, in Blackwood, 
lii. Anna Miller, b. Mar. 28, 1S7S, in Blackwood. 


Warkkn Jonas* Livermore ( WijitJirop,'' David,^ David,'> 
Jonas,* Danic/,^ John,^ John') was born Jan. 5, i 835, in .South 
Royalston ; married Oct. 15, 1859, in Worcester, Rebecca Ann, 
c1aui,^hlcr of De.xter and Caroline (Turner) Converse, born April 
17, 1840, in Leicester. 

He removed with liis parents to Spencer in 1S43, where he 
has lived ever since. He was educated in the i)ublic schools. 
On Oct. 4, 1869, he succeeded his father in the manufacture 
of wooden packing boxes, but retired from this business. He 
has served his town as road commissioner and assessor, and has 
been a member of the Republican town committee for several 
years. In 1S96 he was elected to the lower branch of the State 
Legislature, and re-elected in 1897, serving the first year on the 
committee on election laws and ihe second year on thai on roads 
and bridges. He is now superintendent of the Rose Brook and 
Starr cranberry bogs, situated in Wareham. 

Child, born in Spencer : 

807. i. Cora Jeannette,'=' b. Aug. 13, iS6r. 

Lorenzo David^ Livermore {Winthrop,'' Daiid,^ David, ^ 
Jonas * Daniel,'^ John,"" John') was born Dec. 3, 1836, in South 
Royalston; died Sej)t. 22, 1885, in Leicester; married July 18, 
i860, in Spencer, Jane PVances, daughter of William and P"'anny 
(Ward) Sibley, born June 25, 1839, in Brookfield ; died Dec. 27, 
1 89 1, in Spencer. 

, RightJi Ci lunUiou 335 

lie first enlisted in conipany II, loth reL;inienl Mass. Vols., 
and served from June 21, 1861, to Oet. 27, 1862, and was then 
diseharj^^ed for disability; he re-enlisted July 14, 1S63, in com- 
l)any 1, I2th regiment Mass. Vols., for three years; transferred 
to company A, 39th regiment Mass. Vols., June 25, 1864 ; again 
tninsferrcd to company A, 32d regiment Mass. Vols., June 2, 
1865 ; mustered out June 29, 1865, at the expiration of his term 
of service. lie was a b^^x-maker and stair-builder. 

Children, the youngest born in Springfield, the others in 
Spencer : 

i. Emma Louise,^ b. Jan. 28, 1861 ; d. tliere Nov. 30, 1877. 
ii. Henry Lorenzo, b. May 10, 1863; d. July 20, 1885, in 

iii. VVinthrop W., b. Aug. 16, 1872 ; d. Feb. 19, 1895, in 



John Whittemokk'^ Livermokh {Wint/uvp,'' Bavid,^ David, ^ 
Jonas, ^ Daniel,^ JoJin,'- Jo/iii') was born March 23, 1840, in 
South Royalston ; married April 8, 1862, in Spencer, Mary 
Matilda, daughter of Charles Henry and Lucy Guilford (Pellett) 
GifTui, born Nov. 4, 1843, in North Brookfield. 

His parents moved to Spencer when he was three years old, 
and he was educated in the public schools in that town. He 
moved to I-5rookfield in 1866, and formed a partnership with C. 
H. Ciinin in the livery business, under the firm name of Giffm& 
Livermore. In 1870 he opened a furniture store, and also be- 
came an undertaker ; for nearly thirty years he has been the 
tt)wn se.xton. He served three successive years as a member of 
the board of selectmen. As a member of the First Unitarian 
Congregational church, he is an active worker in that body. 
He is a member of Ilayden Lodge, F. and A. M., and of the 
Royal Arcanum of Hrookfield. 

Children, the eldest born in S])encer, the others in Brc^ok- 
field : 

i. Lucy Pollett,^ b. April 26, 1S65; m. l>cc. 6, 18S3. in 
Hrookfield, Waller IJroun, son of Henry L. and Maria 
Mellen, b. in i860, in Ikooklield, 

33^5 Livcnnorc Fcunily 

ii. Waller Eiiinions, h. Nov. 26, 1S77; d. ihcrc l")cc. 6, 

iii. Kolicrt Gurdoii. b. July 19, 1880. 


Marv Eliza^ LivERMORi' ( Wuitltvop,'' David,'' David, ^ Jonas, ^ 
DaHic/,^ Jo/ill,' John') was born April 10, 1853, in Spencer; 
ninrricd there April 2, 1880, Le Grand, son of Samuel Lamb 
and Sophia (McCrae) Stone, born May 12, 1856, in Leicester. 
Residence, Spencer. 

Children (Stone) born in Spencer : 

i. Agnes,' b. April 12, 1883. 
ii. Harold, b. May 26, 1S87. 


Freuekic Augustus^ Livrrmore {WiiitJtrop^ David, ^ Da- 
vid,^ Jonas,'' Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born June i, 1S59, '" 
Spencer; married there Dec. 19, 1881, Lucie Ellsworth, daugh- 
ter of John Albert and Lucy Ann (Wilson) Walker, born there 
May 12, 1S62. He was educated in the public schools, and has 
always lived in Spencer. He carried the United States mail for 
fifteen years, and has now a general jobbing and truck stable. 

Children, born in Spencer : 

i. Everett \Valker,<> b. Nov. 19, 18S2. 
ii. Lester John, b. Oct. il, 1884. 
iii. Sherman W., b. Dec. 20, 1895. 


Le Rov Wilson^ Ki.ngman {Maria,'' \Vi//iaui,^ David,^ Jonas,* 
Daniel,^ John,- John') was born March 15, 1840, in Speedsville, 
N. Y. ; married Dec. 22, 1867, in New York, Clara luigenia, 
daughter of Charles A. and Clara (Ordronaux) Molau, born there 
Nov. 22, 1848; died Nov. 30, 1885, in Owego, N. Y. He re- 
moved with his parents to Owego in 1849, and afterwards went 
to New York City. He returned to Owego in 1870, and be- 
came associate editor and proprietor of the Oivcgo Gazette, and 
in 1880 the r^ole proprietor. 

Eighth Generation 337 

Children (Kino^man), ihc first two iKtrii in New York, the 
others in Owego : 

i. William Livcnuorc,'' b. Nov. 7, 1868. 
ii. Charles Molau, b. May 24, 1S70. 

iii. John Ortironaux, b. May 9, 1873 ; d. there Dec. \2, 1873. 
iv. Le Roy, b. May 1, 1874. 
V. Henry Ernst, b. Aug. 31, 1875. 
vi. Oliver, b. Feb. 10, 1877. 
vii. Wyatt, b. July 2r, 1880. 
viii. Miriam, b. Jan. 6, 1882. 
ix. Maria, b. April 5, 1883: d. there Aug. 20, 1883. 

WiLLi.AM LiVERMOKF.'' KiNGMAX [Marin,'' Williaui^' David,^ 
Jonas* Danic!,^ John,' John') was born Feb. i, 1842, in Speeds- 
ville, N. Y. ; married Dec. 14, 1871, in Elmira, N. Y., Sarah 
Anna, daughter of Charles and Mary (Ballard) Morrell, born 
June 30, 1844, in Ludlowville, N. Y. He was the general coal 
agent of the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Com- 
pany, and i.s now the general freight agent of the same corpora- 
tion. Residence, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Children (Kingman), born in Elmira : 
i. Bessie,9 b. Mar. 6, 1873. 
ii. John Arnot, b. Sept. ii, 1874. 


Stell.a Maria^ Kingm.w {Maria,'' William,^ David,^ Jonas,* 
Daniel,^ John,- John^) was born May 16, 1845, '^ Speedsvillc, 
N. Y. ; married June 24, 1874, Henry Campbell. 

Children (Campbell), born in Elmira, N. Y. : 

i. Henry Kingman,"? b. Aug. 12, iSSo. 
ii. Robert Livermore, b. Nov. 4, iSSi. 

Helen' Elizabeth'' Kingman {Afa>'ia,' Wi/iiam,^ David,^ 
Jonas,* Daniel,^ John, ^ John') was born Nov. 13, i860, in Owego, 
N. Y. ; married there Oct. 12, 1887, Charles Kirk, son of Sid- 
ney Smith and Margaret Jane (Johnston) Eastwood, born April 
17, 1858, in Piqua, Miami Co., O. 

33^ Live rm ore Family 

Children (Kast\v(KKl), born in Owe^o : 

i. Sidney Kii\i;;rn;in,9 b. r)ec. 5, 1890. 
ii. Kiic Kiiii^nKui, b. Aug. 2, 1894. 

William Flovd'' Livermork {Williom^ Walton,'' David,^ 
JojMS,* Daniel,^ JoJin; John') was born Feb. 21, 1843, in New 
York City; married b'el). 15, 1865, Jane Hurry; died Nov. 26, 

Children : '■ 

i. AHce,9 b. Dec. 9, 1865, in New York City, 

ii. William White, b. July 26, 1867, in New York City. 

iii. Edward, b. Aug. 12, 1S69, in Bayside, N. Y. 

iv. Charles Floyd, b. Mar. 7, 187 1, in IJayside. 

V. Anne Post, b. Oct. 3, 1872, in Fordham, N. Y. ; d. there 

in 1873. 

vi. Robert, b. in 1874, in New York City; d. there in 1874. 

vii. Margaret, b. Sept. 28, 1S76, in New York City, 

viii. Robert Archibald, b. Jan. 14, 1S78, in Tompkins, N. Y. 


Adele Walton- Livermore {Williain^ Wallon,^ David,'> 
Jonas* Daniel,^ John,"" John') was born Sept. 18, 1849, in New 
York; married June 12, 1872, Rev. Alexander Hamillon. 

Children (Hamilton) : 

i, Anne Adele Walton/' b. Ajiril 8. 1S74. 

ii. Ahna Elizabeth, b. Jan. 31, 1877. 

iii. Charlotte Maria, b. May 8, 1883. 

iv. Esther Livermore, b. April 13, 18S5 = d. Sejn. 9, 1SS5. 

V. Alexander, b. June 25, 18S6. 


Frederick Willi.\m^ Livermore {George,'' Walton,^ David,^ 
Jonas,* Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Sei)t. 10, 185S, in Spen- 
cer; married Nov. 3, 1887, in N<-^w York, Kmilie Hutchinson, 
daughter of Adam Clark Martin of New York. 

Child : 

i. Marcia Janet,'' b. Mar. i, 1S92. 

EigJtth Goieration 339 


Calista LoriSA*^ I^anckc^ft {Lonisn,' l\iul^' E/is/ut,'^ Jonas,* 
Daniel,^ John,' John') was born Oct. 4, 1S30, in Millbiiry ; died 
there July iS, 1872; married there Nov. i6, 1854, Geor^^e 
151ackington Caigill, born Jan. 27, 1830, in Wrenthani ; died 
there Jan. 12, 1869. 

Children (Carj^nll) : 

i. Edward Bancroft,'' b. Sept. 15. 1857. in Wrenthorn : d. 
Aug. 14, 1859, in Millbury. 

808. ii. Waller Henjainin, b. July 2.\^ iSGo, in Little Conij^ton, 

R. 1. 

Caroline Kstheu^ Ba.ncroft {Louisa,'' Paul,'' E/isha,^ Jonas,* 
Daniel,^ John,' John') was born March 7, 1S33, in M ill bury ; 
married there Dec. 20, 1S53, Reuben Augustus Sturdy, born 
Feb. 4, 1830, in Attleboro. 

Children (Sturdy), the eldest born in Millbury, the others in 
Attleboro : 

809. i. Lillian Clarissa,' b. July 22, 1857. 

ii. Cora Geneva, b. Oct, 15, i860; jn. there June 30, 1881, 
Theodore Leslie Watkins, b. Oct. 20, 1859, in Speeds- 
ville, N. Y. 

iii. ^LAry I'^.liza, b. Sept. 19, 1865. 

iv. Grace Baucrofl, b. July 27, 1S73. 


Mary Janf.^ I^an'CROFt {Louisa,'^ Paid,^ Eli sJia,^ Jonas,* Dan- 
it:/,^ John,^ John') was born June 11, 1836, in Millbury; married 
there Jan. 16, 1S57, Gilbert Daniel Pitts, died Sept. 28, 1864, in 
Petersburg, Va. 

Children (Pitts), born in Millbur)' : 

i. Joseph Esek/' b. . 

ii. Flora Louisa, b. . 


Ciiarlf:s Hfvkv'* Livfrmorf {Henry,' Lyuuin!' Elijah,^ 
Isaac,* Daniel,"- John,"" John') was born April 27, F850, in 
Charlcmont ; married May 12. 1S71, in Adams, Cclia !£., daugh- 

340 Livcnuorc Faviily 

Icr of Francis ami Abigail Thclps, born in 1S49, in IMonroc. 
He has been a watchman, baggage master and nitro-glycerinc 

Children, born in North Adams: 

i. Charles VV.''' b. iri 1S7?; m. April 4, 1893, in Noitli 
Adams, Alice L., dau. of Aloiizo and Helen (Childs) 
llolnics, b. there in 1873. 
ii. Francis Eugene, b. Jan. 5, 1S74; d. Oct. 15, iS<;.S. 
iii. Clara 13., b. Jan. 21, 1S81. 

iv. Howard Bradley, b. Jan. 23, 1SS3; d. there Aug. 21, 


Fidelia^ Livermore {Aloii:so,'' Edmund,'' Daniel,^ luhnund,*' 
Samite/,^ Snviucl,'' John'') was born Jan. 17, 1829, in Blairsvilfe, 
Pa.; married June 2, 1S51, in Rum.sey, Ky., Robert Stuart, son 
of Nathaniel and Kliza (Stuart) Howard, born Aug. r, 1826, in 
Hartford, Ky. They moved to New Orleans, La., a few years 
after marriage, and some of the family still live there. 

Children (Howard) : 

810. i. Eliza Maud,9 b. April 18, 1S52, in Calhoun, Ky. 

811. ii. Clara Amelia, b. Dec. 7, 1854, in Evansville, Ind. 

812. iii. Kstclle, b. June 4, r86o, in Soulh CarroUton, Ky. 

iv. Robert Stuart, b. Feb. 28, 1865, in Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
res., Portland, Ore. 


Alonzo Skiles** Livekmoke {Aloiizc,'' Edmund^ Daniel,^ 
Edmund,'^ Samuel,^ Savaud,- John') was born Aug. 19, 1840, 
in Rumsey, Ky. ; died July 28, 18S8, in Memphis, Teun. ; mar- 
ried Jan. 9, 1 868, in New Iberia, I^a., Leila, daughter of William 
and Eliza Aim (Marsh) Robertson, born there March 22, 1846. 

In 1854 he moved with his parents to Sunbury, Pa., and in 
September, 1855, entered Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., 
graduating with honor in July, 1858. In September of the same 
year he went to Columbia, Tenn., and was employed on what 
was then known as the Tennes.sec and Alabama Railroad, now a 
part of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. In i860 he went 

Eiii^lith Generation 341 

U) CL'iiksvillc, Teiin., as assistant sui^criiitciulcnt of the Mcm- 
jihis, Clarksvillc and Louisville Railroad. When the Civil war 
broke out he cast his fortunes with the Confederacy, and 
went to Memi)lus with the rollin<( stock of his railroad. He 
was here appointed general siij»erintendent of the Mississijjpi 
and Tennessee Railroad, and ujuin the fall of Memphis he re- 
treatetl with the Confederates to Grenada, Miss. At tiie close 
of the war he went ti) Memphis as general superintendent of the 
same lailroad, and established the general offices of the com- 
pany at that ])oint. In 187 1 he became superintendent of the 
Memphis and Little Rock Railroad, and continued in this jiosi- 
tion until 1874, when he entered into a partnership with James 
W. JIaitli of the Chickasaw Iron Works. In 1875 the firm 
was Randle, Heath & Livermore. In 1881 he established the 
Livcrmore Foundry and Machine Company in Memphis, and 
since that time has been president of this corporation. He has 
been a member of the board of education in Memj^his, and sub- 
sequently a member of the board of public works, or wOiat is 
generally known as the city council. 

Children, the eldest born in New Iberia, the others in Mem- 
phis : 

813. i. Leila Robertson,^ b. Oct. 31, 1868. 

ii. Eliza Robertson, b. Feb, 8, 1871. 
iii, William Robertson, b. Aug. 29, 1873. 
iv, Mary Robertson, b, Nov. i, 1875 ; d. there July 7, 1S81. 

V. George Robertson, b. Sept. 20, 187S. 
vi. Helen Robertson, b. Dec. 9, 1880. 


Mortimer Livermore** Conger {Mclimia^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ 
Ildmund,^ SanuicI,^ Saviucl,^ John') was born Dec. 19, 1821, in 
lirookfield, N. Y. ; married April 23, 1848, in Sangerfield, N. Y., 
Melissa Marsh, born there Oct. 13, 1S28. 

Child (Conger), born in Sangerfield : 

i. Zayda,-? b. Mar. 18, 18.^9; d. March 27, 1879, in Water- 
ville, N. Y. ; ni. Aug., 1877, in W'atertown, N. Y., Fred- 
erick Foot, b. in 1843 ; d. Oct. 4, 1S78, in Watcrville. 

■342 Livcrvwre Fatui/y 

Danirl' CongI'K {Mf/inda,^ Daniel^ Daniel,'' Edmund,'' Sain- 
uel,^ Satni'.il,^ John') wus born Sept. 29, 1828, in Sangerficld, 
N.Y.; married (1) Nov. 12, 1851, in Plymouth, N. Y., Polly 
Jayncs, bom there April 12, 1S33 ; died Sept. 8, 1884, in Watcr- 
villc, N. \.\ married (2) July 8, 1891, in Waterville, Kcoka 
Smith, born there Dec. 21, 1856. 

Child (Conger), born in Sherburne, N. Y. : 

• i. DeWitt.^b. Jan. 31, 1854; m. (i) Oct. 7, 1874, in Water- 
ville, Klla Cooper, b. there July 21, 1852; they were 
divorced in 188S ; ni. (2) May 24, 1888, in Waterville, 
Blanche Cook, b. Feb. 15, 1S63, in New Haven, Conn. 
'■> ^ I. Carncha .4/.,'° b. Mar. 5, 1S76, in Waterville; d. there 

April 6, 1S76. 


E.MILV^ LiVERMORE {Dcinicl^ Daniel,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,'- Sam- 
ticl,^ Savntcl,'- Jo/in') was born July lo, 1833, in Sangcrfickl, 
N. Y.; married there March i, 1853, Elias Hicks Mott, born 
there April 28, 1830. 

Children (Mott), born in Sangerfield : 

i. Herbert Hicks,^ b. July 11, 1857. 

814. ii. Walter Livermore, b. Mar. 27, i860. 

815. iii. James, b. Dec. 6, 1S62. 

iv. Danitl I^ivermore, b. Jan. 20, 1865. 
V. Frank Williams, b. Sept. 24, 1866; d. July 10, 1890, in 

San Francisco, Cal. 
vi. Virginia FLlinina, b. July 14, 1870. 


El.mina Virgim.v' Livermore {Daniil,' Daniil,^ Daniii,^ 
Edmund,^ Samrtcl,^ Saviuc/,- John') was born Sept. 15, 1838, 
in Sangerfield, N. Y.; died there Feb. 3, 1874; married there 
Sept. 9, 1862, Oliver Sumner Brigham, born Feb. 16, 1832, in 
Eaton, N. Y. ; died June 24, 1866, in Madison, N. Y. 
Child (Brigham), bv,nn in Madison : 

i. Harry Wo.ssoni,'^ b. Dec. 20, 1S64; d. Mar. 19, 1S69, in 

EigJitJi (iri/iiah'on 343 

Danihi.'^ Livi-KMOKF. {DiDiiil,'' Diinif/,'' Iluiicl,'^ Etivimid,* 
S(i»i/ii/,^ SiDiiiu/,' Jn/m') was Ijom Sept. 20, 1S40, in San^^cr- 
fuld, N. v.; niarrictl Sept. 20, 1865, in Madison, N. Y., I'.lla 
I'ri^liam, horn llicrc May 4, 1S46. 
ChiMion, born in Sangerficld : 

i. Kate i:ila,9 b. Sept. 26, 1S66. 

816. ii. Hanifl Howard, b. Sept. 28, 186S. 
iii. Mary Virginia, b. Oct. 16, 1873. 

s iv. Harry r.rii^ham, b. Sept. 19, 1875, 

V. Agnes Louisa, b. Mar. 15, 1879. 

Sarah" Livekmoke {Araiiiis,^ Daniel,^ Dauicl,^ Edmund* 
Saniiic/,^ Savmc/,^ Jo/ni^) was born Oct. 2, 1829, in Sanj^erficld, 
N. Y. ; died there Aug. 20, 1884 ; married there Oct. 14, 1S47, 
Orlando Gorton, born there Jan. 20, 1826; died there Jan. 2, 

Children (Gorton), born in Sangerfield ; 
i. DeMaiir,9 b. Oct. 2, 184S. 

817. ii. Jennie, b. Oct. 29, 1S54. 

Ellen Amelia^ Livekmorh {Aranus,^ Daniel'' Daniel,"' Ed- 
inn}id,^ Sannicl,^ Samuel,'' John') wa.s born Feb. 12, 1S32, in 
Sangerficld, N. Y. ; died there Sept. 21, 1866; married there 
Oct. II, 1853, Cohimbus Fayette Rhodes, born Dec. 21, 1824, 
in Hubbardsville, N. Y. ' 

Children (Rhodes), born in Hubbardsville : 

i. Ella Cornelia,9 b. Jan. 21, 185S; d. there Sept. 19, 1866. 
81S. ii. William Aranus, b. OcL 29, i860. 

iii. Louis Columbus, b. Nov. 28, 1865; d. there Nov. 27, 

DkWitt Cllnto.n^ Livek.mokk {Aranus/ Daniel,'' Daniel,^ 
Edmund,* Sam/a l,^ Samuel,^ John') was born June i, 1845, in 
Sangerficld, N. Y. ; married there May 27, 1S67, Ella E. liayles, 
born there March 25, 1850. 

344 Livannorc Family 

Chililicn, born in Sangcrfickl : 

i. Zuhi Z.,v b. Oct. 15, 1S6X; in. there Oct. 2, 1889, Clif- 
ton Day VVheelock, b. Jan. 27, 1S63, in Freeduin, (). 
ii. Claribel, b. Jan. 9, 1874. 

Rose Belle** Livekmork {Atiu/its,'' JJanu/,' Daniel,'' Ed- 
viund,^ Savuicl,^ Sainnil,^ Jo/di') was born Au^. 25, 185 1, in 
Sangerfield, N. Y.; married there Feb. 16, 1869, Jiolivar Leonard 
Webb, born Sept. 3, 1S46, in Sherburne, N. Y. 
Chikhen (Webb) : 

i. Lula May, 9 b. Jan. 17, 1S72, in Sangerfield. 
• ii. Rose Belle, b. April 21, 1S73, in Sangerfield. 
iii. Grace hiverinore, b. Jan. 23, 1877, in Walerville, N. Y. ; 

d. April 19, 1878, in Bridgevvater, N. Y. 
iv. Clarence Bolivar, b. Mar. 23, 1879, in Bridgewater. 
V. Allen Aranus, b. Nov. 20, 1880, in West Winfield, K. Y. 


Mortimer Conger- Livermore {Ora)iicl,^ Daiticl,^ Daniel,^ 
Edvutiid,* Saf)iiirl,^ Saviucl,^ Jolni') was born Nov. 13, 1841, 
in Earlsville, N. Y. ; married March 4, 1864, in Glcnmorc, N. Y., 
•Theodosia Churchill, born there Jan. 7, 1844. 
Children : 

i. Zaynia Kadora,'> b. Jan. 27, 1866, in Glenniore. 
ii." Leslie, b. Feb. 28, 186S, in Glenmore; d. there Sept. 

16, 1870. 
iii. Orin, b. April 25, 1870, in Deansville, N. Y. ; d. Sept. 

9, 1870. in Glenmore. 
iv. Tessora Enieline, b. Mar. 10, 1872, in \N'illo\v Springs, 

Kan . 
V. Frederick Mortimer, b. Sept. 9, 1875, in Bridgewater, 

N. Y. 
vi. Mabel Ruth, b. Oct. 14, 1S77, in Manchester, Mich. 


Silas Wright" Livermore {Oranicl^ Datiicl,^ Daniel,'' Ed- 
mu7id,* SoiukcI,^ Samuel,^ John') was born March 24, 1844, in 
Marshall, N. Y. ; married Jan. 27, 1865, in Rome, N. Y., Anna 
Eniogine Churchill, born June 15, 1847, in Annsville, N. Y. 


Eighth Ceturadon 345 

i. Zayda Coiiger,^ b. Mar. 31, 1866, in Watcrvillc, N. Y 
ii. Maud May Kmogine, b. Doc. 16, 1867, in Annsxillc. 

iii. V'irginia Sarah, b. Mar. 6, 1871, in Willow Springs, K 

iv. Ira James, b. Mar. 16, 1873, in Willow Springs. 

V. William liowarlh, b. July 1 1, 1877, in Rridgcwatcr, N. Y. 

vi. Grace licalrice, b. Jan. 2, 1882, in Bridgewater. 
vii. Iceland Wright, b. Sejn. 10, 1S83, in Bridgewater. 



IIakvey Grain'* Livlrmokk {Orouicl,'' Daniel,'' J)a)iic/,'> Ed- 
vumd,^ Savntcl,^ Samiw/,^ John^) was born July 21, 1850, in 
Dcansville, N. ¥.; mnrried March 26, 1873, i" VVillow Si)^ings, 
Kan., Genoa Margaret Burton, born Jan. 13, 1855, in Jackson 
Co., Mo. 

Children : 

i. Hairy Burton, ^ b. Oct. 15, 1874, in Lawrence, Kan. 
ii. Etta Belle, b. Oct. i, 1S76, in Olathe, Kan. 


1)k FaiUvIktt^ Livekmore {Jaincs,'' Daniel,'' Dauiel,^ Ed- 
■mnud,'' SaiHuel,^ Saimicl,^ John') was born Dec. 26, 1826, in 
l*aris Hill, N. Y.; married May 13, 1859, "^ Hamilton, N. Y., 
Mai tha Wickwirc. 

Children, born in Bouckvillc, N. Y. : 

i. Detta,9 b. June 29, 1S61 ; m. Oct. 4, 1889, in Madison, 

N. Y., Charles Card. Child (Card) : Mariha.'^ 
ii. Kirk Wickwirc, b. Oct. 19, 1863. 


Newton^ Liver.more [Jauies,'' Daniel,'' Daniel,'^ Edn:itnd,^ 
Smnnel,^ Samuel,^ John') was born Aug. 12, 1845, in Madison, 
N.Y.; married Oct. 30, 1877, in Solsville, N. Y., Lizzie Mary 
Parker, born July 8, 1854, in Madison. 

Children, born in Madison : 

i. Rosie Lcc,9 b. June 37, 1879. 
ii. James Madison, b. Feb. 9. 18S3. 

346 Livcrmorc Family 


John" T.ivermork {Sa)nm'l^ Snin?icl,'' Datn'ri,^ Edmund,* 
Saiiuic!,^ Sdiniicl,^ Jo/ni') was born March 19, 1823, in lirook- 
fickl, NY.; married Aug. 31, 1845. i'l IndciK'nclcncc, N. Y., 
Cordelia I^abcock. The fifth day after his marriaj^^e he was 
thrown from a carriage down a steep embankment, receiving an 
injury \() his left knee from which he never fully recovered, 
lie is a farmer in Sharon, Pa., to which place he moved in 1878. 

Children : 

819. i. Clarissa Fraiiccnia,^ b. ^Tar. 7, 1S47. 

820. ii. Abbie Eliza, b. Aug. 5, 1850. 

iii. Maxson Galusia, b. Mar. 22, 185.1;- ^- ^bir. 22, 1S59. 
iv. Almira Annette, b. July 18, 1857 ; d. April 1.1,. 1859. 

821. V. Cassius Manlius, b. May -j, 1861. 


Samukl Allen^ Livekmoke {SaviucI^ Snuiucl,'' Dajiivl,^ 
Eduiitnd,* Samuel,^ Savnicl,^ JoJni^) was born Feb. 4, 1834, in 
Independence, N. Y.; died Feb. 3, 1891, in Whitesville, N. Y'. ; 
married Jan. i, 1853, Emoline Belinda Wood. The family were 
living in Wb.ilcsville when last heard from. 

Children : 

822. i. Klwin Mason,9 b. Feb. 21, 1S5/1. 

ii. Willie Jaincs, b. Jan. 15, 1S63 ; d. Sept. 15, 1S69. 
. ' iii. Arloucne, b. Mar. ;, 1878. 


William'' Potter {Sally ^ Savnicl,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,'' Sam- 
uel,^ Sauuicl,^ John') was born Oct. 30, 1820; died Sept. 24, 
1869; married Sept. 10, 1843, Semantha P. Johnson, born Jan. 
18, 1824. 

Children (Potter) : 

i. Clarissa A,9 b. Aug. 10, 1844; m. Feb. 25, 1863, Levi 

R. Fairbanks. 
ii. Annis E., b. July 5, 1846 : ni. (1) Jan. i, 1878, Alson A. 

Anson, d. May i, 1880; m. (2) July 4, 1882, George 


Eii^/it/i Generation 347 

iii. Morliinci \V., h. Jan. i«;. J.Si*;; in. June 12, 1889. Klla 

'J'honipsoi). Child (l^ullcr): 
I. HiiHic I.tvfriitori:,^' b. July 2, iSyi. 
iv. Milton R.. 1\ Aj)ril 21, 11^53; in. Au^. 30, 1S74, Fannie 

K. Sinilh. Children (Poller) : 

1. Niiid /•-■., ''^ b. Aug. 19, 1876. 

2. /r. .'l/,-/A'w, b. Dlc. 14, 1S77. 

3. Mt'.dmi A., b. Oct. 30, 1S86. 

V. Amanda R., h. July 30, 1^553; m. Mar. 25, 1K71, Anio.s 
F. Moore. Children (Moore) : 

1. ChiirUs ;r.,'''b. Jan. 27, 1S75. 

2. Z;7/;V/A- M., b. Jan. 20, iSS;. 

vi. Mary E., b. May 31, 1856; ni. Aug. 21, 1876, Lucll \V. 

vii. Ahnond D., b. May 22, 1859; d. Sept. i, 1S61. 
viii. Rosilla A., b. Feb. 19, 1865. 

be. Lcona M., b. Sept. 20, 1867, 


HosE.\ B.*^ Potter i^Sally,'' Samuel,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,* 
Sovinc/,^ Sainncl,^ John') was born Nov. 28, 1S22 ; married (i) 
Oct. 5. 1845, Amanda II. Johnson, died June 28, 1864; married 
(2) May II, 1865, Mrs. Ann E. Wheeler. 

Childien (Potter) : 

i. Amy A.,') b. Dec. 7, 1846; d. Dec. 23, j866. 
ii. Joel A., b. Aug. 16, 1848; d. May 25, 1861. 

iii. Allen, b. — . 

iv. William, b. . 


LuTHiLR** Potter {Sallys Sannicl,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,* Sain- 
uc/,i Sinnnc-/,^ /o/n/') was born Aug. 28, 1S24; married Aj)ril 
20, 1850, Almira Parsons, died March 7, 1893. 

Children (Potter) : 

i. Mary E.," b. Jan. 29. 1S51 ; d. Jan. 5, 1S56. 
ii. Alice A., b. Oct. 12, 1856. 

iii. Ida A., b. May 5, 1859 ; m. Aug. 10, 18S0, William Ram- 
sey. Children (Ramsey) : 

1. luorcucc- B.,^° b. April 19, 18S3. 

2. Ceoigt- A., b. April 19, 18S5. 

34^ Livervion' Family 

Samukl" Pottkk {Sally,' Samuel,'' Daniel,^ Edviuwl,' Sam- 
uel,^ Samuil,' John') was born Dec. 21, 1S26; married (1) Jan. 
15, 1.S48, Rhoda Buckley, died July 17, i.S5) ; marrieil (2) Dec. 
12, 1S53, Liicettn McCumber. 
Children (Poller) : 

i. Jerome F.,9 b. May 4, 1851. 

ii. William S., b. Au- 17, 1854; m. Ocl. 25, JS76, Ida A. 
Petty. Children (Potter) : 

1. Cora A.,'° b. Aug. 6, 1877. 

2. Carrie Bell, b. Nov. 14, iSSi. 

3. JSesiie v., b. Feb. 28, 1S90. 

iii. Mary K., b. July 17, 1S57; ni. Sept. 6, 1874, Prcdeiick 
11. Reese. Children (Reese) : 

1. Zella /f.,'° b. Aug. 28, 1875. 

2. Clara B., b. April 19, 18S2. 


Piiii.AKMON Patten^ Livkrmore (ii^/w //;/,// Samuel,^' J)a)iJrl,^ 
Edmund,* Samntl,^ Saviiecl,^ Jo/in') was born Nov. 13, 1.S27, in 
Independence, N. Y. ; married April 29, 1849, in Milton, Wis., 
Abigail West Coon, born March 9, 1833, in Alfred Centre, N. Y. 
He was educated at Alfred University, N. Y. ; he was for a time 
principal of the Milton Academy at Milton, and subsequently 
taught in several places. He read law and was admitted to the 
bar in Wisconsin. He travelled extensively in the southern 
States and across the Rocky Mountains to California, before the 
breaking out of the Civil war, and in 1862 returned to W'iscon- 
sin and enlisted as a private ; he was promoted captain and made 
provost marshal in Tennessee, and was distinguished for his 
bravery and faithful service. Residence, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Children : 

i. Aretiis Eugene,<> b. Jan. 29, 1855, in Independence; m. 
(1) in 1880, Nannie Wear, divorced in 1SS5 ; in. (2) 
in 1892, Josephine Pratt. Children: 

1. Jiena*° b. in 1SS2. 

2. CAarli's, b. in iSSj. 

• 3. J\d-u/ard, b. in 181^3. 

Eighth Generation 349 

ii. Rciia Louise, b. Dec. 2, 1869, in Morris, Mo.; d. there 

Aug. 16, 1870. 
iii. Kale Aileen, b. June 19, 1872, in Morris; in. in 1S93, 

Edward E. Salladay. Child (Salladay) : 
I. h'oy Everelt,'^'' h. '\n 1894. 
iv. (leorge Edmund, b. Dec. it, 1873, in Denver, Col.; d. 

there Dec. 1 1, 1874. 


Lois Akmikd.^* Livermore {Edmund^ Samuel,^ Danii'l,^ Ed- 
mund,^ SiU/inc/,^ Sannu/,' John') was born Jan. 6, 1831, in 
Jkookfickl, N. Y.; married July 26, 1853, in Independence, N. 
Y., Albert llazcltinc, died there in Aug., 1864. 

Children (Mazeltine), the youngest burn in Lima, Wis., the 
others in Lidependence ; 

i. Aimis Eliza,* b. Mar. 2, 1855; d. Dec. 29, i860, 
ii. Ella J., b. Mar. 4, 1856 ; d. Dec. 25, 18G0. 
iii. Cora E., b. Oct. 22, 1859 ; d. Jan. i, 1861. 
iv. Fred. L., b. July 6, 1861 ; m. Lula George. Child : 
I. Jesse,^° b. Dec. 31, 1SS4. 


LEANDtK Elliott** Livurmore {Edmund,'' Samuel,^ Daniel,'' 
Edviitnd,* Sainnei,^ Samiu/,^ John') was born March 26, 1835, 
in Independence, N. Y. ; married (i) Aug. 20, 1858, in I'eters- 
burg, N. Y., Laura Ellis Maxson, born in Gene.see, N. Y. ; 
divcrced in Jan., 186S ; married (2) Dec. 2, 1868, in De Ruyter, 
N. Y., Arloiiine Eliza Coon, born there Feb. 16, 1844; died 
May 13, 1893, in New York City; married (3) June 12, 1894, 
in Lebanon, Conn., Ellen Cornelia, daughter of Nathaniel Bab- 
cock and J. me Elizabeth (l\arker) Williams, born May' 12, 1846, 
and is descended from John Livermore, the emigrant, as fol- 
lows: Jane Elizabeth Parker,** Sophia Churchill, ^ Mehitablc 
Hubbard,^ Martha Livermore,^ Nathaniel Livermore/ Thomas 
Livermore,^ Samuel Livermore,^ John Livermore.' 

He studied fust in Alfred University, N. Y., and then for a 
while in Milton College, Wisconsin. Returning to Alfred Uni- 
versity, he pursued a classical course, with occasional interrup- 
tions, occasioned by teaching public and select schools. On 

350 Livcrmorc Family 

Oct. 7, 1861, he was muslcrcd in at Elmira, N. Y., as a private 
in ci^mpany C. S5th re.£,Mnient N. Y. Vols., commanded by Capt. 
Hiram C. Miller; was promoted serj^eiint and then li^spilal 
steward. During' the Peninsular campaign under Gen. George 
B. McClellan, in the spring of 1862, he contracted typhoid fever 
and in the following July was discharged from the service at 
Wa.shington, I). C. In the autumn of the .same year he had so 
far recovered as to admit of his returning to his studies in the 
university, where he remained until Jan., 1S64, when, in coin- 
jxiny with several other students and friends, he re-enlisted. He 
was immediately detailed t)n sj^ecial service at the surgeon's head- 
quarters, at the place of rendezvous in Elmira, and retained in 
the same service after joining his regiment {5th N. Y. Heavy 
Artillery) at Harper's Ferry, Va. In March, 1865, he was 
promoted first lieutenant and subsequently detailed on the staff 
of General Stevenson at Harper's F^erry, in which cajKicity he 
remained until mustered out at the close of the war in July, 

He returned to the university to complete his course, and was 
graduated with the degree of B. A. in 1866. He was soon called 
to ordination in the gospel ministry by the church in Inde}-)end- 
ence, of which he was a member, and soon after settled as j^astor 
of the Seventh Day Baptist Church at Greenmanville (Mystic), 
Conn. Here he remained nearly two years, supplying also the 
First' Day Baptist Church, in North Stonington, Conn., until 
accepting a call to the pvincipal.ship of the De Ruyter Insti- 
tute, at De Ruyter, he removed thither. In this capacity he 
labored three and a half years, when he accepted a call to the 
ixast orate of the Walworth Seventh Day Baptist Church, Wis- 
consin, and at the same time the principalship of the " Big Foot 
Academy " in the same place. Here he remained si.x years, part 
of the time (two years) pursuing theological studies in the Bap- 
tist Union Theological Seminary. Chicago, 111. In 1S77, he 
accepted a call to a pastorate in New Market, N. J., ar.d com- 
j)leted his cour.-^e in theology in the Union Theological Seminary 
in New York City in 1879. He removed from New Market to 
Alfred Centre, X. Y., April 17, 1893, and was pastor of the 

EightJi Generation 351 

church there for several years, with the exception of a tem- 
|x>rary absence of four years, tiurin;.; whic h he was engaged as 
linancial agent of Alfred University. lie now resides at Dun- 
ell en, N. J. 
Children : 
823. i. Alice Leanna,'' b. Aug. 4, in 1864, in Genesee. 

ii. A son, b. June 16, 1870, in De Ruyter ; d. .same day. 
iii. Anna Corinne, b. Nov. 27, 1S71, in Wnlworlh, Wis.; d. 

Feb, 24, 1892, in Dunellen. 
iv. A daughter, b. April 10, 1S76, in Walworth ; d. same day. 


JoKL FiKLi/ LiviiRMfjiiE {Maniii,^ Scnnuc/,'' Daniel,^ Ed- 
mutid,* Scum/e/,^ Samuel^' Jo Jni^) was b(»rn Jan. 25, 1858, in 
Independence, N. Y. ; died Jan. 29, 1883, in Wcllsville, N. Y. ; 
married March 22, 1S82, in Alfred, N. Y., Nancy Maria Thomas, 
born there Dec. 21, 1857. He was a brakeman, and died from 
injuries received on tlie railroad. His widow afterwards lived in 
Hornellsville, N. Y. 

Child, born in Alfred : 

i. Jessie Field,9 b. Feb. 5, 1883. 

Martii.'x' Livermore {Mauhi^ Samuel,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,^ 
Samucl^^ Sainnel,^ Jo/in') was born Nov. 25, i860, in Inde[)en- 
dencc, N. Y. ; married Sept. 25, 187S, in Alfred, N. Y., George 
Clark Sherman, born there May 19, 1854. He is the agent 
of the Alfred Machine Works. 

Children (Sherman), born in Alfred : 

i. Kihcl Elida.9 b. June 28, iSSi. 

ii. David Clark, b. Jan. 20, 18S3. 

iii. Susan Eellc, b. Dec. 16, 18S5. 

iv. Thomas Place, b. Mar. 5, 18S8. 


Sarah Celestia* Kingslev (/A/r/',?;v,7 Samite/,^ Daniel,'' 
Edmund,* Sanme/,^ Saiinul,^ Jo/in') was born July 10, 1842, 
in Hume, N. Y, ; died there Aug. 20, 18S3 ; married there Nov. 
22, 1864, Charles Deforest MUls. 

352 Livcnnore Family 

Children (Mills), born in llumc: 

i. Lilian/J b. Mar. 24, 1867; m. there Oct. 24, 18S8, Dr. 

George F. Palmer; res., Pike, N.Y. 
ii. Herbert Allen, b. Dec. 26, 1870. 


Louisa Adalim-*' Liver.mokk {T/uodorc^ Sajmwl,^ Daniel,'' 
Edmund,*' Savincl,^ Saiiiiud,- Jo/ui') was born Sej)!. 17, 1S42, 
in Independence, N. Y. ; mnrried Dec. 24, 1865, in Andover, 
N. Y., Edward Richmond Foster, born Nov. 21, 1841, in Inde- 
pendence. Residence, Shon^^o, N. Y. 

Children (Foster), born in Willing, N.Y. ; 

i. Re. Gott,9 b. Oct. 17, 1866; d. there Mar. 14, 1868. 

ii. Clark Oli.sco, b. Feb. 21, 1869. 

iii. l>ouise E.stelle, b. Aug. 12, 1872. 

iv. Edwin Dement, b. Mar. 8, 1875. 

Edward Maxon^ Livekmore {Theodore,'' Samuel,^ Daniel,'^ 
Edminid,* Samuel,^ Sajnuel,^ John')- was born April i, 1S47, in 
Independence, N. Y. ; married Now 28, 1870, in Andover, N. Y., 
Alice Amelia Farnham, born Sept. 22, 1852, in Gaines, Penn. 
Residence, Andover. 

Children, the eldest born in Willing, N. Y., the others in 
Andover : 

i. Charles Orlando,9 b. Sept. i, 1871. 
ii. Cora May, b. Nov. 12, 1S74. 
iii. Nora Kthel, b. Sept. 21, 1S76. 
iv. Anna Lorena, b. Aug. 30, 1878. 
V. Flora Almeda. b. July 10. 1886. 


Theodore Cokell® Livermore {Theodore,'^ Samuel,^ Daniel,^ 
Edmund,* Samuel,^ Samuel,- John') was born June 3, 1S50, in 
Independence, N. Y. ; married there Jan. 20, 1879, Hattie 
Minerva Ikiker, born there Feb. 23, 1859. Residence, Andover, 
N. Y. 

Child, born in Andover : 

i. Gladys May,^ b. Jan. i, 1887. 

Eighth Generation 353 


l''ii>us Oklamh)^ Livkrmokk {Theodore,'' Samuel,^ Daniel,'' 
llduiund,^ Samuel, i Samuel,' J (din') was born Oct. 24, 1852, 
in Independence, N. Y. ; married tliere May 22, 1881, Mary 
Frances Trask, born Oct. 31, 1 861, in VV^illing, N. Y. Residence, 
Andover, N. Y. 
Children : 

i. Gertrude Elida,9 b. July 5. 1884. in Mt. Alton, Penn. 
ii. Clarence Edwin, b. July 17, 1887, in Andover. 

In.\ ARDiiLi."* Ln'ERMORK (^Theodore,'' Santuel,^' Daiiiel,'' Ed- 
mund,* Sajnuel,^ Savuiel,' John') was born May 12, 1856, in 
Andover, N. Y. ; married December 22, 1S78, in Independence, 
N. Y., Ai Eugene Foster, born there July 13, 18.49. Residence, 
Shongo, N. Y. 

Children (Foster), born in Willing, N. Y. : 
i, Harry Leon,9 b. Jan. 11, 1880. 
ii. Mabel, b. Dec. 15, 1882. 
iii. Grace, b. Aug. 26, 1884. 


IzoR.\ Adelaide'^ Liver.more [Theodoj-e,^ Saurael,^ Daniel,^ 
Edmund,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Jolin') was born May 29, 1859, 
in Andover, N. Y. ; married there Dec. 4, 1878, John Morton, 
son of William B. and Caroline (Clarke) Green, born Nov. 29, 
1856, in Independence, N. Y. Residence, Independence. 

Children (Green), born in Independence : 

i. Clayton Clarke,^ b. Sept. 27, 1880. 
ii. Albert Crandall, b. Oct. 5, 1882. 
iii. William Knrl, b. May 6, '1888. 


El'gema Melinda** Livermore {John,'' Abner,^ Daniel,^ Ed- 
mund* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ John') was born Nov. 16, 1835. in 
Rochester, Mich.; married Dec. 23, 1857, in Fort Wilkins, 
Mich., Seth Ivees, bt)rn April 14, 1S12, in Erie, Fa.; died April 
II, 1878. in Houghton, Mich. Residence, Houghton. 

354 ' Livcrmore Family 

Children (Rccs), the five younger horn in Houghton: 
824. i. Allen Forsj-th,' b. Nov. 14, 1858, in Fort Wilkins. 

ii. Jolm Liverinorc, b. I'tb. 10, i860, in Eagle River, 

iii. Bertha Mary, b. Nov. 16, 186 1 ; d. Sept. 6, 1864, in 

Hancock, Mich. 
iv. Thoma.s Henry, b. Oct. 18, 1863. 
V, Henjanun Rush, b. June 6, 1866; d. there Oct. 6, 

vi. George Marshall, b. Nov. 29, 1S68. 
vii. Robert Irwin, b. Nov. 9, 1871. 


Mary Alice'* Livermore {JoJni,'' Abncy'' Daniel,^ Edmund,* 
Samuel,^ Saviitcl,^ John') was born Nov. 27, 1S37, in Rochester, 
Mich.; married (1) Sept. 7, 1861, in I'^ort Wilkins, Mich., John 
Alexander Mclntire, born in Coteau, Ouebec, Canada ; died June 
21, 1869, in Calumet, Mich.; married (2) Nov. 10, 1884, in 
Chicago, 111., Nelson lUirley, born in Oriskany, N. Y. Resi- 
dence, Riverside, Cal. 

Children (Mclntire), the first two born in Hancock, Mich., the 
others in Houghton, Mich.: 

i. Robert SafTord,9 b. Sept. 22, 1862. 

ii. Bertha Orpha, b. Nov. 26, 1864; m. Dec. 27, 1888, in 

Riverside, Charles Olney ; res. Etivvanda, Cal. 
iii. Elizabeth Eugenia, b. Oct. 7, 1867. 
iv. John Alexander, b. Dec. 31, 1869; d. there May 10, 

Ori'HA Jeanette^ Liver.more {Jo/ift,^ Abficr,^ Daniel,^ Ed- 
viuiid,* Saviiul,^ Samuel,' John') was born Jan. 8, 1842, in 
Rochester, Mich.; married Dec. 3, 187S, in Jackson, Mich., 
William Henry Gamble, born Oct. 11, 1827, in Three Rivers, 

Child (Gamble), born in Moundsville, W. Va. : 

i. Richmond Rush,'^ b. Jan. 23, 18S0; d. Jan. 23, 18S7, in 
Chicago, 111. 

' ' JligJitJi Generation 355 

John Lfiwis" Livilioujkf. {Fidus,'' Abncr,*" Danie/,'' Edmioi/f,* 
Sdviuel,^ Sc7inncl,^ John') was born Doc. 14, 1S32, in Dresden, 
N. Y. ; married Sejit. 8, 1867, in Tccumseh, Mich., Belle Blan- 
chard, burn Oct. 31, 1S43, ''^ Ponn Yan, N. Y. Residence, 
Anlhon), Kan. 

Children, born in Jackson, Mich. : 

i. Sarali Nettie,'' b. June 6, 1868. She is the president of 

the Jjenton Post, Woman's Relief Corps, in Anthony, 
ii. Estella May, b. Jan. i6, 187 i. 
iii. Frank Richmond, b. April 9, 1873. 

Richard* Nightingale {Harriet,'' Abner,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,* 
Samne/,^ Savuie/,^ John') was born Dec. 26, 1850, in Attica, 
Mich. ; married Feb. 18, 1880, in Cajiac, Mich., Eva Sherrard, 
born June 30, 1861, in Berlin, Mich. 
Children (Nightingale) : 

i. James,' b. Nov. 13, 1880, in Arcadia, Mich, 
ii. Edna, b. Mar. 19, 18S2, in Arcadia, 
iii. Mehin, b. Nov. 14, 18S3, in Attica. 


Emma Caroline'^ Livermore {James,'' James,^ Daniel,^ Ed- 
mnnd,* Samne/,^ Samuel,^ John') was born Aug. 23, 1842, in 
Madison, N. Y.; married Jan. 29, 1868, in Watcrville, N. Y., 
Lewis Iknjamin Kellogg, died Dec. 3, 1875, in Clyde, N. Y. 
Child (Kellogg), born in Clyde : 

i. May Livermore,' b. April 13, 1S71 ; m. Sept. 2, 1896, in 
Adrian, Mich., Elbert Jay Chase; he is dead. She 
is a member of the reportorial force of the " Adrian 
Daily " and the " Tri-Weekly Telegram." She and 
her mother reside in Adrian. 

Ann Elizabeth^ Livermore {James,' James,^ Daniel,^ Ed- 
mund,*' S<i)nnel,^ Sanuiel,' John') was born Dec. 12, 1S45, ''^ 
Madison, N. Y. ; married Feb. 24. 1867, in North Brookfield, 
N. Y.. Santord Witter. 

35^ Livinitotf Fainily 

Children (Witter), born in Capron, 111.: 

i. William Corton/J b. Mar. 19, 1.S77. 
ii. ('laioiicc I'orter, b. Feb. 13, 18S0. 


IIakrikt Eliza* Livekmore {Jcn)ics,'' Janus,^ Daniel,^ Jid- 
niuuii,* Sntnui'/,^ Sami/cl,^ Jo/in') was born May 6, 1848, in 
Madison, N. Y. ; died March 18, 1900, in Capron, 111.; married 
Jan. 27, 1875, in Rose, N. Y., Edmoor K. Millard. 

Children (Millard), born in Leroy, 111. : 

i. Florence Roe,9 b. Feb, 11, 187C; in. Dee. 26, 1900, 
Lafayette Witter; res., Capron. 
825. ii. Myrtle Louise, b. June 16, 1879. 

iii. Newton Henry, b. Aug. 13, 18S3; d. Mar. i6, 1885.- 

Alice Celina^ Roe (Eunice,'' James^ Daniel,^ Edmund,* 
Samuel,^ Sivnuil,^ Jo/ur) was born April 18, 1851, in Rose, 
N. Y. ; married there Feb. 7, 1872, Henry Townsend Lee, born 
Sept. 14, 1849, '" Port Jefferson, Long Island, N. Y. 
Child (Lee), born in Port Jefferson: 

i. Bertha Euniee,^ b. Oct. 24, 1875. 


• Ottie Annktt^ Roe {Eunice,'' Javics,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,'' 
Samuel,'- Samuel,^ John') was bor.i July 10, 1857, ^^ Rose, 
N. Y. ; married there Sept. 17, 1877, Stephen Wyman Soule, 
boi'n Dec. 14, 1854, in Stoneham. 
Children (Soule) : 

i. Herbert Clinton,'? b. Sept. 14, 1879, in Rose, 
ii. Roe Thayer, b. May 14, 1893, in Clyde, X. Y. 


Marv Elizaheth'* CiiiSLER {Ruth' James,^ Daniel,^ Edmund,* 
Samuel,'' Sajuue/,^ John') was born July 18, 1867, in Butler, 
N. Y. ; married June 29, 1893, Rev. Melville, son of Albert C. 
and Katherine (Evans) Tor will iger, born in Crawford, N. Y. 
He is pastor of the M. E. church, Ledyard, N. Y. 

Rig Ji til Cciicratioti 357 

Children (Tcrwilli^cr) : 

i. Ivan Mclvilk/^ 1). A])iil .\, 1896. 
ii, Dorothy Ruth, b. Au^. 5, 1900. 


Makia*^ LiVKKMOKK { Joiuis,\/oiias,^ Oliver,^ Oliver,^ .J)anic/,"' 
Samuel,^ John') was born July 31, 1828, in Marietta, Ohi(j; died 
March 9, 1863, in Eola, Ore.; married March 21, 1847, in PiUe 
Co., 111., Thomas Orvillc Waller, born Nov. 22, 1822, in Mor^Mn 
Co., 111. They moved to Oregon in 1849. 

Children (Waller) : 

i. Sarah Jane,'' b. Oct. 30, 1852 ; d. Mar. 31, 1854. 

ii. Thomas Clarence, b. July 12, 1S54, in Polk Co., Ore. 
iii. Lucian Liverniore, b. Oct. 21, 1856, in Polk Co.; d. 

Mar. 19, 1878, in Eola. 
iv. Henry Douglas.s, b. Dec. 12, 1S5S, in I'olk Co. 


Harriet'' Livermokh {Jonas,'' Jonas,'' Oliver,^ Oliver,* Dan- 
iel,^ Saniiic/,^ John') was born Sept. 12, 1829, in Marietta, Ohio; 
married June 10, 1852, in Polk Co., Ore., Asa Shreve, born 
Aug. 28, 1825, in Fahfield Co., Ohio. Residence, Dallas, Polk 
Co., Ore. 

Children (Shreve) : 

i. Sarah Maria,^ b. Feb. 17, 1854; d. June 29, 18S3. 

ii. Mary Elizabeth, b. June 26, 1S56. 

iii. Ix)t Livermoro, b. Nov. 16, 185S. 

iv. Frances Ellen, b. May 12, 1S61. 

V. Abraham Lincoln, b. Dec. 29, 1863. 

vi. Henry Williams, b. June 15, 1866. 

vii. Harriet Loretta, b. Oct. 23, 1869. 

viii. Katharine Howe, b. Feb. 7, 1873. 

• Naomi^ Livekmore {JonasT Jomis,^ Oliver,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ 
Sa)iniel,^ John') was born Sept. 24, 1831, in Marietta, Ohio; 
married Sept. 2, 1852, near Dallas, Polk Co., Ore., Thomas 

358 Livrriiiore Faviily 

Pcarcc, born Feb. 24, 1826, m the parish of VVcstwoixl, Wilt- 
shire, Englaiul. He emigrated to America in 1845, l^n^'ing 
in New York, and went to Pittsfield, Mass., then to Pittsfield, 
I'ikc Co., 111., then to Califi»rnia, in 1S50, :ind in 185 i to Polk 
Co., Ore. 

Children (Pcarce), all but the first two Iforn in Eola, Ore.: 

i. George Jonas,9 b. June 19, 1S53, near Dallas. 

ii, Sarah Elizabeth, b. Jan. 2, 1857, near Dallas; d. Nov. 

19, 1863, in Eola. 
iii. William Thomas, b. May i6, 1S59. 
iv, Charles Leonard, b. Feb. 12, 1861. 

V. Vine Wills, b. Aug. 19, 1863. 
vi. Lot Livermore, b. Sept. i, 1866. 
vii. Richard Ernest, b. Dec. 25, 1868. 
viii. Martha Maria, b. Feb. 2, 1870. 
ix. Orville Grant, b. Feb. 15, 1872. 

X. Clara Elsie, b. Feb. 9, 1874. 


Lot* Livermore {Jonas,'' Jonas,^ Oliver,^ Oliver* Daniel,^ 
Samjiel,^ John^) was born Aug. 11, 1835, in Marietta, Ohio; 
married (i) Mar. 11, 1869, in Umatilla, Ore., Clara Brown ; they 
were divorced in 1881 or 1882; married (2) Sept. 21, 1S85, in 
Pendleton, Ore., Mrs. Pollen (Ahcrn) Switzler, widow of William 
Switzler, born Nov. 13, 1853, in Vancouver, Wash. 

In 1873 he was api:)ointed postmaster at Pendleton, and held 
the ofBce for thirteen and a half years. He was elected the 
first mayor of Pendleton, and was re-elected a second time. In 
1889 ho was a member of the common council. He is a mem- 
ber of the firm of l>ee Moorhouse & Co., dealers in general 
merchandise in Pendleton. 

Children, all born in Pendleton : 

i. Charles Lot,' b. Dec. 29, 1869 ; d. there aged 15 months. 

ii. Louie, b. in Jan., 1S71 ; d. there aged 10 years, i month, 
iii. Bushu Lamar, b. Oct. 5, 187.? ; res., Seattle, Wash. 
iv. Delia, b. Nov. 26, 1874; res., Seattle. 

V. Lolta, b. Mar. 15, 1887. 
vi. A son, b. Nov. 8, 188S. ' 

Riglitli Giiuratioii 359 


Mary Ann" LivFUMORii {Jonas^ Jofias,^ Oliver,^ Oliver* 
Daiiici,^ SaiKiu-/,^ John') was born Sept. 16, 1844, near Pitts- 
field, 111. ; married Aug. 2, 1866, near Dallas, Ore., Marion De 
Kalb Harj)olc, born Aug. 3, 1831, in I'ike Co., 111. He is a 

Children (Harpole) : 

i. Mnr)' Kfrie,"^ b. June 10, iZG-] , in Tolk Co., Ore; d. Oct. 

II, 1S77. 
ii. Lenia Maria, b. Feb. i, 18G9, in Marion Co., Ore.; d. 

Sept. 22, 1S77. 
iii. William Marion, b. I'^eb. 15, 1S71, in Rock Creek, Wosco 

Co., Ore. 
iv. Nancy Elizabeth, b. Dec. 25, 1872, in Rock Creek. 
V. Lot Lafayette, b. Mar. 18, 1875, in Rock Creek. 
vi. Paul Oberhcim, b. Feb. 9, 187S, in Salem, Ore. ; d. there 

Feb. II, 1878. 
vii. Sarah Emily, b. Mar. 23, 1S79, in Rock Creek, 
viii. Charles Herbert, b. May iS, iSSi, in Whitman Co., 

ix. Fannie Louisa, b. Aug. 25, 1883, in Whitn\an Co. 
X. Cleveland Voorhees, b. July 13, 1885, in Whitman Co. 


Dkrkich^ Livermore {Aiidntj,'^ Joims,^ Oliver,^ Oliver,* 
Daniel,^ Samuel,^ John') was born Aug. 28, 1830, in Marietta, 
Ohio; married Jan. 8, 1852, in Kelly Township, Warren Co., 
111., Elizabeth, daughter of James and Nancy (Miles) Stevens, 
born Feb. 15, 1S31, near Si)ringfield, 111. He was a farmer and 
stock raiser m Rosevillc, 111. He is a Republican and a Univer- 
salist. Residence, Smithshire, 111. 

Children, the first three born in Colebrook Township, Warren 
Co., 111., the others in Point Pleasant, 111. : 

82 6. i. Andrew James,^ b. Oct. 16, 1S52. 

827. ii. Jo.shua Brown, b. Aug. 20, 1854. 

828. iii. Louisa Eugenia, b. July 5, 1856. 

829. iv. Mary Aurilla, b. May 24, 1858. 

V. Emily Alice, b. Mar. 12, 1861. 
S30. vi. Clara Elizabeth, b. July 7, 1866. 

360 Lii'crniore Favtily 


Anorkw Pakr^ I.iVF.KMORF. {Aiuh'civ,'' Joiias,^' Oliver,^ Oliver,^ 
JJiJinc/,^ Saf/iui-// JoA'u') was l)orn Aug. 2<S, 1S34, in Marietta, 
Ohic» ; died Feb. 3, 1881, in ICUison, Warren Co., 111.; married 
Jan. 29, 1858, in Ellison, Mary Ann Correll, born Nov. 17, 
1838, in Carthage, Hancock Co., 111. He was a farmer. 
Children : 

i. Frederick, 9 b. Nov. 23, i860, in Point Pleasant, 111. ; 
d. Sept. 29, 1878, in Ellison. 
831. ii. Florence May, b. July 14, 1S65, in Point Pleasant. 

iii. Carrie Nettie, b. Mar. 14, 1877, in Carthage; d. Mar. 
28, 1887, in Ellison. 


John Kelsky** Livekmore {Andrciu,'' Jotias,^ Oliver,^ Oliver,'' 
Daiiu-l,'^ Samuel,' Jo/ui') was born Aug. 9, 1836, in Marietta, 
Ohio; married Aug. 23, 1S57, in Ellison, 111., Sarah Jane Cor- 
rell, horn Aj^ril 1, 1840, in Carthage, 111. lie is a farmer. 
Residence, Raritan, 111. 

Children, the first four born in Point Pleasant, 111., the others 
in Raritan : 

8j2. i. \Vaymen,9 b. April 14, 1858. 

ii. James, b. Aug. 13, i860; d. there Dec. 8, 1864. 
iii. Alfonso, b. May 31, 1868. 
' iv. Maggie Betsey, b. June 10, 1877. 

V. Jessie, b. Mar. 10, 1880. 
vi. Shirley Alice, b. Oct. 14, 1884. 


Socrates Stevens^ Livermore {Andrexo,'' Jonas,^ Olii-er,^ 
Oliver,* DiDiiel,' Samuel,^ Jo/m') was born Nov. 10, 1843, in 
Coldbrook, 111.; married Feb. 22, 1888, in Roscville, 111., Martha 
Stanley, born Aug. 22, 1869, in Biggsville. 111. Me enlisted in 
company E, i3Sth 111. Vols., as a musician ; he was mustered in 
June 21, 1864, for one hundred days. On July 26, 1864, the 
regiment moved to Fort Leavenworth, Kan., and was assigned 
to garrison duly. It was mustered out of service at Springfield, 
111., Oct. 14, 1S64. lie is a farmer. Residence, Roscville. 

Child, born in Point Pleasant, 111.: 

i. Alice Isabella,? b. Mar. 10, 1SS9. 

EightJi Ginc'-ntion 361 


Cmari.f.s Carroll'* Livekmokk {Audir:v,^ Jotuis^ O/ivii;^ 
()/nur,* J\inicly^ Sa-mucl,* John') \v:is horn Oct. 24, 1 847, in 
Colclbrook, 111. ; inanied Jan. 4, 1872, in Roscviilc, 111., Sarah 
I'^ranccs Iloj^per, born Nov. 11, 1851, in Blandinsville, 111. lie 
is a fanner. Residence, Rosevillc : 

Children, bom in Point Pleasant, 111. : 

i. Albert Berlon,9 b. i^fay 12, 1873. 
ii. Shelby, b. Sept. 24, 1878; d. there June 13, i88r. 
iii. txlna May, b. Mar. 9, 1885. 
iv. Gcorj^e Carroll, b. Mar. 20, 1887. 
. V. Levi Harrison, b. Oct. 7, 1888. 
vi. Fannie, b. Nov. 12, 1890. 


William Rufus® Liver.more {Andrew^ Jonas,^ Oliver,^ 
Oliver,^ Daniel,^ Samuel,^ John') was born Oct. 6, 1850, in 
Coldbrook, 111.; married Sept. 23, 1S75, in Rosc\nlle, III., Mary 
Ellen Crozier, born there March 4, 1855;' died there Jan. 9, 
1881. He is a fanner. Residence, Raritan, 111. 

Children, born in Roseville : 

i. Lillie May,'' b. Aug. 4, 1S76. 

ii. George Weston, b. Oct. i, 1879 ; d. there Mar. 21, 18S0. 
iii. Benjamin Socrates, b. Jan. 9, 1881. 


Sarah Elizabeth'^ Livermokk ( William^ William,^ Olii'cr,'> 
Oliver,* Daniel,^ Scimnel,^ John') was born Ecb. 28, 1S36, in 
Boston; married Jan. 23, 1861, John, son of Joshua and Mary 
Gilson of Groton, born in 1832. 

Children (Gilson) : 

i. Annie Liverinore.9 b. Mar. 19, 1862. 

ii. William )., b. Sept. 17, 1865. 
iii. Isabella II., b. Mar. 4, 1868. 
iv. R(.bcrt F., b. Jan. 21, 1S71. 

V. Henry Robbins, b. Oct. 28. 1874, ' ' " 

vi. John Lir.coln. b. Jan. 29. 1877. • • 

362 , . Livcnnorr Family 

Wilt.IAm" Livermore {JJanil•/^ Willinvi,^ Oliver,^ Oliver,^ 
Daniel,^ Samuel,' John') was born July i, 1832, in Plymouth, 
Mich. ; died March 30, 1879, in Shirley ; married Sept. 30, i860, 
in Wakarusa, Kan., Frances, dau<;hter of Charles and 
Rebecca Florella Kobbins (Mills) Dickson, born March 7, 1841, 
in Groton. 

With his parent.s he mox'cd to Groton when he was cjuite 
young ; he was brought up on a farm, attending school for a 
while at Groton Academy. When a young man he worked in 
the store of Mr. Nightingale in Boston. In 1855 he went to 
Kansas, where he lived on a farm for nine yciirs. He returned 
to Massachusetts in the spring of 1864, and shortly after en- 
listed in the army for one year ; but the war closed after he 
had served ten months. He afterwards lived with his father on 
a farm in Lunenburg, which he helped to carry on for a few 
years ; he then moved to Fitchburg, where he kept a store ; then 
worked for his brother Charles, in a store in Shirley. He after- 
wards bought a farm in that town, and when his health gave out 
mc»ved into the village. His family are still living there. 
Children : 

i. Alice Eleanor,9 b. Oct. 27, 1861, in Wakarusa; in. Nov. 
8, 1894, in Shirley, Walter Melvin, son of Asa and 
Polly (Chase) Wright, b. May 22, 1846, in Hanover, 
N. II. ; d. June 24, 1899, in Orange. He was a phy- 
sician. No children. She lives with her mother, 
ii. Albert Mills, b. July 2S, 1S63, in; d. iJec. 12, 

1875, in Shirley, 
iii. Fanny Rebecca, b. Oct. 9, 1S69, in Fitchburg; d. there 

Aug. 15, 1S70. 
iv. Eugene Nath;uiie1, IJ. Feb. 12, 1S72, in Shirley, 
v. Erwin Herbert, b. .\ov. 21, 1S75, in Shirley. 


RuFUS^ LiVEKMORE (^Dauicl,' William,^ Oliver,^ Oliver,* Dan- 
iel,^ Samuel,' Joint') was born Nov. i, 1S39, in Groton; died 
July 8, 1 89 1, in Orange; married Jan. 22, 1863, in Groton 

llightJi Ccticration 363 

Mailha Elizabeth, dauglitcr of Jchicl and Melissa (Ilikirclh) 
Todd, born Sept. 5. 1 841, in l^oston. He was fitted for college 
in the Lawrence Academy in his native town, and in the autumn 
of 1859 entered the freshman class of Williams College, but re- 
mained there only one year. Then he attended the Albany Law 
School and was admitted to the bar in that city. Soon after, 
while studying the Massachu.sctts code of laws, preparatory to 
practice, the Civil war broke out ; he was one of the first to re- 
si>ond to the call for troops, and, as a member of company B of 
the 6th Mass. regiment, was in the march through Baltimore, 
April 19, 186 1. Returning to Massachusetts, he worked to pro- 
mote enlistments and finally went out again him.self in troop C, 
3d R. I. cavalry, in which he became a sergeant, and on Oct. 13, 
1863, was mustered into the U. S. service. March 25, 1864, he 
was commissioned as second lieutenant and assigned to duly in 
troop L of the same regiment. After serving a year he re- 
signed his commission, March 20, 1865, and was honorably 

Soon after the close of the war he went to Orange, and en- 
tered the office of Hunt, Waite 8: Flint. The firm was changed 
in 1872 to the Rodney Hunt Machine Company, of which he 
became secretary, a position he held until his death, and for a 
long time was one of the directors. 

More frequently than any other citizen, while he lived in 
Orange, he was chosen to serve as moderator at town meet- 
ings. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 187S, 
serving in the Legislature of 1879; ""* \^^2 he was elected 
senator from his district, and re-elected in 1883. He was an 
active and earnest member of the Congregational church, and 
was for years superintendent of the Sunday school as well as 
teacher. He was a prominent Odd Fellow, being a past grand 
and one of the trustees of Social Lodge. He was also a mem- 
ber of Gen. Sedgewick Post of the Grand Army, having been 
one of its charter members and earliest commanders. His 
widow lives in Orange. 

Child, born in Orange : 

i. Blanche,'^ b. Sept. 13, 1S83. '■ . . • 

364 Livcnnorc Faviily 

AnuiF. M.** LiVKKMOKK {Daniel,'' William'' Oliver,'' Oliver* 
Daniel,^ Sa)n:u I,- Jo/i/i') was born June 13, 1^50, in Giolon ; 
married Dec. 22, 1S69, in Shirley, Charles G., son of Lewis R. 
and Nancy B. Howe, born in Orange in 18^4. 
Children (Howe), born in Orange : 

i, Williaai,'' b. July 6, 1871 ; d. there July i, 1873. 
ii. Frederick l.ivermore, b. May 13, 1874. 
iii. Amy Elizabeth, b. Dec. 30, 1S7S. 
iv. Charles Daniel, b. Aug. 10, 18S7. 
V. Marian G., b. May i, 1890. 


Ellkn Augusta" Pkescott {Betsey,'' William'' Oliver,^ 
Oliver,* Daniel,^ Samuel,'' John') was born Aug. 18, 1838, in 
Grolon; married there Dec. 27, 1859, Oilman Barrows. 
Children (]-5arrows) : 

i. Helen,' b. June 14. 1862. 
ii. Ulysses Howard, b. May 29, 1S65. 


Mary Park** Morsf. {Luanda,'' David,*" Oliver,^ Oliver,* 
Daniel,^ Samuel,' John') was horn Aug. 11, 1828, in Shirley; 
died Sept. 27, i860, in Ayer ; married Jan. i, 1849, in Shirley, 
Edmund Dana Bancroft, born Sept. 6, 1821, in Pepperell ; died 
Aug. 12, 1896; after her death he married Phoebe 15ridge 
Ban-ett. He received a common school education ; he united 
with the Masonic fraternity in 1S56, and for the rest of his life 
was prominent in that body. In 1858 he became station master 
at Groton Junction, holding the position twelve years ; he was 
a member of the Legislature in 187 1 and 1872, and a State 
senator in 1879; postmaster from 1883 to 1S87, and for a time 
an ofTicer of U.S. Customs. He took great delight in music, 
and for many years was organist of the Unitarian church. He 
died from the effects of a sunstroke while on the way from Ayer 
to Shirley. 

Children (Bancroft), born in Shirley : 

i. Mary Jane,9b. Oct. 12, 1849; m. Tucker; res., Ayer. 

Eighth Gi-twratioii 365 

ii. Kate Kli/a, b. Oct 16, 1852; in. lliLie Nov. 14, 1875, 
Jacob V. llazcn. 

iii. Anna, b. Nov. 21, 1854; ni. Richardson of Wash- 
ington, I). C. 

iv. Clara, b. Jan. 12, 1858; in. James A. Ik-alk-y of Rox- 


D.ANiKi. Fk.ancis^ Lk..\k.\hi) {Lucy,'' Avios^ Avios,^ Oliver,'' 
Daniel,^ Sumni-l,- John') was born May 23, 1825, in Walertown ; 
married there Dec. 15, 1S53, Emma Newman, daughter of 
I'^benezer and Mary (Coolidge) Scger, born Aug. 7, 1831, in 

Children (Learned), born in Belmont : 

i. Carrie Augusta,'-' b. Dec. 10, 1854; d. there Feb. 12, 

ii. Annie Gertrude, b. Jan. 31, 1857. 
iii. Marion Frances, b. May 11, 1865; d. there June 23, 

iv. Lillie Jasper, b. Sept. 23, 1866. 
V. Lucy Seger, b. Dec. 26, 1875; d. July 22, 1894. 


Harrif.t Louisa^ Learned {Lucy,'' Avios,^ Avtos,^ Oliver,^ 
Daniel,^ Samuel,^ John') was born April 15, 1827, in Water- 
town; married there Nov. 15, 1S54, George Frederic, son of 
Charles Horace and I'looina Stone (Barnard) Whiting, born June 
4, 1828, in Sterling. 

Children (Whiting), born in Brookline ; 

832a!. i. Frederic Erwin.^ b. Dec. 21, 1S57. 
ii. Mary Klla, b. Dec. 23, 1859. 

Adeline ELizAiiETii** I^earned {Lucy,'' Amos,^ Amos,^ 
O/ii'cf,* IXiiiii/,^ Samiic/,^ John') was born Oct. 5, 1S31, in 
Watertown ; married there Nov. 15, 1S54, licnjamin Franklin, 
son of Joseph and Beulah Crafts (Fuller) 13acon, born Jan. 2, 
1 828, in Newton. 

366 Livcrmore J'cuiiily 

Children (Bacon), born in Newton : 

i. Charles I'ranklin,^ b. Nov. 27, 1858. 
ii. Edward l>c:irned, b. Jan. 7, 1861. 


Sarah Jank^ Livkkmore {Tliovias^ Amos^ Amos,^ O/tvcr,* 
Da/i/c/,^ Samuel,'' Jo Jin') was born I3ec. 7, 1830, in Waterlown ; 
died Ajiril 10, 1873, in Medford ; married there Jan. 29, 1852, 
Ale.\ander Stowell, son of Marshall Symmes, born there Dec. 13, 

Children (Symmes) : 

533. i, Addie Maria,^ b. May 23, 1853. 

534. ii. Arthur Cotling, b. Feb. 9, 1856. 

iii. Mary Ellen, b. May 9, 1S58; \w. Oct. i, 1879. ^^'t^l^-'^rd 
Henry Swift of Medford. No children. 
835. iv. Jcnriic, b. April i, 1861. 

V. Nettie, twin to Jennie ; d. Nov. 12, 1S61. 
vi. Sarah IClizabeth, b. July 3, 1863 ; ni. July 7, 18S7, Charles 

H. Sawyer of Medford. 
vii. Lillian Frances, b. Oct. 17, 1865. 
viii. Ida Livermore, b. June 9, 1S71. 

William Henry^ Sherman {Alary,'' Ainos,^ Anios,^ Oliver,* 
Daiiul,^ Samuel,'' JoJni) was born April 14, 1835 ; married 
Susan Grounds of Albany, N. Y. Residence, Albany. 
Children (Sherman) : 

i. Mary Ella,9 b. Nov. 25, i860. 
ii. Abby Francena, b. Aug. 18, 1S62. 
iii. Lizzie W., b. Nov. iS, 1S63. 
iv. Rosie, b. Nov. 3, 1S65. 
V. William, b. Aug. 20, 1867. 
vi. Mabclle, b. Jan. 19, 1871. 
vii. Frederick, b. ^L^y 23, 1874. 

Mary Elizabeth" Sherman {Mary,'' Avios,^ Amos,^ Oliver,* 
Daniel,^ Samuel,^ Jo/m') was born June 9, 1837; married Oct. 
16, 1 85 5, Henry Russell of W'atertown, died in 18S9. 

EigJith Generation 367 

Children (Russell) : 

i. Hcniy,9 b. July 1 7, 1856. 
ii. iM.ibcllc, b. Sept. 8, 1862. 


Oliver Ckomvvell" Livkkmokk {ElisJia^ Elisha,^ Ainos,^ 
0/ivir,* J)a/iii/,^ Savuiel,^ Jolni") was born July 21, 1838, in 
Wall ham ; married Oct. 13, 1869, in Wellesley, Geor^nanna, 
dau^diter of George Washington and Sarah Elizabeth (Arnold) 
Shaw, born Sept. 24, 1845, in Needham. 

He was mustered in as first sergeant of company C, 13th 
Mass. Vols., July 16, 1S61 ; he was promoted sergeant-major, 
April I, 1862; second lieutenant, June 28, 1862; first lieuten- 
ant, Dec. 30, 1862; captain, company A, May i, 1863. He 
was detached from the regiment as follows: Feb., 1863, A. A. 
A. G., 3d brigade, 2d division, ist Aniiy Corps; May 20, 1863, 
A. A. ins[)ect()r, ist brigade, 2d division, rst Army Corps; 
March, 1864, A. D. C. and A. A. A. G., 2d division, ist Army 
Corps; May 10, 1864, A. D. C. staff, 5th Army Corps; June, 
1864, A. D. C. and chief of Construction Corps, 3d division, 5th 
Army Corps. He served on the staffs of Cols. Leonard and 
McCoy, commanding brigade, and on staffs of Brig.-Gen. G. R. 
I'aul, commanding brigade; Gen. J. C. Robinson, commanding 
division ; Gen. G. K. Warren, commanding 5th Army Corps ; 
Gen. Crawford, commanding 2d divisi(. n, 5th Army Corps. 
Residence, Wellesley. 

Children, born in Wellesley: 

836. i. Arnold,' b. Mar. 11, 1872. 

ii. Faith Shaw, b. Mar. 3, 1875 ^ "^- J'^"^ 12, lyoo, in Wel- 
lesley Hills, Pxluard Woodbury Perkins, 


Albert Hoogs"^ Livkrmore {ElisImT ElisJia^ Ajuos,^ Oliver,'' 
Daniel,^ Samuel,^ John') was burn Oct. 6, iS.jO, in Waltham ; 
married (1) Oct. 2, 1869, in Wellesley, Sarah Josephine, daugh- 
ter of George Washington and Sarah Elizabeth (Arnold) Shaw, 
born April 19, 1848, in Needham; died there Feb. 28, 1886; 

368 Livcrvwrc Family 

married (2) Nov. 6, 1890, Mrs. V.Ww C. (Gardner) ITills, daugh- 
ter of Loring and Amanda Gardner, ])()rn in 1849, in South 
Manclie.ster, Conn, lie was a silk merchant. 
Child, born in Doslon : 

i. Albert Shaw,^ b. Au^. 22, 1871. 


Cii.^KLES Walter'* Livkkmoki-: {Charles,'' Joiiat/ia)!,^ Jomi- 
i/iaii,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ Savuie/,\/o/iir) was born April 29, 1830, 
in Harvard; died Aug. 14, 18S9, in Shawomet Beach, Warwick, 
R. I.; married May 24, 1853, in Clinton, Conn., Mary Ann 
Bourn, daughter of Simeon and I\Iarian (Keely) Drown, born in 
Barrington, R. I. 

During his early life he was engaged in the jewelry business 
in Providence, R; I., and was considered the most expert die- 
cutter that the manufacturing jewellers had to depend upon, 
for their designs and tools to perfect their work. He was the 
general superintendent of the Spencer Repeating Rifle Works 
in Boston during the early '6o's, perfecting the famous rifle 
used during the Civil war. He became an ardent worker for 
the eight-hour league, and for a few years was a member of the 
common council of Boston from Ward 11. At that time he 
lived on Shawmut avenue, corner of Lenox street. After the 
war was over he moved to New York City, and opened the first 
*' dollar store " that became prominent on Broadway. Later on 
he moved to Metuchen, N. J., and introduced there the artesian 
drive well, of which many at the present time bear his name. 

When the Lehigh Valley railroad passed through that town 
he sold his property, and after being elected judge of that dis- 
trict, and serving three years, he returned to Providence in 1871, 
identifying himself again with the manufacture of jewelry, under 
the firm name of Rathburn, Leonard & Livermore, until the 
death of both of his partners, when he continued the business 
alone for a short time. He wa.-; the first person publicly to 
introduce a successful fountain and stylographic pen, and that 
which bears his name has come to be very extensively used in 

EiglitJi Generation 369 

this and forci,f;ii countries. lie established agencies for its sale 
in the principril cities here and in Europe, 
("hild, born in IVovidence : 

837. i. W'ulier Augustine,'^ b. Aug. 2C, 1X51. 


William W.afo^en'' Livekmore {William,'' Jonathanl' Jona- 
than,'^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ SaniHcl\ Johi') was born July 6, 1846, 
in Brighton; married April 20, 1870, Nellie May, daughter of 
William H. and Lydia B. (SkiUing) Sawyer, born in 1853, in 
Toitland, Me. lie was a farmer. 

Chiklren, born in Brighton : 

i. Elizabeth Maud,^ b. Feb. 15, 1S71 ; m. Dec. 3, 1892, in 
Jio.ston, E. Augustus, son of Edward M. and Annie R. 
Viets, b. in 1867, in Nova Scotia. 

ii. Bertram Warren, b. May 14, 1873; d. there Dec. 30, 

iii. Henry Claflin, b. June 12, 1877. 

iv. Florence May, b. Aug. 12, 1879. 

V. Marion Gertrude, b. Jime 18, 18S7. 


Mary Livermore^ Fisher {Jabea,'' Sara//,^' JonatJian,'> Oli- 
ver,* Daniel,^ Samuel,* John,^) was born Nov. 14, 1846, in Cam- 
bridge ; married Jan. i, 1S74, in Fitchburg, James Albert 
Morton, born Sept. 16, 1847, in Fairhaven. 

Children (Morton), born in New Bedford : 

i. George Fisher,^ b. Oct. 4. 1874. 
ii. Anna Lucy, b. Mar. 3, 1877. 
iii. Mary Estelle, b. April 25, 18S1. 


Jahkz Fra.nklln" Fisher {/alus,^ Sarah^' Jo}uithan,^ Oliver,* 
J>aniel,^ Savuul,' Jo/m') was born Aug. 30, 1850, in (Cam- 
bridge; marrictl Aug. 20, 1879, in Lcomin.ster, Clarissa Amelia 
Bernard, born b'eb. 4, 1849, in Lynn. 

270 Li-iCrniorc Family 

Children (iMshcr), burn in Fiulibvir^^ : 

i. Gertrude Jsabcl.y b. Oct. 12, 1881. 
ii. Jabcz William, b. July 26, 1883. 
iii. Austin Wellington, b. Nov. 20, 1888. 


Oliver Dexter* Livkrmore {George,'' Oliver,^ Jonathan,'' 
Oliver,* Daniel,^ Saviui I,' Jo/iii') was born April i i, 1866, in 
Newton; married Oct. 4, 1894, in Barnstable, Eleanor Hearse, 
daughter of Joseph Townsend and Caroline Smith (Bearse) 
J^ecket, born there Feb. 15, 1868. He is in the boot and shoe 
business, and is also a travelling salesman. 

Child, born in Barnstable : 

i. Eleanor Bcckct,' b. June 8, 1899 ; d. same day. 


George- Courtney' I.ivermore {George,'' Oliver^' Jouatliau,'^ 
Oliver,* Daniel,^ Samuel,' Jo/iii') was born March 6, 1871, in 
Newton ; married June 25, 1897, in Boston, Catharine A. 
daughter of liasil and Marion (Leavitt) Lacroi.x, born in 1878 
in Bangor, Me. He is a clerk in a shoe store. 

Child, born in Somerville : 

i. Marion De.xtcr,? b. Jan. 27, 1898. 


Lydia Ann* Fuller {Martha,'' Grace,^ Aloses,^ Nathaniel,* 
Thomas,^ Samnel,^ John') was born Nov. 12, 1830, in Gansevoort, 
N. Y. ; married there April 26, 1S48, James Ray, died about 
1869, in Schuylerville, N. Y. 

Children (Ray) born in Schuylerville: 

i. Mary Kmeline,' b. April 23, 1S49; "^- ^'^'^''^ J- ^-• 

ii. Norman Se)inour, b. Nov. 9, 1850. 
iii. Helen, b. in April, iSs--* : d. in infancy, 
iv. James Elmore, b. Nov. 16. 1854; d. in 18SS. 


w h/Vh-^r, <^ , cmAnrcArrrv\y\SLy 

: oionel 18*^' N H.VgIs 18 ; 

EigJtth Cow rat ion 371 


lIoMKK l-'isKF.^ LiviJiMORK {Mors/idl/^ T/ionins'' Moscs,^ Na- 
(hnnii/,^ Tliovias,'^ Samuel,^ Joint') \v:is born Sept. 16, 1864, in 
Boston ; married there Sept. 13, 1SS7, Ellen lia/in, daughter of 
John CofTin Jones and Mary Elizabclh (Coffin) IJrown, born 
there Aui;. 13, 1867. He is in the iron and steel business. 
Children, born in Boston : 

i. Bessie Hrown,9 b. Nov. 22, 18S8. 
ii. Mildred, b. Mar. 13, 1897; d. there Mar, 14, 1897. 
iii. Muriel Fiske, b. July 16. 1899. 

. 666 
Henry Harrison'^ Livermoke i^JonatJuinT Jonathan,^ Jona- . 
tlian,^ JonatJian,'^ Jomxtlian,^ Samuel,^ John') was born I'^eb. 8, 
.184S, in Wilton, N. H. ; married there Mareh 23, 1879, Martha 
E., daughter of Oliver Whiting and Olive (Barker) lioynton, 
born there Sept. 9, 1850. 

He attended school in his native town ; at an early age he 
began work in a saw-mill. While still a yovmg man he bought 
an interest in his father's mill, and engaged in the manufacture 
of lumber ; he has since followed that business. In connection 
with a farm of seventy-five acres, which he cultivates with good 
results, he owns a tract of timber land containing one hundred 
acres. I'jlitically he is a Republican, and he served as a mem- 
ber of the board of selectmen for two years. Both he and his 
wife are active members of Advance Grange, No. 20, Patrons of 
Husbandry, in which he has served as overseer and chaplain. 
He is a Unitaiian. 

Children, born in Wilton : 

i. Abicl Abb(}t,9 b, Dec. 22, 1879. 

ii. Leon Jonathan, b. July 18, 1SS3; d. there June 21, 1SS7. 
iii. Olive Boynton, b. Dec. 22, 18S6. 


TnoM.AS Leomard'* Livermo're (Thovias,'' Solomon,*" Jona- 
t/uifi,'^ Jonal/uzn* Jo)iatJia)i,^ Smnncl,^ John^) was born Eeb. 7, 
1844, in Galena, 111.; married June i, 1869, in Milford, N. H., 
Sarah Ellen, daughter of Aberdeen Daniels, and adopted daugh- 

372 Livcimorc luDnily 

tcr of George Daniels, his brother, born Sepl. 24, 1844, in New- 
market, N. II.; died April 18, 1879, in Dorchester. 

Ilcwent witii his parents overland from St. Joseph, Mo., to 
California, in 1849, mainly on horsel;ack ; after livin^^ in Cali- 
fornia five years, he was sei\t to school in Milford. In 1859-60 
he was at Appljton Academy, Mount Vernon, N. M., and in 
1860-61 he was in Lombard University, Galesburg, 111. 

On June 24, 1861, at Poolsville, Md., he enlisted as a private 
in the ist regiment, N. M. Vols., which was then in front of the 
enemy on the Potomac, and served until the expiration of its term, 
Aug. 9, 1 861. Returning with this regiment to New Hampshire, 
he again enlisted in the 5th N. H. Vols., Oct. 12, 1861, and was 
made first sergeant of company K. He served in the ranks 
(taking part in the siege of Yorktown and the battle of Fair 
Oaks) until June 10, 1862, when he was promoted to second 
lieutenant, and served in this cai)acity through the Peninsular 
and Maryland campaigns, taking part in the battles of Peach 
Orchard, Savage Station, White Oak Swamp, Charles City Cross 
Roads, Malvern Hill and Antietam (being wounded at Malvern 
Hill). He was promoted to first lieutenant Dec. 14, 1862, and 
captain March 3, 1863, and served as such, in the line, in the 
battles of Chancellor.sville and Brandy Station. On July i, 
1863, he was appointed on the staff of Gen. Hancock, command- 
ing the 2d Army Corps, and in that position took part in the 
battle of Gettysburg ; and on the staffs of Gens. William Hayes 
and Warren, commanding the 2d corps, he took part in the 
battles of Auburn, Bristow Station and Mine Run, in 1S63. 

He resumed command of his company at Point Lookout, in 
Dec, 1863, and there by detail, Jan. 2"], 1864, commanded the 
prisoners of war who took the oath of allegiance, forming a 
battalion of them. In April, 1864, he took the field on the staff 
of Gen. Hinks, commanding the 3d division, i8th Army Corps, 
and as such served in the expedition up the James, in the battles 
of Baylo's Farm and Petersburg. P>om June 29, 1864, to Aug. 
30, 1864, he was on the staff of Gen. W. Y. Smith, and his suc- 
cessors. Gens. Martindale and Ord, commanding the iSth Army 
Corps, chiefly as acting assistant inspector general of the corps, 

liiglitJi Gineration 373 

and takin*:^ part in the siege of Petersburg and the battle of the 
Mine. From Aug. 30, 1864, to April 6, 1865, he served as 
assistant to the insi)CCtor general on the staff of Gen. Hancock 
and his successor, Gen. Ihiniphrey.s, commanding the 2d Army 
Corjjs, and was in the siege of Petersburg and the two battles of 
Boydton Plank Road, the battle of Hatchers Run, the assault on 
Petersburg works, battles of Sutherland's Station, Sailor's Creek 
and Farmville, and several other battles in the pursuit of Gen. 
Lee's army. On Oct. 28, 1864, he was commissioned major of 
the 5th N. H. Vols. April 5, 1865, he was made brevet lieu- 
tenant colonel and colonel of U. S. Vols. ' Jan. 17, 1865, he was 
commissioned colonel of the i8th N. II. Vols, and commanded 
that regiment from April 8, 1865, to its disbandment, June 23, 

He studied law with Hon. Bainbrdge Wadleigh, in Milford, 
N. H., from July, 1865, to Jan., 1868. He was admitted to the 
bar in Hillsborough Co., N. H., in Jan., 1868, and practiced 
there until July, 1868, and in Boston from July, 1868, to March, 
1879, '^'""^^ again from June, 1885, to March, 1890. He was 
manager of the properties and works of the Amoskeag Manu- 
facturing Co., in New Hampshire, from March, 1879, to June, 
1885, ^'"itl was elected vice-president of the Calumet & Hecla 
Mining Co., Nov. i, 18S9. He was commander of John A. 
Andrew Post 15, G. A. R., Dejxu-tment of Mas.sachusetts, in 
1870, and commander of the Mas.sachusetts Commandery of the 
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, in 
1 88 1 and 1S82. He was one of the park commissioners of 
Boston, from 1889 to 1892, and served on the Board of Metro- 
politan I'.irk Commission, in 1S97. He is a member of the 
Military Historical Society of Mas.sachusetts, and is also the 
author of " Numbers and Losses in the Civil War in America, 
1861-65," a second edition of which was published in 1901. 

Children : 

i. Tliomas Leonard,'"' b. Mar. r6, 1871, in Cambridge. 

838. ii. Grace Daniels, b. May 30, 1873, '" Cambridge, 

iii. Robert, b. Sept. 11, 1876. in Boston, 

iv. Harris, b. Mar. 7, 1879, ^'^ Bo.'^ton. 

374 ' Lwcrmdre Faviily 


CHA)a.i'.s Watkkman'' Livekmork {TliovHu^ Sohnno)!,'' Joiia- 
tliati,^ Jonathan,^ JonatluxH,'^ Samuel,'' John') was born Sept. 24, 
1850, in Sacramento, Cal, ; when four years old he was taken 
to Mil ford, N. H., thence to Galena, 111., in i860, and returned 
to Milford in 1865. He has lived in various other places, 
includin-;- Manchester, N. H., Boston, Ithaca, N. Y., Brooklyn, 
N. Y., and New York City. He studied at the Milford High 
School, Apjileton Academy in New Ipswich, N. H., Ithaca 
Academy, Cornell University, and Lawrence Scientific School 
of Harvard University. He was commissioned assistant engi- 
neer, Kncrinecr Corps U. S. Navy, Feb. 26, 1875 ; served in the 
South Atlantic and Pacific squadrons on board the U. S. steamers 
"Omaha" and "Wachusett," and was attached to the U. S. 
torpedo boat "Intrepid" about three months in 1882. He was 
placed on the retired list Nov. 16, 1882'. 

Henry Lee^ Livermore {Thomas ^ Solomon,^ Jonathan,^ 
Joiuithaii* Jonathan,^ Samuel,^ John^) was born Jan. 7, 1857, in 
Galena, 111.; married June 18, 1879, i» Glenwood, Minn., Lizzie 
Emily Russell, born June 6, i860, in Bleasant Grove, Minn. 
He is a farmer in Gallop, Mon. 
Child, born in Dazey, Dak. : 

i. Lawrence Walter,^ b. May 14, 1885. 


Harriet Emzabeth' Livermore {Tho?/ias,^ Solomon,^ J ona- 
tJian,^ Jonathan,^ Jomilhaji,^ Samuel ^^ John') was born Feb. 24, 
1859, J'l Galena, III.; married Sept. 27, 1884, in Manchester, 
N. H., John Walter, son of Judge John and Sophia (Dwii^dit) 
Wells, born Dec, 10, 1854, in Chicopce Falls; died Nov. 8, 
1892, in Woodbury, N. J. Residence, Brookline. 

Children (Wells) : 

i. Edmund Duii^ht.'b. July 11, 1885. in Manchester. 
ii. Gladys, b. July 4, 18SS, in .Atlantic City, N. J. 
iii. Klizabt'lh Livermore, b. Dec. 23, 1889. in Woodbury. 

Ki^Jitli Generation 375 


Natii.\mi:i. Lyon^ Livkrmokk {TJiovias,'' Solomon,*" Jona- 
f/ian,^ Jonaf/uin,* JotMthan,^ Samuel,^ John') was born Oct. 15, 
1861, in Galenn, 111.; married Sept. 30, 1884, in Hraincrd, 
Minn., Annie KK)roncc Kemp, born Aug. 17, 1868, in Wiime- 
bago Co.. Wis, 

Child, born in Motley, Minn. : 

i. Tiioma.s Lester,'' b. May 22, 1888. 


Claka Pkkkins** LivF.RMOUii {Leonard,'' Sohnnon,'' Jonathein,^ 
Jonathan,*' Jonathan,^ Samuel,^ John') was born May 27, 185 i, 
in Groton ; married April 7, 1S80, in Cambridge, Frederick 
IVrry, son of Ca})t. iMederick Livermore and Mary Jarvis (Perry) ■ 
Fish, born Jan. 13, 1855, in Taunton. 
Children (Fish), born in Cambridge : 

i. Margaret Allina,9 b. July 7, 188 1. 
ii. Erland Frederick, b. Dec. 7, 1883. 


Joseph Prrkins** Livermore {Lconaril,'' Solomon!' Jonathan,'' 
Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Samuel,^ John') was born Feb. 19, 1855, 
in Clinton; married Oct. 5, 1880, in Boston, Agnes Atherton, 
daughter of Davis Ballard and Agnes (Hughes) Roberts, born 
there Aug. 2, 1857. He was graduated at Harvard College in 
1875. He was principal of the high school in Lexington, one 
year, then u-ent to Washington. He afterwards entered Mr. 
Gregory's offue in Boston, and later started in business for him- 
self as a patent lawyer. 

Children, born in Cambridge : 

i. Katharine Allina,' b. June 29, 188 1. 
ii. Leslie Roberts, b. Aug. 30. 1882. 
iii. Gladys Hughes, b. Dec. 19. 1884. 

Hrnrv Jarvis" Livermore {Leoiuiril,^ Solomon,^ Jonathan,^ 
Jonathan,* Jonathan,^ Samuel,^ John') was born May 27. 1865, 
in Lexington ; married (i) July 5, 1888, in Cambridge, Susie T., 

376 Livcrmore Family 

daughter of Arthur aiul Sarah McCau;;hcy, born there in June, 
1864; died Oct. 5, 1894, in Watertown ; married (2) March 18, 
1896, in Mtxlt'ord, Mary lC!i/.abeth, daughter of George and 
Catherine M. (I'^enkin) Hill, born in 1870, in East lioston. He 
entered Harvard College in 1885, remaining only one )'ear, and 
then went to St. Paul, Miim., where he stayed a year. He is 
now ill his brother's olfice in Boston. 
Children : 

i. (]\V( ndolcn Jarvis/'' b. Aug. 2, 1890, in Hyde I'aik. 
ii. Catherine Hill, b. Nov. 23, 1899, in Medfoid. 


John Raymond* Kimh.m.l {Samnt-I,'' Ajuia,'' Jonat/ia/i,^ Jona- 
than* Jonatlian,^ SainncI,- Jo/tn') was born May 16, 1853, in 
Wilton, N. H.; married Dec. 25, 1881, Delora Tarbell of Wil- 
ton. He is a milkman. Residence, Nashua, N. H. 

Children (Kimball), born in Nashua: 

i. Anne Lora,'' b. Nov. 21, 1882. 
ii. John Tarbell, b. Dec. 20, 18S3. 


Anna Livkrmork^ Kimhai.l {SainiiclT Anna'' J onatJian,'^ Jona- 
than* Jonathan,^ Sanmcl,^ John^) was born March 30, 1855, in 
Wilton, N. H.; died Aug. 13, 1882; married April 9, 1879, 
Nelo W. Tarbell of Lyndeboroug.i, N. H. 

Children (Tarbell), born in Lyndeborough : 

i. Samuel Kimball,'^ b. Jan. 2, 1880. 
ii. Josephine Frances, b. July 15, iSSi. 


Mary ICi.lkn^ Kimbali. {Samnt// Anna,'' Jonathan,^ Jona- 
than,* Jona/han,^ Sa mm/,' John') was born Nov. 15. 1857, in 
Wilton, N. H.; married Dec. 25, 1881, Frank Wheeler. 

ChUdren (Wheeler) : 

i. Bessie May,^ b. April 12, 1SS3. in Amherst, N. 11. 
ii. Kark Winficld, b. Jan. 28, 18S6, in Nashua, N. II. 

Eighth Gou ration 377 


Ammy 1sai!I-:li.i:' Kimijall {SaDiucl,'' Auiia,^' Joiiathau,^ Joiui- 
th(Ui,* /('/inthiui,^ SniHiicly' Jo/.'/i') was horn Nov. 26, i860, in 
Wilton, N. II.; married llierc Dec. 25, 1885, Gcor<;e Maynard, 
son of Caleb Maynard and Emily A. (Buss) Batchclder, born 
Nov. 20, 1859. 

Child (]5at(helder), born in Wilton : 

i. Kiland Graves,'^ b. May 10, 1887. 


Sarah Louise** Livermoke {Danforth,'' Williavi'' Elijah,^ 
SaviHil^* Jonathdti,^ Saut7tf/,^ Johii^) was born Oct. 16, 1839, in 
Hallowell, Me.; married Nov. 9, 1865, Capt. Charles Emerson, 
son of Joseph and 'Ihecxlosia (laner.son) Nash of Augusta, Me., 
born Oct. 9, 1839. 

Children ( : 

i. Mar)- Louisa,'^ b. Sept. 9, 1866; d. Dec. 28, 1896. 
ii. Edwin lavcrmore, b. June 29, 1869; d. May 23, 1897. 
iii. Danfcrth Liverinore, b. Aug. 12, 1879; ^<^^-^ Augusta. 


Charles Dankokth^ Livekmoki- {Da}lfur(h^ William,^ Eli- 
jciJiy^ Savuicl^* Jonathan,'^ Sainnc/,- Johji^) was born May 19, 
1842, in Mallowell, Me.; married Jan. 24, 1867, Hattie Ellis 
Eeighton of Augusta, Me., born Ajjril 4, 184S; died Nov. 9, 
1 88 1, in Portland, Me. He has been manager of the Western 
Union Telegraph Office in Portland for over fifteen years. Resi- 
dence, Portland. 
Child : 

i. Elsie Leighton,9 b. June 15, 1874. 


Horatio Putnam^ Livekmore {Horatio,'' Isaac,'' Elijah,^ 
Samiit/,* Jonathan,^ Savtuti,^ John') was born April 7, 1S37, in 
Boston; married (i) March 10, iSCS, Mattie Hutchings Banks, 
born Oct. 5, 1845, in New York City, died Oct. 11, 1880, in 
Montesol, Napa Co., Cal ; married (2) May 15, 1S83, Helen 

378 Livermore lunnily 

Little Kclls, born Dec. 30, 1853, in IVnn Yan, N. Y. He lives 
at Rt)ckri(l<:^e Park, Oakland, Cal. 

Children, the eldest born in San l^'rancisco, Cal., the others in 

Oakland : 

i. Grace,9 h. April 2, 1869-. 

ii. Edith, b. July 19, 1870. 

iii. Norman liunks, b. July 20, 1872. 

iv. Mattie, b, Feb. 7, 1877. 

V. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 9, 18S4. 

Caroline Livermore^ Haven {.Ifchihiblc,'^ Edzvard,'' Sa;n- 
ucl,^ Saniiii'l,* JflHafhan,^ Sainin/,' JoJin') was born March 5, 
1818, in I'ortsmouth, N. H. ; drowned July 29, 1856, in Lake 
George, by the burning of the steamer "John Jay"; married 
Dec. 5, 1838, Edward Belknap. 

Children (Belknap), born in New York City : 

i. Mary Elizabeth,? b. Sept. 26, 1839; m. (i) Arthur 
Ainory, son of Henry Codman of Boston, b. in 1833. 
in Boston; d. Aug. 13, 1896, in the Chateau de Lau- 
fenberg on the Rhine, Grand Duchy of Baden ; m. 
(2) July 24, 1899, in Buda Pesth, Hungary, Robert 
ii. Thomas Haven, b. Jan. 12, 1841 : d. soon after his 

Anne Shapley'* Haven {iMcIiifahlr^ E<hva)tf,^ Sai/n/c/,' S(r;>!- 
ud,'' Jonathan,-^ Samuel,^ John') was born May 4. 1819, in Ports- 
mouth, N. H.; drowned July 29, 1S56, in Lake George, by the 
burning of the steamer "John Jay"; married. June 30, 1847. 
in Philadelphia, Penn., Supply Claj), son of Samuel and Sarah 
(Homans) Thwing, born Oct. 27, 1798, in Boston ; died June 4, 
1S77, in Ro.vbvuy. (See Thwing Genealogy.) 
Children (Thwing), born in Roxbury : 
839- i- Walter Eliot,? b. April 27, 184S. 
ii. Florence Haven, b. Jan. 30. 1S50. 
iii. Annie Haven, b. July 4, 1851. 
iv. Elsie, b. April 14, 1853. 
V. Sarah Homans, b. Dec. 10, 1854. 

Eight, 'i Gint ration 379 

MiiHiTAHi-K Janh LiVEKMOkii"^ IIaven {Mchitabh','' Edward,'' 
Saviucl,^ Sainiir/,* Jonathnu,^ Saviticl,' John^) was born Sept. 4, 
182.1, in Portsmouth, N. H. ; died Sept. 14, 1853, in Ro.xbury ; 
married Aj)ril 3, 1S45, in Philadelphia, Penn., Dudley Hall, born 
Dec. 15, 1S16, in Boston. 
Children (Hall): 

i. Anne H;ivcn,9 b. Jan. 29, 1846, in Geneva, N. Y. ; m. 
Dec. 4, 1873. Jiini^i> D. Rea. Child (Kea), b. in 
Newsville, Penn. : 

I. JJiiJlcy Jia/l,'" I). Sept. 24, 1877. 

ii. Clara Dudley, b. April 27, 1847, in Chieago, III.; m. 

(i) Jan. 2, 1SS3, John O. Stouffer, b. in 1820; d. 

Mar. 7. 18S5; ni. (2) Daniel Widders, b. in 1S27. 

Res., Huntsdale, Penn. 
iii. Dudley, b. Dec. 13, 1850, in Cincinnati, Ohio; d. there 

Nov. 3, 1851. 


Samuel Livekmore^ Haven {Mehiiabh-,'' Ediuard,^' Saviuc/,^ 
Sai'tun/,* Joudt/uiii,^ Sainiul,^ John') ^^'as iDorn Oct. 3, 1823, in 
Portsmouth, N. H. ; died Sept. 24, 1865, in Mamaroneck, N. Y. ; 
married Jan. 1, 1852, Mrs. Emily (Bradley) Neal, widow of 
Joseph C. Neal. She was known as " Cousin Alice," the 
auth(;ress; died Aug. 24, 1863, in Mamaroneck. 

Children (Haven), the eldest born in Philadelphia, Penn., the 
others in Mamaroneck : 

i. Samuel Livcrniore,''' b. Oct. 14, 1853; d. July 31, 1874. 
S40. ii. Elsie Thwing, b. Mar. 24, 1855. 

iii. Caroline Belknap, b. Oct. 19, 1856; d. Jan. 1, 1S80. 
iv. Louis Oodcy. b. Feb. 13, 1859; d. Dec. 11, 1872. 
V. Mary Kinily, b. July 21, 1863. 


NATiiANrEi, Appi.eton'* Ha vex {Mchitabh^ Ediuard," Sam- 
uel,^ Saiuiul,* Joua/han,^ SainiicI,- John') \y:vs born I^'eb. 7, 1S30, 
in Philadeli)hia, Penn.; died June 5, 1875; married Nov. 4, 
1857, Sallie Pel kins. 

380 Liver in ore Family 

Children (Haven) : 

i. 1jc1Il',9 b. June 22. 1S59; d. June 19, i860. 
ii. Albert, b. Dec. 26, 1S60; d. in Feb., 1S64. 
iii. Nathaniel, b. Sept. 26, 1.S62. 
iv. S.illie Perkins, b. Dec. 2, 1S64. 


Ma'iu.da l.ivKKMOKE^ Haven {MiJiitablc,'' Edivard,'' S<ni:- 
iicl,^ SauiHi-l,^ Jonatlian,^ Samuel,'' John') was born March 16, 
1834, in rhiladelphia, Pcnn. ; died May 2, 1867; married there 
March J2, 1S57, Hour)- Preston Chambers, born there Auf;. 3, 


Children (Chamliers) : 

i. A daughter,9 b. Dec. 14, 1S57, in West Philadelphia; d. 
same day. 
841. ii. Thomas Haven, b. Dec. 2, 185S. in Applebachsville, 
iii. George Maitland, b. Feb. 13, 18G1, in Applebachsville; 

d. there Aug. 14, 1861. 
iv. Henry- Preston, b. Mar.- 21, 1862, in Bridgeville, Del.: 

d. there June 4, 1862. 
V. Annie Haven, b. Nov. 30, 1863, in Federalsburgh, Md.: 

d. there July 4, 1864. 
vi. A daughter, b. Feb. 24, 1S66. in Federalsburgh ; d. same 


Sarah Jane'* Livekmore {Edward,'' Edivard,^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel,*' Jonathan,-^ Samuel,^ JoluC) was born May 20, 18 30, in 
Lowell; married there Nov. 15, 1848, George Washington 
Hcale, born Oct. 10, 1825, in Monmouth, Me. Residence, Port- 
land, Me. 

Children (Peale), born in Pt.rtland : 

i. Fdward Livermore.'> b. May 27, 1850. 
' ' ii. Arthur Williamson, b. Nov. 2}^. 1S59; m. there Nov. 8. 

18S6, Annie Scoll FowUr. b. there Dec. 5, i860. No 
iii. Harry St. Loe. b. May 7. 1S70. 

Rif^htJi Gou-ratiofi 38 1 


Samuki. Ai'i'MiTON JikowNff AiJUOTi {CtiroUiic^ Edivnrd'' 
Samuel,^ Saniitr/* Jmiathaii,^ Sniiiiifl,' Joint') was born March 
6, 1846; married Oct. 15, 1H73, in I'rovidcncc, R. 1., Ahhy 
Francis Wooils. 

Chiklrei) (Abbotl), born in Providence: 

i. Helen Francis/-' b. July 29, 1874. 

ii. Madeline, b. Nov. 2, 1876. 
iii. Francis, b. Sept. 8, 1878. 
iv. Caroline Livermorc, b. April 25, 18S0. 


Sarah Livekmore* Abhott (Cnrolinc,'' Eihoanl,^ Savinc/,^ 
Samuel,* Jonathan,^ Saviitr/,^ Jo/nt') was born May 14, 1850; 
married Ocl. 12, 1870, in IJoslon, William I'ickman, son of 
Richard Sullivan and Elizabeth Lcavitt (Pickman) Fay, born 
July 5, 1843; c^ietl March 25, 1879. 

Children (Fay) : 

i. Richard Sullivan,*^ b. July 9, 187 i. 
ii. Catherine, b. Sept. 9, 1872. 
iii. Edward Henry, b. Sept. 13, 1876. 


SusANN-Mi Plumkidge** Liver.more {ArtJiitr,'' Arthur,^ Savi- 
ui'ly^ SiunucI,* Jojuit/iau,^ Samuel,' Jolui^) was born April 5, 
1855, in llath, N. H. ; married Sept. 12, 1878, in Londonden)', 
Ireland, Edmund, son of Isaac and Elinor (Peal) Sutton, born 
April 9, 1844, in London, P2ngland. 

Children (Sutton), born in Manchester, England : 

i. Ralph,9 b. May 11, 1881. 
ii. Kate Elinor, b. June 11, 1SS3; 


AuTMi'K I>K()WNE* LiVKKMORE {Eiliociyd ,'' Arthur,^ Samuel,^ 

Samuel,* Jonatlian,^ Samuel,^ Joliu') was born Aug. 15, 1854, in 

Waterloo, N. Y., and received the first part of his education at 

home and at Shattuck School, in Faribault, Minn. He entered 

382 Liver more Fmni/y 

the sophomore class in 1871 and was ^adiuited from Racine 
College, Wisconsin, in 1874, and laught the high school in St. 
Peter, Minn., for three years. He studied theology at tiie (ieneral 
Theological Seminary, in New York City, from which he was 
graduated, and ordered dcact)n in 1880; was ordained priest in 
18S1. Mas been assi.stant minister in several places and 
We-st and, since 18S5, rector of Grace Church, Hin.sdalc, 111., 
where he now lives. 



Makv E.'\rrixgton9 {Ljicv,^ Levi,'' Elis/ia,^ 
Josia/i,^ Jos in /i,* Joseph,^ John,'' John') was born May 28, 1831, 
in Waldcn, Vt. ; married Harvey A. Foster, born there Maich 
22, 1828; accidently killed there July 8, 1890. 

Child (Foster), born in Walden : 

i. Edward Harvey,'" b. Jan, 11, 1S70 ; m. there in May, 
1892, Winona Farr. No children. 


Martha Adaline' Montgomery (jAicy^ Levi,'' Elisha^ 
Josiah,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born Oct. 23, 1835, 
in Walden, Vt. ; married there Dec. 16, 1857, John \^. Living- 
ston, born in 1S32, in Wheelock, Vt. 

Children (Livingston) : 

i. Alice Mabel,'° b. Jan. 1, 1859, in T.,yndon, Vt. ; m. Aug. 

14, 1880, in East Ilardv.ick, Vt., Eugene Giffin. No 


ii. Clara Lenora, b. Mar. 31, 1864, in East Hardwick; ni. 

there Dec. 10, 1885, lohn E. Hancock. No children. 

Charles Henry^ Livermore {Sidney,^ L.evi,' Elisha^ 
Josiali,^ Josinh,* Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born April 5, 1836, 
in Lowell ; married May S, 1865, in Ware, Mary E. daughter of 

NititJi Coicratiflu 383 

J:i|)liot 1). and Susan G. While, born in I'cb., 1843, in Chicopcc • 
died Sept. 20, 1885, in Cottage City. He was a machinist. 
Children : 

i. Mabel S.,'° b. Nov. i, 1866, in Springfield; d. there 

Dec. 15, i866. 
ii. George A., b. July 24, 1870, in Chicopee. 
iii. Agnes C, b. Aug. 18, 1873, in Chicopee; d. July 7, 
1887, in West ]>rookfield. 


Eliza Kikuv-' Livermojcf. {Sidney,^ Levi,'' EUs/m,' Josin/i,^ 
Josiah,^ Josip/t,^ Jo/ui,^ John') was born July 11, 1 841, in West 
Ikookficld ; married there Aug. 15, i860, Albert, son of Hiram 
and Mary Bannister, born in 1838, in North Brookfield. Resi- 
dence, West Brookfield. 

Children (Bannister) : 

i. Lucy F.,'" b. Jan. g, 1861, in North Ashfield, Conn.; d. 

Jan. 15, 1862, in West Brookfield. 
ii. Charles H., b. Nov. 18, 1863, in West Brookfield. 
iii. Albeit H., b. Aug. 21, 1866, in West Brookfield. 
iv. Frank D., b. Jan. 15, 1869, in Warren; d. Sept. 8, 1869, 

in North Brookfield. 
V. Carrie E., b. July 6, 1S71, in Warren, 
vi. Kate B., b. Sept. 24, 1873, in West Warren, 
vii. John T., b. Aug. 6, 1876, in Palmer. 


Georgk R.w'MOND' Livermore {Sid)uy,^ Levi,'' Elislia,^ 
JosiaJi,^ Josia/i,* Joseph,^ Jo/ni,^ Jo/m') was born June iS, 1858, 
in West Brookfield; married in Oct., 1879, Elizabeth M. Perry 
of Oakiiam, born in Sturbridge. He is a carpenter. 

Child, born in West Brookfield : 

i, Frederick George,"' b. Oct. 30, 1S94; d. there Feb. 27, 

Edwin Fkank.lin'^ Eivermoke {Sherlock,^ Levi,' Elisha,^ 
Josiah,^ Josia/i,* Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born Oct. 3, 1848, 
in West Biookficld ; married there (i) Oct. 3, 1870, Caroline M., 

384 Livcrmorc Family 

dauijhlcr of Daxid H. .ind Caroline Glcason, horn llicre Sf[)l. 6, 
1S51 ; died there July 27, 1871 ; married (2) June 12, 1876, in 
Warren, Nellie Sophia, daui::hter of George and Amelia Cutler, 
horn Jan. 26, 1855, in West Ikookfield He was a hoot maker. 
Child, born in West lirookficld : 

i. David Franklin,'" h. July 2, 1871; d. lliore Aug. 29, 


IIattie Elizabeth^ Livermoke {Sherlock,^ Levi,'' Elislia^ 
Josia/i,^ Josia/i* Joscf>h,^ John,^ Jo/in') was born June 30, 1858, 
in West lirookfield ; married there June 30, 1880, Frank Paschal, 
son of Paschal L. and Edna R. Greene, born Feb. 29, 1S56, in 
Barnard, Vt. 

Childien (Greene), born in West Brookfield : 

i. Edna Frances,'" h. Nov. 27, 1884. 
ii. Edith Mildred, b. Aug. 11, 18S7. 

• Clara Mabel'> Livermore {Sherlock,^ Levi,'' ElisJia,^ JosiaJi,'' 
Josia/i,^ JoscpJi,^ Jo/ni,' Jo/111') was born Dec. 15, 1861, in West 
Brookfield; married June 29, 1881, in Worcester, William 
Eugene, son of Edwin E. and Melinda Carruth, born July i, 
1853, in Bolton. 

Children (Carruth), born in West Brookfield : 

i. Edwin William,'" b. Sept. 12, 1SS3. 
ii. Clara Livermore, b. Jan. 25, iSSf). 

iii. Bertha Melinda, b. Oct. 15, 188S; d. ibere July 24, 


Levi Wiiiri-i.E'* Liver.moke {Sherlock,'^ Levi,' Elisha,'' JosiaJi,'^ 
Josiali,* Joseph,^ Jolni,^ Jo/iii') was born Jan. 21, 1868, in West 
Brookfield; mairied there June 10, 1891, Edith J., daughter of 
James 1^'. and Sarah J. (Lincoln) Barnes, born there in 1871. 
Me is a boot finisher. 

Child, born in West Ikookfield : 

i. Earl Whipple,"' b. Mar. 14, 1S92. 

Ninth GoicratioJi 385 


Rav I'lKNTAN' LIVliK^lORI•: i^LcDiitil,^ C//(ir/ts,^ IVil/iiiiii,^' Juson,^ 
Josiah* Josipli,^ John,- JoJdi^) was l)orn Marcli 5, 18 vS, in Hincs- 
bui<;l), Vl. ; married Feb. 10, 1S69, in Rullainl, Vt., Kliza Hester 
liatcs, born June 20, 1H47, in Hunlin^aun, Vl. 

Child, lx)rn in Port Henry, N. Y. : 

i. Frank Bales,'" b. Dec. 28, 1872. 


Rollins Miles'' Livkkmokk {Lcmitcl,^ Charles,'' William^' 

Jason,^ Josicih,* Joseph,^ John,- John') \\7i^ born July 12, 1843, in 

Hinesbvw^h, Vt. ; married there Celestia Amelia Gorham. He 

was a member of the Vermont House of Representatives in 

'872, J},. Residence, Corry, Penn. 

Children, born in Starksboro, Vt. : 

i. Kate Rollena,'" b. Feb. 24, 1870. 
ii. Ray Fay, b. Aug. 26, 1873. 

William Clark"^ Livf.rmokh {Charles,''' Charles,^ William,^ 
Jason,^ Josiah,^ Joseph,^ John,- John') was born Oct. 31, 1853, in 
Hinesburgh, Vt. ; married Nov. 24, 1887, in Starksboro, Vt., 
I'^lTie Rosilla Rollins, born Dec. 12, 1870, in Huntinj^ton, Vt. 
Residence, Hinesburgh. 

Children, born in Hinesburgh : 

i. Leon,'° b. May 25, 1889; d. same day. 

ii. Rosina Mary, b. May 8, 1890. 

iii. Leila L., b. Mar. 25, 1892. 

iv. Ralph A., b. July 27, 1893. 

V. Ruth J., b. Feb. 24, 1899. 

Elgin Skkino' Livkk.moke {Lonn-o,* Joseph,' William^ 
Jason,^ Josiiih,* Joseph,^ John,- John') was born May 17, 1S50, 
in Northfield, \'t. While young his parents moved to Wiscon- 
sin, where he lived during his youth. On his way from Wi.scon- 
sin to Vermont U) visit his old home, he met Engineer Henry 

386 Liverviorc Family 

Mei^'^^s, the great railroad contractor (a fornier acquaintance of 
his father's), who had contracted t<; build a railroad throu<;h the 
Cordilleras nioiniUiiiis for the reiuvian Cmvcrnnieiit. He went 
wilh Mciggs as his assistant ; after the road was completed he 
remained in the employ of the company wilh a salary of jf>2,0C)0 
a year. About the year 1872 ho was married in Chili, S. A., 
and when the Peruvian war broke out, he came with his wife and 
three children to Panama, where he was overseer on the canal 
for three years ; at the end of that time there was a great riot 
and he disappeared. 


WiNSLOW Odkij.'' LiviCRMOivii {Lo>r>iZ(>,^ Joseph,'' ]Villia)ii,^ 
Josoii,^ Jositi/t,^ Juscp/i,^ Jo/iu,^ Jo/iii') was born May 17, 1856, in 
Bea\er Dam, V/i.-^. ; married March 29, 1880, in Vienna, Wis., 
Jennet Ransom Raymond, boni I'^eb. 7, 1858, in Wintlsor, Wis. 
He is assistant foreman in the largest printing establishment in 
the State of Wisconsin, and has been there for years. 

Children born in Madison, Wis. : 

i. Florence Dana,'° b. Sept. 22, 1881. 
ii. George Rainiond, b. ?'eb. 10, 1885. 
iii. Joseph Dow, b. July S, 1888. 


13enj.\min'' 'Lwekmou^ {Loiriico,^ Josc/>/i,'' Williaui,^ 
Jason,^ Josiah,'^ Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born Jan. 30, i860, in 
Beaver Dam, Wis. ; married March 31, 1883, in Tower City, No. 
Dak., Minnie Genevie Frasier, born March 9, 1863, in O.xfortl, 
Wis. He lived with Bonner, the great horse raiser (brother of 
Bonner of the New York Ledger), from the time he was cloven 
, years old until he became of age. He has been a farmer in 
North Dakota for many years. 

Children, born in Cornell, No. Dak. : 

i. Elgin,'" b. June 25, i88.j. 

ii, Eugene Alfred, b. April 19, 1885. 
iii. Roy Uenjamin, b. Oct. 29, 1886. 
iv. Glen Forest, b. April 14, 1888. 

V. Lura, b. Nov. 11, 1SS9, 

Ninth Gcticrntion 387 


Im-i.ah Makv Kngi.ish {F.inily; JoscpJi^ William,^ Jason,'- 
Josui/i,^ Jost/'/i,^ John,' Join:') was boni Scpl. 3, 1851, in llart- 
land. Yt. ; married there SejU. 14, 1S71, William Andrew Grout, 
born Nov. 4, 1S47, in Sprint, liekl, Vt. He is a farmer in llart- 

Children (Grout), born in Ilartland : 

i. Mabel Nancy, '° b. Nov. 23, 1876. 
ii. Alice ICniily, b. SejH. 19, 1879. 
iii. Herbert, b. April 26, 18S3. 
iv. Aimer, b. April 27, 18.SS. 
V. Arthur, twin to Aimer; d. Sept. 28, 1888. 

Viola Julia'* English {Eutily^ Josff>h,'> William,^' Jason,^ 
Josia/i,* Josi-p/i,^ Jo/in,^ Jo/in') was born Oct. 3, 1853, in Hart- 
land, Vt.; married Dec. 4, 1883, in White River Junction, Vt., 
Herman Bryant, born Aug. 15, 1858, in West Windsor, Vt. 
He is in a lumber mill in South Gardiner, Me. 
Child ^liryant), born in South Gardiner : 

i. Minnie Charlotte,'" b. Dec. 4, 1887. 


El VIA Betskv En-glish {Emi/v,* Josl/'/i,' William,^ Jason,^ 
Josia//,* Josrp/:,^ Jo/in,^ John') was born Sept. 1 1, 1S55, in Hart- 
land, Vt. ; married there June 5, 1883, Theodore Alden Kingsley, 
born April 3, 1840, in Woodstock, Vt. They conduct a dairy 
farm in North Amherst. 

Children (Kingsley), the eldest born in Hartland, the others 
in Amherst : 

i. Mcrton Grey,'"' b. Sept. 11, 1S84. 
ii. Kmily, b. Oct. 31, 1887. 
iii. Eveline, twin to Emily. 


Eulek Fkedekick'' En'gllsh {Emily,'' Joseph^ William,^' 
Joson,^ Josinh,* Joseph,^ John,' John') was born Feb. 14, 1S58, 
in Hartland, Vt. ; married there July 3, 1879. Delah Harlow, 
born Nov. 22, 1S54. in West Randolph, \'\. He invented and 

388 Lh'ctiuore Foniily 

built, in 18S0, ihc first sutcossfu! operating machine for braiding 
whiplashes ; this machine is still in use in Southfield. lie now 
keeps a jewelry store in Minneajxjlis, Minn. 

Children (English), the eldest born in Ilartland, the others in 
Minneapolis : 

i. Albeit Euler,'°l). May 11, 1880. 
ii. Nathan Frederick, b. Sept. 14, 18S2 ; d. there Feb. 25, 

iii. Mar)' Emily, b. Dec. 25, 18S6; d. there Jan. 21, 1887. 

* 712 

Lena Ai.mira' English {Emily^ Josip/i^ William^' Jnson,^ 
Josiah* Joseph,'^ Jo/in,^ John^) was born April 2, 1862, in Hart- 
land, Vt. ; married Dec, 25, 1884, in Tilton, N. H., George 
Curtis Hurlburt, born Dec. 30, i860, in Northfield, N. H., where 
he carries on a farm. 

Child (Hurlburt), i)orn in Hartland : 

i. Susan Emily, '° b. Mar. 21, 1887. 


Selwin Goodhue^ Leslie {Mary y^ Joseph ^ William^ Jason,'^ 
Josia/i,* Joscp/i,^ /o/in,^ John^) was born June 26, 1859, •" Lowell ; 
married June 26, 1880, in Hallowell, Me., Anna Louisa Jackson, 
born Eeb. 27, 1 861, in Sidney, Me. 

Children (Leslie), born in South Gardiner, Me. : 

i. Edgar Selwin,'^ b. Mar. 24, 1881. 
ii. Hattie Mary, b. May 12, 1883 ; d. there July 23, 1889. 


Chaki.h.s IIknky'5 Mosckif (Afory,^ Elizabeth,'' JosiaJil\Jason,'^ 
Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,' John') wixs horn June 20, 1848; married 
July 19, 1S79, Lydia Bell DeLany, born Oct. 28, 1856. 

Children (Moscrip) : 

i. Charles Jiell,'" b. April 11, 1880. 

ii. Minerva L'Amoreaux, b. Sept. 7, 1882. 

iii. .\mos DeLany, b. May 7, 1884. 

iv. Lydia licll, b. Sept. 18, \%^9,. 

V. John Greene, b. Sept. 19, 18S9; d. Sept. 26. 1890. 

Ninth (Jcncrotioti 389 

Fi-KRis Jacoi?'^' MoscKii' {Alary,^ E/icalnf/i,'' Josiah*' Jnsou,^ 
Ji>si(i/i,* Josef /i,^ Jo/iti,^ Jo/i)i') \\d^ horn Scpl. 25, 1849; married 
Dec. 18, 1882, yXlmira lulilh L;idoo, born May 8, 1865. 
Child (Moscrip) : 

i. Robert J>urns,'° b. Aug. 20, 1890. 


Blanche Augusta' Mosckip {Maij,^ EJizahctJt,'' Josiali,^ 
Jason,^ Josia/i,* Joseph,^ John,- Jo/iii') was born June 2, 1853 ; 
married Sept. 17, 1874, John Franklin Conkey, born April 17, 

Children (Conkey), born in Saratoga, N. Y. : 

i. Robert Mcscrip,'" b. Aug. 3, 1S75. 
ii. Mary Elizabeth, b. April 16, 1884. 
iii. Carrie Louise, b. Jan. 3, 1888. 


Helen Mar'' Weaver {Charles,^ Elizabeth,'' Josiah,^ Jason, ^ 
Josiah,^ Joseph,^ John,'' Joh)i') was born March 20, 1856 ; married 
Dec. 26, 1877, Reuben H. Galusha. 

Children (Galusha) : 

i. Jesse,'" b. Nov. 16, 1S7S. 

ii. Maud, b. Aug. 25, 1880, 
iii. Charles Livcrmore, b. July 6, iSS'2. 
iv. Lillian Fxlna, b. Mar, 25. 1SS5. 

■• 718 

Eli/aheth Livermore' Remington {Sarah^ Elizabeth,'' 
Jo stall ^ Jason, ^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born Sept. 
II, 1862; married Feb. 25, 1885, Billie J. Thorn, born Jan. 27, 

Children (Thorn) : ■ ■ 

i. Billie J..'"b. Mar. 27, 1886; d. Oct. 9, 1SS7. 
ii. Cecil Worcester, b. Aug. 10, 1 88 7. 
iii. Joseph Reniingloii, b. Aug. 11. 1890. . • ■ 

390 Livcrviorc Fa>ni/y 


J. HivKRV* I^M.DWIN {Esf/icr,^ Jo/iJi,'' Josin/i,^ Jasoft,^ Josia//,* 
Joseph,^ Joliu,' JoJni') was born Aug. 23, 1859, in Fort Edward, 
N. Y. ; married March 16, 1882, in Glens Falls, N. Y., Ella, 
daughter of Martin and Rachel Allen, horn May 6, 1852, in 
Greenwich, N. Y. 

Children (liakKvin) : 

i. Russell,'" b. P\'b. S, 1893. 

ii. Helen May, b. Mar. 12, iSqj. 

iii. Lillian, b. Ajjril 19, 1895; d. July 12. 1895. 

iv. Katharine, b. Feb. 20. 1897 : d. Aug. 19, 1S97. 


Ida MaV* Baldwin {Est/ur,^ Jo/ni,'^ Josiah'' Jasoti,^ Josio/i,* 
Joseph,^ Jo/m,^ JuJin') was born Oct. 13, 1865. in Fort Edward, 
N.Y.; married June 28, 1892, in Lansingburg, N. Y. (now 
North Tro)), Har\'ey A., son of Harvey A. and Nancy M. 
(Fowler) Hodge, born Sept. 19, 1S60, in Cambridge, N. Y. 

Children (Hodge) : 

i. Esther N.,'" b. April 23, 1S93 ; d. July 27, 1893. 
ii. Beatrice Marie, b. Feb. 8, 1896 ; d. June 19, 1899. 
iii. Everett Austin, b. June 24, 1898. 
" . iv. Clara Edith, b. July 10, 190 1. 


Catharine Gilchrist'^ Eivkrmore {Josiali,^ Johii,^ Josiah^ 
Jnson,^ Josia/i,* Joscp/i,^ Jo/ni,^ Jo/in') was born June 7, 1864, in 
Fort Miller, N. Y. ; married March 7, 1891, in Schuylerville, 
N. Y., Andrew, son of IJaniel and Mar)- Tubbs, born Aug. 17, 
1846, in Fort Miller. 

Children (Tubbs) born in Fort Miller : 

i. Daniel A.,'" b. April i, 1892. 
ii. Everett J., b. Nov. 30, 1894. 

JoHN^ LiVERMORE {Josiah,'' John,' JosiaJi,^ Jason,^ Josia/i,* 
Joseph,^ JoJiH,^ John') was born Aug. 5, 1870, in Fort Miller, 
N. Y. ; married March 20, 1897, in Gansevoort, X. Y., Jennie, 

; Ninth Generation 391 

dau^jhtci of William and Mary J. Watson, born Nov. 6, 1S72, in 
l''ort Miller. 

Children, l^orn in I'ort Miller: 

i. Ina,'°b. May 20, 1898. 
ii. Mabel, b. Aug. 12, 1899. 


Edith" 1 ,1 vekmouh {Rayinond,^ Jolui^ JosiaJi,^ Jason, "■ Josia/i,* 
Josc/'/i,^ Jo/in,' John') was born March 3, 1872, in New York 
City; married there Nov. 26, 1S95, Andreas August, son of 
llilman and Maria (Kick) Sassc, born Oct. 11, 1861, in Ilille, 
Germany. She was the first subscriber to this work, and has 
taken such an interest in it as to have been of great assistance 
to the author. Residence, Richmond Mill, Oueen.sborough, N. Y. 

Child) en (Sasse) : 

i. Andreas Rnyinond,'^ b. July 31, 1S96, in New York City, 
ii. I'ldilh, b. Dec. 14, 1899, in Richmond Hill. 


Loiusii^ LiVERMOKH {Edgor,^ JasPuT Josiah,^ Jason,^ Josiah,* 
Joscplt,^ John,"" John') was born Aug. 16, 1858, in Fort Edward, 
N.Y. ; married March 17, 1877, Samuel, son of Samuel and 
Caroline W. (Chamberlin) Gloyne. Residence, Southampton, 
Long Island. 

Children (Gloyne), born in Bay Shore, Long Island : 

i. Carra Louise,'" b. July 4, 1879. . 

ii. Nelly May, b. Nov. 24, 18S1. 

Cora Alma^ Livfrmokk {Edgar,^ Jason,'' Josiah,'' Jason,^ 
Josiah,* Josepli,^ Joh)i,^ John') was born Nov. 17, 1S61, in Fort 
Edward, N.Y. ; married Aug. 15, 1877, William Morrell. Resi- 
dence, Southampton, Long IsLand. 

Children (Morrell), ])orn in Southamptt)n : 

i. Anna Louise,'" b. June 7, 1879. 

ii. Ella Frank, b. Nov. 28, 18S0. , ,..:• 1 '. ' ir • 1. 

392 Lilt' nn on Foinily 


Raymond S.' Wkli.s {Sarah,' listlicyT Ji.siah'' Jasou,^ Josiali,'' 
Joseph,^ Jvhu,^ Joint') was boni Sept. i, 1861, in Schuylcrvillc, 
N. v.; married ihorc Oct. 4, 1S93, Lura A. M., daii^^htcr of 
John Henry and Sylvia (Newton) lUillard, born Aug. 21, 1863, 
in Northumberland, N. V. 

Children (Wells), born in Schu)lcrville : 

i. Raymond Lawrence,"' b. Jan. 6, 1897. 
ii. LeKoy Dullard, b. April 26, 1900. 


Jenny Sophia'^ Folsom {HcLn,'' George;- lUadtiyi; Jasou^ 
JosiaJi; JoscpJt; John; Jolin') wa.s born April 20, 1857, "^ ^^(^■^- 
ton ; married there Oct. 28, 1880, Dr. Henry White, son of 
Nicholas and Araesta Susan (White) l)roui;hlon, born there 
Oct. 10, 185 1. 

Children (Broughton), born in Jamaica Plain : 

i. Katherine Folsom,'^ b. June 16, 1S83 : d. there Ocl. 2, 

ii. Paul Folsom, b. Mar. 5, 18S6; d. there Mar. 5, 1887. 
iii. John Nicholson, b. Oct. 4, 1889. 
iv. Philip Folsom, b. July i, 1893. 
V. Henry White, b. Sept. 24, 1896. 


Mary Olivia' Folsom {Helen; George; Braddyl,^ Jason; 
Josiah; Joseph; John; John') was born Nov. 18, 1861, in Cam- 
bridge ; married Oct. 17, 1S93, in Jamaica Plain, Dr. Kenelm, 
son of William Henry and Elizabeth (Ryers) Winslow, born there 
Aug. 10, 1863. 

Child (Winslow), born in Newton : 

i. Kenelm,"' b. May 24, 1895. 

Albkrt RANnALL'> LiVEKMORE {Cliarles; Jason; Brad(/y/; 
Jason; Josiah; Joseph; John; Joh)i') was born Feb. 13, 1873, in 
Worcester; married Oct. 10. 1894, in Paxton, Clara J5., daugh- 

Ninth Coicriition 393 

tcr of Alvviii S. and Louisa 1*. Graloii, born there in 1876. He 
is a salesman. 

Children, limn in Worcester: 

i. Ch.ulcs R.,'" b. July ig, 1895. 
ii. A daughter, b. Sept. 8. 1897. 

Hknry Lalnston^ Livkkmore {Ccorgi;' Jascn^ Braddyl^ 
Jiisou,^ Josia/:,* Joseph,^ Jo/ui.,^ John') was born Jan. iS, 1871, in 
Acton; married there Sept. 29, 1897, Stella G., daughter of 
David C. and Ik'tscy J. (Fitch) Harris, born in 187S, in Ilal- 
lowcll, Me. He is a carpenter. At the time of marriage they 
were living in Acton, but afterwards moved to Reading. 
Child, born in Reading : 

i. Gertrude Lillian,'" b. Mar. 24, 1899, 


Elliott Pkouty^ Livermore {//m?;//,* Jason,'' Bmddyl^' 
Jasou,^ Josia/i,* Joseph,^ John,' Jo/in') was born March 14, 1S66, 
in Acton; married (i) May 25, 1887, in Worcester, Myra A., 
daughter of Ejihraim H. and Almira (Batchclor) Jourdan, born 
April 24, 1863, in West Upton; .died there Aug. 7, 1SS7; 
married (2) June 3, 1890, in Worcester, Carrie L., daughter of 
L Frank and Almira J. Goodwin, born in 1867, in Fitchburg. 
He has been a shipping clerk, salesman and draughtsman. Resi- 
dence, Bedford. 

Children : 

i. Earle Prouty,"" b. April 23, 1891, in Clinton. 
ii. Myra Lillian, b. Mar. 2, 1894, in Bedford. 


13i.\NTiiA'' Livermore {Ahim,^ Laniard,^ Isaac,'' J/osrs,^ 

Jostah,* Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born Oct. 17, 1836; married 

Nov. 14, 1850, in Stark Co., 111., James Wolf, born May 28, 

1S30, in Bradford Co., Penn. Residence, Mt. Auburn, Benton, 

Co., Iowa. . ' 

•jQ^ Liver more Finnily 

Child (Wolf), bcni in lU-nton Co., Iowa: 

i. Edilli Hannah, '° b. Oct. 22, 1867; m. Jan. i, 1891, in 
Benton Co., Amos Emery Ilalstead, l)orn June 29, 
1867, in ],ynn Co., la. Child (Ilalstead), b. in Jicn- 
ton Co. : 

I. Gton;,- F.mcryy b. Dec. 14, 1891. 


Franci.^ Ashhuky'' Livermork {Xclson,^ Larneird^ Isaac,'' 
Moses,'' Josia/i,* Joseph,^ John,'' John') wa.s born Aug. 20, 1833, 
in Broome Co., N. V. ; married Jan. 6, 1854, in Wasliington Co., 
Iowa, Mary Elizabeth Reeves, born March 15, 1835, »" Black- 
ford Co., Ind. He is a brick and stone mason in Clarion, Iowa. 
Children, all except the two elder and the two yoimgcr born 
in Brown Co., Kan. : 

i. rhena Diantha,'° b. Sept. 12, 1S54, in Benton Co., la.; 
m. Oct. 13, 1873, Chester Jackson Gillclt, b. Oct. 8, 
1854, in Ripley, xM. Y. 

842. ii. Dennis Ashbury, b. Aug. 6, 1856, in Benton Co. 
iii. Clarice Alice, b. April i, 1859. 

iv. Joseph Nelson, b. July 19, 1861. 
V. Sally Ann, b. Dec. 26, 1863; d. in infancy. 

843. vi. John Thomas, b. Aug. 28, 1865. 

vii. Chester Lorenzo, b. Mar. 19, 1868; d. Jan. 4, 1900. 
viii. Mary Lucetta, b. Aug. 11, 1870, in Tama Co., la. ; d. in 
ix. Arthur Esmond, b. Feb. 6, 1S73, in I3enton Co. 


' SallV Livermore {Xclsoti,^ Laniard,-' Isaac^ AToses,^ Josiah* 

Joseph,^ John,'' John') was born Nov. 25, 1834, in Broome Co., 

N. Y.; married Aug. 16, 1851, in Washington Co., Iowa, Jdm 

Thomas Reeves, born July 29, 1830, in Scioto Co., Ohio. 

Children (Reeves), the first four born in Washington Co., 
Iowa, the others in lirown Co., Kan. : 

i, Alfred Henry, '° b. June 27, 1852. 
ii. Nelson Crant, b. Oct. 9, 1853. 

iii. Phena Scmantha, b. Jan. 25, 1855 ; d. July 19, 18S5, in 
Clay Co., la. 

Nift th Generation 


iv. John Franklin, h. Mar. 14, 1857. 
V. George Irwin, b. Mar. 17, 1859; in. .Ma) 17, 1X.S3, in 

Cedar Co., Mo., Anna Maria Cuok. b. Jan. 10, 1K68, 

in Virginia. Child (Reeves): 

1. EJa /l/</>'," h. .May 1, 1SS4, in Cl.iy Co., la. 

vi. Francis Ashbury, b. Mar. 22, 1S67. 

vii. Fidelia Ann, b. July 27, 1868 ; d. in infancy, 

viii. Oscar Hamilton, b. Aug. 8, 1870; d. there Aug. 1, 1S71. 

ix. Clarence Dennis, b. Sept. 27, 1S72. 

X. Charles Walter, b. Jan. 12, 1874. 

xi. Bertie Leroy, b. May 14, 1S76. 


Di.\NTHA FiuKLiA' LivEKMOKE {Nclson,"^ Lamard,'^ Isaac,'' 
Mosrs,^ /asia/i,* Joseph,^ Jo/in,^ Jo/ni') was born Oct. 23, 1S36, 
in liroome Co., N. Y. ; married Nov. 24, 1854, Andrew Lewis, 
born April 2, 1835, in Ohio. 

Children (Lewis), born in Shellsburg, Iowa : 

i. William A.,'° b. Sept. 14, 1856. 

ii. Sarah J., b. Oct. 12, 1857. 

iii. Francis Nelson, b. April 13, 1859. 

iv, Chester Pease, b. Oct. 16, 1862. 

V. Guy F., b. Mar. 2, 1874. 

Sk.m.antua Ja.\e9 Livekmoke {M'/so/i,'' Lan/an/,^ /saac,^ 
Moses, ^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,- John^) was born Nov. 20, i S40, 
in Washington Co., Iowa; married Oct. 28, 1S57, in Iknton 
Co., Iowa, Hamilton Junior Anderson, born Oct. 28, 1828, in 
Greene Co., Penn. 

Children (Anderson), born in Benton Co. : 

i. Francis Marion,'" b. Oct. 30, 1858 ; d. in infancy. 

844. ii. Nelson Grant, b. June 23, i860. 

845. iii. John Hamilton, b. Aug. 12, 1862. 

846. iv. I'hena Jane, b. Dec. 31, 1864. 

847. V. Charles H., b. April 16, 1867. 

848. vi. Robert M., b. Sept. 18, 1869. 
vii. Ira Levis, b. Sept. 26, 1872. 

849. viii. Sarah M., b. July 28, 1S76. 

ix. FUa E., b. Mar. 23, 1S7S. 

396 Livtnnorc Juxmi/j' 


I'^KANcis Martin'' l?isnor {Soiuuit/id,'^ Lanuiyd,'' Isaac^ 
Moses,'' Josiah,^ Joseph,'^ Jofni,^ fo/m') was born Dec. i6, 1839, 
in Castle Creek, N. Y. ; married May i, 1864, in LeRaysvillc, 
Penn., Olive Louise MaUhews, born Aug. 13, 1H41, in Orwdl, 
Penn. He i.s a physician in Newark Valley, N. Y. 

Children (Bishop) : 

i. Wilbur Francis,'" b. Sept. 10. 1867, in Newark Valley; 

d. there Dec. 1 1, 1873. 
ii. Lottie Scniantha, b. July 29. 1873, in Newark \'alley ; 

d. there l''eb. 4, 1874. 
iii. Mar)' Fletcher, b. Aj^ril 3, 1S8}, in Phiiadelpliia, Penti. 


Lucius Nelson'' Bishop {Sonaniha,^ Laruard,'' Isaac^ 
Mascs^^ Josia/i,* Joseph,^ Johii,^ John') was born Dec. 28, 1841, 
in Castle Creek, N. Y. ; died March 6, 18S9, in Newark Valley, 
N.Y. ; married Dec. 25, 1867, in Owcgo, N. Y., Charlotte 
Calcina Brougham, born there May 17, 1842; died I'eb. 4, 
1892, in Waverly, N. Y. 

Children (Jiishop) : 

i. Louis Henry,'" b. Dec. 24, 187 i, in Newark Valley. 
ii. John Bruce, b. Jan. 7, 1874, in Steamburg, Penn. 


Curtis Lemont' Bishop i^ScviantJm^ Laniard,'' Isaac!" 
Mosfs,^ Josiah,* Joseph,'^ Jo/in,^ John') was born Jan. 21, 1849, 
in Ca.stle Creek, N. Y. ; married (i) Feb. 16, 1870, in Owcgo, 
N. Y., Ruth P:mma Wade, born there P^eb. 12, 1852 ; died June 
30, 1876, in Newark Valley, N. Y. ; married (2) Oct. 31, 18S6, 
in Newark Valley, Pollen May Kennedy, born July 23, 1865, in 
West Danby, N.Y. 

Children (Bishop), born in Newark Valley : 

i. Helena Ardell,'^ b. Dec. 11, 1873. 
ii. Emma Gertrude, b. Oct. 12, 1S75. 

Ninth G I Herat ion 397 


Anna Aui)i;i.r/' Bishop {Scviantha^ Laniard,'' Isaac,'' A/osfs,^ 
Jasia/i,* Josc/>/.',^ /o/ni,* /0///1') was born July 16, 1S52, in Castle 
Crock, N. Y. ; married (i) March 26, 1873, in Newark Valley, 
N. Y., Jerod Wesley Brougham, born Aug. 30, 1850, in Owego, 
N. Y. ; died Feb. 8, 1874, in McKean Co., Penn. ; married (2) 
July 16, 1879, in Newark Valley, Morris Dewitt Clinton, born 
there Oct. 6, 1840. 

Children (Clinton), born in Newark Valley: 

i. Grace Regan, '° b. Aug. 12, 18S0. 
ii. Lyman Dewitt, !>. Mar. 9, 1884. 


Emma De Ette'' Bishop {^Stviantha,^ Laniard,'' Isaac^ Moses,^ 
Josiah,* Josip/!,^ Jo/iu,^ John') was born June 10, 1859, in Castle 
Creek, N. Y. ; married July 20, 1882, in Newark Valley, N. Y., 
Rev. John Wootton, born May 11, 1850, in Margate, Kent, 

Children (Wootton), the first four born in Newark Valley, the 
fifth in Locki)ort, N. Y.: 

i, P'rancis Daniel Wacher,'° b. April 9, 1S83. 

ii. Ray Henry Bishop, b. Nov. 6, 1SS4. 
iii. John Edenden, b. Oct. 27, 1887. 
iv. Jennie May, b. May 24, 18S9. 

V. Warren Clare, b. Sept. 25, 1891. 


Lucius'^ FKiixcH {Anna,^ Mchitablc,'' Isaac,^ Moscs,^ Josia/i,* 
Joseph,^ JoJin,- Jo.'iii') was born Feb. 2, 1832 ; married (i) Dec. 
29, 1863, in Davenport, Iowa, Ellen L. Cook, born there in 
1836 (the first white female child born in Scott Co.) ; died Dec. 
9, 1865, in Davenport ; married there (2) April 24, 1867, Agnes 
Norval, born in 1834, near London, England. He is a physi- 
cian. Me went to Anamosa, Iowa, in 1861, enlisted soon after 
in the army as a surgeon, and served about two years, during 
the Civil war. 

398 Livcrtnorc Faviily 

Child (French), born in Dcucnport : 
i. Ndlie,'°b. Dec. 9. 1S65. 

Olive''' I'^kf.ncii {Aujm," A/i//i/(7///i-,^ /sturc/' A/osrs,^ fosiali* 
Josc/>/i,^ Jo/ill, ^ Jo/m') w^^ born Nov. 20, 1835; married Sept, 
27, 1859, in Chenango, N. Y., Charles A. Wood, born May i, 
1836, in Conklin, N. Y. 

Child (Wood), born in Chenango : 

i. Rosie 01ive,'° b. July 2, 1864: m. there Oct. 6, 1SS6, 
Allen E. Spencer, b. there Nov. 10, 1859. 


Elizahkth" French {Aiinn,^ Mc/iitabic,'' Isanr,^ Moscs,^ 
Josia/i,* Joseph,^ Jo/in,^ Jo/iii^) was born Feb. 9, 1838; married 
March 22, 1S57, in Chenango, N. Y., Henry Martin Stanford, 
born March 9, 1827, in Charlemont. Residence, Lisle, N. Y. 

Child (Stanford), born in Chenango : 

i. Rosie Olivia,"' b. Oct. 25, 1858; d. Mar. 22, 1S61, in 

MarV I'-rkxch {Ajiiia,^ Mchitablcp Isaac,^ Moscs,^ Josiah^^ 
Joseph,'^ John,'' John') was born Aug. 4, 1841 ; married June 20, 
1866, in Chenango, N. Y., Isaac Rowland, born June 12, 1838, 
in Lisle, N. Y. 

Child (Ilowland), born in Lisle: 
850. i. Nellie A.,'° b. Ma)- 29, 1867. 


Addie M.akL'V^ Seward {Lwi,^ JMchitablc,'' Isaac,'' Moscs,^ 
Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born Sept. 30, 1847, in 
Truro, 111.; married Aug. 29, 1S71, in Abington, 111., Adam M. 
Gillespie, born in Mercer Co., Penn. Residence, Blanchard, 

Children (Gillespie), the last three lx)rn in Blanchard ; 

i. Sadie Ellen, •° b. Jan. 7. 1S73. "^ Cameron, 111. 
ii. Cliarles Seward, b. Jan. 26. 1876, in Abington. 

. , Ninth Gtni-ration 399 

iii. Loien Louis, b. Dec. 3, 1877, in Abin^ton. 
iv. luKvard Catlwell, b. Sept. 17, 1S80. 
V. Homer Fri'iicli, b. Jan. 17, 18S4. 
vi. Luclla Irene, b. Oct. 17, 1889. 


Dami.i. Roswki.l'' Livk}^M(>i<e (/.^'///// Rosii'cl/,^ Moses,'' 
Mosis,'' Josiii//,^ Ji>sc/'/i,^ Jo///!,' Jo/iii') was born Jan. 26, 1S56, 
in Lisle, N. Y.\ married April 2, 1876, in Whitney's I'oinl, 
N. Y., Clara, daughter of Or.suJi and Oresta (I lowland) I low- 
land, born Oct. 9, 1861, in Centre Lisle. He conducts a 
creamery in Centre Lisle. 

Children, born in Centre Lisle : 

i. ILiirison Ikirr,'" b. Mar. 16, 1S77 ; in. Dec. 29, 1S97, 
in Lisle, Gertrude, daughter of Charles and Maria 
(Rhodes) Syinoiids, b. there July 11, 1875. Kes., 
Dresserville, N. Y. 
ii. Ernest, b. Feb. 10, 1879. 
iii. Lillinn, b. Nov. 19, 18S0. 


Fkki:>erick'' 1'enner {Adeline,^ Moses,'' Moses, ^ Moses,^ 
Josidh,* Joseph,^ Jolui,- Joint') was born May 17, 1844, in Lisle, 
N. Y. ; married Oct. 30, 1864, Hattie Amelia Van Horn, born 
Oct. 18, 1845, in Castle Creek, N. Y. He is a dentist. Resi- 
dence, Brooklyn, Lon^ Lsland. 

Children (Fenner) : 

i. Lillie Adeline,'" b. Sept. 2, 1865, in Maine, N. Y. 
ii. Mary Bertha, b. Nov. 28, 1866, in Maine; in. Nov. 19, 
1884, in Homer, N. Y., Ennnctt W'ilinarih, b. Oct. 2, 
1S59, in Pitcher, N. Y. 
iii. Charles Homer, b. Oct. 13. 1871, in Lisle. 
iv. George Willard, b. Jan. 2, 1878, in Ilomer. 
V. Ada Irene, b. July i, 1S82, in Horner. 

Charles He-N'ry' Livekmore {C/iar/es,^ Moses,' Moses,^ 
Moses,'^ Josut/i'/ Joseph,^ John,^ John^) was born April 30, 1843, 
in Lisle, N. Y.; married there Jan. 26, 1864, Louise Catharine 

^OO Livcrviorc luvnily 

McNenl. He is a forcnum in a sasli and blind factory in 
Auburn, N. Y. 

Child, b>>rn in Centre Lisle: 

i. Daniel Huir,'" b. July 8, 1865. 


Ghorgf/' LiviiRMOUi-: {C/iarhs,^ Moses,'' Moses,'' A/oses,^ 
Josiah,^ Joscplt,'^ Jolni: John') was born Nov. 15, 1845, in Lisle, 
N. Y.; married Nov. 19, 1865, Ellen Julia Smith of Lisle, born 
in Byron, Wis. He is. a member of the Ithaca Gun Co., and 
resides in Ithaca N. Y. ; his mother lives with him. 
Children, born in Centre Lisle : 

i. Ellen Belle,'" b. Nov. 22, 1866. • . 

ii. Paul Smitli, b. July 16. 1S75. 


Cyrus Egbert' Livrkmore {David^ Moses,'' Moses,'' Moses,^ 
Josiah,^ JosepJi,'^ John,'' John') was born Aug. 17, 1S41, in Ikad- 
ford Co., Penn.; married Oct. 22, 1862, in Bcrk.shire, N. Y., 
Susan Augusta Lull, hoxw there June 8, 1844. 

He lived with his parents until he was twenty-one years of 
age ; he then began his business life- as a clerk in a general store 
and post oflice in Berkshire, in 1S60. In 1862 he was elected 
town clerk, and served in that office three years, when he moved 
to Newark Valley, N. Y. He continued in the mercantile busi- 
ness there until March i, 1872, when he moved to Owcgo, N. Y., 
and was employed as a salesman in the dry goods house of G. 13. 
Goodrich &Co., and has remained with them to the present 
time. He served four years as trustee in the first ward of their 
village. He has been a deacon of the Congregational church for 
many years, and president of the town Sunday School Associa- 
tion for over five years. 

Children, the eldest born in Berkshire, the next three in New- 
ark Valley, and the last four in Owego : 

i. Carrie JcancUe,'° b. 19, 1S66. 
ii. Frank Dwight, b. Aug. 27. 1867. 

Nifitlt Goicration 40 1 

iii. Minnie Evelyn, b. Oct. 21. 1869; m. Dec. 25, 1889, 

Henry Harrison Stuart of I'ainesville, Ohio, 
iv. Gertrude Amanda, b. Feb. 1 \. 1872. 
V. Cora Mabel, b. April 29, 1875. 
vi. Harry Hitchcock, b. Jan. 23, 1882; d. there May 19, 

vii. Robert Edward, b. Feb. 4, 1884. 
viii. Lewis Bertrand, b. Mar. i, 1S85. 


WiLLi.^M\"' Livkrmokk {Jo/ii!,'^ Moscs,^ Jfosis/' Jlfosrs,^ 
Josi'd/:/ Joseph,^ Jo/iii,^ Jo/iu') was bom Jan. 9, 1847, in Can- 
dor, Tioga Co., N. Y. ; married (i) May 12, 1S69, in Cortland, 
N. Y., Emma Rocelia, datightcr of Clark and Mary Jane (Kin- 
ney) Rogers, born May 9, 1850, in Fabius, N. Y. ; died Jan. 9, 
1873, in Cortland; marrii:d (2) Jan. 5, 1874, in Washington, 
D. C, I'hcbe Emma, daughter of John Wesley and Rachel 
Eli/.abcth (Underwood) Buckley, born March 28, 1856, in West 
Nottingham township, Md. 

He moved with his parents to Madison, Wis., and afterwards 
to Polo, Ogle Co., III. At the age of fourteen years, nine 
months and nineteen da)-s, he enlisted as a private soldier in 
company II, 55th 111. Vols., at Polo, Oct. 28, 1861, for three 
years or during the war, and was mustered in at Camji Douglas, 
Chicago, the following day. In company with his regnment, 
hi participated in the battles of Shiloh, Russell House, Corinth, 
Hernando, Chicka.saw Bayou, Post, Snyder's Bluff, 
Champion Hill, assaults (two of them. May 19 and 22, 1863) 
on Vicksburg, siege of Yicksburg, lasting forty-nine days, Jack- 
son, Tuscumbia, Chattanooga, Missionary Ridge, Kcnnesaw 
Mountain (July 22), Atlanta, and Ezra Church ; in the last- 
name^l Ixittle (July 28, 1S64), he lost his right leg. He took 
part in eighteen battles, besides innumerable minor engage- 
ments ; he was honorably discharged at the general hospital in 
Chicago, Jan. 5, 1S65. In the History of the Regiment he is 
thus mentioned : " Livermore, a boy noted throughout the 
regiment for his irrepressible jollity and utter contempt for 
bullets, lost his right leg." After the war he learned the print- 

402 L h 

V If)) I ore 

ing trade, and from i.S^q to \Y,-/2 pviblishcd a newspaper in 
Cortland. Ho subsequently movetl to Hin.<,dianiton and Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., and Washinj^on, D. C, going to the last-named 
city Dec. 12, 1S72, since which time he has been employed in 
the Govenmient printing ofiice in the capacity of compositor and 
proof-reader, which latter position he has held since July i, 
i88i, and still holds. In June, 1S94, he started a stationery 
store on the comer of I''irst and II streets, Northwest, Wash- 
ington, and this store is managed by his daughter Lillie. He 
is a member of George G. Meade Post No. 5, Washington, U. 
C, Department of the Potomac, Grand Army of the Republic ; 
also a charter member of Encampment No. 69, Union Veteran 
Legion, Washington. Residence, Washington. 
Child, born in l^inghamton : 

i. Lillie Emma,"-' b. June 28, 1872. 


Francis Granger'' Livermoke {John^ Moses ^ Moses,'' Jlfoses,^ 

Josiah,* JosepJi,'^ John,'' John') was born Oct. 3, 1854, in Newark 

Valley, N. Y. ; married Feb. 17, 18S5, in Casselton, Cass Co., 

No. Dak., Lucy Eva, daughter of Jesse Rankin, born June 2, 

i860, in Fall Creek, 111. 

His father moved to Madison, Wis., when he was one year 
old, a year later moving to Polo, Ogle Co., 111., where he lived 
and attended school until 1869, when he went to Cortland, N. Y., 
to learn the printer's trade in his brother's office. He left there 
in the fall of 1871 and went to Cleveland, Ohio, and worked that 
winter in Nevins l^rothers' job prmting ofTicc. In the spring of 
1872, owing to poor health, he moved to Clarksville, Mo., becom- 
ing a fisherman on the Mississippi river. He sold out in 1S79 
and moved to Fall Creek, and worked for Jesse Rankin two 
years, and in the spring of 18S1 went to North Dakota. He 
worked one year as a farm hand and took up a Government 
claim in Sargent Co., No. Dak. The next year he went on to 
his claim and lived there until the winter of 1885, when he went 
to Casselton. He remained there until the next season when he 
obtained a situation as farm manager, but it proved unjjrofuablc 

Niftth Gt)icratio)i 


to him. In the summer of 1886 he worked as gardener and his 
wife as housekeejter for a friend at Maple Ri\'cr, No. Dak. In 
the sprini^ of 18S7 he was again cmi)l()yed as farm manager near 
Cassclton, and remained there two ye;irs when he again moved 
on to his kind near llarlem, No. Dak. He sokl out in Oct., 
1890 and moved to Fairfield, Spokane Co., Wash., where he 
rents a farm belonging to his father-in-law. His mother lives 
with him. 
Children : 

i. Jesse Rankin,'" b. July 2, 1886, in Maple River, 
ii. Jennie Kale, b. Nov. 10, 1SS8, in Casselton. 

Alice Louis.-v" Livermore {JoJtn^ Moses ^ Moscs,^ Moscs,^ 
Josia/i,* Joseph,^ John,- Jo/ai') was born Jan. 8, 1858, in Polo, 
111. ; died Jan. 7. 1880, in Lowder, 111.; married Aug. 24, 1S76, 
in Clarksville, Mo., John William l\)llon. Residence, Lowder. 
Children (I'ollon), born in Lowder : 

i. AUie Myrtle."'' b. July 18, 1S77. 

ii. John Marry, b. Oct. 13, 1878. 

iii, Jennie Pearl, b. Dec. 30, 1879. 

iv. Lillie May, twin to Jennie. 


LouiSK'' LivKRMOKE {Moscs,^ McsiS,^ Moscs,^ A/oscs,^ /os/a/i/ 
JoscpJi,^ Jo/ni,- Jo/ill') was born x\\n\\ 4, 1850, in Lisle, N. Y. ; 
married Oct. 24, 1872, in Milo, N. Y., William L. Guile,. born 
there Oct. 24, 185 i. 

Child (Guile), born in Penn Yan, N. Y. : 

i. Helen,'" b. Mar. 27, 18S7. . ... 


Ii).\ May' Livhkmore {.Vaf/uin,^ Moses,'' Moses,"" A/oses,^ Jo- 
siah,* Joscplt,^ John,'' Joh/i') was born Nov. 4, 1855, in Wliitney 
Point, N. Y. ; married there Sept. 27, 1877, CorneHus S. Vro- 

man. ' ' ■ . • 

404 Li'ocrinorc Fatnily 

Children (Vroman) hoxw in Whitney I'ljint : 
i. Arthur N.,'° b. Oct. 12, iSSo. 
ii. Vina L., b. Jan. 28, 1S83. 
iii. Frank, b. July 7, 1S85. 

Gkokge SrKi'iiEN'' IIowLANi) {Abigail^ Russell,'' Moscs^ 
Moses, ^ Josia/i,* Joseph,^ Joint,' John') was born April 19, 1847, 
in Lisle, N. Y. ; died there Jan. 10, 1884; married June 30, 
1870, Sarah A., daughter of Alford and Lucy (Couch) House, 
born March 20, 1858, in Truxton, N. Y. 
Children (Ilowland) : 

i. Herbert,'" b. Dec. 24, 1S72, in Newark Valley, N. Y. 
ii. William Tower, b. Dec. 19, 1S75, in Newark Valley; d. 

July 2, 1883, in Lisle, 
iii. Fxlwin George, b. Mar. 21, 1S77, in Nanlicoke, N. Y. 
iv, Stephen Briggs. b. Oct. 25, 1SS2, in Lisle. 


Charles Sum.ver^ Howland {Abigail,^ Jxusscll,'' Afoscs,^ 
Afoses,^ Josiah,'^ Joseph,^ JoJui,^ John') was born Sept. 29, 1858, 
in Lisle, N. Y. ; married Nov. 7, 1S80, in Nanlicoke, N. Y., 
Ella E., daughter of Corrclli and Diana (Dickerson) Cady, born 
there March 4, 1862. 

Children (Ilowland): 

i. ^L^^y Rebecca,"' b. Jan. 12, 1SS2, in Nanticoke. 
ii. A son, b. May 9, 1S84 ; d. May 22, 1SS4. 

Frank Emerson''' Glezen {Ejneline,^ Russell^ Jlfoses,^ J/oses,'' 
osiaJi,* Joseph,^ John,^ Johu^) was born June 13, 1854, in Centre 
Lisle, N. Y. ; married (i) June 23, 1874, in Newark Valley, 
N. Y., Emma Ikll, daughter of Wilmot and Mary (Oliver) Clark, 
born May 9, 1S59, in Centre l^isle ; died there Feb. 4, 1878; 
married (2) Oct. 13, 1880, in Centre Lisle, Jennie Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sydney and Mary (McCumber) Lobdell, born Feb. 
21, 1858, in Unadilla, N. Y. 

. . Ninth Gcucrntion 405 

Children (Glczcn), born in Centre Lisle : 
i. r>cll,'" 1). Kch. 2, 1R78. 
ii. Grvice Lobdcll, h. July 22, 1S82. 
iii. Kdith Mary, h. Jan. 4, 18S6. 


Sarafi'' (iI.f.zkn (/s;//r////r/' Ritsscllp Moscsl' Moscs,^ 
Josia/i* Joscf>/i,^ Jo/in,^ John') was born Oct. 30, 1S60, in Centre 
Lisle, N. Y. ; married Oct. 31, 1876, in Lisle, Daniel S., son of 
Edward and Laura (Ilorton) Ouinlivan, born Au^^ 24, 185 i, in 
Maine, N. Y. 

Children (Ouinlivan), all cxxcpt the last two born in Lisle: 

i. Laura Kinina,'" b. May 13, 1879. 

ii. Marshall Edmund, b. Au^;;. 23, 1881. 
iii. Merle Daniel, b. April 19. 18S9. 
iv, Gladys, b. Aug. 13, 1895. 

V. Frank Glezcn, b. Feb. 17, 1900, in Leicester, N, Y, 
vi. Clayton, b. May 17, 1901, in Binghamlon, N. Y. 


James Russell' Glezen {Emclinc^ Russell,'' AToscs^ Moscs,^ 
josinJi,* Joseph,^ John,^ JoJin') was born Aug. 27, 1863, in Centre 
Lisle, N. Y. ; married Oct. 9, 1884, in Richford, N. Y., Mattic 
Ann, daughter of Henry and Martha Ann (Pinckney) Jennings, 
born there Nov. 24, 1867. 

Children (Glezen) : 

i. Lillian, '° b. Dec. 9, 18S6. 
ii. Clifford James, b. May 31, 1S94. 
iii. Cleon B., b. May 23, 1900. 


George Calvin? Livermore {George^ Russell,'' Moses^ 
Moses,^ Josin/i,* Josep/t,^ John,' John') was born March 28, 1863, 
in Lisle, N. Y. ; married March 8, 1887, in Woodbine, Ljwa, 
Amy, daugiUer of Dodge S. and Elizabeth (Chilson) Payne, 
born April 6, 1S66, near Ikividere, III. 

Children : 

i. Sarah Elizabeth, '° 1). Dec. 13, 1887, in Lisle. 

406 Liverviorc Fajiiily 

ii. Clarence K., b. Mar. 3, 18S9 (?), in Woodbine; d. April 

22, 1889, in Denver, Col. 
iii. Jessie May, b. July 14, 1892, in Denver, 
iv. Harold Allin, b. Aug. 30, 1895, in Barker, N. Y. 

V. Rolla Caymon, b. July i, 1900, in liai ker. 


Ira War.ner'' Livkkmore {Gcoii^c^ Russell,'' Moses,^ Moses, ^ 
Josia/i,* Josep/t,^ Jo/iii,' Jo/iii') was born April 26, 1872, in Lisle, 
N. Y. ; married June 8, 1899, Mrs. Elida Johnson, daui^hlcr of 
Stephen and Anna Sisson of Collins Centre, N. Y. He was 
graduated from Buffalo University in 1899, and is a physician in 
Gowanda, N. Y. 
Child : 

i. James Northrup,'° b. June 13, 1900. 


Charles^ Livkrmore {Leiois,^ Russell,'' Moses,*" Moses,^ 
JosiaJi* Joseph,^ Jolin,^ John') was born Dec. i, 1874, in Clarks- 
ficld, Ohio; married (i) Alice Hardwood, died Jan. 14, 1901 ; 
married (2) Oct. 7, 190 1, Jennie Pool. 
Child : 

i. Pearl,''- b. Sept. 17, 1S99. 


Marv Alice'' Livkrmore {Joseph^ Russell,' Moses,^ Moses,^ 

Josiah,* Joseph,^ Jolin,"- John') was born Nov. 12, 1855, in Berk- 

' shire, N. Y. ; married Nov. 20, 1879, in Ikadford, Pa., George 

Henry, son of William and Phebe (Matherson) Johnson, born 

Jan. 22, 185 I, in Lisle, N. Y. 

Children (Johnson) : 

i. Elizabeth,'" b. Mar. 2, 1881, in Windsor, N. Y. : m. June 
i . 6, 1900, Floyd Ross. 

ii. Flossie May, b, April i, 1890, in I'-inghamton. 


Russell Wilson^ Livermore {Joseph^ Russell,' Moscs,^ 
Moses,'> Josiali,* Joseph,^ Jolii!,^ John') was born Nov. 3, i860, in 
Fishkill, N. Y. ; married Nov. 22, 1882. in Centre Lisie, N. Y., 

Ninth GiitcratioH 407 

Annie, (lau.Lclitor of Orson and Orcsta (Howinnd) 1 lowland, 
born Ihcrc l"'cb. 29, i860; died May 22, 1900, in Marathon, N. 
Y. J Ic is a machinist. 

Child, born in Lisle, N. Y. : 

i. Bernard,'" h. Oct. iS, 1.SS5. 


LuMAN"^ LiviiRMOKK {/oscf/i,^ Ki/sst'//,^ Moscs'' AToscs,'' Josiaii,* 
Joseph,'^ John,' JoJni') was born Sept. 9, 1862, in l"'ishkill, N. Y. ; 
married there May i, 1887, Carrie IClizabeth, dauL;hter of Nathan 
and I\lari;aret Elizabeth (Lawson) Bunn, born Jan. 7, 1868. 
Residence, Lisle, N. Y. 
Children : 

i. Edward Wilson, '^ b. Mar. 2, 1S8S, in \\'appinfjcrs, N. Y. 
ii. Herbert Nathaniel, b. Sept. 14, 1S90, in Lisle, 
iii. Harold, b. Au^'. 29, 1893, in Wapi)in^^ers. 
iv. Lewis Ervin, b. RLiy 21, 1898, in Lisle. 
V. Florence Margaret, b. Aug. i, 1901, in Lisle. 


Esther Annie'^ Livermoke {Charles^ Russell,^ AToscs,^ 
Moses,^ JosiaJt,'^ Joseph, '^ John,^ John') was born July 18, 1S67, 
in Lisle, N. Y.; married June 5, 1890, in Denver, Col., Rolla 
Harvey Gaymon, born April 13, 1863, in Newport Townshi]), 

Children (Gaymon), born in Denver : 

i. Charles i'.arl,'" b. June 15, 1893. 
ii. Harold, b. Jan. 31, 1896. 

Lii.Lir: Jane'' Livhrmore ( Wil'inm,^ Ohndiah,^ Ainos,^ Afosis,^ 
Josiah,* Josiph,^ John," John') was born Oct. 17, 1854, in Una- 
dilla, Mich.; married there July 18, 1880, h'rederick Myers 
Douglass, born I\Lry 23, 1856, in Peterboro, N. Y. 
Child (Douglass), born in Bancroft, Mich.: 

i. Josic Claudia, ■° b. Dec. 12, 18S3. 

40S Livcnuon' Family 


Makv Gaxjna' IIuNGHKioKD {Sarali,^ Obadiah,'' Auios^" 
Mosis,^ Josin/i,* Joseph,^ Jo/iii,^ John') was born Oct. 29, 1863, 
in Ithaca, N. Y. ; married there Oct. 29, 1885, Frederick Louis, 
son of Frederic k Louis Otto and Caroline (Smith) Rochrig, born 
Dec. 24, 1857, in LeRoy, N. Y. ; he was graduated A. li. from 
Cornell University in 1883, and is an architect in Los Angeles 
and Pasadena, Cal. 

Children (Rochrig), born in I'asadena : 

i, Gavina Hungerford,'° b. Aug. 25, 1887. 
ii. Harold Livennore, b. Sept. 22, 1889. 
iii. Regnaka Pauline, b. Aug. 3, 1891. 
iv. Frederick Austin, b. Mar. 8, 1893. 
V. Russell Stewart, b. Feb. 2, 1897. 


Lizzie' Livkkmore {Wi/Iiovt,^ Ji-ssr,' Ezra,^ AbijaJi,^ Josiali,'^ 
Joseph,^ John,- Joint') was born Oct. 25, 1S53, in Hanover, N. Y. ; 
married Nov. 29, 1876, in East Java, N. Y., Warren Gcer. 

Children (Geer), born in East Java : 

i. Archie,'" b. Nov. 30, 1877. 

ii. Alice, b. May 9, 1879. 

. iii. Aha, b. Jan. 16, 1881. 

iv. Belva, b. Sept. 11, 18S8. 

Newell Livekmoke'' Howard {Juliet,^ Jesse,' Ezm^' Abi- 
jah,^ Josia/i,* Joscp/i,^ Jo/ni,^ JoJin') was born Dec. 25, 1849, in 
Hanover, N. Y. ; married there Oct. 23, 1879, Ella N. Haskell, 
died there April 1 8, 1886. 

Children (Howard), born in Hanover: 

i. Grace, "'b. Dec. 10, 1880; d. there ScpL 16, iSSi. 
ii. Hugh Haskell, b. Feb. 21, 1884. 
iii. Horace Livermore, b. April 2, 1886. 

Bertha Rosa^ Howard {Juliet,^ Jcssc^ Ezm,^ Abijah,^ 
Josiah,* Joseph,^ Jo/in,^ John') was born Jiuie 5, 1862, in Han- 
over, N. Y. ; married there Sept. 24, 1884, Howell A. ]^aldwin. 

Ninth Generation 409 

Child (liakhvin), born in Hanover: 

i. Wilbur Jesse,'" b. July 10, 1S85. 

Anna SoriiiA'' Howe {Mniy,'^ Jesse,'' Rzra,^ Abijo/i,^ Josio/i,^ 
Josep/i,'^ Jo/m,^ John') was born Dec. 30, 1861, in Newstead, 
N. v.; married there Oct. 12, 1882, Clarence E. Parker, born 
An-. 27. 1857. 

Children (Parker), born in Newstead : 

i. Alma Elizabeth, '° b. Oct. 19. 18S3. 
ii. Blanche Mar)-, b. April 25, 18S6. 
iii. Clarence Eugene, b. Feb. 16, 1889. 


CoKA Delfhi.-V' Thkky {CyntJiia^ Jesse' Ezva,^ Abijah,^ 

Josinh,^ Joseph,''' John,^ Joh)i') was born Oct. 15, i860, in Ville- 

iiova, N. Y. ; married March 21, 1883, in Hanover, N. Y., 

William Herbert Scott, born Oct. 5, i860, in Arkwright, N. Y. 

Child (Scott), born in Arkwright : 

i. YAuA Terry, ■« b. Oct. 21, 1887. 


Charles FREnERiCK'* Livekmore {Benjainin,^ Hammond' 
Abijah,^ Abijah,'' Josiah,-^ Joseph,'^ John,"" John') was born Sept. 
25, 186S, in New York City; died April 11, 1S99, in Chicago, 
111.; married in 1S96, Miss 1. E. T., daughter of Dr. and Mrs. 
J. M. Harrison, then of Philadelphia, Penn. 

His early life was spent in the East ; while he was still young 
his father died and his mother with two children (his sister 
Fanny and himself), went to Chicago to make their home. Two 
years later, at the age of fourteen, he began his business career 
in the Chicago office of the New Haven Clock Company ; his 
rise there was rapid, and at the age of seventeen he was sent out 
as a travelling salesman. When, in 1892, the Middlctown Plate 
Company established an office in Chicago he was given its man- 
agement. He was a member of Dearborn Lodge No. 310, 

410 Liven f7 ore InDnily 

A. F. and A. M., ami of Apollo Coiiiiiiaii(lcry No. i, Knij^lUs 
Templar, of Chicafjo. 
Child, born in Chicago : 

i. A son,'" b. in Jan., 1899. 


Lu'jiiiiR Hammond' Twitciimi.l (^Lcvernii,^ Havniiond','^ Al>i- 
j'a//,^ Aiiijn/i,'' Josi(i/i,\/oscp/i,^ Jo/ni,' Jo/ni') was born Jnly 15, 
1856, in Jamaica, Vt. ; married May 2, 18S1, in Bratllcboro, 
Vt., Hatlie Adclc, daughter of Henry Rasselas and Philinda 
Luclla (I'erham) Ryder, born Aug. 5, 1862. lie is employed 
in a sewing machine shop. 

Child (Twitchell), born in Jamaica : 

i. Haltie Adele,'^^ b. Dec. 26, 1886. . 


Mak'jha Ann^^ Searlks {Jiilid,^ Stephen,'^ Reuben^' Josi/^fi,^ 
Josia/i,^ Joseph,^ Jo/ni,'' Jolin') was born Feb. 23, 1852, in Sut- 
ton ; married there July 24, 1877, Erwin Lloyd Hill. 
Children (Hill), born in West Upton : 
i. Lula May,'" b. July 13, 1879. 
ii. Clara Grant, b. Aug. 26, 1882. 
iii. Ernia. Livcrinore, b. Sept. 10, 1883. 


CiiAKLES Edgars Searles {Julia,^ Stephoi,^ Reuben,'' Joscpli,^ 
Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,' Jo/m') was born March jo, 1854, in Sut- 
ton; married Dec. 17, 1878, in Millbury, Harriet Elizabeth 

Children (Searles) : 

i. Waller Gilbert,'" b. Feb. 3, 18S0, in West Upton, 
ii. Harry Forbes, b. Nov. 11, 1882, in Millbury. 
iii, Edgar Eewis, b. Aug. 21, 18S8, in Millbuiy. 

James HenrV'' Searles {Jnlia,^ Stepheu,^ Reuben,'' JosepJi,^ 
Josialt,'' JosepJi,^ John,'' John') was born Sept. 11, 1857, in Mill- 

Ninth Geiicyatiou 41 1 

bury; married Nov i i, 18S2, in Providence, R. 1., J^lla I'rances 

Children (Searles), born in Millbury : 

i. Frederick Swaiiii,'^ b. Jan. 19, 1884. 
ii. Marguerite Louella (?), b. Sept. 19, 1887. 


RlciiAiii) Lakkkmokh'^ Li \i-: km OKU {Joint," Joseph,'' Joseph^ 
Joseph,'' Josinh,^ Joseph,^ Johii,^ John') was born Oct. 22, i86g, 
in Brooklyn, L. I.; married June 2-j, 1900, in l^uffalo, N. Y., 
Minnie Godfrey, daughter of Capt. John and Evaline H. (Car- 
rick) Rice, born there Dec. 12, 1871. 

He was appointed a cadet in the U. S. Military Academy at 
West Point, from New Jersey, June 16, 1887, and was graduated 
in 1 89 1. He was commissioned second lieutenant, troop M, 8th 
regiment cavalry, June 12, 1891 ; transferred to lOth cavalry, 
June 22, 1895, and stationed at Fort Kcogh, Mont.; he was 
promoted to first lieutenant, Jan. i i, 1898, and is now a captain 
in that regiment. He took part in the Cuban camjxiign ; since 
the close of the war he has been stationed at West Point as an 
instructor in physics. 

Child, born in l^uffalo : 

i. John Rice,'" b. April 30, 1901. \ 


Clara Coolidge'' Livekmore {Oliver^ Oliver,'' Joseph^ Jo- 
scp/t,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ Jolui,^ John') was born Oct. 12, 1S54, 
in Iva.siport, Me.; married Feb. 19, 1873, "^ Livermore, Cal., 
Russell Case, born June 10, 1839, in Rochester, N. Y. 

Children (Case), born in Livermore : 

i. Edith Liverinorc,'° b. April 13, 1874. 
ii. Carlton Coolidge, b. June 24, 1877. 

' •' 782 

Gf.orgk Freeman' Livermore {Gniudisou^ Joseph' David, ^ 
Samuel,^ JoscJ'h,* Joseph,'^ John,^ John') was born March 5, 184S, 
in Hillsboro, N. H.; married Nov. 24, 1874, in Newport, N. H., 

412 Livcn/ion- Family 

Villa Jane, {lau<;hUT of Jacob S. and l.aurana Robinson (Smith) 
Ihinlrcs.s, born Nov. 24, 1849, in Dorchester, N. II. He is an 
ice dealer and jobber in Newpcjrt. 
Children : 

i. Frank 'J own,'" b. July 7, 1878; drownc-d Dec. 27, 1893, 

while skating, 
ii. Scott Paige, b. May 23, 1880, he is in college at Orono, 



Hknkv Joseph^ Livermokk {Grajidisoii," JoscpJi,' David, ^ 
Sajfiui/,^ Joseph,'' Joseph,^ Join:,'' John') was born May i, 185 i, 
in Ilillsboro, N. H.; died Sept. 20, 1895, in Wakefield ; married 
Jan. 12, 1S76, in Boston, Martha Ardelia, dauf;hter of Joseph 
and Almira Ann (Messenger) Senna, born March 4, 1851, in 
Becket. He was a brass finisher. 

Children, born in Boston : 

i. iJertha p:ienoia,'" b. Oct. 28, 1876 ; d. June 24, 1S77, in 

ii. Harry Willard, b. Jan. 7, 1879; m. Jan. 12, 1S9S, in 

Wakefield, Adelaide S., daughter of Thomas M. and 

Rosina (Yokes) Ward, b. in iSSi, in Cambridge. 

Child (Ward): EdUh Gcrtnidc.^^ 
iii. Fsther Maria, b. Aug. 20, 1881. 
iv. Maud Mary, b. Oct. 16, 1882, 
V. Erne-st Jackson, b. Nov. 27, 1884. 
vi. Albert Fxlward, b. July 9, 1888; d. Jan. 21, 1S9S, in 

vii. Charles Edgar, b. Feb. i, 1894. 

Willi. \M IIf.kijlkt^ Livlk.mokk {Jotias,^ Saviiiclp Saviucl,*' 
Saituic/,^ Joseph,^ Josiph,^ John,' John') was born Dec. 31, 1854, 
in Townshend, Vt. ; married March 22, 1880, in Brattleboro, 
Vt., Ilattie Annette, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Su- 
sanna (Rand) Lawrence, born Jan. 8, 1861, in Grafton, Vt. He 
is a machinist with the Fitchburg Railroad Company. Resi- 
dence, Somerville. 

Ninth Gcturatioii 413 

Children, bom in Townshciul : 

i. Jcmiie Marion,'" b. Sept. 22, 1883. 
ii. Arthur Lawrence, b. May 20, 1887. 


1'kank Samuhl'' Livp:rmoke {Austin,^ Samiicl,^ Samuel,'' 
Sautiit'I,^ Joseph,'' JoscpJi,^ Johii,^ John') was born Orl. 2, 1862, 
in Londonderry, Vt. ; married Sept. 30, 1885, in liellous Fulls, 
Vt., Ilattie Eliza Clark. 

Children : 

i. Alida Maud,"^ b. Oct. iS, 1SS6, in P.cllows Falls; d. July 

9, 1888. 
ii. Delos Austin, b. April 13, 1S90, in Londonderry, 
iii. Winifred Jane, b. Dec. 30, 1892, in Londonderry. 


John Lkonakd'' Livkkmoke {Austin,^ Saim/c/,'' Scvnucl,^ 
SajHitcl,^ Joseph,* Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born Dec. i, 1864, 
in Londonderry, Vt. ; married Dec. 29, 1S87, in Jkllows brails, 
Vt., Minnie I'ousip.a Kinsmaji. 

Child : 

i. Ray Harold, '° b. July 16, 1S91. 


MarV Livkrmore ( Williaui,'^ John,'' Saninel,'' Sdmnel,^ 
Joseph,* Joseph,^ John,- John') was born June 22, 1867, in 
North Vassalbt)ro, Me.; died April 11, 1900, in Wellesley Hills; 
married Dec. 24, 1893, in Gardiner, Me., John T. Jiird of Lynn. 

Children (liird), born in Lynn : 

i. ^Lary Ellen,'" b. Aug. 28. 1895. 
ii. Bessie Ida, b. Nov. 21, 1897. 

Charlesetta'' Livekmore {Charles,^ Daniel,^ Ephraim,*' 
Daniel, '> Daniel,* Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born ^Lay 22, 
1853, in Weston ; married April 11, 1S91, in West J^oylston, 

414 Lh'cnnorc Family 

Gcor^^c Binncy. son of Jabc/. and Mary Ann (liroad) Newton, 
born there Oct. 4, 1S33. Residence, Oxf(jrd. 
' Child (Newton) : 

i. (}corgc l.ivtTinoru,'" b. Mar. 13. 1895. 


Charles Henry^ Li verm ore {Chnrlcs,^ Daniel,'' EphraimI' 
J)ct)iiil,^ Dnuicl,* Daniel,^ Joint, ^ John') was born May 3, i860, 
in Weston; married May 8, 18S9, in Merrimack, Luki Alccsta, 
daughter of Van Ness Kuren and Lydia Maria (Stevens) Catc, 
born April 18, 1867, in Concord, N. H. 
Children : 

i. Clara Frances,'" b. Jan. 19. 1890, in Merrimack. 
ii. John Abel Cutting, b. Mar. 8, 1S92, in Randolph, 
iii. Josephine Crawford, b. Dec. 10, 1895; d. Mar. 3, 1896, 
in Exeter, K. II. 


George HenrV Brewster {Caffuu-iiic,^ Catharine,'' Aaron, ^ 
Daniel,'' Daniel,'' Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Sept. 30, 1846, 
in Providence, R. I. ; married Jan. 7, 1870, Emma A. Kcllcy of 
Wheaton, 111. He is the business manager of a Presbyterian 
paper in Chicago, 111. 

Children (Brewster) : 

i. Mary Catharine,'" b. Dec. 7, 1870, in Wheaton. 

ii. Frederick Kelley, b. Sept. 28, 1872, in Wheaton. 
iii. Agnes Julia, b. July 10, 1874, in Maywood, 111. 
iv. Henr)' Seely, b. Sept. 14, 1877, in Maywood. 


Katie Livermore^ Adams {Diancy,^ Catharine,'' Aaron,*" 
Daniel,'' Daniel,* Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Sept. i, 1854, 
in Lowell; married Feb. 12, 1874, in Iowa, Charles H. Munger. 

Children (Munger), born in Ananiosa, Iowa : 

i. Shubael,'° b. Feb. 13, 1875. 
ii. Mabel, b. Sept. 28, 1876. 

NintJt Generation /\ 1 5 


1'^<MI)KK1CK M.'' V""ay {Adu/ine,^ Ezra,'' Aanni'' Daniel,'' Dan- 
iel,* Daniel,^ Jolni,' John') was born Au^v 19, 1852, in ICast 
Alslcad, N. II. ; married Oct. 25, 1876, in Sprin-fidd, Vt., Addic 

Children (I'ay) : 

i. Lucy A.,'" b. Nov. 9, 1877. 
ii. Knus C, b. Dec. 23, 1885. 


Mekmlkt Ezra>^ Fay {Adaline,^ Ezra,'' Aaron,^ Daniel,^ 
Daniel,* Daniel,^ John,'' John') was born May 2, 1855, in ICast 
Alslead, N. II.; married Aug. 14, 1879, in Keene, N. II., Clara 
S. Ilyland. 

Children (Ivay) : 

i. Julia Elizabeth,'" b. July 15, 18S0. 
ii. Paul ICardly, b. Au^. 2, 1S95. 


Laura E.^ Fay {Adaline,^ Ezra,'' Aaron,^ Daniel,^ Daniel,* 
Daniel,^ John,- John') was born March 22, 1859, "^ ^^^st Alstead, 
N. H.; married Jan. 13, 1887, Arthur Dean. 

Children (Dean) : 

i. Lewis IL/'^b. Nov. 26, 18S8. 
ii. Alice F., b. April 11, 1890. 
iii. Leon A., b. Dec. 19, 1897. 


Arthur I.f.slii:^ Livermokk {Ja/nes,^ Ezra,' Aaron,^ Dan- 
iel,'^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Dec. 6, 1862, in 
Alstead, N. II.; married Oct. 21, 1S90, in Cambridge, Hen- 
rietta Jackson, daughter of Henry J. and Maria Wells, born May 
22, 1S64, in San Francisco, Cal. He was graduated from Dean 
Academy in 1 884, and from Dartmouth College in 1888. They 
lived for a short time in Houston, Te.\., where he was principal 

4i6 Lh'crvtorc FaDiily 

of the high and normal school ; he afterwards moved to Yonkcrs, 
N. Y., where he now lives, and i)raclices law in New York City. 

Children : 

i. Henry Wells, "^ b. July 8, 1892, in Cambridge, 
ii. Russell Ijlake, b. Mar. 22, 1894, in Yonkcrs. 


LoTTU-:'' LiVERMORK {Jiiincs,^ Ezra,'' Anroti,'' Daniel,^ Dan- 
tii,* Jhiiii/,^ John,* Jo/iii') was born June 6, 1S72, in Keene, 
N. H.; married there Jan. i, 1897, I'"rcderick Sheldon Barker, 
born Sept. 5, 186S, in Harrisville, N. H. Residence, Keenc. 

Child (Barker), born in Keene : 

i. Sheldon Liverniore,'" b. Dec. 5, 1900. 


Adaline Lilian' Benton {C/urr/cs,^ Abigail,'^ Abm/uDu,^ 
AbraJtam,^ Daniel,* Danic/,^ Jo/in,* Jo/m') was born Dec. 9, 1S60, 
in Tivoli, Iowa; married Jan. 10, 1883, in Farley, Iowa, James 

Children (Rae), born in Marcus, Iowa: 

i. Charles Andrew,"^ b. IMar. 11, 1SS7 ; d. there Feb. 21, 
— - ii. James Caswell, b. Feb. 16, 1893. 

iii. Ernest Benton, b. Feb. 23, 1895. 


Florence Abigail''- Benton {C/uirlcs,'^ Abigail,^ AbraJiam,^ 
Abraham,^ Daniel,* Daniel,'^ Joint,'' John') was born Aug. 4, 
186S, in Farley, Iowa; died Nov. 12, 1881, in Pullman, 111.; 
married in Farley, Sept. 19, 1S89, John C. Finn. 

Child (Finn), born in Pullman : 

i. James Ciiarles,'^ b. Aug. 28, 1S90 ; d. there April 20, 


Fkedekick LeroV Benton {.Ifarn'n,^ Abigail,'' Abraham^' 
Abrahavi,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ Jo/in,' John') was born Sept. 20, 

NiutJi Gouration 4 I 7 

1872, in Hopkins, Mo.; married Jinic 29, 1892, in Rapid Cily, 
So. IJak., Dclki Jane James. 

Children (Iknton), born in Rapid Cily : 

i. Bertha IVarl,'" b. Au<,'. 29, 1893; d. lliere Aug. 27, 

ii. Floyd Wesley, b. Dec. 17, 1S95. 


KiTTiH DoT> Mead {George^ Ralph,'' Hcpsibcth,^ Abra/iavi,^ 
Daniel,'' Ihaiitl,^ J^'^i'i,^ JoJin') wa.s born Nov. 11, 1864, in 
Kenosha, Wis.; married there July r8, 1888, Enret (.') Smith 
Wilson, born Oct. 14, 1861, in Chicago, 111. 

Children (Wilson), born in Oshkosh, Wis. : 

i. George Head,'° b. Oct. 14, 1S89. 
ii. Ralph Fxlgar, b. May 17, 1891. 
iii. Morris Enret, b. June 10, 1894. 


EuGE.vE Rai,pii'> PTead {George,^ Ralph,'' Hcpsibcth,^ Abra- 
ham,^ Daniel,* Daniel,^ John,^ John') was born Nov. 16, 1866, 
in Kenosha, Wis.; married there June 26, 1889, Mildred Ruby 
Lewis, born Dec. 24, 1867, in Monroeville, Ohio. 

Children (Head), born in Kenosha : 

i. Clarence Eugene,'" b. April 10, 1890. 
ii. Bertlia P.elle, b. Mar. 6, 1895. 


Deiuue I.mekta^ Coy {Dclette,^ Mary,' Abel,^ Abraham, '^ 
Daniel,* Daniel,^ John,' John') was born Ai)ril 17, 1854, in 
Otisco, N. Y. ; die<l b'eb. 23, 1876, in Waterman, 111. ; married 
Jan. 10, 1870, Isaac Watson Prichard, born Jan. 18, 1842, in 
Oneida Co., N. Y. 

Child (Prichard), born in Kaneville, 111. : 

i. Mar)' Delette,'° b. April 12, 1S73 ; m. Sept. 12, 1899. in 
Odebolt, la., Charles .Arthur Smith, b. Jan. 4, 1S72. 
in Monona Co., la. ; residence, Sac City. la. 

A\S Lh'i-iinorc h^aviily 

Dkm.' Gov {Dclctte^ Maiy^ Alnl'' Abmliavi,^ Daniel,*' Dan- 
iel,^ Jofni,^ Jo/iii') was ])orn Aug. 1$, 185S, in Kancvillc, 111. ; 
married Nov. 6, 1879, in Kalamazoo, Mich., Cora Mabel Parker, 
born Sept. 24, 1859, in Onarga, 111. 
Children (Coy) : 

i. Charles Lawrence,'" b. Oct. 3, 1S80, in Odeboll, la. 
ii. Maud Florence, b. Mar. 30, 1SS2, in Odeboll. 
iii. Helen DeleUe, b. May 12, 1S85, in Pierre, So. Dak. 


John Franklin' Cov {Dclettc^ Mary^ Abel,'' Abraham,^ 
Daniel,^ Daniel,^ John,' John') was born Aug. i, 1863, in Kanc- 
ville, 111.; married Feb. 17, 1885, in Odebolt, Iowa, Margaret 
Horan, born April 24, 1866, in DeWitt, Iowa. 

Children (Coy), born in Odebolt : 

i. Florence Ione,'° b. Feb. 22, 18SS. 

ii. Joe, b. July 7, 1S90. ^ 

iii. Marie, b. Mai. g, 1S93. 

iv, Frank, b. . 

V. Daisy Margaret, b. Oct. 20, 1899. 


Chari-es Crandall^ Coy {Dclrttc^ Mary,-! Abel,'' Abraham,^ 
Daniel,^ Daniel,-^ John,' John') was born Oct. 20, 1865, in Kane- 
villc, 111.; married Nov. 5, 1890, in Sioux City, Iowa, Ida 
Carter, born Aug. 28, 1867, in Strceter, 111. 

Children (Coy), born in Odebolt, Iowa : 

i. Dell,'° b. Sept. 22, 1891. 
■ .' • ii. Rachel, b. June 27, JS93. 

iii. Walter, b. Feb. 28, 1S95. 

806 Thaddeus-' Ckandai.i, {Jamcs^ Mary,'' Abel,'' Abra- 
ham,^ Daniel,'' Daniel,-^ John,' John') was born June 27, 1S75, 
m Defiance, Ohio; married there April 21, 1897, Martha Ellen, 
daughter of Hon. John \V. Slough, born there Aug. 25, 1S76. 

NintJi GfiiffiifiPti 


lie was cilucnlcd in the- Uni<jn schools of his native city. After 
f^raduatin;^^ he learned the j^rinter's trade. Residence, Chicago, 

Child (Crandall), born in Akron, Ohio: 
i. Paul Richard, "M). May 14, (898. 


Cora Jeannette'' Li verm ore ( Warren,^ Wintlirop,'' David'' 
David,'' Jonas,* Daniel,^ Johu,^ Jo/m') was born Aug. 13, 1861, 
in Spencer; married there Oct. 2, iiS83, Rev. James Henry, son 
of John and Elizabeth (l^rainard) West, born Jan. 13, 1856, in 
Melrose. Residence, Dorchester. 

Children (West) : 

i. Geneva,'" b. Aug. 29, 1884, in Geneva, 111. 
ii. Rhobe, b. Aug. 27, 1887, in Geneva, 
iii. Beatrice, b. Dec. 20, 1SS8, in Dorchester. 


Walter Be.vja.min'^ Cargill {Calista,^ Louisa,'' Paul,'' 
Elisha,^ Jonas,'^ Daniel,^ John,'' Jo//n') was born July 24, i860, 
in Little Compton, R. L; married Dec. 7, 1881, in Attleboro, 
Cora Adelh Sweet, born there Aug. 18, 1859. 
Children (Cargill), born in Attleboro : 

i. George Walter, '° b. Oct. 6, 1882. 
ii, Elsie Louisa, b. Dec. 13, 1SS5; d. there Aug. 27, 18S7. 


Lillian Clarissa'^' Sturdv {Ca>vlim^ Louisa,'' Paul,^ 
Elis/ia,^ Jonas,* Daniel,^ Jo/in,^ John') v.-as born July 22, 1857, 
in Millbury ; married July 25, 1877, in Boston, John Thomas 
Co.x, born March 22, 1854, in Chelsea. 

Child (Co.k), born in Attleboro : 

i. John Bertram,'" b. Feb. 8, 18S4; d. there Sept. 7, 1SS4. 

Eliza Maud'' Howard {Fidelia,^ Alonzo,'' Edmund^ Daniel,'' 
Edmund,* Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Jo /in') was born A])ril 18, 1852, in 
Calhoun, Ky. ; died June 19, 1876, in Villa Rose Plantation, 

420 Livcnnorc FaviHy 

near Thibock-aux, La.; married I'cb. 24, 1869, in New Orleans, 
La., Thomas I'lcasanl, son of Andrew Jackson and Sarah (Nel- 
son) Donelson, born Dec. 14, 1849, in Murfrccsborou^h, Tenn. 
Children (Donelson) : 

i. l''idelia Howard,"' b. Dec. 2, 18C9, in Acadia PlaiUalion, 
near Thibodeavix ; in. June 26, 1895, in Portland, 
Ore., John Wesley, son of William Sargent and Caro- 
line Ames (Elliott) Ladd, b. there Jan. 3, 1870. 
ii, Naomi Kirkpatrick, b. Jan. 8, 1875, in New Orleans; 
d. there Au^^. 14, 1S78. 

Clara Amelia'' Howard {Fidelia,^ Alonzo,'' Edniioid^ Dan- 
iel^^ Edmund,*' Samuel,^ Samitcl,^ Jcdin') was born Dec. 7, 1S54, 
ill Evansville, Ind. ; married Jan. 15, 1S76, in New Orleans, La., 
James, son of Richard and Minerva (Scott) Flower, born Feb. 
22, 1854, on a plantation near Port Hud.son, La. ; died Oct. 27, 
1892, in Portland, Ore. 

Children (Flower), born in New Orleans : 
i. Florence,'" b. Nov. 28, 1878. 
ii. Estelle Howard, b. Aug. 31, 1881. 


Estelle'^ Howard {Fidelia,^ Alonzo,'' Edmund^ Daniel,^ 
Edmund,'^ Saviiul,^ Sajnucl,'' John') was born June 4, i860, in 
South Carrollton, Ky. ; maiTied April 7, 18S5, in New Orleans, 
La., Warren Finch, son of George Greenleaf and Adaline (Com- 
stock) Houghton, born Dec. 17, 1S59, in Milwaukee, Wis.; died 
Feb. 8, 1S92, in Pasadena, Cal. 
Children (Houghton) : 

i. EflTie Howard, '° b. Mar. 5, 1S86, in New Orleans, 
ii. Clara Flower, b. Sept. 16, 1887, in Oconomowoc, Wis. 
iii. Warren Finch, b. Jan. 13, 1S89, in Milwaukee; d. there 
Feb. 18, 1889. 


Leila Robertson'' Liver.more {Alouzc^ Alouzo^ Edmund^ 
Daniel,^ Edmund,'' Sa)niul,^ Sauuu/,' JoJtn') was born Oct. 31, 
1 868, in New Iberia, La.; married Jan. 18, 1893, in Memphis, 

NintJi Cc>tcratio)i 421 

Tcnn., Henry l-lvelyn, son c)f Janics Gridloy aiul Anabdla IClisc 
('rrcat) lieklcn, born May 14, 1S59, in New Orleans, La. Resi- 
lience, New Oilcans. 

Children (Ik'lden), born in New Orlains : 
i. Lyda l-ivcrmore,'° h. May 4, 1894. 
ii. Hclle Adcic, b. Sept. 3. 1S95. 


Waltmi; Livi-:ivMOKk'' Morr {Rniily^ JXruicI,^ Daniel,'' Dnu- 
icl,^ Ed)ninui,* Samui'/,^ Savun/,^ John') was born March 27, 
i860, in Sangerfield, N. Y. ; married there Jan. 25, 18S3, Sarah 
Elizabeth Preston, born there July 9, 1861. 

Children (Mott), the eldest burn in Sanger field, the others in 
Oneida, N.Y.: 

i. John,''' b. Nov. 24, 1883. 

ii. Rachel, b. Jan. 31, 1887. 
iii. Rulli Preston, b. Dec. 7, 1S8S. 
iv. l)orothy, b. Nov. 10, 1890. 

V. Elizabeth, b. July 16, 1892. 


Jamks'' Mott {Rniily^ Daniel,'' Danie/,'' Daniel,^ JuimnnJ,* 
Savnttl,^ Savincl,^ John') was born Dec. 6, 1862, in Sangerfield, 
N. v.; married June 17, 18S6, in Waten-ille, N. Y., Sara Grace 
l^eardsley, born there l'\'b. 15, 1865. 

Child (Mott), born in Sangerfield : 

i. Cornelia Beardsley, '" b. Oct. 14, 18S7. 


Daniel ITowauh"' Liviikmork {Daniel,^ Daniel,'^ Daniel,^ 
Daniel,^ Edmund,'^ SanuicI,^ Sauuicl,^ John') was born Sept. 28, 
1 868, in Sangerfield, N. Y. ; married April 22, 1891, in Water- 
ville, N. Y., Helen Lydia Locke Hale. He was for a few years 
president of the Iknk of Calhoun, Calhoun, Ga., but is now a 
stock broker in New York city. 

Children, born in Calhoun : 

i. Ruth Helen, '° b. Mar. 10, 1892 ; d. there April 3, 1S92. 
ii. Howard Jerome, b. . 

422 Livcnuorc I'atnily 


Ji-:nmk'^ G ok ion {SaraJi^ Anintis,^ JhiiiicI,^ Daniel,'' lid- 
viiitid,^ Samuel,^ SaviucI,- Jo/m') was bcnn Oct. 29, 1854, in 
Saiigcrficld, N. Y. ; married April 20, 1875, in Anislcrdam, 
N. Y., Russcl Carter, born An-. 15, 1852, in Sangcrfield. 

Children (Carter), born in Sangerlicld : 

i. Sarah Rosa,'° b. Nov. 29, 1876. 
ii. Flora, h. Sept. i, 1878. 
iii. May, b. April 15, 1S89. 

WiLLi.\M Aranus' Rhodes {Ellcn^ Amnns,'' Daniel^' Dan- 
iel,^ Edmund,^ Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Jo/ui') v/as born Oct. 29, 
i860, in Hubbardsville, N. Y. ; married Jan. 4, 1883, in Pitts- 
town, N. Y., Anna Bosworth, born there Nov. 23, 1861. 
Child (Rhodes), born in Binghamton, N. Y. : 
i. Harry Bosworth,"^ b. Sept. 7, 1S91. 


Clarissa Franxema? Livermore {John^ Savuicl,'' Samuel,^ 
Dauicl,^ Edviund,'^ Samuel,'^ Samuel,^ John') was born March 7, 
1847 ; married Oct. 29, 1867, Orvillc Thomas Perkins. 

Children (Perkins) : 

i. Archie Dudley,"- b. Oct. 3, 1871. 
ii. Lytic Genevra, b. Nov. 3, 1877. 
iii. Essie Cordelia, b. Mar. 26, 1885. 


Ahbie Eliza"^ Livermore {Johu,"^ SainHc/,^ Samuel,^ Daniel,'' 
Edmutuiy*' Samuel,^ Sainue/,^ John') was born Aug. 5, 1850; 
married Carlton Cline. 

Children (Cline) : , • - " 

,, i. Arlonine,'° b. Oct. 16, 1873. 

f , . ii. Alnion Daniel, b. Nov. 15, 18S6. 

•'■ 821 

Cassius Manlius" Livi:kmc)re {John^ Samuel^ Sanniel,^ 
Daniel,^ Edniimd,* Saviuel,^ Samuel,'' Jolni^) was born May 4, 

Ninf/i G cur ration 423 

1861 ; married Sept. 20, 18S3, Myrlic McKiiislor of Kasl 
Sharon, IViin. 
Children :• 

i. Clarrie Jk-llc,'" b. Mar. 21, 18S5. 
ii. Lena Cordelia, b. April 11, 1SS7. 


Elwin Mason'' Livermork {Samuel,^ Sanincl,'' Sa»uic,\'' 
Daniel,^ E(h)ui)id* Saiinicl^^ Saiiiiic/,' Jo/ui') was born Feb. 21, 
1854; married Dec. 25, 1876, Lily Bell Baker. 

Children : 

i. Ella Maud,"=b. Mar. 17, 18S0. 
ii. Samuel Henry, b. Nov. 14, 1884. 


Alice Leanna'^ Livermore {Lcandcr^ Ednunid^ Samuel^ 
Daniel,^ Edvuind* Sauiuc/,^ Samuc/,^ John') was born Aug. 4, 
1864, in Genesee, N. Y. ; married June 23, 1887, in Alfred 
Centre, N. Y., William II. Satlerlee, born Jan. 22, 1861, in 
Berlin, N. Y. Residence, Dunnellen, N. J. 

Children (Satterlee), the eldest born in Alfred, N. Y., the 
others in Dunnellen : 

i. Leanna Sheppard,'° b. Sept. i, 1889. 

ii. Laurence Gavitt, b. Sept. 16, 1S91. 

iii. William Leslie, b. Sept. 2, 1895. 

, iv. LaFrone litch, b. Sept. 14, 1S97. 


Allen For.syth'' Rees {Eni^rida,^ John^ Abin-r,^ Daniel,^ 
EdniiDid,^ Sciniiu/,^ Saniiud,^ John') was born Nov. 14, 1S5S, 
in Fort Wiikins, Mich.; married June 24, 1884, in Boston, 
Carrie Eliza Willard, born there Feb. 9, 1857. Residence, 
Houghton, Mich. 

Child (Rees), born in Houghton : 

i. Miriam Willard, '° b. July 30, 1885. 

424 Livcrmorc Faini/y 


MvRTLK Louisi'.' Mii.LAKi) {Ilarrii!,^ JaiHcs,'' Jautcs'' Daniel,'' 
Edmund,'' Snnntcl,^ Sanuicl,' Jolui') was horn June 16, 1879, 
in Lcroy, 111.; married Au^^ 19, 1897, Adclbcrl Willou^diby. 
Resiclcncc, Capron, 111. 

Children (Willoughh)), horn in Chemung, 111. : 

i. Vivian Florence,'" b. July 31, 189S, 
ii. Millard, b. Ma)- 30, 1900. 


Andukw James*^ LivF.KMORK {Dtnick,^ Ayidrcw,'' Jonas,^ 
Oliver,^ Oliver,'^ Daniel,^ Samuel,^ JoJiii^) was born Oct. 16, 
1852, in Coldbrook Town.ship, 111.; married (i) Nov. 14, 1875, 
in Ellison, 111., Mary Jane Gray, born Nov. 14, 1857, near 
Springfield, 111.; died Jan. 8, 1880, in Point Pleasant, 111.; 
married (2) June 11, 1882, in Raritan, 111., Emma Alpaugh of 
New, born Sept. 19, 1854, in Clinton, N. J. He is a 
farmer in Roseville, 111. No children. 


Joshua I^rown"' Livermore [Dciiick,^ Andrcu,'' Jonas,^ 
Oliver,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ Samuel,^ Jo/in') was born Aug. 20, 
1854, in Coldbrook Township, Warren Co., 111.; married Sept. 
3, 1879, ^''i Monmouth, 111., Flora Wornom, born Nov. i, 1854, 
in Ellison Township, Warren Co., 111. In Feb., 18S3, they 
moved to Clarinda, Page Co., Iowa, where he carries on a 
farm . 

Children, born near Clarinda : 

i. Clara Gci truck','" h. Nov. ly, 1SS4. 
ii. Roscoe Brown, b. Aug. 15, 18S8. 


. Louisa Eugkn'ie"^ Liver.moke {Derrick,^ Andrcxi','' Jonas^ 
Oliver,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ Samuel,' Joli 11') \\'3.i^ born July 5, 1856, 
in Coldbrook Township, Warren Co., 111. ; married I-'eb. 24, 
1873, in Point I'leasant, 111., Benjamin Loder IMrdsall, born Nov. 
II, 1851, near Rochester, N. Y. 

Nitith CnuratiflJi 425 

Children (Hirdsall), the sccoiul bom in Shinandoah, Iowa, tlic 
olhciii in }'oint Pleasant : 

i. Charles JJenjamin,'" b. Feb. 24, 187.]. 

ii. Clara Pllizabeth, b. Dec. 12, 1S76. 
iii. Alice Grace Lenorc, b. Sept. 21, 1879. 
iv. Derrick Leroy, b. A})ril 25, 1882; d. ilicre Oel. 15, 

V. Robert Lincoln, b. Aii^. 26, 18S5. 
vi. Ralph JanKs, b. Feb. 3, 1891. 


M.ARY AuRiLL.\'' LiVERMORH (AvvvV/'/ Afidvciv,'' Jfluas^ 
Oliver,^ Oliver,*' Daniel,^ Savu/cl,^ John') was born May 24, 
1858, in Point Pleasant, 111.; married Feb. 3, ]SS8, in Ro.sevillc, 
111., Reuben Davis, born June 20, 1857, in Swan Creek, 111. 

Child (Davis), born in Point Pleasant : 

i. Alice Miriam, '° b. July 2, 1890. 


Clara' Elizabeth'' {Derrick,^ Andrew J Jonas, ^ 
Oliver,^ Oliver,^ Daniel,^ Samiir/r Jo/ni^) was born July 7, 1866, 
in Point J^leasant, 111.; married there Feb. 24, 1 S87, Charles 
Wclborn, born Mar. 7, 1863, in Birmingham, Schuyler Co., 111. 

Children (Wei born), born in Point Pleasant : 

i. Mark Livermore,'° b. May 16, 1888. 
ii. Guy Otto, b. April 2, 1890. 


Florence Mav Livermore {Andre-w,^ Andrew,^ Jonas,^ 
Oliver,^ Olhcr,'^ Daniel,^ Savntel,^ Jolui') was born July 14, 
1S65, in Point Plea.sant, 111.; married Feb. 16, 1SS2, in Ruse- 
ville, 111., Augustus Albin Parrish, born July 6, 1S5S, in Warien 
Co., Ind. 

Children (Parrish), born in Ellison, 111. : 

i. Frederick Orson,'" b. Oct. 3. 1883. 
ii. Jessie Lee, b. May iG, iS36. 

426 Liven} tore Family 


Waymkn"* Livf.rmokk {JoJni^ Aiidre-.o,'' Jouas,^ Oliver,'' 
Oliver,^ Daniel,^ Samiiel,^ John') was born April 14, 185S, in 
Point ricasanl, 111.; married Oct. 12, 1881, in Rarilan, 111., 
Emma Voorhccs, horn there Aug. 11, 1859. 

Child, born in Stuttgart, Ark. : 

i. Eliuer Voorhees,"' b. Mar. 7, 1891. 


Frederic Erwin'^ Whiting {Harriet,^ LjicyP Amos,^ Avios,^ 
Oliver,* Daniel,^ Sa?finel,' JohtC) was born Dec. 21, 1857, in 
Brookline ; married Oct. 10, 1883, in Cambridge, Amy Estellc, 
daughter of Thomas Trenham and Clara (Rolf) Ferguson, born 
Sept. 14, i860, in Westminster. He is business manager of the 
Bos 1 0)1 Herald. Residence, Auburndale. 

Children (Whiting) : 

i. Royal Goodridge,'° b. Aug. 17, 18S4, in Cambridge, 
ii. Philip Erwin, b. May 15, 1886, in Auburndale.* 


Addik Mari.v'' Symmes (Sara/i,^ T/io;/ms,^ Amos,^ Aiiios,^ 
Oliver,* Datiiel^- Samuel,^ Jolm^) was born May 23, 1S53 ; 
married I'Ved. M. Symmes of Winchester. 

Children (Symmes) : . . 

i. Robert M.,'° b. May 28. 18S3. 
ii. Ruth S., b. April 29, 1SS7. 


Arthur Cotting'' Symmes {Sarah,^ Thomas,'' Amos^ Amos,^ 
Oliver,* Daniel,^ Snmiel,^ John') was born Feb. 9, 1856; mar- 
ried Feb. 1 8, 1880, Kate C. Hates of Medford. 

Child (Symmes) : 

i. Mar)' Livennore Bates,'° b. July 5, 1SS2. 

Ninth Gcnoation 427 

Jennif.''' Symmks {Sarah^ 'J7/oin.7s,^ Aynos'' /U/if)s,'' Oliver,^ 
Daniel,^ Samuel,^ J olin^) was born Ajnil i, 1861 ; iiKirricd June 
28, i8S<i, Charles A. Gardner of Mcdford. 
ChiKl (Gardner) : 

i. Arthur Liverinore,'° b. Nov. 26, 1886. 


Arnold'' Liver more {Olivci\ E/is/m,^ Elis/ia,'' Anios,^ 
0/iTcr,-* J)anir/,^ Savuicly^ JoJui') was born March 11, 1872, 
in Wellcsley ; married Oct. 13, 1897, in Catasauqua, I'cnn., 
Lucy, daughter of Charles E. and Emrna A. (Dunes) Meilig, 
born in 1875, in Germantown, Penn. 

Child, born in Wellesley : ' - 

i. Ogdon,'" b. Nov. 17, 1899. 


Walter Augustine'' Livermore {Char/es,^ Charles,'' Jona- 
than,^ Jona f ha )!,^ Oliver,* Daniel,^ Samuel,^ John') was born 
Aug. 26, 1S54, in Providence, R. L ; married (i) Aug. 26, 1877, 
in Pawtuckct, R. L, Mary Bell Ryder; married (2) Daisy Ellen, 
daughter of Charles Daniel and Mary Elizabeth Rush, born May 
23, 1874, in Springfield, Ohio. 

He was educated at the public schools and was graduated 
with honors at the high school, Providence, in 1871. For a few 
years he was engaged with his father as a travelling salesman 
and accountant. In 1888 he went West and located at Marion, 
Ind., and Lima, Ohio. Here he was partner of Mr. Burr Sweet- 
ser who successfully operated and conducted Sweetser's Bank, 
now the F"irst National Bank of Marion. During his ten years 
of active life in that section he became Mr. Sweetser's manager 
in various lines of successful theatrical enterprises, becoming the 
general manager of Furrot's Opera House in Lima. At the 
expiration of the lease he moved back to Providence, and opened 
a private banking house, of which he is still the head. 

Children : 

i. Nellie Evelpi,'°b. May 18, 187S, in Providence. 

428 Livcnnore Family 

ii. Mririr)ii Kush, h. M:iy 21, 1093, in Marion, 
iii. Dorothy 1.., 1). Jul) <;, iSy;, in Marion. 

Grace Danii:ls'^ X^wvaksxomm {TJiomas^ 'riiomcis,'' Sc/ovion,^ 
JonatJian^^ Jojiat/iaii,* Jcuiafluiii,^ Snjuur/,' Joint') was boiii May 
30, 1873, i" Cambridge; married Oct. 16, 1895, in Jamaica 
Plain, Bulkclcy, son of Samuel Edgar and Mary Agnes (Bulkcley) 
Wells, born March 10, 1872, in Chicago, 111. 
Children (W^ells) born in Jamaica Plain : 

i. Bulkeley I^ivcrnioro,'" b. July 15, iS^G. 
ii. P>arbara, b. April 10, 189S. 
iii. Dorothy Livcrmfirc, 1). Jan. 15, kjoo. 


Walter Eliot' Thwing {Aunc,^ Ah-Iiilablc,'' Eih^^ard,^ 
Samuel,^ Snviuc// Jonathan,^ Samuel,^ Jo/iu') was born April 
27, 1848, in Ro.vbury. He was educated at private schools 
until 1 86 1, when he entered the Ro.xbury Eatin School, whence 
he was graduated in 1868, and entered Harvard College, but 
remained there only through the freshman year. In August, 
1869, he entered the counting-room of his father as clerk. On 
Dec. 26, 1870, he sailed in the ship "Daniel Marcy " from New 
York, bound for San P^ancisco. The only lands seen on the 
voyage were the island of P'^erdinand Noranha, off Brazil, Feb. 
II, 1871 ; Cape St. Diego at the extremity of Tierra del P'uego, 
Mar. 23, 187 1 ; Cape Horn, a couple of days later, and Point 
Reyes, off the coast of California, the day of arrival at San 
Francisco. The only incidents worth noting were the rescue 
of a boy who fell overboard, and the capture of a shark, which 
for a time had the deck to himself before he was killed. The 
voyage occuj)ied one hinidrcd and seventy days. He passed 
three months in California, during which time he visited Los 
Angeles, then chiefly inhabited by Mexicans ; in its vicinity 
there were few cultivated ranches, and chiefly orange 
gnn'es. He also visited the Yosemite valley, going into it on 
horseback as the only road was a bridle path. Pie sailed from 
San Francisco, Sept. 30, 1871, in the steamer "Great Republic," 

r ■ 

.... ...^ 







^\ AI-ILU KlJ'Jl 1 U\\ 

Nintli Gownition 429 

for Jai)nn, wlurc he prisscd a couple of weeks visiting the ports 
of Yokohama, Yotlo, Kobe, and Nagasaki only, as the rest of 
the country was then closed to all foreigners. Tiien he visited 
in turn Shanghai, 1 long-Kong and Canton, in Ciiina ; Singapore, 
I'cnang, Point de Galle, on the island of Ceylon ; Bombay, Cal- 
cutta, lienares and Allahabad, in India ; sailing from Bombay for 
Suez, stopping a few hours at Aden, then through Cairo and 
Alexandria, in Egypt, and thence through the chief countries 
and cities of Europe and England, reaching Boston, Oct. 16, 
I 872, i)erhaps the youngest young man up to that time to have 
travelled around the world alone. 

In January, 1878, he sailed for Jamaica, where he passed two 
months. He has visited many of the large Western cities and. 
has made the trip through the Great Lakes to Duluth. 

He is a life member of the New-England Historic Genealogi- 
cal Society ; an associate member and honorary vice-president for 
Massachusetts, of the Old Northwest Genealogical Society of 
Columbus, Ohio ; secretary of the John Eliot Club of Ro.xbury, 
and a member of the Unitarian Club of Ixtston. He is the 
author of the Thwing Genealogy and of the present work. 
Residence, 65 Beach Glen street, Roxbury. 


Elsik Tiiwing'> H.wen {Siduuc!,' Mehifablc,-' .Ediuanf,^ 
Samuel,^ Siiunn/,^ Jo)iatha)i,^ Sauiiic/,^ John') was born March 
24, 1855, in Mamaroneck, N. Y. ; married June 7, 1876, Gyula 

Children (DeFcstetics), born in New York : 

i. Elsie Caroline Haven, '° b. Oct. 7, iSSo. 

ii. Dwight ]>ivermore Haven, b. Sept. 30, 1S97. 

TiiOM.\s II.WKN^ Cu.^MBHKS {Jfdf/A/ii,^ Mcliitablc,'' Edward,'' 
Samuel,^ Saniur/,* J'^iiat/inii.i Sciiiuu-/,' Jolui') was born Dec. 2, 
1858, in Ai)plebach.sville, Peim. ; married March i, 18S2, Ada 
Elliott of I'ederalsburgh, Md. 
Child (Chambers) : 

i. Bcrlha,'" b. April S, 1SS3 ; d. Sept. 1 i, 1SS3. 

430 Livcnuorc lunnily 


Dknnis AsHnuRY'° LiVKicMOKK {Fraiicis,'' A^c/son,^ Laniard,'' 
Isaac,^ Moses, ^ Josiali* Joseph,^ John,' Jo/iu') was born Aug. 6, 
1856, in Hcntun Co., Iowa; married Dec. 24, 1883, in Shells- 
bin\i;, Iowa, Minerva Lois [her name ori<(inally wa.s Rachel Susan 
Neville, but she was adopted in June, 1S63, by C. Devilbliss, in 
Harrisville, Ohio, and christened Minerva Lois Devilbliss], born 
Jan. I, i860, in Mooreficld, W. Va. 
Children : 

i. Mary E.," b. May 6, 1885, in Clarion, la. 
ii. Phena A., b. Mar. 12, 1S86, in Clarion, 
iii. Lillian A., b. Mar. 29, 1887, in Spencer, la. 
iv. ]>ucy E., b. April 5. 1888, in Spencer. 
V. Callie L., b. June 17, 1889, in Shcllsburg. 
vi. Erancis 1)., b. Aug. 15, i8gi, in Cedar Rapids, la. 
vii. Harlow E., b. Dec. 8, 1892, in Cedar Rapids. 


John Thom.-xs'" Livkr.moke {Francis,'' Nelson,^ Laniard,'' 
Isaac,'' Moscs,^ Josia/i,* JoscpJi,'^ Jo/m,^ John') was born Aug. 
28, 1865; married Aug. 27, 1887, in Clarion, Iowa, Irene Ella 

, born Dec. i, 1869, in Palo, Iowa. 

Children : 

i. Jessie Pearl," b. July 14, 18S8, in Corwith, La. 
ii. Ernest John, b. July 4. 1892, in Albert Lea, Minn. 

Ni.LSON Gr.-\nt'° Anderson {Scviantha,'' Nelson,^ Laniard,'' 
Isaac ^ Moscs,^ Josiah,^ Joseph,^ John,' John') was born June 23, 
i860, in Benton Co., Iowa; married there March 9, 1884, Emma 
A. Long, born there Sept. 10, 1864. 

Children (Anderson), born in Hancock Co., Iowa : 

i. Francis M.," b. Jan. 17, 18S5 ; d. there Feb. 12, 1885. 
ii. Sherman S., b. Feb. 23, 18S6. 

iii. Robert ^L, b. Dee. 17, 1SS7 ; d. there Jan. 12. 1888. 
iv. Muriel II.. b. April 2, 18S9. 
' - v. Luinia M., b. May 11, 1S91. 

Ten til Generation 431 


John Hamilton'" Anderson {Setnant/ia,'* A'e/son,^ Larnard,'' 
Jsnae,^' Moscs,^ Josiah,'^ Joseph,^ Joint,'' John') was b<jrn Aug. 12, 
1862, in IJcnton Co., Iowa; married there March 17, 1883, 
Alice R. Warner, born there July 6, 1861. 

Children (Antlerson), born in Hancock Co., bjwa : 

i. IJeniiie," b. Dec. 9, 1SS3. 

ii. Jennie, b. June 6, J8S5. 

iii. Nellie, b. Oct. 25, 1886; d. there Nov. i, 1886. 

iv. Herlha, b. Nov. 3, 18S8; d. there Mar. 6, 1892. 

V. Wilber, b. July 8, 1S91. 


Phena Jane'° Anderson {Seniant/ta,'* Nelson,^ Larnard,i 
Isaac,^ Afoses,^ Josia/i,* Joseph,^ John,'' John') was born Dec. 
31, 1864, in Henton Co., Iowa; married there Jan. 29, 1S82, 
Elias Long, born there Dec. 8, 1S56. 

Children (Long), born in Hancock Co., Iowa : 

i. Albert Marion," b. Feb. 16, 1884. 
ii. Henry Lewis, b. April i, 1886. 
iii. Enier)' Quinter, b. Aug. 10, 1888. 

847 H.'° Anderson {Senuintha,^ Ar/son,^ Larnard,'' 
Isacic,^ I^Toses,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,' John') was born April 
16, 1867, in Iknton Co., Iowa; married Jan. 6, 1887, F. M. 
Reynolds, born May 26, 1871, in Illinois. 

Children (Anderson), born in Hancock Co., Iowa : 

i. J. C," b. Feb. i8, 18SS. 
' ii. Charles H., b. Sept. 16, 1889. 
iii. J. S., b. Jan. 9, 1891. 

Robert M.'° Anderson {Sentantha,'^ Xe/son,* Larnard,'' 
Isaac,^ Moscs,^ Josiah,* Joseph,^ John,^ John') was born Sept. 
iS, 1869, in Benton Co., Iowa; married July 6, iSSS, in Ihm- 


Livcnnon Faviily 

cock Co., Iowa, Ida M. Steele, born Nov. 28, 1872, in MiUlicll 
Co., Iowa. 

Children (Anderst^i), born in Hancock Co.: 

i. Jessie A.," I). June 20, i88.j; d. there Au;;. 8, 1889. 
ii. Edith K., b. Mar. 30, 1S91. 


Sak.vii M.'" Anoerson {Scinautha,'* Nclsoji,^ Laniard,'^ Isaac,^ 
Jlfoscs,^ /osui/i,* Joseph,^ Jolin,^ John') was born July 28, 1876, 
in Benton Co., Iowa; married July 3, 1891, in Hancock Co., 
Iowa, John T. Long, born July 10, 1866, in Iknton Co. 

Child (Lonrj), born in Hancock Co. : 

i. Willis M.," b. May 28, 1S92. 


Nellie A.'° Rowland {A/arj>,'i Anna,^ McJiitablc,'' Isaac,'' 
Moses, ^ Jflsiah,* Joseph,^ John,- John') was born May 29, 1SG7, 
in Lisle, N. Y. ; married there May 31, 1888, Frank M. Pendell, 
born March 5, 1863, in Whitney's Point, N. Y. 

Child (Pendell), born in Lisle : 

i. Lucius A.," b. July [5, 1S90. 



Page 3, fourtli line, at the end, omit " in." 

Page 41, fifth line, for (Paxton) read Liveniiore. 

Page 47, last line, under Rebecca, who married Lel)lKus Turner, 

insert, " their daughter Caroline'' married De.xter Converse, and 

their daughter Rebecca Ann^ Converse married \N'arren Jonas 

Livennoro (575).'' 
Page 117, under 141, iii, " Samantha " should be Semaniha. 
Page 122, fifth line, Samuel Bright Livcrmore died April 22, 1897, in 

Boston. He was inspector of hay. 
Page 156, fouiih line, under 201, after Ebenezer Oliver Grosvcnor, 

insert "born Oct. 29, 17S3, in Grafton ; died April 6, 1S71, in 

Albion ; he was a son of Rev. Daniel Grosvenor." 
Page 160, No. 206, vi, " Samantha " should be Semantha. 
Page 213, No. 316, '' Michigan Biographies" says John S. Livermore 

was born Jan 12, 1801, and died Oct. 4, 1S61. 
Page 214, No. 317, " Michigan Biographies" says Fidus Livermore 

died May 2?, iSSo. 
Page 28 1, under 443, iv, " Samantha " should be Semantha. 
Page 349, si.xth line from foot, under 615, in the ancestry of lii-s third 

wife, Elkn Cornelia Williams, for " Thomas^ hivennore, Sam- 

uel= " read " Joseph^ Livcrmore, John.'" See iii, under No. 25 

on page .?5. 
Page 3S6, under 706, for " Raimond " read " Raymond." 
Page ^12, under 783, ii, last line, omit '-(Ward)"; she was Edith 

Gertrude Livermore. 



The numbers against tlie names refer to the page where the names occur. A 
name has but a single reference to the page on which it appears, though it may be 
repeated there ; care should therefore be taken to look for such repetition. 

Middle names are indicated by initials only [for example, Mary Amelia and Mary 
Anna are both inde.xed under Mary A.] ; when given in full they show the surname 
(maiden or other^vise) at the time of marriage. Where the context shows that this 
surname is the maiden name, it is parenthesized; otherwise the parentheses are 

Abbot, Abiel 137, 2;.\ 

Abigail 137 

Catharine (Thayei) 244 

Dorcas 243 

Dorcas (Abbot) 137 

Elizabeth D. 244 

Jacob 244 
Abbott, Abby F. (Woods) 

Arthur St. L. L. 261 
Caleb 260 
Caroline L. 38 1 
Caroline (Livermore) 260 
Caroline M. 261 
Edward G. -r.i 
Fletcher M. 261 
Francis 3S1 
FrankHn V. 261 
Grafton St. L. L. 261 
Helen F. 38 1 
Henry L. 261 
Holker W. 261 
Josiah G. 260 
Madeline 38 1 
Mercv (Fletcher) 260 
S.muiel A. B. 261, 381 
Sarah L. 261, 381 
William S. 261 
Abells. Aletia (Jones) 267 
Austin 267 
Nathaniel T. 267 

Kgth v.. (Livermore) 267 

Adams, Aaron 191 

Adaline 196 

Albert F. 311 

Andrew 1 10 

Cynthia 1 15 

Dexter i^i 

Diancy R. (Taylor) 311 

Elizabeth (Livermore) 1 1 5 

Elsie (Livermore) no 

Freddie 311 

Grace (Livermore) 36 

Ira 115 

Jacob 36 

Jane E. 191 

John T. 311 

Katie L. 311, 414 

I^vina 31; 

Libbie (Jiunnell) 300 

Lydia 36 

Malvina 14S 

Maria C. 191 

Martha 22.S 

Nancy (Livermore) Kock- 
wood 190 

Nathan 36 

Nellie 15. 311 

Shubal r. 311 

Stephen 190 

Susie B. 31 1 

William L. 31 1 
Adry, Lenjamin 181 

Clara F. (Stearns) i8l 

Ahcrn, Ellen 358 

Teresa 292 
Aiken, Cecilia 276 
Akins, Content 147 

Sarah (Griswold) 147 

Seth 147 
Albert, Annie 1S3 
Aldrich, Charlotte 239 
Aldridge, Ruth 109 
Alfrey, Serena J. 219 
Allen, Alfred 292 

Amory 269 

Amory L. 269 

Benjamin F. 269 

Eliphalet 30 

Elizabeth 41, 210 

ElizaW'th (Grout) 13 

Elizabeth (Livermore) 30 

Ella 390 

Esther C. 292 

Hannah 41 

Isaac 41 

James 288 

Jerusha A. (Livermore) 

lA.Hiisa 288 

Lydia 25 

Martha 25, 26 

Martin 390 

Nathaniel 23 

Ornian D. 269 

Permelia (Phelps) 292 


L ii 'frtiiorr I'n )n ily 

Allen, Kaihtl 390 

Saimic! 15 
Alpaugli, Miiinia ^■2.\ 
Ames, Abi^iiil (lluckley! 1 19 

Amos I 19 

ISelscy r.. 102, 1 19 

Marietta P7 

Polly (ItLiijaiiiiii) 75 

Sanuiel 75 
Anders^on, Alice K. (War- 
ner) 431 

Beniiic 431 

hertlia 431 

Charles II. 395, 431 

Cynthia 29S 

Kdith K. 432 

?:i)a K. 395 

Kmnia A. (I.ony) 430 

Kninia M. 430 

F. M. {Reynolds) 431 

Francis M. 393, 430 

Hamilton J. 395 

Ida M. (Steele) 431, 432 

Ira L. 395 

J. C. 431 

J. S. 431 

Jennie 431 

Jessie A. 432 

John 11. 395, 431 

Muriel 11. 430 

Nelson G. 395, 430 

Nettie 431 

Phena 1. 395, 431 

Priscilla 297 

Robert M. 395, 430, 431 

Sarah M. 395, 432 

Semantha J. (Livermore) 


Sherman S. 430 

Sophronia A. 329 

Andres, Eliza M. 201 
Anson, Alson A. 346 

Annis K. (Potter) 346 
Anthony, Kli/,abeth 274 
Ajipleton, J. W. 139 

Sarali P. (Williams) 139 

Sophia (Williams) 139 
Arnold, Saiah K. 367 
Ashton, Zebiah V. G. 194 
Atwood, Aivah A. 231 

Mabel A. (Livermore) 

Ruth (Newcomb) 231 

William 11. 231 
Austin, Aivah 201 

Mary ((.ooley) 201 

Mary K. 200, 201 
Ayers, Polly 162 
Babb, Abby 207 

I'.alKock, Amanda (Petlit) 

Cordelia 346 

Lois 2 1 1 

Potter 152 
P.aehelor, Joel 169 

l^iira (Goldtiiwait) 1C9 

l-;uira J. 169 
P.acon, Adeline K. (Learned) 


P.enjamin F. -565 

I'.eulah C". (Fuller) 365 

Charles V . 366 

Kdward L. 366 

Josejih 365 
Padershall, Edna P. (Liver- 
more) 175 

Lewis E. 175 
Padger. Wre.xaville 2S4 
Pailey, Hetsey iSi 

Rosaltha S. 293 
l^akeman, Fannie A. (Liv- 
ermore) 301 

Leon M. 301 

Major W. 301 

Van N. 301 
Paker, Anna G. 231 

Edwin S. 275 

Hattie M. 352 

Helen M. (Livermore) 274 

Lily P. 423 

Mar)' A. (Underwood) 275 

Mary (Ray) 274 

Piatt 274 

Raymond W. 275 

Samuel 274 
Palch, Lucy 170 
P.aldwin, Pertha R. (How- 
ard) 40S 

Cathaiine A. 275 

Charles R. 275 

Edwin L. 275 

Ella (Allen) 390 

Esther R. ( Livermore) 275 

Frank W. 275 

Helen 275 

Helen M. 390 

Howell A. 40S ^ 

Ida M. 275, 390 

J. H. 275,'39o 

James 275 

Jenny 1S7 

Katharine 390 

Lillian 390 

Russell 390 

Ruthven 275 

Wilbur J. .<o9 
Pale, Elizabeth 329 
Pall. Abigail 35 

Elizabeth (Fiske) 35 

Pall, James 35 
Ballard, Mary 337 
Paiicroft, Anna 365 

Calista L. 203, 339 

Caroline E. 203, 339 

Charles L. 303 

Clara 365 

I'.dmund D. 364 

Frank A. y^}, 

tieorge F. 303 

(ieorgie M. 302 

(iracc L. 303 

Harriet (Livermore) 169 

Harriet M. 303 

Henry H. 302 

Henry L. 169, 302 

Josej)h 202 

Joseph 11. 303 

Julia P. 169 

Kate E. 365 

lx)uisa (Livermore) 202 

Maria C. (Hall) 203 

Martha A. (Harris) 302 

Martha M. 303 

Matilda (Davidson) 303 

Mary F. (Wartield) 302 

Mary J. 203, 2,yh 364 

Mar)- M. (Water.-,) 302 

Mary P. (Morse) 364 

Myron J. 203 

Plioebe P. (Parrett) 364 

Sarah E. 169 

Solomon 169 

Tainar 169 

Waiter M. 303 

Woodis 169 
Panks, Andrew A. 176 

Eli/a R. 176 

Ella (Partridge) 17G 

Fanny (Livermore) 176 

George G. 176 

Julia (Kidder) 176 

Marion E. 176 

Martha A. 176 

Mary P. 176 

Maltie H. 377 

Pa-scal P. 176 

Susan P. 176 
Bannister, Albert 3S3 

Albert H. 3S3 

Carrie E. 3.S3 

Charles H. 3S3 

Eliza F. (Livexmore) 3S3 

Frank D. 3S3 

Hiram 3S3 

John T. 383 

Kate P. 3S3 

Lucy F. 3.S3 

Mary y^^ 
Barker, Frederick S. 416 



Barker, Ixitli..' (Liverniorc) 

Olive 371 

I'armelia (l.ivcrniore) (^5 

Peter 95 

Sheldon 1,. 416 
Barnard, Esther M. 77 

Jane 308 

Plooma S. 365 
Barnes, Albert 273 

Betsey I S3 

Edith J. 3S4 

Elsa A. (Livermore) 105 

Emma 273 

F- 273 

Flora 273 

Franc 273 

Franklin S. 105 

James K. 3S4 

Lucinda (Raymond) 273 

Nellie M. (Lonpyear) 273 

Sarah J. (Lincoln) 3S4 
Barns, Kehecca 21 
Barrett, Celina 21S 

Charles D. 237 

Frank A. 315 

Mary Y.. (Ilipgins) 237 

Phoehe ]'.. 364 

Sarah Si 

Sarah A. (Livermore) 315 
Barrows, Ellen A. (Prescott) 

Oilman 364 

Helen 364 

Ulysses H. 364 
Barstow, Georgianna M. 
(Higgins) 237 

Philbrook I). 237 
Bartlett, Clarissa (Seward) 

Fanny L. 247 

Horace 1S3, 184 

Sarah C. 1S3, 1S4 
Barton, Molly 89 
Baseman, Hannah 192 
Bassell, Hannah 1 16 

Jonathan 1 16 

Melinda 1 17 

Sally 116 
Batchclder, Abby L (Kim- 
ball) 377 
Caleb M. 377 

Emily A. (lUiss) 377 

Erland G. 377 
Geor;4c NL 377 
Batchelor, Almira 393 
Bates, Betsey 112 
Electa 1 1 3 
Eliza IL 3S5 
Hetty 1 14 I 

Bates, Kate C. 426 

Luther 1 14 

Mehitable 1 14 
Paxter, Isaac 48 

Melissa (Livermore) 48 
Bayles, Ella !•:. 343 
Beal, Elinor 381 
Beale, Annie S. (Fowler) 380 

Arthur \V. 380 

Edward L. 3S0 

George W. 380 

Harry St. L. 380 

Sarah J. (Livermore) 380 
Beardsley, Sara G. 421 
]5earse, Caroline S. 370 
Beatley, Clara (Bancroft) 

James A. 365 
Beatly, Catherine 219 
Beck, Lucinda 189 
Becket, Caroline S. (Bearse) 
Eleanor B. 370 
Joseph T. 370 
Beebe, Diantha (Livermore) 


Henry C. 159 
Beedon, Martha A. 214 
Beers, Liberty 107 

Tamason (Livermore) 107 
Belden, Anabella E. (Treat) 

Belle A. 421 

Betsey (Bemis) 242 

Henry E. 421 

James G. 421 

Jennie M. 296 

I-eila R. (Livermore) 420, 

Lyda L. 421 

Mary 242 

Solomon 242 
Belknap, Caroline L. (Ha- 
ven) 378 

Edward 378 

Mary E. 378 

Thomas H. 37S 
Bell, Mary E. 200 
Hcmis, Abijah 23, 41 

Abraham 23 

Anna 23, 32, 135 

Anna (Livermore) 23, 32, 

Betsey 242 
Catharine 35 
Celicia 41 
Chloe U. 1 10 
David 32 
Dinah 45 
Dinah (Hagar) 23 

Bemis, Elijah 35 
Elisha 23 
Elizabeth 23 
Ellen 127 
Esther 32, 34 
Grace 23 

Grizel (1 livermore) 41 
Hannah 34 

Hannah S. (Livermore) 

Huldah (Livermore) 32, 
John 23,32,35,41 
Jonas 127, 196 
Jonathan 32, 34, 35 
Joshua no 
Josiah 23 

Judith (Bemis) 196 
Lewis 127 
I^uisa 196 
Lucy (Elton) 23 
Lydia 23, 79 

Lydia (Hati li) Prouty no 
Martha 190 
Mary 32 

Mary (llanington) 23, 32 
Nathaniel 23 
Phinehas 23 
Sarah 32 
Susanna 23 
Tabitha (Gove) 127 
Thankful 35 
Bemiss, Jane A. (Livermore) 

Rodney 1 13 
Benezet, Ella L. (Wilcox) 

Harold 331 
Rudolph 331 
Benjamin, Abel 30, 75 
Abigail 30 
Betsey 75 
Betsey (Chase) 75 
Billy 75 

Catherine (Stanwood) 76 
Charles 76 
David 76 
Elisha 76 

Elizabeth (Nutting) 75 
Lucy (Chase) 76 
Martha 75 
Nathaniel 7^ 
Olivia (Metcalf) 75 
Phebe (W.llingtoii) 75 
Polly 75 
Rel)ccca 30 
Ruth 76 
Samuel 75 
Sarah 28 
Tabitha (Livermore) 75 


Livcr)Horc Faviily 

Bennet, Mary 3S 

Bennett, Celinea (Gardner) 

Elias 124 
Eliza A. 124 
Elizab'w-tli I). 23-5 
Elizabeth (Livt-rmore) 124 
Helen K. (Howe) 233 
Helen M. 233 
Henry D. 233 
Jonas 242 
Eucy E. 242 
Sarah A. 125 
Sarah (Hastings) 124 
Stei^hen I). 125, 233 
Stephen H. 124, 233 
Bent, Anna (Bemis) Fiske 


Hopestill 23 

Eucy iS 

Mary (Stone) iS 

Thomas 18 
Benton, Abigail (Eiverniore) 

Abner 182 

Adaline E. 320, 416 

Albert E. 320 

Alice E. 321 

Alice E. 1S2, 321 

Bertha P. 417 

Betsey M. (Eivermore) 

Caroline 182, 320 

Charles M. 182, 320 

Charles W. 321 

Curtis D. 1S2, 321 

Curtis H. 321 

Delia J. (Janio) 417 

I'211a M. (Merrinian) 320 

Florence A. 320, 416 

Floyd W. 417 

Frank O. 321 

Frederick L. 321, 416 

Gilbert E. 321 

Harris A. 1S2 

Harney 103 

Martha A. 1S2, 321 

Martha A. (Thompson) 

Martin L. 1S2, 321 

Mary E. 182 

Mvra M. 321 

O.'l). 103 

Olive A. (Swazty) 321 

Orlando 182 

Wint'ield 182 
Berkley, George 191 

Jane E. (Adani>) lyi 
Bernard, Clarissa A. 36<p 
Betton, Roxanna 230 

Belts, Elvina (Fuller) 152 

Sidney 1 S- 
Bidvvcll.'.Mary 114 
Bigclow, Abigail 23, 28, 29 

Abi-ail (lluliard) 28 

Abijah 29 

Abraham 19, 28, 101 

Alpheus 29, 227 

Amos 28 

Anna 28, 29 

Anna (Fiske) 28 

Asa loS 

Bethiah (Newton) 27 

Betsey 27 

Converse 29 

Elijah H. 227 

Elizabeth 27 

F21izabeth (Nurse) 27 

F'mma G. 227 

Eunice 29 

Eunice (Slixer) 227 

George 227 

George E. 227 

Grace 19, 28 

Grace M. 227 

Grace S. (Eivermore) 227 

Hannah 29 

Isaac 19, 28 

Jacob 19, 28, 29 

Jesse 28 

John 28 

Joseph 28 

Josiah 19, 29 

l^urinda 109 

Eouisa (Train) 10 1 

Eydia 29 

Martha M. (Mansfield) 


Mary 14, 19, 27, 29,92, 136 

Marj' (Flagg) 19 

Mary (Harrington) 29 

Mary (Eivermore) 19, 34, 

Mehitable 27 

Mercv 39 

I'hebe (Rand) 92 

Rebecca (Richardson) 108 

Rhoda 29 

Samuel 19, 28, 29, 92 

Sarah 19, 27, 29, 34 

Susanna 20 

Susanna (Mead) 28, 29 

Thankful 27 

Thomas 19, 27, 29, 34 

Uriah 19, 27, 29 

William 29, 108 

William P. toi 

Winthrop 109 
Bingliam, Anna 314 
Bird, Bessie L 413 

Bird, John T. 413 

Mary E. 4.3 

Mary (Eivermore) 4t3 

Mollie 293 
Birdsall, Alice G. E. 425 

Benjamin E. 424 

Chailes U. 425 

Clara E. 425 

Derrick \.. 425 

lx>uisa F2. (Eivermore) 

Ralph J. 425 

Robert E. 425 
Biscoe, Sarah 16 
Bishop, Anna A. 282, 397 

Charlotte C. (Brougham) 

Curtis L. 282, 396 

Ellen M. (Kennedy) 396 

Emma D. 282, 397 

Emma G. 396 

Francis M. 282, 396 ' 

Helena A. 396 

John B. 396 

I^wis D. 282 

Eottie S. 396 

lx)uis H. 396 

Eucius N. 282, 396 

Martin A. 282 

Mary F. 396 

Olive L. (Matthews) 39^, 

Ruth E. (Wade) 396 

Semantha J. (Eivermore) 
28 1, 282 

Wilbur F. 396 
Black, Dugald 95 

Violet (Eivermore) 95 
Blake, Diantha (Eivermore) 

Elizabeth G. (Dart) 315 

George W. 315 

Joel N. 161 

Sarah 315 
Blanchard, Belle 355 
Blethen, Alonzo C. 281 

Frances 281 

Mabel L. (Eivermore) 2S1 
Bliss, Joseph 144 

I^uisa 144 

Martha 158 

Nancv (Cooke) 144 
Block, Harry E. 265 

Nannie B. (Eivermore) 
Blodgett, Adcle J. (Sibley) 

Dorcas 243 

Hf-nrv 2S7 
Blood, Milly 222 

Nancy 222 



Hlood, 'I'liomxs 222 
Bogle, Cathtiine 219 
I'.olles, C'liiirlcs A. iSo 

Hariict i;. (Kittredt;*-) «>^o 
Holster. l'".li/a (Sibley) 49 

Oliu-y 49 
I'.ond, Abigail 16 

Catlieniie 54 

Daniel 16 

Kli/abetli 16, 25 

Ellen A. (Liveimore) 314 

Grace (Coolidge) 16 

Hannah 16 

Hannah (Brifrht) 54 

Hannah (Coolidge) 16 

Henr)' 16 

J. Elliot 314 
' John 1 6, 136 

Jonas 16, 54 

Josiah t6 
^Luther 314 

Marcus 112 

Martha (Livermore) 136 

Mary 17 

Mar)- A. 26S 

Mary (Demon) 26S 

Marj- J. 314 

Samuel 2C8 

Sarah 16 

Sarah (Hiscoe) i6 

Sarah (Woodward) 17 

Tirzah (Stock well) 112 

William 16, 17 
Bonney, Lydia 141 

l.vman 2S9 

Matilda M. 2S9 

Miranda (Wilson) 289 
Booth, J'hoebe K. 2S9 
r.osworth, Anna 422 
Bolder, Margaret 264 
Bolhwell, tlua J. iSS 

Hugh II. iSS 

l^titia J. iSS 
Bottomly, Cornelia 191 

Hannah J. 191 

Hannah (Livermore) 191 

Lavina 191 

Nancy A. 191 

Samuel 107, 191 

Sarah L. 107 

Sarah (Livermore) 107 
Boughlon, Janette (liver- 
more) 167 

Thomas B. 167 
Bowen, Kf>iiraim W. 125 

Francis 245 

Martha W. (Livermore) 

Peter 125 

Sylvia 125 

Bowles, Benjamin V . 239 

liirametta ly) 
Bowman, Martha (Liver- 
more) 91 

Nathaniel 31 

Ruth 31 
Boyd, Ciiarles N. 298 

Myrlie A. (Livermore) 29S 
Boynes, Harriet (Livermore) 
Boynton, Martha E. 371 

Olive (Barker) 371 

Oliver W. 371 
Boyse, Agnes R. 262 
Brackctt, Albert 123 

Cephas 123 

Cephas H. 123 

David 45 

Louisa T. (Pierce) 123 

Lucy 123 

Lucy (Livermore) 123 

Martha A. 123 

Mary A. (Stone) 123 

Mary L. 123 

Patt^ (Hurd) 45 
Bradbury, Lucy A. 305 
Bradford, Elizabeth H. 126, 

John R. 126, 127 

Phebe (Harrington) 126, 
Bradley, Emily 379 
Brainard, Elizabeth 419 
Bray. Ruth B. 319 
Brewer, Benjamin H. 48 

EUsha 75 

Frances 75 

Martha 75 

Martha (Livermore) 75 

Melinda (Livermore) 48 

Nathaniel 75 
BrevHSter, Abbie J. 310 

Agnes J. 414 

Catharine H. (Taylor) 309 

Catharine L. 310 

Ellen M. 309 

Emma A. (Kelley) 414 

Frederick K. 414 

George H. 310, 414 

Henrietta 310 

Henry S. 414 

Mary C. 414 

Mary L. 310 

William H. 309 
Bridge, Anna 14 

Anna (I)anforth) 14 

Hannah 14 

Matthew 14 
Brierly, Benjamin 1O9 

Sarah E. (Bancroft) 169 

Briggs, George N. 238 

George 1'. 238 

Harri.-t (Hall) 238 

Matilda 2SS 

Sarah E. (Livermore) Le- 
land 238 
Brigham, Abigail 124 

Barnaljas 302 

Ella 3,3 

Elmina V. (Livermore) 

Harry B. 342 

Mary 302 

Mary A. 302 

Oliver S. 342 

Sarah F. 124 

Willard 124 
Bright, Abigail 54 

Elizabeth 54 

}-'rancis 54 

Hannah 54, 121, 122 

Hannah (Smith) 122 

Jonathan 54 

Joseph 54, 122 

Josiah 54 

Lucreiia 54 

Mary 19, 21, 32 

Mary (Coolidge) 21 

Moses 54 

Nancy 54 

Nathaniel 21 

Rachel (Livem^ore) 54 

Sarah 54 
Bristol, Abram 152 

Alice (I'ettit) 152 
Broad, Mary A. 414 
Brock way, Alice T. (Pick- 
ford) 150 

Ann E. 2 88 
Brooks, Eimira 15S 

Joshua 1 58 

Lydia 178 

Sarah 158 
Brougham, Anna A. (Bishop) 


ChaHotte C. 396 

Jerod W. 397 
Broughton, Araesta S. 
(White) 39:: 

Heniy W. 392 

Jenny S. (Folsom) 392 

John N. 392 

Katherine F. 392 

Nicholas 392 

Paul F. 392 

Philip F. 392 
Brown, Abraham 53 

Anna 53 

Anna (Handin) 142 

Clara 358 


LivertHori I'ai)ii!y 

Hrown, Corntlia (l.ivcr- 
morL-) 307 

Daniil 1 )2 

Kli/.ilnih 53. 54 

Mli/rilttlli (l.ivcrmorc) i.j6 

i:ii/al«jtli (M.iirs) 153 

Kli7al>cih (Simonds) 53 

Kllen a J7 i 

Kloriiula 11. (N'yc) 147 

(Jcorge 146 

George L. 147 

Hannah 36, I5«;, 160 

Haniiali (I lagi;) 146 

Hannah CI. 260 

Hannah (IV-asc) 36 

Harriet 153 

Harriet I^. 147 

Henry N. 147 

JohnC. J. 371 

Jonathan 53, 153 

Josephine M. 309 

Josiah 146, 147 

Mar>'2 2, 53. 195 

Mary E. (Cottin) 371 

Mary (Livermore) 53 

Marv M. (.Xov^.s) 147 

Melutable IJ.'(Prout) 18S 

Melvina T. 18S 

Nancy 1 18 

Nathaniel 53 

Oliver 54 

I'hebe (Craig) 147 

Ruth 53 

Samuel 54 

Samuel L. 146. 147 

Sarah 53 

William 36, 146. iSS 

William II. 207 
Browne, Arthur 82 

Jane 82 

Mary (Co.v) 82 
Browning, l.ucy 108 
Bruce, Olivia A. 1 12 

Smith 1 12 
Bruffer, Julane 267 
Brunner, Eli/a 206 
Bryant, Diana (Livermore) 


Herman 3S7 

Minnie C. 3S7 

Viola J. (Knglish) 3S7 

William cys 
Buckley, Abigail 119 

John W. 401 

rhebe E. 401 

Rachel V.. (Underwood) 

Rhoda 348 
Buck nam, Ellen I. 304 

Seward 304 

Hncll, Levaiitia 288 
liultinch, Nancy E. (Gee) 

Warren 187 
Uulin, Hannah 50 
llulkelcv, Marv A. 428 
Hullard,' Abigail 28 

Anna 18 

i;ii/.abeth (l.ivtrinore) iS 

John 11. 392 

Jonathan 18 

Lura A. M. 392 

Moses iS 

Sylvia (N'ewtnn) 392 
IJunn, Carrie 1",. 407 

Margaret E. (1-awson) 407 

Nathan 407 
Bunnell, Cora 300 

Eibbie 300 

William 1'.. 300 

Zii)ora I^. (Li\ermore) 
Ikiigess, Bertha E. 234 

Charles G. 234 

Elorence E. (Livermore) 

James C. 234 

Susan A. 1'. 234 
l^urley, Mary A. (Liver- 
more) Mcliitire 35.^ 

Nelson 354 
Burlingame, Anson 238 

Edward L. 23S 

Gertrude 238 

Jane C. (Livennore) 238 

Walter A. 238 
Burnham, Albrjrt J. 306, 307 

Alice \. (Smilii) 306, 307 

Henry J. '307 

I-aura A. 307 

Sarah H. (Livermore) 307 
Burt, Hetliiah 52 

Edmund 15S 

Hepzibah (Livermore) 158 

Horace 15S 

Martha (Bliss) 158 
Burton, Genoa M. 345 
Busby, Sarah 13 
Buss, Emily A. 377 
Butler, Mary E. 174 
Cadwell. Nancy 2S3 
Cady, Correlli 404 

Diana (Dickerson) 404 

Ella E. 404 

1 'at tie A. 3fo 
Caldwell, Levi 96 

I'olly (Livermore) 96 
Calkins, Lydia 1S4 
Crim[)bell, Florence (Liver- 
more) 293 

Cami)l)ell, Henry 337 

Henry K. 337 

Malcolm 293 

Rol>crt L. 337 

Sarah (Livermore) in 

Stella AL (Kingman) 337 

William 1 1 1 
Card, Charles 345 

Detta (Livermore) 345 

Martha 345 
Cargill, Calista L. (Ban- 
croft) 339 

Cora A. (Sweet) 419 

Edward B. 339 

Elsie L. 419 

George B. 339 

George W. 419 

Walter 1!. 339.419 
Carlible, Marietta 313 
Carpenter, Emily J. 159 

Jane L. 275 

Sarah E. 324 
Carrirk, Evaline 11. 411 
Carroll, Asenath 307 
Carruth, Bertha ^L 384 

Clara L. 3S4 

C'lara >L (Livermoie) 3S4 

Edsvin E. 384 

Edwin W. 384 

Melinda 3S4 

William E. 384 
Carter, Amos 181 

Ann iSi 

Flora 422 

Ida 418 

Jennie (Gorton) 422 

May 422 

Polly (Stearns) 181 

Ru.ssel 422 

Sarah K. 422 
Case, Carlton C. 4 1 1 

Clara C. (Livermore) 411 

Edith L. 411 

Russell 41 1 
Cale, Lulu A. 414 

Lydia ^L (Stevens) 414 

Van Ness B. 414 
Gates, Anna S. (Livcrmoiv) 

Charles E. 176 
Catlin, Estella 272 

Sylvia 164 
Cha'dbounie, D. Rand 319 

James M. 319 

Ruth B. (Bray) 319 
Chadwell. Mary 263 
Chamberlain. Catherine 172 

Ida F. 250 

^\AX^J 267 

Chambcrlin.CarolineW. 391 



ChambtTS, Ada (l.HioU) 429 

Annie II. 3S0 

Hcriliii 429 

CJeoigc M. 3.S0 

Henry 1'. 3S0 

Matilda j/. (Haven) 3S0 

Tliunias 11. 3S0, 4Jy 
Clianjplin, Kli^ha 1". 278 

Sarah A. 278 
Chani|)ncy, Francis C. 222 

Rebecca M. 222 

Rebecca (Miller) 222 
C'hapin, Mary 300 
Cliajinian, Anna W. 23S, 239 

Clara ('reniplc) 239 

Frederick H. 2S5 

Henry 239 

Mary A. (l.i vet more) 285 

Noyes V. 28 s 

Wealthy McK. 2S5 
Chase, IJetsey 75 

Comfort (l.iserniore) 100 

F)esire (l.uce) 142 

Elbert J. 355 

Kzekiel too 

Josepli 100 

Lucy 76 

I.ura J42 

May L. (Kellogg) 355 

Mercy (1-iverniure) 100 

I'olly 362 

Roxanna A. 295 

Thomas 142 
Chauncy, Anna 19S 
Child, Abijah 77 

Ahnira 309 

Alniira (Rice) 309 

Amos 77 

l^eulah (Harrington) 77 

iClisha 309 

Ellen 309 

Ephraim 77 

Grace (IJemis) 23 

Joshua 23 

Lydia 77 

Lydia (Liveriuore) 77 

I'olly 77 

William 77 
Childs, Eunice M. (Fuller) 

Harriet (Livermore) 137 

}Ielen 340 

Eucy (Mason) 56 

Prentice 137 

Samuel 36 

William 1'. 137 
Chilson, Eli/abeth 405 
Choate, i;iiza li. 253 

Eli/ilxth (Dyer) 253 

Isaac 253 I 

Churchill, Anna E. 344 

Sophia 349 

'J'heodosia 344 
Cladin, Eunice 122 

George W. 229 

Eois 123 

Lois (I'arher) 122, 123 

Martha 228 

Martiia K. 228 

Mary F. (Learned) 229 

Samson 122, 123, 228 
Clark, Annis E. (Potter) 
Anson 346 

IJelsey (Livermore) 92 

Cabot M. 150 

Catherine H. (Whitney) 


Cora (Hunnell) 300 

Edward 235 

Ellen M. 235 

Ellen R. 208 

Emery Z. (Livermore) 150 

Emma H. 404 

George S. 346 

Gertrude L. 318 

Harriet A. (Stearns) 31S 

Hattie E. 413 

Jerry 2S9 

Jessie (Livermore) 2S9 

Lucinda S. 265 

Mary (Oliver) 404 

Raymond S. 318 

Sophia 265 

Sumner II. 318 

William 265 

Wilmot 404 
Claike, Amanda 117 

Angeline T. 248 

Caroline 3^3 

Chariotte'CAldrich) 239 

Clarissa C. 1 17 

Elizabeth 78 

Hannah 81 

Hannah (Cutting) 81 

Harriet L. 239 

John 81 

Selucia 212 

Wedworth W. 239 
Cleveland, Angeiiue T. 24S 
Cline, Abbie \i. (Livermore) 

Almon D. 422 

Arlonine 422 

Carlton 422 
Clinton, Anna A. (Bishop) 
Hroughani 397 

Grace R. 397 

Lyman H. 397 

Morris \). 397 
Cobb, Eliza 1G7 

Coburn, Elisha So 

John 79, 80 

Jonas 80 

Sarah (Livermore) 79 

Thomas 80 
Codman, Arthur A. 37S 

Henry 378 

Mary E. (Belknap) 37S 
Coffin, Emeline F. 232 

Hephzibah (Swain) 232 

Jared 232 

Mary E. 371 
Cogswell, Hannah 96 
Colby, Sibyl A. 126 
Collins, Betsey 196 

Flavins J. 2 18 

Harriet (Shepherd) 218 

Ida R. 218 

James T. 21S 

Josejihine T. (Osgood) 

Newton M. 218 

I'olly (Livermore) 21S 

Thaddeus 218 
Colt, Helen A. 329 
Coniins, Ix)uisa A. (Sibley) 

Thomas 196 
Comstock, Adaline 420 

P.etsey 103 

II. R. 266 

Harriet R. 266 

Hattie E. 266 

Rosa A. 147 

Ruth 112 
Conant, Hulda (Hobarl) 
I So 

John 180 

Sarah (Livermore) Kitt- 
redge 180 
Cone, Cyrus L. 267 

Julane (Bruffer) 267 

Marion J. 267 

Sophia P. (Livermore) 
Jackson 267 
Conger, Blanche (Cook) 342 

Cornelia M. 342 

Daniel 207, 342 

DeWitt 342 . . 

Elijah 207 

Ella (Cooper) 342 

Keoka (Smith) 342 

Melinda (Livermore) 207 

Melissa (Marsh) 341 

Mortimer L. 2C7, 341 

Polly (jaynes) 342 

Zayda 34 1 
Conkey, Blanche A. (Mos- 
crip) 3S9 

Carrie L. 3S9 


I.ivcniiorc FauiiJy 

Conkey, John K. 3S9 

Mary K. 3S9 

Robert MV i^^) 
Converse, Caroline (Turner) 
334. 433 

Dexter 334. .133 

KeU-cca A. 334, 433 
Cook, Andrew S. 205 

Anna (Cluiuncey) 19S 

Anna M. 3' 15 

Honj. W \ii 

Blanche 342 

Clara (Livermore) 96 

Ellen L. 397 

Frank C. 205 

Fred K. 205 

Horace 19S 

Joseph 96 

Lavinia 205 

Lynian i66 

Mabel K. 205 

Mary A. (tJleason) 166 

Mary C. 1 98 

Mary L. (Urackett) 123 

Miriam A. (Livermore) 

Susy (1 ivcMiiore) 90 
Cooke, Nancy 144 
Cooley, Mar)- 201 
Coolidge, Abigail 12 

Daniel 13, 17 

David 55 

ElLzabeih 12, 13, 17 

Grace 12, i6 

Hannah 12, 16 

Hannah (Livermore) I2 

Hepzibali 55 

John 11, 12, 17, 20 

Jonas 17 

Jonathan 12 

Ix)uisa 31 S 

Mary 12, 20, 21, 365 

Mary (Bond) 17 

Mary (Mixer) 55 

Mary (\\ clliiigion) Mad- 
dock) 20 

Nathaniel 17 

Richaid 12, 17 

Samuel 17 

Sarah 12, 13, 17 

Susanna 17 

Thaddeus 17 

\Villiam 17 
Coon, Abigail W. 34S 

Arlonine K. 349 
' Cooper, Klla 342 
' John 31 

Lydia -i,-i, 

Mary (Sherman) 31 
Corbett, Eunice (Hix) 207 

Coibett, Lydia W. 207 

I'hilip 207 
Coiby, Ixjvina A. 159 
Cotniick, Adaline (Liver- 
more) 103 

David 103 
Correll, Mary A. 3CKD 

Sarah J. 360 
Cortiif^ht, r.etsey (Liver- 
more) 147 

I'^dward 147 

James 147 

Nancy M. (Livermore) 

Coryell, Augusta (Mills) 272 

Cotting, Hepzibah ((Irant) 

Timothy 121 
Couch, Lucy 404 
Co win, Julia 210 
Cox, John ];. 419 

John T. 419 

Lillian C. (Sturdy) 419 

Mary 82 
Coy, Bela A. 326, 327 

Charles C. 326, 41S 

Charles L. 418 

Cora M. (Parker) 41S 

Daisy M. 418 

Debbie L 326, 417 

Delelte R. (Crandall) 326 

Dell 326,418 

Florence I. 418 

Frank 41S 

Helen D. 418 

Ida (Carter) 418 

Joe 418 

John F. 326, 41S 

Margaret (Hoi an) 418 

Marie 41S 

Mary D. 126 

Maud F. 418 

Nelson -^26 

Rachel 41S 

\V alter 418 
Craig. Pheba 147 
Craiii, Betsey A. 20S 
Crandall, Beth 329 

Cenah H. (Pettit) 1S6 

Charles H. 186 

Charles T. 32S, 41 S 

Deborah 186 

Delette R. 186, 326 

Edith NL 328 

Elizabeth (Bale) 329 

Eve 32S 

Frank 327 

Gwendoline 329 

Harry B. 327 

Crandall, Harry F. 327 

Helen L. 32S 

Imerta A. 1S6 

James I'. 186, 327 

Joan 329 

John N. 32S 

Joseph A. 187 

lx)uisa F. 1 86, 328 

Lulu B. 1 87 

Lysander E. 1S6, 327 

Mamie (Stoat) 327 

Margie 329 

Marietta (Ames) 327 

Martha E. (Slough) 41S 

Mary (Livermore) 186 

Mary T. 186 

Mildred 329 

Myrta R. 32S 

Nellie A. 327 

Nelson 1S6 

Netta 327 

Paul K. 419 

Phidelia 186 

Samuel X. 186, 329 

Sarah A. (I'artce) 327 

Scott 327 

Susannah 209 

Tacy (Tanner) 186 

Walter M. 186 

William 186, 329 
Crane, Julia 1S3 
Crause, Elizabeth 273 
Crawford, Eliza 163 
Crisler, John 218 

Martin 218 

Mary E. 218, 356 

Polly (Frank) 21S 

Ruth (Livermore) 218 
Crosby, Sarah M. 196 
Cross, Lucinda P>. 286 
Crowcll, Mariha 149 
Croziei, Mary E. 361 
Grumpier, Martha J. 201 
Cummings, Abby L. 330 

Grace W. 330 

Horace L. 330 

Polly 1 85 
Cunningham, Sarah B. 129 
Curran, Mary L. 318 
Currier, Eliza 175 
Curtis, Betsey (Livermore) 

Caroline (Smith) 171 

Emma 171 

Ezra 96 

Luther 171 

Mar)- 171 
Cushman, Cynthia (Adam.-) 

Daniel 1 1 5 



Ciitlcr, Addif 4 1 5 

Amelia 3S.1 

George 38.1 

Nettie S. 384 
Culting, Alfred I.. 309 

George W. 309 

Hannah Si, 176 

Josephine M. (l'.ro\Mi)309 

May C. (l.ivcrinore) 309 

Kirhard 36 

Thankful 36 
Daggett, ]5yron V.. 177 

Fanny 15. (Livcrniore) 
White 177 
l>anforth, Anna 14 

Susan C. 235 
Daniels, Aberdeen 371 

George 372 

Lemiia B. 202 

Kuth 43 

Sarah E. 371 
Darley, I^aura K. 247 
Darling, Joshua 191 

Roxalana 191 
Dart, Kli/abeth G. 315 
Dascomb, Abigail A. (Liv- 
ermore) 244 

Calvin 244 

Eliphalet V. 244 

Rachel 244 
Davidson, Matilda 303 
Davis, Addison 125 

Alice M. 425 

Betsey 1 1 1 

Eliza 19S 

Lydia L. (Wood) 125 

Mary A. (Livermore) 425 

Mary K. 291 

Rachel 19 

Reuben 425 
Dawson, Eli/ahcth 193 
Day, Albert H. 296 

Eli/a A. (Gleason) 296 

Eranklin E. 296 

George A. 296 

Henry S. 296 

Jennie A. 296 

Jennie M. (I'.elden) 296 

Joseph 32 

Minnie E. 296 

Priscilla (Livermore) 32 

Simeon S. 296 
Dean, Alice K. 415 

Arthur 415 

Laura E. (Fay) 415 

Leon A. 415 

I>e\%-is H. 415 
Dearborn, Susan 1',. 229 
De Festelics, Dwight L. H. 

De Festctics, Elsie C. IL 

l'"lsic T. (Haven) 429 

Gyula 429 
De Lany, Lydia \\. 3SS 
Delany, Mary ^L 279 
Demon, Mary 26S 
Derby, Caroline M. (Ab 
bott) 261 

George 261 
Devilbliss, C. 430 

Minerva \.. 430 
Dexter, Alvin 231 

Mary 231 

Mary A. 231 
Dickerson, Diana 404 
Dickinson, Carrie L. 311 

Frank E. 312 

Jeannie A. (Taylor) 311 

Joseph L. 31 1 

Ix)uis A. 311 

Mabel 312 

Ruby 312 

Willis W. 312 
Dickson, Charles 362 

Louisa F. 362 

Rebecca F. R. (Mills) 362 
Dillingham, Allina M. (Liv- 
ermore) 249 

Leonard P. 249 

Pitt 249 
Dix, Abigail (Livermore) 79 

Henry B. 79 

Jane 33 

Joel 79 

Jonas 23, 78, 79 

Lydia (Bemis) 23, 79 

Martha (Wellington) 79 

Mary 78, 79 
Dodd, Jane 160 
Dodge, Betsey R. (Liver- 
more) 174 

Clara 213 

Frank B. 174 

Izelte B. 174 
Donelson, Andrew J. 420 

Eliza M. (Howard) 419, 

Fidelia H. 420 

Naomi K. 420 

Sarah (Nelson) 420 

Thomas P. 420 
Doolittk, Eliza }L 182 

Jedidah 1S2 

Uri 1 82 
Doubleday, Elisha 1 1 1 

Julia (Livermore) Whip- 
ple 1 1 1 
Douglass, Elizal>eth 142 

Ellen P. (Goudy) 320 

Douglass, Forest 320 

Frederick M. 407 

Josie C. 407 

lillie J. (Livermore) 407 
Dow, Dorothy 14S 
Downing, Learned 243 

Lucinda 243 

Susan E. 243 
Dowse, (ieorge S. 123 

Martha A. (Bracket!) 123 
Draper, Albert L. 205 

John W. 205 

lavinia (C"ook) 205 

Minnie B. (Livermore) 
Drown, Marian (Kecly) 36S 

Mary A. B. 368 

Simeon 368 
Drum, Hattie 1S3 
Dudley, Abigail (Hotch- 
kins) 159 

Jane ^L 159 

Johanna 266 

Lyman i ^9 
Dunbar, Addie ^L (Pratt) 

Eben 121 

Mae L 314 
Duncan, Adaline 178 

EHza A. 201 
Duncklee, Betsey 232 

Betsey P. (Woodbury) 

Joseph 232 
Dunes, Emma A. 427 
Dunham, Asenath 277 
Dunk, Ellen F. (Livermore) 

Thomas J. P3. 224 
Dunlap, Jane 35 
Dunn, James C. 12S 
Dunton, Beulah (Liver- 
more) 26 

Levi 26 
Dutton, Hester R. 331 
Dwight, Elijah 46 

Orpha 1S9 

Sophia 374 
Dyer, p;ii7al>eth 253 

Jeremiah 55 

Lucy (Livermore) Huse 

Eads, Cornelia IQ7 
Eagles, Daniel W. 317 

Ellen A. (Stearns) 317 

Eva E. 31S 

Florence G. 31 S 

Howard A. 31 S 

Nettie L. 31S 
Earle, Mary 96 


Livcrviorc Fanii/y 

Eastwood, Charles K. 337 
Eric K. 35S 
Sidney K. 3-58 
Helen K. (Kingman) ^;^y 
Margaret J. (Johnston) 
Sidney S. 337 
Eaton, Claii"s-.a (Kimball) 
Joshua 22 
Lydia 22 

Lydia (Eivermore) 22 
Mary 212 
Rebecca 22 
Samuel 22 
Eddy, Kbi.iit.vxr 49 
Ruth 49, 106 
Ruth (Ward) 49 
Sarah 45 
Edminster, Elizabeth 291 
f:ells, Helen K. 377, 37S 
Eels, Maiy 250 
Egylcston, Sfbyl 150 
Eldredge, Almira (Liver 
more) Smith 155 
Slorrs I :;:; 
Ellenwood, Kcbecca (P.en 
jamin) Livcnnore 30 
Saraii 131^ 
Thomas t^o 
Elliott, Ada .pg 
Caroline A. 420 
Luell W. 347 
Mary E. (Potter) 347 
Elhs, Amelia A. 270 
Stella (Hanna) 272 
Thaddeus 272 
Warren 270 
Elton, Lncy 23 
Ely, Charlotte L. 330 
Elizabeth (Cilmore) 330 
Lucius 330 
Emerson, Fannie B. 313 
George E. 3 1 3 
George W.' 3 1 2 
Martha A. (Livermore) 
Theodo.sia 377 
Emer)-, Ellen V. 253 
Jennette (Lorinq)' 2S'l 
Sarah J. 253 
Sarah (Stowell) 253 
Stephen 253 
English, Alt.-n K. 3SS 
Analdo M. 271 
Aurabelle (;. (Gardiner) 
Uelah (Harlow) 3S7 
Elvia ];. 271. 3S7 
Emily (Livermore) 271 

Jinghsh, Ernest A. 271 
Euler K. 271, 3S7 
Inelah ^L 271, 3,S7 
Jc>sie J. 271 
Lena A. 271, 3SS 
Mary K. 3SS 
Minette C. 271 
Nathan F. 271, 3SS 
Oral D. 271 
Viola J. 271. 3S7 
Estes, Cornelia (Lads) 197 
Fannie 197 
Jejjtha D. 197 
Evans, Katharine 356 
Persis W. 120 
Sarah 51 
Eveleth, Elizabeth 113 
Ewing, Calista (Livermore) 
16S ' 

lAither B. 16S 
Fabyan, Emma F. 30S 
Mary S. (Howe) 30S 
Samuel 30S 
Fairbairn, Guy 190 
Louis 190 

Lulu J. (Vance) 190 
Fairbanks, Clarissa A. (Pot- 
ter) 346 
Levi R. 34G 
Fancher, Calista A. (Liver- 
more) 294 
Charles E. 295 
George W. 294 
Jennie M. 295 
Lena B. 295 
Leon L. 295 
Sophia I. 295 
Farnham, Alice A. -,52 
Farnsworth, Asenath (Wa- 
ters) 156 
Joseph 156 

Margaret B. (Longley) 
Samuel 223 
Sophia 156 
Fan, Winona 3S2 
Farrar, Elizabeth L. (Up- 
ham) 199 
Henry 199 
Farwell, Abbie 177 

Abigail G. (Tavlor) 177 
John V. 177 ■ 
Faulkner, Ruth 306 
Faxon, Catharine (Cham- 
b< rlain) 172 
Hannah W. 22S 
James 172 

Martha (Adams) 22S 
Su>an 172 
William 22S 

Fay, Adaline E. (Liver 
more) 178 

Adaline J. (Livermore) 
Addie (Cutler) 415 
Alice M. 314 
Anna (Bingham) 314 
Catherine 3S1 
Clara S. (Hyland) 415 
Edward H. 3S1 
Elizalxiii L. (Pickman) 

Enos G. 415 
" Fred. 178 
Frederick H. 313, 415 
George H. 314 
Gerould V.. 313 
Gertrude (Hinsdeli) 314 
Harvey G. 314 
Herbert K. 314, 415 
Julia 1„ 413 
I^ura E. 314. 415 
Lucy A. 41 1; 
i^L1e L (Dunbar) 314 
Martin K. 314 
Mary (Ilalpin) 314 
Oscar H. 314 
Paul E. 415 
Richard S. 3S1 
Sarah L. (Abbott) "iSt 
Walter M. 3,4 ' 
William P. 3S1 
Felton, Benjamin 97 
Joanna 36 

Milky (JJvermore) 97 
Fenkin, Catherine ^L 376 
Fenner, Ada I. 399 

Adeline (Livermore) 283, 
Ann E. 2S4, 292 
Charies 2S4 
Charles H. 399 
Frederick 2S4, 399 
George L. 283 
George W . 39Q 
Hattie A. (Van Horn) 
Ixander 2S4 
l.illie A. 399 
Mary B. 399 
KelK'cca 163, 2S4 
William 2S3. 292 
Ferguson, Amy E. 426 
Clara (Rolf) 426 
Elizabeth W. 204 
Margaret (Stowell) 204 
Selden K. 204 
Thomas T. 426 
F'ick, Maria 391 
Field, Phebe 17S 



KicKls, Olive S. 171 
l-itkld, Ccorj^o \V. 520 

Sarah I.. 320 

Saiah (Morrill) JJO 
I imi, Klonjiii c A. (Iliiiton) 
1 16 

James C. .p6 

Joliii C.4if. 
Kiiiuaii, Mary I''. r6S 
I'ish, Clara 1'. (l.ivcrmorc) 


Krlaud F. 375 

Kri-clerick I 3S 

Frederick I.. 375 

Frederick 1'. 375 

Margaret A. 375 

Maiy J. (I'erry) 375 

Mary (Liverniore) 13S 
Fisher, Anna 230 

Anna J. 230 

Austin W. 370 

lienjamin F. 123 

Caroline L. 230 

Clarissa A. (Hernard) 369 

Fliza I^. 230 

Ellen M. 230 

(ieorge 122, 229, 230 

C.eorge \V. 230 

C.ertiude I. 370 

Hannah C. (Teele) 229 

Harriet E. 230 

Jabez 122, 230 

Jabez F. 230, 369 

Jalx;z W. 370 

Lizzie L. 230 

Lucy B. (Homer) 230 

I.ydia S. 323 

Mary L. 230, 369 

Oliver 123 

Ko.xanna (lUuion) 230 

Sarah 122 

Sarah C. 230 

Sarah L. 122, 230 

Sarah (l.ivermore) 122 
Fisk, Dyanthia (Livermore) 


llep/ibah iS 
Fiske, Abigail (While) 135 
Abijah !>. 135 
Anna 28 

Anna (Ueniis) 2}, 
Anna Si. 135 
Daniel 17 
Fiijah 135 
IJizabeth 17, 35 
Francis 133 
(irace 17 
Hannah 17 
Henry 17 
Josiah 17 

Fiske, Luke 135 

l.ydia 135 

I.ydia (l-ivernrore) 135 

Nathan 17 

Samuel 17, 23, 135 

Sarali 17 

Sarah (Coorulge) 17 

Sarah J. 135 

Sarah (Livermore) 135 
Fitch, Arthur 272 

Betsey J. 393 

l^ois (Habcock) 21 1 

Maud (Hanna) 272 

Nancy (Hlood) 222 

I'atten 21 1 

Tacy 14. 211 
Fills, Chloe (White) 1 i i 

Daniel iii 

Diantha 112 

Elisha L. 112 

Emeline 112 

Lorinda 1 12 

Fitts, Lydia (Liverniore) 

Martha 16S 

Sarah (Merriam) 16S 

Ti rzah 1 1 2 

Walter 1 68 
Flagg, Hannah 146 

Mary 19, 39 
P'landers, Sarah 172 
Fleu lier, Mercy 260 
Fhnt, John 93 

Mary 93 
Flower, Clara A. (Howard) 

Estelle H. 420 

Florence 420 

James 420 

Minerva (Scott) 420 

Richard 420 
Floyd, Alice (Taylor) 310 

Clara S. 329 

Cyrus 329 

Sophronia A. (Anderson) 

William B. 310 

Follett, 191 

Folsom, Benjamin 273 

Caroline (Mj^llory) 273 

Eva L. 279 

Florence (Maclem) 279 

George V. 279 

Grosvenor 279 

Helen S. F. (Livermore) 

Jenny S. 279, 392 

Lucinda 273 

Martha (Foster) 279 

Mary M. (Delany) 279 

Folsoni, Mary O. 279, 392 

I'aul F. 279 

Raymond 273 

Rebecca (Raymond) 273 

Sarali H. 279 

'I'itus 1'. 279 
Fool, Frederick 341 

Zayda (Congi;r) 341 
Forbes, Harriet l). 410 
Ford, Arlliur L. 264 

Edward L. 264 

James K. 264 

lames L. 264 

Jx)uisa (Livermore) 264 

Mary K. 264 
Foresman, Eddy 326 

Eliza J. (Liverniore) 326 

Elvira L. 326 

Ix)uie B. 326 

Nellie M. 326 

Robert 326 

Sally 32O 
Fort, Kate M. (Livermore) 

John H. 194 

William M. 194 
Foskit, Dwight 149 

J^rin F. 149 

Nancy 149 

Sophia (Livermore) 149 
Foster, Ai E. 353 

Clark O. 352 

Dorothy 1 1 5 

Edward 1 1. 3S2 

Edward R. 352 

Edwin D. 352 

Grace -553 

Harry 1,. 353 

Harvey A. 3S2 

Ina A. (Livermore) 353 

Louisa A. (Livermore) 

lx)uise E. 352 
Mabel 353 
Martha 279 
Mary F. (Montgomery) 


Re. G. 352 

Winona (harr) 382 
Fowler, Annie S. 3S0 

Nancy M. 3<)0 
?"rair, Alice A. 212 
Frank, Tolly 21S 
Frasier, Minnie G. 3S6 
Fra/ine, Emily (Livermore) 

Floyd 210 

Henry 210 
French, Agnes (Norval) 397 

Anna (Seward) 282 


Lh-crmorc Fnnii/y 

French, lOienczer S. 282 

Elizahcih 2S3, 398 

Klk-n 1-. (Cook) 3<)7 

Uepzibcth 283 

Kit C. 2S3 

Lucius 2S3, 397 

Mary 2 S3. 39S 

Mena K. (Koclor) 2S3 

Nellie 39S 

Olive 2S3, 398 

Orin 28} 
Freutul, .NKiry E. (Bdknai)) 
Codnum 378 

Robert -,78 
Fulhatn [liillain], Fiancis 


Sarah (I.ivLTiiiore) i.^ 
Fuller, Abijah 137 

Annie 152 

Betsey 220 

Beulah C. 365 

Cerulia (Tommis) 276 

David A. 234 

Derrick 119 

Edwin 152 

Elvina 152 

Emn\eline C. 234 

Eunice M. 137 

Eunice (Morse) 137 

Frances C. 276 

Grace M. 234 

Helen S. 23^4 

Jennie (Warren) 330 

John 142, 276 

John U. 234 

John K. 152 

Jotham 2^4 

Lura (Chase) Livermore 

l-vdla A. 234, 370 

Ma-gio (Shepard) 1 52 

Marshall ^30 

Martha M. (Wood) 233, 


Mary (l.ivumiore) 119 

Mary (Teitit) 152 

Robert 152 

Samuel A. 234 

Thomas S. 234 
Gage, Milky 97 
Galbrailh, hli/.ibcth E. 243 

John 243 

Kachei 24 3 
Gale, Kli/abcth 27 

Elmond 47 

Louisa (l.ivcrmore) 47 

Nehemiah 47 

Rufus 47 

Ruth (Marsh) 47 
Galubha, Charles L. 3S9 

Galusha. Heb.n M. (Weav- 
er) 389 

J.-sse 389 

Lillian E. 389 

Maud 389 

Reuben II. 389 
Gamble, Alice (Livermore) 

John W. 293 

Orpha J. (Livermore) 354 

Richmond R. 354 

Ward 293 

William II. 354 
Gardiner, Aurabelle G. 271 

I'.enjamin 174 

Ketsey (Livermore) 174 

Daniel 174 

Deborah L. (Gee) 1S7 

George 174 

Henr)' R. 174 

John 174 

Lewis 174 

Lydia 174 

Mar)- A. (Gould) 174 

Mary D. 174 

Mary E. (Hutk-r) 174 

Minnie (Ready) 174 

Nathan A. 1S7 

Phebe 174 
Gardner, Amanda 36S 

Arthur L. 427 

Celinea 242 

Charles A. 427 

Ella C. 368 

Jennie (Symnies) 427 

I.oring 368 

Lucy F. 2S7 

Mary C. 307 
Garfield, .A.nna 39 

Elisha 23 

Lydia (Livermore) 24 

Mary 34, 74 

Mercy (Higt'low) 39 

Samuel 24 

Susanna (Hemis) 23 

Thomas 39 
Garner, Abbie B. 321 

Albert T. 321 

Alfred H. 321 

Ethel J. 321 

Ix)uella 1). 321 

Martha A. (I'.enton) 321 
Gates, Elizabeth 50 

Ixjuisa 191 

Marina 184 
Gaymon, Charles E. 407 

Esther A. (Livermore) 

Harold 407 

RoIIa H. 407 

Gee, Charles B. 187 

Deborah L. 187 

Ella (I'almer) 1S7 

Hiram R. 187 

jenny (Baldwin) 187 

Lark A. 187 

Margaret E. 187 

.Mary A. (Reynolds) 187 

Nancy V.. 1S7 

Rachel J. 187 

Sally (Livermore) 187 

Sarah R. 187 

Thomas 187 
Geer, Alice 40S 

Aha 408 

Archie 40^ 

Belva 408 

Lizzie (Livermore) 408 

Warren 408 
George, Lula 349 

Susanna 19 
Giffin, Alice M. (Livingston) 

Anna (Page) 265 

Anson 265 

Charles II. 335 

Cynthia 265 

Eugene 3S2 

Lucy G.'(Pellett) 335 

Mary M. 335 
Gilbert, Clara 28S 

Margaret (Pike) 2S8 

Mary 248 

Royal 288 
Gilchrist, Catharine (McCol- 
lom) 275 

James H. 275 

Margaret 275 
Giles, Benjamin 139 

Eleazer 139 

Nancy (Williams) 139 

Sally 171 

Sarah (Ellenwood) 139 
Gillespie, Adam M. 39S 

Addie M. (Seward) 39S 

Charles S. 398 

Ivdward C. 399 

Homer F. 399 

Ixaren I^uis 399 

Luella I. 399 

Sadie E. 39S 
Gillett, Chester J. 394 

Phena 1). (Livermore) 394 
Gil more, Elizabeth 330 
Gilson, Annie L. 361 

Henrv R. 3^)1 

Isabella 11. 361 

John 3C1 

John L. 361 

Joshua 361 



C.ilson, Mary 361 

Robert I'". 3f>i 

Sarah E. (I.iverniore) 361 

William J. 361 
(ileasuu, Ahiyail (Stone) 
Liveniiorc 24 

Achsah ?ip 

Adaliiu' (Kay) 295 

Alk-n ir.6 

Alta K. ^93 

Ueiijainiii 1 66 

Caroline- 3S4 

Caroline M. 3S3, 384 

Carrie L. 295 

Charles \V. 295 

David B. 384 

Kli/.a A. 166, 296 

Elizabeth 78 

Eli^-ibeth (Clarke) 78 

Etta A. 295 

Isaac 14. 7S 

Josiah 165, 2g5 

Lydia (Liveimore) 166 

Martha (I.ivermore) 14 

Mary A. 16.6 

Mason 166 

Koxanna A. (Chase) 295 

Samuel 24 

Warren 166, 295 
Gle/en, Bell C. 405 

Cleon V>. 405 

Clifford J. 405 

Edith M. 405 

Emeliiie !•'. (Livermore) 

Emma B. (Clark) 404 

Emmagene (Olds) 2SS 

Frank E. 2S>S, 404 

Grace L. 405 

James K. 2SS, 405 

Jennie E. (lyjbdcll) 404 

Lew-is M. 2SS 

Eillian 405 

Marshall M. 2SS 

Matilda (llriggs) 288 

Mat tie A. (Jt-nnings) 405 

Morcena 28S 

Russell I,. 2SS 

Sarah l".. 288, 405 
Glion, Callieiine 279 
Glover, I'olly (Terry) 79 
Gloyne, Carrn E. 391 

Caroline W. (Chamber- 
lin) 391 

Louise (Eivermore) 391 

Nelly M. 391 

Samuel 3 ji 
Goddard, Ciiarles W. 243 

Elbridge 243 

Electa' 177 

Goddard, Joseph 11. 243 

Josiah 19 

Mary (Bigelow) 19 

Raciiel (Davis) 19 

Sarah L. 243 

Sarah (I.ivermore) 243 
Godding, Hannah 76 
Goldthwait, l.auia 169 
Goodale, Lucy 100 

Nancy 273 
Goodenow, John 20 

Mar}- (Livermore) 20 
CJoodwin, Almira J. 393 

Carrie L. 393 

I. F. 393 

Nathaniel 33 

Ruth (Livermore) ^^i 
Gore, John 33 

Jonathan t^t^ 

Lydia (Cooper) -1,1 

Mary ^i, 

Nathaniel t^i, 

Sarah ^ 

Tabitha (Livermore) 33 
Gorham, Celeste A. 3S5 
CSorton, De Maur 343 

Jennie 343, 422 

Orlando 343 

Sarah (Livennore) 343 
Gottfredsen, Frederick 323 

Jacob R. 323 

Mary (Head) Welles 323 
Goudy, Abbie E. 320 

Caroline (Benton) 320 

Charles H. 320 

Ellen P. 320 

John S. 320 

Lucy A. 320 

Mary A. 320 

Thomas A. 320 

William C. 320 
Gould, Mary A. 174 

Sally 98 
Goulding, Mrs. 150 
Gove, Elizabeth 136 

Tabitha 127 
Graham, Mary (Warren) 330 

William 330 
Granger, Addison 213 

Henry S. 286 

Jane 286 

Mary A. (Kingsley) 213 

Nancy (Sutton) 2S6 
Grant, Charles 121 

Christopher I2i 

Hepzibah 121 

Hepzibah (Livermore) 
121, 225 

Joshua 121, 225 

Sarah 121 

Grant, Sarah C. 121, 225 
(iraton, Alwin S. 393 

Clara B. 392, 393 

I-ouisa 1'. 393 
Giaves, Anna 42, 90 

Betsey E. 249 

Emily C. (Livermore) 178 

Rebecca 213 

Zebina K. 178 
Gray, Abigail (Livermore) 
Keyes 80 

Mary J. 424 

Timothy 80 
Green, Abigail 250 

Alb. rt C. 353 

Anna (Livermore) no 

Ann E. no 

Annis 209 

Caroline (Clarke) 353 

Clayton C. 353 

Edwaid J. 209 

Izora A. (livermore) 353 

James 1 10 

John 1 10 

John M. 353 

Sarah 47 

Susannah (Crandail) 209 

William B. 353 

William F. 353 
Greene, I'.dith M. 384 

Edna F. 384 

Edna K. 384 

Frank 1'. 3S4 

Haltie E. (Livermore) 384 

I'aschal L. 384 
Greenwood, Mary (Liver- 
more) 30 

Susanna n2 
Gregg, Elizabeth B. (Liv- 
ermore) 260 

Henrv L. 260 
Griffin, Maria A. 16S 
Griswold, Mahala A. (Hew- 
lett) 241 

Manfred M. 241 

Mary H. 241 

Sarah 147 
Grosvenor, Adeline S. 156 

Caroline M. 156 

Daniel 156 

E])enczer O. 94, 156, 278 

Elliott O. 278 

Harriet 156. 279 

Harriet (Wood) 27S 

Ira R. 156, 278 

Irene 278 

Mary A. 156 

Mary A. (f.ivermore) 156 

Sarah .\. (Champlin) 278 

Sarah (Wood) 278 


Livcrvici c luxmily 

^ Grosvcnor, Winlhrop :?7S 
Grounds, Su>aii 366 
Grout, Alict 10. 387 

AIiiiLr 3S7 

Arthur 387 

Kduaid L. 109 

Kli/alKth 13 

CJcorj;!.- F. 109 

Hannah (N)f) 109 

Herbert 3S7 

Intlah M. (Knglish) 3S7 

Jercmiali 109 

John 13 

Mabel N. 3S7 

Mary E. (l.ivermore) 109 

Sarali (liu^by) 13 

William A. 3S7 
Guernsey, Saiah M. 2S4 
Guile, Helen 403 

Louise (1-ivermore) 403 

William 1,. 403 
Ilagar, Abi-ail 39,99 

IJenjamin 28 

Dinah 23 

Grace 28, 76 

Grace (Higtlow) 28 

Isaac 28 

Jonathan 28 

Joseph 28 

I-ydia 28. 120 

Mary (Flagg) 39 

Mehilable 18 

Sarah (Ueiijamin) 28 

Uriah 28 

William 28, 39 
Haight, La llelle 209 

Marian (Livermore) 209 

William 209 
Hale, Kliijabeth 115 

Helen L. L. 421 

Sylvia 125 
Hall, Abigail (Slocum) 170 

Almira (Trince) 313 

Angenette 313 

Anne H. 379 

Betsey (Livermore) 107 

Carrie L. 203 

Clara U. 379 

Cyrena 195 

David 313 

Dudley 379 

Edmund 1". 170 

Electa S. 170 

Eugene W. 203 

Hannah 15. 203 

Harriet 238 

John K. 203 

Julia K. 203 

Maria C. 203 

Mary E. 203 

Hall, Mary L. (Livermore) 
Mary L. (St<.( kwell) 1 12 
Mehitable J. 1.. (Haven) 


Sadie 1'. 203 
Halpin, Mary 314 
Halstead, Amo^ !■'.. 394 

Edith 11. (Wolf) J94 

George V.. 374 
Hamilton, Adeie W. (liv- 
ermore) ■T,2,>\ 

Alexander 338 

Alma E. 338 

Anne A. W. 338 

Chariotle M. 338 

Esther L. 338 
Hamlin, Adaline 253 

Augustus C. 253 

Anna 142 

Anna (Livermore) 141 

Chades 255 

Cyrus 141, 142, 255 

Eleazer 141 

Elijah L. 142, 253 

Eliza 142 

Eliza R (Choate) 253 

Ellen V. (Emery) 253 

Frank 255 

George E. 255 

Hannah L. 142 

Hannibal 3, 142, 253 

Hannibal E. 255 

Julia 253 

Lydia (Bonncy) 141 

Sarah j. 255 

Sarah j. (Hnv.ry) 253 

Vesta 142 
Hammond, Calvin 288 

Elizabeth 79 

Elizabeth (Kendrick) 79 

Elizabeth (I'l entice) 79 

Elizabeth (Sa.xton) 2S8 

Joshua 79 

Martha A. 231 

Mary (Livermore) 79 

Rebecca 90, 97 

Sarah Fl. 288 

William 79 
Hampton, Cora 299 
Hanaford, Martha 175 
Hancock, Clara L. (living- 
ston) 382 

John E. 382 
Handly, Emeline E. 158 
Hanna, Adelberl 272 

Edward 272 

Ernest 272 

Estella'(Catlin) 272 

Frederick 272 

Hanna, George L 272 

lane (Raynwnd) 272 

Mary (MilN) 272 

Maud 272 

Stella 272 

William 272 
Hardwood, Alice 406 
Hardy, Lucy (Livermore) 


Kufus 39 
Harlow, I)elah 387 
Haipole, diaries H. 359 

Cleveland V. 359 

Fannie L. 359 

I^nia M. 359 

lx)t L. 359 ^ 

Marion DeK. 359 

Mary A. (Livermore) 359 

Mary E. 359 

Nancy E. 359 

Paul O. 359 

Sarah E. 359 

William M. 359 
Harrell, Alfred 324 

Louisa A. (Ward) 324 

Mollie 324 
Harrington, Abiel (I'arker) 

Abigail 19 

Abigail (Bigelow) 23 
Abigail (Stearns) 29 
Abijah 25 
Anna 19 
Benjamin 23 
Heulah 77 
Daniel 1 5, 36 
Elizabeth 19 
Elizabeth (Bond) 25 
George 36 
Grace 19 
Grace (Hagar) 76 
Grace (Livermore) 19 
Hannah 36 
Jonas 25, 29 
Jonathan 76 
Lydia 76 
Mary 23, 29, 32 
Phebe 126 
Prudence 19 
Robert 19 
Samuel 19 
Sarali 15 

Sarah (Livermore) 25 
Sarah (Whitney) 15 
Susanna (George) 19 
Thankful 23, 30, 44 
Harris, Betsey J. (Fitch) 393 
David C. 393 
Martha A. 302 
Mehitable 143 



Ilariis, MuhitaMe (Rogers) 


Robert 143 

Stella G. 393 

Susan 2i,b 
Harrison, I. E. T. .joy 

J. M. 409 
Hartford, Jolin 91 

Mary (LivLrnioro) Qr 
Ilarilian, Sarah ). 277 
llartman, Carroll S. z-] -^ 

Kiiima (Harnes) 273 
Hartwell, Carrie A. rSo 

Hannah 2S0 

Jo^L])h 2S0 
HarvKOod, Abel 76 

Nancy 76 

Nancy (Livermore) 76 

Otis 76 
Haskell, Ella N. 40S 

Mattie 113 
Ha;.tings, Aljihon/.o \V. 124 

Annie P. 2j6 

Arabella L. (Luni) 124 

Charles 126 

Edward H. 232 


Eli/aucth 38, 97 

Elsy (Shaw) 51 

Emeline V. (Coffin) 232 

Fanny A. 235 

Fanny L. 126, 236 

Francina A. 1 24 

Francis B. 235 

George N. 232 

George S. 236 

George W. 126, z-^G 

Grace (T-iverniore) 22 

Harriet (Holland) 232 

Henry IS. 232 

Jeriisha A. (Randal!) 2V'' 

John -?S 

Joseph 126 

Joseph H. 235 

Joseph O. 236 

Jx-ander N. 124 

lx)ui?>a H. (Smith) 23C 

Louisa (Meyci>) 23G 

Lucy A. 235 

Lydia (Nclsun) 123 , 

Martha (l.iverniorc) 123 

Martha K. 124, 2 -,2 

Marv E. 124 

Mclinila (l.iverniore) 126 

M..rcy (Ward) 3S 

Miriam 51 

Nathaniel W. i2('>, 235 

kachel (Ijvermoic) 51 

Samuel 123 

Sarah 124 

Hastin-s, Sarah M. 23C 
Susan 235 
Susan C. (Danforih) 235 

Thomas 123 

Thomas N. 124, 232 
Waitstitl 51 
William 235 

William E. 232 

William N. 126 
Hatch, l.ydia 1 10 
Hatfield, 'l;>Jlsey (Lee) 197 

Jonathan 197 

Susan 197 
Haven, Albert 3S0 

Anne S. 259, 37S 

Belle 3S0 

Caroline ]!. 379 

Caroline L. 259, 378 

Clarissa 260 

Edward St. L. L. 259 

Kliza \\. 259 

Elsie T. 37(;, 429 

Emily (Bradley) Neal 379 

Frances A. 260 

Helen E. 260 

Helen T. 260 

Ixjuis G. 379 

Margaret (.Nlarshall) 259 

Mary E. 379 

Matilda L. 260, 380 

Mehitable J. L. 260, 379 

Mehilable J. (Livermore) 

Nathaniel 380 

Nathaniel A. 260, 379 

Sallie ]'. 380 

Sallie (Perkins) 379 

Samuel 259 

Samuel L. 260, 379 

Thomas 259 
Hawes, Adelphia U. (Liv- 
ermore) 270 

George A. 270 
Hayes, Charles J. 2S8 

Elizabeth T. 180 

Mary R. (Howland) 28S 
Hazcltine, Albert 349 

Annis E. 349 

Cora E. 349 

Ella J. 349 

Fred. L. 349 

Jesse 349 

Lois A. (Livermore) 349 

Lula (Cieor^e) 349 
Ha/en, jacol) P. 365 

Kate E. (Bancroft) 365 

Priscilla 32 
Head. A del la M. 1S3 

Alice A. 184 

Amelia E. (Munson) 1S3 

1 lead, .^nnie M. (Newcomer) 

B< rtha B. 417 

Ikrtha E. 322 

Clara A. 183, 322 

Clarence E. 417 

Cyrus 104 

Daniel 104, 183 

Daniel O. 322 

Dot E. 184 

Eliza H. (Doolittle) 1S2 

Emma G. 184 

Eugene R. 322, 417 

Florence A. 184, 323 

Frances M. 322 

Frank G. 183 

Frederic S. 322 

George D. 182, 322 

George W. 104, 183 

(iladys M. 183 

Harriet 184 

Harvey 104 

ILittie (Drum) 183 

Helen F. 184 

Henry E. 322 

Hepsibeth (Livermore) 

Ida B. 322 

Jenny L. 184, 323 

John Q. 1 84 

Jonathan 103 

Jonathan E. 104 

Jonathan L. 182 

Julia (Crane) 1S3 

Kittie D. 322, 417 

Lysander 104 

Mary 184. 323 

Mary E. 182, 322 

Man,' E. (Se.xton) 322 

Mar) J. (Tradewell) 184 

Mary S. (Raymond) 1S4 

Medora 1S4 

Mildred R. (Lewis) 417 

Miranda 104, 1S2 

Orren W. 104, 183 

Orson S. 104, 184 

Ralph 104, 182 

Ruth (Little) 103 

Sarah C.(P.artktt) 183,184 
. Sarah E. 184 
• Sarah M. 104, 1S4 

William J. 184 
Hcilig, Charles E. 427 

Emma A. (Dunes) 427 

Lucy 427 
Hemnie, Ella (Taylor) 310 

William 310 
Henderson. Albert D. 233 

Gertrude W. (Livcrrr.ort) 


/ ii w nil ore la in ily 

Henderson, II. Albi'it :! ]j 

llannali M. 2-},-}, 

Mildred 233 
llenshaw, Adelaide 1,. lyj, 

Ann J. T.. 193 
l?eitha \V. 332 
Daniil 103 
Daniel W. 332 
Dianlha (Livtrmorc) 19', 
Elisc {:. y,i 
Klla M. (Stevens) 332 
Kthridgt (;. 193 
Frederii k K. 193, 332 

Helen K. 193. iy- " 

Irnia F. 332 

Mary J. 193 

Raymond S. 332 
Herriman, Mary (Liver- 
more) 154 

Norman 154 
Hewin, Eunice (Liverniore) 

Willard J4S 
Ilew-itt, Elvira L. (Fores- 
man) 326 

Heniy 326 
Heywood, Cuatia 154 
Higgins, Elbiidge 237 

Frances H. 237 

Frank E. 237 

Gcorgianna M. 237 

Lucy 43 

Mar)' E. 237 

Mary 1. (I ivcrmore) 237 
Ilildrelh, ^Ulis^a 363 

Sarah 74 
Hill, Amos 127 

Catherine M. (l-'enkin) 

Clara G. 410 

Elizabeth 15. (Livermorc) 

P^rma L. 410 

Erw-in L. 410 

George 376 

Lula M. 410 

Margaret 127 

Martha A. (Searles) 410 

Mary E. 376 

Timothy D. 127 
Hills, Ella C. (Gardner) 36S 
Hinsdell, Geitiude 314 
Hitchcock, Ab< 1 52 

Abigail K. 52 

Abigail (King) 52 

Bethiah (Hurt) 52 

Elizabeth 52 

Ezra 52 

Gaius 52 

ilitdicock, Hannah 52 

Hannah (Liverniore) 52 

James ]!. 52 

John 52 

Joseph 52 

Marsena 52 

I'ersis 52 

I'oliy (Miller) 52 

Rebecca 52 

Sally (Winslow) 52 

Seih 52 
Ilix, Eunice 207 
llobart, Hulda iSo 
llobbs, George !./> 

Mary A. (Sibley) 196 

Richard 15 

Sarah (Liverniore) 15 

'labitha 42 
Hobby, Mary M. 13S 
Hodge, Ueatrice M. 390 

Clara E. 390 

I'Lsther K. 390 

Everett A. 390 

Harvey A. 390 

Ida M. (P.aldwin) 390 

Nancy M. (Fowhr) 390 
Hodgman, Almira 1'.. 269 
Hoffman, Eslelle 206 
Hopoboom, Helen 114 

Maty (liidwell) 1 14 

Nicholas 1 14 

I'erry 114 

Rachel E. (IJveimore) 
Holbrook, Ebenezer 267 

Mary 267 

Mary (Chamberlain) 267 
Holconib, Sarali 203 
Holden, Almond M. 223 

Catherine B. 223 

Catherine (Liverniore) 

Granville 223 

Nathaniel 223 
Holland, Ephiaim 232 

(Jeoige A. 203 

Harriet 232 

Harriet (Mead) 232 

Jessie A. 203 

Martha 203 
HollenUck, Ellen 272 
Hollingsworth, Janics 107 

Serai)li (Liverniore) 107 
Holman, I^ura A. 136 

Marv 136 

Silas 136 
Holmes, Alice L. 340 

Alonzo ^40 

Helen (Childs) 340 

Job 142 

Holmes, laura F. 317 

Vesta (Hamlin) 142 
Homaiis, Sarah 37S 
Homer, Susan H. 261 
Holt, Daniel 243 

Dortas 243 

Dorcas (Abbot) 243 
Hood, Ainclia A. (Ellis) 270 
Hoogs, Faith S. 227 

Faith (Scaverns) 227 

G -orge \V. 227 
Hooker, Hannah J. (Liver 
more) 2('.7 

Julius T. 267 
Hooper, Ella !•;. (Lyon) 2S2 

Robeit E. 2S2 
Hopkins, Lydia M. 149 
Hojjper, Sarah F. 361 
Hoian, Margaret 418 
Horr, Adin J. 300 

Ervin J. 300 

James n. 299 

Rebecca H. (IJvermore) 
Horton, l,aura 405 
Hosmer, Lucy H. 230 
Hotaling, Minnie jNI. 291 
Hotchkin.s, Abigail 159 
Houghton, Adaline (Com- 
stock) 420 

Clara F. 420 

Effie H. 420 

P'.stelle (Howard) ^20 

George G. 420 

Warren F. 420 
Houk, Angelinc 2S3 
House, Alford 404 

Lucy (Couch) 404 

Sarah A. 404 
Hovey, Alvali loi 

Augusta M. (Rice) loi 

Caroline M. (Grosvenor) 

Eunice 1 27 

Horace M. 156 

riiineas Y>. 127 
How, Ruth 44 
Howard, Adelia 294 

Alexander 294 

Amelia 294 

Amelia (Howard) 294 

Anna 4S 

Barnard 76 

Bertha K. 294, 408 

Clara A. 340, 420 

Eliza M. 340. 4 '9 

Eliza (Stuait) 340 

Ella N. (Haskell) 40S 

Est ell e 340, 420 

Eugene R. 294 



Howard, Fanny iCjS 

Fidelia (Livmnore) 3<io 

Franklin 315 

Grace 40S 

Hannah (l.i\ trn>orc) 76 

Horace L. 40S 

Hugh n. 40S 

Juliet (l.ivcrnion.) z<)\ 

Mary 48, 315 

Maiy A. 315 

Nalhanitl 340 

Newell 1,. 294, 408 

Robert S. ^40 

Wilbur I. r.;t 
Howe, Abbif M. (Liver- 
more) 364 

Albert 2Z7, 

Amy E. 364 

Anna S. 294, 409 

Caroline (Ktiili) 233 . 

Charles ]5. 204 

Charles D. 364 

Charles G. 364 

Darius IJ. 294 

Edwin J. 294 

Frederick L. 364 

Helen F. 233 

James 100 

Jonah 51 

Lavinia 51 

Lewis K. 364 

Lucy (Goodalc) 100 

Marian G. 364 

Mar)' A. (Livermore) 294 

Mary S. 30S 

Nancy H. 364 

Otis 100 

Sally (Livermore) 100 

Sarah 42 

Sarah (Newtun) 51 

William 364 
Ilowtll. Carmon 1». 236 

Sarah .\L (lla.-tings) 236 
1 lowland, Abigail (Ijver- 
morc) 2S7 

Ann U. (Livermore) 284 

Annie 407 

Charles 284 

Charies S. 2SS, 404 

Clara 399 

Edwin G. 404 

F:ila E. ((^ady) 404 

George 2S4 

George S. 2S7, 404 

Herbert 404 

Isaac 162, 398 

Mary (French) 39S 

Mary K. 288. 404 

Nellie A. 39S. 432 

Oresta 399, 407 

IIowland,Ort.bta (I fowlaiid) 
399. 407 

Orson ^gi;. 407 

Karhol A. (Livermore) 

Sarah A. (House) 404 

Stephen 15. 287, 404 197 

William '1'. 404 
llowlett, Mahala A. 241 
lloyt, Catharitie 172 

Catharine (Livermore) 

Francis 172 

George K. 172 

Sarah (Flander.-) 172 
Hubbaid, Addie M. 315 

Albert 314 

Charles A. 314 

Daniel 25 

Eli/abeth G. 263 

Ezra L. 315 

Frank K. 315 

Hannah C. (Livermore) 

Henry 263 

Herbert 314 

James 25 

Martha (Livermore) 2 s 

Mary (Chadwell) 263 ' 

Mehitabel 25, 319 

Naomi 25 

Nettie M. (Johnson) 314 
Hughes, Agnes 375 
Hume, lietsey (Davis) 11 1 

Josiah 1 1 1 

Mercy 1 1 1 
Hungoi"ford, Adaiine (Sa- 
vage) 293 

Anna C. 293 

Austin N. 293 

Henry R. 293 

Mary G. 293, 40S 

Newell 293 

Sarah M. (Livermore) 293 
Hunt, Alice NL (Rust) 299 

Arabella F. 200 

Wilson G. 200 
Hunter, Henry 1>. 139 

Josephine (King) 139 
Huntley, Dwight H. 185.324 

James 184 

Louisa F. 324 

Lydia (Calkins) 1S4 

Mollie (Ilarrell) 324 

Torter C. 184 

Sarah M. (Head) 184 
Huntress, Jacob S. 412 

•l^urana R. (Smith) 412 

Villa J. 412 

Ifurd, Abigail 45 
Kli/abeth 45 
John 45 
loseph 45 
Maiy 45 

Mary (Livermore) 45 
I'alty 45 
Samuel 4:; 

Sarah (Eddy) 45 

William 45 
Hurlbnrt, linima 213 

Esther 290 

Ckorge C. 388 

Lena A. (English) 388 

Susan E. 388 
Hurry, Jane 338 
Huse, Enoch 55 

Lucy (Livermore) 55 
llutchins, Jane 187 
Hyde. Amelia Ann (Liver- 
more) 228 

Ann 228 

Daniel 228 

Daniel W. 228 

George 228 

Joseph 20 

Mary (Williams) 20 

Susanna (Livermore) 20 
Ilyland, Clara S. 415 
Ingalls, Henry 292 

Inrz (Livermore) 292 
Ingersoll, John 1?. 193 

Mary J. (Henshaw) 193 
Innes, Calista J. (Liver- 
more) 2S5 

Francis H. 285 
Lsbell, Miriam 199 
Jackson, Andrew F. 267 

Anna L. 388 

Clarissa J'. (Livermore) 

Daniel 90 

George 177 

H. H. 177 

Hannah E. (Taylor) 177 

H.attie 177 

Mar)- 76, 90, 177 

NTatihew 90 

Nellie 148 

Phebe P. 267 

Sophia !'.( Livermore) 267 

William C. 267 

Willie 177 
James, Delia J. 417 
)ar\is, Abigail A. 137 

Nathaniel 137 
Jaynes, Polly 342 
Jenks, Melissa (Stockwtll) 


Livcr)norc Family 

Jenks, Spencer 1 1 2 
Jennings, Hcnr)' 105 

Martha A. ( I'im kn^y) .^05 

Mattie A. 105 
Jennison, I'liza K. 17S 

Hannah sj 

rhcl.c (Fiild) 17S 

William 178 
Johnson, Aniand;i II. 3)7 

Kdward 171 

Eleanor 21S 

Klida (Sisson) 406 

ElizaNeth .\oO 

Flossie M. 406 

Oeorgc II. loij 

Mary A. (1 .ivennore) 406 

Mary ( joncs) 171 

Nettie M. 314 

rhebe (Matherson) 406 

Sarah S. 171 

Semantha I'. 346 

William 406 
Johnston, Margaret J. 337 
Jones, Abigail 55 

Alljert 30S 

Aletia 267 

Annie H. 30S 

E. B. 140 

t'.Iizabeth (Liverniore) 42 

Frances (Williams) 140 

Francis 42 

Jacob 42 

Jeremiah 140 

Jesse 42 

Mary 42, 171 

Mary A. (Livcrmore) 308 

Satniiel 42 

Saiah (Tavlor) 140 

Tabitha (Hobbs) 42 

Thankful .\2 

William !;5 

William C. 308 
Jourdan, Almlra (Uatchelor) 


Ephraim II. 393 

Myra A. y^;^ 
Kay, Elizabttii 150 
Keating, Mary A. 244 
Keeler, Mena K. 2S3 
Keely, Marian ytS 
Keen, Augusta 240 

John F. .:40 

Sarah (l-nngacre) 240 
Keene, Caddi-.- 174 
Keith, Caroline 233 
Keller, Esther 277 
Kelley, Emma .\. 414 
Kellogg, Adt^lia 1,. 300 

Emma C. ( !.i\ crmore) 355 

Experience 20S 

K''H<>;;g, Lewis ]'.. 355 

.May 1-. 155 
K-l>-'y. John I 1 8, 120 

l.ucinda 1 19, 120 

Mary iiS 

Mary (I'ark) 118, 120 
Kemp, Annie F. -575 
Kendall, Albert K. 296 

Alice J. 296 

Clara 1'. 296 

Elmer E. 296 

lane M. (Ijverniore) 296 

i-ee T. 296 

Eyman 296 

Morritt II. 296 

Rci.a (Knizer) 296 

Wilbur C. 297 

Willis L. 296 
Kendrick, Klizabeth 79 
Kennedy, Ann O. 122 

Ella 179 

Ellen M. 396 

John 122 

Olivia 122 
Kenney, Hiram 1 1 1 

I'ersis (Liverniore) 1 1 1 
Ker, Anna (Livermoie) 38 
Keyes, Abigail 80 

AbigaU (l.ivermore) So 

Elizabeth 80 

Ej)hraim 80 

John 80 

Lydia 80 

Thebc 80 

Khoda 80 

Sarah 80 

Silas 80 

Simon So 

Submit 80 

Thomas 80 
Kiddei, r.etsey 178 

Elizabeth So 

Julia 176 
Kimball, Aaron 74 

Abby I. 249, 377 

Abigail 32, 74, 139 

Abigail (Raymond) 13S 

Anna L. 249, 37G 

Anna (Livermore) 138 

Anne E. 376 

Augusta M. (N'ork) 249 

Helle 249 

Benjamin 32 

Betsey E. (Craves) 249 

Catherine 74 

Clarissa 74 

David L. 74 

Ddora (Tarlwll) 376 

Fannie M. 249 

Frank B. 249 

Kimball, llannali 74 

Isaac 1 38 

John 1 38 

John K. 249, 376 

John T. 376 

Jonathan B. 139, 2.19 

Lydia 74 

Lydia (Livermore) 74 

Marion A. 2.19 

Mary 74, 139 

Mary E. 249, 376 

Mary (Titcondj) 74 

Moses T. 74 

Nathaniel 74 

Pri.scilla II. 32 

Samuel L. 13S, 249 

Sarah (Hildreth) 74 

Susanna (Smith) 74 
Kiinberly, Jane (ilutchins) 

King, Abigad 52 

Abigail (Morgan; 139 

Anna C. (Ilungerford) 

Benning 139 
Elx-nezer 25 
Elizabeth 139, 250 
George 139 
Hannah 223 
Henry L. 139 
John 139 

Joseph C. 1G5, 293 
Josephine 139 
Lydia (Livermore) 139 
Mary 139 
Mary A. (Livermore) 165, 

Mary (Livermore) 25 
Mary W. 139, 250 
Samuel 139 
Kingman, I'essie 337 
Charles M. 3^7 
Clara E. (Molau) 336 
Emily L. 199 
Helen E. 199, 337 
Henry E. 337 
John 199 
John A. 337 
John C>. 337 
Le Roy 337 
I>e Roy \V. 199, 336 
Maria 337 

Maria (Livennore) 199 
Miriam 337 
Miriam (Isbcll) 199 
Oliver 337 

Sarah A. (Moircll) 337 
Stella M. KYu 337 
William L. 199, 337 
Wyatt 337 



Kiiigslcy, liarlura (Liver- 
more) 212 

Charles J. ?.\t, 

Claia (Dod-L) 213 

Kll)ert (). rn 

Klvia 15. (hnylish) 387 

iMnily 387 

I'.mina {Hiirll>urt) 213 

Kveline jSy 

Joel 212 

^falun L. 213 

Mary A. 2 13 

Merlon CI. 3S7 

Sarah C. 213, 351 

Susie ]>. 213 

Theodore A. 3S7 
Kimiey, Kli/aheih 140 

Mary J. -loi 
Kinsman, Minnie 1'. 413 
Kitlredge, Alfred H. 317 

Charles 11. ^17 

Charles R. 317 

Kdward 11. 317 

Edw-in L. iSo 

Fanny 11. 317 

Harriet K. iSo 

Helen M. iSo 

Herbert iSo 

Herbert W. 317 

Laura F. (Huhnos) 317 

Mabel M. (Thatcher) 317 

Mary 102 

Mary J. iSo 

Mary L. 317 

Mary L. (Kittredge) 317 

Russell 1). 317 

Russell IL iSo, 317 

Sarah A. iSo 

Sarah (Livermore) iSo 

'Villiani iSo 
Kni/er, Reca 296 
Knowlton, Charles G. 267 

Jane (Shales) 267 

Jennie S. 267 
Kolb, Alice l^)uisa (Ben- 
ton) Van liuskirk 321,322 

Carl L. 322 

Harold O. 322 

Minnie B. 322 

Otto 322 
Lackey, (J race 2S7 

I'olly 98 
lacroi.v, Rasil 370 

Catharine A. 370 

Marion (Leavitt) 370 
ladd, Caroline A. (Elliott) 

Fidelia IL(l)onelson) 420 

John W. 420 

Matilda 291 

Ladd, William S. 420 
I-rdoo, Alinira IC. 3.S9 
Lamb, Henry 191 

Mary (Kockwood) 191 

Melissa (Livermoie) liax- 
ter .,S 

Sally 96 
l.aniberson, Klla NL (Vance) 

Jolin n. 190 

Raymond V. 190 
Land)erlon, Fhnina 208 
Langdon, Mary C. 24(1 
lapiiam, Addie 15. (Hub- 
bard) 3.5 

Albert K. 315 

Fdmond 315 
l^irrenrore, Caroline V.. 
(Livermore) 303 

Josephine E. 303 

Mabel O. 303 

Mary \'.. 303 

Riciiard L. 303 

Wilbur 303 
Lalhrop, Mary M. (Liver- 
more) I 50 

William 150 
1-awrence, Benjamin F. 412 

Clarissa 2-\\ 

Elizabeth W. 222 

Hannah 27 

Hannah (Sheldon) .-34 

Hattie A. 412 

Horace 234 * 

Sarah C. 221 

c^usanna (Rand) 412 
l^awson, Francis 289 

Margaret E. 407 

I'hoebe E. 289 

J'hoebe E. (Booth) 2S9 
Learh, Christopher 105 

iMinice r. 185 

Lucette (Livermore) 105 
Learned, Adeline E. 225, 

Ann (Sanger) 225 
Annie G. 365 
Carrie A. 365 
Daniel 225 
Daniel F. 225, 365 
David 45 
Ebonezer 45 
Edward H. 229 
Eli/a J. 22 5 
Emma N. (Segei) 365 
l'"unice (Livermore) 229 
George S. 229 
Harriet L. 225, 365 
Henry H. 220 
LilUe J. 365 

Learned, Lucy A. 225 

Lucy (Livermore) 225 

Lucy S. 365 

Lydia (Trask) 229 

Marion F. 365 

Mary (Hurd) 45 

Mary F. 229 

I'aul 225 

Samuel S. 229 

Susan Y.. (Dearborn) 229 
Leatlurmore, John 5 
l^-avitt, Marion 370 
Lee, Alice C. (Rfje) 356 

Bertha E. 356 

Beisey 197 

Henry T. 356 
Le Fevre, Adrinette (Liver- 
more) 334 

Anna M. ^34 

Charles \\. 334 

Lewis L. 334" 

Susan M. 334 
Leighton, Hattie E. 377 

Susan (Livermore) 99 
Leland, Aaron L. 238 

Lyman 169 

Martha ^L (Livermore) 

Sarah E. (Livermore) 238 

Sarah S. 2 38 
l^eonard, Eli/.alK*th 13 

Elizabeth (Livermore) 13 

Elizur 13 

John 13 

Jonas 172 

Joseph 13 

Mehelable 13 

Mercy 13, 172 

Sarah 13, 172 
Leslie, Anna L. (Jackson) 

Edgar S. 38S 

Hattie M. 38S 

Liz/ie ^L 272 

Lucius 271 

Mary (Livermore) 271 

Minnie ^L 282 

Sclwin G. 272, 3S8 
Ixivermore, Grace 9 

John 9, 10 

Nathaniel 8 
Lewis, Andrew 395 

Caroline S. 214 

Chester 1*. 305 

Clara A. (Head) 322 

Cornelia 316 

Daniel H. 323 

Diantlia F. (Livermore) 

3') 5 
Francis N. 395 


Livcrviorc Fit))iily 

Lewis, Frank E. 323 

Guy K. 395 

John L. 214 

Mild ltd K. 417 

Sarah IC. 215 

Sarah J. 395 

Susan 152, 153, 154 

Url>an J. 322, y^i 

William A. 395 
Lincoln, Sarah J. 3S4 
Little, Ruth 103 
Liveraiorc, Aaron 45, 89, 
102, 122, 147, 172, 22S 

Aaron 11. 177, 312 

Aaron K. 17S, 314 

Aaron R. 102, 147, 179 

Abbic- A. 226 

Abbie K. 346, 422 

Abbie L. 167 

Abbie M. 222, 364 

Abbie (Williams) 30S 

Abby (Babb) 207 

Abel 47, 104, 185 

Abel C. 176 

Abiel A. 137, 244, 371 

Abigail 15, 22, 24, 31, 32, 
35, 41, 48, 79, 80, 82, 93, 
99, 103, loS, 139, 149. i^'j. 
182, 287 

Abigail A. 244 

Abigail A. (Jarvis) 137 

Abigail (Ablx)t) 137 

Abigail (15all) 35 

Abigail F. 113 

Abigail II. 91, 125 

Abigail (Hagar) 39, 99 

Abigail (jont-s) 55 

.vbigail (Kimball) 32 

Abigail (Livermore) 41,99 

Abigail S. 95 

Abigail (Stone) 24 

Abigail (Tuck) 221 

Abigail W. 141 

Abigail (White) 34 

Abigail W. (Coon) 348 

Abijah 21, 24. 34, 42,43. 
78. 90, 97. 98, 136 

Abnoi 27, 53, 1 17, I iS 

Abner ]!. 117 

Abiaham iS, 26, 27, 4G, 

Abram T. J. 172 

Al/salom 99 

Ada A. y:)0 

Ada (Whitney) 173 

Ada (i. 205 

Adalinc 95, 103, 1 16 

Adaline (Duncan) 17S 

Adalii\c F. 1 78 

Adaline J. 17S, 313 

IJverniore, Addison 1 1 1 
Adelaide 1 iS 
Adelaide A. iSS 
Adelaide L. 193, 333 
Adelaide S. (Ward) 412 
Adelbcrt J. i(.8 
Adelc W. 199, 338 
Adelia I.. (Kellogg) 300 
Adeline 161,283,284,292 
Adeline A. 155 
Adeline C. 114 
Adeline L. (Todd) 204 
Adeline M. 121 
Adelphia U. 270 
Adrian M. 231 
Adrinelte 19 t> 331 
Agnes A. (Roberts) 375 
Agnes C. 3S3 
Agnes L. 343 
Agnes R. (Boyse) 262 
Ahira R. 159, i6o, 281 
Alamanzo B. 2S5 
Albert 103, 1 10, 200, 222 
Albert A. 170 
Albert B. 361 
Albert E. 412 
Albert G. 2S6 
Albert II. 227, 251, 367 
Albert M. 362 
Albert R. 280, 392 
Albert S. 36S 
Albert W. 266 
Aldrick C. 270 
Alexander J. 218 
Alfonzo 360 
Alfred 277 
Alfred B. 292 
Alfrenzo 270 
Alicegi, 149,243,293,338 
Alice A. (Faraham) 352 
Alice A. (Frair) 212 
Alice C. 239 
Alice E. 362 
AlicS (Hardwood) 406 
Alice I. 360 

Alice L. 286, 351,403,423 
Alice L. (llolmc.-) 340 
Alice M. 297. 319 
Alice M. (Rust) Hunt 299 
Alice R. 173 
Alice (Stone) 173 
Alida M. 413 
AlK;n 95 
Allina M. 249 
Alma B. 205 
Alma L. 141 
Almira 94, 1 16, 155 
Almira .V. 346 
Almira (Child) 309 
Almira E. (Ilodgman) 269 

l.ivermore, Almira J. (N'inis) 

Almira (Stedman) \(\.\ 

Alon/o 1 15, 206 

AloM/o S. 206, 340 

Alpha 118 

Al|)heus 91 

Amanda 165 

Amanda (Clarke) 117 

Amelia 211 

Amelia A. 22S, 2S5 

Amelia A. (Klli>) Hood 

Amos 31, 33, 42, 55. 96, 
I JO, 121 

Amos H. 121, 226 

Amy (I'ayne) 405 

Anabella (Rockw.l!) 105 

Andrew J. 359, .(24 

Andrew P. 119, 220, 3<'>o 

Andrew W. 173 ' 

Angeline (Houk) 2S3 

Angeline L. 197 

Angenette (Hall) 313 

Ann 92, 219 

Ann B. 2S4 

Ann (Carter) 181 

Ann E. 217, 293,355 

Ann E. (Fenner) .284, 292 

Ann E. (Lugar) 304 

Ann G. 144 

Ann O. (Kennedy) 122 

Ann (Ward) 126 

Anna 15, 20, 23, 24, 31. 
32. 34. 3S. 39. -13. 4 5- 48, 
56, 81, 82, 89, 90, 97, 110, 
135, 13S, 141 

Anna B. 305 

Anna (Bridge) 14 

Anna C. 351 

Anna E. (Churchill) 344 

Anna (Garfield) y) 

Anna (Gi-a\es) 42, 90 

Anna (Howard) 48 

Anna L. 181, 352 

Anna (McFlroy) 191 

Anna (I'aul) m 

Anna (Rice) 43 

Anna S. 176 

Anna W. (Chapman) 238, 


Anne (Livermore) z(> 

Anne I'. 33S 

Anne (I'ost) J99 

Anne (I'ost) Ijverinoro 

Annie 228 

Annie E. (Scotton) 319 

Annie F. (Kemj)) 375 

Annie (Howland) 40.''>, 407 



Liveiinort', Annie J. 200 
Annie (I/ivcrmore) 25 
Annie Si. (Marclcn) 319 
Anni-< K. 211 
Annis (frrccii) 209 
Anson (>. 170, jo^ 
Arabella F. (Hunt) 200 
Aranus 1 16, 20S 
Aretus K. 348 
Arlonine E. (C'oon) 349 
Arloiiene 346 
Arnold 367, 427 
Arractl 106, 1S9 
Arthur 3, SS, 144, 146, 
207, 262, 276 
Arthur A. 200 
Arthur 1'.. 127, 144, 264, 

Arthur C. 313 

Arthur D. 262 

Arthur K. 394 

Arthur II. 266 

Arthur 1.. 315, 413, 415 

Arthur O. 209 

Arthur St. C. 202 

Asa 97, 167 

Asa A. 163 

Asenath 173, 214 

Augusta 50 

Augusta (Keen) 240 

Augustus 265 

Aurilla (Walker) 307 

Austin F. 173, 30S 

Barbara 117, 212 

Bathslieba 47 

Belinda F. 118 

Belle (l^lanchard) 355 

Benjamin 21, 34, 53, 103, 

Benjamin F. 270, 3S6 

Benjamin M. 16S, 300 

Benjamin K. 214 

Benjamin S. 361 

Benjamin W. 1S6 

Bernard 407 

Bert B. 1S9 

Bertha A. 214 

Bertha K. 412 

Bertha M. 205 

Bertha V. 319 

Bertha W. 234 

Bertram W. 369 

Be.s.sie 1!. 371 

Bes.sie K. 315 

Betsey 25, 82, 92,96, loo, 
107, 119, 142, 147. '5'. >74. 

Betsey A. r [3 

Betsey A. (Crain) 20S 

Betsey (Bates) 112 

Livermore, Betsey B. 
(Anies) 102, 1 19 
Betsey (C'omstock) 103 
Betsey (Dunckke) 232 
Betsey (Fuller) 220 
Betsey (Kidder) 17S 
Betsey (Luther) 161 
Betsey .\I. 103 
Betsey (.Marsh) 96 
Betsey (I'arker) 107 
Betsey K. 174 
Betsey (Kiley) iiS 
Betsey S. (Frctt) 114 
Betsey (.Sands) 100 
Betsey (Watson) loS 
Betsey (Wvman) 173 
Ueulah 26 ' 
Blanche 363 
Braddyl 41, 93,94, 154 
Bridget (Robinson) 161 
Briggs B. 117, 212 
Brigham 96, 163, 2S4 
F)Urdet T. 329 
Burr 105, 1S5 
Bushu L. 358 
C. A. (N'onhrup) 218 
Caddie (Keene) 174 
Calista loS, 16S, 19S 
Calista A. 165, 294 
Calista J. 2S5 
Calista M. A. 150 
Callie L. 430 
Calvin S. 174 
Calvin W. 1 13, 292 
Candace 97 
Carleton 205 
Carlton B. 293 
Carlton L. 269 
Caroline 103, iiS, 136, 
144, ,146, 260 
Caroline F. 171, 2S0, 303 
Caroline II. 300 
Caroline II. (.Stone) 134 
Caroline L. 214 
Caroline .M. 159 
Caroline M. (Gleason) 

3S3. 3S4 
Caroline (Reed) 267 
Caroline S. (Lewis) 214 
Carrie A. (Hartwell) 280 
Carrie 1>. 173 
Carrie ]!. (Russell) 318 
Carrie IC. 290, 297 
Carrie V.. (I'.unn) 407 
Carrie J. 400 
Carrie L. (Goodwin) 393 
Carrie N. 360 
Carroll C. 167, 299 
Ca.-^sius M. 346, 422 
Catharine 172 

Livermore, Catharine A. 

(I-acroix) 370 
Catharine G. 275, 390 
("atharine II. 179 
Catharine (lloyt) 102, 172 
Catherine 55,96, 1 19, 120, 

136, 223 
Catherine (Bogle) Beatly 

Catherine (P.ond) 54 
Catherine (Glion) 279 
Catherine H. 376 
Catherine (Ocker) 235 
Catherine (Sargent) 96 
Catherine (We>son) iii 
Celesiia A. (Gorham) 385 
Celia E. (I'helps) 339, 340 
Celina (I'.arrett) 2l8 
Cepha.s 98 
Charies 78, 92, 94, 95, 96, 

120, 122, 148, 150, 178, 187, 


348, 362, 406 
Charles A. 303 
Charles B. 120, 159 
Charies C. 103, 134, 220, 

241. 361 
Charies D. 251, 313, 377 
Charies E. 173, iSi, 252, 

308, 318, 412 
Charies E. J. 150, 268 
Charles F. 109, 127, 128, 

158, 165, 200, 202, 238, 280, 

300, 338, 409 
Charies G. 102, 178 
Charles H. 114, 153, i6r, 

176, 180,204, 265, 277, 2S4, 

309-315. 339. 3^"^. 399.414 
Charies L. 113,317, 358 
Charies O. 352 
Charles P. 26S, 304 
Charles R. 393 
Charies T. 163, 290 
Charles W. 150, 175,224, 

228, 247, 340, 368, 374 
Chariesetta 309, 413 
Charlotte 172 
Charlotte L. (Ely) 330 
Chariton F. 178 
Chauncey 1 1 1 
. Chauncey B. 159 
Chester 52, 1 14 
Chester I^ 394 
Chester W'. 1 13. 203 
Chloe D. (Hemis) no 
Christian (Muz/y)i67,30i 
Clara 96 
Clara B. 340 

Clara B. ((Jraton) 392, 393 
Clara (Brown) 358 


LivcriHorc Family 

1 jvei more, Ciara C. 305, /j 1 1 

Clara K. 29S, 359, 425 

Clara V. 414 

Clara (I. 424 

Clara (Cilbcrt) 288 

Clara (I lowland) 399 

Clara J. 297 

Clara M. 2(')6, 3S4 

Clara V. 249, 375 

Claia S. (Floyd) 329 

Clara T. 239 

Clarence 290 

Clarence K. 353, 406 

Clarence G. 251 

Clari'jcl 344 

Clarice A. 394 

ClariiuU 1 17 

Clarinila (Rohinson) 219 

Clarissa C. 286 

Clarissa C. (Clarke) 117 

Clarissa F. 346, 422 

Clarissa (Lawrence) 234 

Clarissa I*. 148 

Clarissa (Fierce) 166 

Clarissa S. 166, 297 

Clark 98 

Clark E. 297 

Clarrie B. 423 

Clifford W. 198 

Clinton A. 291 

Comfort IOC 

Constance 242 

Constai.ce V. 200 

Content (Akins) 147 

Convene F. 226 

Cooley N. 114 

Cora 1S9 

Cora A. 276, 391 

Cora J. 207, 334, 419 

Cora M. 352, 401 

Cordelia (lialxock) 346 

Cornelia 207 

Cynthia 98, i r6, 165, 294 

Cynthia (Anderson) 29S 

Cynthia G. 26G 

Cynthia (Gitiin) 265 

Cynis 47, 105, 28 1 

Cyrus C. 51 

Cyrus E. 285, 400 

Cyrus K. 1S5 

Daisy E. (Rush) 427 

Daland A 179 

Danforth I'. 140, 250 

Daniel 3, 8, 1 1, 12, 14, 15, 
18, 20, 25, 30, 31, 32, 45. 
47. 5^. 53- 5.V 57. 5S. 73> 
91, loi, 102, 107, 115, n6, 
119, 154, 176, 205, 208, 221, 

Daniel A. 170 

Ijverniore, Daniel H. 400 

Daniel G. 99, 169 

Daniel H. 343, 421 

Daniel 1". 108, 194 

Daniel R. 283, 399 

Daniel W. 291 

Darius E. 185, 324 

David 20, 26, 32, T^T,, 34, 
44, 48, 55, 77. 78, 99. 'oo- 
102, 108, 1 19, 173 

David B. 120 

David C. 161, 2S4 

David D. 108, 198 

David E. 115 

David F. 384 

David L. 197 

De Farrictt 209, 345 

De Witt C. 208, 222, 343 

Deborali (S.'ili>biiry) 104 

Delia 35S 

Del OS A. 413 

Dennis A. 394, 430 

Denny W. 267 

Derrick 220, 359 

Detta 345 

Devillo E. 212 

Diana 95 

Diantha 108, 159, 161, 
193, 28 1, 393 

Diantha F. 281, 395 

Dinah (Whitney) Si 

Dorcas (Holt) Blodgctt 


Dorothy 27 

Dorothy (Dow) 148 

Dorothy (Foster) 115 

Dorothy II. 203 

Dorothy L. 428 
' Dorothy (Walker) 26 

Dwight 208 

Dyanthia 95 

Earl W. 384 

Earle P. 393 

Ebenezer 21 

Edgar 154. 276 

Edith 276, 37S, 391 

Edith G. 412, 433 

Edith J. (Barnes) 3S4 

Edmond 289 

Edmond W. 292 

Edmund 12, 20, 30, 52, 

53. 115. "C'; 21 > 
Edmund K. 163, 291 
Edmund R. 1 16 
Edna 300 
Edna M. 361 
Edner B. 175 
Edson 166, 297 
F^dward 109, 144, 145, 146, 

263. zi^, 348 

Livermore, Edward A. 173, 
307, 30S 

Edward E. 228, 304 

Edward J. 235 

lulward M. 128, 213, 237, 

FIdward St. L. 3, 88, 143, 
144, 260, 262, 264 

Edward T. 315 

Edward W. 200, 407 

Edwin III, 192 

Edwin Y. 266, 383 

F'dwin M. 213 

Edwin R. 153, 276 

Effie O. 297 

F:ffie R. (Rollins) 385 

Elbridge 149 

Eleanor A. \-xf'> 

Flleanor B. 370 

FJeanor B. (llecket) 370 

Flleanor (John.-on) 2iti 

Electa A. 170 

Electa (Bates) i 13 

Fllecta (Goddard) 177 

Electa S. (Hall) 170 

F:igin 386 

Elgin S. 270, 385 

Elias 105, 1 85 

F^lida (Sisson) lohuson 

Elijah 27, 37, 51, Si, 82, 
122, 141 

Elijah M. 113 

F'lisha 19, 21, 25, 26, 34, 
39. 49. 55. 79. 93. 97. 106, 
121, 122,136, 148, 227 

F^lisha S. 1 1 1, 202 

l^liza 48, 50, 107, 121, 141, 

147. 149.333 
Eliza A. (Duncan) 201 
Filiza (Brunner) 206 
Flliza C. iiS 
Eliza (Cobb) 167 
Eliza (Crawford) 163 
Eliza (Currier) 175 
Eliza E. (Tennison) 17S 
Eliza F. 266, 3S3 
F:iiza H. (Bates) -^^^^ 
F:iiza J. 1 86, 214, 3^:6 
Eliza M. 202 
Eliza M. (Andre>) 201 
Eliza R. 341 

Flliza (Sherman) Town- 
send 196 
Eliza (Wilsoi.) 183 
F:iizabeth 8, 11, 13, 18, 20, 
24, 25, 26, 30, 34, 35- 12, 41. 
45, 48,49. 53. 57. i*'.'"^^. 93' 
loi, 108, 115, 124, 138, 146, 
153, 161, 220, 264, 378 



Kivcrniore, F.lizabeth A. i 3S 
ElizalKih (Allen) -10 
Kli/.alivlii v.. \i-j, 1. 14. 260 
Kli/.aUih C. 7S, 12.S 
Kli/al.tlh C. (Odiorne) 
Kli/abeih D. (Abb«M) 24.1 
Klizabt.-th (Dawson) 193 
Kli/.al)eth (Donglass) 142 
Kli-?abolh E. (Galbraiiii) 

Kli/abcth (Kdminster) 291 
Kiizabetli (E%-c-leth) 113 
Elizabeth F. 333 
Elizabeth G. (Hubl.aid) 

Elizabeth (Cleason) 7S 
Elizabeth (Gove) 136 
Elizal)eth (Grout) 13 
Elizabeth H. 125 
Elizabeth H. (Bradford) 

Elizabeth (Hastings) 3S, 

lilizabeth (Hitchcock) 52 
Elizabeth J. 227 
Elizabeth K. (Slater) 252 
Elizabeth (Kidder) So 
Elizabeth (Kinney) 140 
Elizabeth M. 369 
Elizabeth M. (I'errv) 3^3 
Elizabeth (Marshall) 301 
Elizabeth 1'. 103 
Elizabeth (I'eabody) 230, 

Elizabeth (Raymond) 153 
Elizabeth (Rice) 26 
Elizabeth (Stevens) 359 
Elizabeth (Stone) 17. 22 
Elizabeth T. (Hayes) iSo 
Elizabeth (Tilton) 101 
Elizabeth W. (Eergnson) 

Elizabeth W. (lawrence) 

Ella 1 iS, 14S 
Ella A. 266 
Ella (Hrigham) 343 
Ella C. (Gardner) Hills 
367, 368 
Ella E. (Hayles) ^^^ 
Ella F. 266 
Ella (Kennedy) 179 
Ella M. 302, 423 
Ella \V. (I^sey) 276 
Ellen 253 

Ellen A. 208,221,314,343 
Ellen (Ahem) S\vitzler35S 
Ellen r.. 400 
Ellen B. (Brown) 37 1 | 

l.iverniore, Ellen C. (Wil 

lianis) ^49 
Ellen (Child) 309 
Ellen F. 224 
Ellen 1. 305 
Ellen I. (I'.ucknam) 304 
Ellen J. (Smith) 400 
Ellen M. 22S 
Ellen M. (Clark) 235 
Ellen R. (Clark) 20S 
Elliot P. 2S1. 393 
Elmer V. 426 | 

Elmina (I^mbeiton) 20S 
IClmina V. 20S, 342 
Elmira yS, 102, 108, 198 
Elmira (Brooks) 15S 
Elsa 3 1 7 
Elsa A. 105 
Elsie 50, no 
Elsie L. 377 
Elvira Vv . 1S5, 326 
Ehvin M. 346, 423 
Emeline B. (Wood) 346 
Emeline F. 163, 28S 
Emeline P. 106, 190 
Emeline (Smith) 211 
Emeline (Spaiilding) 250 
Emer)- go, 142, 149, 267 
Emery E. 149, 26S 
Emer)- Z. 1 50 
Emilie H. (Martin) 33S 
Emily 106, 151, 203, 20S, 

210, 216, 271,342 
Emily A. 359 
Emily C. 17S 
Emily J. 167, 2S5 
EniiJy J. (Carpenter) 159 
Emily S. (Ward) 266 
Emma (Alpaugh) 424 
Emma C. 135, 217, 242, 

Emma I.. 231 
Emma F. 251, 266 
Emma F. (Fabyan) 308 
Emma G. 127, 237 
Emma J. 173 
Emma I,. 335 
Emma M. 302 
ICmma R. (Rogers) 401 
Emma (Riley) 200 
Emma U. 314 
Emma (\'oorhees) 426 
Emory W. 1G5, 293 
Enrico V.. 17S, 313 
Eola K. I). 202 
Ephraim 45, loi 
Ernest 399 
ICrnest H. 205 
llrnest J. 21S, 412, 430 
Ernest N. 1S8, 329 

Ijvermore, Ervvin H. 362 

Estella M. 355 

i;stelle (Hollnian) 206 

Esther 93, 14S, 152, 154 

Esther t\. 2()0, 407 

Esther C. (Allen) 292 

Esther (lx>r(l) 173 

Esther M. 412 

Esther M. (liarnard) 77 

Esther M. (Towne) 306 

Esther R. 153, 275 

Esther W. no 

I'.thel 319 

Etta B. 345 

Etta B. (Wilder) i jS 

Etta C. 173 

Etta V. 235 

Eudora M. 209 

Fngene 235 

Eugene A. 3S6 

Eugene N. 362 

Eugenia M. 214, 353 

Eunice 24, i:^, 38, 46, 74, 
89, 96, 122, 148, 229 

Eunice (Claflin) 122 

Eunice E. 1S5 

Eunice G. (Nevuis) 297 

Eunice (Hovey) 127 

Eunice V. (Leach) 185 

Eunice S. 1 18. 217 

Euniie T. 10^. 181 

Eunice W. (Stafford) nS 

Eve 314 

Evelyn M. 242 

Everett W. 336 

Experience (Kellogg) 20S 

Ezra 43, 97, 102, 106, 166, 
178, 1S9 

F. F. 105 

Fadilb (Luce) 147 

Faiih J. 227 

Faith S. 3(17 

Faith S. (I longs) :-27 

Fannie 100, 171, 307, 361 

Fannie A. nVS, 301 

Fannie (Estcs) 197 

Fanny 77, 102, 176, 409 

Fanny A. 300 

Fanny B. 177 

?"anny E. 304 

Fanny (Howard) 16S 

Fanny R. 362 

Farmer R. 105, 188 

Fay 289 

Fay H. 2S3 

Fidelia 206, 340 

Fidus 3, n7, 21 1, ^14. 216 

Fidus O. 213, y>.T, 

Flora A. 352 

Flora E. 203, 269 


Livcrtnorc luimily 

Livennore, Flora M. (Slici 
wn) 2 So 
Flora W. 424 
Flon-nce 276, 293 
Florence 1). 386 
Florence K. 231 
Florence K. (I'ackard) 243 
Florence K. 297 
Florence M. 319, 360, 369, 
407. 425 
Florence O. 174 
Francena (Thayer) 300 
Frances no 
Frances A. 126 
Frances C. (Fuller) 276 
Frances E. 169 
Frances L. 115 
Francis A. 281, 394 
Francis I). 1S5, 430 
Francis i:. 340 
Francis G. 2S6, 402 
Francis II. 123 

Frank 134, 172, 239, 251, 

Frank T.. 385 

Frank D. 400 

Frank E. 277, 283,315 

Frank H. 203, 319 

Frank J. 271 

Frank P. 174 

Frank R. 301, 355 

Frank S. 173,307. jO^.-Hj 

Frank T. 412 

Frankie A. 269 

Freddie E. 268 

Frederic 290; 360 

Frederic A. 197, 336 

Frederick C. 293 

Frederick D. 198 

Frederick F. 30S 

Frederick G. 3S3 

Frederick 11. 224 

Frederick M. 266, 300, 

Frederick O. 231 
Frederick T. 239 
Frederick W. 200, 33S 
Gardner 96, 2S4 
Gavina (Sala/ar) 165 
Genoa M. (lUirlon) 345 
George 57, 7S. 100, 124. 

128,129, 133, 146, 175. 'S9, 

233, 2S4, 400 
George A. 123, 22S, 3S3 
George 1'.. 124, 15S, 163. 

232, 279, 2S4. 291 
George C. 231, 240, 2S9, 

George I). 159, 178, 2S6 
George E. 106, 224, 349 

l.ivcrniore, George F. 123, 
George G. 242 
George 11. 109, 181, 199, 

George II. C. 103 
George K. 179. 3' 5. 3'7 
George R. z(^, 341. Z^^Z^ 
George S. 210, 221 
George T. 277 
George W. 88, 94, 118, 
126, 144, 156, 15S, 161, 162, 
163, 166, 169, 176. 179,200, 
218, 260, 280, 28S, 289, 298, 
319. 361 
Georgia D. 233 
Georgianiia (.^h.iw) 367 
Gertrude A. 401 
Gertrude E. y^i 
Gertrude L. 393 
Gertrude (Symonds) 399 
Gertrude \V. 233 
Giles 186 
Gladys H. 375 
Gladys M. 352 
Glen F. 3S6 

Grace 8, 9, n, 15, 19. --. 
36, 76, 125, 203, 228, 37S 
Grace A. 144 
Grace K 315, 345 
Grace D. 373, 428 
Grace G. 262 
Grace S. 121, 227 
Grace (Sherman) 5 
Grace W.(CuniMiings)33o 
Grandison 1). 172, 306 
Granville P. 141, 251 
Gratia (I Icy wood) 154 
Grizel 41, 99 
Ciuv 289 
Guy II. 175 
Ciwcndolcn J. 376 
Hammond 98, 168 
Hammond J. i('i8, 301 
Hannah 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 
18, 19, 20, 30, 32, 37, 42, 
47,52,82,95, 107,121,141. 
160, 191 
i Hannah A. 96, iC)5 
I Hannah (Allen) 41 
] Hannah (Haseman) 192 
I Hannah (liassett) 116 
I Hannah (Hright) 121, 122 
Hannah (Hrown) 36, 159, 
Hannah (Pulin) 50 
Hannah C. 178. 314 
Hannah (Clarke) 81 
Hannah (Cogswell) 96 

l.ivcrmore, Hannali (Cut- 
ting) 176 
Hannah E. 158 
Hannah G. (llrown) 260 
Hannah (Godding) 76 
Hannah II. 155 
Hannah (Harrington) 36 
Hannah J. 267 
Hannah E. 3^,3 
Hannah E. (Ward) nz 
Hannah N. 173 
Hannah S. 78, 127 
Hannah (Sanderson) 120, 
Hannah (Seward) 160,281 
Hannah \V. (Faxon) 228 
Harian N. 300 
Harlan P. 179 
Harlow E. 430 
Harlow R. 159 
Haiold 407 
Harold A. 406 
Harold C. 330 
riarriei79,96,99, 102, 121, 

275. 357 
Harriet H. (Pickett) 1S8 
Harriet (Brown) 153 
Harriet E. 169, 217, 247. 

35^^ 374 
Harriet E. (Smith) 2 }6 
Harriet F. (Woori) 266 
Harriet J. 1S5 
Harriet L. (Clarke) 239 
Harriet (Livermore) 102, 

Harriet N. 116 
Harriet K. 118, 216 
Harriet (Riley) 217 
Harriet (Romans) 290 
Harris 373 
Harrison H. 399 
Harrison P. ^11 
Harry A. 262, 286 
Harry P. 233, 343. 345 
Harry E. 302 
Hariy II. 401 
Hairy W. 4'^ 
Harvey 90, 149, 267 
Harvey C. 209, 345 
Hattie A. 308 
Hattie A. ( l^wrence) 4 1 2 
Hattie H. (Nye) 329 
Hattie E. 266. 384 
Hattie E. (Clark) 413 
Hattie E. (ComstOLk) 2^/) 
Hattie E. (Ixighton) 377 
Hattie E. 287 
Hattie M. (Raker) 352 
Hattie (Stanton) 290 



Livcrmore, llatlie (Wedgi) 

Ilayncs 25 

Hazel K. 3.-9 

Hebcr 146, 264 

Helen 2i,z, 276 

Helen A. (Colt) 3-9 

Helen C. 2S7 

Helen I.. (Hells) 377,378 

Helen L. L. (Hale) \z\ 

Helen M. 153, 274 

Helen K. 341 

Helen S. K. 158, 279, 2S0 

Henrietta 208 

Henrietta C. 173 

Henrietta J. (Wells) 415 

Henrietta W. 195 

Henr)- 51, 76, 113, 125, 

Henry C. 192, 369 

Henry 1 >. 1 16, 207 

Henry H. 244,371 

Henry J. 144, 249, 261, 

Henry L. 138, 169, 247, 
280, 335, 374^393 

Henry M. 113, 124, 179, 
203. 233 

Henry N. 179 

Henry P. 166 

Henry W. 416 

Hephzihoth (Williams) 46 

Hepsey 103 

Hepsibeth 47, 103 

Hepsie C. 226 

Hepzibah 55, 94, 121, 15S, 

Hepzibah (Coolidge) 55 

Hepzibah (Fisk) tS 

Herbert K. 269 

Herbert J. 181, 319 

Herbert X. 407 

Hester K. (Diitton) 331 

Hirani P.. 15S. 2S0 
. Homer F. 234, 371 

Horace 107, 146 

Horace 15. 206 

Horatio G. 141, 252 

Horatio P. 253, 377 

Howard H. 340 

Howard C't. 297 

Howard J. 421 

Howard W. 2r.6 

Huldnh 21.32,34 

I. K. T. (Harrison) 409 

Ida 290 

Ida A. (Whitney) 313 

Ida E. -,02 

Ida 1.. 2S6 

Ida M. 287, 303, 403 

Liverinore. Ina 391 
Ina A. 213,353 
Inez 202 
Ira j. 345 
Ira W. 2S9, 406 
Irene K. 430 
Irving A. 20S 
Isaac 14, iS, 26, 27, 

50. 5'. 78. 



122, 127, 129, 133, 140 

Isaac V>. 113, 1 59 

Isadore E. 213 

I/.ora A. 213, 353 

Jackson 106 

Jackson J. 1). 1S3 

Jairus 1 16, 206 

James 14, 23, 38, 39, 53, 
8y, 97, 116, 118, 147, 209, 
2 1 7, '360 

James A. 217 

James C. 1 17 

James H. 185, 262 

James K. 247 

James M. 98, 150, 168, 
209, 345 

James N. 406 

James K. 164, 179, 315 

Jane 219 

Jane A. 113, 122 

Jane H. i^^t 

Jane (Barnard) 30S 

Jane (Mrowne) 82 

Jane C. 128, 23S 

Jane (Dodd) 160 

Jane (Dunlap) 35 

Jane F. (Sibley) 334 

Jane (Granger) 286 

Jane (Hnny) 338 

Jane (llutchins) Kimber- 
ly 187 

lane I-. 202 

jane M. 166, 296 

Jane M. (Dudlev) 159 

Jane (Miles) 175 

Jane I'. 120, zz^ 

Jane (Pray) 175 

Jane (Kexford) 1S7 

Jane (Sampson) 200 

Jane (W^^^on) 292 

Janette 167 

Jar\is S. 206 

Jason 23, 39, (O, 41, 90, 

91,92. 93- 99- '53' 154 
Jason P. 151 
Jason W. 95, 158 
Jay I). 189 
Jay W. 290 
Jemima 107 

Jennet l-L (Raymond) 38C 
Jennie 1S7 

Liverniore, Jennie E. 26S 
Jennie K. 403 
Jennie M. 235, 413 
Jennie (Pool) 406 
Jennie S. (Knowllon) 267 
Jennie (Watson) 390, 391 
Jennie (Whaley) 285 
Jenny (Perkins) 175 
Jeremiah 214 
Jeruslia A. 151, 269 
Jcrusha M. (Lull) 151 
Jesse 43, 97. 165 
Jesse K. 403 
Jessica M. 277 
Jessie 100, 289, 3('>o 
Jessie A. (Holland) 203 
Jessie L. 216 
Jessie M. 406 
Jessie P. 430 
Joanna (Felton) 36 
Joel F. 212, 351 
Joel W. 125, 149, 235 
John 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 
11,12,13. '4. 13. '8,24,33, 
36, 38, 48, 53, 55. 7G, 7S, 89, 
102,108,119, 134. i^J4. '77. 
210, 275, 346,349390 
John A. 2cG 
John A. C. 414 
John P. 287 
John E. I 50, 2S9 
John F. 94, 155, 158, 161, 
280, 2S6 
John H. 126 
John K. 220, 360 
John L. 216, 308, 355, 413 
John M. 135," 242' 
John P. n6, 185, 209 
John R. 200, 214, 41 1 
John R. McI). 171, 304 
John S. 1 17, 213 
John T. 1 18, 394, 430 
John W. 93, 100, 109, 152, 

'53' >75' '97.335 

Jonas 18, 20. 26, 27, 47, 
49. 55- 79, '07. "8, 119, 
136. 191, 21S, 219 

Jonas B. 331 

Jonas I>. 136, 243 

Jonas J. 220 

Jonas I^ 173, 307 

Jonathan 15, 21, 22. 31, 
35, 36, 38, 35, 56, 80. 81, 

120, 122,137,22s. 243, 2)4 

Jonathan .S. 96 

Joseph 14. 17, iS, 22. 24. 
43,44.92,99.100, 102.151. 
160, 170, 172. 30O 

Jo.seph A. 151 

Joseph C. 286 


Livcnuorc luiuii/y 

Livemion-, losc])!! IX 3S6 

Josepli II. 15.J 

Joseph M. 171, J04 

Joscjjli .McL. 304 

Joseph N. 394 

Joseph I'. 249, 375 

Joseph S. 09, 170 

Josepli \V. I iS, ir.3, 217, 
280, 2S9 

Josepliiiie C. 414 

Josej)hiiie I >. 3 53 

Josephine (I'latt) 348 

Josei)hiiio V. (Simmons) 

Jose])luis 98 

Josliua 100, 174 

Joshua l!. 359, 424 

Joshua Ci. :2(> 

Josiah i:;, 18, 20, 23, 30, 
39,40, 41, 44, 53. 78, 92, 
93, 103, 126. 155, I Si 

Josiah II. 153, 275 

Josiah K. 319 

Josiah T. 101 

Jossie F. 351 

Juhal 90 

Juclson A. 165 

Julia III, 161, 287 

Julia A. 151, 169, 302 

Julia A.(i. (Wiiiship) 269 

Julia C. (Wiiii,-) 237 

Julia (Couiii) 210 

Julia K. 170 

Julia K. (Northrup) 28S 

Julia i;. (X'ancor) 26,8 

Juli:i r. (r.aiicroft) 169 

Julia S. 141 

Julian A. 291 

Juliett 163, 294 

Julius 21 1 

Justice N. 167 

Justus [Ju.-tiie] I,. 98, 167, 

30 ' 
Kate A. 349 
Kate E. 343 
Kate L. (Willcutt) 233 
Kate M. 191 
Kate (riiin;e) 262 
Kate K. 3S5 
Katharine 102, 177 
Katharine A. 375 
Katheriiie V.. 239 
Katie M. 29S 
Kenu'ih C 319 
Kirk \V. 345 
Kittie 300 
Lark IJ. 329 
Lark S. 105, 187 
I^rnard 95. 159, iCo 
Laura 167, 299 

Livenuore, l^ura A. (Hol- 
nian) 13^) 
I-Tura C'. 106 
Laura L. (.Maxs(jn) 349 

Laura V.. (I'routy) 280, 2S1 

1 juraE.{l\andall) I'routy 
I^ura J. (Bachelor) 169 

I^iuraclia 136 

l-ivina A. 14S 

1-avinia (IIowi) 51 

Lavinia (Wilson) 96 

Lawrence W. 374 

Leander K. 211, 3 19 

Lee IL 301 

Leila L. 385 

Leila K. 341, 420 

Leila (Robertsun) 340 

Leiand \V. -545 

Lcniira 1j. (l)aniel.■^) 202 

Lemuel E. 150, 268 

Lena C. 423 

Loon 275, 385 

Leon J. 371 

1-eonard 77, 126 

Leonard IL 126 

Leonard J. 13S, 247, 2 48 

Leonard K. 219 

Leslie 344 

Leslie R. 375 

l^slie S. 209 

Lester J. 336 

l^titia J. (JJothucU) 1S8 

Leverna 16S, 301 

Levi 39. 90, 148 

Le%i II. 361 

Levi S. 266 

Levi W. 148, 266, 384 

lA.-vina 49 

Levina (Adams) 39 

Lew-is 98, 107, 108, 193, 

]-e\vis B. 401 

Lewis E. 169, 407 

I-ewis G. 2S7 

l^wis K. 163, 2S9 

IJlian 317 

Lillian 2.S7, 399 

Lillian A. 430 

Lillie E. 402 

Lillie J. 175, 292, 407 

Lillie M. 361 

Lily r;. (l;aker) 423 

Li/.zie 293, 408 

Lizzie I». (Seaver) Taft 

Lizzie E. (Russell) 374 
Lizzie M. (Parker) 345 
Lizzie (Olmstead) 175 
Lizzie (Woodworih) 189 

IJvermore, lx)is 24, 4}, 100, 

123, iCj, 231 

lx)is A. 211, 349 (Claflin) 123 
l^jis (Livermore) 44 

Ixiis (Mixer) 34 

Lorenzo 108, 197 

Ix)renzo \). 151, 197, 270, 

Ix)renzo O. 48, 1 10 

Ixjrette G. (Randall) 280 

Ixjrin 160, 2S3 

I>ot43, 219.35^ 

I>itta 358 

Ix)ltie 315, 416 

lx)tlie 1;. (Vancor) 269 

Ix)u E. 187 

Ixjuie 358 

lx)uis 15. 197 

Louis C. 212 

I.x> 47, 106, III, I3<'>, 
146, 154, 202, 219, 264 

lx)uisa A. 213, 352 

J^uisa (r.emis) 196 

Louisa (IJliss) 144 

lx»uisa E. 359, 424 

Ix)uisa K. (Dickson) 362 

Louisa (Gates) 191 

l/ouisa (Stearns) 13C 

I^ouise 100, 264, 276, 286, 
391, 403 

l^uise (Allen) 2S8 

Louise C. (McNeal) 399, 
400 K. 319 

Louise (Wallace) 15 t 

Ivovina A. (Corby) 1 ^9 

Lucette 105 

Lucie E. (Walker) 336 

Lucinda 96, 117, 120, 164, 

Lucinda 15. (Cros.s) 2S6 
Lucinda (Meek) 189 
Lucinda (Kelsey) 119, 120 
Lucinda S. (Clark) 205 
Lucius 159 
Lucius M. 159 
Lucretia 51, 9S 
Lucy 25, 27, 39, 45, 50. 
55' S'^> 9O1 lOL •!-• '-o> 
121, 123, 14S, 176, 225, 2^5 
Lucy A. 147. 171 
Lucy A. (Hradbur)) 305 
Lucy IJ. 102 
Lucy (Kent) iS 
Lucy E. 430 
Lucy E. (iJennett) 2 t2 
Lucy E. (.Merriam) 22\ 
Lucy E. (Rankin) 402 
Lucy E. (Gardner) 287 



I.ivcrmore, l.ncy H. 120 

Lucy (Heilig) .jry 

I.iuy (Ili^^i'ins) 43 

Lucy (Livcrniore) i6i>, 301 

Lucy (Ixjnjjloy) 55 

Lucy (Maynard) yo 

Lucy 1'. -535 

Lucy (IVrUy) 170 

Lucy (Stratton) .15 

Lucy (Watson) 265 

Lucy (\Vhiln'-y) 125 

Lud'iiiia (Stafford) 151; 

Lula M. 2S7 

Lulu A. (Catf) 414 

Lunian 290, 407 

Luia 3S6 

Lura C. 142 

Lura (Chase) 142 

Lura 1). 271 

Luther 1 19 

Lydia 15, 22, 24, 26, 32. 
iZ^ 3^». 4'. 44. 49. 50. 74. 
76, 77. 79. Si, 93- 97. III. 
>35. '36. 139. 152. 166 

Lydia A. 185 

Lydia A. L. 109 

Lydia (]5rooi<s) 178 

Lydia (Harrington) 76 

Lydia (Parsons) Stock- 
well 202 

Lydia (Preston) 100 

Lydia S. 171 

Lydia (Tuttlc) 99 

Lydia \V. (Corbet t) 207 

Lyman 51, 113, 147. iC>5 

Lyman R. 165 

Lyman S. 1 13 

Mabel 212, 391 

Mabel A. 231 

Mabel G. 319 

Mabel L. 2S1 

Mabel R. 344 

Mabel S. 3S3 

Maggie B. 363 

Malvina (Adain.>-) 14S 

Mamie (Manlen) 30S 

Manin 117, 21 r, 212 

Manley T. J. 1S5 

Marcia A. (Watson) I99 

Marcia K. 193 

Marcia J. 33S 

Margaret 120, 224, 317, 

Margaret A. 292 
Margaret (Holder) 264 
Margaret K. (Wright) 305 
Margaret (Gilchrist) 275 
Maria 109, 125, 199, 206, 

219. 226,357 
Maria A. (GritHu) i6S 

Livermore, ^faria E. 197 

Maria (Lyons) 210 

Maria (Rice) 50 

Maria W. 125 

Marian 209 

Marian S. (SlcCallant) 251 

Marietta 172, 306 

Marietta Ci. 293 

Marielte 164 

Mariette R. 105 

Marion A. 307 

Majion I). 370 

Marion G. 369 

Marion R. 428 

Mark 11. 29S 

Mark C. 166, 16S, 297, 301 

Marshall 78, loi, 123, 129, 

Martha 8, 9, 11, 12, 14. i s. 
25, 26, 33, 43, 47, 56, 75. 
90, 91, 106, 123, 136, 212, 

349. 351 
Martha A. 175, 177, 312 
Martha A. (Beedon) 214 
Martha A. E. 177 
Martha A. (Senna) 412 
Martlia (Allen) 25, 26 
Martha (Crowell) 149 
Martha E. 330 
Martha E. (Boynton) 371 
Martha E. (Todd) 363 
Martha (Kitts) 16S 
Martha J. 114, 204 
>!artha J. (Cninipler) 201 
Martha K. (Claflin) 228 
Martha ^L 169 
Martha (Maynard) 43 
Martha (Patterson) 147 
Martha (Putnam) 1 10 
Martha (Robbins) 36 
Martha (Stanley) 3(^0 
Martha W. 78, 125 
Martha (Wiiite) ^,1 
Martha (Wickwire) 315 
Martin 46, 47, 52, 114 
Martin W. 114 
Mary 12, 14, 19, 20, 24, 
25, 26,30,31,34,39,44.45- 
47.4^,53- 57. 77. 79. Si, ')i. 
101, 102, 103, 105, 107, 10"^, 
I iS, no, 138, 151, 154, H'O, 
173, 1 86, 190, 192,207,219, 
264, 271, 30S. 413 
Marj- A. 94, 1 1 1, 136, 1 56, 
15S, 161, 165, 192, 202, 214. 
219.285,287, 290. 293, 29 J, 
33'. 354. 359. 406, 4:?5 
Mary A. B. ( Drown) 3(18 
Mary A. (Bond) 2i>; 
Mary A. (Brigham) 302 

Livermore, Mary A. C. (Per- 
kins) 248 
Mary A. (Correll) 360 
Mary A. D. I2i, 227 
Mary A. (Dt.xter) 231 
Mary A. (Howard) 315 
Mary A. (Keating) Moore 

Mary A. (Ri(e) 19} 
Mary A. (Robinson) 205 
Mary A. ('rhompson) 209 
Mary 15. (Rawson) 165 
Mary B. (Rvder) 427 
Mary (Behh'n) 242 
Mary (I'.igelow) 92 
Mary (Bright) n;. 21, 32 
Mary C. 103, i 35, 180 
Mary C. (Cook) 198 
Mary C. ((iaidner) 307 
Mary C. (Langdon) 246 
Mary (Chaj/in) 300 
Mary (Coolid;;-.-) 20 
Marv IJ. 136, z 17, 291 
Mary (I)ix) 78, 79 
Mary E. 109, 1 13, 114, 155, 
167, 177, 195, 196, 197.203, 

Mary E. (Austin) Bell 200, 

Mary E. (Cro/.ier) 361 
Mary E. (Hill) 375. 37^ 
Mary E. (Reeves) 394 
Mary E. T. 2c6 
Marj- E. (White) 382,383 
Mary (Eaton) 212 
Mary E. (Kirman) 26S 
^Lary E. ('lia>k) 353 
Mary (Elint)93 
Marv G. (Skinner) 179 
Mar^- H. (t'.ri-wold) 241 
Mary (llolbrook) 267 
Mary J. 126.144,237.262 
Mary J. (Gray) 424 
Mary (Jackson) 90 
Mary (Kel-ey) iiS 
Mary (Kittre'dge) 102 
Mary L. 266, 3.)4 
Mary K (I. i. in-stone) 9S 
Mary L. (Riddle) 277 
Mary (Live: mure) 102, 


Mary ^L i s^ 
Mary M. ('iiliin) 335 
Marv M. (Hobbv) 13S 
Mar^- (M:.\a!l) ifo 
Mai^- (UslK^rii) 4S 
Marv R. 171. 34' 
Mar'y (Rogers 29 
Mary S. (Mason) 228 


Livrnnon' Family 

l.ivcrmore, Mar)- S. (McCor- 
iiiick) 263 
M:uy ( h) 1S5 
Maiy (Sciiiiii;^ati-) ^5 
Maty (S\iii<)ik1>) ; ji 
Maiy (Tayloi) 17 \ 
Mary (Tonl])kill.^) 166 
Mary V. 343 
Mary (Wairvii) 2-. 24 
Mary (Wliilt) lo^ 
Mary (WilMin) 95 
Mary (Zumwali) 219 
Matilda M. (l^onncy) 2S9 
Mattlicw I :;, 20, 29 
Mattie 378' 
Mattic 11. (Hanks) 377 
Mattie (Ha--.k<.ll; j i'3 

• Maud M. 412 
Maud ^T. li. 345 
Maxson G. 1 17, 346 

; May 275 
May C. 309 

\ May E. (Davis) 291 
Mfhetabic 95, 159, 28 1 
Mehitable 18, 161 
Mtliitable (Haus) i 14 
Meliitablf (Harris) 143 
Mehitable j. 144, 259 
Mehitable L. (Swain) 2S0 
Mehitable (Norcro^s) iS 
Melinda 48, 77, 116, 126, 
Melinda IJ. 117 
Melinda (IJa.s^ett) 117 
Melissa 48 

' Melvina T. (Brown) iSS 
Mercy 20, 100 
Mercy (llunu.) 1 1 1 
Mercy J. (Spencer) 175 
Mercy (Leonard) 172 
Meriie M. 271 
Menie (Marks) 290 
Meiiie N. (Tmile) 316 
Micah 26, 49 
Mildred 371 
Miles 186 
Miles E. 291 
Millard F. 207 
Milley E. 167, 299 
Milley (Cage) ^7 
Milton 21S 
Minena L. (Pevilbliss) 

Minnie B. 205 
Minnie E. 401 
Minnie G. (Frasier) 386 
Minnie G. (Rice) 41 1 
Minnie M. (llotalinj;) 291 
Minnie P. (KinMnan) 413 
Miranda 46 

Liverniore, Miriam A. 115, 

=°5 . 
Miriam (Waxham) 293 

MoUie (i;i.d) 293 

Molly 44 

Molly (Barton) S9 

Mollis 9^) 

Mortimer C. 209, 314 

Moses 23, 33, 4>. 4-% l(\ 

95, on, 107, I()l, 286 

^1 Uriel F. 371 

Myra 317 

Myia A. (Jouidan) 393 

Myra L. 393 

Myrtie A. 298 

Myrtie (McKinsttr) 422, 


Nancy 76, 82, 1 01, 105, 
107, 175, 190, 309 

Nancy (Blood) Fitch 222 

Nancy (Brown) 1 18 

Nancy M. 147 

Nancy M. (Ihomas) 351 

Nancy (McHard) 118 

Nancy (Walker) 106, 175 

Nancy (Williams) 219 

Nannie B. 265 

Nannie (Wear) 348 

Naomi 219, 357 

Narcissa M. 166 

Nathan 18, 36, 81, 161, 

Nathan L. 151 

Nathaniel 7, 8, 11, 12, 15, 
18, 20, 21, 25, 26,31, 2,2,^ 
34. 36. 55- 76,77.78, 119, 
134. 222, 340 

Nathaniel C. 78 
Nathaniel L. 247, 375 
Nellie 313 
Nellie E. 427 
Nellie M. 173 
Nellie M. (Sawyer) 369 
Nelson G. 159, 281 
Nettie C. (Waldron) t^t^^ 
Nettie S. (Cutler) 384 
Newell 167, 300 
Newton 209, 345 
Nora E. 352 
Norman B. 378 
Obadiah 165 
Obadiah L. 96, 164 
Ogden 427 
Olive H. Vi\ 
Olive S. (Fields) 174 
Oliver 2C, 31, 54, 55, 56, 
103, 119. 123, 219, 220 
Oliver C. 227, 367 
Oliver D. 231, 370 
Oliver S. 99, 171, 305 

l.ivcrmore, Oliver W. 123, 

<'>ra E. 175 

Oraiiiel I 16, 208 

Orcll B. 270 

Origen 206 

Orin 344 

Orpha (Dwighl) 189 

OrphaJ. 214,354 

Orpha (Kanney) 213 

Orrin E. 1 15, 204 

Orson 11. 106, 189 

Otis W. 160 

Ozro J. 178, 3'3 

I'amelia 206, 207 

I'amelia A. 159, 281, 282 

I'amelia B. 207 

Bamelia F. 116 

Paris 49 

Parmelia 95 

Pascal Vi. 179 

Paschal 102 

Paul 49, III 

Paul S. 400 

Pauline 175 

Pearl 406 

Percy W. 173 

Permelia K. 175 

Perni'-lia (Nichols) 160 

Persis 1 1 1 

Porsis W. (Evans) 120 

Phcbc 43, 92 

Phebe E. (Buckley) 401 

Phebe U. 166 

Phena A. 430 

Phena I). 394 

Pheria (Pease) 281 

Phila II. 98 

Philander \\. 159 

Philaimon P. 211, 348 

Philip W. 200 

Phineas 43, 98 

Phoebe E. (l^wson) 289 

Pierpont 251 

Pollv S3. 76, 92, 96, 98, 
118. 21S 

Polly (Avers) r62 

Polly (Cumniing.s) 185 

Polly (1-ackey) 98 

Polly P. 185. 325 

I'olly (Terry) (ilover 79 

Polly (Tiffany) iiS 

Priscilla 32 

Piiscilla (Anderson) 297 

Priscilla N. (Potter) 148 

Pruilence 20 

Kachel 31, 51, 54 

Rachel A. 284 

Kachel B. 112 

Kachel C. 113 



Liveriiioie, Raclicl l". ii| 
K.ichtl F. loo 
Kaclicl M. \z(>, z^(^ 
K.ulicl (Morse) 76 
Kali)h A. 3S5 
Kali)li K. 2 \.\, 268 

kaii^i, r. iSS 

Kaiubll C. iSy 
KaiisoMi H7 
Kay 1-. 26.S. 3S5 

Kay 11. 413 
Kavnioiid 275 
Kayiuond I!. 153, 276 
Kci>ecca 22,36,38,47,93, 
9S, 131, 152, 153, 154 
Rebecca A. (Convtrsc) 

Kohecca A. (Ray) 26S 
Ktbecca (I'arns) 21 
Rebecca (Benjaiuin) 30 
Rebecca K. (Tike) 290 
Rebecca (Fenner) 163,284 
Rebecca (Graves) 213 
Rebecca II. 167, 299 
Rebecca (Mamnioiid) 90 
Rebecca (I lanimond) l.iv- 

ermore yo, 97 
Rebecca M. (Chanipiiey) 

Rebecca (Myrick) 14 
Rebecca 1'. J. 138, 2 J7 
Rebecca (Worcester) 92 
Rebeckah (Richanl.-on) 
Rena 34S 
Rena L. 349 
Reuben 44, 98, 16S 
Rhoda 30, 53 
Richard L. 304, 4 1 1 
Richmond A. F. 214, 216 
Robert 147, ^^'7. 33'!. 373 
Robert A. 33S 
Robert r.. 2>y:, 
Robert K. 330, 401 
Robert (i. 336 
Robert H. 144 
Kolla n. 406 
Rollins M. 268, 3S3 
Rosa A. (Coinst(K k) 147 
Rosaltiia S. (Hailey) z^)}, 
Roscoe r>. 424 
Rose R 20S, 344 
Rosie L. 345 
Roj.ina A. 269 
Kosina A. (Well.-) 26S 
Rosin.i M. 385 ^. — 
Ko.Nwell 96, rt'io 
Roxalana (Dailiii^) 191 
Koxana 1 1 1 
Koxana A. (Moulion) 267 

l.iverinore, Koxana (Whit- 
comlj) 148 
Roy H. v'i^' 
Koy C. W. 271 

Ru'fiis <jS, J 2 2, 362 

Riifus r. 2...- 

Russell .,6. 162, 163, 220 

kii-r>ell 1;. 416 

Ku-sell T. 113 

Russell W. 180, 2yo, 406 

I'^utli 3'. 33. 49. 53. '06, 
118, 218 

Kutli (Aldridj;e) 109 

Ruth (Kouinan) -^i 

Ruth (Daniels) 43 

Ruth (ICddv) 49, 106 

Ruth F. 267 

Rut!) II. 421 

Ruth J. 3S5 

Ruth (I.iverniore) 49, 106 

Ruth (Siearn.s) 31 

S. B. 313 

Sadie 173, 187 

Salem 47, 49, 106, 107, 191 

Sallie 147 

Sally 47, 51, 89, 100, 102. 
105, i'i6, 120, 1S7, 210, 281, 

Sally A. 394 

Sally (F.a,s.seit) 116 

Sally ((lould) 9S 

Sally (l^tmb) 96 

Sally (Loiing) 109 

Sally (Snow) 1 1 1 

Sally ( Tilion) 99, 102 

Samantha see Semanlha. 

Samuel 3, S, 9, 11, 12, 14, 
15, 19, 20, 22, 24, 30, 36, 37, 
4.|, 53, 8i, 82, 85, 87, 100, 
Ii6,'i42, 144, 146, 172, 173, 
175,210,228, 255,264,349 

Samuel A. 2IO, 346 

Samuel B. 122 

Samuel H. 423 

Samuel J. 171 

Samuel M. 173 

Samuel S. 149, 267 

Samuel T. 105, 18S 

Samuel W. 77 

Sanford 192, 331 

Sarah 8, 1 1, 14, 15, 18, 25, 
95, 101, 102, 107, 1 1 1, 122, 
135,136,141, 149, 152,154, 
168, 172, 180, 208, 226, 243. 
2S4, 343 

Sarah A. 110. 113, 315 

Sarah (IJiyelow) 19, 34 

Sarah (Blake) 315 

Sarah C. 13S 

I jvermore, Sarah C. (Grant) 

Sarah C. (I^wrence) 221 
Sarah C. (Stackpole) 143 
Sarah F. 128, 176, 219, 

221, 238, 361, 405 
Sarah V.. (Carpenter) 324 
Sarah V.. (Daniels) 371 
Sarah F. (Hammond) 2S8 
Sarah F. (Lewis) Safford 

Sarah V.. (Warren) 229 
Sarah (Fvan.s) 51 
Sarah F. 124, 232 
Sanih F. (Biigham) 124 
.Sarah F. (lIoi)j)er) 361 
Sarah G. 78, 158 
Sarah IT. 172, 307 
Sarah (Harrington) 15 
Sarah (llolconib) 203 
Sarah (Howe) 42 
Sarah J. 170, 171, 197, 

226, 231, 260, 366, 3S0 
Sarah J. (Correll) 360 
Sarah J. (Morgan) 19S 
Sarah J. (Shaw) 367 
Sarah L. 251, 377 
Sarah M. 115, 165, 251, 

Sarah M. (Guernsey) 2S4 
Sarah M. (Poland) 303 
Sarah N. 355 
Sarah (Xevinson) Stearns 

Sarah P. 140, 305 
Sarah S. 144, 171. 305 
Sarah S. (Johnson) 171 
Sarah (Smith) 1 17 
Sarah (Taylor) 173 
Sarah (Taylor) Jones 140 
Sarah (Tilton) 45 
Sarah W. 8 1 
Sarah (Walker) 57 
Sarah (Ward) 47, 49 
Sarah (Wills) 218 
Scott P. 412 
Selucia (Clarke) 212 
Semantlia 107, 115. 117, 

Semantha J. 159, 2S1, 395 
Seraph 107 

Serena J. (Alfrey) 219 
Seth 147 
Seward B. 305 
Shelbv 361 
Sherlock 1). 14S, 266 
Sherman W. 336 
Shirley .\. 360 
Sibyl 77 
Sibyl A. (Colbv) 126 


Li'i'crniorc Family 

Liverrnore, Sibyl E. 150 

Sihyl (I•:g^Icsl<)n) 150 

Sil>yl (I'riusl) 175 

Silnl (White) 77 

Sidney A. i.jS, 265 

Silas 36, 41, 4 1, 49, 99, 
1 10, II I, ::oi 

Silas \V. 209, 544 

Sileiico 94, loo 

Silence ('l"lionij)son) 107 

Silens 44 

Simeon 96 

Socrates S. 220, 360 

Solomon 90 

Solomon K. Si, 137 

Solon A. 170 

Sophia 101, 149 

So]ihia C. 165, 295 

Sophia (Fainswoilh) 156 

Sophia G. 171 

Sophia (F.owell) 98 

Sophia 1'. 267 

Sophionia (Moore) 267 

Scjuire K. 166 

Stella A. 207, 304 

Stella G. (Harns) 393 

Stephen G. 99, i6t), 169, 

Submit 24, 44 

Sullivan G. 166 

Sumner W. 114 

Susan 36, 99, 1 1 5 

Susan A. 207 

Susan A. (Lull) 400 

Susan K. 171 

Susan E. (Downing) 243 

Susan r. 136 

Susan (Faxon) 172 

Susan II. (Homer) 261 

Susan (Hatfield) 197 

Susati I'. 120 

Su>an (I'arlridgi) in 

Susan (I'latts) 120 

Susanna 20, 24 

Susanna (Middleton) 193 

Susannah 1*. 263, 3S1 

Susie T. (McCaughey) 

375- 37^' 
Susy 90 
Sylvanus 50 
Sylvia 125 . 
Sylvia II. i 26 
Sylvia (Hale) 125 
Tabitha 21, },t„ 44, 75, 

Tabitha (Tilion) 102,221 
Tacy 1!. (Fitch) 21 1 
Tamason 107 
Teresa (.Mierii) 292 
Tes-sora E. 344 

Eivermore, Thankful 39, 9^> 
Thankful (Harrington) 

23. -M 
Thankful (Harrington) 

Cutting 3(1 
Theodore 117, 213 
Thendoie C. 213, 352 
Tli'.odosia (Churchill) 344 
Thom.-us 15. 19, 21, 32, -^i, 

34,36,76,79, 107, 121, 125, 

126, 136, 225, 235,349 
1 homa.s A. 138, 246 
Thomas H. 226 
Thomas L. 3, 247, 371, 

373. 375 

1 homas S. 191, 331 

Urania B. (Richardson) 

Ursula (Noyes) 270 

Valctte A. 105 

Vashti 99 

Vera I. 330 

Villa J. (Huntress) 41 1, 

Violet 95 

Virgil 1 48 

Virginia S. 345 

Wallace 164, 290 

Walter 119, 122 

Walter A. 243, 369, 427 

Walter C. iS«S. 330 

Waller K. 336 

Walter F. 2S0 

Walter H. 266 

Walton 48, 109, no, 163, 
200, 290 

\N'arner 95, 96, 161 

Warren G. 174, 30S 

Warren J. 197, 334 

W'aymcn 3^0, 426 

Wendell B. 231 

Wesley nS 

Westley 174 

Weston T. 220 

Willard 51 

William 38,40,41,45, 48, 
55,77, 82, 91, 100, 102, 109, 
n9, 122, 136, 140, 150, 163, 

William .\. 186, 219, 308 
William H. 164, 188, 243, 

::9=. 330 
William C. 268, 3S5 
William 1). 205, 243, 

William \:. 1 14, 2u6 
William Y. 181, 199. V9. 


Liverrnore, William IT. 193, 


William K. 1 14, 134, 179, 

220, 240, 241, 341, 361 
William S. w], 144, 164, 

'73. 210, 292 
N\ illiam W. 109, 165, 175, 


Willie C. 29S 
Willie J. 346 
Winifred J. 413 
Winslow O. 27c, 3S6 
Winthrop 108, 196 
Winlhrop W. 335 
Wrexaville (liadger) 2S4 

Zayda C. 345 

Zayma E. 344 

Zipora IC. 167, 300 

Zula Z. 344 
Livingston, Alice M. 382 

Clara L. 3S2 

John H. 382 

Martha A. (Montgomery) 


Mary L. 98 
l^obdell, Jennie li. 404 

Mary M. 404 

Sydney 404 
Long, Albert M. 431 

Elias 431 

Emery (J. 431 

F-mnia A. 430 

Henry L. 431 

John T. 432 

I'hena J. (.\nderson) 431 

Sarah ^L (.Andei-son) 432 

Willis .\L 432 
I^ngacrc, Sarah 240 
Longley, Abel 223 

Elizabeth (Patterson) 55 

Hannah (King) 223 

Jane P. (Liverrnore) 223 

John 55 

Julia C. 223 

Lillian E. zi"^ 

Lucy 55 

Margaret B. 223 
Longyear, Nellie M. 273 
Lord, Charles S. 1S9 

Eda M. (Stiles) 1S9 

Esther 173 
I>oring, Jennette 253 

Nathaniel T. 109 

Sally 109 

Sarah (Watson) 109 
I^sey, Ella W. 276 

John .M. 276 

Maria B. (Wood) 276 



Ixivejoy, Jonathan 76 

Kiith (IJciijaniin) 76 
I.ovs, Ikniv 171 

l.ydia (Clanlinci) 174 

rhclx- (dariliiicr) 174 

Stc[>hcn 174 
l.owcll, Sophia 98 
l.Mce, Desire 142 

Fadila 147 
Lugar, Ann E. 304 

Ceorgo C. 304 
Lull, JtTusha M. 151 

Susan A. 400 
Luiit, Arabella 1,. 124 

William II. i_'4 
]-ulher, Ik'tsey 161 

Robert 161 
l.yon, Abbie K. 311 

C'harles K. 2S2 

Delos E. 311 

Elizabeth K. (Mather) 

Ella E. 2S2 

Eunice A. (Taylor) 311 

George E. 2S2 

George H. 282 

George T. 31 1 

Harry 282 

Harry E. 282 

Izette B. (Dodge) 174 

Jennie D. 2S2 

John 174 

Minnie M. (Lester) 2S2 

Panielia A. (livermore) 

I'anulia J. 2S2 
Lyons, Maria 210 
Muclem, Elorcnce 279 
Maddock, Mary (Welling- 
ton) 20 
Mairs, Elizabeth 153 
Makin, Cirace 5 
Mallory, Caroline 273 
Mann, Lydia 1 50 
Manning, Angtline T. 
(Clarke) Cleveland 24S 

Charles H. 247 

Cleveland V. 247 

Eanny L. (liaiiktt) 247 

Florence (Raymond) 273 

Henry L. 247 

Jarvis C. 247 

Joseph C. 247 

I aura R. (Darley) 247 

Leonard J. 248 

Mary E. 247 

Morgan S. 273 

Rebecca L. 247 

Rebecca I'. J. (Livermore) 

Mansfield, Elizabeth (Liver- 
more) 101 

J. 11. lOI 

John loi 
Martha .M. 101 
Marble, trances E. (Liver- 
more) 169 

Henry 169 
Maiden, Annie M. 319 

ICliza A. (Stimson) 319 

Mamie 30S 

Samuel 319 
Marks, Lucy A. (Smith) 290 

Mertie 290 

William 290 
Marsh, Uetsey 96 

Jlli/a A. 340 

Harriet E. (Livermore) 

Lyman 169 

Melissa 341 

Ruth 47 
Marshall, Elizabeth 301 

Margaret 259 
Marstes, Elizabeth 140 

John 140 
Martin, Adam C. 338 

henj. R. 141 

Edward 176 

Flmilie H. 338 

Julia S. (Livermore) 141 

Susan P. (Banks) 176 
Mason, Anna 56 

Anna (Livermore) 56 

James 56 

John 56 

Joseph 56 

Jo.siah 56 

Lucy 56 

Mary (Monk) 56 

Maiy S. 228 

Rislnvorth 99 
• Samuel 56 

Susan (Livermore) Leigh- 
ton 99 

Susanna 56 

Thomas !;6 

William E. 56 
>L-i.sters, Andrew 140 

Judith S. 299 

Sarah P. (Livermore) 140 
Matchctt, Catherine (I'lum- 
mer) 125 

Sarah A. (Bennett) 125 

William E. 125 

William P. 125 
Mather, Elizabeth R. 2S2 
Matiier>on, Phebe 406 
Matteson, Arthur E. t,-^z 

Helen E. (Henshaw) 333 

Matteson, Marcia 332 

Murray G. 332 

Myra 332 
Matthews, Olive 1,. 396 
Ma.x^on, l^ura I-. 349 
Maynaid, Ephraim 18 

Lucy 90 

Martha 43 

Sarah (Livermore) 18 
Mayo, George 176 

Joel 176 

Mary P. (Banks) 176 
McCallam, Marian S. 251 
McCaughey, Arthur 376 

Sarah 376 

Su.sie T. 375, 37G 
McCaw, Sally (Foresman) 

William 326 
McCollom, Catharine 275 
McCormick, Mary S. 263 
McCrae, Sophia 336 
McCumber, Lucetta 348 

Mary 404 
McDermott, Emily (Van 
Valkenburgh) 165 

Thomas 165 
McEckron, J. E. 370 

Mary E. (Ray) 370 
McElroy, Anna 191 
McEall, Susan C. 310 
McEarland, Angie 193 

David 192 

Frederick 193 

Lewis E. 193 

Maria 193 • 

Mar)- J. 193 

Mary (Livermore) 192 
McEarlin, Mary 319 
McGee, James 136 

Mary A. (Livermore) 13G 
McHard, Nancy iiS 
Mclntire, Bertha O. 354 

Elizabeth E. 354 

John A. 354 

Mary A. (Livermore) 


Robert S. 354 
McKinstt-r, Myrtle 423 
Mcl^ren, Alice M. (Liver- 
more) 319 
Daniel 319 
John C. 319 
Mary (McFarlin) 319 
McLean, Mary E. (Larre- 
more) 303 
Stephen A. 303 
McNall, Mary 160 
McNeal, l^uise C. 399, 400 
Mead, David 29 


Live n/i ore Family 

Mead, Iluiinah (Smith) 29 

Ilarrici 232 

Siismiiia 28 
Mcdbcry, Clara K. 29S 

Clarissa S. (Livtrniort) 

Don 297 

Hon 1). 29S 

Helen A. 298 

Jennie M. 29S 
Mellei'., Henry L. 335 

Lucy r. (Livermore) 335 

Maria 335 

Susan 306 

Walter 15. 335 
Meriani, Angeline (Kock- 

WOOd) ti;! 

James ]>. 191 
Merriam, Ketsey K. 224 

Josephus 224 

Lorinda (Fitts) 1 12 

Lucy K. 224 

Sarah ir,8 
Merrill, Abbie L. (Liver- 
more) 167 

Emcline (Fitts) 112 

Orson 112 

RUey M. 167 

Susannali 16 
Merritt, I'liebe 1S5 
Mcrriman, Llla ^L 320 
Messenger, AIniii-a A. 412 
Metcalf^ Olivia 75 
Meyers, Louisa 236 
Middleton, Susanna 193 
Miles, Jane 175 

Nancy 359 
Millard, F.dmoor K. 356 

Florence R. 356 

Harriet E. (Livermore) 

Myrtle L. 356, 424 

Newton H. 356 
Miller, Kdith M. (Crandall) 

Frank G. 32S 

Frank \V. 161 

Mary E. (Livermore) 114 
, Mehitable (Livermore) 

Polly 52 

Rebecca 222 

AVairen P. i6i 

William 1 14 
Mills, Albert 272 

Aui;n.>ia 272 

Charles D. 351 

Charlotte (Kaymond) 272 

Delphine 272 

Edgar 272 

Mills, Lllen (Hollenbedt) 

Cieorpe W. 149 

Herbert A. 352 

Lilian 352 

Maiy 272 

Rebecca 272 

Rebecca F. R. 362 

Rose (Verbee) 272 

Samuel 272 

Sarah C. (Kingsley) 351 

Saiah (Livennore) 149 

Stephen 272 
Minott, Hetsey (Sherman) 

James 31 
Mixer, Anna 43 

Eunice 74. 227 

Eunice (Liveimore) 74 

John 74 

Josiah 34, 74 

Lois 34, 74 

Mary 55, 74 

Mary (Garfield) 34, 74 

Nathaniel 74 

Polly 74 
Molau, Charles A. 336 

Clara E. 336 

Clara (Ordronaux) 336 
Monk, Mai-y 5^) 
Montgomery, Lucy (Liver- 
more) 265 

Martha A. 2G5, 382 

Mary F. 265, 3S2 

William C. 265 
Moore, Amanda R. (Pot- 
ter) 347 

Amos F. 347 

Charles W. 347 

Clark 207 

Isaac 267 

Lillian M. 347 

Mary A. 244 

Miriam (Pickard) 267 

Oliver E. 207 

Sophronia 267 

Susan A. (Livermore) 207 
Moreau, Elizabeth (Ham- 
mond) 79 

Joshua 79 
Morgan, Abigail 139 

Sarah J. 19S 
Morrell, Anna L. 391 

Charles 337 

Cora A. (Livermore) 391 

Ella F. 391 

Mary (Pallard) 337 

Sarah A. 337 

William 391 
Morrill, Sarah' 320 

Morrison, iJetsey (benja- 
min) 75 
Martha A. (Ibnks) i7r. 
Samuel 75 
Solon 176 
Morse, Abel 16 

Abigail (Hurd) 45 

Albeit F:. 198 

Almond 223 
lienjamin 16 
Eliza (Davis) 19S 

Elmira (Livermure) 19S 

Eunice 137 

George M. \C)(i 

Giace (Parker) 16 

Jane L. 223 

Jonathan 45 

Lucinda (Livermore) 222, 

Mar)- (Jackson) 76 

Mary P. 223, 364 

Nathan 76 

Rachel 76 

Samuel 198 

Susan A. (Sibley) 196 

Susannah (Merrill) 16 
Morton, Anna L. 369 

George F. 369 

James A. 369 

Mary E. 369 

Mar^' L. (Fisher) 369 
Moscrip, Almira E. (Ladoo) 

Amos D. 38S 

15Ianche A. 274, 3S9 

Charles K. 3SS 

Charles H. 274, 38S 

Ferris J. 274, 389 

Helen E. 274 

John G. 3S8 

Lydia B. 38S 

Lydia B. (De I^ny) 3SS 

Mary A. (Weaver) 274 

Minerva L. 38S 

Robert B. 3S9 

Robert S. 274 
Moseley, Rebecca 1 1 
Molt, Cornelia B. 421 

Daniel L. 342 

Dorothv 421 

Elias H'. 342 

Elizabeth 421 

Emily (Livermore) ^42 

Frank W. 342 

Herlx-rt H. 342 

James 342, 421 

John 421 

Rachel 421 

Ruth P. 421 

Sarah E. (Preston) 421 



Molt, Saiah CI. (Bcardsley) 

Virj-iiiia l.Iuiina 342 

Waller 1,. 34:, .,21 
Moulton, Chailc^ \V. 195 

Kobcrl 267 

KoxaiHia A. 267 
Mullin, I'Mward II. 1S4 

M.doia (Ikad) 1S4 
Mimgcr, iJertha 523 

diaries II. 414 

tlleu (Searks) 323 

Henry 323 

Katie L. (Adams) 414 

MalH?l 414 

Shubael 414 
Mimson, .XmeJia K. 1S3 

Ketsey (Uarnes) 1S3 

Louis I S3 
Murdock, Bdle R. 232 

Carrie L. 232 

Henry J. 232 

John 141 

Judith 23?. 

Judson 232 

Sarah F. (Liverniorc) 232 
Murray, Arthur II. 204 

James 204 

Jessie L. (livermore) 216 

Lartie 216 

Martha J. (Livermore) 

Mary E. 204 

kutherford L. 204 
Muzzy, Benjamin 9S 

Christian 167, 301 
■Eli 50 

James 9S 

Laurinda (Bigelow) 109 

Persis (Prouty) 50 

I'hila H. (Livermore) 9S 

Rebecca (Livermore) 98 

Tilly 109 
Myrick, Elizabeth (Trow- 
bridge) 14 

John 14 

Martha (Livermore) 
Brewer 75 

Rel>ecca 14 

Samuel 75 
Nash, Charles E. 377 

Danforth L. 377 

Edwin L. 377 

Joseph 377 

Mary L. 377 

Sarah L. (Livermore) 377 

Theodosia (Emerson) 377, Emily (Bradley) 379 

Joseph C. 379 
Nelson, Lydia 123 

Nelson, Mar)' E. (Liver 
more) Snow 155 

Oliver C. 155 

Sarah 420 
Neville. Rachel S. 430 
Nevins, Eunice G. 297 
Nevinson, Elizabclh 20 

John 20 

Sarah 20 
Newconib, Ruth 231 
Newcomer, Annie (.\lben) 

Annie M. 1S3 

F<enjamin 1S3 
Ncwhall, Susan 195 
Newton, Anna G. (Baker) 


Bethiah 27 

Charlesetta (Livermore) 

Emma E. (Livermore) 

George B. 414 
George L. 414 
Gideon 27 

Hannah (Lawrence) 27 
Jabez 414 
Lyman C. 231 
Mary A. (Broad) 414 
Sarah 51 
Sylvia 392 
William B. 231 
Nichols, Caroline (Parker) 

Emma G. (Livermore) 


F'rank W. 237 

Harry F. 237 

Henry C. 237 

Mary J. 306 

Bermelia 160 

William 237 
Nightingale, Charlotte N. 

Edna 355 

Eva (Sherrard) 355 

Harriet R. (Livermore) 

Helen M. 217 

Herbert A. 217 

James 216, 355 

Lewis C. 217 

Mahala D. 217 

Melvin 355 

Richard 217, 355 

Sarah M. 217 
Niles, Julia M. 325 
Nims, Almira J. 312 

Lucius 312 

Nancy B. 312 

Norcross, Mehitable 18 

Mehilable (Hagar) 18 

Nathaniel 18 
Norris, Alfred M. 195 

Ethel 195 

Henrietta W. (I jvermore) 


John 195 

John (J. 19s 

Maiic.n 195 

.Mary (Brown) 195 

Mary L. 195 
Northrup, C. A. 218 

Julni E. 28S 

Lcvantia (Buell) 288 

Solomon J. 2S8 
Norval, Agnes 397 
Noyes, Mary M. 147 

Ursula 270 
Nurse, Elizabeth 27 

Elizabeth (Gale) 27 

John 27 
Nutting, Elizabeth 75 
Nye, David 115 

Uwit;ht 1 15 

Florinda II. 147 

Hannah 109 

Hattie B. 329 

Joel 1 15 

Susan (Livermore) 115 
Oakes, Clarke W. 295 

Clifford V. 295 

Edith M. 295 

El\\7n L. 295 

Mabel E. 295 

Mary y^ 

Sophia C. (Livermore) 295 
Ober, Hannah (Williams) 


Samuel 139 
Ocker, Catiicrine 235 
Odiorne, Ebenczer 129 

Eliza l>eth C. 129 

Emma C. (Livtrmore) 242 

Fredeiick 242 

Isal>ella (Redman) 242 

John L. 24:: 

Sarah P.. (Cunningham) 

Walter B. 242 

William II. 242 
Ogden, Coia (Hampton) 299 

Emily I. (Livermore) 167 

Ethel Si. 299 

George ir.7 

I^ura (Livermore) 299 

l^slie C. 299 

Lewis 299 

Maud 299 

May E. 299 


Livcrmorc Juunily 

Olds, Anil E. (r.rockway) 
Kmniai^Liie 2SS 
Kzra :-SS 
Oliver, Mary 404 
Olnisttad, Ij/zie 175 
Oliiey. l'..rlhaO. (Mclntirt) 


Charl.'s 35., 
OrclriJii;tu.\, Claia t,^G 
Osboni, Mary 4vS 
Osgood, J<:)scpliine T. 218 
Osnioiiil, Kloise L. 326 

Elvira \V. (Livcrmorc) 326 

Isaac 326 

Joseph S. 326 

Nettie M. 326 

Sidney (Singley) 336 
Owen, James K. 160 

Joel 44 

Mary (Livcrmorc) 160 

Mary M. i6o 

Molly (Livennore) 44 
Packard, Anne E. 243 

Caleb S. 243 

Florence E. 243 
Page, Anna 2G5 

Bathsheba( Livcrmorc) 4 7 

John 47 
Painter, Jennie D. (Lyon) 

Wintlirop D. 282 
Palmer, l.Ua 1S7 

George F. 352 

IJlian (Mills) 352 

Samiici A. 305 

Sarah S. (Livern\orc) 305 
Park, Mary 1 18, 120 
Parke, Frnest 291 

Mary \). (Livermore) 291 
Parker, Abie! 36 

Abraham 11,15 

Alma 1". 409 

Anna S. (llowe) 409 

Ketsey 107 

]}lanche M. 409 

Caroline 237 

Clarence E. 409 

Cora M. 418 

Daniel 15, 190 

Ebenezer 124 

Grace 16 
■ Hannah (Livennore) 32 

James 15 

Jane E. 349 

lizzie M. 345 

Lois 122, 123 

Lydia 16 

Martha 1 1 

Martha (IJvermorc) 15 

Parker, Mary 15, 32 

Mary F. (Ha>^tings) 124 

Mason G. 1 24 

Rose (Whith)ck) 15 

Sanuiel 16 

Sarah (Warren) 190 

W. 32 
Parks, Jonathan 42 

Sarah (Livcrmorc) 42 
Pariish, Augustus A. 425 

Florence M. (Livermore) 


l-rederick O. 425 

Jessie L. 425 
Parsons, Alniira 347 

Eber 202 

Lydia 202 

Maiy (Reed) 202 
Partee, John P. 327 

Mary A. 327 

Sarah A. 327 
Partridge, Llla 176 

Susan 1 1 1 
Patterson, Elizabeth 55 

Martha 147 
I'aul, Anna 333 
Payne, Amy 405 

Dodge S. 405 

Elizabeth (Cliilson) 405 
Peabody, Abigail 231 

Adeline S. (Grosvenor) 

David 156 

Ehzabeth 230, 231 

Jane 23 

John 230 

Mary A. (Grosvenor) 156 

Walter 15G 
Pearce, Charles L. 35S 

Clara E. 35S 

George J. 358 

Lot L. 3 58 

Martha M. 358 

Naomi (Livermore) 357, 

Onille G. 358 

Richard E. 358 

Sarah E. 35S 

Thomas 357, 35S 

Vine W. 358 

William T. 358 
Pea-e, Chester 281 

Hannah 36 

Pheria 281 

Polly 281 
Peasley, Pei.-^ey 136 

Jacob 136 

James E. 13O 

Ix)uisa (Livermore) 136 
Peirks, Jonathan 42 

Peirks, Sarah (Livermore) 

Pellett, Lucy G. 335 
Pendell, Frank M." 432 

Lucius A. 432 

Nellie A. (Howland) 432 
Pendt xtcr, Mary 200 
Penn, ilannali 1 1 
Pepper, Henry A. 149 

Lucy 149 

Lucy J. 149 

Lydia M. (Hopkins) 149 

Maiy A. 149 

Pliny 149 

Thankful (Livermore) 149 
Perham, Philinda L. 410 
Perkins, Aaron 248 

Archie D. 422 

Clarissa F. (Livermore) 

luhvard W. 367 

Essie C. 422 

Faitii S. (Livermore) 367 

Jenny 175 

Lytic G. 422 

Mary A. C. 248 

Mary (Gilbert) 248 

Orville T. 422 

Salhe 379 
Perley, Ira 146 

Lucy 17c 

Lucy (Balch) 170 

Samuel 170 
Perry, Abigail (Livcrmorc) 

Elizabeth M. 383 

Joseph 32 

Mary J. 375 

Prudence (Sherman) 32 

Samuel 149 
Pettit, Amanda 152 

Ann 152 

Catherine 152 

Cenah H. 186 

Jacob 152 

Jane 152 

John 152 

Lydia (Livemiorc) 152 

Mary 152 
Petty, Ida A. 34S 
Phelps, Abigail 340 

Cclia 1:. 339, 340 

Francis 340 

I'ernielia 292 
Philips, Elizabeth (Leonard) 

James 13 
I'hillips, Charlotte 330 
John 38 
Mary (Bennet) ^S 



Phillips, Piiscilla 3S 

Rebecca (l.ivcrmorc) 38 

'I'heophilus v^ 
Ihipps, Alnqail K. (Liver- 
more) 113 

IClizalHJtii (l,eon;iul) 13 
■ James 13 

Marshall i 13 
I'ickard, Miriam 2(q 
I'icketl, llaiiict 1!. iSS 

Mariette R. (l.ivermore) 

Wald.-n A. 105 
rickford, Alice (IJvermore) 

•49. 150 

Alice T. 150 

Anna M. {'I'olmaii) 150 

Charles J. 150 

Klizabeth (Kay) 150 

Elizabeth (She|)ar(l) r5o 

Kmily 150 

John i-iy, 150 

John K. L. 150 
Pickman, Klizabeth L. 381 
Pierce, Clarissa 166 

Cyrus E. 195 

Louisa T. 123 

Marion (N'orli^) 195 
Pierpont, Ciiarlcs II. 141 

Elijah 141 

George W. 141 

Hannah 141 

Hannah (Livermorc) 141 

Hannah (Livermore) Pot- 
ter 37 

John M. 141 

Robert 37. 141 

Sarah (Livermore) 141 
Pike, Albert 305 

Anna 15. (Livermore) 305 

Esther (llurlburt) 290 

Hiram 290 

Margaret 288 

Rebecca E. 290 
Piiickney, Martha A. 405 
Pitts, Eloni J-. 339 

Gilbert D. 339 

Joseph E. 339 

Mary J. (Bancroft) 339 
Platts, Susan 120 
Phimmer, Catherine 125 
Poland, Sarah >L 303 
Pollon, Alice L. (Liver 
more) 403 

Allie M. 403 

Jennie P. 403 

John H. 403 

John \V. 403 

Lillie ^L 403 
Pool, Jennie 406 

Porter, Hannah 221 
Post, Anne 199 
Potter, Adelhert 210 
Alice A. 347 
Allen 347 

Alniira (Parsons) 347 
Almond I). 347 
Amanda H. (Johnson) 347 
Amanda R. 347 
Amy A. 347 
Ann E. Wheeler 347 
Aniiis E. 346 
}5e.ssie V. 348 
Carrie 1!. 3.(8 
Clarissa A. 346 
Cora A. 3 |8 
Ednuintl 1>. 210 
Ella ('I'hompson) 3.(7 
Ellen 210 

Eannie E. (Smith) 347 
Hannah 210 
Hannah (Livermore) 37 
Hattie L. 347 
Hosea B. 210, 347 
Ida A. 347 
Ida A. (Petty) 348 
Jerome E. 348 
Job 210 
Joel A. 347 
Leona ^L 347 
Lester 284 

Lucetta (McCumbcr) 348 
Luther 210, 347 
Maiy E. 347, 348 
Mildred A. 347 
Milton R. 347 
Mortimer W. 347 
Nathaniel 37 
Nina E. 347 
Priscilla N. 148 
Rhoda (Buckley) 348 
Rosilla A. 347 
Sally 210 

Sally (Livermore) 210 
Samuel 210, 348 
Sarah 37 

Sarah (Livermore) 284 
Semantha P. (Joimson) 
W. M. 347 

William 210, 346, 347 
William S. 348 
Pratt, Addie M. 121 

Adeline M. (Livermore) 
Betsey S. 1 14 
David 1 14 
Josephine 348 
Margaret 114 
William H, 121 

Pray, Jane 175 
Prentice, Amelia A. (Liver- 
nioif) 285 
I'llizabeih 79 
Raymond L. 2S5 
William G. 285 
Prescott, Abel 222 
Betsey A. 222 
}{elsey (Livermore) 222 
Charles 222 
Charles C. 222 
Charles L. 222 
Ellen A. 222, 364 
Hannah (Spalding) 222 
Preston, Lydia 100 

Sarah E. 421 
Prichard, Debbie I. (Coy) 
Isaac W. 417 
Mary D. 417 
Priest, Eveiard 176 
Jennie V. 176 
Lydia L. 176 
vSarah A. 176 
Sarah E. (Livermore) 17G 
Sibyl 175 
Prince. Almira 313 
J. D. 262 
Kate 262 
Prout, Mehitable H. iSS 
Prouty, Aaron 50 

Anna (Livermore) 89 

Artemas W. 155 

Asa 50 

Asahel 89 

Benjamin 149 

Betsey 89 

Charles 89 

David 27, 50 

Elizabeth 50 

Elizabeth (Gates) 50 

Elliot 2S0, 281 

Eunice 89 

Hannah II. (Livermore) 


Joel 50 
Johnson 89 
Jonas 50 

l^ura E. 280, 281 
Laura E. (Randall) 15S, 

28 I 

l^ucius M. 149 
Lucy J. (Pepper) 149 
Lydia (llatcli) no 
Lydia (Livermore) 50 
Mary A. Pepper) 149 
Melinda A. 190 
Nabby 89 
Patty 8y 
Persis 50 


,1 Venn ore 

I W) lily 

I'roiity, Reuben 89 

Sally 89 

Willard S.) 

William 1 10 
I'urkiss, Sarah 29 
rutnani, Amos 1 10 

Elijah 49 

Levina (Livermure) 49 

Martha no 

Moses 49 

Paris (Livcrmore) 49 

Rachel 244 

Sarah (Swift) no 
Quinlivati, C'layioii 405 

Daniel S. 405 

Edward 405 

Frank G. 405 

Gladys 405 

I^ura E. 405 

Laura (Horton) 405 

Marshall E. 405 

Merle I). 405 

Sarah E. (Gle/on) 405 
Kae, Adaline L. (Benton) 

Charles A. 416 

Ernest B. 416 

James 416 

James C. 416 
Ramsey, Florence 1'. 347 

George A. 347 

Ida A. (Putter) 347 

William 347 
Rand, Phebc 92 

Susanna 412 
Randall, Caroline 2S0 

Jerusha A. 236 

Jotham 2S0 

I^ura E. 15S, 281 

Lorette G. 2S0 

Vespucian i^S 
Rankin, Jesse 402 

Lucy E. 402 
Ranney, Oq>ha 213 
Rawson, Mary 1). 165 
Ray, Adaline 21^5 

Helen 370 

James 370 

James E. 370 

Lydia A. (FulKr) 370 

Mary 274 

Mary E. 370 

Noiman S. 370 

Rebecca A. 26S 
Raymond, Abigail 138 

Augusta 152 

Charlotte 152, 272, 273 

Dell 273 

Edmond 93, 154 

Edmond L. 154 

Raymond, Eliza (Swart 
wood) 273 
I'lir'abeth 153 
Elizabeth (Crause) 273 
Esther (Livcrmore) \y\ 
Florence 273 
Frank 273 
Lsaac L. 152, 273 
Isaac R. 151, 153, 154 
Jane 152, 272 
Jennet R. 38^1 
John 151, 152, 273 


= 73 

Mary S. 184 

Nancy (Goodale) 273 

Rebecca 152, 273 

Rebecca (Livermore) 151 

Rebecca (Tileston) 1 5 1 

Sarah 154 

Sarah E. 154, 277 

Sarah (Li%ermore) 93 

Susan (Lewis) 152, 153, 

William 152, 273 
Rea, Annie H. (Hall) 379 

Dudley H. 379 

James D. 379 
Reatly, Minnie 174 
Redman. Isabella 242 
Keed, Amasa 267 

Amos O. 309 

Caroline 267 

Florae. 113 

George S. 309 

Lama B. 309 

Mary 202 

Nancy (Livermore) 309 

Paul D. 113 

Rachel C. (Livermore) 

Rees, Allen F. 354, 423 
Benjamin R. 354 
Bertha M. 354 
Carrie E. (Willard) 423 
Eugenia ^L (Livernioie) 


George M. 354 

John L. 354 

Miriam W. 423 

Robert I. 354 

'"^eih 353 

Thoma-s 11. 354 
Reese. Clara B. 34S 

Frederick IL 3.^8 

Mary E. (Potter) 34 S 

Zella A. 34S 
Reeves, Alfred H. 391 

Anna M. (Cook) 395 

Bertie L. 395 

Charles W. 395 

Reeves, Clarence D. 395 

Effa M. 395 

Fidelia A. 305 

Francis A. 395 

George I. 395 

John F. 39:; 

John T. 394 

Mary E. 394 

Nelson G. 394 

Oscar H. 395 

Phena S. 394 

Sally (Livermore) 394 
Remington, Elizabeth L. 
274. 389 

Sarah Y.. (Weaver) 274 

William 274 
Reville, Mary A. 319 
Rexford, Jane 1S7 
Reynolds, Marv A. 187 

F. M. 431 
Rhodes, Anna (Bosworlli) 

Columbus F. 343 

Ella C. 343 

Ellen A. (Livermore) 343 

Harry B. 422 

Louis C. 343 

Maria 399 

Valette A. (Livermoie) 

William 105 

William A. 343, 422 
Rice, Almira 309 

Ann S. (Wilson) 306 

Anna 43 

Anna (Mixer) 43 

Asa 35 

Asenath 35 

Augusta M. loi 

Bertram \. 166 

Calvin 35 

EHakira iS 

Elizabeth 26 

Elizabeth (Livermore) 35 

Ejihraim 14 

Evaline II. (Carrick) 41 1 

George 166 

Hannah (Livermore) 14 

Isaac 43 

Israel 35 

John 411 

Katharine 35 

Lucy 265 

Luther 35 

Maria 50 

Marshall S. loi 

Mary A. 191 

Mar)- A. (Giexson) Cook 

Mary (Livermore) loi 



Rice, Mary (Onkes) 35 
Mfl>ilal)le (Liveriuore) 18 
Minnie G. 411 
Nathan 102 
Sally (Liverniore) 102 
Seraph 196 
Thomas 35 
Timothy 194 
Zebiah V. G. (Ashton) 

Rich, Anna (Livermore) 43 

George 1 1 2 

Joshua 43 

Lucy A. (Stockwell) 112 
Richardson, Allen L. 272 

Allen R. 272 

Anna (r.amroft) 365 

Mary (Livermore) Leslie 
271, 272 

Rebecca loS 

Rebecknh 76 

Urania I'>. -514 
Riddle, Abigail S. (Liver- 
more) 95 

Alexandor 277 

Esther (Keller) 277 

Mary L. 277 
- Robert T. 95 

Thompson 9^ 
Riley, licts. y TiS 

Emma 200 

Harriot 217 

James 2 1 7 

John 200 

Mary (Pendexter) 200 

Mary (Ross) 2\-] 
Robbing, Martha 56 
Roberts, Agncs A. 375 

Agnes (Hughes) 375 

Davis 1;. -,75 
Robertson, Lii/.a A. (Marsh) 

Leila 340 

William 340 
Robinson, Annie J. (Liver- 
more) 200 

Bridget \C<\ 

Clarinda 219 

Mary A. 205 

Thomas \V. 200 
Rockwell, Anabella 105 
Rockwood, Angcline, 191 

David 191 

John 190 

Martin A. 244 

Mary 191 

Mary E. (Livermore) 244 

Melinda A. (Prouty) 190 

Moses 190, 191 

Nancy (Livermore) 190 

Rockwood, Salem 190 
Roc, Alice C. 217, 356 ^ 

Eunice S. (Livermore) 

John 15. 217 

Ottie A. 217. 35f> 

Sally (Liverniore) 47 
Rothrig, Caroline (Smith) 

Frederick A. 40S 

Frederick L. 40S 

Frederick L. ( ). 40S 

Gavina II. 408 

Harold L. 40S 

Mary G. (Hniigerfor^l) 

Regnalta P. 40S 

Russell S. 408 
Rogers, Clark 401 

Dorothy (livermore) 27 

Emma R. 401 

George 27 

Mary 29 

Mary J. (Kinney) 401 

Mehitable 143 

Nathaniel 29 

Sarah (Purkiss) 29 
Rohn, Earl C. 32S 

Glenn S. 32S 

Ix)uisa F. (CrandaJl) 328 

Raymond \V. 32S 

Samuel \V. 32S 
Rolf, Clara 426 
Rollins, Etile R. 3<S5 

Emma J. (Livermore) 173 

Etta C. (Livermore) 173 

John F. 173 
Romans, Achsah (Gleason) 

Andrew 290 

Harriet 290 
Ross, Elizabeth (Johnson) 

Floyd 406 

Mary 217 

Mary A. (Sanderson) 318 

S. E. H. 31 8 
Rumrill, Charles 77 

Mary (Livermore) 77 
Rush, Charles I). 427 

Daisy E. 427 

Mary E. 427 
Russel, Abner 160 

Ebenezer 95 

Semantha (Seward) 160, 


Sarah (Livermore) 95 
Russell. Carrie R. 318 
Ellen L (livermore) 305 
George V. 305 

Russell, Henry 366, 367 

Jeremiah 31S 

Lizzie L. 374 

Ixjuisa (Coolidgc) 318 

Mabelle 367 

Mary E. (Sherman) 366 

Miss 247 
Rust, Abigail (Williams) 

Alice M. 299 

John E. 299 

Judith S. (.Masters) 299 
Ryan, Kuih W. 195 
Ryder, llattie A. 410 

Ikiiry R. 410 

Mary 15. 427 

Philinda L. (Perhani)4io 
Ryers, Elizabeth 392 
Sabin, 15elle E. 299 

Carl 299 

Lucian 299 

Milly E. (Livermore) 299 
Safford, Horace 13. 215 

Sarah E. (Lewis) 215 
Salazar, Gavina 165 
Salisbury, Deborah 104 
Salladay, Edward E. 349 

Kate A. (livermore) 349 

Roy E. 349 
Sahmarsh, Ernest H. 307 

I^ura A. (Bumhani) 307 
Sampson, Jane 200 

Marie L. 200 

WUiiam 200 
Sanderson. George E. 318 

Hannah 120, 121 

Isaac loi 

John loi, 120 

John G. 318 

Lucy (livermore) loi 

Lydia (liagar) 120 

M'arv A. 318 

Sarah M. (Stearns) 31 S 

Sophia (Livermore) loi 
Sands, Betsey 100 
Sanger, Ann 225 
Sargent, Catherine 96 

Jonathan 96 

Mary (Larle) 96 
Sasse, Andreas A. 391 

Andreas R. 391 

Edith 391 

Edith (Livermore) 391 

llilin-in 391 

Maria (lick) 391 
Satteriee, Alice L. (Liver- 
more) 423 

1-awrence G. 423 

Loanna S. 423 

LeFranc F. 423 


Livcrmorc Fajiiily 

Salterlcc, William H. \2^ 

William 1.. 4:! 3 
Sauiuk-i's, Aniic G. 262 

Charles G. 262 

Daniel 262 

EcUlh St. L. 262 

Fredoiick A. 262 

Marj' J. (Livermorc) 262 

Mary I.. 262 
Savage, Adaliiic 203 
Sawyer, Cl>.irle> II. i,GG 

IClmira (i.ivermore) 102 

Lydia H. (Skilliug) 369 

Lydia (I-ivermore) 36 

Nellie M. 369 

Rufus 102 

Sarah E. (Symmcs) 366 

William 11. 369 
Saxlon, Elizabeth 2SS 
Schofield, Sarah L. (Hot- 

tomly) 107 
Scotield, Saiah 3;;! 
Scott, Cora J). { lerry) 409 

Edna T. 409 

Mary (liveimore) 26 

Minerva 420 

Thomas 26 

William II. 4og 
Scotton, Annie V.. 319 

Heiir)- 319 

Mary A. (Reville) 319 
Searle.s, Charles K. 302, 410 

David II. 302 

Edgar L. 410 

Ella F. (Swann) 410, 411 

Ellen 323 

Frederick S. 411 

Gilbert 302 

Harriet E. (lorbes) 410 

Harry F. 410 

James II. 302, 410 

Julia A. (Livermore) 302 

Marguerite 1,. 411 

Martha A. 302, 410 

Waller G. 410 
Seaver, Cynthia 303 

Leonard 303 

Li/!zie V>. 303 
Seaverns, Faith 227 
Seger, Ebenezer 3(')5 

Emma N. 365 

Mary (Coolid;;e) 365 
Senna, Almira A. (Nles>en- 
ger) 412 

Joseph 412 

Martha A. 412 
Seward, Addie .M. 2S3, 398 

Albert iTk) 

Anna 160, 2S2 

Clarissa 1S4 

Seward, Hannah \C>o, 2S1 
I.arnard 160 
Levi 160, 2 S3 
Lorinda 160 
Ix>uisa 160 
Mary 160 
Mehitabel (Livermore) 

159. ^'"^i 

Nancy (Cadw-jU) 2S3 

Grin 159, 281 

Samuel Kjo 

Sem.iiilha \(->o, 433 

Sopluoiiia 160 

Sylvester 160 
Sexton, Mary I^. 322 
Shales, Jane 267 
Shaw, Elsy 51 

George W. 367 

Georgianna 367 

Sarah E. (Arnold) 367 

Sarah J. 367 
Sheldon, Hannah 2 54 
Shelly, Alice xM. (Liver- 
more) 297 

Frederick 297 
Shepard, Elizabeth 150 

Maggie 152 
Shepherd, Harriet 21.S 
Sherman, Abby I'. 366 

Alfred A. 227 

Asaph 31, 32 

Betsey 31 

Betsey (Collins) 196 

Caroline A. (Wright) 227 

Charles F. 227 

I.X'ivid C. 351 

Edinond 5 

Eliza 196 

Elizabeth (Winship) 31 

Ethel E. 351 

Frederic 227, 366 

George C. 351 

George D. 227 

Grace 5 

Joseph 31 

Lizzie W. 366 

Mabelle 366 

Martl'.a 31 

Martha (Livermore) 351 

Mary 31 

Mary A. D. (Livermore) 

'Mary E. 227, 366 
Mary (Livermore) 31 
Millesent 31 
Nathaniel 31 
Prudence 32 
Rosie 366 
Sarah 31 
Snow 196 

Sherman, Socrates N. 32 

Su.san B. 351 

Susan (( Grounds) 366 

Thomas 1*. 351 

William 227, 366 

William H. 227,366 
Sherrard, Eva 355 
Sherwin, Flora M. 2S0 

Harland !>. 2S0 

Liiella F. 2S0 
Shipton, Mary A. ( 

W illiam 320 
Short, Adelaide L. (llen- 
shaw) 332 

Belle F. 332 

Charlotte F. 332 

Herbert E. 332 

James L. 332 

Jay C. 332 

Roy II. 332 
Shreve, Abraham L. 357 

Asa 357 

Frances E. 357 

Harriet L. 357 

Harriet (Livermore) 357 

Henry W. 357 

Katharine H. 357 

lx>t L. 357 

Mar>' E. 357 

Sarah M. 357 
Sibley, Abel 49 

Abigail (Livermore) loS 

Adaline (Adams) 196 

Adc le J. 2.S7 

Brigham loS, 196 

Charles 191; 

Charies H.'2S7 

Cyrena (Hall) 195 

El bridge 2 87 

Eliza 49 

Eliza J. 195 

Elizabeth (Livermore) . 19 

Eliz.abetli M. 195 

Emily L. 196 

Esther (Stone) 196 

Fanny (Ward) 334 

Frank W. 2S7 

Grace (lackey) 2S7 

Ilenr) 195 

Jane F. 334 

Julia A. 195 

Julia (Livermore) 2S7 

Julius K. 195 

livens 49 A. 196 

Lucius A. 196 

Maria 196 

Mary A. 196 

Morris N. 195 



Sihley, Taiil lo8, 196 

Kufus A. 196 

Russill loS, 195 

Kiilli \V. (Ky;ii») 195 

Sarah M. (C:rosby) uf 

Scrapli (Kico) iy6 

Silvan A. 196 

Susan N. 195 

Susan (N'cwhall) 195 

Waller loS, 195 

William 334 

William K. 195 
Simmons, Hcrtha (Mungti) 

I'lorence A. (Head) 323 

Florence M. 323 

George K. 1 82 

George P. 323 

IIarr>' 323 

Henry M. 183,323 

Josei)!iine V. 291 

Julian 291 

Maltha A. 1S2 

Mary M. 183 

Mary S. 183 

Matilda (I^dd) 291 

Miranda (Head) 1S2 

Philip T. 1 82 

Sarah M. 1S3 
Simond-i, Kli/.abeth 53 
Sinclair, lltta A. (Clc-ason) 

Winfy 295 
Singl'-y, Sidney 326 
Sisson, Anna 406 

Elida 406 

Sle])hen 406 
Skilling, I.ydia P.. 369 
Skillings, Edward 115 

Frances L. (Livermore) 

Skinkle, Cora E. (Suther- 
land) 322 

Harrv 322 

Ralph S. 322 
Skinner, Marj- G. 179 

Newton 179 

Ursula (Wolcott) 179 
Slater, Elizabeth K. 252 
Slocum, Abigail 170 
Slough, John W. 418 

Martha E. 418 
Smith, Aaron 171 

Alice 1. 306, 307 

Almira \.. 155 

Almira (Livermore) 155 

Anna (Livermore) Pcmis 

Annie J. 306 
Benoni 108 

Smith, Hcrnard 216 

Candace (Livermore) 97 
Caroline 171, 216, 40S 
Caroliiie (Livermore) 103 
Caroline (Tafl) 277 
Charles A. 417 
Charles F. 312 
Charles H. 171 
Clayton J. 297 
Daniel loS, 155 
David C. 155 
Edmund 2-;i 
ElVie C. 277 
EH 155 
F.lias 171 

Eli/a (Livermore) 48 
Elizabeth i ^,4 
Elizabeth (Hale) 115 
Elizabeth R. (Wiswell) 


Ellen J. 400 

Elmira (Livermore) loS 

Emeline 21 1 

Emily (Livermore) 216 

Fannie (Livermore) 171 

P'annie E. 347 

Florence K. (Livermore) 

Francis L. 231 

Frederick J. 171, 306 

Frederick S. 296 

George A. 277 

George E. 155, 277 

Hannah 29, 122 

Harriet E. 246 

Harry D. 296 

Helen 216 

Henry 97 

Henry E. 312 

Hepsey (Livermore) 103 

Herbert V. 231 

Ida M. 312 

James 115, 155, 246 

Jane 155 

Jane (I'eabody) 23 

John F. 155, 277 

John W. 312 

Jonas 23 

Jonathan 23 

Joseph E. 312 

Keoka 342 

Laurana K. 412 

Lois A. 231 

Lois (Livermore) 231 

Louisa H. 236 

Lucy 108 

Lucy A. 290 

Marion L. 297 

Martha A. (Hammond) 

Smith, Mary 1R5 
Mary A. 15:;, 277 
Mary D. (Prichard) 417 
Mary E. (Livermore) 312 
Mary F. 277 
Mary J. 155 
Mary J. (M.hols) 30C. 
Mary K. (Livermore) 171 
Medad 115 
Minnie E. (l>.iy) 296 
Nathan 24 
Oliver E. 231 
Piatt 103 
Rufus 48 
Sally (Giles) 171 
Sarah 117 

Sarah J. (Harlhan) 277 
Semantlia (Livermore) 

' '5 

Susan (Harris) 246 

Susan (Mellen) 306 

Susanna 74 

Susanna (Livermore) 24 

Thorit 103 
Snow, Edwin W. 155 

James 11 1 

Mary 139 

Mary E. (Livermore) 155 

Sally III 
Soule, Herbert C. 356 

Ottie A. (Roe) 356 

Roe T. 356 

Stephen W. 356 
Southgate, Elizabeth (Stew- 
ard) 25 

Mary 25 

Richard 25 
Spalding, Hannah 222 
Spaulding, Abigail (Green) 

Asher 250 

Emeline 250 
Sjjearin, Jamcs 100 

Ix)uise (Livermore) 100 
Spencer, Allen E. 39S 

Huldah 116 

Joseph 116 

Mercy J. 175 

Pamelia F. (Livermore) 

Reuben 116 

Rosie U. (Wood) 39S 
Spring, Ashel 190 

Martha (Warren) 190 
Stackpole, Sarah C. 143 
Staehlin, Angie (Mc Far- 
land) 193 

George F. 193 
Stafford, Cecilia Aiken) 276 

Eunice W. 118 


Livcnnorc luvnily 

SlafTorti, HeliMi (I.iverniorc) 


James 276 
l.iidimri I 50 
Stanford, Kli/abi.-lli( French) 

Henr)* M. 398 

Rosie C). 39S 
Stanley, Martha 360 
Stanton, Fanny L.. (I last 
ings) 236 

Hattie 290 

John L. 236 

Mary 1,. 236 

William r.. 236 
Slanwood, Catherine 76 
Stearns, Abigail 29 

Charles C.^iSi, 31S 

Clara V. iSi 

Ellen A. 181, 317 

Harriet A. iSi, 318 

John 180 

Jonathan 136 

Louisa 136 

Mary (liigelow) 136 

Mary C. (Livermore) iSo 

Mary L. (Curran) 318 

Mary P. 31S 

Maud E. 31S 

Nathaniel 20 

Phebe 31 

Polly i8i 

Ruth 31 

Samuel 31 

Sarah M. 181, 318 

Sarah (Nevin.soii) 20 
Stebbiiis, Catherine K 239 

Charles 15. 239 

Elizabeth C. (livermore) 

Ellen E. 239 

Hirametta (Howies) 239 

Lucinda 129 

Luther 129 

Nathaniel L. 129, 239 

Rufus P. 1 29 
Stedman, Alniira 164 

John 164 

Sylvia (Catlin) 1G4 
Steele, Ida M. 432 
Stevens, Klizabeih 359 

Ella M. ^^2 

James 359 

Lydia M. 414 

Nancy (Miles) 359 
Steward, Kli/abeth 25 
Stilos, Abbie 310 

Albin ];. 310 

Arraett (Livermore) 189 

Benjamin 189 

Stiles, Eda M. iS.) 

Knieline P. ('raylur) 310 

Emma 310 

C.orgo 11. 310 

Hannah (Trowbiidge) 1S9 

Henry 15. 310 

Joseph M. 1 89 

la Forest 310 

I-aura 15. 1S9 

l.cgrand II. 189 

I'allie A. (Cady) 310 

Samuel 189 

Su.san C. (Mel all) 310 
Slim.son, Eli^ia A. 319 
Stoat, Mamie 327 
Stocker, Abigail (Kimball) 

Ebenezer 74 
Stockwell, Abby (Williams) 


Albert 112 

Calvin 1 12 

lunory 202 

Etta j'i2 

I'red L. 1 1 2 

Lucian 1 12 

Lucy A. 112 

Lucy (Livermore) 112 

Lydia 202 

Mary L. 1 12 

Melissa 1 12 

Nathaniel 112 

Olivia A. (Bruce) 1 12 

Ruth (Comstock) 112 

Susanna (Greenwood) 112 

Tirzah 112 
Stoddard, Price 112 

Tirzah (Fitis) 112 
Stone, Abigail 24 

Agnes 336 

Alice 173 

Amasa 196 

Caroline II. 134 

Daniel 17 

Elizabeth 17, 22, 44 

Elizabeth (Livermore) 44 

Elizabeth (Smith) 134 

E.sther 196 

Frances (Livermore) uo 

Hannah (Jennison) 53 

Harold 336 

Hezekiah 44 

Isaac 44 

Jeremy 44 

Je.sse 44 

John 44 

Jonathan 53 

Le Grand 336 

Mary iS 

Mary A. 123 

Stone, Mary E. (Livermore) 

Mary (Ward) 17 

Rutli 53 

Kuih (How) 44 

Ruth (Livermore) 53 

Samuel L ^-/^ 

Sibyl 77 

Sojihia (MtCrae) 336 

Sybil 34 

1 imothy 134 

William 44 

William A. no 
Storei, Annie 1^. 23(1 

Emily M. 236 

Joshua P. 236 

Rachel M. (Livermore) 
Stouffer, Clara D. (Hall) 379 

John O. 379 
Stowell, Margaret 204 

Sarah 253 
Stratton, Alice H. 320 

Annie F. 320 

15erlha L. 320 

I5etsey (15ai!ey) iSi 

Charles 181 

Charles E. 320 

Charles F. iSi, 319 

Dinah (liemis) 45 

Drusilla R. (Chadbourne) 


Edward I). 181, 320 

Eunice T. (Livermore) 

George F. 320 

Isaac 181 

Jonathan 45 

Lucy 45 

Sarah L. (Fifield) 320 
Stuart, Eliza 3 jo 

Henry H. 401 

Minnie E. (Livermore) 
Sturdy, Caroline E. ( 
croft) 339 

Cora G. 339 

Grace P.. 339 

Lillian C. 339, 419 

.Mar>- E. 339 

Reuben A. 339 
Style.s, Nettie 152 
Sutherland, Cora E. 322 

George R. 322 

Mary E. (Head) 322 

Ralph E. 322 
Sutton, Edmund 3S1 

Elinor (IJeal) 381 

Isaac 381 

Kate E. 381 


Sutton, Nancy 2S6 
Ralpl> 3S1 
Susanna P. (I.ivt^rnion.) 

Swain, llcpli/ibah 232 

Mehilal)li.- L. 2S0 

Sally 1). 2S0 

William 2S0 
Swann, I'.lla I'. 41 1 
Swartwood, I'-liza 273 
Swa/cy, (.)livc A. 321 
Sweet, (^ora A. 419 
Swift, Mary PI. (Symnu s) 

Richaid II. 366 

Sarah 110 
Switcher, Henry 36 

Rebecca (Livermore) 36 
Switzler, Kllen (Ahem) 35S 

\^Ulliam 358 
Sylvester, Hannah 4S 
Synimes, Addie M. 366, 426 

Addie M. (.^ymmes) 426 

Alexander S. 366 

Arthur C. 366, 426 

Fred M. 426 

Ida L. 366 

Jennie 366, 427 

Kate C. (l?ates) 426 

Lillian F. 366 

Marshall 366 

Mar)- K. 366 

Mary I.. B. 426 

Nettie 366 

Roliert M. 426 

Ruth S. 426 

Sarah Y.. :/.'6 

Sarah J. (Livermore) 366 
Symonds, Charles 3^9 

Gertrude 399 

John 331 

Maria (Rhodes) 399 

Mary 331 

Sarah (Scofield) 331 
Taft, Heatrice K. 250 

Caroline 277 

Florence 250 

Herbert 250 

Ida I". (Chamberlain) 250 

James 250 

Josephine M. 250 

Liz/.ie \i. (Seaver) 303 

Mary \V. (King) 250 

Winifred 1.. 250 
Tanner, Tacy 1S6 
Tarl)ell, Anna L. (Kimball) 

Delora 376 

Josephine K. 376 

Nelo W. 376 

Tarbell, Samuel K. 376 
Tatterson, John 144 

Sarah S, (Livermore) 144 
'I'aylor, Abigail (J. 177 

Alice 310 

Catharine H. 177, 309 

Diancy K. 177, 311 

Klias 140 

Ella 310 

Kmcline 1'. 177, 310 

Kmily C. (Wood) 310 

Eunice A. 177, 31 1 

Flora T, 1 1 


George H. 177, 310 

Hannah K. 177 

J. B. 140 

James 1S9 

Jeannie A. 177, 311 

John 177 

Kathanne (Livermore) 

I^ura B. (Stiles) 189 

Leonidas C. 310 

Lucius 31 1 

Mary 174 

Mary (Williams) 140 

Sarah 140, 173 
Teele, Hannah C. 229 
Temple, Clara 239 
Terry, Charles J. 294 

Cora I). 294, 409 

Cynthia (Livermore) 294 

Deforest B. 294 

Gertrude 294 

Henry W. 294 

Polly 79 
Terwillioer. Albert C. 356 

Dorothy K. 357 

Ivan M. 357 

Katherine (Evans) 356 

Mary E. (Crisler) 356 

Melville 356 
Thatcher, Melinda B. (Liv- 
ermore) 1 17 

Movey 1 17 
Thayer, Catharine 244 

Francena 300 
Thomas, Alfred A. 323 

Felix 323 

Gertrude 323 

Jenny L. (Head) 323 

Lydia S. (Fisher) 323 

Nancy M. 35T 

Thomas E. 323 

Thomas H. 323 
Thompson, l^lla 347 

Lyman 190 

Martha A. 321 

Mary A. 209 

rhom]ison, Nan. \ (1 
niort.) 190 

Silence 107 
Thorn, lUllie J. ^\j 

Cecil W. 3S9 

ElizalKth I^(Ucmih, 

Joseph R. 3S9 
Thwing, Anne S (11. 

Annie II. 37.S 

Elsie 37S 

Florence H. 37 s 

Sarah H. 37b 

Sarah (Homan>) 37' 

Samuel 37S 

Supply C. 37S 

Walter E. 37S, 4:S 
Tiffany, Polly iiS 
Tiltsion, Rebecca r ;i 
Tilton, Daniel 10: 

Elizabeth lOi 

Eunice 102 

Sally 9>, 1 02 

Sarah (Livcrnv)ii 1 

Tabilha 102, 221 
Timothy, Daniel ^1 1 

Flora (Taylor) 31 1 
Tilcomb, Mary 74 
Todd, Adeline L. :o j 

Eli 204 

Jehiel 363 

Martha E. 3O3 

Mary 204 

Melissa (Hildrclh) 
Tolman, Anna M. 15- 

John B. 150 

Lydia (Mann) 15c 
Tommis. Cerulia 27'! 
Tompkins, Mar> i<-> 
Tower, Frank S. 1S3 

Henry 1S3 

Sarah ^L (Simmc: - 
Towne, Ebenezer ;, • • 

Esther >L 3c/. 

Ruth (Faulkntri i 
Townsend, EH/.a (>:■ • 

Hannah L (M.i: • 

Hannah (Penni 1 i 

James 1 1 

Joshua 36 

Rebecca (Mo- t.:..,l 

Sarah (liverrn-'f ( 

Susan (livcrm-: • 

Thomas B. 1 J- 

William 1 1 
Townson, J cam- ' 
Tradewell. Kpl.r-i.- 1 • 

Marina (Gau-» 1 S 




Livcrmorc Family 

Tradewell, Maiy J. 1S4 
Train, Iy)uis:i loi 
Tiask, Lydia 229 

Mary Y. 33J 
Treat, Anabclla h. 421 
Trow, Annie I. (Smith) 306 

JaniL-s E. 306 
Tiowbridgc, l".Ii/.al)clh 14 

Hannah iSy 
Trussull, Lydia (Kimball) 

Tubl)s, Andrew 3<;o 

C'atharine G. (l.ivermore) 

Daniel 390 

Daniel A. 390 

Kverctt J. 390 

Mary yp 
Turk, Abigail 221 

Hannah (Porter) 221 

William 221 
Tucker, Anna 49 

I'.li/abeth (Li\ cnr.ore) 4S 

Hannah (Sylvester) 48 

Mary J. (Bancroft) 364 

Samuel 48, 49 
Turner, Caroline 334 

Lebbeus 47 

Rebecca (Livermore) 47 
Tutlle, Cornelia (Lewis) 316 

Daniel 158 

Kmeline E. (Handly) 158 

Hannah E. (livermore) 
1 58 

ilorace L. 316 

Julian 15S 

Lydia 99 

Mettie N. 316 

Samuel 99 
Twitchell, Adams 301 

Adams \\. 30: 

Franklin L. 301 

Hattie A. 410 

Hattie A. (Ryder) 410 

Ix:verna (Livermore) 301 

Luther H. 301, 410 
Underkvood, Eunice (Liver- 
more) 89 

Isaac 43 

Jane L. (Carpenter) 275 

lA;muel P. 275 

Mary A. 275 

Phebe (Livermore) 43 

Rachel E. 401 

Reuben 89 

Sally 89 

Susan 89 
Uphani, Calista (Livermore) 

Elizalx:th L. 199 

Upham, Elizabeth (Liver- 
mure) loS 

Kreeman 108 

C.eurge L. 1 98 

Horace 106 

Lothrop 1 98 

Martha 106 

Martha (Livenuore) 106 

I'atty 106 

Roger 108 

Samuel 106 

William 106 
Van Buskirk, Alice L. (Ben- 
ton) 321 

Jesse L. 322 

Lura M. 322 

Samuel 321 
Vance, Arabella 190 

Ella M. 190 

Emeline P. (Livermore) 

James T. 190 

Lulu J. 190 
Vancor, Julia E. 268 

Ix)ttie B. 269 
Vanderwarker, James i 52 

Margaret (Pettit) 152 

Mary (Pettit) 152 

Roselle 152 
Van Horn, Hattie A. 399 
Van Marter, Edson J. 285 

Emily J. (Livermore) 2S3 
Van Valkenbiirgh, Barthol- 
omew 165 

Emily 165 

Hannah A. (Livermore) 
Van W ormer, Margaret 285 
Verbee, Rose 272 
\'iets, Annie R. 369 

E. A. 369 

Edward ^L 369 

Elizabeth M. (Livermore) 

Vokos, Rosina 412 
\'oc>rhees, P^mma 426 
Vorhib, Albirt 273 

Lucinda (Folsom) 273 
Vroman, Arthur N. 404 

Cornelius S. 403 

Frank 404 

Ida M. (Livemiore) 403 

Vina L. 404 
Wade, Ruth E. 306 
Waite, Diantha (Fitts) ii2 
Waldron, Nettie C. t^T)'}) 
Walker, Asenath (Carroll) 

Aurilla 307 

Dell (Raymond) 273 

Walker, Dorothy 26 

Frank 1 15 

George 273 

John A. 336 

Lucie E. 336 

Lucy A. (Wilson) 336 

Lyniaii 307 

Martha -(I lanaford) 175 

Nancy 106, 175 

Sarah 57 

Timothy 57 

William 175 
Wallace, Ixiuise 151 
Waller, Henry D. 357 

Lncian L. 357 

Maria (Livermore) 357 

Sarah J. 357 

Thomas C. 357 

Thomas O. 357 
Walsh, Celicia (Bemis) 41 

Michael 41 
Ward, Adelaide S. 412 

Ann 126 

Emily S. 266 

Fanny 334 

George L. 266 

Hannah L. ^'^t, 

Hezekiah 47 

Johanna (Dudley) 266 

IxDuisa A. 324 

Mary 17 

Mercy 38 

Rosina (Vokes) 412 

Ruth 49 

Sarah 47 

Sarah (Green) 47 

Thomas M. 412 
Warfield, Mary F. 302 
Warner, Alice R. 431 
Warren, Abigail 22 

Abigail (Livermore) 22 

Abijah 22 
Amasa 330 
Ann 22 
Beulah' 22 
Charles 229 

Charlotte (Phillips) 330 
Ebenezer 22 
Elisha 22 
Isaac 22 
Jeniiie 330 
John 22, 24 
Jonas 1^ 190, 330 
Jonathan 190 
Josiah 22 
Lydia 22 
Martha 190 
Martha (Bemis) 190 
Mary 22, 24, l^o 



Warren, Mary (liiown) 22 

Maiy (Ijvcrinorc) lyo 

IVrsis (Weston) njQ 

Prudtnce 22 

Sarah 190 

Sarah K. 229 
Washljuni, l>ra(jl 75 

Martha (riUijamiii) 75 
Waters, Astnath 156 

Mary M. 302 
Watkins, Cora V,. (Simdy) 


I'.dmund 96 

Kunicf {l.ivtrnKiit) 96 

Robert y6 

Theodore J-. 339 
Watson, lletsey loS 

Charles 265 

Jane 292 

l.ucy 265 

l.ucy (Rice) 265 

Harriet 199 

James 108 

Jennie 390, 391 

l.ucy (Ikowning) loS 

Marcia A. 199 

Mary J. 391 

Otis 199 

Sarah 109 

William 391 
Waxham, Miriam 293 
Wear, Nannie 34S 
Weaver, Charles 1,. 1 53, 274 

Elizabeth (Anthony) 274 

Klizabeth (Liverniore)i53 

Fannie 274 

Helen M. 274, l'^^ 

Jane M. 153 

Jesse M. 274 

Joseph M. 153 

Lillian E. 274 

Mar)- A. 153, 274 

Maud A. 274 

Sarah E. 153, 274 
Webb, Allen A. 344 

Jiolivar L. 344 

Clarence 15. 344 

Grace I,. 344 

Lulu M. 344 

Rose B. 344 

Rose 1>. (liverinore) 344 
Webster, Catherine (Liver- 
more) 136 

Daniel 136 

Helen L. 136 
Wedge, Haitie 308 
Welborn, Cl.a.les425 

Clara E. (l.ivermoie) 425 

Guy O. 425 

Mark L. 425 

Welch. David 234 

Grace A. 234 

M.utha J. 23 1 

Mary A. (Wood) 234 
Welles, Mary (Head) y.i 

Richaid H. '}^2;}f 

Richaid J. 323 
Wellington, Anna (bridge) 
l.iverniore 14 

Austin C. 230 

Caroline L. (Fisher) 230 

Maitha 79 

Mary 20 

Oliver 14, 31 

I'hebe 75 

Sarah C. (Fisher) 230 
Wells, Ascnath (Dun'li.mi) 

Barbara 4 28 

Bulkeley 42S 

Bulkelcy L. 428 

Dorothy L. 428 

Edmund I). 374 

Elizabeth L. 374 

Eloise 277 

Gladys 374 

Grace D. (I iverniore) 42S 

Harriet E. (Liverinore) 

Henrietta J. 415 

Henry J. 415 

Jennie E. 277 

John 374 

John W. 374 

LeRoy B. 392 

Lura A. M. (Bullard) 392 

Maria 415 

Mary A. (Hulkeley) 42S 

Raymond L. 392 

Raymond S. 277, 392 

Rosina A. 26S 

Samuel 277 

SanuK 1 E. 42S 

Sarah E. (Raymond) 277 

Sophia (Dwight) 374 

William H. 277 
Welman, Adam 43 

Martha (Livermore) 43 
Wesson, Catherine 1 1 1 

William 1 1 1 
West, Beatrice 419 

Cora J. Livemiore) 419 

Elizabeth (Hrainard) 419 

Geneva 4 19 

James H. 419 

John 419 

Rhobe 419 
Weston, I'ersis 229 
Whaley, Hattie U (Liver- 
more) 2S7 

Whaley, Jennie 285 

Rudolph W. 287 
Wh'.eler, Ann E. 3(7 

Bessie M. 376 

Fiank 376 

Kark W. 376 

Mary E. (Kindjall) 37('i 
Wheelock, Cliflon 1 >. 344 

Harry 27S 

Irene (Grosvenor) 278 

John 191 

Maria C. (Adams) 191 

Zula Z. (Livermore) 344 
Whijjple, George C in 

lulia (Livermore) 1 1 1 
Whiicomb, David 125 

George S. 125 

Maria W. (I jvemiore) 1 25 

Rebecca 125 

Roxana 14S 
White, Abigail 34, 135 

Andrew ^t, 

Araesta S. 392 

Bessie F. 170 

Charles E. 279 

Charles G. 279 

Chloe 1 1 1 

Electa A. (Livennore) 170 

Fanny B. (Livermore) 177 

George 177 

Harriet (Grosvenor) 279 

Jane (Dix) ^t, 

Japhet D. i^z ' 

Julia C. 237 

Martha ^j 

Mar)- 109 

Mar)- E. 3S2, 3S3 

N. H. 170 

Oliver S. 279 

Rachel J. (Gee) 1S7 

Samuel 34, 77 

Samuel 1'. 237 

Susan G. 2^3 

Sybil 77 

Sybil (Stone) 34, 77 

Thomas T. 1S7 
Whiting, Amy E. (Fergu- 
son) 426 

Andrew 173 

Charles IL 365 

Frederic E. 365, 426 

George F. 365 

Harriet L. (Learned) 365 

Mar)' E. 365 

Mary (Livemiore) 173 

Bhilij) E. 426 

Plooma S. (Barnard) 365 

Royal G. 426 
Whitlock, Ro?e 15 
Whitman, Channing W. 250 


.rvcnuore ramt 


Whitman, Elizalxjth (King) 

Henry 250 
lltniy C. 250 
Henry M. 250 
Mary 250 
Mary (ICcls) 250 
Nallianiel 250 
Whilniorc, Acldison K. 325 
llerllia J. 325 
Eunice- M. 325 
Francis E. ^25 
Julia M. (Nile.) 325 
Lena M. 325 
Louis A. 325 
NeUie J. 325 
I'olly r. (Ijverniore) 325 
KussL-11 325 
Whitney, Ada 173 
Benjamin 81, 
Caroline 232 
Catherine H. 235 
Dinah Si 

Elizabeth H. (Livermore) 

Francina A. (Hastings) 
Henry 124, 232 
Ida A. 313 
James 125 
John 313 
Lucy 125 

Marietta (Carli>k) 313 
Martha K. (Hastings) 1 24, 
Kachel 125 
Sarah 15 

Sarah (]5arrett) Si 
Waller IL 232 
Wickwire, Martha 345 
Widders, Clara D. (Hall) 
Stoutfer 379 
Daniel 379 
Wilcox, Edwin L. 331 
Ella L. 331 
Ida A. 331 

Maiy A. (Livermore) 331 
William 331 
William B. 331 
Wilder, Etta U. 14S 
Wilkinson, Charles 273 

Charlotte (Raymond) 273 
Willard, Alice 152 
Ann (I'cttit) 152 
Carrie E. 423 
George 152 
Jacob 152 
John 152 
Margaret 152 
Mary 152 1 

Willard, Nellie (Styles) 152 

William 152 
Willcutl, Andiew J. 233 

Kale L. 2^3 

Sarah J. 233 
\\ illiams, AbUe 30S 

Abby I 12 

Abigail i.|0 

Abigail (Livermore) 139 

Almcrin 2115 

Charles 140 

Edward 139 

I'-liljlialcl 139 

Elisha S. 139 

Elizabeth 140 

Ellen C. 349 

Frances 140 

George A. 2S5 

Hannah 139 

Hephzibeth 46 

Jane K. (Parker) 349 

Margaret (Van Wormer) 

Mary 20, 140 

Mary (Snow) 139 

Mary (Williams) 139 

Nancy 139, 219 

Nathaniel I!. 349 

Samuel 139 

Sarah P. 139 

Sophia 139 

Wealthy McK. (Chap- 
man) 2S^ • 

Wright' B. 28 s 
Willis, Lois A. (Smith) 231 

Robert B. 231 
WillouL'hbv, Adelbert 424 

Millard 424 

Myrtle L. (Millard) 424 
Vivian F. 424 
Wills, Sarah 21S 
Wilmarth, Kmmett 399 
Mar)- B. (Fenncr) 399 
Wilson, Alvah J. 233 
Amos 164 
Angeline L. (Livermore) 


Ann S. 306 
Asa 164 
Benjamin 1S5 
David 164 
Ehza 1S5 
Enret S. 417 
Frank J. 306 
George 164 
George H. 417 
Georgia D. '(Livermore) 

Harriet 1C4 
Helen F. 233J 

Wilson, Herlxrt A. 233 

Herbert M. 197 

H<iiace 164 

James 306 

John 197 

John A. 197 

Kiiiie D. (}Iead) 417 

l^vinia 96 

Lucinda 164 

Lucinda (Livermore) 164 

Lucy A. 336 

Luther 164 

Marietta (Livermore) 306 

Mary 95 

Mary E. 306 

Miranda 2S9 

Morris E. 4 17 

Phebe (Merrill) 185 

Ralph E. 4 1 7 

Sarah L. 306 

Susan (Howland) 197 

Warner 164 
Wing, Almond M. 223 

Edward J-. 223 

Jane L. (Mor.-e) 223 

Julia C. (Longley) 223 - 

Oliver N. 223 
Winget, Benjamin 218 

Ida R. (Collins) 21 8 
Winship, Elizabeth 31 

Julia A. G. 269 
Winslow, Elizaljeth (Ryers) 

Kenelm 392 

Mary O. (Folsom) 392 

Sally 52 

William H. 392 
Wiswell, Elizabeth R. 231 
Witter, Ann E. (Livermore) 


Clarence P. 356 

Florence R. (Millard) 35^1 

I-afayette 356 

Sanford 355 

William G. 356 
Wolcoil, Ursula 179 
Wolf, Abram 160 

Baxter 160 

Diantha (Livermore) 393 

Edith H. 394 

Hulsey 160 

James 393 

John 160 

Ixjrinda (Seward) 160 

I/Ouisa (Seward) 160 

Mary (Seward) 160 

Sophronia (Seward) iCiO 
Wood, Asa 125 

Charles A. 39S 

Emeline B. 346 



Wood, Emily C. 310 

Grace (Ijvcrnion.) 125 

Harriet 27S 

Harriet F. 266 

Henry 125 

l-ydia 1.. 125 

Maria H. 276 

Martha M. 125, 233 

Mary A. 125, 231 

Olive (Kr-Mcli) 39S 

Kosie {). 398 

Sarah 27S 
\Voodbiir)-, I'.etscy P. 232 
Woods, Ahby K. 3S1 

Alice W 224 

Hannah 224 

Henry C. 175 

J. S. 175 

Lucy I* 224 

Woods, Margaret (liver- 
more) 224 
I'ernielia K. (I.ivornKin.) 


Robert 224 

Robert 1'. 224 
Woodward, l.ucy R. (I.iver- 
more) 102 

Sarah 17 
Woodworih, Li/zie iSy 
Woolton, I'l. IJ. (Bishop) 3<;7 

Francis I). W. 397 

Jennie M. 397 

John 397 

John 1;. ^67 

RayH.R. 397 

Warren (J. 397 
Worcester, Rebecca 92 
Wornom, Flora 424 

Wright, Alice K. (Ijvcr- 
more) 362 

Amos W. 1S4 

Asa 362 

Caroline A. 227 

Dennison A. 305 

Dot K. (llc.ul) 1S4 

Margaret 1.. 305 

Mary F. 3:. 5' 

Polly (Clui>e) 362 

Walter M. 362 
Wyman, P.etscy 173 
York, Aiigii>tu M. 249 

George 184 

Harriet (He.ui) 1S4 

William II. 184 
Yoimg, Levi H, 142 

Lura C. (I.ivermore) 14; 
ZumwaJt, Mary 219